Music Video Review: Boyfriend’s “Love Style”

Boyfriend: “Love Style”

June 14, 2012

The Song:

 We don’t exactly know why we don’t like this song, we really just don’t.  It feels so dated, and uncool.  Like something that was done vintage on purpose, but just was weird instead of being quirky or fun.

Maybe the chorus just rubbed us the wrong way, but we did not enjoy this song at all.  The rap was particularly heinous, not only was it poorly delivered it seemed just thrown in.  Both members of Boyfriend, that took part in that hot mess had if possible less than zero swagger.  There was no rhythm, and not a single ounce of decency. This would have been a better song without that rap entirely.

The Video:

We really dislike this style of video making, it just feels lazy and unprofessional.  Because we are going from already low budget sets to even more low budget green screens. On top of that the camera work was less than nothing special.  For this sort of video that is only dancing in a room, we want an absolute explosion of cinematographic genius.  We need to see at least 20 different camera angles, and feel it necessary for all of them to be used every 5 to 10 seconds.  We don’t even want to see what is happening until the 5th or 6th time watching.

While as promised last week, no longer will we review this room dancing kind of video.

♥ P&B

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