Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Obnoxious Hair

Our picks for the top 10 K-Pop Stars who prove that they can look truly fabulous with any hairstyle:

10. Secret’s Ji Eun

The color green is good for many things, be we personally don’t like it on hair. When we think of green hair, we can’t help but think of a girl with green highlights from our school, nicknamed “Moldy-locks”. Ji Eun’s green, though it is a bit more teal, isn’t cute, but somehow, she rocked it.

9. MBLAQ’s Thunder

Thunder is really throwing off the look of a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. If not for the spiked styling, his hair would look like that of a person’s who forgot to keep up their roots. His blonde hair really suits him, giving him an almost dangerous look, and Thunder’s also known for trying out purple and even white hair.

8.  2ne1’s Minzy

With this silver/lavender color, Minzy looks much more adult. Weirdly enough, we really loved this hair. This kind of silvery color really suits her and gives a tough-woman impression, distracting from her young age and baby-ish features.

6. Miss A’s Jia &  Teen Top’s L.Joe

What makes L.Joe’s hair so fun to see isn’t his haircut- it’s his hair color. Pink isn’t really the most natural hair color out there, but L.Joe’s constantly bleached hair, ranged in shades from strawberry bleached blonde, to coral, to hot pink, adds a really fun and youthful glow to his presence.

Jia is in the same boat as L.Joe; while, quite recently, she’s taken up a much more natural and mature dark hair color look, her past deep coral and pale pink styles speak for themselves.

Who do you think wore it better Jia or L.Joe?

5. Big Bang’s TOP

T.O.P. could never look bad in anything, and we find his colored hairstyles (be it the mint green it is now, or the bleached white it was back during GD&TOP) very charismatic. Neither hairstyle negatively affected his attractiveness, and if anything, made him look more dreamy. His hair may be bright and obnoxious, but his natural charms far outshine any silly haircolor he may have on.

4. Block B’s Zico

We usually have a strong distaste for dreads on anyone other than black people, because they almost always look nasty and manky. However, Zelo’s fiery dreads are fantastic. They lend him an extra dose of undeniable swagger, and show that every Asain boy does not need to be confined to a bowl cut.

3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Though GD’s miniature Afro was admittedly strange in the beginning, we really grew to love this. The way GD sculpted his little Mohawk was quite adorable, to the point where it was pretty hard taking him seriously during “Knock Out”.  G-Dragon’s high energy adorable antics are even more ridiculous when his hairstyle is crazy, be it his past perm, insane bleached hair or any other weird hairstyle he’s tried.

2. Brian Joo

Brian Joo’s hair from “Let This Die” is the single most fabulous thing we have ever seen atop a man’s head. While maintaining a traditional manly mohawk/fohawk, the ombre from black to lavender is amazing. His hair has this indescribable fierceness that we just are smitten with. Not only is this an amazing fashion statement, but Brian Joo manages to look 10 years younger. This hairstyle proves that lavender is an almighty color.

1. 2ne1’s Dara

Dara could probably fearlessly rock every and any insane and wacky hairstyle that shall ever be thought up of. Unlike most outrageous hair that is out there, 2ne1’s Dara plays up the shape of her hair rather than the color. Because of her pretty face and adorable personality, she looks more quirky than obnoxious. It is always interesting to see what new hair Dara comes out with.

♥ P&B

10 responses to “Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Obnoxious Hair

  1. Bwahaha some hairstyles are really ridicoulus :D…… but I think koreans can rock almost every hairstyle…… well except some that could come from hell, but I think stylist do that to catch the eye of the public…

  2. TOP And G Dragón Biased, again, you guys fail when it comes to those two, it looks like is the only thing that makes you biased.

    • Maybe they just seem to fit in every category. I’m not saying your wrong, since I AM biased, also, to Big Bang, but still.

  3. Hey guys, i’ve been reading your blog and i think its fantastic(a little opinionated) But fantastic opinions!

    I have an idea for a TOP 10 Post: Best female rappers-idol groups- I know a lot of idol group rappers are mediocre and suck, but a LOT of them are really great!
    Here are some MUSTS for the list(all really unique and experienced)


    There are more, but these are the best(again, IDOL rappers, not like Tasha)

    Just an idea<3

  4. Dara&Thunder sibling FTW! Next list: Kpop Idols That Look Good With ANY Hairstyle. But then again, an idol that can pull off an obnoxious hairstyle can prolly pull off anything.

  5. I never even notice TOP or g-Dragon’s crazy hair because all my attention are always on their faces because they are just so good looking!


    i actually wear a lot of hair styles dara does, she inspires me^^
    I Actually stood my super long hair striaght up w/ hairspray like she did in I AMBTHE BEST.

    Love this list!!!

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