Music Video Review- Weeks 15-17 (Part 2)

For the 15th, 16th, and 17th weeks of 2012 we will be reviewing Sistar’s “Alone”, Girl’s Day’s “Oh! My God”, Noel’s “Fading Away”, Sunny Hill’s “Princess and Prince Charming “, F.CUZ’s “No. 1”, and U-Kiss’s “Doradora”.

F.CUZ- No. 1

April 26, 2012

The Song:

This song is just about as boring as it gets, literally the second the fighting scenes came on we stopped paying attention to the song.

Without a noticeable high or low point it told no story, and created a disconnect, especially for foreign fans.

We don’t even have anything to really say about it.

The Video:

This video can only be described with one word: YES.

We lovelovelove, the cheesy ninja scenes and the idea that a woman is saving the men, it’s creative and just amusing.  The great thing about the fighting scenes was even though this girl is very literally cutting a bitch, to save her (little brothers, lovers, friends we don’t know their relation), but not a single drop of blood is spilled. That is a sword and their is no blood splatter, if you are going to make a video like this gore it up.

While the heroine was a cool ninja spy the boys of F.CUZ pretty much looked like they were being sold into a homosexual prostitution ring.  And all we have to ask is, why would you portray yourself as a wimp. In our opinion it would have been more valiant for the members to just sit out the actiony scenes and just danced.

While the action scenes were perfectly horrible, the dancing scenes were whatever.  And the special little portion with the light show was much too confusing.  They added too many special affects and it just got cheap and fake looking.

U-Kiss- Doradora

April 26, 2012

The Song:

While it was no Neverland, thank GOD.  But now that the, though overplayed, techno-ish pop element is gone “DORADORA” is just boring.  We do honor the fat they did try something new, but it is safe.

We would have preferred an epic failure, than this safe thing.  We are waiting for one of these newer generation groups grow a pair and go crazy.

This song really isn’t even worth wasting time talking about or even reading about, it is just so bland.

The Video:

Since we did take offense to the nasty dance of Sistar this week, it must be noted that U-KISS partook in their own raunchy behavior. The chorus as a whole is kinda nasty, it was too obvious and tasteless.

But would have been miles more appropriate for a girl group.  The whole dance sequence lacked testosterone. And the little foot steps look like a more urgent version of B2ST’s potty dance.

What fresh hell where those outfits found in?

That stylist did a bad bad thing!  Tacky and just unflattering, we just make a sour milk face when we watch this video.


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