Music Video Review- Week 11 (2012)

For the 11th week of 2012, we’ll be reviewing B1a4’s “Baby, I’m Sorry”, Nu’est’s “Face” and C.N Blue’s “Still in Love”.

B1a4 – Baby, I’m Sorry

March 13, 2012

The Song:

There are no words to describe how HAPPY this song makes us. Not because it’s particularly cheery, but because it’s something NEW and FRESH.

This is what a young group should be singing; not that poser hip-hop shit. Few groups can pull that look off. B1A4 is indeed pop, but unlike “Beautiful Target” and “Lets Fly”, “Baby, I’m Sorry” has a much edgier and trendy party energy.

This song isn’t perfect, but it’s new, and that’s what we like. The chorus has room for improvement (it’s only a tad annoying), but it didn’t really bother us that much as it’s primarily sung as background vocals. The catchy factor is there (so there’s a plus), and there’s a great balance between the music and the way the song was executed. The characteristic of “Baby, I’m Sorry” that we love most are the evenly distributed lyrics. This song isn’t a mash-up of the members singing haphazardly, but instead the parts are arranged befittingly. With sweet and silky singing from Jinyoung and Sandeul, and a surprisingly impressive rap from Baro, “Baby, I’m Sorry” is definitely more mature than B1A4’s past works whilst remaining fun and energetic.

The Video:

This video definitely proves that B1A4 is one of the best looking groups out there. We loved the transformations of the members evident in this. Gongchan looks like a completely different person, CNU’s hair is kind of ugly, but not on him (his face shape allows him to pull if off), and Jinyoung’s red hair is amazing. We love this music video, because it’s a lot more mature and so different from what they have done in the past. It was dark, without being gloomy, and still B1A4 remains vibrant.

From the comments, we’ve seen many complaining about the female lead being ugly, and we do admit there is a lot better, it’s just her eyeliner guys. Her eyeliner’s creating an ugly eye shape, that does not work with her.

We loved the styling in this video. But then again, we usually do with B1A4.

Nu’est – Face

March 14, 2012

The Song:

So far, 2012 seems to be a far better year than 2011. Last year, we experienced some pretty awful debuts, and K-Pop sort of began deteriorating, what with the slowly disintegrating catchiness and the completely unappealing group concepts. This year though, throughout these past three months, has actually been looking pretty good. Now, we can’t really predict what is to come later, but as of right now, Nu’est seems to be adding on to the “good rookie” trend.

First of all, the melody to this song is fantastic. Like seriously. Wow. It’s not mind-blowingly awesome, but it was definitely made carefully. And this is something really different for K-Pop songs; most often, songs will exhibit a pretty repetitive beat to get the “catchy” factor, but “Face” is well-crafted. The song perfectly starts off strong, slows down whilst still being attentive, and bounces right back up, all at the right times. Upon the first listen, the “slowing” down does seem a bit awkward, but after giving it a few more tries, “Face” turns out to be a really great song. The vocals are okay- nothing special, although with this type of song, it does seem like it’d be pretty hard to fit in some hardcore vocalization. The rapping though, was acceptable, and this is impressive in itself. You guys almost always hear us complain about how hard it is to find good idol rappers in K-Pop, and for rookies, Nu’est was actually passable, especially considering the demographic they’re going for (unlike B.A.P., who we honestly expected to have good rapping considering their concept, Nu’est seems more electro-pop, so the plausible rapping came as more of a surprise).

The Video:

The first bit with the chairs did alarm us somewhat. Nothing good usually comes from chairs being incorporated into music videos.

And right to our suspicions, the choreography was a bit on the gay side. And it didn’t really help that most of the members are extremely feminine looking (Ren anybody?).

Apart from the bad choreography though, the music video was pretty good. Now, we’d be lying if we said, after seeing Ren’s teaser, we weren’t expecting some super drag-queen fest with Nu’est; however, even though we didn’t get our desired concept, Nu’est pulled off whatever-it-is-they’re-supposed-to-be pretty well. Another really commendable thing about this music video is the easiness of actually differentiating between the members. That doesn’t change the fact that they all have some of the worst hairstyles ever though.

Lastly: JR, you’re cute and everything, but please step aside a bit for the other members. There was like, seconds of Minhyun shown, and it’s not like this is a big group either – there are 5 people. 5. Surely they can share screen time, Pledis.

C.N Blue- Still in Love

March 15, 2012

The Song:

“Still in Love” is gorgeous. The song has a beautiful melody and the chorus is so addicting and adorable. The overall feel is very lighthearted and homey; almost like something you want to dance to on a lonely rainy day. To be honest, neither one of us is very much into K-Pop “bands”, but we will admit that C.N Blue’s stuff is almost always tasteful, and this song follows as such. The vocals are husky and musical, and just so indie, but not at the same time.

The Video:

There’s no eccentric stuff going on- obviously, no dancing. There’s no plot, no real “cool” stages or special effects. Rather, thee video is simple and clean-cut: All it really contains is the members, having fun, working, and recording their music. Normally, we’re usually bored to death by non stimulating videos such as this, but maybe it’s because the video went so well with the song that we let C.N Blue pass.

♥ P&B

4 responses to “Music Video Review- Week 11 (2012)

  1. I know this is an old post but… “Let’s Fly?” Where did that song come from? XD That was the album.

  2. ARE YOU NOT TOTALLY INFURIATED W/ THE AWFUL 2009 STYLE AUTO TUNE OVER USE IN “BABY IM SORRY”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • In what way is the autotuning awful, the song is amazing and very well produced. Because of the large amount of a techno influence there is nothing wrong with using autotuning if it is done tastefully. It’s a well made song and has some flaws really well made for a new group. Especially since one of the members made it

      • The auto tuning WAS awful…They like coverd it in auto tune.
        BTW, You said the amount of auto tune in “fantastic baby” Was bad. I did not hear very much at all, besides for affect. Also, B1a4 cant sing that song live bcuz of all the auto tune. Big Bang, I like the song even BETTER live.

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