Top 11 K-Pop Idol Rappers

Our picks for the top 11 idol rappers in K-Pop.

At first, we planned on creating two separate lists; one for females and one for males. After compiling all our favorites though, we realized that we barely had enough females and males to create two separate lists (which is actually quite sad), and so our resolution was to just combine the two genders. As a disclaimer though, we want to clarify: this is solely concerning idol rappers. We’re not gonna get all deep into k-rappers and Korean hip-hop. Our list only contains idols that are either in idol groups now, or were in the past.

11. MBLAQ’s Mir

A big problem with Mir is that most of MBLAQ’s songs don’t really do him justice. Though we really liked his rap in “Cry”, that was about the only time he’s had a decent rap in MBLAQ. For a better example of his skill, watch the above video. Mir guest appears in Kan Mi Youn’s “Going Crazy” at 2:50, rapping what is personally our favorite rap of his. We really liked how much personality Mir added to the rap. His rapping is unique, and doesn’t really focus heavily on either speed or flow, but retains a moderate combination of both.

10. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk and Mir are very much on the same boat. The only difference is that Eunhyuk has been given a few more times to show off his skill than Mir, particularly when he raps in some of K.R.Y.’s songs. The main point in his rapping is his speed; in terms of rhythm, Eunhyuk doesn’t excel, but he is a lot more bearable than most idol rappers. Eunhyuk has no swag though. So while he’s capable, his lack of swag pretty much prevents him from being a legitimate rapper.

9. B.A.P’s Zelo

Here is our take on Zelo: He’s definitely being largely overrated. And as adorable as he is, it’s pretty much fact that he is not as amazing as so many crazy fans are making him out to be. However, this does not take away from the fact that he is indeed talented. Zelo’s the youngest person on this list, and we really can’t wait to see how great of a performer he’ll be in a few years, seeing as he already has impressive charisma and potential.

8. Beast’s Junhyung

Junhyung is a favorite of ours, and we’re not even sure why to be honest. His rapping is good, but hardly impressive enough to ever make it into most people’s top 3. In our eyes, the poor boy is kind of stuck: He’s neither great enough to land himself as one of the few best, but he’s definitely better than most. Junhyung can rap (and that alone is a feat). He knows what he’s doing, how to present/express himself and look cool while he’s doing it. Junhyung’s rap in “Fiction” was honey to our ears; there may be better examples of his rapping out there on youtube, but we’re biased for “Fiction”.

7. 2ne1’s CL

CL is good. Similar to Zelo though, we will admit her fans overrate her just a bit (she is hardly the best rapper in the world), but underneath that lies great talent. Talent aside though, we’d like to point out: She may not be the fastest, she may not have the best sense of rhythm, and her rapping may as well not even be good- all is masked by her fierceness and undeniable charisma and attitude. She has stage presence and this fact alone allows her to hold her ground and put on a fabulous show., mostly because true swagger is something we see most idol “rappers” lack.

6. B.A.P’s Young Guk

Bang Young Guk seems more of a talker rather than a rapper. His rapping doesn’t have the typical attributes of “fast, rhythmic speaking”, but instead it almost seems as if he’s angrily explaining himself. He does well with emotion (though the only emotion we’ve ever really seen him attempt to express is anger/”charisma”) and, as seen in the song above, he does well with carrying out a song on his own.

5. Block B’s Zico

Let’s get this straight once and for all: Zico is an amazing rapper, and one of the only people in K-Pop that truly deserves the title of being “underrated”. We hate that word, simply because it is so overused. Stans will always complain about their favorite idols being “underrated”, and it just bugs the crap out of us. So all we ask is for you to hear us out as we say this: Block B’s Zico is deserving of so much more. This boy is so talented, so talented. We have him listed as #5 for this list, but we’re 100% sure that in the future, Zico will just blow all “K-Pop Idol Rappers” lists out of the water. To just list a few of this boy’s specialties, Zico maintains some of the most impressive speed rapping in K-Pop, all the while never losing his sense of rhythm. We can pick out a few things he needs to work on, such as breathing (but honestly, with how fast that boy is going, we totally understand his shortness of breath) and presentation (we do agree Zico has natural swag, but sometimes he forces himself way too much), but overall, Zico’s incredible.

4. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

It’s no secret G-Dragon is overrated. And this is coming from fans of his. True, he’s good at what he does; GD’s made some pretty amazing compositions in the past, and his rapping is pleasant but VIPs constantly praise him to the high heavens and this can get overtly annoying. Overratedness aside though, we’re sure most people will agree that G-Dragon is one of the better rappers in K-Pop. He’s amazing, but his fans need to calm down. G-Dragon’s rapping is so twangy and we love it. His unique high-pitched voice allows for hilarious vocalizations in his raps, and his supposed swag gives him plenty of attitude to work with.

3. Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo

There is no doubt about it; Miryo is fantastic. The above actually doesn’t do this girl’s talent justice, but seeing as we were gonna be gushing about her anyways, we thought this’d be a great time to do some promoting for her. Miryo is everything: this girl’s rapping is quirky, very fast when she needs it to be, and carries a good sense of rhythm. Miryo has enough spunk and talent that we honestly believe she’s capable of rolling with the bad boys of Korean Hip Hop. She’d definitely put up a good fight.

2. Big Bang’s T.O.P.

T.O.P. and G-Dragon are usually paired up against each other, and with good reason. They’re Big Bang’s two rappers, and the two present such different but very complementary) styles. Typically a Big Bang will go as follows: GD takes care of the speed, and T.O.P. focuses more on the talking rhythm. But while that’s the route most Big Bang/GTOP songs go, T.O.P. is actually capable of much more. The above video isn’t an official song, but rather a collection of raps that do a good job of showcasing T.O.P.’s versatility as a rapper.

1. Tablo 

Tablo is not a rapper; this man is a poet. His take on rapping is extremely emotional; he transfers emotions into his performances so effortlessly and effectively. What this man has been through is awe-inspiring, and we take most of his songs as stories he is sharing with his fans. amazingly. story telling. Speed, rhythm and swag aside, Tablo’s mere emotional impact makes him a one-of-a-kind artist.

♥ P&B

80 responses to “Top 11 K-Pop Idol Rappers

  1. Is tablo counted as an idol?? ist Epic high not a boyband or idol groub? arent Epic High rappers? soo why you didnt count all the epic high member?

  2. Where’s rap mon ??!
    Justice for this Lol.
    I think bts not het debuted when this post made. :(
    And Zelo on 9th??
    Hell. He is good rapper among that guys psh”-___-

  3. Waitt..
    Is this an old ranking?
    If not, this is a big lie.
    Where is rAp monster who won in soompi and zelo on the 9th? He is second go rap mon!

  4. Im not a huge BABY (B.A.P) but I think Zelo’s rap is pretty amazing. He may not be the best but it’s sure as hell one of the fastest I’ve ever heard. Like GD, he has a unique voice. Have you heard his LTE speed rap in “Warrior”? 22 syllables in 2 seconds. Please name an idol that can also do that.

  5. I’m sorry but I really like Miryo rap too but I personally think CL is better, her skills are just WOW amazing hehe (not being bias here in fact i’m more of Miryo fan a little bit hehe)

  6. Although i love TOP. but i will never understand why people think he’s the best rapper. Suga, Rapmon, Zico are way better in Rap + Lyric skills. And the fact that those 3 came from the underground. And some of those idols i don’t even consider as real rappers.

  7. Zico should be in front of G-D and TOP. He have more experience as a rapper then them. Well I guess it’s just your opinion.

    • I’m surprised at all your thumbs down, I am a huge VIP and actually like them more than Zico but I definitely think Zico is a better rapper, or at least same level.

  8. Ewww, what’s with outsider? he is REALLY number one. his speed rap is amazing and he’s talented. so why isn’t he on the list? and then i think you should list 2ne1’s minzy – with her it’s like with eunhyuk and mir. ’cause cl is so overrated, minzy gets in the background but she’s still amazing. so yeah, i wish you had list outsider and minzy, but everything else is ok and i have to say; good job ^^

  9. I just wanted to say think bang young guk is better than being 6 and miryo is REALLY good!I somehow expected her to be 1!but I know,there are good male rappers which deserve to be on top!so I’m just thankful that you recognized her talent,since people tend to ignore it a lot!!thanks again!:)

  10. uhmmm…i don’t know if you guys knew this, but Zico actually has asthma :/ the fact that he has short breath is mostly because of that… it’s also speculated that the reason why he raps so fast now is because his breath wouldn’t reach that much and he’d just speed up with time! ^^ also, though you might say he needs to improve his breathing, in my opinion Zico doesn’t need that much of an improvement, i mean, if you listen to his mixtapes you’ll see that the time he takes to breath is sometimes impossible to notice! and then you hear that same mixtape live, and you get the exact same speed quality! ^^

    about the whole list, there are some aspects i don’t agree with, but overall it’s all fair ^^ the order was chosen by you, so i respect your opinion on who’s better ^^

  11. HEY BLOCK B’s Zico’s older brother is in a group as their main rapper/composer. I guess it runs in the family. He’s as good as Zico. His group is called SPEED which is a subunit of Co-ed School with 5dolls.
    Speed’s Taewoon

  12. I’m a VIP, HOTTEST, BANA & KISSME honestly, out of all the rappers( TOP, GD, Chansung, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Baro, CNU, AJ, Dongho & Eli) and as much as most of them are my bias, I know quality, and what’s actually good enough to be put in the top 10 and only 3/10 is good enough for me. I can say that 2PM rappers are not that good. TOP & GD are both great and awesome rappers who have their own styles but since TOP is my bias, and for me I like the way he raps more. Baro has the same style as TOP, his voice isn’t that husky though, but it’s more flexible than TOP. Dongho isn’t that good though he’s my Ultimate Bias, AJ & Eli are the good rappers, wherein I favor Eli more since he’s my bias, but AJ is good too and he has a different style from Eli, he ‘s very fast in rapping, well in short AJ=GD, Eli=Top but GD & TOP are more talented though. So, only GD, TOP & Baro are quality idol rappers for me!!

  13. Guys,I speak as VIP and BJ here and I’m telling you that GD,TOP and CL are over overrated! I like them,really,I do,but still they are overrated when we see how some of the other rappers are awesome! When we hear Zico’s freestyle and GD’s freestyle.. Woah,man,GD’s not even close to him! And CL never even did freestyle,although I didn’t see her or hear her,and she’s also overrated,specially when we talk about Miryo’s freestyle rapping! Man,she and Zico are just KILLING IT!!!!

    So,Eunhyuk is here? Why!? He’s a dancer,maan,what rapper? He can’t rap,they just write lyrics for him and he just reads it! No,he’s definetely not rapper. :3
    And Idk if Mir is actually good,but I’ve never heard him doing some good rap,it’s the same situation with Eunhyuk’s rapping in SuJu songs. :3

    Yeah,most rappers have swag than actual talents… But I like that you rank Miryo high,she really deserves it! And Zico should rank higher,but okay..

    • Eunhyuk compose the rap lyrics himself, so yes he’s a rapper too even if he can’t be compared to the “real professionals”.. so please don’t hate.
      And I generally agree with the list here.. There are rappers who are “real pro” and there are rappers who is a rapper because they cannot sing… Tablo is already an established rapper, but omg Zico and Miryo are definitely underrated!! Support them all the way!!

  14. I call San. E to the field, this was in 2010, when he was in JYP Entertainment, too bad he left. Rap Circus is his newest single, really new, June 3, 2013. San. E has everything and he’s one of the funniest rappers ever

  15. GD is overrated. I’m a VIP and I know that. I think Zico and TOP are the best on this list, GD not falling too far behind

  16. lol, epik high / tablo being “idol” is a bit of a stretch… :/ maybe many years ago i’d put them into the k-hiphop world, but i guess lately you can say they can be “idol” since they are under YG now? but then, how about the other YG rappers such as Perry, Masta Wu, Teddy, Lexy (well, ex-YG), etc? Don’t they count as “idol” b/c they’re YG? :P I think you meant to exclude Tasha or Tiger JK, etc. from the list, but you are stretching it a bit haha. Good attempt, though…

  17. There are more than enough kpop male idol rappers.
    I will give you a list to consider(it will have the males in this list too.)

    Super Junior-Eunhyuk
    Block B-Zico
    Big Bang-GD
    Big Bang-TOP
    Epik High-Tablo
    (That’s 9 already) here are the others

    BtoB-Ilhoon (for skills, composingness, and for writing the raps)(still has confidence0
    BtoB-Minhyuk (especially for his charisma and confidence that everyone does not own)
    U-KISS-AJ (especially,he’s been in a group since 2005, then went to U-KISS, he basically composes and writes most of the songs on their album)
    B1A4-Baro (especially)
    Jay Park

  18. Could you guys update this list because 2012 and 2013 gave us more rappers to consider.
    BtoB-Ilhoon and Minhyuk(they’re both great and young. A lot of charisma and have a lot of stage presence for their age.) Especially Minhyuk. (song is corny I know. Minhyuk-1:00 Illhoon-0:01)
    LC9-E.Den:you can detect his TOP-like style
    Rasa and J-Hyo these two show charisma in their live and also compliment each other.

    (E.Den-0:05, J-Hyo-1:42, Rasa-1:45) Especially E.Den he wrote the raps and Rasa for his angry charisma/flow)
    Search other lives of LC9, the live I’m showing is there debut.
    I also feel like Yubin should be here.

  19. Sorry but where is the peaceful GARY? I will recommend people to listen to more LEESSNAG songs…. just suggestions


    • There’s a difference between being a ‘fast rapper’ and being a ‘good rapper’. And nope, Hyoyeon won’t be on my list too.

    • Are you fucking kidding me!! I mean fast rap lol have she ever free style, did she even wrote her own lyrics we’re not talking about fast rap here were talking about GOOD RAPPER here oh c’mon Hyoyeon?? Seriously you must be JOKING!!!

  21. I thought you’d be some hater site, but forgive me for being totally wrong. I’m a huge BIGBANG fan, and I wholeheartedly admit they’re overrated. Doesn’t mean I love ’em less, though, they’re still amazing in their own right.

    Anyway, as for this post, I’m surprised that I agree with this ranking. Well done on really squeezing out the best kpop idol rappers :)

    • I don’t want to make a whole new comment so I’ll just add to your comment here, I’m sorry.
      I actually think G-Dragon is a better rapper than TOP. Is that just me?
      Zico I have to admit is the best rapper here, and Tablo is not an idol rapper…
      I’d put GD next, and TOP would be about fifth.

  22. I thought you’d be some hater site, but forgive me for being totally wrong. I’m a huge BIGBANG fan, and I wholeheartedly admit they’re overrated. Doesn’t mean I love ’em less, though, they’re still amazing in their own right.

    Anyway, as for this post, I’m surprised that I agree with this ranking. Well done on really squeezing out the best kpop idol rappers :)

  23. I love your reviews!! Its exactly what i think and i think Tablo really is the best because of his beautiful lyrics.
    I also agree about GD. Im his fan but i think he is overated. Actually, he said himself that he was overrated. But i still love his rap and songs!

      • Even though i desagree with making the list invalid, actually i really do like the reasons and the way they made the list, i do agree with her, Zico can easily destroy GD in rapping and in the rap’s lyrics, it is something even a lot o Big Bang fans and people who don’t even like Zico can agree with, acutally.

  24. Love this! This was really all true. I love that Tablo is number one! He truthfully is one of the best.

  25. thepeachandbagel :
    What are you trying to say? Speak like a proper human being! Because really how are you really going to make a valid point with out using concise and proper English. Essentially we are just saying to grow up.

    wow! replyin like a pro! very ready to defed minwhore. keep it up lil fangirl

    • What does this even mean! Are you from an English speaking nation? I literally do not even understand half of this comment!!!!!!!! Seriously we can not even reply because we can not even decipher what you are even trying to convey.

  26. Eunhyuk? you kiddin qurl? and also, why is this article so BAP-infested? CMN d00d! dafuq. i just wished you weren’t serious with using Billionaire as his determining song. it doesn’t prove much. eugh

    • What are you saying still, speak like a proper human being!!!!!!
      Just grow up, if you don’t like it don’t read it, but just as you ignored every aspect of our previous reply, this to will completely be a waste of our time even saying.

      • I always get intrigued with how fangirls use “grow up” as their generic argument. Is it some psychological projection of their own personal shortcomings? They need to get referred to a psychiatrist pronto!

      • For goddess sake, really. You are the one who is cursing and acting like an animal, and you are trying to as well as arguing about things you don’t like. You are having a conniption over something that is truly trivial. So once again grow up. You evade all of our questions and just rant like a childish lunatic, what you are saying that fan girls are trying to redirect their own insecuries is true, but you do the same. You obvioulsy can speak proper English, so why do use that rediculous juvenile internet jargan that people can not even understand. Why don’t you spend more time thinking about how pathetic you are and less time worrying about others.

  27. Sorry guys….TBH, I was trolling. In reality I know Minho is the worst “rapper” ever. He sucks lol!
    And he’s ugly…

    • Um… give me an example of Minho’s rapping, and I’ll tell you. Because I’ve never heard him rap. I’ve heard him talk with emphasis on all the wrong syllables though…

      • Minho never is actually rapping, he talks and they auto tune him talking. In like ring ding dong and Lucifer his whole shtick is auto tuned talking and so-called “sexy” whispering.

  28. thepeachandbagel :
    And Tasha is obviously much better than most people on this list, but we consider Tablo as more of an idol than her

    CLFTW :
    OMG!!! YOu took My advice into hand and made an idol rapper list!!!
    But serioulsy, you could have made a male& Female one.
    Also, Yubin should be here. She even writes her own raps.

    thepeachandbagel :
    Overall, our options are pretty similar. We were actually going to put Yubin and Zinger as honorable mentions, but due to laziness (which we admit a mistake on our part), decided to just forgo it.
    And yeah. Amber is awful.

    Aw lol cool. Sorry for the ranting:P
    Tasha is a queen tho*_*

  29. As a professional rapper, this list is jank. You OB know nothing.

    Tablo(Tablo is not an idol.)

    ^Those are the best in reality.

      • Its just…You could have totally made “Top 5 Female rappers” List…
        It would go:

        1.Miryo(one of the best in the world.)
        2.CL(she has skill, still waiting for her solo album^^)
        3.Yubin(I recommend you look more into her, she actually was an underground rapper like Miryo, and she doesn’t for the lowness of her voice like a lot of rappers do.)
        4.Zinger(Even though she has a squeaky mouse voice, she makes it work, she can also rap suuppppeeerrrr fast.)
        #5 would be…IDK.

        But I REALLY respect you left out Amber. Anyone who thinks she is a good rapper, needs to refine their ears.
        Also, i do agree CL is overrated, but she is going to amount to so much.
        Also, Tasha is just as much of an idol as Tablo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        For guys, you could have “Top 5 male idol rappers”

        1.TOP(It would be Tablo, but he’s not an idol)
        2.GD(overrated as shit, but still quite amazing.
        3.ZICO(for the above reasons)
        4.Bang Yong Guk(*_*)

      • Overall, our options are pretty similar. We were actually going to put Yubin and Zinger as honorable mentions, but due to laziness (which we admit a mistake on our part), decided to just forgo it.
        And yeah. Amber is awful.

    • Jucy, LE, and Baby J are better than Yubin and CL…. and Zico is better than GD or Top… and if Tablo isnt an idol why is he there?…
      it should be
      GD(although some rookies and trainees have the potential to beat GD, maybe even TOP)

  30. OMG!!! YOu took My advice into hand and made an idol rapper list!!!
    But serioulsy, you could have made a male& Female one.
    Also, Yubin should be here. She even writes her own raps.

    • oh god. so here is whoever should’ve been blamed for this entire blogosphere abomination. BURN YOU AT THE STAKE BIETTTCH

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