Album Review: Reborn Part- 1 (Brian Joo)

Reborn Part- 1

January 26th, 2012


We only have a digital copy of the mini album from iTunes, so we really have nothing to judge on appearance. Please do as we did and buy this album here.

If we may say so though, we adore Brian Joo’s lavender Fohawk. It is perfect. Subtle enough being mostly black and fading into purple at the last few inches.  Somehow it even looks natural, and by far this is the best looking obnoxious color on anyone. It makes him look much younger, and very classy but still manly.

Rating: VOID


1. Let This Die (Korean Version) feat. Tiger JK

2. Can’t Stop (Korean Version) feat. Jay Park, Beenzino

3. Let This Die (Extended Eng. Version) feat. Flowsik

4. Can’t Stop (Eng. Version) feat. Jay Park, Dumbfounded

5. Domino (Acoustic Version)

6. Let This Die (Instrumental)

Though most of the songs on the iTunes version of the album are the same, there was slight variations between the English and Korean versions of both “Let This Die” and “Can’t Stop”.  In both English versions, Brian’s singing seemed a touch more powerful, adversely in the Korean version it sounded much more delicate. This album’s three songs complement each other fantastically. They maintain the same overall vibe despite their very different sounds.

We have no problems with anything on this mini-album.



“Let This Die” is perfect, having a serious meaning, but without anything being to morbid.  Brian Joo has that perfect pop sound that is adult without losing a stylish youthfullness.  Both the English and Korean versions are absolutely beautiful, though we did feel that JK Tiger’s rap from the Korean Ver. really did accentuate the song infinitely better.  The ease and fluididty of Tiger’s rap just gave “Let This Die” the perfect flow. While Flowsik in the English version was too traditional Hip-Hop Rap, it kind of broke the song up (plus we didn’t even understand most of it).  But I did prefer the tone and sound of Brian Jo0o’s voice in the English version, he displayed a touch more range and the song felt faster.

I love, love, love “Domino”.  It is lovely and sweet.  “Domino” really showcases Brian’s singing ability, thought the lyrics are cheesy, because his singing is so sweet that can be forgiven.

Least Favorites:

I don’t particularly dislike anything, but I don’t really have an opinion on the song “Can’t Stop”. It’s not that it’s bad, but it really isn’t special at all.

Rating: 8.5



To be honest, I’m a bit biased towards Tiger JK, so maybe that’s why I prefer the Korean version over the English version of “Let This Die”. Okay, being totally honest, his rapping is probably the reason I like “Let This Die” so much. Doing my hardest to put Tiger JK aside though, Brian Joo’s vocals are awesome as always. I’m not much of a vocal expert, but I particularly love Brian Joo’s singing for the sole reason that it’s manly while still sounding delicate and soft. It seems like an impossible thing, but somehow, he works it out.

While it may just be my bias for Tiger JK that makes me love “Let This Die”, it was purely Brian Joo that made me fall in love with “Domino”. The original version of the song was my jam for the longest time when I first heard the song long ago (this song was on replay 24/7 for about two weeks). The acoustic version had actually been out for awhile before this album came out, but it seems it has been released officially with this release. Now, if I were to choose, I’d definitely say the original “Domino” by Brian Joo is my favorite, but the acoustic version is a lovely touch.

Least Favorites:

There’s only three songs. That being said, it’s kind of hard to go completely wrong.

Rating: 8.6

Overall Rating: 8.5

♥ P&B


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