Music Video Review: Afterschool’s Flashback

Afterschool’s Flashback

June 19, 2012

The Song:

Without the overly sexual and gimmicky music video, “Flashback” is very short of impressive. The song is standard auto-tune, no real impressive vocals and a less than catchy chorus. The song itself is an incredible bore, and the random dubstep inserted into it is, well, random. And completely unnecessary. It seems Pledis focused more on making the video as hot as possible that they decided to forgo the need for a good song.

The Video:

Unlike the particularly unimpressive song, the video is great (in a aesthetic kind of way). The choreography is nothing special, but the girls just scream sex. What’s great about Afterschool is their ability to be sexy without being straight out cheap. Nana and Lizzy in particular were ah-mazing. There were only but a few things that really bothered us: First off, the white outfits are horrendous. Secondly, just as much as this video is a good definition of “sexy”, it’s also a fantastic example of “unequal screentime”. And lastly, there’s the random dubstep dancing. Seriously, that is all that segment was: random. We can see that Pledis was just trying to incorporate some more sexy into the video, but that clip was so misplaced. It was fine for the teaser, and it should’ve remained just there.

♥ P&B


3 responses to “Music Video Review: Afterschool’s Flashback

  1. the hookline of Flashback is very catchy and most people think so!
    what is your problem? and a famous american choreographer made the sexy choreography!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Thank you for saying what needed to be said. (I was actually waiting for your review, since I was VERY sure you would have a similar opinion to mine).

    The song didn’t wow me at all. They were talking to a beat and calling it a song. Then they did a bunch of sexy poses in front of a camera and called it a music video.

    People kept saying what a great song it was and I was just like… What the actual fuck?
    If this was my first impression, I don’t think I would’ve liked them, but fortunately, I have heard a few of their other songs. I know that they have vocal talent and are very beautiful is more ways than just the sexiness found in this music video (which I have nothing against *referring to the sexiness*)

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