Music Video Review: Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, & Single”

Super Junior- “Sexy, Free, & Single”

June 2, 2012

The Song:

This most certainly is not another rendition of “Sorry Sorry”.  But we don’t really know what to think of the song itself, it is nice in a way but the song is completely swallowed by the stupid dancing sound effects.  It disrupts the natural beat and flow of the song as a song.

While we are not even going to bother on the English, what is the point?  They could be quite possibly the MOST Asian people ever, while we are pretty positive none of them had a hand at writing the lyrics for this so we just don’t even have the energy to discuss how awful both grammar and pronunciation are.

One of our biggest problems with this song is the name of it, when someone asks “what are you listing to?” who really wants to say “Sexy, Free, & Single” by Super Junior.  It is embarrassing, so for the sake of saving time and some dignity as K-Pop fans we will just refer to this song as “SFS”.

We adore the vocalizations from Yesung and Kyuhyun, but this song would have really benefited from a healthier dose of Ryeowook.  Though a few really pleasing segments do exist, we can not help but get hung up on the utterly creepy disturbing auto tuned grunting laced through the song.

In true SM fashion “SFS” is catchy, but we can not imagine anybody blasting this out of their car/headphones/speakers in public in America at the least.  If anything “SFS” will be more of a guilty pleasure song than anything else.

The Video:

Good God!

Where to start? We are totally feeling that choreography and this song will undoubtedly be amazing performed live.  But this video is a hot mess. We are going to state that we never had a problem with Super Junior dancing in a simple room, being the only group that can execute such a concept while retaining interest.  But now they were given sets and costumes, and we hope all of the people who demanded this are happy.

We are completely overloaded! Now having once again double digits of members, lets just take a look at the logistics of this video. There are 10 attractive men, 5 complicated sets, 6 sets of clothing, and 5 instances of lack of clothing on the upper halves of different persons bodies.  Just taking into account of setting and clothing how is a person expected to appreciate the obviously difficult choreography when all this shit is going down?

Roughly 30-40 of the outfits in this video are just about as bad as it gets.  And unless the majority of these pieces were made specifically with this video in mind, it must have taken SMENT an awfully long time to amass such a collection of ill fitting and unflattering men’s clothing. Because of the improper hem of almost every pair of trousers and the over sized tops, they all look about 4 feet tall.  Aside form the suit variation outfit sets we are not looking forward to these outfits being recycled into future performances and Super Shows as we all know they will be.

Yet even in this fresh hell of horrid clothing somehow Kyuhyun seems to have drawn the all time shortest straw.  Because there is no defense for that disgusting outfit for his solo shots.  We can’t say that we have ever seen anything worse, what did he do to deserve a fate such as that. We can’t even rationalize that neck thing as being anything but a punishment, what would could it look good with?

This video as a whole just seems to be full to the brink of unnecessary things while being completely void of decent tailoring in any of the clothes featured prominently.

Much like Big Bang’s “Monster”, “SFS” seems to be so over produced. Both groups do not need to be trying this hard.

10 responses to “Music Video Review: Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, & Single”

  1. I nearly cringed when I saw that thing on Kyuhyun’s neck. Though his shirt doesn’t look too bad…
    I like this review! :)

  2. WHOA. Yesungs face got smaller. I actually think they improved in their dancing a lot. Especially Ryewook. Anyway, I really liked Eunhyuks dancing in this. I think he held it together for Suju.

  3. Out of curiosity, what do you think about their faces in general? No hats, no accessories, not their style in this video. Just their face and hair in this video so make up is included.

    • We don’t particularly like kyuyhyun and eunhyuk’s hair because kyuhyuns bangs are too short and that awkward amount of forehead is just wrong. While eunhyuks hair is not awful on its own but more masculine hair styles on him make his features look too sharp. While they all have that super junior sparkle and glow that is always apparent in their pv’s. They all look as pretty as per usual.

  4. Noticed that Suju often puts Sungmin and Ryewook right beside each other. As in they sing after each other.

  5. Gawwwwwwwwwd, so glad Sungmins eyes this time weren’t like: “IMA R*APE YOU ON THE INTERNEEEEEEEEEEET.” Sorry. I just I had to point that out. :P

  6. Honestly,I found this MV to be quite okay.(Or maybe it’s because I’m an ELF)I was screaming at the teaser photos “BRING BACK THE MR.SIMPLE TEASERS!!!”So,i guess I wasn’t prepared for the MV.
    The clothing I found were quite interesting.It’s simple at parts,complicated in others.And yes,I was shock to see Leeteuk.(But he pulled it off so…) I liked the leather and Sungmin’s spike hairband!
    The setting was quite ok.I have to admit that the settings this time we’re more attractive compared to other MV.I loved the white setting!!
    As for the dance,I was a bit confused at first.I was thinking “Where the hell is their signature dance?!It’s not a SuJu dance without a signature dance!!” It took me 3 views before realizing the signature dance move for this MV.(Clapping of hands) I loved Eunhyuk’s mini solo!! Overall,after 3 views,I loved the dance!
    Now,the song.
    As for the song,I LOVED IT!!It’s catchy as always and I loved it!! I got hooked on the 1st time!
    The vocals are ok. I wished that Yesung was given high notes to hit cause his high notes are perfect and mind-blowing.I think Wookie,Kangin and Shindong were given too little.Wookie and Shindong has an amazing voice and this is Kangin’s comeback.I sorta expected a bit more but was happy overall!!
    So here’s my verdict:-
    MV= 8/10 Song=9/10

  7. Honestly, they are not trying that hard. Look at their dancing. It is flawless and they make it look so easy. Many of the clothing choices look bad but some are ok. The backgrounds are actually pretty interesting though. But whoever the stylists were, they need to get together because everyone looks so… not together. Usually they can pull it off even with their own style but this video, it was actually quiet messy.

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