Music Video Review- Week 12 (2012)

For the 12th week of 2012 we will be reviewing Shinee’s Sherlock, CNBlue’s “Hey You” and BtoB’s “Insane”.

BtoB – Insane

March 21, 2012

The Song:

It is not that this song is bad, in truth it is pretty decent, but something just seems to be missing. Some kind of finishing factor, or something that makes it more intriguing. It feels like there are too many pauses and they feel awkward, breaking up the flow of the entire song.

The raps  are strong and singing decent, but “Insane” itself just feels unresolved. It’s almost as if the song is little teasers all smooshed together. The beat doesn’t carry through enough to make the song super addictive. The chorus and bridges don’t mesh together either; not to mention the chorus is extremely flat.

The Video:

The set is really gorgeous, but we are sort of confused- Why are there so many melted pianos? The video didn’t flow too well, and there are way too many members to focus on them all having some sort of little section. On another note, the girl was pretty unneeded. Her presence was not really necessary to the overall structure of the music video. Since it contains no plot line, nothing really makes sense as to why she’s there.

BtoB would probably be better off with just simpler everything.

Shinee – Sherlock

March 22, 2012

The Song:

At first, “Sherlock” just seemed like another SM flop. It’s well known SM’s been producing songs that, well, aren’t up to par with the good stuff they’ve made in the past. We can’t exactly point out what it is exactly- a loss of catchiness? A loss of “pop”? Whatever it is, it’s gone, and SM’s concepts have been making a huge turn for “mature”. “Sherlock” seemed to fall into this category, but to be honest, out of SM’s comebacks that have happened recently (Super Junior and Girls’ Generation), Shinee’s seems to be the nicest. The weird hippie/Sherlockian thing going on would’ve looked completely ridiculous on any other group, and while it was a bit disturbing on Shinee as well, they pretty much worked it. Likewise, “Sherlock” has a very Shinee-ish vibe going on. Sure it’s not their best (even we will admit that “Lucifer” and “Ring Ding Dong” were awesome), but “Sherlock” is pretty good. The song is strong, Shinee-powerful, and while it may not be as catchy as, say “Ring Ding Dong”, the chorus is extremely captivating. The members shine in their respective parts, and in particular, Key showed off both his rapping and singing skillsThe only real huge complaint we have is the necessity of Minho whispering throughout the song- it’s creepy. But according to our Shawol friends, it was a “sexy” touch, so whatever.

The Video:

We were kind of let down by this video; we wanted so much more. After seeing those teasers, we were just lusting for some horrible French hippie theme, but this kind of mystery thing was boring.

Our biggest problem with Jessica being a ghost is that not one member of Shinee was scared. She dissolves into thin air!!!! That would be damn scary, or at the very least startling, but they acted as if nothing even happened. The plot was kind of stupid, and then point where Key finds out the “truth” was also stupid. The video would have been miles less unfortunate if that did not happen (it was sad that some director thought the acting was okay).

The choreography is indeed tremendous. It’s totally original, and as silly as some of the moves are, they’re pretty great. For the most part though, their outfits were revolting. The only outfits that were not offensively bad were the old English outfits from the detective scenes. Taemin’s hair is so distracting though; we’ve already ranted about how he is already very much a pretty boy, and adding the wig just makes him uncomfortable.

SIDE NOTE: Doesn’t Onew look like he should be in Oliver Twist? This look really suits him.

CNBlue – Hey You!

March 25, 2012

The Song:

In great contrast to “Still in Love” (which was beautiful and beyond adorable), “Hey You” is definitely a lot more pumped up. It’s not as mellow and calm as “Still in Love” (obviously not, as it’s the title track), but both songs are great and befitting of two different styles. “Hey You” does a wonderful job at mixing the two vocalists, Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s voices. Neither presents an overbearing voice, but Jonghyun’s extremely soft and silky voice gives great calm to Yonghwa’s more stronger pitch. Many though, are complaining that “Run” (also on the album), should have been the title track, and honestly, we superbly agree. Both “Hey You” and “Run” are strong, but “Run” is a lot faster. And yeah, we know faster doesn’t necessarily make a better song, but, while “Hey You” falls kind of flat (there is no real significant climax), “Run” makes a huge splash and leaves a greater impression on the listener.

The Video:

So Many Foreigners.

As just a question too, why? Is CNBlue supposed to be at some overseas broadcasting show? Because if they are, that explains everything, but if they’re back home in Korea, then the foreigners are a strange touch.

That aside, this music video doesn’t really have much going on. There’s no real plot line (unless you count CNBlue walking around a plot line- which we don’t), and, as is obvious by CNBlue being a band, there’s not gonna be any choreographed dancing going on. All we can really talk about is how great the members are looking. Hogging-the-camera Yonghwa, you’re still attractive as always. Jonghyun, you remain absolutely gorgeous. Jungshin, your hair is still beautiful. Minhyuk… where are you? There is like, a glimpse of you in the beginning, and then nothing.

♥ P&B

4 responses to “Music Video Review- Week 12 (2012)

  1. Sherlock made no sense. Jessica is not the most beautiful girl in the world. Not even the most beautiful in SNSD. And why the fuck is a laptop doing in 1910? Who dafuq do they think they are? Time travelers?

  2. Teamin was drop dead beatiful in LUCIFER. But in this he was akward, ugly, AND HIS HAIR WAS AWFUL. It was all dry and gross looking.
    I kinda hated the song.
    They should have released more than one single.

    1. They released only one MV.
    2. The song was boring, and sounded like juliet.
    3. The dancing was awesome, But not up to all the hype.
    4. The outfits were gross….
    5. Im fine w/ teamin looking like a girl, and in lucifer he was beautiful, BUT HERE HE WAS FREAKING UGLY. HIS HAIR WAS ALL DRY, GROSS LOOKING.
    6. Minho is an awful rapper, but they still could have given him at least one line.
    7.Key is awesome, and should have more parts.
    8. Jessica is beautiful, but SHINee are awful detectives.

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