10 Overrated K-Pop Idols

10 Overrated K-Pop Idols

Sometimes, we look through lists of popular idols in K-Pop, and we cannot help but wonder: Why?

Why is ____ popular? Most of the time, it’s not necessarily that the idol is useless, but that their staggering level of popularity is unfathomable. Before we reveal our list and are berated in an onslaught of angry commentary we want to clarify something: We’re not saying these idols are talentless or worthless, but that fans simply go overboard in their praise for them. If you feel the need to comment, we hope it is not with the intention that you wish to change our minds (because you won’t). And now onto our list, in no particular order:

SNSD’s Yoona & Wonder Girls’ Sohee 

We all know this one was coming. As fed up as we are with people hating on Yoona and constantly berating the poor girl, we have to admit that she is overrated. Both Yoona and Sohee are consistently praised for their, well, mere existence.  Their beauty in particular, is exaggerated beyond belief. Yes, both are pretty, but most fans tend to exaggerate their looks to that of Godly levels.

4Minute’s Hyuna 

We’ve never actually met people that blabbered about how great Hyuna’s body was, but we consistently see her winning polls, so we had to bring her onto this list. Hyuna is thin, but not tall enough to be a model, her face is not horrendous but is not beautiful. She’s not a bombshell, and the only thing that really makes her seem “sexy” is her provocative, and quite frankly, pathetic dancing. She lacks curves; any hint of an s-line she has (which is not much) is all due from push-ups and spanks. And yes, we know that most female idols also get help from these items, but none feign the idea of having a “nice body”. Leave that title to people who actually deserve it, Hyuna.


Oh IU. But we all knew she had this coming. She’s a beautiful singer, she is. But not some singing angel fallen straight out of heaven who’s voice is perfection. IU’s pitch is great and her control is awesome, but the girl can’t sing powerfully- she is no Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.

f(x)’s Amber

Amber is not a good rapper. That is all. Anyone who thinks so is either stupidly obsessive or has never heard real rapping.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon & 2ne1’s CL 

NO! We are not saying that they are horrible. NO! We are not saying they are talentless. NO! We are in no way bad mouthing them.

Both GD and CL are charming and both know how to tear-up a stage. They’re good for idol rappers, and the both of them can do basically everything at the minimum of good. They are incredibly charismatic leaders and have alt of merit. But their fans are insane. They both lead 2 of the best bands in K-Pop with swagger and fierceness but they are not by any means the best rappers, singers, composers, ect.

They are amazing, BUT are they really the best? Yes they’re talented but only to a certain extent. Neither of them are masters or perfect.

Kim Hyun Joong 

We really don’t feel the need to include a video, go on Netfix, Hulu, Mysoju or something on your own.

Kim Hyun Joong is attractive, part of SS501, and famous. The one thing he is not is an amazing actor. One of us attempted watching Boys Over Flowers (the one of us quit halfway through the first episode), and quite half way through due to the lack of plot and horrible acting. Kim Hyun Joong had zero charisma as an actor. We wanted to emotionally connect to his character, but he did not portray his character well at all. He was meant to be playing a distant and emotionally confused teenage boy who has everything but needs affection. He was meant to have a sort of Oedipus Complex with that model lady, but he showed no emotion at all. His distance was not do to deep cerebral thinking and self awareness, but just blankness, all do to his lack of skill.

Super Junior’s Donghae

If you have read our Super Junior Review you would have seen our split opinion on the one known as Donghae. He is good at everything an Idol needs, but he is not great at any single thing. He always gives 110% effort and dances so powerfully the stage will one day break beneath him, but his effort still isn’t good enough.

Donghae is praised for his everything. He is not that good looking, his skin is bad, he’s short and has an incredibly odd bone structure we’re not fond of. His personality is also the biggest turn off for a man. He is extremely dependent on others, and acts like a child. He has the need for attention from his peers, like a toddler needs attention from a parent., and for a 26 year old man, it ain’t cute.

Our only possible reasoning as to why he has so many fans is that he looks safe. For Western fans especially, Donghae is not the typical “pretty” and yields a rather manly appearance. This is really the only thing we could think of.

Shinee’s Minho 

For more details on why we can’t stand this man, read more on our Shinee post. We really don’t feel like wasting precious space here to rant on about just how much Minho’s looks, talent, personality, etc., are overrated. Because honestly speaking, this guy is nowhere near as attractive or “cute” as people make him out to be. And don’t even get us started on how much of a NON rapper he is.

Lee Hyori 

Just like Donghae, Lee Hyori as a person is just overrated. Her body is beautiful, but not a Goddess’. She’s a great soloist, and has done wonders in the market. But her dancing, singing and rapping are subpar. She’s a great person too, always voicing her opinion, fighting for those animals she loves so much and advertising how much a meat-anti she is. But this girl just has to take all her morals and opinions to the next level in advertisement, with fans’ support following right along. Lee Hyori’s and all her popularity is kind of annoying. We don’t have to hear how she “wittily” backlashes all her haters, or hear her make fun of how ugly her boyfriend is. Fans praise her like she’s such an independent and carefree idol, but all we see is rude.

 SMTOWN YG Family 


For the monster of all overrated things in the universe, both SMTOWN & YG Family take the cake. Both agencies hold massive talent, but for goodness sake, their fans are repugnant little brats. We have been around the block with these psychopaths, they listen to nothing and are blindly in love with people they don’t even know. Every so often there will arise a brethren soul that understands that these idols are not perfect and like them for their music (as well as all their flaws).

Both YG stans and SM stans praise their respective groups for different reasons. SM stans like to use the whole “They’re all so good-looking” and “SM: The Maker of Catchy Songs” arguments. YG stans are just as insane with their “YG is not just about looks, they have the best talent” and “We don’t need Korean awards, we’re winning stuff internationally” stuff. Both SM and YG’s “family atmospheres” are also exaggerated. We get it, all the artists “love” each other. We don’t need to hear their fans reminding us all the time.

SM being an absolute demon and YG being an angel towards their artists is also overrated. Let us remind you all: these agencies only keep their idols for one sole purpose, and that is Money. SM is always being harassed for their rough way of handling its idols- something done by all entertainment agencies. YG is just as guilty for exploiting the attractive and talented for a profit. He just does it with a little more taste and gives his idols a little more freedom. And this idea of only YG giving their idols “freedom” is crazy. SM, just as other agencies, also provides its idols with chances at giving a hand in their songs. But apparently fans see SM a monster and YG a haven.

 Both YG and SM have their pros and cons but people need to cool it.

♥ P&B

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  1. lmao

    K-pop.. and the first girl you talk about you mention curves???? lmao…. none of these girls built like 10 year old boys (aka all asians of any gender) have curves… hilarious


  2. I agree with the IU one. I’m simply going to speak the truth so please don’t hate.

    In all honesty she has no real talent. When ever you tell a IU fan that her voice is overrated. They will go on about how she’s still so nice,genuine, and beautiful. Will so are (hopefully) most of the people in this world that doesn’t mean they should all be famous. She can’t dance or rap, and her voice is ok but in every single MV she is hitting the same 3 notes (which I’m sick of, not to mention it’s started to become so boring that it’s annoying). Her acting is just average, but nothing to special. And her body will it’s so typical and mundane, there’s nothing that would make her stand out. She’s like every other Kpop idol, pale, skinny, small face and frame. The Kpop industry is always the same. And it’s a shame that these popular and ‘talented’ idols are everywhere for barely doing anything. While unpopular idols with REAL talent are in the background, like backup dancers. Seriously! Who here knows who Shannon or Holland or Lee Hi is? Almost none because all you care about are the big groups and idols. Which is the only thing the Koop industry seems to promote.

    • I am the one who made this comment and having never left such a mean comment before. I wanted to apologize, at the time I was new to Kpop and uneducated. She reminded me of someone I’d like to forget. With her recent collaboration with Suga, I’ve learned more about her and actually enjoy some of her songs. Once again I’m sorry that I misdirected my hatred. Also can someone tell me how to delete the comment? idk how

  3. its ok to have your own point of view but for you to judge their rapping skill and their skin?! You better be some expert in all the stuff you mentioned otherwise your opinions on them is as good as trash

  4. Oh dear Jesus. Once again people like you are the instigators of depression in idols. Donghae has bad skin? Who are u? WHO?! Who👏🏻 Are👏🏻You👏🏻To👏🏻Judge👏🏻? And the minho stuff like come on, I dare you to try to hate on shinee now… 💁

  5. So stupid and ignorant article. A singer can only be good if she is a powerful vocal? This is so dumb. Go listen to your dog barking if you want powerful vocal. Vocal is to express emotion not necessarily to be powerful.

  6. I was really hurt </3 Im a big fan of IU .. If IU was on the list then where is Bae Suzy? Suzy has a very good visuals but not so talanted too.. (Sorry for those who are Bae Suzy fan here**But I Love bae Suzy too**) ^_^V

  7. Even if you post an underrated kpop idol, still no one will be the best. Do you think they have many fans and are so famous because they’re the best? Lol. Your statement is just ridiculous. Talent, voice and looks aren’t the only factors that make an idol shine. It’s important to have your own presence and style, and even then you might not be as famous as those top idols. Sometimes it’s just about luck. But most of the time, it’s the preference of the majority of the population. Maybe you think someone is ‘clearly’ better than the rest, but thousands more think otherwise and they think this one guy has that “it factor”.

  8. People will say that the author is biased but i agree
    We love all the idols listed but still the things said about them are partly true they may be harshly put, but they aren’t total lies
    I love them the way they are, even with bad skin or talents
    It ain’t wrong to state the truth!

  9. It’s funny to see all these butt hurt kpop fans, everyone has their own opinion and there is an element of trust for me in this blog. I don’t agree with everything that this blog says and I do find it to be hateful as well but regarding some one these girls to be goddesses is exaggerating it a lot. Yes I do think they are pretty and yes they are prettier than I will ever be but I don’t think that they are drop dead gorgeous. To me they are a plain kind of pretty. Great blog but I think you should try to stay more neutral and open up your mind a bit more.

  10. This writer is completely biased and really rude when you read other blogs or articles the writer wrote of many kpop groups all you read is about how stupid or awful and how untalented that specific idol in a their respected group and exagerrate how horrible that are in a worst way * and the way the writer comments about them it’s like writer wakes up with the idols every morning to write such trash in the worst way* please who ever you are stop writing trash and feel you are royal to judge yes idols have flaws and not the perfect thing in the world but it does not gives you or anyone the right just to talk so rude and to judge

  11. Okay. This is my opinion only. I only disagree with Amber being overrated. Actually, I dont think any of the f(x) members are overrated, well, if there is an overrated member, that’s Sulli. I’m just really disappointed at the fact that you bash the talents of the artists you listed, and, yes we know, Amber is not the BEST RAPPER, we all know that, except for some ofc. But some people like her not only because of her boyish looks, rapping or her singing. She’s a good person you know, she’s an inspiration to many people (ik this article was released in 2012 but I also need to mention this). And also, how can you call her OVERRATED? Look at her lines in f(x) songs? 3 lines? 4? 5? SOMETIMES JUST 1. IS THAT OVERRATED? GOD DAMN!

  12. Even though this post is pretty old I’m still going to comment because I got a few things to say. First thing first is that I understand that it’s the person who wrote this blog opinion on some idol but I just wanna say that I don’t think you understand the word overrated that much these idols are overrated for a reason because people love what they do and I’m not saying you need to love these guys but making a list of some idols you clearly hate and naming it something like “10 most overrated Kpop idol” is stupid. Half of this list is just reason why you hate them not the reason why they’re overrated not saying you can’t state your opinion on idols but trying to cover up a hate list so you won’t get much hate is pretty stupid to me. That leads to number two I said before that there’s a reason why these idols are overrated you might not see it (which is fine I guess) but obviously other people do you can’t say Amber can’t rap just because you don’t like how she rap if she really can’t rap then she wouldn’t have so much fans and you can’t say that the people who like her don’t know anything about rap you don’t even know any of us they say shit like that for all we know you don’t know anything about rap. Third thing is that none of us think that they’re the master of anything we say shit like that because we love these guys and how they sound/music obviously any fan who loves their artist will say that is it true? No it’s not and of course the company who made them will say so too because they’re the ones who made them you feel me?

  13. Sorry but I disagree with the comment on hyuna, she is an amazing dancer and is very pretty.

    But at the end of the day we all have flaws and I’m sure all these people have worked hard for there recognition, but I appreciate every ones opinion and have a great day xx

  14. I dont like this post, I dont see the point of it, what the hell are you trying to propose, you are wasting your time and just gonna get hated by fans.
    Now let me state my opinion, first what you suggested was the seemly downside of these kpop stars but first let me get this into your head, they are idols, they are designed in a way that their company wants them to be, the side they show on tv at least 50% are not true. Secondly I love to see people are taking the blogger’s and saying its just his opinion about these people, but if it is just your opinion why do we have to agree on nothing he said was wrong when the majority is opposing him? Even with harsh words he deserve it, dont act like you are the guy who are trying to be a smartass that you hold the right position to argue against others. Thirdly, they are not masters, who said they were masters? If you are going to ans me with’tv’, please, go back to primary school and educate yourself from beginning, no one can be the best, they can only be better, they fan of course are gonna say they are the best, because they love them, their company of course said they were, because they beed them to be, but did they ever say something like that? You are just stating the way you think that they should be thinking which is kinda childish. Forthly, you stated about people’s personality and how it bothers you, … man if you don t l something does someone else also hav to deny it? And Its even funnier how you were comparing IU with Whitney Houston and such, personally I have overpower female vocals, I enjoy charming, pure, and cute voices a lot, again, you were just suggesting you opinion.

    Lastly, I still dont know why would people write stuff like this, I personally hate people write hate comments online it really means they are just too self centered and trapped within their own zone, you stated so much that there are no hate to these stars but really? I’ll tell you something, if there really is no hate on something you would give a shyt about it or loves it.
    You are welcomed xD

  15. wow i couldnt agree more with this article…
    AT yoona and SOHEE… seriously as an outsider the way they claim they are goddess beautiful is some thing I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND IN THIS LIFE TIME… it makes me feel like have they ever met anyone really beautiful!!!!!

  16. Everybody has their views and this person just has his own views. I don’t get why the people are raining shit on a person who just stated his views on these idols. People have to remember that there’s a phrase called TO EACH HIS OWN. This blogger is just displaying his right to state his views on something. And people as well have the right to state their views but not to rain shit and complain about the blogger. I agree with some people and agree to some of the blogger views. I mean, I didn’t even know Minho was a rapper. I tried listening to some of Hyuna’s song but I didn’t like them I mean my own preference. Some might like her songs but I’m no fan. I also believe that CL is overrated because I watched her performance on 2015 MAMA and there was nothing spectacular about her. I just feel that she’s too noisy. But above all the one about SM and YG is best. I mean there are obviously one of the top companies because they have made it big by using their idols. Do you think the idols are famous because of the company? It’s because the idols are good and slowly the company gains popularity. It’s the help of the idols that gives the company what good name they have. And you think all that can be achieved with YG because nice and polite to their idols? Even how Big Bang was treated when they were rookies, starving and scrimping on food. And on Show Me The Money Bobby and B.I even said if they fail they have to pack their bags?! But of course SM is no better.

  17. Dear 여성 성기,
    I’m going to be honest with you from a POV of someone in Korea, all idols work and train very hard. They are all humans too.
    And on your list some of these people are not even the most popular in their group…
    Everyone has a different opinion about who they think is attractive and not, and just because some say the person is ugly, childish, or too thin, doesn’t make that person unattractive. Your standard does not make it the international standard. And everyone judges talent differently, you don’t know how much work they have to do in order to please fans, you say “his effort still isn’t good enough” wtf it’s international “fans” like you who piss me off, acting like you know everything and understand, when you really don’t, at all.
    It’s not the idols fault many people love them…
    I wish I knew what you were expecting when you wrote and published this, honestly.
    I’d like to see YOUR talents and YOUR face and YOUR body in comparison to these peoples.
    Sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut and not talk so much shit about people you have never seen, met, or even understand.
    I’m not a fan of everyone above, but I do respect other human beings. You’re mad because you think they are so loved for no reason, when you’re probably just mad because you will never get that kind of attention.

  18. Think twice before saying stuff about f(x) Amber she is a great rapper and if you are a real KPOP FAN you would back her up and say she is great not diss her so think again before writing

    • Amber has no flow. I agree that she is completely overrated. She’d be a better television personality alone than whatever she is in f(x).

    • Wow. The extent of stupid in this comment is real. I love Amber, and I love WhatThePineapple (YouTube), but justifying someone not liking Amber as being not being a KPop fan is immature. Sure, we love her but not everyone feels that way.

  19. Okay you need to chill. You litterally called Amber talentless and everone else you listed. Some people are in k pop group as visuals and so that is why some of them are not really good dancers, singers, etc. But that doesn’t mean you start calling them out like “oooo dis chick ain’t curvy”. What are you in? High school? And even if you are, learn some maturity. Who gives a crap? Honestly everyone has been through something and has worked hard to gain fame. If they were talentless then they wouldn’t be famous. Now I do admitt some people take them too far and start to worship them. And it’s really weird but they can do what they want.

  20. And it’s not surprising that most of these commentators are hurt that what this blogger said. I absolutely agree with everything that’s been said! CL is really overrated and she honestly sucks at rapping. She tries to act bad but actuality, she’s had a privileged lifestyle. And her debuting in America is even more laughable. She’s not going to make it. She’s Iggy A. 2.0! Aside from that the rest of them are just as horrible. But you forgot to add Jay Park, Taeyeon, SNSD, and Bigbang. They’re all overrated.

  21. I’m going to need you to sit the fuck down and shut the hell up. Just because you look like a Hippopotamus don’t mean u need to hate. Yes some people on the list aren’t as talented as other entertainers but they aren’t that bad as you make them out to be. If you would fucking do your research right you would know Amber wasn’t suppose to be the rapper. She was the singer but since their group didn’t have a rapper she took the part . And as for Lee Donghae , he is good looking even if he has bad skin or ache . No body is fucking perfect you fucking dick head . You look like an ugly troll and need to stop breathing the same oxygen I am breathing.

    Next time think before you type shit because all of these entertainers wouldn’t be famous if they didn’t have some sort of talent.

    And I took the fucking time to correct you so you should be greatful,
    Have a nice day

  22. When you become as famous as someone them then you can make smart ass comments, but for now please shut up being so judgmental because honey I don’t see you trying to out do them. And they may not be perfect, but at least they are working to achieve goals. It’s not about whose best it’s about having fun to some of them. I’m not some crazed obsessed fan I’m just not going to openly blog about their flaws in a rude way because that seems disrespectful. And you can’t judge someone’s actual personality until you’ve met them and understand them, so don’t automatically talk like you’ve knowing them for years. Even if you did know them don’t you think it’s wrong to be talking about them in this way?

  23. Sorry to those who strongly disagree with this blog or whatever u want to call it, but this gave me life.. Lol. Honestly, i am pretty tired of seeing comments like “CL IS THE QUEEN” and “gd is not overrated because he writes his own songs”. First of all, i just want to say that even Justin bieber and taylor swift can write their own songs… Its not something new and its not much of a rare or special talent either. Second of all, have you seen this rapper called Tiger JK and his wife Yoon mirae? I bet he has as much talent, and possibly more, as GD, but maybe its because of his age that he is a little underrated. About iu, she has amazing talent but i absolutely hate when men literally get on their knees to greet her. Hyuna… Well, i just feel bad for the rest of 4minute because they are seriously living in her shadow. Oh, and amber… I agree with you that she lacks in rapping and singing. CL is definitely better.

    • I think this person should have included Taeyoon, all I ever hear about is how Taeyoon is an absolute goddess and deserves to be praised 24/7. Im tired of hearing about her, sure she has a pretty face and her voice is ok, its nothing much to be praising her about.

    • Why are you even comparing Western musicians to the Eastern ones?
      They are clearly different. If your tired of the comments, then don’t read them. Fans are just expressing their love for their idol/artist.

  24. This blogger is soooooo damn stupid….why? overrated?? u so stupid u know…I know it’s ur opinion but go and check it out now that IU had win at mama 2014 okay…yes she is not mariah carriey or what… but she gets to collaborate with legend AND senior SINGER in Korea which is very rare for young artist even gd didn’t… and I think u should learn about music…music aren’t just about powerfull voice…it’s about how they present their self… how they sing it with their heart…it’s really rare to find a great and young Singer like IU…AND I bet that u (stupid blogger) can’t sing cuz what u know is just COMMENT NEGATIVELY ABOUT OTHERS…U NOT POPULAR EITHER…. HAHAHAHAHHHAHHHHA

  25. I can’t say Yoona is not talented, because you guys will be angry. She’s not good in singing. I hate her voice.

    Oh! Guys you forgot Taeyeon!!! She’s talented than Yoona!

    • She’s good at singing. Listen to “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway”- Yoona. Her vocals are good, but of course, she has a alot else more to improve. But she’s good at singing, the only problem is her confidence. Anyways, thank you for not saying that she has no talent, and thank you for not being her hater… sincerely :)

    • Yes, thank you! She is so average beyond belief. By no means is she an ugly girl, but saying she the most beautiful female Kpop idol there ever was is the exaggeration of the decade. Again, average.

  26. Absolutely agree!!!…but please,nt kim hyun joong…that was hw he was made to act,i was mad too buh rememberin he wasnt d one dat wrote d script tuk d edge of anger away…u knw fr sure hw dis directors are,dy wont let u be until u get wat dy want…so,i tink its nt his fault..but d rest?m glad u wrote dis…….but i cant find park shin hye??????she should be no1

  27. They are there to entertain. I get how they are loojed up at soo majorly and i glad you speak your mind. BUT i think wrong to judge them like that. they are praised so let them be praised. Yes hyuna skinny but some people are. so what? some people arent. She CAN DANCE. Yoona is pretty and beautiful. not stunning but pretty and beautiful. GD n CL they are loved for effort and vibes and lyrics they produce. people love them. so what? for these artist and the others to be in this catagory it means they must be very popular and good at what they do. not everyone is perfect. acting singing dancing. some are good at one and not the other. but they are recognised so much for you people and others to think they are overrated. i bet if did real racy stuff like US youll be like ohh hyuna get ahold of yourself. cant gd rap of something other than girls ass? i understand your point. but they must have reasons to be.recognised to be in this catagory. i dont agree. but i do with some.

  28. I respect the writer’s opinion but I extremely disagree on DongHae being an overrated idol. Just to set things straight, I am honestly and proudly an ELF but don’t ever consider that as a factor on why I am about to defend DongHae.

    I mean, come on. Why in the world would you consider him overrated?! Maybe you have interchanged the words “overrated” and “underrated”. For a guy like DongHae, who can write and produce his own songs, studied different languages, can dance, act, strut his stuff, good-looking, and still be overshadowed by the popularity of his co-SJ members like LeeTeuk oppa, HeeChul oppa, and SiWon, then don’t you think he’s instead underrated? Yes, he’s short, a bit awkwardly enthusiastic, and childish but are those really valid qualifications for anyone to consider an idol as an overrated one? Why not focus on his individual achievements, contributions to his group, to his fans, and to the rest of the K-Pop world?! That’s, I think, the real qualifications in order for anyone to ever have the guts to make an overrated idols list like this. Sorry, but you should have titled this as: “My Most Hated K-Pop Idols” because it reads so like that.

    #JustSaying #Peace

  29. You obviously have no life because LOL, you made a web page just to rant how imperfect and not so beautiful these people are. Saying their personality sucks or whatever, I don’t think you have the right to judge them. Because if I was judging you, I would say you sounded like a low life stuck up bitch with a talent of only criticizing. Please do something that will actually help humanity instead of ranting all day. You’re just taking up space and wasting time. LOLOL

  30. I am an YG die hard fan and i laugh so hard when i read what you say about YG and SM hahahaha because you are actually telling the truth. Me, myself can be a little brat sometimes too kekekeke (btw GD and CL are my number in Kpop world) kekeke

  31. Ok, well they might not be the best at everything they do.. and yes the fans are pretty crazy, but that’s only half of them, if you see the true fans, the ones who are there for the music and not just silly little girls/boys who are all about the looks and think there in love with someone they don’t know. But, anyway back to the point, these people you seem to be judging pretty hard.. well please don’t forget they are also living, breathing humans, they make the same mistakes all humans do sometimes, they aren’t the perfect being and they all try there best. And lets not forget that they have such busy lives, going back and forth to different places all the time, possibly getting 3-5 hours of sleep if there lucky. Please everyone, don’t forget these people you all seem to love so much, are also humans, the same as you, they have lives, thoughts and emotions. So before you all ram you’re thoughts down there necks.. please remember they are HUMAN.

  32. iam not fans of the list up there. no, hell.. are you that perfect to judge a people with your fucking mouth? you’re just a poor litle bratty that only know how to bad-mouthing other people

  33. Minho isn’t attractive? Really? I’m not a big fan of SHINee but oh, c’mon! Minho IS attractive. People have their own choices. I do agree that some of these idols are overrated but not all of them. They have worked really hard to be where they are today.

  34. I agree somewhat.
    Yoona, yes she is VERY overrated. ! I don’t speak Korean, but I could tell her little rap part wasn’t very good in IGAB. Plus, she’s not even in the top 5 for best singer/dancer out of SNSD.
    HyunA, I agree yet disagree. Yes, her MV have VERY stupid choreography, but she can dance, and its not all her fault. She’s so bubbly in real life! Plus, in this generation, I heard girls rather be skinny than have curves.
    Skip some, Kim Hyun Joong.? Idk, but I’ve never noticed it that way, but now I see, his acting wasn’t the best… Woah.

  35. I think what you wrote here is quite true. There are a lot of underrated idols that are way prettier and talented than those mentioned in your post. Its just that they don’t get enough exposure that they deserve.

  36. well ihave to agree on th most things you said first:
    yoona:we cant deny that she very pretty but definitley not a godesse i always got really annoyed when people praise her that her beauty is imaginary there a lot of people who are way prettier thant her like:dara.suzy.nana.snsd members.and the fact that she so talentless she always take the spotlight from the members.you have to agree other members need attention too especially sooyoung and hyoyeon(hyo case break my heart)yoona voice is horrible and sone(well im one of them but im not delusional)kept saying that yoona has a cute and sweet voice while she so horrible)
    sohee:she not pretty at all she ugly and cant sing completly overatted
    hyuna:i think you were a little too harsh on hyuna she can dance very well actually but its not her fault she got choosed to do that slutty image hyuna is one of the idols that you get realy pitty for them the girl you see her in the mv is not her she got ranked numer 1 the idol have a really personalitty compared to mv and stage did you see her on reality shows she so sweet and bubbly and too funny she dont look hyuna that we know her at all but this is your opinion and i have to respect
    minho:well his overtted his not that handsome but sometimes he look very cute.
    and can you do a review for beast or exo please

  37. I have to agree with…what u said…I don’t know how they get such a popularity…its a effing mystery to me…probably since 2010s…start listening to kpop watching their drama..There’re always question in my mind…why’re super junior so popular all they have sang was sorry sorry…blah blah…then snsd…Gee gee, after that wondergirl nobody nobody but u ( i can understand wondergirl’s one is catchy but Sj & snsd I just don’t get it) ? Are those popularity fake?
    Or… this generation has lower expectations..but I realize people just like to stick with the ‘trend’, what families, friends and others like or a famous company of a country – instead of having a heart to try it out themselves…search the music of their own taste…all they did right now just listen to what people advice u …or don’t bother have eng sub just listen to a song with english phrase yeah Mr simple.
    just say those listed above overrated idols all that I will say is about being luckier than others even though they are also hard workers…often some get high recognition some underrated…that’s reality…see me in heaven.

  38. I agree with most but about Minho you are really wrong guys! I’m not a shawol, I like some of Shinee songs, especially rap ones, which are not popular and weren’t singles. and I must say Minho is one of the best rappers in kpop. Rapper must have strong voice and pronounce words fiercely, clearly and with aspiration. There are a lot of rappers in kpop who raps weakly and they’re overrated, and I think Minho is underrated compared to them!

    • Lol. Okay, I’m a huge Shawol and SHINee is my 2nd favorite group, but he is not one of the best rappers in kpop. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, but even as a Shawol, I have to admit he isn’t a good rapper at all xD

  39. I just read this article. I have to praise you for being daring to speak up your mind. This article may be causing pros and contras. I can’t say that I like or dislike this, but this is better than people who are overrating their idols or bashing other people who say the otherwise.

    So, this article partly suits with my opinion. I have to say that YoonA is kind of overrated for her beauty. She may be pretty good-looking, but many fans are rating her beauty as Goddess-like. No offense, but YoonA doesn’t have any extra-ordinary features. She is a bit plain, based on my view.

    I can’t argue anymore about HyunA. Many people envy her body, but she doesn’t have much curves. She’s a bit too skinny.

    About IU, she has nice singing voice even her voice isn’t Angel-like. But, comparing her to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey is unfair. She’s still young. She has many room to improve her vocal ability. It’s better for her to sing with her own style rather than to imitate another singers.

    Amber can rap but she isn’t very good. At least, she has nice singing voice. Her singing voice is better than the other members in f(x).

    I can’t comment about the rest because I’m not so familiar with them.

    Plus, if you want to make another posts about overrated K-pop idols, I suggest you to include Exo. I used to be fan of them but not anymore since Kris’s lawsuit and I have widened my eyes widely. Imo, Exo depends on good-look more than real talents. Well, some of the members may have true talents, but they haven’t shown it yet. But hey, I have to say that many fans are overrating their appearance. They aren’t really hot and attractive enough for me. There are many men who are more attractive, charming, handsome, hotter and sexier than them. As for their talents, sorry, but especially sehun is a bit lack of talents.

    That’s all. Feel free to against my opinion. I just love to speak up my mind and be blunt.

  40. I agree with you on Minho, hyuna and maybe cl and Gdragon. Both of them are great at what they do but if they were as good at rapping as hyorin and ailee are at singing, I would have left a hell load of comments disagreeing with you and I don’t like yoona and snsd. Too overrated. I mean REALLY overrated. Sistar is far better

  41. Finally! Someone who isn’t afraid to say the truth!

    Honestly, I don’t think Yoona or Sohee are that pretty. Yoona looks like a child. And when will people realize she doesn’t really have any talent?? I am so tired of hearing her name.
    I never understood why people think Hyuna’s so special.
    I think IU’s voice is just annoying. Her quality of singing is good in some ways, but she sounds like a little girl and sometimes she very airy.
    Amber can’t rap. People just like her because of her tomboy image and boy-ish voice. She’s different. Her singing voice is actually nice though, I think she’s got a nicer quality to her voice than the other members.
    CL and GD–I have a lot of respect for them because they do their own thing instead of just singing whatever their company gives them. But they’ve still got a long way to go. They’re not super stars yet.
    I liked Boys Over Flowers, but I didn’t like Hyunjoong at all. Zzzzz…..
    Minho is successful because SHINee is successful. That is all.
    Lee Hyori… Honestly, I’m just not a fan, but I don’t have anything against her for real.
    SM and YG fans are psychotic. They do what they do well. I’ll give them that.

    The only thing I disagree about is Donghae. He’s my favorite, personally. But that’s just my personal opinion. I think people like him because he’s super passionate when performing, and because he’s a really sweet person. A lot of his hoobaes have said they love him because he’s really nice to them and looks out for them. I’ll admit that he’s not half as talented as a lot of other artists (though he’s a very passionate dancer), but he seems like a genuinely sweet, happy guy.That’s why people like him. And even if he is clingy, fans don’t have to deal with that personally. So, it doesn’t bother them. Again, he’s my favorite, so I’m biased. But that’s the best explanation I can give.

    Other than that, I think you were 100% dead on. So happy someone finally said it.

    • I agree with you, but I mean..it’s pretty bold to say GD and CL aren’t superstars yet. That’s basically just not true.

      • Let me clarify: They’re superstars in the Kpop world. But outside of it, no. People act like they’re international superstars, and they’re just not there yet.

      • I agree GD has been recognized world wide for his talent. CL is cool but to in your face for me I dare to say she hasn’t really found herself yet. I think she has a little more ways to go. But over all they have a lot of influence and talent in YG and the kpop world.

    • I agree I don’t think Amber’s that great of a rapper her raps last about 10 seconds and aren’t very impressive. Her singing voice is great I think the group could use the time spent on making her raps for other things.

  42. I think you should do some further research about these K-idols before judging them right away. I myself don’t really think Hyuna’s that sexy but she’s good at dancing. don’t ever think that all her dances are shitty and pathetic because its not her fault she was assigned to that kind of concept for her solo album.

  43. As long as you bring in the money you cannot be called overrated, honestly if this was baseball you can use objective data such as strikes per inning but in the entertainment industry most of the data that you will use will be subjective anyway.

  44. I agree with the whole overrated Sm and YG thing. People think you get in sm by looks and yg by talent.

    NO OFFENCE, but have you seen the idols audition? Key, Onew, and Taemin (no offence i love them! They are my bias’s) they didn’t look attractive during their auditions for sm. I MEAN THEY LOOK KINDS BSD NO OFFENCE. but they had lots of talent and enthusiasm. And Xiumin doesn’t look attractive either but he made it to sm. I mean sure sm looks for looks too but don’t all agencies. ?

    And that bullshit saying that yg only looks for talent.

    YG looks for star quality, not talent. (Mentioned in kpop star) STAR QUALITY, which ranges from LOOKS to talent to personality. Please, have you seen the pictures of the new Yg groups, they are really good-looking, so tell me. Did he only look for talent?

    Sm really does look into talent so I hate it when people say SM looks for 90% looks and they think making talent is easy. THEY ALSO LOOK FOR TALENT AND LOOKS.

    ALL COMPANIES LOOK FOR TALENT AND LOOKS. Sm gets bashed because they have the best looking idols.

  45. Honestly this is sad. Most if not all of this is a matter of opinion, and you can sit here talking about this while they’re out there making money. I know some stars are just overrated, but you shouldn’t just go around bashing people. At least try to speak with some decorum.

  46. As a journalist, you should do thorough research before publishing an article. Your data of Kim Hyun Joong is outdated and your blatant dislike for the artist mentioned is clear. Even his fans are up to date on his REAL rankings. And the fact that no author is attached to the article makes me conclude that this is not a legitimate piece of news but a personal, subjective and biased opinion of the writer. Please do your website a favor and retract what’s been published before your reputation further diminishes.

    Sorry to say but I think this is a personal opinion. Why didn’t you include EXO then?

    As a fan of him, I admit that he lacks talent in acting and is a little too stiff but that’s because he is Musically Trained and Musically Talented! He’s 501% great when it comes to Music. Songs and Dance and everything. He was not that trained when it comes to acting but please? I think you’re just jealous of him? ^^ Lol.

  47. I really hate MBLAQ’s Thunder. He’s talentless and was only put in because of his talentless famous sister. His voice is nasty and nasally. I don’t want to boost the importance of looks, but I’ll say it anyway. He’s ugly.

    • I don’t think he’s ugly, but yes, I do admit that he’s not as talented as other idols. But I can’t say he’s “talentless”, as training can make his “talent” grow.
      Some voices may not be the best, but training can cause them to sound better etc. We all know that he’s not the most talented idol, but as time goes by, his “talents” become better~ I don’t like the way you’re calling him “talentless” :(
      There’ve been a couple of things I personally wasn’t good at, but because I trained and practiced, I managed to be better at them ;D
      Sooo… Calling someone “talentless” isn’t something you should say, just because they don’t have the best voices in Kpop…
      Remember; training makes perfect <3

    • hey. to call someone talentless means you have talent then. thunder is a composer for heaven’s sake!! may be he is not that good in singing or rapping but he can god damn sing. he can compose songs. can you? did you compose a song already? or can you sing? judge if you’re that talented and way higher than thunder or any other people. the people you’re calling as talentless and overrated have worked hard, have sleepless nights and gave their best to everything they do and you calling them talentless and overrated is just way to harsh. complain if you must but complain only if you are way better than them.

    • and you calling him ugly makes it appear that if someone is ugly then he is not allowed to be an idol. woow. just woow. you’re not looking for talent then. you just want good looks. what a shame!

  48. overrated bcos their visual : WRONG
    overrated bcos their skill : WRONG


    this article……. 100% personal opinion LOL

    perfect isn’t the main reason for ‘become overrated’

    too many people in this world who has an amazing voice (verry amazing voice) verry good dancer, verry good looking, perfect skill but not all of them can become an idol. bcos it just about a fluke.
    so.. if they’re (all persons in this article) is the one of the lucky person.. why not?
    so.. please think again..
    for me.. minho, yoona, amber, donghae, GD etc is perfect to be called ‘overrated person’

    sorry for my bad language, i’m not good on english..

  49. Most things written here are too hurtful.
    Imagine yourself being called talented only to a certain extent. How offending is that?
    All they ever want is to share their talents and passion to the world. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Also stop being perfectionist. The entertainment industry ought to HAVE FLAWS, because perfection does not exist in reality.

  50. I take this kind of offensive as a fan of kpop but you can’t just judge their looks n talent or how great it is or not. They are just people that wants to do their music. Just think that you are a famous person and someone is talking bad about you or judging you like this, wouldn’t you be hurt? Also, I know some kpop idols just want to be popular. I’m just trying to say that, saying stuff like this can hurt people and everyone is the same. So quit judging the kpop idols, when the music is more important.

  51. They can’t be overrated if they’re successful in putting up numbers and popularity… Comparing IU to to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston? Obviously she’s not on their level but to even mention her in the same breathe? Look at who you’re comparing her to… That in itself is praise enough already… GD is overrated? He can’t be overrated if he’s putting up numbers, amassing a huge fan base and one of the leading figures in KHiphop… That’s like saying Big Bang is overrated… They can’t be overrated if they are masters of their craft… Try again next time with some qualified idols backed by statistical facts proving them overrated

  52. I think after IU you guys were being a bit nickpicky as in yeah they have a lot of fans but then you can make that out of every kpop idol b/c everyone has something wrong/not strong in and people who are good for their standard like CL- objectively the best female kpop rapper currently that is well known enough to even be considered if they are overrated

  53. I started researching Kpop after watching Boys Over Flowers. I thought Kim Hyun Joong was rather stiff in the show, but after doing some research I discovered that he wasn’t a formally trained actor, so that pretty much explains why he was so stiff. I have to admit that I laughed during the opening sequence where the main character saw him playing the violin and they had a soft glow around him. Mainly because they were trying to pass him off as this gorgeous human being and I just didn’t see it in that particular movie. After looking up some pictures of him I did decide that he was probably one of the more attractive Asians that I have seen, but his face changes A LOT.

    When I started reading some of these lists about most beautiful or most talented kn K Pop, I have come to the conclusion that western standards of beauty and talent are very different from Asians. Most of the idols that top these most beautiful lists wouldn’t even be considered remotely attractive in the US. It’s not because of their race either. It’s just that we have different standards of beauty. I have seen Persian women considered beautiful (Kim Kardashian), black women (Halle Berry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Whitney Houston) and a vast number of white women, but most of the Asian women I see being referred to as beautiful on the internet would be considered very plain in the US.

    As far as talent, all I see when I look at these K Pop groups are a vast number of people sharing one stage who look very similar to every other Asian group I have seen on stage. There is no “realness” to them. They all seem to be carbon copies of each other. The boy groups are all medium in height, slim, one has orange hair, and they tend to have the same haircuts as every other Asian boy group. Oh yeah, and they have over choreographed stage presentations. Same with the girl groups. Instead of emphasizing their individuality, the companies they work for seem to have found a pattern that they are going to stick to come hell or high water. It’s really boring, and it really is aimed at teenage girls in puberty. Once these pubescent girls grow up and come into their own, find men, accept their own unique qualities, the Kpop idols are kaput. There is no need for them anymore and they fade into nothingness…..until a new carbon copy group takes their place for the next set of pubescent girls. It’s really quite sad.

    • I’m sorry, but they do not look the same. I can tell them apart just fine. Also, as an Asian person myself, I’m offended. To me, it seemed like you were saying all Asians look exactly alike, and that’s not true at all. Not every K-Pop group is the same; they each have their own style of music. One group might do R&B, the other might do electronic-pop. I don’t see why you think their choreography is overdone either. It’s just dancing. And while companies do tend to control much of what K-Pop groups do, they don’t completely strip away their individuality. By watching variety shows – though they’re usually scripted – you can still see idols’ personalities. Lastly, I’m pretty sure that K-Pop is not aimed only at teenage girls going through puberty. I’ve been past that stage for years, and I’m still a K-Pop fan, so it’s obviously aimed at teenagers in high school, too. It’s rude and insensitive to call K-Pop groups carbon copies when they all work so hard to achieve their dream, which is really very simple: to sing. I don’t see why that’s so bad.
      Maybe I understood you wrong, but that’s just what I got from reading your comment.

  54. Honestly, I think you are right about a lot of them being over exaggerated, but you can’t exactly judge someone’s looks, that is only your personnel opinion so is the whole Amber and Minho can’t rap. I agree they aren’t the best but they are doing what they love. Donghae’s personality does have some faults I admit for him being as old as he is. As for G-Dragon, what can I say, he is one if my favorite rappers. He can sing, dance, rap, and has looks. CL I’m not her biggest fan, but like I said opinion. As for the whole YG & SMTOWN thing, yeah I’ve heard that SMTOWN’s managers are devils and I can’t say I fully agree or disagree. Both companies do keep idols around for money, no matter how glamorous it may be it is still a business. But at the same time keep in mind that they are in ways a family, they work together, travel together and overall they stay together. I have to admit though YG does have some of the best talent. They don’t put people out there unless they are positive they are ready for what’s coming their way. Sleepless nights, traveling, and being on the stage prepared and ready to sing their hearts out. All in all I think the thing your most bothered with is the fans. You can’t stick the blame for how the fans act onto the company’s and idols themselves. YG & SMTOWN may brag a lot, but don’t you think they have the right to? They are proud of the idol’s who work hard. I love kpop I do, but I can see where the fans get annoying, especially after reading some of the comments. Bash pages are put up and people freak out, honestly that keeps the pages coming in waves that never end. But please keep in mind that this is solely your opinion, and while other people may share it that does not make it fact. :) PEACE! *Oh and if you know your gonna get bashed hard on the internet for things like this, don’t put it up. It’s common sense. It only will start fights and I have met some hard core kpoppers that aren’t afraid to track you down, which is seriously scary….

  55. ok i am jrock fans not a big kpop fans but i really love som bands and for to be honest i am agree with u for som things like _ 1 amber ur right shes not a good rapper her voice is horrible and shes ugly she just have a nice tomboy style _ 2 minho is nice guy but not cut or handsom or great rapper _ 3 yoona and sohee and donghae they ar good looking but not amazing beauty … i cant also say that snsd ar good band and have som good song but they ar not very talented and som girls dosent have beautiful voice also they ar not a naturel beauty like jessica hw ther fans think shes goodes …. for g dragon and cl i am big fans of them i think they ar amazing mybe not the best but sure in the top 5 they sing dance very well they ar great rapper and leader and very fashionable …. for hyuna i like her but i am agree shes sexy just beacuse shes act sexy

    • Amber’s voice is horrible? She got into SM because of her singing skills meaning her voice not horrible. Amber is ugly? Are you some sort of a goddess? Are you even pretty?

  56. I guess everyone has their own opinions in this. It’s true some idols are pretty much overrated but it all comes down to personal choice of the fan for who she/he prefers to idolize. We can’t make everyone likes a single idol and stuff. Oh wells. This was rather an interesting post to read.

      • I don’t live in praises, whatever that is supposed to mean, but I’m absolutely sure no one has ever praised you for anything, certainly not English. And it says a lot about you that you are reacting like a dumb shit right now.

  57. At least posting this don’t make it like they don’t belong it Kpop Its like you have the sline , good body, pretty, can sing or dance. Its just way too mean for a fangirl to post this. At least add a nice thing that people won’t get mad at :p

  58. I’m (personally) not a fan of any of these idols, and I DEFINITELY agree that ALL idols are overrated. HOWEVER, most of the reasons in this post are ridiculous, idealistic and not convincing in the least. Yeah, sure. Hyori isn’t that good at singing, rapping or dancing. She is aware of that (says it often), but she doesn’t need it. Not all famous people are famous because of their skill, and her fame comes from her attitude, beauty, and (most definitely) stage presence.

    Also, with idols like Donghae and Yoona, so mentioned that many of them were “not really that good looking” or “had bad body structure”. These are such superficial reasons for your topic. Just because you or your friends do not like or feel attracted to certain people, doesn’t mean others wont. Take Shindong, for example. Just about all of Korea think he’s fat and nothing pretty to look at. However, some people will think he’s cute or charming, etc.

    Kpop is not “popular” for the music or the “talent” of the idols, though a lot of people like to think so (not saying there aren’t those really amazing people in the industry, but…). It’s the people themselves – a combination of their looks, abilities and presence. How they sell themselves. Almost like a product (PLEASE don’t get angry at me for that, i’m not saying they are, just that it is similar. They’re polished to a glossy finish, appeal to a wide variety of people, and they hardly ever make any mistakes. No one can be that perfect without someone to “manufacture” it.).

    Anyway, I just thought this article sounded like a bunch of whinny haters… Sorry if that’s rude, but it’s what I think. If you could come up with some solid reasons for your deductions, then maybe I would re-consider.

    …It’s just….half biased opinion and half stuff people (even the idols themselves) are all aware of. Like, no one can have a perfect body and perfect face. So, really, you can’t take points away for that. ‘Cause, really, all these people are gorgeous…

    • I have to agree with you. If I was told that an Idol is overrated because he actually cant sing or dance, I would say that’s completely true, but you are saying that an idol is overrated because he actually not pretty enough? That is not even a reason to not like something… Idol is someone you want to be like, someone you aspire to become. If I want to become someone you gives his 110% let me be my aspirations are not to be pretty as apparently are yours (the person who wrote the article).

  59. Your basically saying Minho is untalented and not good looking. He’s not the best looking nor do I find him the best rapper. But you make him seem like he doesn’t belong in kpop. Same for Amber. Though she can’t rap better than other kpop stars she is talented. But I agree that Soo-hee,Yoona, Hyuna, and CL are overrated to the extreme. Jessica from SNSD is overrated and also Kai from Exo. Kim Hyun Joong is musically talented but his acting isnt so great, a little too stiff. Donghae is handsome and funny as well as talented but he is kinda childish but who cares so what? He might actually be more mature off camera who knows? G dragon is one of the best composers but they act like he’s the king of all rappers which I find that to be a little over the top so I agree but I do like GD. I 100 •/• agree with you about SM and YG stans. YG does give more freedom and vacation time to their artist and are more open minded with new ideas but I heard Jonghyun from SHINee say ‘I had two-months of vacation’ so I believe SM doesnt always treat their band like ‘slaves’. YG Stans also say SM have no talent and are all about looks. I hate that the most. Also SM Stans always talk crap about both YG and their own company. I’m a hardcore kpop fan but some fans need to open their eyes. As for Lee Hiyori and IU I honestly don’t know XD IU is vocally talented and all I know is Lee Hiyori is like a legend or something. So I may not agree with all of your words but most of the things you say are true. Have a nice day :)

  60. Hm. I find this amusing with the many people here arguing and disagreeing with the blog. Let me Remind you, You “Fans” are the ones that clicked on and read this blog with your own two hands. You had a chance to back away and ignore this for you might get offended and feel that the author is a totally wrong, Whether the author is wrong or correct, you still have a choice to read it or not. You Guys are funny ;3

  61. Everyone isn’t perfect. Idols also have the same insecurities and emotions as we do. They aren’t robots who entertain us by being “perfect”. Nobody is perfect. Judge their imperifications. Then YOU try being perfect all your life. Stop comparing them with impossible things like “she can never sing or look like a ‘goddess’ or Whitney Houstin'” or “her body isn’t perfect and he doesn’t rap perfect'”. Comparing an idol with a “God”? How stupid is that?! Try becoming god yourself if you think you can judge people like that. They aren’t perfect. And you aren’t either. You may hate them. But you should be ashamed of yourself for writing a childish article with a dumb opinion like “She isn’t THAT great” or “He gives a lot of effort on his dancing on stage like he’s gonna break the stage but it’s not enough effort. It’s not called overrated. They’re famous because their fans support them (sasaeng fans are DEFINITELY not supporting them . More like harming their life.) Give us facts and proof if they are so “overrated”. Not your little unrealistic opinions. I’m not a fan of them. But I’m definitely not a big fan of you’re knowledge on us humans and “idols”. Idols are the same with us. They aren’t ALIENS. They get depressed, they cry and they struggle to keep you entertained and get a good profit for their family and do the things they love. They are blessed and thankful to get in an industry. They are famous for their love and passion for music. That’s why they are idols. They WANT to be idols. They aren’t perfect. But that’s not a reason why they should quit on what they love to do. Imperfections, insecurities, depression and struggles. You have them. They have them. So why? Are they not perfect for you? They create music for US. They try their best and efforts to keep us happy. So, what else is not “perfect” enough for you? Enough to put up a dumb article about my being perfect or bad at rapping or bad body… These are opinions. Not facts. We don’t want your little comments. Opinions and facts. Know the difference.

  62. I understand that these are just personal opinions, but they are hurtful to some. You cannot judge someone you do not know, or have never met. Honestly, don’t act like you know what it’s like to be them and know the pressure they are under

  63. To all the kpop fans swearing at the author and threatening them, please stop. I’m a kpop fan and you’re just making all of us look bad. Whoever wrote this has their own opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to agree or verbally attack them. Please have respect. I don’t agree with this artical but I’m not going to try and hurt the author.

  64. The section on Donghae literally made me cry. And really saying amber is a terrible rapper? Try doing what she does. I doubt you’ll even come close to what she is. You describe kpop fans to be crazy and obbsessed. In our reality we are loyal. We’re loyal to our idols that we love, and we support them. They might not be your definition of “talented” but we think they are. I’m willing to support them when people like you are willing to try and tear them down. I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with it. I have faith in the idols that I love. They inspire me. Please try and be understanding. You can have your opinions but I don’t agree with them and I thought you needed to hear a second side of it. Have some mercy on our idols. Making music is their job. It’s their career. You might think that they live mightly but they are like everyone else.
    ~~~Random kpop fan

  65. Ugh, reading through almost half of these comments makes me ashamed. You guys with the filthy mouths call yourself fans and supporters, but do you honestly think your bias or whatever will be happy to hear you verbally attacking the authors of this post?

    No, they would be ashamed to see their fans being so vulgar and hateful about somebody with an opinion. Now before you all begin with your mad keyboard ninja skills, in no way am I saying i personally agree with all the views of Peachandbagal, but how about before you begin a hate compaign based off one post, you read the rest of their blog?

    Look at the date this was posted, can you all honestly claim to have even been fans yourselves that long? Think back to when you first EVER discovered KPOP, surely back then you disliked some people, but I’m sure your opinions will have changed over time with exposure to your Idols and growing a fondness of them.

    Peachandbagal are not kpop haters, as you will see if you take the time to read other articals. So they dislike a few artists, is that not their own opinion? Instead of bashing, try a thing called the “close tab” option and leave instead of spreading your hate.

    It’s fans who shove their idols on such high pedestals that cause others to dislike them. Instead of constantly pushing your high opinion of them on others, try respecting another persons view.

    That’s called being a true fan.

    • A.M.E.N. I’m so sick and tired of hearing these people. The author did a great job. These so called ‘fans’ don’t want to admit it’s the truth…its cool how I know what goes on in the korean music industry because my mom works for MBC but it’s disgusting how these fans blind themselves. *sigh*

      • They say as Humans we’re like icebergs in the sense that we only show 10% of our true selves. the rest we hide, or keep too our selves, such as our dark thoughts or even just some feelings. i know im personally guilty for this, and i dont have the added presure of cameras shoved in my face.

        Can you imagine how much pressure to hide any “negative” views of yourself must be for an idol? Don’t get me wrong, I am a very big shinee and superjunior fan, I love their MUSIC and I love their on stage personalities, but I’m not blind.

        I know what we see, what SM allows of them to be seen is not completely who they are as individuals. They too will have personalities they keep hidden, or even just quirks that they can’t expose, that’s why nobody ever really knows an Idol as a PERSON.

        We just know them as a celebrity, as the people their companies want us to see and admire.

        I just wish these “hardcore” fans would realise this and just be happy supporting their idols in a positive way.

    • Dude I love you sooooo much right now!!!!
      ><♥ kyaaaah. And you wanna know why? Because you said exactly what I was thinking. Oh my gosh. I wish people were more like you and the author who made this. Personally even though my friends know my mother has connections with k-showbiz. They still don't believe me what idols have to do to cover their appearance, personality abd everything that comes with that. But what can we do right? For sure, right now my job is to defend this author. Because these rude commenter's are just ignorant. -.-
      And once again you gained my love!!!!♥♥♥

    • I think it’s more like the authors of this article are the ones spreading their hate. I don’t think this was a good topic to openly write an internet article about. It just gives off a really negative impression, and it’s not very nice to write a whole article based on who you don’t like and why. It’s rude and unnecessary. Sure, everyone has opinions, but this is a bit much.

  66. Yes at last someone writes something that is sensible…I agree with this…seriously and about Kim HyunJoong very true…he’s a horrible actor. My non-asian friends (yes people I said non-asian) well they have this korean fetish that everything a korean idol does is the most awesome thing ever…== bitch do you not see this guy can’t act… and they’re like “but he’s so cute! And I love when he says ‘aish'” no bitch, you just have a fetish. To the person who wrote this thank you so much. You are an open minded person.
    P.s. to the people who are thinking why I have a right to say this. It’s because my mom is an art director for MBC and the shit she tells me about idols…Bwahahaha you would not believe it. -_- open your eyes people.

    • lol. both you and the author of this post are actually being very CLOSED-minded. you try being an idol if you think they’re so talentless. do you think you could do better than them under all that stress and pressure? these idols do what they love. if you think your opinion is so great then go ahead. i don’t know you but if you aren’t an idol right now, i’d assume your talent is nowhere near the level of these famous people, so who are you to judge them?

      • do you need to be exceptionally talented to judge? People with a half-brain knows what’s shit and what is not

  67. I’m surprised you didn’t put SNSD’s Jessica or f(x)’s Krystal. I think both sisters are way too overrated.

    • i am agree with u i can say both of them ar nice but not a powerful singer or great dancer or goddes like fans see them and jessica shes not a naturell beauty too …. krystal shes mean and always say negative comment special too luna … jessica act like child … they ar not perfect

    • Then you rate them yourself. Your problem is so big, they aren’t even that great. They are just overrated for they are old in the industry and has alot of fans. Its sad that people only recognize groups from big companies. But how about these small companies? You always think about the overrated idols but not the underrated ones. Think people. You all know nothing behind this “K-Business”. You don’t know, maybe your idol is a monster one. A devil behind an angelic face. Or maybe you should all mind your own business. This post is just the author’s realization, opinion and it is only what he/she observes. So no bashing people. Calm down.

  68. I came to read the truth about k-pop but all I see is some major bitching going on.. like the ones I see from anti-fans all over k-pop.. These artists are some of the only ones I know in k-pop coz I don’t follow it a lot and I agree with the previous commenter that these are the people who made k-pop the way it is and spread the hallyu wave.. I think you should change your blog title.. it’s misleading..

  69. If you’re going to blog about the overrated, why don’t you just simply write about the whole KPop industry? These overrated people you mentioned basically made KPop as it is now anyway. KPop IS overrated because of them. But you see, these people are “overrated” for a reason. Stop rendering them unworthy just because they receive compliments you think they don’t deserve.

  70. You forgot the No.1 most overrated idol… Taemin. I mean yeah, hes an awesome dancer but his fans are so crazy. Im a big fan of kpop but i myself can see how overrated a lot of it is… I just enjoy the music and try not to get into fan-wars.

  71. Yoona and Sohee might be overrated. But this is because they are the visuals. They are the first people you actually get attracted to once you see the group (at least that applies for SNSD).
    Hyuna only started to get overrated after Gangnam Style came out. Again, she is the main visual for 4minute. The other members actually talked about the issue of Hyuna being the centre of attention on Happy Together (the episode with Kyuhyun, Henry, Dasom and Soyu).
    IU might not be the best singer with a very powerful voice, but face it. She is young. And already getting so many fans. What about whoever posted this. Compared to her, how famous are you?
    Since when was Amber overrated? Her rapping might not be the best, but at least she can rap in proper English with perfect pronunciation and all (although this is because she actually stayed overseas).
    AGAIN GD and CL are the visuals for Bigbang and 2NE1 respectively, and they can rap.
    Kim Hyun Joong was probably well known for his looks in Boys Over Flowers and his Face Shop advertisements.
    Donghae is a great composer. He composed many songs for SJ eg. A Short Journey, I Wanna Love You (although that was mainly for him and Eunhyuk), This is Love, Y, Oops, First Love, Haru, Only U and Loving You. “He is good at everything an Idol needs, but he is not great at any single thing.” How about dancing? If he “is not great at any single thing”, would he be part of the 3 main dancers of SJ and doing the dance performance at SS5? His personality might not be what most people would like, he might not have an ideal figure, but he is still talented and cares for people around him.
    Minho was never overrated in SHINee itself. It was because of TTBY that Shawols and other Kpop fans started watching him (and the other actors). He probably does not have the best looks in SHINee, and many Shawols don’t complement him for his looks. But his rapping skills are good. “And don’t even get us started on how much of a NON rapper he is.” Have you not heard Love Still Goes On? He has a really fast long sentence in the middle, and you probably will not be able to rap that fast a sentence. In Korean.
    “Just like Donghae, Lee Hyori as a person is just overrated.” This article is about 10 Kpop idols who are overrated, and you just had to use Donghae as a comparison. Putting that aside, she became popular after Family Outing. Her songs are good. U Go Girl for example. Bad Girls also. She is 34 years old, but still able to maintain her figure and her voice. Yes, she might blatantly insult her boyfriend, but that is her own personal matters, whether or not her boyfriend decides to get angry at her or brush the whole matter aside. I am not a big fan of many of these idols eg. Sohee, IU, GD, CL, Hyuna and Kim Hyun Joong, but I honestly think that you are just jealous of them.

    • Your comment was just one of the most annoyingly false things ever. Every single one of your “arguments” was either a really uninformed personal opion or an illogical fallacy. And really who are you, you read our blog which makes us way more famous then your anmoying self.

    • I’m sorry to tell you this but korean is my second language… and Choi Minho can’t rap…the part he raps in “love still goes on” is actually not fast….it just sounds fast to non-korean speakers. -.-

  72. Well, I have to admit kpop doesnt appeal to me as I am more into rock but dont you think you’re being a bit harsh criticising all of them like that? All of the countries have different standards of beauty and while I dont find Yoona beautiful like a godess since I am not Korean, I still cant judge her fans for thinking she is all that. And they all work really hard too because kpop isnt all about singing, its about dancing to perfection, even modelling and you gotta respect that even if these people aren’t perfect in everything. Like I said I dont like kpop but when somebody is being this mean, I get kind of pissed. Sorry but you really have no right to judge and compare them with your standards of beauty or whatever. If they make people happy, then let them rather being sour about it!

  73. Big Bang’s T.O.P is overrated. Come on, even though he’s a very talented rapper and definitely a great visual, his fans will literally shun you if you don’t agree. Also his fans go crazy calling him the most handsome person in the world.

    • Why all the downvotes when you weren’t saying that you hate T.O.P and that he was ugly and untalented? I think your point is exactly like the point the authors made about idols like Yoona, Sohee, G-Dragon, and CL. Yes, all of them are good looking, and yes, all of them are talented. But people constantly over-exaggerate about these things, and some leave the other group members (if they’re in a boy/girl group) overshadowed. For example, people calling Yoona a “flawless goddess”. I get that she’s very pretty, and she’s not the face of SNSD for no reason, but she’s by no means flawless. Same goes for Sohee. She’s cute, but again, she’s not drop dead gorgeous. CL and G-Dragon are some of my favorite people in K-Pop, but they’re not THE BEST at rapping, singing, ect. They’re not the best rappers or best musicians in K-Pop, and it really annoys the crap out of me when people say that because it’s not true. That DOESN’T mean that they aren’t exceptionally good at what they do however. They’re really good, but not the best. For example, I really like G-Dragon’s rapping and his composing/songwriting skills, but his singing makes me cringe, especially that falsetto. I feel like I can’t tell that to other VIP’s because SOME will give me the riot attack for saying that. I know not all VIP’s or Blackjacks will do that, but there’s always some bad apples in fandoms. And besides annoying me, it also makes me sad when people call idols “flawless” and “the best”, because one, it’s a huge turn-off for other people, and two, it puts a lot of pressure on the idols to maintain that image, and idols already have a lot of pressure on their shoulders already.

      • Not being an asshole or anything, seriously just as a tip for the future: you said “give me the riot attack” and the correct term is something along the lines of “read me the riot act”. We all get confused with those silly phrases, just as a little reminder.~ 💞

  74. okay. I hated kpop until i was 12 years old. i thought it was gross. i just didn’t like them. Then, i started learning more about them, and was getting an understanding of what they were like. currently, i am a huge fan of kpop. can’t go one day without it. i understand that this is your opinion. we all have different opinions. but don’t you think you are being just a little harsh? saying that they are “fake”. do you know them well enough to judge them? iknowiknow, i don’t know them either. so technically speaking. none of us have the right to judge them at all. but you’re just being plain mean. you want me to make a list of all the stars in america that just dont belong in this business? you never know. some of your favorite stars might be on that list. yoona? hyuna? hyori? i admit that the public in america tends to over exaggerate. but not in korea. in korea, all of them know what it’s really like. not everyone has a perfect body. and you know what? hyuna earned that body. she used to be overweight, and not in shape. but all those hard working hours paid off. nobody is perfect. take a look in the mirror before bashing on other human beings. look at yourself. your not that great either for talking smack about them. actually, it just makes me gag. how mean can you be? im not saying that you hate kpop. looking above, i can see that you said some nice things about them. but obviously you were going to get some hate by posting an “overrated kpop idols” blog.

  75. @dbsk4love4ever: I agree to you, she don’t have much confidence.
    Maybe this article just tell something bad about idols, and they don’t deserve to be criticized like that. However, there are 3 of them, whom I agree that are being overrated and received rightful criticisms. They’re pretty, but they’re not Goddesses.

  76. *nods* Yoona is one of the overrated k-pop idols. Fans were being exagerated that they even call her a Goddess. Nah-uh. She’s pretty, but definitely NOT a Goddess. I agree to you.

  77. IU can’t sing powerfully? Blogger, she’s only 20 years old and you compare her with Carey and Houston? OF COURSE their voices are superior than hers in terms of how “powerful” they are because first, they had been in the industry for years longer than her, and second, THEY HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE THAN HER.
    By the way her singing from the Lost Child’s days to Spring of a Twenty Year Old days has grown tremendously so for the years to come, I think her growth will be immeasurable. Try degrading other qualities of IU with some other reasonable opinions. I don’t even know how you decided to put her along with other overrated characters like Hyuna, Sohee, and Yoona (Yes, I agree with you on these girls because their beauty, like you said, is exaggerated).

    • Thing is, we do recognize that but too many people elevate her voice to a level similar to that of Carey and Houston. If they didn’t, IU wouldn’t be on this list. Remember, this isn’t a list bagging on artists but saying that they’re not as good as people make them out to be.

    • I agree with you- have you heard IU in Good Day? I bet the person who wrote this blog can’t sing the three high notes in the end.

    • Oh gosh an obnoxious kpop fan. Yeah IU has a nice voice but there are people better than her in hanguk. And Houston sounded pretty good when she was young. In fact, the same. *sigh* -.-

  78. None of these fanatics are ever going to get your point. Your article is the most objective article ive read related to Kpop. Just ignore your close minded commenters.

    –this comment is meant for you. Plus they dont even know what overrated means.

  79. It appears no one likes the blogger! Well, I don’t blame them because you are so judgmental and rude, and arrogant about it! Like seriously get a grip with yourself. This is not at all objective. The fact some idols are overrated is one thing, but you make it out that their qualities/flaws are the problem. I get that people shouldn’t read something they don’t like, but I thought it was going to be something at least reasonable. You’re even rude to the readers of this. How do you expect anyone to like it?

    • None of these fanatics are ever going to get your point. Your article is the most objective article ive read related to Kpop. Just ignore your close minded commenters.

  80. I agree 1000% with this article. I feel the WHOLE of K-pop world is overrated and doubt that any group will actually make it in North America, they will try but not succeed, not because “OMG racist Americans” but because to be famous on this side of the pond you need to be more real (flaws and all) and kpop artists are sadly not allowed to show us who they really are.

    • ALSO – People need to read articles like this, take a chill pill, decide they don’t agree and move on, if you are so pressed over it then open your own blog and post your own “Why XYZ artist is NOT overrated”

  81. u said that u dont want ppl to think ur criticrising their star, but u said stuff that sounds absolutely hurtful and pretty onesided, overall there were many things said about looks, this topic is absolutely never to be mentioned in a negative way, coz u’ll definitly be bashed, she’s ugly? he’s totally not cute? that person’s body is annoying? i’d be laughing 2 death if any1 said these comments aren’t onesided, u think they’re not pretty? that’s ur eyes, in other ppl’s eye, they’re absolutely beautiful, that’s called having ur own style, overrated? heaps of idols are super overrated, but if u say it’s coz u think they’re actually not as pretty as their fans say they are, that’s ur opinion, antis say some idols r super ugly, i wouldnt comment on that, but as far as i know, articles aren’t meant to be wrote onesidedly, unless u say it’s only ur opinion, THEN ppl will understand u, and other than looks, musical skills, if ur speaking as a listener, uv got 100% right to comment whatever u want about them since ppl have different preferences on music, but if ur talking as a person stating a “fact”, unless ur a super pro music insider, u shouldn’t be the one criticrizing them.

  82. wow, u told us to leave a comment if we want to but u say that we can’t criticrise ur work, so u want us to only comment when we think ur article is good?

  83. You do realize that in a perfect world we would be perfect but we do not live in a perfect world therefore we are not perfect beings,so when you insult someones look, do you have the rights,are you perfect yourself,people praise these idols a lot as they consider those imperfections to be attractive. You can be hated for the same reason that you’re being loved. The way you insult some of the idols are really harsh as its not the idol himself/herself that choose to be overrated.

  84. I agreed with most of it, but IU is still young. Sure she may not be Mariah Carey, but is she an American? No. IU is her own person, her voice compared to most of the industry is amazing. Then again, I think she’s a pretty good actor. Her latest songs I haven’t really been into. What’s funny is her first songs when she debuted no one liked besides me.

    & Also, to each his own, you have your opinion, I have mine. I can see where you stand with GD, never really clicked with him. But CL, after her solo I can see her making it in the United States. I can see her making it solo. She needs a collaboration with Tyga or Wiz Khalifa, preferably both. As well as Honey Cocaine because they’re two strong bad-ass female independent rappers.

    Now what’s mainstream in America is songs about sex, drugs, dicks, bad b*tches, alcohol, and money. We can see where CL stands: Money and Bad B*tch. With 2NE1 she also has another side of herself, but I don’t see them making it here with Will.I.Am. Honestly, they’d probably need someone like Simon Cowell who has been in this industry and has made a numerous amount of pop stars. But alas, I can honestly see CL being the only one that makes it here if she just made a collaboration with the people I mentioned.

    I know her sound color now, so I know she would fit Tyga and Wiz’s sound best.

  85. You shouldn’t even give a shit about who’s overrated and who’s not. If you love them, you love them. If you hate them, you hate them. Who cares? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Just don’t bash idols because of how popular they are. People love people for different reasons. You can’t tell someone that they’re “stupidly obsessive or has never heard real rapping” just because they love the person’s rapping and you don’t. I understand where you’re coming from with Donghae’s childlike behavior but I’m pretty sure none of us knows if that’s his real personality or a fake one used to please his fans (Besides, I find him to be really cute ^.^). Also, how is being short unattractive? Enlighten me, because I fail to understand. And fyi, no one is perfect. Not everyone has flawless skin or a perfect personality. Everyone has their flaws. And so what if Minho’s acting/rapping is not the best? Instead of bashing him, encourage him and tell him to keep on practicing. No one becomes great at something just like that. Try to take something negative and turn it into something positive. There’s just so much negativity in this post that I’ve just about lost all hope for humanity…

    • You people are so self righteous, you preach of how “everyone has the right to an opinion” yet tell us we cannot even speak. It’s ridiculous and just irritating, why don’t you keep your opinions to yourself and if you don’t like something you read just STOP READING.

      • *sigh* You don’t have to be rude, I was just voicing my opinion. It’s a free country and I deserve a right to speak my mind. I never said you couldn’t speak, I was just trying to get across to you that you can indeed voice your opinion without insulting someone or bringing down their self-esteem. This post would have been so much better if you had used constructive criticism without all the insults…

    • YES! Exactly. I don’t completely disagree with this artical, many idols are overrated but don’t insult their looks and their body shape. Donghae isn’t a GREAT idol? I think he’s an amazing idol! He composed alot of his and eun hyuk’s songs. He’s an amazing dancer and a pretty damn good singer. The author goes on and on about how these idols are overrated. What about underrated idols like SHINees jonghyun. His voice is AMAZING. Onew has an amazing voice too! Idol groups are packed with talent and if this person can’t do any better then they should say anything.

  86. Moderated comment.
    Please do not use profanities it is vulgar.
    We will edit your comments if inappropriate.

  87. Ok so about what you said about Donghae…..Do you know him enough for you to call him a turn off or whatever you want to call him.Just because you might see him act like that on TV or variety shows doesn’t mean that he acts like that in reality, don’t forget that idols have entertain their fans cuz that’s what fans like.Now I’m not a big fan of him but I felt that its just kind of wrong for u to criticize him when u dont even know him personaly unless your a crazy stalker fan.

  88. i think you forgot someone
    and by the way almost half of them in this list are really not overrated like hyori, amber,gd,cl,donghae and kim hyun joong

  89. I agree with most of the earlier stuff, but it seems like you became extremely biased and defensive especially for Donghae. Sure beauty is subjective, but you don’t need to insult his skin, height or bone structure since he’s not mainly known or popular because of that. Nor do you need to guess/attempt to explain why fans like him saying “maybe it’s because of his safe looks” or that “he’s not the typical pretty and appears more manly”. I agree to some of your other posts but the hatred and bias you have for some stuff here is rather disappointing and somewhat unreasonable.

  90. as in um… hello?! I know everybody has the right to give opinions… but I think you are a bit harsh? um… about Hae… yeah, he is childish or what or even super dependent to others but you can’t judge the person by that way. he is trying very hard to be best in even one thing… and, he is the most kind of the members so that’s why ELFish likes him. maybe you forgtot he is one of the famous members of SuJu… that’s it! Don’t get me wrong neh…

  91. Hahahah i start liking this blog! WTF!! What you say is true in some awkward way that i even dont know :) hahah seriously, you are right!

  92. Hahahah i completely agree with you about this post, especially with my Minho :) i love him, yeah, he drives me crazy but i just cant understand how the fuck he gets in that much of dramas? His acting is awful. Watching only 10 seconds of Hana Kimi’s trailer totally pissed me off. Beside being the face of SHINee doesnt mean he can be more popular than other members! Sometimes i fell sorrow for him, cuz he hears too much praise and then he must keep on plaising people.. Even when he is not that great. Poor this kid.

  93. I read everything you posted and I think your objectives are too biased. I thought that this was universal thinking but it was just yours. As you can see, you have your ways of seeing things and so do the fans. You just see things differently from them. Seems to me like you’ve got something going on with the fans of these idols. You need to open up a bit.

  94. At first, i thought i would not write a comment on your blog, considering that my english is away from good. But then i decided that i’m just going to write it right away. I read your Super Junior post first and then this. I also read most of the comments of those posts. I have to admit that your posts are the most objectives i have ever read and yet at some points may be seen a little bit biased. As you may see at my user’s name, i am a Gamers and Elfishes. I love Donghae a whole lot. Why do they call their favorite one as a bias? Because they are so biased. Lol. It happens to me. I see Donghae as a ‘perfect’ one even i know he is not. He just drives me really crazy and makes me go stupid. Sometime i dislike idols since they only give the fans their good side. And as a fan, i feel like i’m being fooled. While the fans go nuts because their feelings of their biases, the idols dont even bother to reciprocate their affection when after the fans have spent most of their money to make the idols even richer. Lol.

    I couldn’t disagree nor agree with what you have said about Donghae. I couldn’t disagree because what you have said are mostly true. And i couldnt agree because i am a Donghae biased. Lol.

    I don’t get it why people went mad here, particularly on Super Junior post. I did not see that you hate those members. You compliment them when you think you have to and vice versa. As for me, i have a broken heart for your opinions about Donghae but then i thought you were right. The thing is i love Donghae and love happens even the person you love is not a perfect person. Though i insist myself that Donghae is perfect. Lol.

    Lastly, i think you guys are really have a brain and smart!! I appreciate you to post about Super Junior in an objective way. I barely find any anywhere else. Most of them are not obejectively, rather like antis or something. If only i am allowed to give my opinion, i do not really like your harsh words while attacking back who dislike your blog. It would be really cool if you attack them in such a smooth-er yet very firm way. Well, thats only my opinion. After all, just being yourself. Oh, i hope someday you will find out that Donghae has a cute butt. Lol.

  95. I read this whole thing and I agreed that some of the people are a little overrated, but I really couldn’t stand it when you started talking about the idols’ personalities. Unless you are actually close with these idols (which I highly doubt) how could you possibly know what their real personality (and not their idol personality) is. What matters about idols are the music. Not their looks, personalities, or bone structures. Besides I bet Dong Hae’s bone structure is way better than yours!

    • If the music is what matters then you just proved this blogger correct. Donghae can’t sing very well. I’m being generous here. He is vocally weak and takes valuable time from the real musical talent of SJ.

    i have a quick question!!!


    • Ooppss I smell a fanatic here! If u say that ‘we all have freedom’ so does the blog owner. They have their own freedom to write THEIR FREAKING OWN OPINION and if u just that much into Kpop stuff then u shouldn’t be here in the first place haneh! Just go to ur biases official thread/website k? and this is not about being judgemental, that is giving out opinion. Haha

      • this IS freakin judgemental dude… besides this blog said it’s other ppl’s opinion, not just their own, if they said it’s their own, i wouldn’t have cared honestly

  97. i dont know why you have to publicly post your bashful opinions…. oopppsss maybe because you dont know that you are also OVERRATED!!!!!! overrated with your self-confidence!!!!
    as a Donghae Lover there are lots of arguments in which i could prove to you that your OVERLY EXAGGERATED HATEFUL REVIEW are mere opinion of a kpop hater!!! but since i ALSO DONT WANT to waste SPACE in this post, let me TELL this TO YOU briefly,
    I BET YOUR NOT!!!!

    • You sound stupid. You’re obviously a crazy fan. Trust me. Idols don’t really care about you. Sorry to break it to you honey but they don’t even know you exist. The author was just saying the truth…. if you’re asking why I should be saying this to you. It’s because my mother is an art director at MBC and let me tell you sweetheart, k-shobiz is not for the faint hearted. You’re talking from what you see on the media. I don’t think you’ve met a korean idol, actor or actress personally. So don’t talk. Open your eyes and check yourself. Because the author is not overrated. ..it’s fans like you -.-
      P.s. it’s so obvious you’re not asian. Definitely not korean.

      • Excuse me? I don’t care what intentions the author had but tere was so much hate in this post I wanted to throw up all over the rude bitching words I was hearing. And now your bashing someone in the comments jut for being a fan? You sinical. Have a little faith in others and stop being so judgemental. I thought this artical would be about their talents but it was only saying things about how ugly the author thinks these idols are. Show some respect.

    • I love donghae!!!! ❤❤❤ author of this please don’t bash him or any other kpop idols just because you’re PMSing. Thank you

  98. I agree with you but disagree with you on some cases.
      Look, I think you’re just trying to express your opinion on these idols but you put it so bluntly that it sounds offensive. I mean, if I were one of those idols of course I’d be offended by your words, not just taking them as a challenge.
      I respect your insight of K-Pop and I respect the genre itself, but I believe that you didn’t have to be so harsh on the subject. You sounded as if you were critisizing them while comparing them to Western artists. I agree with you that G.D. and C.L. aren’t the greatest rappers in the Korean industry but when it comes to Hyuna, I disagree strongly yet agree with you. Her company portrays her as a woman to please the male population, and I think her job is to be the sex idol in Cube. You never know what her real personality is and that’s why I don’t want to judge any idol/artist. Their TV personalities are scripted by their companies so it’s very hard to judge.
      And about these Korean idols . . . Most of them know they were chosen for their looks. No matter what nationality you are or what kind of genre you cover, you need to have looks in order to be successful in the music industry. All artists work hard to make some attention in society. BIGBANG couldn’t have made it into MTV as named the best K-Pop group in the world without hard work, right?
      I completely understand that you were trying to shadow your opinion over the subject, but you were too rough when you explained. I believe it could’ve been said better, but I’m not complaining.

  99. You shouldn’t judge on how they are they each have a talent and good looks they were lucky enough to pass not like some people who just know how to say shit. I mean you don’t know how hard they tried to get the looks and how much they sacrifice to be able to have a great voice and dance. Even if you don’t have respect for kpop or them in original you shouldn’t talk stuff you should just ignore it if you think that their not good enough. Saying Minho is cute and amber is good at rapping and yoona and sohee is adorable is our perspective. If we would said shit about your idol like oh he/she can’t sing or dance or don’t have the look you would not like it either. My point is they became popular to entertain people not for people to talk shit about so if you wanna say something you should think before saying it because it sounds like you didn’t think before you post this.
    Thank you very much for reading.

  100. You judge as if your perfect. I bet you can’t even sing like UI, act like Hyun Joong, rap like Amber, pretty like Yoona. And are you as hot as any KPOP idol? I doubt. You guys say ugly things about others because you don’t have something good to say about yourselves!

    • The fact we have functional eyes and ears and a brain that is capable of reasonable thought means we are therefore qualified to judge the people on this list and really any other person.

      • I agree with some of your list, not all, just some. ^^ .

        For example:Yoona isn’t overrated, actually Yoona is UNDERRATED, Yoona is one of the few idols who can act very well naturally, she hasn’t afraid making horrific expressions in her drama if your role requires it, she is very proffesional. Yoona is good actress, I watched her dramas, “You’re my destiny”, “Cinderella Man” and “Love Rain”, Honestly, I’m surprised with her good performance in “You’re my destiny” and “Love Rain”, she is amazing actress, also she won many awards. I don’t give you a good comment about cinderella man drama because the character of Yoona was evidently absent. During the whole drama, yoona had very few scenes good and others scenes rather boring (I blamed to the director and screenwriter for it.)

        I think that is important into of a drama is a good story, screentwriter and director, with respect “the cinderella man drama” was more concerned on highlighting to veteran and famous actor Kwon Sang Woo and completely forgot of Yoona rol. Practically the director and screenwriter did not give importance to the character of Yoona in drama. I had seen scenes where the main actor (kwon sang woo) did more scenes with her friend (other actress) than with your beloved in the fiction (YoonA).

        I think Yoona has a lot potential as actress! but her company (SM) hasn’t support her. After her successful “Youre my destiny” drama where she had the highest ratings, never before seen in others drama. YoonA could not continue acting, because she decided to support her group snsd for promotions albums, sincerelly, she worked very hard from the beginning for increasing the popularity of the group and members. I can say with certainty that Yoona helped make her group “SNSD” was the most female popular group from Korea. When she was invited to any interview, she always promoted her friends members and group SNSD, she begged her fans to give love to all group snsd and members. She got one of the biggest fan base and strong in Korea. She forgot herself, YoonA looking to increase the popularity of the group and everyone of the members.

        The sones and people should respect and value her. why there are other idols who forget their groups and decide to take the flight to success alone, but Yoona preferred to stay and continue working for the group SNSD.

        other talent, Yoona is one of the best dancers in snsd. she is wonderful dancing. Yoona and yuri are leader dancer in snsd as donghae and sungmin in super junior.she isn’t the best vocal, but she has good voice, her sound is really cool. and she has good rap and style, I think yoona can improve more singing, has potential,Also She is very ingenious, bright, intelligent, versatile and talented, she has the skill and dexterity of learning fast and well all kinds of art. but she doesn’t have freetime to learn more, because she works almost 24 hours by day and… she has confidence in herself. ( big problem, poor her),

        Other viewpoint, There are many beautiful female Korean stars, I know that Yoona is physically beautiful, but she is also beautiful for inside. she has a good personality. Seo in guk fell in love with her personality, not just her physical beauty. Lee min ho says Yoona is a brilliant person with many good ideas and she makes everyone feel comfortable. Yoona is excellent actress, dancer, rapper, athlete (sport-xtreme), model, m.c., and good singer.

        The famous Director of Korean movies Hwang Inho said: “Korean Idols study acting as well. They play their roles without a lot of difficulties. So we can discover good actors and actresses from Korean idols as well. I’d like to work with Yoona and Top. because T.O.P and Yoona lead the pack as KPOP’s most promising actors”.

        she has other many skills. but I just emphasize skills in the most popular.


        I’m sorry, for extending my comment.

        Greetings from Germany.

      • I wanted to say: ” …. she HASN’T confidence in herself (big problem. poor her). “

      • You’re allowed to be judge people because you have a coherent mind? That’s bullshit. Stop being a judgemental bastard and get back to whatever a sinical person like you does.

  101. I’m really choosy with regard to the Korean idols that I’ll watch and support.
    And I really think that some are overrated and the adjectives they use to praise them are over the top that it’s really unbelievable. We need to accept that sometimes this overly excessive words are used to boost kpop all over that world. It’s already people’s decision whether to believe with just what others will be saying or have their own opinion and stick with their standards of what is really good and not.

    I do agree with most of what you said but I don’t agree with some. (fair enough)

  102. although i agree with most of what you say in terms of them being over rated, i also think you need a little more background about these idols to be so negative. This is just one example, but did you know SHINee’s Minho is actually well aware he was only selected for the group because of his looks, and strives to better himself to be something that people can look up to, rather than just a pretty face?

    His rapping isn’t terrible, but you’re right, it’s not brilliant and neither is Amber’s, but by what standard do you judge it? Against Western rappers? You will find that many Westoners judge Korean music, purely based on the language barrier, the same with Korean’s judging English artists.

    For instance, i think 2pac was absolutely RUBBISH, but my cousin lives and breathes by him, claiming him the best. His tastes and mine vary, just like some people really like Amber’s STYLE of rapping (emphasis on STYLE), and some don’t. Personally, i don’t, but i don’t outright call her horrid. I still respect her as an artist, since clearly some people like her style. So, fair play.

    It’s two completely different cultures, as is beauty. Korean’s find slim builds and ‘wide eyes’, V shaped faces attractive, where as Westoners have their own level of beauty. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” — what some may find attractive, you many not.

    Judging them on talent, i’ll give you that, but judging them on their looks purely by your standard is a little harsh and quite frankly, pointless, since you’re asking for hate comments. I happen to find Donghae’s appearance really attractive. Something about his bone structure appeals to me, where as to some (my friends, for instance.) do not. Is he ugly? To me – no. To you – yes.

    Like i said, not bashing you here, just stating my own opinion, as you have. Still, a great post, and admittedly i am reading more, since i do like people with opinions, and you clearly are a fan of kpop to some extent, otherwise you wouldn’t bother researching these things and knowing theses people, so you have EVERY right to have your opinions on them.

    Great blog post ^_^ Sorry if i’m debating lol, it’s my weakness…

  103. Really, this is really rude, disrespectful and untrue. But I do agree with you with some of them, how they ARE overrated, but just that. Because I mean, people has their flaws. Kpop idols have them, just like any other idol like Rihanna or Eminem whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rihanna, but she’s not perfect and I’m not gonna lie. I know some fans are all like “OMG beep is so perfect his/her voice is amazing”. Sometimes I’d agree, but when I disagree i wont be all against it and try to change their opinion by insulting the Idol. And I wont say it as if it’s a fact, like: “Beep sings so badly everyone hates her” BECAUSE it’s just their opinion, even if they are a little crazy about it, and this is my opinion. Yeah but then again this is YOUR blog, and you control what you post here. If anyone doesn’t want to read/see this then they shouldn’t have come here in the first placr :|

  104. And WHY do i hate bitches like you? Cuz they have no better life than to bash people who worked hella lot harder than you to get to where they are. Oh please, are YOU famous? I DONT THINK SO. So yes, I looked up kpop haters and i swear to god that is how i found it :( SHAME ON YOU, PIECE OF SHIT.

  105. over rated, you say? you created this post all by your own version. every person has their own opinion. you say my bias is “nowhere near as attractive or “cute” as people make him out to be”? keep on talking, btch. none of us as flames (minho’s fan) will even give a fuck. i hate hyuna too, but i’m not too much blabber mouthing like you. sorry for being rude, but this is just ridiculous.

    • I agree with you whole thing. Just one thing that rks me..
      “keep on talking, btch. none of us as flames (minho’s fan) will even give a fuck.”
      >_> people who dont give a fuck wont even give one comment for this post, yet you are doing so…

  106. So….. I found this blog when searching something on the net. I must say I do not agree with everything you say on here and there but I find it very entertaining. I have nothing against SJ, Shinee or any other groups or idols and maybe that’s why I found it rather funny :) Waiting for more posts….

    • We get allot of hate, but we really cannot tolerate shit heads like you.
      You use the term “retard” in light but seriously would you use it as an insult if you had a sibling or god forbid your own child with a mental disability. So really we are not being righteous or anything, just trying to teach you how not to be an insensitive ass wipe. And for gods sake just stop bothering us with your offensive crap.

      • Let’s see. So you have any right at ALL to be criticizing who he calls retards. Yes. You think you do? WRONG!
        Let me just use your words.
        You use the term ‘shit head’ lightly but seriously why would you use such an insult. It is rude after all. Completely rude. I know, I know. He called you a retard first but don’t we all know NOT to fight fire with fire. I am not trying to say you are being a rude asshole or anything nor am I trying to act better than you. I am just stating the obvious. And for gods sake just stop bashing on Korean idols who you don’t know personally because you know what it’s just rude, mean and disrespectful.

      • The term shit head is aptly used with that person and you. Because people are indeed acting like shit heads, and it is more than very appropriate because what are people acting like, well they are acting like shit heads. Thus calling them out on their shitty behavior is meant to be offensive.

    • Um..Shit Head? LOL? ” The term shit head is aptly used with that person and you. Because people are indeed acting like shit heads, and it is more than very appropriate because what are people acting like, well they are acting like shit heads. Thus calling them out on their shitty behavior is meant to be offensive” What kind of explanation is this: People are indeed acting like shit heads, well they are acting like shit head. YOU DID NOT EXPLAIN THE DEFINITION OF SHIT HEAD(?)
      Btw, I use caps not to shout or be rude, just to so called “highlight” something out. Let’s respect each other, since we are all in this world, this universe. We are all direct or indirectly interrelated, so lets all just be nicer to each other. Different people have different opinions, the person who posted this article or rather opinion is just expressing out what she feels for those Korean Idols. Yeah.. I am a HARDCORE fan of Super Junior, at first, reading her post I have some disagreements( A lot of people do,) but let us just think. ALL of us here might have something we don’t REALLY LIKE or even HATE, but to some others it might be something they REALLY LIKE or LOVE. So lets just respect each other and accept what they think, whether it is negative or positive. Overall, this is JUST what they THINK or FEEL. BUT HOWEVER, the blogger might not have seen them in real or even know them, so she was at wrong for criticising them, honestly, I think that this is really overboard–expressing your negative thoughts are fine, but please do not use vulgar like ” Hankyung is just Heechul’s BITCH” Can you imagine the HARDSHIP they have gone through? You MIGHT THINK that they are crazy, short, ugly, useless, not popular, not perfect, cannot dance, fake, pet of somebody else ect, but do you really know and understand them? Like example Hyuna. She got a lot of haters, why? I am not a fan of Hyuna or anything, but I think that we should just let her be, whatever she wants because it is her life. She can decide what kind of life she wants to lead, right?And btw, I am not defending or picking on ANYBODY, so do not be mistaken. I apologise to those people who I have offended by expressing my thoughts in this post, if I offended anyone, I seek for your forgiveness.
      ( My English is not very good, so I hope you would not mind)

  107. Yoona and IU aren’t overrated! Yoona is really really really pretty and IU sings really great for any girl her age! And SM Town?! Overrated?! You must be kidding! :O SMEnt is probably the best Koren Entertainment company around! Just look at SHINee, Girls Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, EXO, f(x) etc. WOAH. BAM! SHINee rocks!

    IMO no hates please ><

    • I love YG family… yet I still agree with what this thing said about GD and CL.. For me they’re great yet not the best. You’ll say your idols are not overrated because you’re their fan. you saying “really really really pretty” is simply overrating IU and Yoona.. They’re pretty but not “really really really” and you can’t say that SMEnt is the best korean entertainment company.. it would be more appropriate to say it’s good, great or nice coz no one can say which company is the best since people have different views on these things.. I love 2ne1 and bigbang yet I can’t still say that YG is the best since other companies have great talent too. I also love EXO .:) Most people say that one of those “overrated idols” are not overrated. Maybe because we simply love them.. why not look at them more.. so you can see if that idol deserves that praise and that you’re not overrating your own idol. If you really find them that great, then let it be..just be sure that they really are great .They’re celebrities and in their world, criticisms are not new..Those criticisms will be neglected if they really have the talent, looks or personality coz most people would appreciate it despite those criticisms if those idols are really good in their chosen field etc.

  108. Yoona and IU aren’t overrated! Yoona is really really really pretty and IU sings really girl for anyone of her age! And SM Town?! Overrated?! You must be kidding! :O SMEnt is probably the best Koren Entertainment company around! Just look at SHINee, Girls Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, EXO, f(x) etc. WOAH. BAM! SHINee rocks!

    IMO no hates please ><

    • Oh so just because Yoona is super pretty she should be praised by everyone? She’s overrated because she’s pretty! She’s the least talented member in SNSD but the most popular because of her face. SM Entertainment is also known for being probably the most corrupt and harsh company of all companies in the turmoil of the South Korean music industry! They put JYJ under so much mental and physical torture for years and tried so hard to bring them down because they actually stood up for themselves under this hell hole known as SM Entertainment.

  109. Okay , i don’t even have a year of being a kpoper but till now i’ve know enough , SM i agree like you said , the care more about the looks than talent , i didn’t use to like shinee and you know why i like them now and not like i’m a fan i just like them , its just because i like taemin because he’s handsome and he really know how to sing just as onew and jonhyun , but i can’t really say the same about key and minho, i don’t really like they’re music because it doesn’t content too much meaning its too cliche , and for girl groups well for SM i just like a little SNSD because for me they’re just pretty faces too and jus like 3 or 4 knows how to sing and for YG i have to admit they all have talent seriously GD & Top the know how to rap really , 2NE1 the have charisma the one who i’m not that glad is dara cuz, she doesn’t really know how to sing, CL has a great voice and she’s charismatic they all know how to sing seriously at first i said , naa theu just care about money , but i read YG said that if we think that way he would rather stop , taht he just care about doing good music , even with they’re knew artist lee hi i like that they are experimenting with the music , they’re trying new things because they don’t want to keep the same kind of music .

  110. Ok , I’m not angry or something . You have the reason. Especialy the YG . Please ALL LOVE THE YG . CL, GD ,etc , ok are a good idols , and have much talent , but please ,they’re not GOD. Kim Hyun Joong , please , that man is so so so overrated. The SM , are a good artist too ,but I’m a shawol , and I don’t think that Minho is so handsome .
    Girl/Boy whatever you are , ok , you just give you opinion, but you’re not a person with so so talent , ok? you and I , and the other fans are just a people , but you can’t do the idols do . You can’t live with antis all the day ,at all have problems, smile , cry , help , etc , the idols are amazing, because they are so stronger, you know , Donghae , ¿Is like a little boy that need the dad’s atention? Girl, he lost his dad, you have a dad and a mom . They (the idols) are so amazing, no for they talent ,or they faces , for the heart , because they fight day by day for the happiness. I’m a kpoper and i love them , maybe are not the most talented, or the most beautiful , but they are a good humans. ♥

    • exactly. i completely agree. except for ‘the idols are so amazing for the heart’ part and stuff, saying that they fight day by day … i mean like they’re idols and you actually DON”T know how they really are like in reality. so you don’t really know if they’re ‘good humans’. if you think about it, in the kpop world, they project themselves to be ‘cute/nice/gentle’ people. you never realy know… like about the t-ara incident and bullying. … can’t really say for sure if it really happened or not. but i mean… can you really say ‘tehy are good humans’?… ever since that incident, i started disliking t-ara a lot. no matter if it happened or not, i believed that it happened, and i saw this: http://www.soompi.com/2012/07/31/complete-list-of-t-aras-alleged-bullying-incidents-with-hwayoung/12/ espcially since i saw jiyeon’s name as the bully a couple of times, and she was my bias in t-ara. i just felt really disappointed, that my bias had probably bullied another girl of the group. i didn’t even notice hwayoung that much until then, and i realized that the kpop world really isn’t as nice and fluffy as it makes itself out to be.

  111. Hey you peachandbagel…

    I think its hilarious how you comment on everyone who opposes you…why dont you grow up and learn that u dont have to fight everyone that doesn’t agree with you

  112. I dfntly agree wit u.. Taeyon,minho,bom is 100% overated. When idol sing I never blown away like the things I felt when I heard adele or lyn,, the artist from my country is more talented in bring heart when they singin,, they not beautiful like idols but I prefer to wacht them than snsd .. Boring n powerless .n dara not suit at all wit badass thing.. But people hav da right to be their fans,bt don’t be such a crazy n fight like SM n YG fans do..

  113. Автор,просто не обращайте свое внимание на негативные комменты и пишите все что хотите)) это ваше мнение и вы имеете полное право его высказывать) сохранила ссылку на вас и с удовольствием буду вас читать) мне нравится читать разную точку зрения на к-поп и пусть она не всегда совпадает с моей) Любви и мира вам) всего хорошего <3

      • у нее аллергия на русский язык? ))) шучу :) я перешла по ссылки и читала только русские комментарии (угрозы) и инглиш комментарии русских девочек извинения )) комментарии самого автора не читала )) т.к. вопрос стоял в неадекватности русских фанов и извинения адекватных русских фанов..вот и все)ну и сам пост читала) ..надеюсь что своими русскими буквами тут я не обидела и не оскорбила автора)

  114. Oh my, I`m Russian and I`m really sorry for rude Russian fans >.<
    I`m afraid that everyone will think ALL Russian fans are crazy, rude and don`t like criticism
    yes I don`t agree with your every word but I understand, that every person has his own opinion
    sorry again. and please, don`t think that we all are so angry ^^

  115. Ok. I agree with half of this rating. My english isn’t good. Author, please, don’t get russian fans wrong, they’re very impulsive. Please, forget their. I’m russian fan and I am very ashamed of my countrymen(((((((( Sorry.

    Русские товарищи, харэ уже автора оскорблять, нэ? Мнение-то чисто субьективное!

  116. OMG!!!! It’s horrible! ><
    I'm Russian and I'm ashamed of this people, who sent this stupid messages!
    I don't agree with author, but I respect his/her opinion.
    Author, please, don't think that all Russian like that people…

    Sorry for my English :)

  117. People how can you be so rude and cruel??
    I am Russian fan , and I like these Idols too, but never the less, you can’t wrote all these terrible things..it’s just an article! author wrote his point of view and thats all.
    Sorry for these offensive words and insult to your address. And don’t take to heart these words.
    p.s As for me I have read your article with big pleasure. Thanks for it!!!

  118. I do not know English, but I’ll write.
    Forgive for having written some Russian fans. Some very seriously the your rating. Believe me, many Russian fans ashamed of those who are writing bad. ><

  119. sorry, I not good in English.
    but I think that reaction of Russian fans is horrible. it is very very awful. why you can’t be more tolerant of opinions other people? I live in Russia and I am now very ashamed of my countrymen.

  120. автор, выйди ка в окно! ^^
    за ДонХэ, я б тебя на костер^^
    Люблю тебя^^
    Иди нахер^^

  121. … Russian people please stop commenting in Russian it is confusing and very illegal to make death threats.
    There is no need to be so angry, it’s not a big deal. It’s words on the internet in a language that you obviously are not masters of. So please if you don’t like it then stop reading it. And ladies and gentlemen let us have some class and not curse so indignantly.

  122. Oh,it was very funny (especially the last item). Are you offended by something? Are you jealous? Do you have personal accounts with them? You are so wrong. Idols have achieved everything by hard work, they are popular for their talants. At least they have to be respected. Especially SM and YG. They are machines for the production of Idol, but you do not understand that.
    And you call all fans insane, crazy. Some of them are insane, but not all of them.

  123. Дорогой(ая) дяденька(тётенька)-автор, у меня для вас две новости: хорошая – вы насмешили половину русского населения, плохая – вы разгневали половину русского населения, поэтому идите, пожалуйста, НАХЕР ^^
    Навеки ваш, фанат SM <3

  124. Автор, ты какашка!
    My english is bad
    Напишу на русском.
    Нанимай себе охрану чувак, Мы тебя достанем!

  125. people need to calm their tits & balls with 2ne1 & bigbang’s gd, LITERALLY.
    their fans ARE insane, no doubt. c’mon, yes they’re talented but they’re definitely not the best in the world. so chill. ya’all being crazy delusional. 2ne1 & gd flaunting their shits like they are the only idols who can afford it,swag here swag there, acting like the baddest.. bitch puhleez, they need to realize they are not black. and im here thinking sm was the worst. *smh*

    p/s : their music is mediocre. they’re not fuckin zeppelin for god’s sake.

  126. I know this is an old post but I just feel the need to comment.
    I totally agree with you.
    no, I’m not a hater of Kpop.
    I know kpop fans are obsessive (most of them) but I never really think it was serious until I read the comments of this post.
    you’re right, they’re blind.
    I am a fan of some groups, but I’m aware of their flaws. it hurts, actually. I want to defend them but it will just make me a fool.
    so all I can do is just loving them and if someone point out about their flaws, I will admit it. nobody is perfect, anyway

  127. Hyuna is only overrated for those who dont really know Kpop. She’s probably one of the most hated female idol of Kpop, I don’t call that being “overrated”.
    Minho ? Dahell ? I mean, yes maybe I dunno, I never see anything about him. The way you talk about him, it sounds like everybody loves him so much and stuff, except SM fans or Shawols, no one really gives a shit about him (no offense, I like him).
    About SM&YG : ” their fans are repugnant little brats”, no, I’m not, but thank you.
    ” they listen to nothing and are blindly in love with people they don’t even know” yes, loving someone we don’t even know is the point of being a fanboy/fangirl, if you can’t stand it, gtfo of the Kpop world, thanks.

    I mean, yes, a lot of what you’ve said is true, but that hate against fanboys and fangirls was completly unecessary.

  128. I’m glad that you didn’t attack my favorite groups! Maybe that means I have good taste ;) I pretty much agree, but I still really enjoy it and try not to think about what it really is if you look closely. Although I must say that, having tried to learn some kpop dances myself, the dancing isn’t as easy as it looks. That’s part of why they are idols. They make it all look almost effortless. I like pretty much every kpop song I’ve ever heard and I suppose I’ve become obsessed with it, but at least I’m aware of the fact that I’m obsessed and a bit delusional about how great it is. I know that it’s all really superficial. When other people don’t like kpop or bash it, I’m like oh well, it makes me very very happy and I go back to my peppy kpop world. It’s like in Shallow Hal when he says “if I see a knockout, who cares what anyone else sees?” After all, it’s only possible to perceive things from your own point of view. It’s literally impossible to know what someone else sees and how it makes them feel, so even if you’re delusional, if you’re seeing something that makes you happy then don’t worry about anyone else and just be happy in your own little world. Also, it doesn’t matter who thinks that they are overrated. Overrated=popular basically, so I would rather be called overrated than be unknown. If you were as famous as these people you would probably just laugh at the people that said that you were overrated and say “and who are you?” And as for them not being talented, would you care if you got famous and were only mediocre? No. You would be smiling and thinking “how lucky am I to have gotten this famous considering how average I am.” I know this was rambly, that’s why I’m staying anonymous. I don’t feel like making this a well-written, completely coherent comment, but I did want to TRY to express something.

      • sorry to reply to my own comment again, but I just wanted to say that this was the first post on this blog that I had ever read, and even though I found it very negative and it kind of made feel like you wanted kpop fans to feel guilty for liking kpop or something, I decided to read some of your other posts, and I saw that you’re not mean, bitter, k-pop hating people. Not all of your posts are like this, and I’m glad. I see that you really love kpop too. So I hope that other people that have never read any of your other posts see this and go check some out so that their impression of you might change like mine did. I agreed with what you said in this post mostly, but it left me feeling bad. Maybe other people should read some of your other stuff and go easy with the comments.

      • I also like boyfriend. It doesn’t look like my other comment got posted. So I’ll say it again, but more briefly. This was the first post on this blog that I had ever read and although I agreed for the most part, it left me with a negative impression. However, after reading some of your other stuff I see that you are mean, bitter, or kpop haters. I encourage others to check out some of the other posts before they just decided to hate you. I’m so sorry if my other comment actually was posted and I now have two super similar comments.

  129. Kpop is pathetic! Their songs and dancing isnt world class in anyway. Totally medicre! Try to take off all those make up and hair color and they themselves wouldn’t bother looking at each other. Korean boys are freaking gay. They wear a lot of make up too. They better not infect the rest of the world with their gayness. Its just sickening already. Dont compare them with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. They have real talent.

    • Why would you even read anything about kpop if you dont like it?
      Racism and bigotry is disgusting and an actual mental illness how can you be so full of hatred? It is desturbing that in these modern times there are still people that are homophobic and openly racist. You are a truly despicable human being thay doea not deserve freedom of speech because you abuse it and only use it to spread your hate. You are an embarrassment to the entire human race.
      BTW your grammar is serious shit.

    • Kpop idols are gay? Really? Even if they were why would you care? It’s their life and their choices. There is nothing wrong with being gay. If you think there is then you are a sinical both and you can go to hell. People say god hates gay people, well I think god loves all his children no matter what their sexuality. If some kpop idols are gay I wouldn’t be surprised. 1 in 10 people are gay. So it’s possible. But you can’t judge them for being something they can’t control. Gay people are the same as straight people. We are all human. So even if my oppas are gay I will still support them. Go back to the midevil cave where you live.

  130. I agree with you on most, except for IU, she has one of the best voices in kpop, her ‘three-notes’ in ood Day are legendary and I know few who can actually do those. GD is a pretty genius composer in my opinion, back then he wasn’t as good as he is now. She’s Gone, that XX and Crayon show that he is pretty talented and creative. I think he’s as famous cuz he is doing things that no idol has done before (My brain basically exploded after that Crayon vid) CL is actually a pretty good singer too, if you watch old vids of her singing, and there is no one in kpop with as much swagger as her. None.

    I personally grew up with underground rap, and ofcourse no one inkpop is near as talented as the rappers I listen to, but Epik High, who is in YG now, comes pretty close (their older albums, like Map the Soul, are masterpieces) I dont think YG deserves to be in the same spot as SM, (come on now, everyone knows that SNSD and SuJu have so many members to conceal the fact that few of them are actually talented) 2NE1 imo paved the way for badass girlgroups in kpop, without 2ne1, I think most girlgroups would still be doing the ‘aegyo’ thing. Minji is one of the best female dancers in kpop, and Boms voice is amazing (if you watch one of her old vids, she is pretty damn good. Esp in UP of epik high, her voice is extremely powerful) as for Dara, Im still not sure why she is considered to have any talent. She really doesnt in my opinion. If we are going to talk about overrated groups in kpop, YG groups shouldnt be on the list, they are not as good as indeed some underground groups I know, but they are certainly above average. If we are gonna talk about overrated groups, this is my list;

    -Super Junior
    -Miss A
    -SNSD(Apart from Taeyeon, she has an amazing voice)
    -Psy (even tho he graduated from a very prestiguous music academy…)
    -SISTAR(apart from the amazing voice of Hyorin, tho she never gets to use it in songs)
    -Kara (not even one of em can sing)

    The whole idea of an idol is overrated, ofcourse. The only groups that I find to have talent are Epik High, BigBang (TOP was the first one to introduce the hot ‘lowermanvoice’ now every group has one ofthose rappers with an extremely low voice, I noticed. Daesung has incredible voice, Taeyang has great vocal ability and can dance, as for Seungri, overrated. GD is an ok rapper, and great composer) 2ne1 seems less ‘forced’ or artificial than most girlgroups. In kpop you easily can get the feeling that they are mere robots controlled by their agency, with 2ne1 and Bigbang, I dont get that feeling. I like Sunny Hill too, they are not that talented, but their vids are always so beautifully made, I cant help but like them. Big Mama, for example, was one ofthose groups that was very underrated.

    • You absolutely YG stan..too much bias..i don’t see any differences between 2ne1 and snsd..show their sexiness to get attention(absolutely minzi on stage,don’t deny that).. I love 2ne1 and bigbang..but don’t said that they are too perfect and other group not..make me sick with this arrogant statement

    • I’m not trying to shove my opinion down your throat, and you may not agree with it, but that’s fine by me. It kind of bothered me when you called Seungri Seungri is actually one of Big Bang’s underrated members. It’s because Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P, and G-Dragon all shine in one particular area of performance while Seungri is a jack of all trades, good at all, master of none. Yeah, he’s not the best singer in the group, but if he sings within his range, he sounds really good in my opinion. And did you know he wrote 6 out of 7 songs in his VVIP album and that he got the album done in less than a week? Did you also know that he got into YG because of his dancing skills and that he’s Big Bang’s choreographer? A lot of people don’t like him because of his really extroverted personality and it can sometimes be mistaken as him being arrogant (sometimes he can be and he needs to tone it down sometimes. And a big part of it is because of his sex scandal) Even the other members make fun of him one too many times and while I know a lot of it is brotherly teasing and that they genuinely care for and love Seungri, I can’t help but wonder how it makes him feel. I can’t say how that makes him feel myself because I don’t know him. Maybe he doesn’t care about it, maybe he does. But in my opinion, Seungri is underrated rather than overrated, and I can’t wait until Seungri finally gets the recognition that he deserves. Again, this is just my opinion, and you don’t have to agree with it.

  131. This comment has been editted by p&b due to its vulgar nature. We have stated many times we really dont care what you have to say, but if you insist on commenting at least have some class and decency not for our same but yours.

  132. You are so Annoying. You know ,Minho is good. he is good in his raps . He is handsome , Well , Can I ask you , Are you that Handsome to insult such Hot guy ?

  133. Honestly,u’re kinda blind.Go consult an ENT.Cuz…How can you give out such nonsense about MinHo oppa?He’s one of the best looking rapper in the w☺rld.Even the SHINee members agree that he’s the best looking among them.Mind your words,cuz if a shawol sees this,you’re gonna get killed.
    One last word:OFFENSIVE.

  134. Don’t writte any opinion if inf finaly you writte a shit thing about kpop idol
    height it’s doesn’t matter,and acting cute like a child it’s not any problem too
    are you perfect??so you critic many k-pop idol??
    you’re really horrible,shabby,nasty really shit-.-

  135. I do agree about Minho… I love SHINee, but I don’t think he’s that great looking, and the others are all better at singing/dancing than him, and Key can rap just as well if not better. Really, I think his only purpose is to hit the low notes…

  136. I agree with most of this article…. but I think a lot of people in kpop are overrated. expecially 2ne1. they’re an amazing group, maybe the best, but blackjacks sometimes are exagerated. Seriously I saw lots of comments like:
    Bom- best singer
    CL- Best rapper
    Minzy- best dancer
    Dara- best high notes
    They’re all so talented, but I don’t think they’re the BEST

    • I love 2NE1 but I have to agree with you on this one. Before I even got into 2NE1 and BB there were a lot of people who would praise them in other K-pop videos. Bom has a powerful voice but unfortunately due to her disease she cannot control it well. I think the most overrated out of all of them are Dara and Bom, although Bommie deserves all the praise she gets I hate it when they only praise her for her looks. Dara is one of the prettiest girls in K-pop but she is still the weakest link in 2NE1 and I hate when people praise her for the things she doesn’t have. CL’s a good rapper but she will never be a match for an underground rapper. Minzy can dance it’s just that her dancing sections don’t allow her to demonstrate what she can really do.

      • That’s true…. sometimes kpop idols are really overrated due to their popularity…. people see that and so they think that they’re not good…. what i really wanted to say is that someone is good even thouhgt he’s not the best, and there’s no need to make him appear like he is!!

  137. I agree with most of the people on the list. Although I like CL her rapping is not nearly as good as Tasha’s. I prefer G-Dragon, I just don’t dig his solo songs for some reason. Also you guys forgot to mention: Siwon (SJ), Jiyeon (T-ara), Dara (2NE1), Park Bom (2NE1), Suzy (Miss A, god I hate her obsessed fans), Sulli [F(x)]. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LIST!

  138. In some point I agree with this article, for example about Hyuna.

    But Donghae… that is really really rudely and meanly written. He is not an idol for nothing. Don’t write such things about him when you can’t do it better!
    – If he’s pretty or not (and I think he is really manly and sexy) is matter of opinion
    – nobody can choose his height, that’s no reason and makes him not worse
    – KPop Idols often have the image to be cute and childish and probably he trained a long time in his childhood and teenage years. Even “normal” people in every ages make jokes and act childish and fatuously when their friends are around.
    Besides there’s a big pressure bearing down on Donghae and others. Just let him live his way and don’t write such a shit, if your opinion is as rude as this, just.. shut up and let it be! Sorry, but I think so.
    – Uhm… “his effort isn’t enough”? … You know that he is an idol, has influence, has many connections and has much talent? Why he need to give more effort and for what? He is on top of his career and will stay there for a long time, too. He gave much effort on everything and has money, has friends, has a band,…. and you?
    I don’t like it if people talk about others, when they have no ideas of life, music, talents and individual characters.
    – Aha, Western fans especially don’t think he’s pretty. Don’t universalize this!
    I AM a western fan and you must know it by now that I like him very much. And now (because I have to constitue for him) I like him more and more.

    …And Minho.. I don’t want to tell you my opinion because I’m tired of it. But I think he has talent.

    Really, guy. Just let this shit be. Everybody has his/her own opinion and it’s enough to think it or talk to friends or other haters like you, but don’t make it official. The result is that you get more haters than the persons who you listed.

    Ahhh just hate it! You suck :D

  139. Honestly, I’m sorry…This post just screams bitter. Yes, there are tons of overrated people in the K-pop industry. I honestly think most of it is overrated but this is almost bashing. I hate brainwashed fans as most as the next sane person, but damn it’s not that serious. I agreed with most of the list but it’s not necessarily bad to be a fan of someone overrated as long as you know that is it just that. I don’t normally leave comments but I wanted to say that not everyone who may like maybe one overrated person is delusional. Most of us will fall for it more than once. Of course this is your blog, so it’s whatever you say, just putting this out there for anyone who was reading this and felt a bit defensive. P.s. Ugh it’s 3am, sorry for anything that isn’t clear.

  140. Many have different opinions. Did you know that what people taste and see are all different? Not just in opinions–no two people alike taste the same thing when they eat the same food. Amazing, right? :P Back to the point.
    What you see and what I see are different. Please respect that.
    (And don’t go off about ‘pacifist POV’ stuff because that’s… not respecting either.)

  141. anyeongsayo…i’m new in here and i n0t really gud in english i think what your write its true and i want to tell to everybody who read this,please don’t be rude with your comment and please d0n’t say crazy or stupid to the writer because they just say what’s true..i’m so sorry if what i say your heart hurt…….they all my bias and i really like them but i cann0t say n0 because its true……………..i want ask you s0mething from f(x) and b.a.p who member born in wealthy family…i hope u can give answer…g0mawo ^_^

  142. why u dont add siwon,tiffany,g.na,shindong why!!!because u dont like them u write stupid facts about them huh!!i think siwon just have perfect l0oking and body but he cann0t sing better than d0nghae..tiffany omg so chubby and i think her rap really really stupid and i think amber rap really gud than others rapper..g.na d0nt have gud l0oking his face really thin like his b0dy,u want to0 kn0w s0mething i think u envy them u envy amber because she g0od in rap and u really stupid in rap,u envy y0ona and s0hee because b0th of them pretty g0od in dance like d0nghae but you really p0or in dance..i think u really crazy and stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!~!!!!!!!!

    • We really have no idea what you are saying… We hope for your sake that English is not your first language because that comment was actually pathetic. Every statement you made was either complete nonsense or an illogical fallacy. Is this like a joke or something? Because it is appalling that anyone would speak in such a manner…

  143. Hey! I respect that you have an opinion, we all have opinions! But you’re saying all this stuff like it’s true, and if we don’t agree, then we’re stupid, and we have no taste in music. I don’t want to seem rude, or come across horrible in anyway! You’ve put your opinion down, and I would like to say mine now :) Please don’t take offense by this! I’m just simply saying my opinion :)
    First of all, I completely disagree with what you put about Donghae. You can’t hate on Donghae just because of his personality and looks. Loads of people depend on others (Like me) and will properly never grow out of it. It’s just a part of their personality that they can’t change. It isn’t a turn off to me, because I know how it feels. I think it’s adorable! Loads of people think Donghae is beautiful, like me, and some people don’t, like you. But no one can define what true beauty is, because it is different in people’s eyes. I understand it’s your opinion, and I respect it, but you could be a little bit nicer about it, because it can actually really upset people. In my opinion, no one is ugly, because there is no such thing as ugly in my eyes.
    Secondly, I disagree about what you say about Amber. That was totally harsh what you said about her rapping. If she was really as bad as you said, she wouldn’t of even became a rapper in the first place! She wouldn’t of gotten accepted in SM! And calling the people who like her rapping stupidly obssessed is totally wrong. They think thats music. So whats wrong with that? Again, no one can define what true music is.
    And Minho. Slightly harsh I think, aha! You can’t say you can’t stand the boy! XD Because you don’t know him personally! You’re talking like you know all the people you talk about personally. But you don’t. I don’t either! And I’m not going to go on about how amazing him, or anyone else is, because I just don’t know for sure. But I like what I see, and I enjoy, they make me happy, so whats wrong with that? Nothing from what I see. He defianlty has talent, to most Kpopers, and we have proof to this. He’s an idiol. And he wouldn’t be if he had no talent like you’re making him out to be.
    Overall.. I think all of your blogs are.. More than slightly harsh..
    It takes up more energy to hate on the internet, than to just have fun and love! So please chill out, because it’s properly tiring hating all the time XD
    Again, I didn’t mean this in an angry way AT ALL. I’m just saying my opinion like you just did :) So yah.. Life.. :D <3333

    • We want to say we understand your whole pacifist POV, but that is not reality… The world is too full of people who cannot handle reality, so really it is annoying to get these comments. We have even said before we do not know any of these people, yet neither do you. We observe and report on said information. Just because you think the whole world is peachy and fine, doesn’t mean that you can preach your delusions to the rest of us.
      We have also said many times before if you wanted to speak your own opinions than you can make your own blog and speak those opinions there.

      • get your facts straight, reality and opinion is two completely different things. this article is written on your opinion. and tbh there really is no such thing as an “overrated idol” they are an idol because they have talent. if you dont like that then you try be an idol.

  144. You mean donghae overrated..i think your mind is crazy because of donghae hotness..he is one of the most talented r&b composer in idol industry..btw,if you think that donghae don’t have talent,then what about siwon,big bang top and even 2ne1 dara..think twice for your damn sake!!!!

  145. Really?!!
    Omg i think you are the stupid Person ever,…
    If CL werent so good 2NE1 would never Be so famous.

    Donghae is Hot okay?
    Hes the hottest Person I ever Know.
    Omg You’re kidding.
    Sry but you are so stupid.
    If you really Limes kpop you wouldnt say something like this
    Amber ia a Great Rapper.!!
    Are you better? No so shut up you stupid Thing !!!!

  146. I agree with most of this, especially Yoona. She’s everyone’s favorite but she’s actually ranked the worst singer by the SM staff themselves. For GD, in the K-Pop world, where barely any idol composes any songs for their group, he can be considered a genius. He’s extremely talented and a real artist, not an idol, so I feel the love and respect he gets isn’t all that overrated.

  147. Hah, I thoroughly enjoyed this read, so now I feel like have to read the rest of your blog. Always thought Hyori was overrated ever since her finkl days. As for Hyuna always being called sexy…yeah, I’d definitely also credit it to her so called “ass shaking” dance moves and not her body. I would like to give you an e-high five for speaking the truth…that is, if the crazy rabid fan girls haven’t found you yet and eaten you alive!

  148. Although I agree with some of this, there is other parts I don’t agree on. When it comes to Yoona, I totally understand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sone and I love Yoona’s quirky cute personality, but she isn’t a goddess. No one is. I also agree with the Hyuna part. I think it’s fair to point out that Hyuna doesn’t come across as natural sexy. Moreover she seems to have a cute personality.

    Now, I have to say, when it comes to talent, I’m going to have to stand up for some of these people. To me, talent can’t be defined as one thing. What’s talented to one person could be horrible to another. Don’t call me stupid for enjoying Amber’s rapping. What exactly is “real” rapping any ways. Talent is a matter of opinion. Is it a sin to enjoy something that someone else hates? And for Minho, I also like his rapping. Neither of them have, “blow your minds to a million pieces” rapping, but they are talented in my opinion.
    Lastly, I want to comment about Donghae. Now maybe this is my ELF pride here but is Donghae really that horrible? I like him because he is child like. Is it a bad thing to be dependent on people. For some, having a comfort layer is something that you never grow out of. Some people literally need other to make them feel safe. It’s a part of who they are. I don’t want to sound like I hate you because I don’t. I just want to point out my opinion.

  149. FOR THE LAST TIME…YOU CAN’T JUDGE KPOP IDOLS OR ANYONE ON THEIR LOOKS ALONE, AS A WHOLE OR WHATEVER. They are doing their best. Cut them some slack. Find the good not the bad,

  150. Haven’t even read this yet but I can tell that imma be bitching after. I think Donghae overrated BUT DON’T TOUCH SHINEE OR MINHO. I AM NOT MINHO BIAS BUT IM SHINEE BIAS THEREFORE I DEFEND MINHO. And Amber is awesome okay? I don’t care if you think she is lesbian, bi, a crappy rapper, a good rapper, straight, awesome dancer, cute, ugly, hot, or an awful dancer! Okay! I don’t care what you think. To me, she is really cool.

  151. I agree with Hyuna, Yoona, Sohee, IU and Amber. Amber is one of the worst rappers in Kpop history, along with Hyuna. Hyuna’s only talent is dancing. Sohee is not that beautiful.

  152. k pop fans can be extreme…….gaga fans too…bieber fans too……….MJ Fans too……..Elvis Fans too……..Gaga is ugly, stupid and a fuckface !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. I just found your site and I enjoyed your list. I am not familiar with everyone on it because I have recently gotten into K-Pop. I just want to say that I agree with your opinions on CL and GD. I really like them both a lot (although Minzy and Taeyang are my favorites) but sometimes I think if someone mentions how “GD is the only person who could have composed this, or get away with wearing that or look good doing this” I am going to scream. I totally get that he is super talented and is very good looking, but sometimes it’s a bit much.

  154. For the most part I agree with this. It was a bit harsh but still very true. It just makes KPop less enjoyable for me. To add, I also think the building up of these idols have made backlash from netizens very, very harsh. When these idols do slip up and cause a “scandal”, people go apeshit. When an idol says something that seems well..ignorant or stupid, people seem to overreact, I think. I roll my eyes. One example is the whole Zico situation. It was pathetic how much everyone overreacted. These scandals are nothing compared to the shit goes down in even JPop. (Anna Tsuchiya anyone?) ooh, but I’m going offtopic. That’s just my opinion.

  155. I forgot to add…don’t forget about Donghaes ‘legendary’ hip thrusts. Gawd, I can not believe I just typed that onto here.

  156. I love how no one has said anything on Donghae yet… Anyway I will then. I would just like to say even though Donghae is not number one in anything, he can pretty much do ANYTHING. I think it’s that his eyes are like, well I don’t know how to put it. I wouldn’t exactly say they memorize people, but they kind of do. In a very cute way. And sometimes sexy and hot. (Don’t judge me) His voice may not be great at all but he’s got a really nice accent. He can also do amazing things with his voice. I’m not talking about Yesung amazing things. I’m talking about the little things that if you listen closely, you’ll be awed and amazed just as anyone else control or range. I personally think that even though his dancing may not even be close to Eunhyuk or Taemin, his dance moves are sometimes even better. I’m not saying all the time. But you have to give him some credit right? As for his personality, it’s true he acts like a total child for a 26 year old man. But it’s so cute because it just FITS with his face and everything. That is my opinion on Donghae. Thank you.

    • Its not that he is not talented, but he is not the best at anything except those thrust (dayum! That boy gonna break the stage.) People glorify his ability and looks to no end. He is really well rounded but his fans turn him into a god like figure. Donghae is the ideal idol but his overall proficiency, means he is not an artist, he couldn’t survive as a real singer/dancer/actor etc. He is indeed good at most everything he does and gives never ending effort, but the reason he is over rated is simply because he is no Yesung Eunhyuk no kyuhyuyn or ryeowook, donghae could only be an idol but in reality never a soloist.

      • Although Donghae is sort of my bias, I agree with this. They do tend to ‘glorify’ him. Guess this really is the truth about kpop. ^^

      • i bet your bias is siwon…when you only saw donghae weakness,you don’t even see his greatness..wait,why i”m here give an explanation to you..goodbye with your nonsense review..wtf

      • Pft, you actually are tripping balls if you think that we are siwon fans. We suggest you get your facts together before you jump to conclusions, especially ones as asinine as that.

  157. RANT.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say all ‘idols’ are overrated. The whole idea of ‘idols’ is that they’re godly figures who can do everything. If that doesn’t mean they’re all overrated, I don’t know what does.
    This is probably the single biggest problem I can think of with kpop. I think the management companies are all trying to promote these crazy fan attitudes, and it seems it’s become a part of Korean culture to build these people up as ‘gods’. The strange thing is that it’s incredibly unlikely these fans see as much as 10% of the real person, and they become utterly obsessed. Not with their music, with the image created by their companies. While I’m aware that this is present (to a varying extent) in pretty much every industry, it is extremely prevalent in kpop.
    Honestly, I’m quite fond of a lot in kpop, but I really wish I wasn’t. So many of the fans make it extremely hard for me to be ok with liking it – promoting and not addressing the insanity that comes out of it is really not something to be proud of. This doesn’t mean I don’t dislike this sort of crazy fan mentality from other areas – Justin Bieber’s fans are probably the first example that comes to mind: often many are just brats. This also doesn’t mean I’m bashing the artists, I’m just saying the fans really have an unrealistic view of them.
    Of course reactions change from person to person, but pushing your views onto other people to the point where you do not listen to reason or are prepared to accept differing opinions is stupid, immature and really, just promotes the idea that kpop fans are idiots. That saying ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then keep it to yourself’ doesn’t really apply; these people are claiming to be artists, get all the benefits and drawbacks from fame and celebrity, and are thus going to be the subject of criticism. If you disagree with someone, give a rational reason in a RESPECTFUL response. Even if the critic is clearly immature themselves, it’s obvious who is putting in effort, who really cares and who is more knowledgeable about the topic. Disrespecting others on the internet is all too easy now – but funnily enough, respecting them is just as easy.


    Sorry, just the end of your article really triggered something. There are lots of things I don’t really like in kpop, and lots of things I do like, but there is only one thing that really makes me sick about it: rude, immature and/or delusional fans. If fans had better reactions and some crazy ones realised there is a life that is not wholly about kpop out there, I think there would be a lot more to be proud of in kpop. Overrating people is ok in itself, but taking it into some cult-like worship and attacking (not just physically) people who disagree is just INSANE. ‘…[P]eople need to cool it’, indeed.
    I realise I kinda hijacked your topic to rant… I’m sorry about that.

    • This whole industry is based on the consumer not the material, but fans are ridiculous and as we have had way too many encounters than we would like to admit, most have what seem to be problems that lead them to being so unstable. They have no rational thinking, mixed with obsessive tendencies creating fandoms that are strait up embarrassing. An idol should be people we look up to for being morally good but also talented. But everyone thinks they are right and the rest of the world doesn’t understand. People who like k-pop most of the time forget that this is music and these are people. They are not gods nor super human.

      • Way to cut my rant. That’s the sort of concise comment I wish I wrote more often.
        It’s similar for me – if I hadn’t met some fans or read so many crazy comments I’d be ok with it, but certain fan-groups are way too close to cults to be funny. I think it’s something you don’t really believe until you’re exposed to it – my friends who aren’t into kpop think it’s ridiculous and a step back into Backstreet Boys. If they ever stated that online, they’d probably need a couple of cats’ nine lives.
        Anyway. It’s not universal, but I’ve found most people will only hype up an idol if they like their looks. Nothing about talent – if they like a particular singing voice they won’t say they’re the best in the band/group (if they’re not generally acknowledged as such) – it’s just about who looks good to people.
        I think most of the ones you’ve listed are generally considered beautiful – Yoona, So Hee, Amber, Donghae and Minho especially, and Hyuna definitely counts for looks in Korea. [I would say that if she were anywhere else, she wouldn’t be considered half as sexy as the anti-fans claim, but I think maybe the s/x line thing is more noticeable to people who are constantly bombarded with images comparing them to ‘normal’ body types. I’m not sure on this, it’s just a possible explanation of her ‘sexiness’.]
        If someone likes someone for talent, they’re usually much more open about criticism (in my experience): if someone criticises Hyorin, there’s usually less blind ‘you’re just a hater’, ‘you’re just jealous’ and/or ‘you’re an idiot, have no life and probably cry at anything remotely resembling a Celine Dion song’ – edited for your convenience. Because people like an idol for mainly looks, they assume that people are jealous of that feature (because they themselves are).
        …Meh, I don’t know.

      • Since we know people are biased we made a simple breakdown of how to assess the things that society deems attractive in a person.
        Whether appearance talent or personality. We don’t quite understand why certain people are deemed more or less attractive by both k-pop fans and the average Korean it really puzzles us. But fans are so over obsessive, it is unhealthy. Thet are embarrassing and make it so intolerable to even be associated with. K -pop fans are usually overly judgemental mixed with the attitude of being holier than thou. As we have seen from having this blog the whole world lacks a sense of humor… There are a few people like you who seem to have a good grasp on reality, but a majority of people just get too caught up with insignificant things in life. K -pop fans never consider that they don’t know these people nor will they ever, they like to hide in this sparkly world of pretty Koreans who are smart, funny, and are talented to top it all off, it is a sanctuary a fantasy land that when people read this kind of blog it destroys some of those fantasies. They forget that this is entertainment for the masses not an individual. They forget that this at its most primal level it is music and it does not hurt that it is made by pretty people, a little eye candy never hurt anyone.
        But the thing that makes k -pop fans insufferable is the fact they have lost touch with reality.

      • Guess these people are everywhere. Sorry for the ranting, btw. I like the post, it’s clear and it’s pretty obvious it’s not intended to be offensive. Also, to those who think Amber is the be all and end all of rappers… Actually, nevermind.

  158. Amber may not be a good rapper, but her voice sound great. While she may not be as good as Luna, she is good and full with emotion. I practically cried when I heard the duet between her and Henry.

  159. I totally agree with this list! Especially Minho-_- he’ o ugly….

    Anyway, I agree with everyone EXCEPT you should add:
    Hyorin-suckish singer, ugly face
    Bom-not very good
    Jessica-sucks ass

  160. Popular=overrated. I think Jessica, JyJ Junsu-his voice sucks but he has great vocal ability, Pretty much all of JYJ, Taeyang, Hyorin, and much more idols are overrated, but you pretty much took the words straight out of my mouth.

      • There is no reason for you to call me a bitch just because I don’t agree with you, stupid delusional fangirl(I hate fangirls, Junsu is a greedy little dick anyways). Let me state my own opinions. I clearly put that i don’t like the sound of his voice but I think he has great technical ability.

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