K-Pop’s Top 10 Female Vocalists

Our picks for the Top 10 female vocalists in K-Pop.

Complaining seems to be a regular habit of fans everywhere. Either someone’s “underrated” or someone else is “overrated”, blah blah blah. Putting our biases aside as best we could, as well as all the misconceptions surrounding the most popular vocalists, we’ve compiled a list on who we feel are the top 10 female vocalists in K-Pop. There will be no “overrated” or “underrated” people here, unless we feel they truly deserve it.

10. Gummy

Truth be told, Gummy is sort of a pity. She has an amazing voice but we rarely see anyone give her any recognition. Granted she’s not the absolute best at control or range, but what really makes Gummy special is her ability to express undying emotion. Gummy is one of the only female singers in K-Pop that is absolutely amazing at implementing emotion into her songs; this is a problem most singers lack. But Gummy is just amazing at it, to the point where you actually want to cry with her songs. And we’re not talking about being moved by how “beautiful” her voice is (which is what most fans claim to cry to), but by her sheer sincerity and heart-wrenching ability.

9. Wonder Girls’ Sunye

Sunye has an amazing voice. We are not blind to the pathos she puts into her singing, and this performance definitely proves that she has the vocal capabilities of giving a mind-blowing solo performance (yes, we know it’s horrible quality, but bear with us). The reason for her “low” ranking? Simply that Sunye does fall a little at the control department. It normally isn’t a problem when she’s belting notes (as demonstrated above @3:22), but when a song requires her to do a little harmonizing, and soften her pace, she does seem to falter a bit. Is this faltering enough for her to not be considered a great vocalist? Absolutely not, but when considering how many other female vocalists do possess that necessary power, Sunye’s ranking becomes what it is.

8. 2ne1’s Bom

Most people have one of two opinions on Bom: People either find her to be one of the best vocalists in K-Pop, or don’t find her good at all. We’re somewhere in the middle. While Bom, maybe back in 2006, would definitely be talented enough to land her a “Best Female Vocalist” spot on professional lists, it’s sad for us to note that she’s nowhere near as amazing as she was back then. However, we don’t blame her at all. Most of her fans know that Bom suffers from a medical condition of swollen lymphnodes. For those of you that don’t know, these guys are found in your neck, and Bom often suffers enough pain that her singing is a bit sustained. Besides this condition, there’s also her age; Bom is near thirty, and while sure, that’s not incredibly old, we do feel it has had an impact on her singing. The one thing Bom does have over any idol though, is color. Bom’s voice is probably one of the most aesthetically appealing out there. It’s gorgeous and just so vibrant . 

7. IU

Normally, when we see IU’s name on one of these lists, we can’t help but roll our eyes- though that’s usually due to the fact that she’s almost always number 1 (or if not, very near it). The Korean Media has so fed our minds that IU is the greatest singer in Korea, and that her singing is flawless, all up to the point that she’s now been nicknamed “Korea’s Little Sister”. And all that is just irritating to be honest. There is nothing more annoying than an “overrated” person, but here we beg the question: Is IU really overrated? Or is she just being wrongly put into the center, thus commemorating the hatred of many. IU has done nothing wrong, and upon making up this list, we realized that, yeah, IU totally deserves to be praised, but rightfully.

Perhaps what is most commendable about IU is her raw talent. Since before her debut, this girl has had the sweet voice of a bird. Weird analogy, but we wouldn’t exactly call it “an angel’s voice”; IU’s voice is not as smooth as an angel’s, as it has a sort of squeaky tone to it. Her vocal aesthetics aside though, we’re most impressed with her talent. Now, we aren’t saying today’s best vocalists sucked before their debut; in fact, this isn’t the case at all. Most vocalist-idols are good to begin with when they audition, however not anything near the talent they possess later. IU, though she’s most definitely improved, without any vocal training or strong vocal-exercising was still great raw, and that’s astonishing in itself.

6. Brown Eyed Girl’s JeA

JeA is an interesting case. It almost seems as if most people do acknowledge her talent, but for some reason, never recognize her for it. We always hear about people praising Brown Eyed Girls’ for their “excellent vocals” and “flawless voices”, but hardly do we ever see any of the members on lists such as these. While compiling this list, our real problem was deciding what members of BEG to put on the final list. They all possess such amazing voices, but in the end we decided JeA should take the spot. Of the three vocalists (JeA, Narsha and Ga-in), JeA exhibits the most prowess and control. We also just love the tone of her voice; it’s not exactly deep, but definitely one of the more passionate voices out there. A huge problem we see in K-Pop vocalists is the lack of emotion and depth (as mentioned in our Top Male Vocalists), but JeA takes the cake.

5. Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Instead of showing off Taeyeon’s prowess and volume (which, if you’re wondering, she does have), we decided to instead focus on something that we honestly think Taeyeon has more of than any other person on this list, and that’s control. The above performance is a perfect example of Taeyeon’s phenomenal capabilities: around the 2:30 mark, Taeyeon hits what could possibly be one of the most gorgeous and angelic notes we’ve ever heard from K-Pop. But aside from the note, her control is just perfect– throughout the whole performance. We’re not the type to needlessly exaggerate, but seriously, Taeyeon’s rendition of “O Holy Night” is just breathtaking. And it’s not just in “O Holy Night”; rarely do we ever see Taeyeon obviously falter or strain to hit any notes. We often hear and see people complaining about Taeyeon’s lack of “emotion” and “depth” in her singing, and while we do admit that her skills do lack a bit somewhat in the “conveying passion” department (hence her position on this list), we’re just in awe at her amazing vocalization techniques.

4. Ailee

This girl can sing. Watch the above video and you’ll see what we mean.

Ailee’s voice is seriously something to look out for. Upon watching the above performance, we were quick to look up some of her other stuff. For those of you that don’t know, Ailee is from the States, and has a youtube channel (Aileemusic), where she uploads various covers. And needless to say, they’re all awesome. Granted her voice seems a lot better suited for other genres, this doesn’t stop Ailee from being able to adapt to many styles. Somehow (and we still can’t figure it out), Ailee manages to manipulate her voice to fit a large range, from the deeper and more soulful notes, to smoother and lighter ones. It’s crazy, but Ailee is someone we can’t simply talk about. If you want to see some serious talent, we definitely recommend just looking this girl up because you won’t regret it. Some things are better heard than read.

3. Davichi

How do we even describe Davichi without mentioning the words “perfect” and “flawless“? While making this list, these two girls were our exception to the only-one-person-per-group rule- there was no way we could make ourselves decide between the two, and in the end, we realized that they sound better together. The harmonization between the two of them, the skill, the professionalism – all these amount to Davichi, no exaggeration at all, being two of the best vocalists in K-Pop. And the above performance is just one example. Davichi seem to possess everything: control, passion, technique, prowess. These girls are truly vocalists. Davichi vocalize; they don’t sing. They know how to perfectly meld their voices to whatever songs they wish, and rather than just adding lyrics to a song, their voices are the music.

2. Gavy NJ’s Heeyoung

Heeyoung was a hard person to find. Not many people (including us before this post) know of Gavy NJ’s existence, much less the individual members. Through this post though, we hope to end such ignorance. Heeyoung is a gorgeous singer. The above was sung in a language not even her native one, and yet she was still able to captivate the emotion and feeling that comes with such a song. Her vocalization is fantastic- similar to JYJ’s Junsu, we got the Mariah Carey vocalization going on, but Heeyoung does it so skillfully and tastefully, it’s not at all aggravating to the ears. Her control, in the loudest and most power of notes, as well as the softest, is flawless, and her perfect execution well proves this.

1. Sistar’s Hyorin

Also known as the Beyonce of Korea,  Hyorin is undoubtedly the best female singer in K-Pop. Her range is magnificent, and her voice is extremely captivating. Hyorin’s voice is not flat in the slightest, and while it isn’t exactly husky, it does have a sense of layers and slight scratchiness to it. However it is this exact quality that allows her to put such immense depth and emotion into her singing. Hyorin is able to achieve high notes without sounding whiny, and while we do feel her soft singing is a bit strained, it is in no way cutesy and still better than the norm. Hyorin deserves all of the praise that she earns. The above performance is a take on a South Korean classic, and this performance immensely stood out to us, for normally, “A Goose’s Dream” is sung “angelically soft-spoken”, but Hyorin’s take was bursting and husky.

Honorable Mentions:

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and Gain

Very much so did we want to put these two onto our list, but deep down inside we thought it would be fairer to other groups if we only submitted the best representative from a group. Narsha and Ga-in have awesome voices, like worthy-of-this-list awesome, and are definitely worth looking up.

Rania’s Jooyi

Jooyi is the only rookie to even be mentioned at all – and that’s saying something. Her voice is astounding; it’s loud, controlled and gorgeous. Her “Ave Maria” rendition was beautiful, and convinced us she’ll probably be topping these lists later on.

F(x)’s Luna

The really ironic thing about Luna is that she actually got into SM for her dancing skills (as she is F(x)’s main dancer), but has since then discovered she’s an amazing singer. In a few years, if Luna decides to focus on singing, we’re pretty sure she’ll be up to par with Taeyeon.

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  1. Anyone with half a brain can tell that Luna is a better vocalist that Taeyeon? Her technique is superior to Taeyeon and has been for a long time.

  2. Lee hi should be on this list, she has very good singing abilities and a strong voice like many of the girls in the list, but her voice is also really unique. I wish she was more apreciated:(

  3. Im really impress on how this blog ranked those singers fairly. But the fact that you critizise someone by including your own opinion written in this blog, then its no more fair. You judge her using offensive words. You can actually say those words if you are one of the great singer in korea, most probably if you are the no. 1 , so see to it when you write a blog make sure it doesn’t include any personal opinion. Because your reason to make this blog i know is to inform people not ti criticize someone. Im not IU’s idol but im a fan of hyorin. But i admit IU was a great singer and has a lot songs reslease in this industry.

  4. You guys should really listen to So Hyang (or at least know her), her performances “fate” in ‘I am a singer’ and “Arirang Alone” in ‘Immortal Songs 2’ were absolutely stunning. Please try to at least listen or look up her!

  5. What about the first Ali? Why is she not on the list? I think ailee should be rank as number 1 though, because she’s got a powerful voice that any other female singers cannot pull off, except maybe the first Ali, she’s awesome as well..
    But still ailee is like a person you cannot read, she’s just tooo good, you won’t agree with this until you watch some of her life performances like “everyone passes through this way”
    “That woman”
    “Ambiguous ”
    “Like being shot by a bullet”

    And her awesome ost like “goodbye my love”..

    You all might be interested to also check some of Ali’s songs like: Ali Hurt, ali carry on, ali i’m sorry i love you, ali the vow, ali in my dream..

    SHE’S AWESOME, i think Bom should be replaced by her :D ..

  6. Hyolyn is #1 and she deserve it!!!
    I watched all of her performances and every time she left me speechless!!she’s an awesome singer and great at performing!! Her vocals is pure diamond specially when she sang “hurt” by Christina Aguilera.
    She’s known as Korean Beyoncé not just by her fans but many great singers and professional musicians said that too!! So yeah she is the best!!!
    By the way BOM shouldn’t be on this list…her live singing is nowhere to be compared with all those on the list and her medical condition is not an excuse for her singing skills, hyolyn was really sick when she had her first solo album comeback but it didn’t stop her from singing perfectly.

  7. i totally agree,even i read the truth about snsd i find some truth in the articles post by “the truth about kpop”..and the IU part is absoluetly true,korean media treats IU as thegreatest singer in the whole world,but her good day and red shoes were not so appealing and believe me i showed red shoes to 10 non kpop fans and i showed
    SHINee everybody and people were like this everybody song rocks,,but in music bank,inkigayo everywhere only IU won and her album MODERN TIMES was an all kill???i dont hate her coz she is my bias jiyeon;s bfff..and also i think you forgot to mention about t-ara soyeon,,she has one of the strongest vocals in kpop industry,she also was supposed to be snsd’s leader,,,i think she deserves a place here

  8. Lol, I do not agree with this post. And also to those ppl who said that IU is overrated, Just accept it. She has a lot of fans. Fangirls, fanboys, Ajhummas and others. And the good thing about IU, IU doesn’t follow the trend like Ailee does.

  9. This article is very interesting. I enjoyed reading it ☺ However, Spica is probably one of the most underrated kpop groups ever. They’re singing is extroadinary, you should really listen to You Don’t Love Me. I’d say Boa’s singing is the most impressive. They may be rookies, but they’ve got the vocals of a pro. Totally on par with Ailee! You should really check them out. I was kinda sad to not see mamamoo and Spica here tbh. But a great article nonetheless 👏

  10. I think at this moment,Ailes is probably the best while Hyorin is the second best though.. Have u seen her performance of ‘Everyone’ in Immortal Song 2?? Truly astounding.. Anyway,i can’t help but agree on your review on IU.. She’s been a little overrated but still she does have a superb talent.. And her acting talent is magnificient too..

  11. how bout adding A Pink’s Eunji to the list :) her voice is as gorgeous and it makes people love her! strongly recommend her to be placed into this list!

  12. Uhmmm, all of them has good voices! in fact, we can’t say that there’s BEST among them because each of us have a voice taste. The beauty of the voice is in the Ear of the hearer… And I just want to remind everyone that please respect one’s opinion so that there will be no fan war or war… hehehe :D Let’s unite. KPOPer unite!!! PEACE O:)

  13. I don’t really get why people are saying that Bom don’t deserves to be on this list. You guys are deaf, she is one of the best singers i’ve ever heard! And i think Ailee should be no 1.

  14. This us totally wrong!! Hyolyn/Horn in first?? That’s a load of BS!! Ailee is way better than her!! And bom can’t even sing. IU should be number 1! Smh you don’t even know your facts

  15. LOVE Davichi and BEG. They make good, solid music, and they’re legit musicians and artists:)

    Ailee’s a great singer with amazing talent, but I’m just disappointed she doesn’t bring her own color into her own songs. Same with Hyorin. She can REALLY belt and has huge range, but once again, she doesn’t bring that talent to her own songs. They have the vocals down pat and their interpretations of other people’s songs are stellar, but they’re very bland in their interpretations of their own songs. That’s why I don’t think they’re that great of artists. But I do think Ailee’s on track a bit better than Hyorin because at least she tries to bring some depth into her songs, whereas Hyorin goes for that sugary shallow interpretation, which just doesn’t cut it for me.

    Bohyung from SPICA really should be on this list. Good God, have you heard her version of “Let It Go”? MIND-BLOWING voice with passion to boot. It’s such a pity people were harping on about Ailee and Hyorin’s versions when their versions were pretty shallow in comparison to Bohyung’s.

    Taeyeon…tough case. Subtle and lovely voice with an ability for the voice of a rock star’s raw big voice. Beautiful and touching ballads, but I do think she can fall into that vanilla category at times, not because she sings ballads or because she’s incapable, but because she sometimes tries TOO hard to perfect her execution to the point her singing has no personality or passion (though her song “I Love You” was an exception… she sang it very passionately). But to be fair, when she lets loose, SHE LETS LOOSE, and damn, you can see what great raw artistry/personality she has.

    I’m kinda sick of people saying IU doesn’t deserve being considered for this list. Yes, I also hate her mainstream songs because they’re so sugary and cutesy, but her non-title tracks are absolute gems. She’s got a great instinct for good solid songs, and that’s why I think she’s a great artist, very much like Gain from BEG. I swear I’m not being delusional, so PLEASE try listening to her songs in this order:
    L’amant (best song EVER from IU)
    Obliviate (incredibly catchy)
    Lost Child (beautiful)
    Bad Day (bittersweet)
    I Don’t Like Her
    Walk With Me Child (listen to this live)

    Park Bom….she’s a good artist, but not the best vocalist imo, so I’m not sure she should be on this list. I know I might be being unfair because I WAS defending the rest for being good artists, but at least they’re at a reasonable level of being able to vocalize and phrase smoothly or belt. Bom’s got a great unique voice, and I really do acknowledge her as a singer and artist, but not the best of vocalists.

    Sunye…LOVE HER VOICE. Like Taeyeon, she’s not the best at the technical itsy-bitsy vocal manipulations or runs, but again similarly to Taeyeon, Sunye’s got a beautiful tone to her voice and can really belt and vocalize her guts out. And like Bom, she’s got a very distinct voice that’s so catchy (like in Be My Baby) and beautiful (like in her duet in Believe). And she backs up her talent by bringing her interpretations to her songs, so that shows what a great artist she is in addition to being a great singer.

    There’s so many Korean artists that are really underrated, underground, or flat-out unknown, (very much like Gavy NJ), so I can’t force myself to give the number one of “Korea’s best female vocalist” to anyone on this list. But I do think that Ali, Baek Ji Young, SeeYa at least should be on this list, and even novices like 15& (Baek Yerin is amazing) and Lee Hi should be on here if we’re being fair…age or reputation or experience shouldn’t determines what goes on this list.

  16. hyorin is not really good to be the best. she has just different voice of other Korean female singers.
    but the way she take the breath and some hoarsense in her voice is terrible…

    • im a STAR1 and hyorin is my biased but im more or less agreed with you.
      i myself would put Ailee or Ali as first and runner up.
      but i really thinks that is what nowadays kpop needs – “differences”.

  17. all of the female Korean singers have nasal voice.even ailee ( she is just good in high notes).and hyorin that has a week live performances.
    you can’t compare them with beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. IU deserve to be on top…
    I mean I konw her voice is slightly nasal. but i like her voice ( she make me calm by her songs) and I like the way she tries to be the best.
    She is so hard working. and she acts more than her age…
    BTW… i like your ratings. i love davinchi too.

  19. Ailee has really strong voice but I think she should find her style. I agree IU is very overrated and unlike you I don’t get what people like to listen about her. Her voice so nasal and high-pitched I get irritated while listening her. There are other nasal sounding singers in Kpop but at least some of them sing well. What I mean she can’t portray the feeling of the song. She sounds so dull. It is boring. As a simple listener for me reaching high-notes or knowing the music note very well is not a good singing but making me feel the song is. There are songs I don’t understand because of language but the singers give me goosebumps with their singing. What IU does is made me threw away the earphones because of his squeaky voice like you said. Taeyeon? Is she really the vocal of the band? When I heard her singing a song I asked if she is really a professional singer. Because even if it was a studio record her singing, her voice was awful. I think Baek Ji Young and Ali are better than most of the names above there…

    • if you think taeyeon’s voice is terrible, how about yours? do you have any sort of talents like kim taeyeon? awful? really? any proof that taeyeon’s voice was awful? i think this list is completely insane, common guys taeyeon and ailee are the two considered QUEEN OF HIGH NOTES in kpop industry, if you think hyorin is the best, for me she is just only number 3, because i watched her live performances but sorry to say, yes her notes was high but i think she is just like shouting, taeyeon when doing a live performance, she has the emotion, the face, the high notes and especially the strong voice, she can control the highness of the song, and she never shout when she always sing, all kpop fans that kim taeyeon was the one best singers of south korea, so for me taeyeon should be the number one in this list, so for the one who said that taeyeon is onnly number 5 when it come in high notes and for the one who said that her voice is awful you are DEFINITELY WRONG ;) im just stating the fact here, accept the fact that the real queen of high notes is KIM TAEYEON AND AILEE :)

  20. Everybody keeps on talking about hyorin and ailee..

    What about song jieun and hyonsung from secret
    Gayoon from 4minute
    Raina from afterschool
    Han seungyeon from kara
    Luna from fx
    Yoo hara from hello venus

    • Da fug? They’re TERRIBLE. People seem to have this misconception that range and how high you can go means that you’re a good vocalist.

      Gayoon sounds good with a good studio fix-up or two, but she sucks live (Nasally, bad breathing technique, inadequate range for her songs)

      Raina is consistently whine-y, leaving her nowhere near this list.

      While I do like Seungyeon (and KARA), I’ll have to say she’s not good enough to be on this list. She has a good range; however, she gets whine-y and airy in her higher notes (Meaning they’re not in her natural range) and often strains to reach them.

      Luna is amazing, however her voice does give in every now and then, she deserves to be on this list more than Park Bomb. She did get an honorable mention, however.

      Yoo Hara is terrible. She’s far from being competent, even farther from being good, and has no chance at being the best.

      • I have to agree; some of the greatest singers (Ronstadt, Carpenter, John) didn’t have the greatest range. What they had, was the talent to communicate the feeling of the songs to their audience. And THAT is what makes a singer great. Example: Like LInda Ronstadt, Taeyeon can bring tears to my eyes and I don’t even know what she’s singing about. THAT’S talent. Ailee and BoHyung have the same skill; and all three have the voice to back it up. And last, all the singers mentioned are very good. On any given day, any one of them will give you a performance that will leave you listening, and thinking what a wonderful gift this woman is giving us by her songs. Every one of them. You can’t judge one through ten. They’re all very good, and on any night, can be truly great.

    • Not trying to be rude or anything, but BoA is honestly just average. She’s definitely not bad and no where near the worst. If she just worked on her vocals a little more, she’d be considered pretty competent.

  21. I love Ailee’s voice and Emma you’re wrong!! She is the goddess of music! You know why? Because she can sing better than you. I never heard you sing and I don’t want to because surely your voice isn’t better than her’s! And no she’s WAY MORE better than Beyonce and EVERY SINGLE FEMALE SINGER LIVING IN THE GLAXAY AND ON EARTH! She’s the queen and the best THAN EVERYONE. The rest are nothing compared to her!!
    We shall bow down to the goddess/queen of music!! We are no match for her and she’s better than us and way more beautiful than us!!
    Ailee our beautiful and talented goddess!!

    • She’s nothing but an overrated Beyonce’ copy cat. She’s talented but that’s about it honestly. She can sing but there are better vocalists out there.

    • LOL you made me laugh sooo much I think I almost choked. I’m kinda embarrassed at your ignorance. No the cosplayer(Ailee) is not better than the one they cosplay(Beyonce). You really need help if you think Ailee even has the talent that Beyonce possesses in her little finger. Maybe if she didn’t choke while singing Strain on Top oh I mean BEYONCE’S Love on Top I would take her a tiny bit more seriously. Please also check your ears, they seem too used to basic sounds.

  22. I don’t get why people say that Ailee is the Korean Beyonce or the Goddess of music? Each one is different and no one can be a goddess, not even Ailee!!
    Plus Beyonce is WAY better than her!!

  23. Both Lee Haeri and Ailee are much better than Hyorin. I think she should be forth right after Taeyeon. Also the presence of Park Bom in this list is some kind of a joke. Vocalist is someone who can sing technically correct something Bom can’t do at all. Also Jessica from definitely deserves to be an honorable mention.

    • Agreed. Most vocalists here are about okay/decent. The only one who’s great on the list is Ailee. There were many false statements on the list pertaining to techniques i.e. strain, control. Jessica, however, is mediocre even if she’s the 2nd best vocalist in SNSD.

    • No they are not, if you pay attention Hyolyn really is just as good as the other two. Ailee is overrated. After Taeyeon? That’s a joke when Hyolyn has a better supported range and has shown better musicianship just as good as Ailee and Haeri. Bom is a joke….Jessica should be mentioned, I agree….she’s improved just needs to stop being a lazy vocalist.

      • oh shut up girl, when i watched hyorin’s live performance she was just like shouting to reach the high notes plus she would never ever like kim taeyeon ;)

    • lmbao you obviously need to get your facts straight, Hyolyn is above Lee Haeri and there’s hardly any difference in skill between her and Ailee. Hyolyn’s F5’s are better than any F5’s attempted by Ailee and Haeri. She also got a better lower register(in fact the best among kpop females). Her technique is very good and her range wider. She also has a great breath support as well as a better stamina than the people you mentioned, as is evident in her being able to have a stable singing while doing choreo simultaneously. Don’t let me catch you on all that falsehood again. Tired of people speaking from their ass like you just did.

      • Hyorin’s technique isn’t that great. I agree, she’s a good singer, but Hyorin now is not better than Ailee now. Hyorin was better before, but due to Ailee’s hard work and practice, she’s on a higher level where even Hyorin may not be able to touch her. Hyorin doesn’t have stable singing while dancing, she goes under-pitch often while dancing. Range does not make Hyorin the best, and her higher notes are poorly supported (Hence, the strain).

    • shes not k-pop… shes a christian singer… (if I’m not mistaken)… but she is one of the best vocalists in the world, up there with Mariah Carey and like, Whitney Housten

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXremWvsYLE you must watch this video. Ailee must the #1 because she can sing everything. She can also dance, she’s so talented. She was gifted. Let us just base it on their achievements, look at Ailee’s achievements. Ohmygosh. She’s just a beginner but she already recieve so many awards and achievements. She also got an invitation from grammy awards 2013, meaning, she is really a great singer. And another article about her, a team of producer in USA wanted to handle Ailee. Omo! So many achievement. I know Ailee will be a popular singer in the whole world like Beyonce because she is deserving and she is a true singer!

    • just search iu’s achievements and hyorin’s low notes .. being called beyonce is not just you can dance and sing high notes . you should also know how to do low notes . ailee is my idol . but i guess songs with beautiful meaning suits to her like ballad .. hyorin also can sing .dance also can do high and low notes .

  25. Ailee known as the Beyonce of Korea not Hyorin. And besides if Hyorin is better than Ailee, she’s the one who got an invitation from Grammy awards 2013.

    • ROFL!!Let me correct you on a few things, firstly, Hyolyn was called the Korean Beyonce way before Ailee was. by Korean legends not her own fans unlike Ailee. And unlike Ailee Hyolyn doesn’t want to be known as a version of another singer. Secondly, her invitation to the Grammys was last year, but did anyone actually see her at the red carpet? I heard the guy she went with wasn’t allowed to snap a picture with her cause she was too irrelevant. Thirdly, she was nowhere to be found in the audience probably because she was sitting too close to the other audience members that were just fans. So I don’t see how being invited to the Grammy’s makes you better.

      Finally, I’d take much more pride in singing with a multiple Grammy award winning singer than to be treated as a ghost at the Grammys. Yup I’m talking about Hyolyn’s flawless duet with the one and only Stevie Wonder, where was Ailee at? Oh yeah nowhere to be found, again.

  26. Oh..please!! the people who doesn`t heard her songs, could tell that IU is overrated, She has a sweet voice, please listen her songs before judge her, besides I think, a lot of fans just like the other girls just for hers looks, come you think that beauty is the only, that matters, you don’t see nothing else

  27. I agree with most of these, although I would say #1 is Ailee (but she’s my bias, so I don’t know how well I can judge) but Park Bom is a horrible vocalist. It’s a fact, she lacks legato and proper technique. If this was a list for the best singers (more based on how well she appeals and emotions) she deserves the spot on this list. But vocalist, Yoona and Hyoyeon are better.

    • Ailee is the best with Hyo but Ailee copies Beyonce’ too much imo and is kinda overrated. Bom, yes….I totally agree with everything you said in regards to her. She is the worse main vocalist in all of K-pop. Even Dasom is a better vocalist than Bom.

  28. what do you consider an “idol?” a group/singer that dances and sings and shows up on lots of variety shows? (but then why is davichi there, they only sing…) i agree, where is younha 윤하? i also think IU is nothing to write home about, didn’t realize she was so “overrated” and ranked #1 elsewhere, blew my mind when i read that. like some other commenters, i’d put davichi as #1. the rest of the rankings i don’t care how they’re shuffled, haha. :)

    personally, the most memorable singers to me are not the ones with the best range or technique. the most memorable ones are the ones that convey emotions and soul the best and/or have a color/tone that is unique. that’s why i like park bom, even though her technique/breathing/control is sub-par. that voice of hers gives me shivers, so soulful (esp. when she sings lower key, such as pre-debut featurings for lexy or red doc or bigbang) and full of color and so unique you can spot it from a mile away… same reason why i love nina simone– that voice of hers you can’t duplicate and it’s so full of soul and i rarely cry listening to songs, but i’ve cried many times to nina simone’s songs (e.g. “if you know” live at ronnie scott’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4Icg8gxDvc ). or billie holiday… anwyays, i’m talking jazz now not kpop so i’ll stop… :) i’m just saying i hope park bom does some jazz or r&b, cos personally i hate hearing her strain and do these songs that don’t really fit her voice that well… :/

    thanks for reading.

  29. Did you guys consider the other two lead vocalists in RaNia:

    Riko:OMG, I know Jooyi is the main(For obvious reasons we all know, her vocal weight, range, volume, control, expressiveness, and good technique.**Christina Aguilera anyone**) But Riko has the best in control and TECHNIQUE in RaNia. Her tone is only a bit nasal and her volume isn’t as astonishing as Jooyi but she makes up for it in her skill. Honestly she reminds me of a more expressive version of Taeyeon only that Riko has a more nasal tone.
    Pre Debut and already sounds like a professional:

    Xia: Xia has volume, great control, 2nd best Technique(Jooyi, in ranking of technique 2.5th place in technique only because, xia beats her by a little bit.) Her great technique results in her voice have a quick, controlled and even vibrato, and her ability to reach the high notes is about the same with jooyi, jooyi beating her by a little bit. Xia is great with her agile, fast, melodious, controlled, and healthy-techniqued voice, it makes her worthy of 10th place to a definite honorable mention.

    compliation because I couldn’t find an audition or solo

  30. Wait, a question, is this supposed to be a list of the best vocalists, or the best singers? Because the two are literally completely different things. There’s a good explanation of the difference on the “idols’ vocals” thread on allkpop(yeah I know, allkpop is, well, allkpop, but it’s actually a very professional analysis). I would agree with this largely if it was about singers, but not if it’s actually about vocalists in the sense of the technical definition of the word.

  31. Mine:
    10. Wonder Girls’ Sunye
    9. IU
    8. 2NE1’s Bom
    7. Gummy
    6. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
    5. Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA
    4. SISTAR’s Hyorin
    3. Ailee
    2. Davichi
    1. Gavy NJ’s Heeyoung

    Actually, it’s kinda hard to believe that I put Gummy as 7 Taeyeon as 6 JeA as 5 and Hyorin as 4 But Heeyoung is my new crush so yeah. Also, I love IU and SunYe voice but the other 8 is somehow better for me.

  32. They r all very well thought and reasonable…until Hyorin the biggest dissappointment everrrrrrrr she is overrated she sings much better back then when sistar19 debuts her voice started to crack and since she lost her clear voice whatever she sings is blurred her group soyu is underrated and yet overshawdowed by Hyorin that she is an awesome singer too

    • The real disappointment that’s very “unreasonable” is this dumbass comment. Please, sweetheart. Have several seats. Most of this isn’t reasonable cause A. Bom is a terrible vocalist. B. Ailee is overrated and like someone earlier is a joke being called “Korea’s Beyonce” with that mediocre ass voice sounding like a washed up Beyonce’ after her career has long sense ended. C. her voice was NOT better when she debuted in SISTAR19, all you flop and single minded individuals need to enrich your life and know that she’s better than everyone on this list technically speaking (minus the Beyonce’ copycat Ailee who are on par atm). She has long since “cracked” and most definitely has a clearer and “richer” voice than she did when she debut, not to mention has better overall control not to mention a larger supported range and the ability to do complex run/riffs.

      Now, you tell me who’s straining and what not. Don’t come for Hyo unless you can back it up, sweetheart. Sit down.

      • thats true hyorin will and for always be number 1 …… please just tell the truet
        she is the only korean singer that does not lip sing ,, and man her vocals are good , sowhat miss Ailee beat her on immortal but hyorin will always remain number one ,, advise dont comment on something u cant back.,

  33. Taeyeon? Lacking in conveying passion? Kim Taeyeon of SNSD? What. Funny, Knetizens usually regard her strength as conveying emotion.

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  36. No J-Min?? :( I think she isgood…. to me, she deserved at least an onorable mention…. anyway the rest of list is perfect *__*
    Good job, as always :3

    • We really really love J-Min’s voice, she is one of the best if not the best male or female singers. Her rendition of “Happy X-Mas” is inspiring and powerful, we would kill to see more of this from her. We would probably rank her in the top 3 female singers if their was more material. If she even had a legitimate debut single in Korea she would rank on our list.

      • mmmm…. SM wastes their talents….. as always, but I don’t know why, if all the SM artist would show off ALL their talents everyone would stop saying they’re all a bunch of pretty faces. Most of the SM artists don’t get the praise they deserve and it’s disheartening :(

  37. This is honestly the most competent list I’ve ever read for K-pops Top Female Vocalist. Most of the time such lists are littered with unoriginal artist that sound like whiney 4 year olds and it drives me nuts! lol. But yeah, the only two things i’d disagree with is IU and Heeyoung. IU should be 10, and Heeyoung should be #1 with Hyroin at either # 2 or maybe 3. Heeyoung was the best singer out of all of these on the list, that girl honestly shocked me she was so good……..i had to put my hand over my mouth it was open so wide! hahaha. IU has a voice, yes, and i get that she sounds so pure that it’s incredibly pretty to listen to, but that’s just it…….it’s PRETTY. The best word to describe her voice wouldn’t be powerful, stunning, strong, or emotional, but just – pretty. Everyone else on this list could be described as one of the other words however, including the lovely Gummy, which is why I think IU should be 10. But anyways, AWESOME LIST!! I LOVE Ailee and 2ne1!!! <333

  38. i totally agree with @nikki.. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji is also really great. she can reach very high notes without exerting too much effort.. i think it’s time for her to have some recognition.. :)

  39. Quite honestly I do agree with majority of the list; however, I (as well as some of the others have mentioned) do NOT agree with the order. With the current list I would’ve put:

    1. Hyorin
    2. Gavy NJ’s Heeyoung
    3. JeA
    4. Davichi
    5. Ailee
    6. Gummy
    7. Sunye
    8. Taeyeon
    9. IU
    !0. Bom

    I honestly believe that JeA is one of South Korea’s BEST vocalists of all time, power AND control right there. She simply has it all and I would rank her MUCH higher, possibly even higher than miss “Singing Queen” Hyorin because of the face she DOES possess the raw power of Hyorin but is able to express emotion and control on a slightly better degree; however, I feel Hyorin has more power and color to her voice (which is why she will always outrank Ailee even if Ailee’s notes are a tad clearer Hyorin is still better by a good margin. Also, it seems as if Ailee has to work her way up to sounding amazing as in an innate state Hyorin’s voice just pours out strong and amazing. It’s like Destiny’s Child Beyonce’ – Hyorin Vs. Kelly – Ailee. Hyorin has much more depth to her voice yet Ailee has some better control. Hyorin has stronger notes). I think that Sunye’s notes are much prettier and less strained than Taeyeon’s; however, Taeyeon has slightly more power in her notes. I think as far as singing all together, IU isn’t as good as Taeyeon nor Sunye…I too find her VASTLY overrated and only praised cause she’s pretty. Bom, early in her days would rank MUCH higher, even on par with Ailee now. Not sure if you’re just meaning “Idol Vocalists” (which is debatable for Heeyoung, Brown Eyed Girls, Gummy and Davichi)…if you just talking about Korean Vocalists in general, it’d say:

    1. Suki
    2. Hwayobi
    3. Sohyang
    4. SeeYa’s (NOT “The” SeeYa) Yeonji
    5. Sunny Days’ Sunkyung
    6. SPICA’s Kim Boa/Narae/Bohyung (all rank the same, can’t tell who’s best yet)
    7. Hyorin
    8. Gavy NJ’s Heeyoung
    9. JeA
    10. Ailee

    • If we never compared anything, nothing would have worth.
      If we did not compare things, what is the difference between a 1999 Toyota Corolla and 2012 Lamborghini Aventador if they can both still drive?
      For something to be even labeled as good they have to be compared to something that is not good. Thus comparison is key, for we could never appreciate anything of true value if we never saw things that have no value.

  40. the reason i feel strange for ailee being in the top 10 is that she tries too hard that she shouts most of the notes and it sounds too forceful

  41. This is really stupid and all because many people think Girls Generation’s Taeyeonis really good, but when she’s not singing like really amazing notes like around 2:30 (Like you said) her voice reminds me of a fuzzy television. :/

  42. I like the people on the list, but disagree with the order. While I do believe Hyorin has a great voice, she doesn’t utilise it. More examples from Immortal Song 2 prove it – there’s so little variation that it makes me want to cry. I love her voice. I love her range, I love the huskiness, I hate that she’s called the Beyonce of Korea because I think she’s BETTER. But she’s like Kyuhyun of Super Junior to me (weirdly this was totally brought home to me from them both appearing on the aforementioned Immortal Song 2). Compare to Lee Haeri? No contest. Haeri destroys her. If Hyorin put that much emotion into her performance? *Haeri* would get destroyed. It’s just sad – everyone’s told her she’s amazing, so she doesn’t work on these things that she really lacks. She is amazing, but without work on her real issues, so many surpass her who have less than 10% of her potential.
    On a side note… I think I am going to become addicted to this blog. I’m sorry in advance.

  43. I never really knew how good Hyorin is. But damn, qurl!! I think her voice is not really emotional or ground breaking. Her voice is good, but not my cup of tea. And yes, she is one of the best singers in KPOP. To me, she is not the best singer and her skills aren’t the best. I actually think Baek Ji Young, Younha, Sunye, Ga-in are better, but they aren’t necessarily the KPOP idols, except for Sunye. And also, I Hyorin shouldn’t be in Sistar since she way too good for that group. Qurl should go solo.

  44. I think if we respected other people’s opinions, there would be less hating. But yeah your opinion. So F U!!!
    Just kidding. That was rude. I just always wanted to do that.
    Most of the singers you have mentioned are deserving of this list.
    1. Davichi- their voices are too beautiful to even be ignored and really full of emotion.
    2. Jea
    3. Sunye
    4. Ailee
    5. Yenny
    6. Taeyeon
    7. Hyorin
    8. Heeyoung
    9. Boa(spica)
    10. Gummy

    Honorable mentions:
    Park Bom
    Ji Eun

      • Big Bang calls themselves “true artists” and some of their songs are amazing, so they do deserve the title.NO they are not perfect and we have NEVER said that. We also really have no idea what Big Bang has t do with female vocalists, because bringing them up is an illogical fallacy. The fact that none of them are female and we never made them out to anything that they are not, really proves to be no use in an argument about women singers.

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  46. thepeachandbagel :
    I called you illiterate because you are not readying what I am saying. If you can’t read, that would there for make you illiterate. While literacy has to do with not only writing but reading as well. The fact that you are illiterate means you would not know that fact, or understand it. We assure you that we have impecable writing skills, and have known how to write and read since childhood. While not once have we commented on your gender, nor have we made any gender specific comments, so we find that entire statement completely irrelevant.
    Good god, do you have no tact nor dignity. It is repulsive, how can you talk to ladies in such a manner? But alas we know this awnser: chivalry is DEAD. Why do you even care what we think. Go get a girlfriend/boyfriend (we don’t judge), or a hobby. Because having a fight with a girl online is pretty damn sad. It has now reached a point of becoming painful to repeatedly tell you, if you don’t like it don’t read it…
    Is that simple task really that hard. In perspective does it even matter. This post can not be the entire bane of your existance. Seriously out of the worlds problems one post out of the millions on WordPress alone can not be that bad. Before you react to badly to something frankly just stupid, think about a starving child in Africa or somebody who has lived their entire life in poverty, then look back at you petty stupid problems. Because this blog is fun, it is for fun. As anything should be. While fools much like yourself read only what you want and not the message or what is actually present. Is there really a reason to act like an ass?
    While writing this comment I know that just from how you have responded to the last comments you won’t even understand. So I shall repeat this fact to you as many times needed: shut up and take it like a man.

    You said “okay girlfriend” that mean you called me a female.

    • In a literal sense, yes, it does mean female. But what puts you in the same damn boat as that guy is the fact that was said with sass making it appropriate for any gender. Bringing me to the point, I was in no way talking to you. So please mind your own business.

    • Secondary I appoligize for not reading properly, why did you change names and email. That makes no sense. How are we going to know its still the same person if you are doing that????
      Fight like an adult.

  47. lol.This is just plain funnyXD
    Hyorin actually sucks in the real world:P
    Get out of your dream guys!

    • Has it ever occurred to you that we are not the only ones who think she is good? No we don’t care for sistars overtly sexual dancing, but we don’t judge anyone for “selling out”, because if it her dream to be a singer that touches many people, it is easier in a group like sistar. Because we know if she wasn’t in that group but just some nobody then you would all praise her. So get out of your self righteous all-knowing bubble. Because it is annoying. Grow up, what is there to even laugh about?

      • Well actually Shoot anonymous! has a point. Hyorin from Sistar sings with a closed throat which means bad technique. She also strains frequently, she should’ve been 8,7, or 6 on this list. Her stage presence is what saves her.

  48. thepeachandbagel :
    Are you illiterate or just strait up stupid? You obviously do not know how to read because our reply to you spoke nothing of the post, the truth has already be written (by us), and as we shall once again say: shut up and get over it. If you don’t like it then LEAVE, we don’t need you opinion on the topic. So this time skipping the niceties: GO AWAY. We truthfully need neither your opinion nor views.

    You wrote the truth? where? All i see is a big fat biased disgusting lie.
    oh BTW, before calling me illiterate, learn how to write yourselves.
    Also, I’m a dude.

    • I called you illiterate because you are not readying what I am saying. If you can’t read, that would there for make you illiterate. While literacy has to do with not only writing but reading as well. The fact that you are illiterate means you would not know that fact, or understand it. We assure you that we have impecable writing skills, and have known how to write and read since childhood. While not once have we commented on your gender, nor have we made any gender specific comments, so we find that entire statement completely irrelevant.
      Good god, do you have no tact nor dignity. It is repulsive, how can you talk to ladies in such a manner? But alas we know this awnser: chivalry is DEAD. Why do you even care what we think. Go get a girlfriend/boyfriend (we don’t judge), or a hobby. Because having a fight with a girl online is pretty damn sad. It has now reached a point of becoming painful to repeatedly tell you, if you don’t like it don’t read it…
      Is that simple task really that hard. In perspective does it even matter. This post can not be the entire bane of your existance. Seriously out of the worlds problems one post out of the millions on WordPress alone can not be that bad. Before you react to badly to something frankly just stupid, think about a starving child in Africa or somebody who has lived their entire life in poverty, then look back at you petty stupid problems. Because this blog is fun, it is for fun. As anything should be. While fools much like yourself read only what you want and not the message or what is actually present. Is there really a reason to act like an ass?
      While writing this comment I know that just from how you have responded to the last comments you won’t even understand. So I shall repeat this fact to you as many times needed: shut up and take it like a man.

      • Firstly, we really don’t think you know what you are talking about not only were we talking to a male and calling him illiterate. But you must be illiterate as well, for it seems to be a quality that both sexes share quite easily. We really do not know if you did not read the entire conversation or did not understand it but we do not need some feminazi bitch coming into our blog and yelling at us about something that they did not fully comprehend but is frankly none of their damned business. Lighten up for god’s sake, what is wrong with you? This conceived generalization about the entire female population is ridiculous. But obviously you and many others before you have proved girls to be completely insufferable. It is a wonder men can even stand horrid creatures such as yourself. For if it was possible to be sexist as a female against females, one of the two of us would gladly join that movement. Where is your class or dignity? You come in here with a highly accusatory tone and without proper knowledge and just go off on a tangent. It is highly unbecoming, and if you don’t want anybody to be a misogynist than don’t make all women to be intolerable pricks.

  49. thepeachandbagel :
    Okay girlfriend, no need to get your panties wedged any farther up your ass. Just relax, if you can’t handle the truth then sorry to pop you bubble, but get over it. Stop acting like a child because it is unbecoming to act so immature. And just like we tell other people who can’t accept the truth, we frankly don’t give a rats ass about you opinion. If you want to carry on as a repugnant fool, then by all means do not let us stop you.
    If you have such strong opinions then MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG. All of you people are insane, because people like you are such narcissists. You all think we care about your opinions, or that your criticism actually will change our minds. And this sort of pointed rage is unhealthy. No one will ever take you or your opinions seriously if you act this unstable.
    Like we tell every other person with a problem, if you don’t like the post don’t read it.

    “The Truth” LOL.
    Your so biased its sickening.
    Your opinion sucks, I wasn’t even posting my opinion, I was post THE TRUTH. If you don’t like the truth, go to another planet, maybe that way you’ll stop embarrassing yourselves.
    Hyorin isin’t and never will be the best, or even one of the best.
    Thats the unbiased, technical truth. BTW, I forgot to metion Ailee being 10000X better than Hyorin.
    basically this.

    Sorry your to immature and butthurt to handle the truth. Your little ‘star1’ ass just got kicked.
    Hyorin is good, compared to maybe YoonA or sooyoung. But compared to real vocalists like Gummy or Jea or even Dana, she’s a piece of shit.

    Learn to handle the hardcore facts. Then we’ll talk.

    • Are you illiterate or just strait up stupid? You obviously do not know how to read because our reply to you spoke nothing of the post, the truth has already be written (by us), and as we shall once again say: shut up and get over it. If you don’t like it then LEAVE, we don’t need you opinion on the topic. So this time skipping the niceties: GO AWAY. We truthfully need neither your opinion nor views.

  50. Cassielf :
    For me, Davichi are number 1. Their voices are so captivating and actually make me cry. With Hyorin, I really don’t feel anything :/

    So true.

  51. Its so hilarious to see your incompetence, and the way your playing these people who follow you and actually think you know anything.
    First off: if your going to make a post called “top 10 female vocalists” try not to make it damn biased as hell. You should put “Top 10 kpop female vocalist(in our opinion)”
    Beacause your ranking is way off. I’m not hating, but rather trying to enlighten you on how wrong you are.

    The only two words you used were ‘control’ and ’emotion’ well, wight I say (coming from a vocalist my self) there is MUCH more to singing than your beloved ‘control’ and ’emotion’.

    Hyorin- “undoubtedly the best…” the amount of false/wrong/degrading biased action is sickening.
    Have you heard her high notes? 1. She can’t stay on the same pitch to save her life 2. she has 0 vibrato 3. her ‘control’ is WAY off, she falters, breaks, cracks, all at the same time as being pitch in nearly every performance- Plus her emotion range is -6
    I am 100% convinced you only put her at #1 beacause 1. your extremely SISTAR biased and wished she would be better or 2. your horny guys who like her butt rubbing and big boobs.
    She can’t even sing low. She tries getting off her ridiculous loud obnoxious high notes, and she fails.
    Coming from me- I’m able to say that i am 200x better than Hyorin, but can’t even come close to Jea or Heari or even Yenny.
    Ailee & Hyorin were both on IS2 and Ailee(a rookie) blew her away.

    Her ‘scratchy, rough’ ‘husky’ voice is the only thing she has going for her.
    Also, Bom? really? THIS IS COMING FROM A BLACK JACK- She is good, but sure as hell not top 10 good. She can’t control her voice, all she really has going for her is emotion. She has amazing emotion, yes.
    Even Minzy or Yenny or Sunye are WAY better than her.
    Sunye at #9 -_- your disgusting. Really. She has better breath control, forceed, and contralto than even Taeyon.

    Seriously I can’t even-_-
    Do you know Davichi? They are THE best, and even better than Jea or anyone really.
    Just choosing your favourites or your opinion, rather than facing the truth.
    Calling IU overrated while putting the queen of overation at #1?
    IU has better control, forceed, breath support, regation, force, projection, range and head voice than everyone on this list than maybe Jea or Davichi.
    Even if you like someone more, it won’t change who has better technique and beauty of voice.
    Even Jooyi, Boa(spica) and Ailee are better than Hyorin or Bom- And their rookies.
    Taeyon is all talk. You think IU is overrated? LOL.
    Taeyon is NOTHING special, and couldn’t be to save her 8 ‘sisters’.
    She has nothing to her, no technique, nothing. Even YoonA has better breath and technique.
    I’m so sorry for riding on your blog, popping your bubbles and ruining your dreams, but I just couldn’t help but enlighten your false assumptions.
    Truth be told, your probably just immature teenagers, but it enrages me to see such disgusting false biased statements.

    How it is in REALITY:

    I read this blog post: the real deal:

    Since Yenny isn’t THE main singer in WG, people tend to brush her off-but that shouldn’t happen. She is an AMAZING singer, with an amazing soulful almost gospel voice, her control is incredible.

    9. Gummy
    Gummy, She is incredibly underrated. The thing she has most is undying emotion, bore than any other kpop singer.
    She literally fits almost any genre, and sings her heart out all the time.

    8. Hyorin
    Hyorin is a power house. I love her scratchy sound, but when she goes high, she sounds a bit flat and plain. she also goes off pitch regularly.
    I personally love her soft quiet singing best. She has amazing control truth be told.

    7. IU
    IU’s voice is the epitome of sweet. She hits those high note like its nobody’s business! She is a boss singer and extremely techniqued.

    Taeyon really wowed me with her volume, I mean, she sings so loud, and when she does, her voice breaks into two. She also has a HUGE range. One thing she majorly lacks: Emotion. There is nothing there when she sings. She sounds awesome, but she could never make you cry or jump or feel pained, personally I think she sounds to trained, and there is no passion.

    ….wow. Her runs are SPOT ON. That is extremely difficult to do, but she does it flawlessly. She hits every note easily and is just boss at all of it! One thing is: her range is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, she goes so freaking low, and so amazingly high its mind blowing.
    She can’t sing very loud, but during her corroboration with Davichi & Taeyon, she blew Taeyon out of the water.

    Narsha<3 Were do i begin? She sings so high! She still sounds soulful while singing HIGH! She is amazing, i love her vibrato, and her emotion and she so obviously knows what she's doing better than anyone. She never shows strain, or anything.

    Jea. Undoubtedly the strongest singer. Emotional too. She does EVERYTHING perfectly and spot on, all of it. She can sing any genre, anytime. She is so emotional (almost as much as Bom or Gummy)
    She can blow the roof off any place. She is just truly amazing in ways words cannot desricbe.

    Perfect. No matter how loud, high or hard Mingyuk sings, its never too much. She could keep going forever not straining at all.
    No matter how low, high, soft, loud Heari sings, she never loses pitch stability, flow.
    They are perfect, and THE best. They have technique and literally everything they need.

    Honerable mentions:
    Ga In(BEG)
    Sorry for popping your bubbles.
    Don't go replying "Its our opinion!" Because if it was, than you should have put that down in the article.
    Don't go replying "that's your opinion!" because that list is not my personal preference, if it was, Narsha would be #1.
    And this is all pure fact.

    Goodbye. I hope you've learned right from wrong.

    • Okay girlfriend, no need to get your panties wedged any farther up your ass. Just relax, if you can’t handle the truth then sorry to pop you bubble, but get over it. Stop acting like a child because it is unbecoming to act so immature. And just like we tell other people who can’t accept the truth, we frankly don’t give a rats ass about you opinion. If you want to carry on as a repugnant fool, then by all means do not let us stop you.
      If you have such strong opinions then MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG. All of you people are insane, because people like you are such narcissists. You all think we care about your opinions, or that your criticism actually will change our minds. And this sort of pointed rage is unhealthy. No one will ever take you or your opinions seriously if you act this unstable.
      Like we tell every other person with a problem, if you don’t like the post don’t read it.

    • sorry,you wrote about Sunye vocal rang,would you please recommend me a song showing her vocal rang?:) I knew she is great vocalist and yenny too,but I didn’t know about her vocal rang!:) thanks!:)

  52. I totally agree with this list, but at least under the “honorable mentions” you should have Yenny from WG.

    Listen to the end, Yenny has amazing control, a very soulful voice, HUGE range and amazing emotion:

  53. Hey guys! i love this list, but where is BoA(from SPICA) She is truly AMAZING. You should consider adding her :)

  54. Hey guys, i’ve been reading your blog and i think its fantastic(a little opinionated) But fantastic opinions!

    I have an idea for a TOP 10 Post: Best female rappers-idol groups- I know a lot of idol group rappers are mediocre and suck, but a LOT of them are really great!
    Here are some MUSTS for the list(all really unique and experienced)


    There are more, but these are the best(again, IDOL rappers, not like Tasha)

    Just an idea<3

  55. Zhang li yin is also a beautiful singer. I would’ve replaced Gummy with her. Too bad people forgot about her :(

  56. I just still dont get it! Hyorin is NOT that good! Can you PLEASE Explain how she is better than the others?

  57. I Already know that, But JEA has the raw talent as well as technique AND controll. Also, She probabl has more technique than any of the others, considering she has been a vocalist for more than 10 years.

    Also, If hyorin is so good, she shouldnt be in sistar. sistar19 is okay, but the MVs and Promotions as SISTAR ARE AWFUL. The have 0 talent besides hyorin. THEIR DANCES MAKE ME WANT TO BARF. ITS SO DIGUSTING AND RAUNCHY. Rubbing your bum….DISGUSTING.
    also, Hyorin has a great voice, not the best, but still truly amazing, and that being GIVEN SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT IN A BETTER GROUP. A GROUP THAT SHOWS HER TALENT. And doesnt diguise in w/ awful music,songs, dancing, outfits, etc,.

    • Hyorin’s case with Sistar is very normal though. JeA is lucky enough to be in an “idol” group (and we say this cautiously because we hardly consider BEG idols) where she is allowed to showcase her talent. It’s rare to see groups in which the lead/main vocalists are actually allowed to absolutely shine, which is why we rely on solo performances to judge them.

      • I suppose, Bt that doesnt change the fact that sistar is…..(see above)
        why are BEG not idols?
        Almost half of SUJU are in their 30’s.

      • We didn’t mean that in a negative way at all– we actually meant that BEG are of such status and talent that they are way too good to be just considered idols. Nothing to do with their age whatsoever.
        And exactly who in Super Junior is in their 30’s?????

  58. IMO, Jea is No,1….Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxneBkxwXTw

    Also, as of late, Bom has been able to controll her voice better,

    Ailee is BOSS.

    Teayon…..her voice is kinda plain….

    Narsha anf Ga iN should have been pn this list!!! Even Miyro is a great singer!

    Hyorin is alright, but JEa is better! and When Bom is having a good day, HER VOICE IS AMAZING!

    jooyi is pretty good too.

    Davichi is are very controoled and amazing, true. Bt not the best. And also a little plain. But they do have emotion.

    Anyway Check this out, And JEa should be No.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JeA is an amazing singer, and while her range is awesome and her voice is powerful, compared to the top 5 who have amazing control, her’s is average. We did want to put Narsha and Ga-in, but overall, we think we’re satisfied with who made the final cut and who didn’t.

      • But, The top 5 dont have EMOTION.
        Jea is just….BETTER.
        IT SPEAKS.

      • Apart from Taeyeon, we’d argue the other four definitely do have emotion. And in any case, emotion does not make you a good singer- it definitely enhances your singing, and makes it more beautiful to hear, but without the raw talent that has more to do with control and technique, an emotionful voice is not enough to stand.

  59. Sunye!!! She has a beautiful voice, beautiful appearance, and is even more beautiful on the inside. 100% and how can you hate on the girl who’s dating a missionary?

  60. The reason Taeyeon sounds good is because she is surrounded by other untalented 8 singers. But i dont like her because she looks annoying and plastic. She has good voice tho. But there are still plenty of other female vocalist than these girls in Kpop. I’m guessing you meant female vocalist in Kpop that we have actually heard of :/

    • SNSD may be a lot of things, but not all of them are untalented singers. Jessica has surprising control, and Tiffany’s great (her control may be off a lot, but she’s got the right thing going on). Out of SNSD’s “vocalists” though, Taeyeon is rightfully the best. And while yeah, there definitely is a lot better out there than her, her skills aren’t something to overlook.

      • Yes , not all of them are untalented singers. Just because they aren’t te greatest singers doesn’t mean they are horrible(Sunny has a sweet voice, Seohyun is top singers in Snsd with a cute lisp, Tiffany has a good voice as well, actually one of my favorites and Taeyeon is great.) It’s Jessica’s voice that I don’t like; it’s too thin, nasal, higher pitched version of BoA. And like Taeyeon, her face annoys me! But yes, out of the top Kpop groups and a singer, Taeyeon is amazing and (but a sone comparing her voice to Celine Dion,pffft!) and has a beautiful voice.

      • Oh, we don’t like Jessica’s nasally voice either. But while we can’t stand it aesthetically, her control is there. And yeah; a lot of times, we definitely feel turned off idols because of their fans, but getting past the sheer ridiculous levels fans praise Taeyeon to (and practically all other idols), there is merit in Taeyeon.

    • Are you really that delusional? So many other idols get plastic surgery and even then not all of the SNSD members have gotten it. To say that Taeyeion is the only good singer is completely stupid. They have Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica, and Seohyun. The others might not sing as well because THEY AREN’T SINGERS they are dancers. Antis like you have the worst arguments why you think SNSD are untalented and are plastic. One more thing, they’re an IDOL group not a singing group that means that don’t just sing, but they dance and act.

  61. Sorry….I do not see how hyorin is good at all….Her voice is plain, screamy, flat. Its not unique either. while she is good, i must say, jea, Ailee, and Narsha are all better than her. sorry but that video is no proof that she can sing. and if she can, please prove it.

    Also, I would very much apreaciate is if yo would stop acting like bieng 28 is like being 58….Bom’s not even old miss, not even close, not even middle aged.If anything is very much young. I can name a couple AMAZING singers a lot older than her: Christina Aguilera, Gummy, Beyonce, Gwen stefani, MADONNA, A ton. Bom is very much young, so stop being a pre mature teenager by saying “Omg 30’s like…so old…” oma god”….

    • We didn’t make Bom out to be middle aged at all, and neither did we exaggerate her age and seem exasperated about it. And Hyorin’s voice is absolutely unique. We understand how you may think her voice is “screamy”, but we prefer the term rough. Unlike a majority of female vocalists in K-Pop, Hyorin has an extremely distinct voice, that is not at all flat or plain.

  62. I’ve never really understand all the hype behind IU’s and Taeyeon’s. I think Taeyeon is technically a better singer than IU but it also seems like Taeyeon is lacking something. Other than “Halo” by Ailee, I’m not that impressed by her. I mean, she’s great and all but nothing very special there YET. I know she’s still new to the industry and I’m only expecting great things from her. Gummy’s voice is kind of similar to ZIA (an amazing solo singer) but I wish Gummy’s skills and capabilities were as good as ZIA.

    Hands down, Hyorin takes the first place spot for me. I know a lot of people talk about her lack of control and emotions but she’s still quite new in the industry and I definitely do see and feel more emotions in her singing now than before. I love that performance you posted up. Most people recognize Hyorin for her high notes and her powerhouse voice but this performance showcases another side of her. Her vocal range is amazing as well. With growth and development along with the a continuing focus on singing, Hyorin will definitely be at her best. BTW, I love Hyorin and Yesung in Immortal Song 2. It’s too bad they couldn’t stay on together longer.

    I love JeA. She is definitely in my top 5. It’s too bad that she is not as recognized as she should be considering she’s been in the industry longer than any of these female singers on the list (excluding Gummy). She’s really just underexposed. Someone you didn’t mention is Kim Yeon Ji from SeeYa. She is also in my top 5. You should try to check her out if you haven’t.

  63. Edit: Um, nvm about the last comment, yeah, these girls(except I don’t think IU that great) are as good as Amy or Charice. I’ve just never heard these girls sing and wow, was I wrong!

  64. I’m sad that I didn’t see Younha here. I don’t even think she’s Kpop. She sounds sort of like Amy Lee, the American singer from that one band idk what’s it’s called. These days, Park Bom is sounding a bit like, I hate to say it, Selena Gomez. And while I respect your opinion and agree with you that these are best singers in Kpop and I am very Kpop-biased, none of these girls can amount to Amy Lee…or Charice, but that’s just me!

      • We really do not appreciate this kind of language or behavior on this blog, please control yourself!
        Secondly, who are you even talking about obviously the 1st commenter brought up 5 different females, so just saying her is rather vague. If you want to get testy about anything keep in mind in the future that you should be more specific.

    • I do agree that none of these singers are up to Amy Lee’s level, but they still have alot of talent and there is no point to compare them to western singers because we have different standards than kpop does
      p.s. (Amy Lee is from Evanescence)

  65. I am more than happy to see IU not number one. I don’t have anything against her but I don’t understand how people can rank her over Davichi, that absolutely blows my mind. I’m glad to see people thinking like me ^.^ I don’t have much to say about this list though, I don’t listen to many girl groups but Davichi and Brown Eyed Girls.

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