SHIT GON GO DOWN!: New and Improved Rubric

After numerous complaints about the grading in the “Truth about your Favorite Idol Group” posts, we decided that people on the internet could not be argued with.

Because people can obviously not be persuaded with pure logic, we created a portal into our minds. Below is the grading rubric with which we grade idols with. This rubric is a bit different than our previous one, and if you’ll notice, our already published Idol Group Reviews are a bit different, but nonetheless, most members’ grades remained within the same margin of numbers. The rubric was created completely subjectively, and with it, it’s quite hard to be biased. Not that we owe any explanations, but we hope that by showing our readers exactly what we look for when “grading” idols, many of you will no longer question our scores. In simple language: THE SCALE DOES NOT LIE!

Behold the rubric:

For extended transparency, upon request, we may reveal the exact grading sheet for any person we have reviewed you may have questions about.

Below is a more detailed rubric that further explains some of the qualities we look for:

Though this should already be obvious, we restate: these reviews are solely our opinion. Obviously, no, we don’t know any of them. When we grade on anything, be it looks, talent or personality, it is using resources we have, and we are fully aware, that yes, unless we actually absolutely know them, our reviews aren’t perfect. However, we didn’t start making reviews to try and stir arguments. We began this blog because we were sick and tired of all the biasedness in K-Pop, and our original hope and intent was to create a blog that new K-Poppers could refer to for unbiased reviews of character. Add a little sick humor and a dash of sarcasm, and you’ve got our reviews.

♥ P&B

4 responses to “SHIT GON GO DOWN!: New and Improved Rubric

  1. You know you’ve really offended people when you have to actually prove how you rate things. That’s exactly what happens when people are too biased…

    • We just have to explain because people just cannot wrap their heads around us just tellin it like it is, so we figured that with a detailed system people could possibly open up to what is the truth

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