Music Video Review- Weeks 15-17 (Part 1)

For the 15th, 16th, and 17th weeks of 2012 we will be reviewing Sistar’s “Alone”, Girl’s Day’s “Oh! My God”, Noel’s “Fading Away”, Sunny Hill’s “Princess and Prince Charming “, F.CUZ’s “No. 1”, Ivy’s “Torn Heart”, U-Kiss’s “Doradora”, and B.A.P.’s “Power”.

Sistar- Alone

April 11, 2012

The Song:

In terms of the sound of the song itself, we really liked the slightly throwback, but still classy style of “Alone”. While we appreciated the style though, “Alone” was mediocre. Yes, it was new in concept, and different in feeling, with the high ranking falsettos and more mature jazzy adlibbing, but overall, “Alone” failed to impress us. Sistar is plenty capable, especially in the singing department. With such great singers, one would think Starship Entertainment would give Sistar something more fulfilling, but unfortunately, the song was so lackluster.

Specifically, “Alone” isn’t going to be remembered as Sistar’s best. It’s just going to fade away into the huge abyss of boring and irrelevant K-Pop songs; comebacks that could’ve been so much better, but failed miserably. The “sexy” jazzing up of Sistar didn’t work this time, and we were especially disappointed considering how good Sistar normally is.

The Video:

Now, we know that we tend to nag a lot on girl groups for allowing themselves to be portrayed as objects, to put it kindly. When we do this however, we mean not to pick on the idols themselves for being trashy, but we do mean to point out just how unclassy they look. Seriously people. We understand the whole “female-idols-must-please-their-male-fans” point of view, but, watching this video from heterosexual females’ perspectives, just how can we have any respect for Sistar?  We’re distressed by the lack of tact in society and music videos where girls are almost showing their Pikachus only add to our disdain for the majority of girl groups in K-Pop.

We really aren’t fond of Sistar’s choreography in this video, but honestly, hardly are we ever. Sistar is one of those groups that always try out the more risque dances, but to be honest, most of their choreography is not appealing. Now we don’t mean to compare, but say Brown Eyed Girls for example: They have some sexy choreography, without needing to grossly and awkwardly accentuate their goods through movements. And then, Sistar’s outfits made the video even worse: the red dresses are definitely in our most hated outfits list for this year. Those kinds of dresses are difficult for a 90 pound 6 foot 2 model to look good in. How the heck is Sistar, these petite and curvy girls, supposed to look good in them? Those dresses created awful lines, and the staggered lengths made all of them look fairly homely. Everything was wrong with those outfits, and maybe a simple pair of nylons would have made all the difference, so as not to distract us from their seemingly wrinkled knees.

Girl’s Day- Oh! My God

April 17, 2012

The Song:

It isn’t an uncommon thing for a girl group to have a cutesy concept. There are just so few groups that can actually do such a concept addictingly rather than annoying. Girls Day seems to be a group that is capable of both. “Oh! My God” is most definitely addicting and annoying with its ringing choruses of “Ah Ah Ah” and “Oh Oh Oh~” (which, by the way, are very reminiscent of SNSD’s “Oh!”), and of course, the constant “Oh My God”s. However, while the song was most certainly irritating and full of cutesy girl aegyo, there was a very small layer of sassiness and spunk that made the song bearable. “Oh! My God” was disgusting innocent cute, but instead very disco-techno driven that allowed for some funk on the girls’ part.

The Video:

The concept for the music video was cute. We’ll give them that. We liked the comic feel, with all the onomonopias and exaggerated acting on the girls’ parts. The storyline was very refreshing, and simple to keep up with yet sweet and funny to watch. Nary can there ever be great music videos though, and as much as we can say we liked the “plot”, we didn’t feel at all attracted to the video, and much less inclined to watch it while listening to the song. It was cute, but not at all stimulating enough to keep our eyes on it.

Noel- Fading Away

April 18, 2012

The Song:

“Fading Away” is beautifully executed, but it doesn’t stray from a standard R&B ballad’s structure. Other than the group’s gorgeous vocals, there is no zest- no extra pizzazz. It lacks a certain kind of emotional appeal that prevents the song from being mind blowing. “Fading Away” is a song that could have been from any vocal group, as there is nothing that really makes it particularly memorable.

We do appreciate the pure excellence of the singing and production, and the use of the different members’ vocal qualities was perfect. The arrangement was wonderful, and made the song gorgeous, but still lack-luster. “Fading Away” is not intense enough. An amazing ballad should punch you in the throat with its power and command your attention.

The Video:

A music video should always complement a song (that’s a given), but this music video really overpowered the song. The MV made the song seem progressively more and more like an OST. The story line did match the song but it was so deliberate. Not every video has to be literal, and we would have much rather preferred something more simple to showcase the talent that it took to create such a beautiful song. We do agree it was well made; we just wish a different approach was taken.

Sunny Hill- Princess and Prince Charming 

April 19, 2012

The Song:

“Princess and Prince Charming” has most definitely grown on us. This song shares a lot of the characteristics in Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song” that we loved. In comparison though, this one falls a bit shorter. Not to say that “Princess and Prince Charming” was bad, but “The Grasshopper Song” was absolutely mind blowing. We loved the faint Celtic influences of the instruments, but still appreciate the little funk flair in “Princess and Prince Charming”.

As a song, “Prince and Prince Charming” was very clean, but not as well constructed as we’d hoped. We understand the difficulty of creating an amazing song while maintaining the group’s same overall concept, but Sunny Hill has won our hearts in their everchanging style. As most of their songs, “Princess and Prince Charming” is catchy and neat.

The Video:

“Princess and Prince Charming” continues in Sunny Hill’s preset fashion of having a ridiculous amount of hidden  meaning in just about every aspect of their video. Without understanding what the lyrics are (we can’t find a great translation) we can still assume most of it. We must also mention that we love Sunny Hill for not objectifying their female members with vulgar clothing or inappropriate dancing.

We do have to admit that they all looked much younger  in “The Grasshopper Song” (HD cameras are nobody’s friends), but we adore groups that focus on talent and message before appealing to perverts. All we look for is a bit of decency and class, and so we are grateful for the more conservative classy approaches by girl groups. The music video for “Princess and Prince Charming is a great example of a more classy approach; the video does not sell sex, but is attempting reform.

♥ P&B

5 responses to “Music Video Review- Weeks 15-17 (Part 1)

  1. Many thanks quite a lot pertaining to giving this with all men and women you truly understand what you will be discussing roughly! Book-marked. I implore you to moreover seek advice from my website Implies). You can easliy possess a hyperlink exchange agreement concerning all of us

  2. Im sure you read about double standards a lot of times, I think this post was double standard for the reason of you saying your disdain of Sistar female groups for trying to satisfy men. But the girl groups aren’t the only ones with Male groups trying to please the females. I hope you realize that the male groups are just as untalented as the girl groups and that you don’t think that all female Kpop idols are sluts.

    • There are boy groups that act tacklessly as well, and we don’t condemn people for trying to attract the opposite sex. But the latent disregard for common class is disgusting. We are repulsed by vulgarity, not appealingness, and we have called out the boy groups whenever their videos are disgusting as well. So it can not be a double standard, we don’t give either of the sexes an easy break. The simple truth is that girl groups are constant offenders in the department of taste.
      So if you want to make judgemental statement we suggest you actually see our opinion on more than just one article.

    • This is what I dislike about alot of kpop fans. When an author presents an objective, well-researched and well thought out response calling out a girl group on their tasteless videos and dressing, they are immediately labelled as holding double standards.

      seriously? and have u even read the author’s opinions in other articles before calling her/them out?

      I totally agree with the author on this one. girl groups mostly love concepts that pander to the male gaze. and sistar is a repeat offender. every single one of their concepts are so cheap and tasteless. its almost disgusting to watch, as a woman myself. their dancing even. like ya, i get that you think your butts are really nice but do you have to have a move that involves ass shimmying in short outfits in almost every single concept? i recently watched a video of them performing in front of a bunch of athletes and all the males were leering. they looked like a bunch of strippers honestly. why do you have to present yourself in such a manner to sell a song? if you TRULLY have talent (and a few of the girl group members do) why let all that talent get buried under all that tasteless trashy crap? they look like sex objects to me at the end of the day, i’m sure they look just like that to most of their male fans.

      and i dislike it when boy bands do it too. beast and mblaq members and especially 2pm in the past. the constant shirt ripping and exposing their abs. just not impressed AT ALL. the music especially in 2pm’s case isnt even that great that i would wanna sit there for 4 minutes watching a mv of them centred on their abs. just not interested.

      so ya. stop using the word double standard on every single article not praising girl groups. and learn the difference between sexy and skanky. they are worlds apart.

  3. I think Hyorin and Boram-I mean Sistar should stop trying to be sexy an go for another image that’s not sexy or annoying aegyo cute. Maybe a cool or fierce. Or they should take a few notes from BEG.

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