Music Video Review: 2ne1’s “I Love You”

2ne1 – “I Love You”

July 6, 2012

The Song:

We appreciate the fact that they did experiment with their style. After YG created so much hype about both 2ne1 and Big Bang’s comebacks, we expected perfection but we would not call this a “perfect 10”. Not saying this song was bad, just not up to 2ne1’s usual standards. The chorus falls flat; unlike “I am the Best” and “Lonely”, the chorus does not beg to be sung along with.

We were also disappointed to see the lack of Bom and Dara- Bom would have sounded amazing singing this type of slower song. CL basically dominated the singing like she dominated the video. We also really weren’t fond of CL’s rap; instead of her usual power rap, she rapped like a typical k-pop female rapper. It was something that we would expect from a group like SNSD; a group that doesn’t have a dedicated rapper, not the “baddest female in Seoul”.

The Video:

The video was gorgeous! The saturated vivid colors were brilliant; all of the jewel tones gave it an overall very sexy and rich feeling. The video set the perfect backdrop for this uber sexy theme. Though the video is CL centric we can not blame YG for this because she looks like a goddess draped in designer clothes. She is a complete bombshell, but while we don’t mind seeing so much of her, we would have liked to see more of the other lovely ladies of 2ne1. CL probobly has half of the screen time and Minzy uses another one forth,  leaving us to see barely anything of Bom and Dara.

The clothes are amazing. Probably the best outfits we have ever seen on women in K-Pop.  They are very sexy but are covered and tasteful. Giving only peeks of skin is so sultry, and makes them more sophisticated than the average girl group.   Plus the fact that everything they are wearing is hot off the runway, their clothing is art not decoration. They are so masterfully styled; every hairdo, every look, all the makeup is flawless.  We have never seen any girl group look this luxuriously fabulous.

This video is so beautiful that we don’t feel like the song quite does it justice.


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