Music Video Review: Big Bang’s “Monster”

Big Bang – “Monster”

June 2, 2012

The Song:

This song is interesting, to say the least. The beginning notes of “Monster” are beautiful- simple and tragic, and we could honestly have that piano playing on repeat all day  (the instrumental version is beautiful). While we appreciate Big Bang’s obvious experimentation and daring nature, our main problem with this song is that the chorus is everything. Seriously. That thing is on repeat throughout the entire song, with some lines from the members here and there. There is no climax, no build up of any sort. In fact, the song seems to drop a bit near the end. Maybe it’s just us but “Monster” just didn’t do it. We do admit the song is pretty though.

The Video:

We loved the introduction to the music video. The first 30 seconds had beautiful cinematography and impressive effects. We thought the way the “monster point of view effect” cut right into introducing the Big Bang members was artistically sound, and the first melody of the song combined with GTOP’s wonderful rapping was gorgeous. Unfortunately, as the video progressed more and more it just got… stranger and stranger. We get the artistry behind the video (kind of), but overall, with the countless outrageous costumes (there was only about two that we liked- and both were G-Dragon’s), the rapid movement and the numerous sets, the video just seemed to be a try-hard mess. Which really surprised us. Normally, we love all of Big Bang’s stuff, and the way they effortlessly (we know it’s not really without effort, but it seems that way) pull a video together into some greater symbolic/emotional meaning. “Monster” seemed so try-hard- like it was actually the first time Big Bang was honestly trying to create some sort of impression/meaning, and in the end, it failed in that aspect.

♥ P&B


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