Music Video Review: 4K “Rocker Girl”

4K- “Rocking Girl”

June , 2012

The Song:

As advertised, “Rocking Girl” is a nice change from the over produced jibber-jabber of the majority of the K-Pop scene.  But giving up completely on that high energy and addictive flavor of a traditional K-Pop song does make this song a touch boring.  There is nothing actually wrong with autotuning and the electronica/techno usual of K-Pop, if it is done right. We thing the song is pretty okay except the pretty awful notes between 0:23 and 0:37, they just drag on so long and sound frankly yucky.  It is not aesthetically pleasing to hear that whiny duck sound.  While the song really has no variety through the whole song, it is too static.  What could have made it amazing was an amazing rhythmic rap by preferably a pro.  Just that little bit of dimension to break up the song would have been fantastic.

The Video:

Now we don’t want to seem picky, after complaining about people just dancing in rooms with no supporting plot, but this video is lacking even more in the plot department. Literally nothing happens! Without even any mind blowing cinematography we really don’t know why we should be watching these boys walk around a field.   Nothing is grabbing our attention as spectacular.

While the question should be posed: Why is there horrible video editing with blurred corners in basically every scene? It looks truly awful. Whoever edited that video should be deeply embarrassed.


2 responses to “Music Video Review: 4K “Rocker Girl”

  1. I too originally listened to this song to hear a more refreshing sound but I was quite disappointed. Honestly the best way to describe the song is boring. There are ways to have videos like this but still have the umph factor however this video fell quite short.

    • We really wanted to like the song but it lacked interest in ever factor. The video was only 3 minutes long, and we cant help but wonder when videos got so short. Videos like sorry sorry answer and keep your head down are monsters but now everything is half the size of old videos.

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