Music Video Review: U-KISS “Believe”

U-KISS- “Believe”

June 8, 2012

The Song:

We really appreciate U-KISS for being one of the few groups that actually experiments, though both “DoraDora” and “Neverland” were pretty much flops, “Believe” is a nice change for them.  It is far from a perfect song, but is relatively good., it has the makings of a hit.  With tweaking and work, “Believe” has potential, we hope to see U-KISS continue with trying to make this work.

The song has pretty good portions, while we are not fans of the chorus we understand how hard it is to write amazing songs. Yet the chorus is the backbone of these kind of techno pop songs, the chorus  really just does not have that special aspect that really makes the song.  Where the chorus lacks the little bridges make up for.  They are highly rhythmic and much more enchanting than the over repetitious chorus.  Our opinion on the rap is quite split though; while the Korean rap has a better flow we just don’t like the English part at the beginning.   Truly no offense meant, but it just does not flow, and loosely rhymes.  In this case we would have preferred nonsense English that sounded nice. But of course as per usual the English is impeccable.

Overall the song is decent, it could be better, but of course we have seen much worse

The Video:

“Believe” as a video left allot to be desired, the dance was frankly creepy and the sets were boring.  The main dance with the praying motion was not the worst thing as a group, but when it was focusing on Kevin it was gross.  The dance was too sharp and violent while Kevin’s hands are frighteningly huge, while the choreography made his hands even more frighteningly huge. The overall video was dull and generic.  It was like hundreds of other K-Pop music videos, dancing on a set.  And from this point onward we refuse to talk about dancing on a set.


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