Music Video Review- Weeks 9 and 10 (2012)

For the 9th and 10th weeks of 2012 we will be reviewing Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”, Nine Muses’ “Ticket” Exo-K’s “History”, and Fat Cat’s “Like a Dream”.

Big Bang- Bad Boy

February 28, 2012

The Song:

“Bad Boy” is honestly adorable. Its light-hearted, reggae but meaning-full style really melts your heart. “Bad Boy” is practically sappy- that song that you could totally imagine a guy singing to his girlfriend, apologizing to her while being as corny as possible; it’s totally Big Bang’s style. The singing is bittersweet, and the rapping is cuter than words in that “I’m a bad boy but totally adorable” kind of way. The chorus is addicting enough, but what’s even more catchy is the tune of the song. This is the kind of melody you hum to yourself throughout the day for no apparent reason, and sway your head back and forth to the beat. It’s that kind of catchy.

The Video:

At first, we didn’t really see anything special with the music video. It sort of seemed like the one for “Blue”, only instead of a sad Big Bang, a much happier one. While there is some truth in our first assumption, as the video went on, we saw just how different the two are. While both retain a very mellow feel, “Blue” seems more dark and heavy”, while “Bad Boy” is still meaningful, but a lot lighter and sweeter. The color scheme provided for a much warmer feel, and, unlike “Blue” which we watched with concentrated faces, we could actually smile at parts during this one (it was too cute seeing the members get rejected). The fashion was definitely a lot more Big Bang in this music video, and though Taeyang may have been a bit too “fashion-forward”, the other members looked as funky as they always do.

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

March 6, 2012

The Song:

“Blue” and “Bad Boy” seemed more to show off Big Bang’s capabilities as musicians – the songs highlighted the members’ rapping and singing performances, as well as G-Dragon’s composing skills. However, “Fantastic Baby” is nothing near as deep and heavy as the other songs; this one is solely for fun and to show off the epic Big Bang everyone knows. “Fantastic Baby”, unlike “Blue” and “Bad Boy” isn’t weary with toil and filled with meaning. While there is a subtle message, this song is more or less just something easy going and fun that one can effortlessly dance and sing along to. It honestly doesn’t seem to be any more than that. The autotuning, truthfully, is a bit of a turn off, but Big Bang is usually able to pull it off so well and this song was no exception.

The Video:

This music video is amazing. And we don’t mean in that “oh-wow-super-mind-orgasm-at-the-meaning-behind-this” kind of way, but amazing in that this video is just so ridiculous. Nothing makes sense, or rather, there is nothing to even make sense of. We’re not sure we can really explain anything: G-Dragon’s hair, T.O.P in paintings, a frozen shirtless Taeyang, Seungri’s spock appearance, the owls, the “police”, the furry domo monster- this video is just as random as 2ne1’s music videos usually are. Only this time, we’re adding Big Bang to the picture, and truthfully that only makes the video even more confusing. And we love this. This is the kind of comeback we were expected from Big Bang, and we’re glad we got it.

Nine Muses – Ticket 

March 7, 2012

The Song:

To be honest, we didn’t enjoy this at all. The music didn’t really match the girls’ voices and the singing going on. It’s not exactly that the girls’ are terrible singers, but “Ticket” just wasn’t the song for Nine Muses, and this is largely where the problem stems. There was no catchy factor, and just nothing good about it.

The Video:

What the hell does this song have to do with the hooker cop uniform? Or the red and green uniforms? We even attempted to look up the lyrics to try and decipher a correlation to the video, but that didn’t help.

“Oh my scratch”


Exo-K – History

March 8, 2012

The Song:

What is SM even trying? Like really, a second “prologue”?

And “History” isn’t that great. SM, really, what happened? In the past, they were the ones to produce the songs; the songs of the Hallyu Wave that most every K-Pop fan would know, with or without will. “Gee”, “Sorry, Sorry”, “Ring Ding Dong” – hate or love the songs, you know them. Lately though, SM’s been totally off their game. Super Junior and SNSD’s comebacks were unimpressive; beautiful, sure. Something for the fans? Sure. But anything really impressive? No. And this is all coming right around and biting EXO down. We don’t doubt their impending popularity- despite SM’s music, no matter how good or how suckish, SM fans are glued. However the quality of SM’s music is really disappointing, especially when you know the true capabilities it can reach.

“History” is boring. It’s flat and static. The only semi-okay things were the chorus which, no, wasn’t catchy, but was pretty aesthetically appealing, and the raps, which surprisingly were good for SM’s usual standards (this isn’t saying much). We seriously hope SM is planning more than this though.

The Video:

Welcome to the party in EXO’s pants.

Regarding this party, the two of us actually have different opinions. While The Peach found EXO putting their hands in their MC Hammer pants and shaking totally asinine, Bagel loved the sheer entertainment and actually found it a pretty original move.

Moving on though, the rest of these outfits are just a crime against fashion. It would seem that those awful pants are only there to bring attention to their crotches during the dance.

By now it should be fairly clear that SM is trying to produce a group of bad-asses with EXO, and they are just failing hard. SM – you work the pretty genre. Just stay with good, old-fashioned catchy pop like you were back in 2009, and keep on exploiting your beautiful people for a healthy profit. Or, SM, you could just admit you’re trying to replace Super Junior with EXO (a far younger and less attractive version) and start making them “SuJu-a-la-2009” catchy songs and put them in suits or something.

Fat Cat – Like a Dream

March 8, 2012

The Song:

Just like Fat Cat’s “Is Being Pretty Everything”, we’re loving this song. “Like a Dream” is super girly and feels perfect for some sappy drama. The rap link bridges of the song are perfect- they cut the overwhelming sweetness down to a reasonable level. Fat Cat is also incredibly impressive; her vocals are sweet and controlled, whilst her rapping is mediocre but far better than the large population of female K-Pop rappers. Overall, the song was an absolute pleasure (especially after listening to some of this week’s monstrosities).

The Video:

To an extent, the concept was a bit sickening. It was typical Asian girl cute, nothing real special. And as we saw in “Is Being Pretty Everything”, Fat Cat is capable of so much more in her videos. We were a bit disappointed with the video concept, and the outfits were slightly disappointing.

♥ P&B


6 responses to “Music Video Review- Weeks 9 and 10 (2012)

  1. Luhan Oppa (Should I be using proper honorifics or something??) is cute though. Haha. Too much like SHINee’s Key though.
    The thing is, this song ‘Mamma’ has nothing to do with this…but if I’m not deaf, it sounds like Superman. Ish. The dance is like Suju too. But that would make sense since Eunhyuk Oppa helped.
    I still feel like there’s no EXO though. Just a whole bunch of other blah mashed together. Honestly, I think they would be more popular if they were EXO from the beginning, because now, it just sounds the same and it still feels like a mix of too many things. The songs are clean though. Not messy. But honestly, they need to get some originality. Quick.
    I’m just saying. For me, I would only ever listen to their songs because the tune sounds like the songs I like *Cough cough* *Suju, SHINee, Big Bang* *Cough cough* (they could still do better by making it their own). Not because it’s EXO. EXO doesn’t seem like anything to me. Just a title.
    I think I may be being a little biased but it is, after all, a matter of opinion. It’s frustrating when people don’t see what you see. AGAIN, opinion. This is all opinion, maybe some facts. NO FLAMES. MANY PEOPLE PROBABLY THINK THIS TOO. NO FLAMES PLEASE. :D IT’S A FREE COUNTRY. HONEST, I’M A GOOD PERSON WITH OPINIONS. :)

    I <3 KPOP.


  2. I know!!!!!! I HATE EXO. SM is obviously trying to replace SUJU. And Suju is kind of awesome.
    If they werent from SM, no one would give a crap about them. And they would realize they are just Suju wannabes.

  3. Exos wasn’t that bad, the song had like an early 2000s feel going on, like N’sync. The video look like they masturbating

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