Album Review: Alive (Big Bang)


(Mini Album)

February 29th, 2012

Packaging/ Photobook/ Appearance:

(TOP Version)

As per usual, YG continues to impress and inspire wonder through their albums.

A real metal shell with a plethora of goodies inside. Everything is beautiful and pretty tasteful- the packaging was done with such zeal and grandeur that it absolutely shamed everything on the shelf around it at the music store we visit.

While this mini album is quite spectacular, is it special for Big Bang? When you take the “Big Bang Special Edition” compilation album and G-Dragon’s solo album “Heart Breaker” into account, Alive is just not at that level. Taking a step back from its initial glory, “Alive” is nice, but not Big Bang’s best.

As for this photobook, it proves TOP is a perfect human being (which we’ve mentioned before).  He looks so good in everything; in every single photo, he conveys a suave sophistication and an old world elegance that is all but dead in this current day. We do have to say though, that, as perfect as he is, his make up is a bit rough around his cheek. The make-up artist slightly overdid it with the low lights under his cheekbones, making his whole complexion look unnecessarily dark.

There are two group shots, and as we look at them it makes us thankful that the music store had TOP’s version of this album. Taeyang doesn’t look any damn different. We like Daesung’s hair, but not enough. G-Dragon’s hair- just why? It’s alright for this comeback, but if he tries to play it off some more, we’re going to have a problem. As for Seungri, all we can say is: Live long and prosper.

Rating: 8.9


01. Alive

02. Blue

03. 사랑먼지 (Love Dust)

04. Bad Boy

05. 재미없어 (Ain’t No Fun)

06. Fantastic Baby

07. 날개 (Wings)

This mini-album is one of the best things to have come out in a long time. It’s well flowing and practically all of the songs are enjoyable and stimulating. The only real problem with the album is that it was slightly overproduced, and most of the songs felt unresolved and mostly unfinished. All of the songs are great though, and each one maintains Big Bang’s unique flavor. Some of the choruses were a tad dull though, and after about the third repeat we could listen no more.



This entire mini-album is fabulous. The songs are perfect in the order they are in and it all seems to flow incredibly. The only song that is a little weak is “Ain’t No Fun”, but it’s not necessarily bad, it just lacks an intrigue that the rest of the album has.

By far the best song is “Bad Boy”. The perfect blend of relaxing and fun, its reggae influences make it a splendid little song.

“Love Dust” has, in no offensive way at all, a gay intro. It literally sounds like an introduction for some kind of techno remix of a song. There is nothing wrong with that- it’s just a misleading start to the song. It kind of prepares one for a more electronica based song, not the sweet pop song “Love Dust” really is.

Though this album is one of the more impressive things that have come out in a while, it is pretty normal for a YG artist to make something of this caliber.

Least Favorites:

Alive was a brilliant mini-album, as to be expected.

I am, however, a touch torn by “Fantastic Baby”. It is kind of generic. At every chorus I expect shuffling or something, whether from Big Bang themselves or just listeners.

Rating: 8.7



I am a huge fan of “rappers” in K-Pop groups singing. I have no idea why- it’s just something so intriguing for me when a person whom normally doesn’t sing starts singing some notes. Also, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as horrible singing; when you have your heart set on it, your voice won’t sound awful to me. That being said, hearing G-Dragon and T.O.P. sing in both “Blue” and “Bad Boy” killed me. I could’ve died happy, but I’m still here, enjoying their live performances.

In my opinion, “Blue” and “Bad Boy” represent the two sides of this album. “Alive” is Big Bang’s comeback, after about a full year, and in that year, we all know the best of things didn’t happen. Big Bang suffered two scandals that many worried would break them apart, but here we are today, and there they are, still one piece, possibly stronger than ever. “Blue” represents the sorrow, the pain that Big Bang went through the past year. At first, I wasn’t too fond about it- “Blue” was way too slow in my opinion, and for it to be Big Bang’s first song after the year of torture was a bit disappointing. But, looking back on it, I realize now it was perfect. At the time, I’d imagine I wanted something more “Fantastic Baby”-esque, with it being truly outlandish and classic Big Bang. But how weird would that have been? If Big Bang just came out as obnoxious as before, seemingly forgotten about the year they went through. By releasing “Blue” first, it was almost as if it was them addressing the scandals, the year, and the hardships they went through.

And while fans were crying over the meaning behind “Blue”, Big Bang went ahead and released something to cheer them up- the adorable “Bad Boy”. Now, if you know Big Bang’s style of music, you’d know that “adorable” isn’t really their thing. And it was so great and refreshing to see them try it out for once. Granted, I really doubt they meant for it to be so cute, and maybe it’s just fans taking it that way, but “Bad Boy” is definitely a lot more light and mellow than their usual songs.

Least Favorites:

Great comeback. It could have been greater, but I wont be picky. G-Dragon’s solo album is coming out later this year, and I am very expectant.

Rating: 8.8

Overall Rating: 8.75

♥ P&B


18 responses to “Album Review: Alive (Big Bang)

  1. @blog writers- can you set that delusonal SMadict/YG jelly straight? THANK YOU!

    • You are literally tripping balls to think that we would take your side in this matter, we really don’t think SM is perfect, and it is just rude and ignorant to say that all of SM is ugly and relentless, which just further makes you look like a fool, because obviously you haven’t even seen what some SM artists are capable of. We really just find crazy fans like you annoying as shit, and we don’t understand why you have to be so hateful and full of malice. What has any SM artist done to you?
      So just grow up, because if you want to look at sheer vocal ability SM has trained most of the best vocalist in KPOP. And the people like you in this world need a reality check. You are repugnant and really probably never really read our.posts and understood them because if you really comprehended what we say then you would now we have immense respect for some SM talents. And would therefore never ever help you in some juvenile attempt at seeking out attention from complete strangers.

  2. The appearance was plain and quite boring, and you guys act as if YG is the most original stuff. YG was great, but they let their talented people go. Big Bang is ok, and so is 2autotuned1. I mean Daesung, taeyang and Minzy pull these groups together. And while both Big Bang and 2ne1 have some good song such as Cafe and haru haru and fire, Se7en and Gummy and many other artist aren’t shown enough because of te money. Same goes for SM an JYP(not really JYP)They also have””” some great songs so how is YG superior to the other big two? Just because you won an MTV award because VIP’s spammed doesnt mean anything. An how is accomplishing an award from a network that doesn’t even play music but shows off pregnant teens great? You can say I was wasting my rime writing this though it took two minutes, wtf. My argument is that the appearance of the album was quite boring but yes, the songs were ok but you kind of have to lower your standards of music for Kpop.

    • Do you even have ears? Yo suck at hearing. What, you think SM’s stupid talentless autotuned SNSD fuglies can sing or are even good? What are the awful AUTO TUNE KINGS SHINee better? HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD RDD??? ALL SHINee and SNSD songs are fail, NO SM artists even sing that well and their ALL ugly. SHINee use auto tune in every freaking song you idiot! YOU HAVE 0 EARS. YG is on the top for a reason, they are ALL good looking without getting PS every 2 days. Sorry SONE and SHAWOL, SNSD and SHIINee are BOTH hedious talentless losers AUTO TUNE kings and queens. Here in the US SNSD are KNOWN for being Autotune whores. GTFO music deaf loser.

      • Rereading this comment where did you go to school, because both your grammar and spelling (as well as simple sentence structure) is horrendous! We are from the US and nobody here cares about autotuning, let alone Shinee or SNSD. But god we can not get over how not even basic your level of education is, and you are litterally a shame to America and are the perfect example of why people think Americans are ignorant.

  3. @^

    First, I HAVE NOTHING wrong with them saying they don’t like Teyang, and they did state reasons why so I’m fine with that.
    But they did NOT state reasons why they did not like Suengri
    Really i don’t care much what you say, i was asking THEM not you.
    Also, I do not love every member and every thing about them. I am one of the most dignified people when it comes to music. I my beloved 2NE1 came out with a song i didn’t like I would say so. And if rechid SNSD came out with a song i DID like(time machine) I would say so.

      • Blackjackandahalf :

        Have you heard him sing? no. you idiot!
        Read their review on BB and you’ll see THEM praise TOP for singing.

        You are obviously just a fool if you can’t even remember what you say to others. And don’t act all high and mighty it just makes you that much more unpleasant as a person.

      • It is pretty obvious you do not like us, and at this point we really don’t like you. We have no idea what your problem is. But your anger clearly stems from something other than our blog, because you constantly have to be pretty much a bitch in any way you can. We are frankly fed up with this idea that people like you have the right to be nasty to whomever they please. And we recommend that if this blog makes you so angry, to leave. Because we really don’t need this, there are enough repugnant and annoying people like you in our real lives that we would prefer to maintain this lovely cyberspace escape as a peaceful and just saying it frankly, a bitch free zone.

  4. DO YOU really just hate teyang cuz hes short????
    I thinhehes awesome.(still like gd more)

    DO YOU really hate suegri that much? Hes is NOT ugly. He may not be the best looking imo, contrary to what all the othe VIPs thin.
    But hes not ugly. And he has killer abs BTW. can you eplain why you dont like him?

    Also-deasungs hair is boss.


    I didnt like GdS hair at first, but am inlove w. It now.

    Please answer!

    • Where in this article did they even mention how Taeyang is short. And besides what they commented (The ONLY thing they even mentioned about him, and may I add, was in one mere sentence. Besides it’s more like a short statement.) was for the most part true. The only thing different about Taeyang for Alive promotions was very slight, it was the unruly styling of his mohawk/fohawk, as said to be inspired by the top of radishes.

      And I hope you, blackjackandahalf, realize that this post, as well as this entire blog, is merely PERSONAL OPINION. The authors just try to make it “unbiased,” which they do for, as I can see, the most part. However, I do agree that some of the blog is biased, but due to difference in taste, etc; which in reality is inevitable, as we are all human and have different opinions on certain subjects.

      • Have you read their review on BIG BANG? All that they do is BASH teayang and seunguri. Also, lay of the commas.

      • Yes, I do take notice that there is some “bashing” on the two. I have come to accept this like a good VIP and realize that people have different preferences and opinions. Trust me, the posts/commentary make me a bit agitated because the views are in reality biased, however like I have stated earlier, people think and view things differently. I assume many of the commentary is made due to lack of interest and information due to lack of preference, which is fine.

        I suggest that if you do not like the way things are in this personal blog, then you can spend your time elsewhere….such as the amazingly fantastic VIP/BlackJack/YG Stan tumblr community; where all the members are loved immensely and where you can meet great new friends with similar tastes.

        “Lay on the commas”? Excuse me, but that comment took this issue a bit too far and personal. I would like to point out that at least, as seen in these posts, I have what can be considered to be (for the most part I believe, correct me if I am wrong) correct grammar and spelling. And that my dear fellow comment-er, is something to be proud of. Not only does it display the level of my competency and intelligence, it shows how much I respect myself and the way I carry myself, not only in real life but also on the internet.

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