Music Video Review: B1A4’s “Baby Good Night”

Just a small heads up; we are changing the format of our Music Video Reviews.  It is absolutely too overwhelming and no longer fun to review every video, no matter their significance, that comes out in a single week.  So from now on we will review popular groups, rookie groups, and groups that we like.

B1A4- “Baby Good Night”

May 23, 2012

The Song:

So as the video would suggest, this song is a little about being a douche.  Though executed in an awfully adorable way, “Baby Goodnight” is about stepping out on your girlfriend.  It speaks nothing of cheating or being adulterous, but more going to a party without telling one’s girlfriend. The only reassuring thing is that there is a sense of remorse in the lyrics.

The song itself is very B1A4.  That is not negative at all; it is quite rare for any group to find a groove this quickly.  But it is worrisome that they too will get stuck in a safe spot.  The song is catchy, but does not display any incredible vocals, as their title songs of the past.  “Baby Good Night” following their previous title song “Baby I’m Sorry” is very similar to Super Junior of 2010, “Bonamana” to “No Other”.  We make no negative accusations, for this is our favorite way for a group to make a comeback with a repackaged album.  After something serious and dare we say sexy, a fun sweet track is just what an audience needs to cleanse their palate.  To us songs like “No Other” and “Baby Good Night” are like eating pickled ginger after a piece of sushi to indeed cleanse the palate in order to fully appreciate the next piece of sushi.

We would like to acknowledged that “Baby Good Night” is another creation of leader Jinyoung’s, with the accompaniment of rapper Baro.  No, we will not go as far as others to proclaim him the next G-Dragon or B1A4 the next Big Bang, BUT he is talented without a doubt.  B1A4 will never be Big Bang, obviously the first problem with that statement is: look at this video and song.  Would Big Bang ever sing anything like this? Would they ever dance like this? And the simple answer is no.  Big Bang is street; B1A4 is like Super Junior and are the boy’s next door.  They are pretty faces with talent that not only accept the title of idols, but fully act as idols should.  For B1A4 strives to please fans, not necessarily create “art”.  Which there is nothing wrong with.

The Video:

“Baby Good Night” is the most refreshing title song that we have heard from any boy band this year thus far. Though all of the serious and dark videos that have come out up to this point, we feel revitalized by the lightheartedness and sweetness that B1A4 portrays. Not to say that we did not like their previous song “Baby I’m Sorry”, but we really appreciate B1A4 for delivering a bit of fun to this stagnant scene of grey filtered mopey music videos that almost every male group has been producing.  According to even the lyrics this all takes place at midnight, but that minuet fact does not keep every set from being well lit and bubbly.

B1A4 currently is the only group that is filling the needs of any K-Pop fan who appreciates cute boys doing cute things.  At this point they are the rebels, every group is producing basically the same song with the same raw industrial backdrop and the same overly sexual for their age dance, while “Baby Good Night” charms with an adorable cowboy/western motif.  Say what you will about it lacking masculinity or it just being an attempt at slaying “noona’s”.  “Baby Good Night” is just a sweet video and song to warm up the K-Pop scene.

While mv’s like Exo’s “MAMA” and B.A.P’s “Warrior” are indeed catchy and mind blowingly intense.  We find it overwhelming that every boy band is trying to out bad-ass each other.  And let us all just look at the simple truth these are for the most part pretty boys, this fact is concrete.  Can a flower boy really overcome their appearance by trying to act ghetto or cool?  We just find it disheartening how few of these male groups accept what they really are.

Excuse us for that digression.

Both the dance and the outfits are quite adorable.  Despite the seemingly bad nature of the song, B1A4 is able to create this awfully cute world of Cowboys and Indians.  The members do turn on the charm, with unbelievable soul melting gazes into the camera and what we all know are intentional cutesy actions. They have no shame when it comes to enchanting their audience.

Our biggest problem with the video is the hemlines of every female.  They are ALL in booty showing shorts or skirts, and it is quite tasteless.



2 responses to “Music Video Review: B1A4’s “Baby Good Night”

  1. LOL, I’m with you on this. Although, did you see their teasers before they released this? XD I’m that Bana again. The one correcting your Let’s-Fly thing. If you didn’t see my other comments then Let’s Fly is their debut album, O.K. was their first title track.

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