Music Video Review: Wonder Girls’ “Like This”

Wonder Girls- “Like This”

June 2, 2012

The Song:

As the video lacked excitement, “Like This” was not a bad track but in no way was it great. If the popular groups want to stay popular they have to be innovative. Even if a new style is bad, it really does not hurt to try something new. “Like This” is just a simple K-Pop dance track, it probably would be better as just another song on what ever album or single it came off.  But really after the song finished we were completely underwhelmed.

There was no whimsy or fineness. We just feel, at this point in the year excluding about three groups we have been time after time disappointed by the major acts of the big agencies.

The Video:

Though we understand the concept of inspiring, not a flash mob, but just random people to join you in dance. We find the execution of “Like This” to be so extremely sloppy and amateur. It is not believable.  Every person and every action in this video looks so intentional.  The video looses its fun nature by the autonomic nature of all the dancing and people.

While watching this was particularly disappointing, do to the just laziness of editing.  The concept seemed to be like taking the footage of hundreds of different mobile devices that people carry around, but on multiple occasions we saw the professional HD huge movie cameras filming.  The whole concept of a flash mob is just over now, and we see this music video as nothing more that an attempt at looking  fresh and hip.  It was a miss.


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