Music Video Review- CROSS GENE “La-Di Da-Di” (Debut)

CROSS GENE- “La-di Da-di”

June 7, 2012

The Song:

This is one of the worst cases of our utter confusion over what language this is even being sung in. Yes we do hear snippets of English, but we don’t know when they start or end.  Du to what is most likely:  They have a mix of nationalities. Which just seems like a publicity stunt, how can an entire group concept revolve around mixing nationalities? It is only for attention, for many other groups have foreigners or even mixed race members and that is not the center of the group.  The English is pretty horrible, while the singing is so stressed, that this song is not even fun to listen to.

The The song is average at best, and performed at a sub-par level. We don’t know who is from where, and we seriously don’t care.  China, Japan, and Korea all produce amazing talent so the members origins don’t matter, all we care about is if they can produce results.  CROSS GENE seems to be just another over produced and generic rookie group.  As our sentiment thus far in the year has been: hopefully this will go away soon like all the others of the past.

The Video:

Once again nothing mind blowing.  While that sitting “dance” was just dumb looking.  “La-di Da-di” lacked both masculinity and cuteness.  The video was like soggy bread, just unappetizing. This was just so unexciting, we stopped watching.  There was nothing new or even charming.  the K-Pop music scene can not continue with the same mediocre group, in the same rooms, in the same clothes, singing virtually indistinguishable songs, in the same bored and strained voice.

People should demand better from this industry.  At this point so few groups are interesting and just the ungodly number of debuts is sucking all the life out of K-Pop.  There has to be around 20 acts (solo and group) debuts in just this first half of 2012, and there are bound to be many many more in the second.  While we like to see fresh faces, not all of these groups have the star power needed to really become something amazing.  The sole fact that they are new is now irrelevant.  Maybe in 2005 when a dozen or less groups debuted, everybody could afford some slack.  Butt Now with at this pace 40+ new acts in one year, every debut must be astonishingly amazing.

 They need to make the audiences eyes melt and ears bleed with glory and awe.  Both EXO and B.A.P. have succeed with capturing not only our attention but they created a lust for more.  Not every group is Super Junior and can dance in a room for 4 minutes.  We just wish the clutter that is the substandard rookie group would disperse. These agencies should not be creating groups to just get a slice of the action, but to live out a concept or fill a need, Like reproduction, for every married couple they must create 2 new lives to replace them after death to sustain a population.  If they have a large number of children and other people follow suit, the Earth will become over populated and the resources will be depleted; and either everyone will die, or the planet will die. This correlation, seems to be pretty self explanitory so


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