Music Video Review: F(x)’s Electric Shock

F(x)’s Electric Shock:

The Song:

“Electric Shock” is a song that took me a few listens to warm up to. Upon first listen, it sounded like any other F(x) title song: Butchered to death with auto tune, a semi-decent chorus that is really just the repetition of a meager word (or words), and little room for actual musical appreciation. However, after listening to it a couple of times  (more like >10), I started noticing a lot of differences in “Electric Shock” as compared to F(x)’s norm. For starters, “Electric Shock” has more of a building up effect: The song goes from really fast (and nicely done) verses, to an upbeat and efficient chorus, escalating to a much slower bridge before speedily finishing up the song. A lot of F(x) title songs have failed to create any sort of building up, and usually retain the same speed and impression from beginning to end. “Electric Shock” also offers much better line distribution than any F(x) song I’ve ever heard. There’s no rap yes, but I’m not complaining- I like Amber singing way better than Amber rapping. Overall, “Electric Shock” is still F(x)’s “typical” style, but with improvements. I hope however, that in the future, when electronica is not as popular as it is today, F(x) might be able to actually do something else other than this insistent autotune.

The Video:

loved the choreography for this video. The utilization of several members for certain moves was genius in my opinion (I adore those types of moves), and I found the dancing to be really cute and youthful. It also fit perfectly with the energy of the song, in my opinion. Other than the choreography though, the video was standard- standard dancing in a box with an obnoxious sets, bright lights and outlandish clothing. I must say though, that the girls looked absolutely beautiful in this music video, and Victoria is looking particularly gorgeous with her blonde hair.

 ♥ B


2 responses to “Music Video Review: F(x)’s Electric Shock

    • This song of f(x) is by far our favorite, but we don’t know if it is enough or if came early enough. f(x) until this point has not proven to be anything more than an average girl group with their only claim to fame being from SMEnt. If they can continue to make good songs, then they could become one of the better groups. But with groups like SNSD and 2ne1 that can maintain their massive fanbases and popularity, and the tsunami of rookie girl groups if f(x) does not step up in a big way they will fade into the background.

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