K-Pop’s Top 10 Male Vocalists/Singers (SUPER UPDATED)

The Peach’s picks for top 5 Male Vocalists/Singers. 


A note to all who may read this:

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not get all up in my face about this; if your bias is not here, there is a reason for that so get over it.  We all have opinions (and some are just wrong), but nevertheless, by searching whatever you did to come to this page, you must already be prepared for the possibility that someone does not agree with you.

10. Shinee’s Onew

I only am considering their  first performance in this video for Onew’s example. (For those who do not know who he is, he opens the song with a vocalization)

I really want to like Shinee songs for Onew’s sweet voice, but alas they are ruined by certain other people, which I will not discuss here.  Onew’s voice for great for the same reasons that Sanduel’s is. The clarity is good and it is ultra smooth.  While his voice has a distinct sound to it that is very Western.  I know that Shinee’s music may actually be somewhat likable if Onew had a more leading role in the vocals of the group.  But as SM every time does, the real talent is second to those who are popular. Onew’s voice is really pleasant and has an almost cheerful and lighthearted vibe.  It is quite lovely.

9. Super Junior’s Ryeowook

Ryeowook’s voice is incredible, but the reality is that his high pitched voice is all he has. His range is fairly limited due to the fact that his voice is already so incredibly high for a man; he doesn’t have a low range, and it’s unfortunate that his voice can’t drop to reach those deep, masculine, gentle notes.

While his voice is one to praise, it really isn’t something that could/should stand alone. His talents are much more appreciated in small portions; you could say it’s too “sexy” to take in large doses.

8. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun 

I almost feel bad that I kinda crapped out on finding a real video of Kyuhyun singing live, but his solo performances are so unbearably lifeless, the songs he chooses or that are chosen for him make me lethargic.

While Kyuhyun is technically a good singer, there is distinctly a lack of passion in his voice. I was really afflicted with the decision of whether he should be on this list or just briefly mentioned as a noteworthy singer. The one thing that finally convinced me to put him on this list was the fact that he seems to be getting better, and has more than enough room for improvement.

Recently Kyuhyun has been singing with what can be possibly categorized as feelings. You would think that since bad things have happened to him in his life, he would have a source of real pain to inspire his vocals. What Kyuhyun really needs to be one of the best singers is vulnerability and humility. If he just gave in to all the robust and potent feelings that are all trapped up inside his uppity snobbish brain, then he would be more than a phenomenal singer.

For the most part Kyuhyun is ranked low in accordance to his level of talent just because others prove to be more passionate. He lacks pathos and that makes his singing unrelatable. I and undoubtedly want a singer to grab my soul and demolish it, reducing me to a snively puddle.  Kyuhyun just does not care enough, he is too safe, and that makes him especially boring despite his masterful control and aesthetically pleasing voice

7. Beast’s Yoseob

Yoseob is in the same boat as Kyuhyun, in the sense that I really had a dilemma as to whether it was right for him to be on my actual list. Just as Yoseob is like no other human being, his voice is at an equilibrium of ridiculousness to his looks. It is not exactly a good or bad thing, but just like his physical being, his voice is a kind of ugly-cute.  His control is good but his voice is just strange, and it perfectly matches that whole anime character vibe he throws off.

The reason Yoseob is respectable is the fact that he is so unique and strange.

6.  Big Bang’s Daesung

Daesung to me is like an advanced version of Onew. Though he is not his groups designated lead singer, he most definitely should be. His voice has so much depth and character that we wish would be displayed more amongst Big Bang’s songs. His singing is loud and powerful what makes singers such as Daesung and Onew shine(e){could not help it} is the resonant qualities of their voices. This quality makes them so distinctly individual.

5. DBSK’s Changmin

I cannot even begin to explain the euphoria that Changmin’s voice brings to not only me but my partner as well. We adore his high pitched runs, so much so we majorly get the shivers. The both of us have been infatuated with his smooth voice since TVXQ came back as a duo with “Keep Your Head Down” and “Before U Go”. Our opinion was only cemented by our little excursion to the Anaheim SM Town in 2012. Changmin’s sheer volume alone is unfathomable.

            His striking voice is enough to make any girl swoon. Though not nearly as smooth as many of the other people on this list, yet his astounding vocalization definitely earns his spot on any top 10 list.

As a side note, try and ignore the sexy time dancing at least once to appreciate how hard it is to sing a song like this while dancing to such strenuous choreography. But alas if it is impossible for anyone to ignore all that is happening in that performance watch this “Before U Go” MV. (Changmin is in the white suit in the performance)

4. B1A4’s Sandeul

Due to B1A4’s most recent release of their first album, Ignition, Sandeul proved that he deserves to be in the top 5.  We previously stated that there simply was not enough evidence for us to look at, to judge his singing.  But now with the addition of eight new songs from the group, one solo from him, and 2 more live performances; we can safely say that Sandeul proves to be at the very minimum an impressive singer.  His sheer power and volume is immense and only to be bested by that of the Number one person on this list.

Though their are many so called vocalists in K-Pop, a vast majority of them are rubbish, and should really not even be singers. But Sandeul has such a big voice that he can power through multitudes of notes while he is belting.  While his ability with vocal gymnastics are what set him apart from the average K-Pop singer, his control and overall stability in his normal singing is what should earn him respect. The main reason that he jumped up to forth, is for his incredible ability.  His level of sheer talent is a rare thing and most likely in as soon as year he could prove to be possibly the second best male singer in the industry.

But despite his ability, one of our favorite things about Sandeul, is the overwhelming clarity in his voice.  A quality both #2 and #3 lack.  It sounds crystal clear, making every note sound true and much more melodic than what we can only think to describe as a fuzziness in the singing style of singers like #2.

We chose this specific song to showcases that big voice of his, though it is a group song Sandeul is the main singer/vocalist and at right around 1:00 until the end of the song his real talent is showcased.

This is not the best quality performance, but we think it is amazing for such a newcomer, he also has an amazing but rather practical solo “Crush”.

3. 2am’s Changmin

Personally, I don’t care at all for the overall sound of Changmin’s voice, but I respect his skills as a singer. He has great control and obviously as a member of 2AM, the vocal group, he is an amazing singer. But, his voice does seem quite strained often, and it just doesn’t have a particular flow or smoothness. It is not completely natural, and the more stressed it sounds, the more it gives the impression of being whiny and nasal. Frankly I really do hate the fact that most of the people that are said to be the “best singers” in K-Pop all have nasally voices; I for one do not find nasal attractive.  A nasal voice is reminiscent of a toddler having a tantrum, and it’s not cute.

2. JYJ’s Junsu

While I do have an appreciation for Junsu’s voice and vocal expertise, I have a semi-large problem with his singing style. For every JYJ album I’ve bought and every TVXQ song I have heard, everything about his singing is way too complicated. He changes pitches and keys and everything possible, every second possible. It’s too busy, and after some time, it gets kind of irritating.

He does have soul and it really shows that he loves being a singer. Junsu is fantastic, even live, but the constant craziness of his singing is either showing off or trying to cover up a possible problem Junsu might have with singing or technique. A little bit of the Mariah Carey vocalization is fine and even pretty, but virtually every word I have ever heard him sing almost sounds tortured and over extended.

1. Super Junior’s Yesung

One of the true shames of K-Pop is how little recognition this unbelievably talented man gets. Sometimes, Yesung is even ignored by Super Junior’s own fans. Not only do ELFs neglect his talents but the entire industry virtually overlooks Yesung. Unlike most idols, Yesung did not have to undergo a vast amount of training to be the amazing singer he is today. Without any formal training at age 16, his audition to enter SM Entertainment was breathtaking. With that husky baritone and distinctively R&B flavor, Yesung was already awe inspiring in his audition. As many know, his voice eventually lead to him getting his stage name “Yesung”, or Art Like Voice.

Yesung is an incredibly sexy husky baritone. The lower notes in his register are smokey and sensual, and his rare falsettos are silky and sweet. His control is astounding; not only was he blessed with such a unique voice, but he was also given the ability to use it perfectly. Yesung’s genre is definitely soul. He’s great with smooth, yet powerful, R&B ballads. A lot of times, his ad-libbing in Super Junior songs is what really makes them good and deep.

During Yesung’s solos, he perpetually adds a signature blues essence to his songs. Even putting his technical sublimity aside, his songs are filled incredibly passion (you should lend some to Kyuhyun) and so much verve that he can induce tears of wonder and astonishment. I honestly wish that the sheer amount of depth and raw emotion he puts into ever note he sings will one day be at least acknowledged by people.

The reason I picked “Sorry, Sorry Answer” is because I really do think this song fits Yesung’s voice best and really accentuates his aptitude for R&B ballads. Not only is this song absolutely astounding, it is probably the only song that Yesung gets this (for lack of a better word) black.  He brings perpetually unachievable (from K-Pop) maturity and depth to the table, and I love it.

Other Notable Mentions

F.T.Island’s Hongki

Hongki has a really lovely voice, but since F.T.Island can’t really be classified as actual “K-Pop”, he is ineligible from being classified as one of the best K-Pop male voices.

U-Kiss’s Kevin

Most of the people on this list are here because we recognize their vocal ability, but are not exactly pleased with their voices. However, Kevin has the voice of an angel. His singing is so pure and sweet. His voice really aesthetically appealing- it’s delicate and warm; soft like cotton candy for your ears. His vocal ability is good, and while certainly not the best in the industry, his ethereal voice is something to marvel.

EXO-M’s Chen

Chen is Ryeowook 2.0. His high high high voice is gorgeous and easily vaults EXO-M’s vocals far above that of their counterpart EXO-K. The notes that this boy can hit are beyond anything that we can even imagine. Being in only a handful of songs Chen has already proven himself to be a vocal powerhouse.

*As aside note, we really do not want to hear any kind of BS about being Super Junior biased, having 3 members. But let us all consider their are a total of 15 of them, enough to make at least 3 different groups of average size. Yet the most important factor is that these three men are crazily talented, and so completely different. While quite often enough we see KRY just globbed into a group and considered only one unit. But that is a grave injustice to the three of them, all three are on different levels and have completely different aesthetics and skill sets.  Bundling them is unjust.

The Peach

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  1. Yayyyyyy…finally somebody recognized my Yesung ability and quality to be the first!!!! His voice is amazing…I could listen to his song( a same song~~ sometimes) for hours.He gives soul to the song ..In my opinion( i know i am nobody) , if one day suju comes to the end, yesung can still be famous and becomes legend~~~just saying ..hope suju will be forever alive!!!! Yesung-ssi Saranghaeyo..Super Junior Saranghaeyo!!!!


  3. In terms of vocal technique Kyuhyun has more on Yesung and Ryeowook. And Ryeowook used to have good low notes.

  4. Just a passing by reader, read the article and some comments, but I feel I need to add my opinion on this :) Junsu definitely deserve the top ten, I actually never hear any kpop idol sings as good as him. And he’s placed in top list *along with Jaejoong* not only by vote or polling or opinion by fans, but by critics as well, that must held some credibility right? and I don’t understand why Jaejoong not anywhere in your list? Because he’s definitely much more better than some idols on your list. He’s not just some good looking idol, no, he’s a singer, a musician, used to be dbsk’s lead vocal, he’s a soloist too *this for any comments up there that said he can’t do Solo, what a joke* he’s all around successful singer. Yesung is amazing too I agree with you. I understand that this is your opinion, but maybe you should change the title, it’s quite misleading, but its up to you so yeah :)

  5. woah i know i am extremely late but please reply me . actually , english is not my mother language so i cant really understand what u said about yoseob . please , can u bother to elaborate more ? pretty please ~~ i would really appreciate if u did so . thank you .

  6. I fell very much in love with Kyuhyun’s voice at first listen because his voice just had this very unique timbre, it’s very easy to listen to. i listened to more of SJ and KRY songs and then did take note of Yesung, his range and the ability to belt (i heard his performance of the more i love you and i looped that song at least seven or eight times). technique wise i’m pretty sure Yesung is more grounded, whereas though I heard Kyuhyun go off key once or twice, which was very cringy for me, his voice has this clarity and tone that makes him very easy to listen to and very attractive at first listen. Yesung can sound a bit nasal and breathy at times, like sometimes he has a very pained voice that makes it hard for the listener too. so maybe, just in my opinion, I feel that Kyuhyun’s voice catches your attention ‘at first sight’, whereas Yesung’s talent takes more repeated listenings to uncover. i do hope he comes up with his solo though! really liked Kyu’s solo album ha.

  7. I checked out Yesung’s live performances and I don’t see why he tops this list. He may sound wonderful on record, but his live is nothing particular. Hongki should be on this list, and where is Jaejoong? :)

      • yesung deserved to get number 1 as top singer in K-pop. Seriously, he has an amazing voice. I’ve ever heard the same song which is It is has to be you sang by yesung and kyuhyun version.. What i can say here is, i prefered Yesung’s version compared to kyuhyun. Yesung did really well. His voice so touched into my heart. Chinca….

        He is talented. Very talented…. SM should give more attention to Yesung so that people would recognize him more than now. And one more think, I do not think Yesung is ugly. I just couldn’t understand why suju members always choose him as an ugly one. But for me as an asian people , Yesung is the most adorable and charming. He has a good looking too. So I hope Yesung never thought again that he is not good looking as suju’s members always think.

        Chingu yaaa… Fighting..

        From Malaysia.. :)

  8. I don’t understand this. You judge all your top 10, except the very top one. And then you give an example piece of a song composed by their vocal coach and composer Yoo Young Jin, saying that they have uniqueness. The very tough vocals in the song are all done by Yoo Young Jin, if you go look-up his demo version, you’ll realize and can tell which parts in the super junior version is his voice.

    Your list is extremely bias, and I think you should forewarn readers that it’s all YOUR opinion… and not that they themselves are bias…

    Vocals alone, I can think of plenty people who should be on the list. I have no idea why you put people on the list that you “hesitated” to put on, and just bashed on them. Why should people you bash be in the top 10?

    Some examples of people specifically known for their vocal skills such as: Shin Yong Jae, Jun K., Moon Myungjin, K. Will, are some examples.

    The list you posted has no real validity, or reliability and is quite bias.

  9. No offense… But you should change the title from KPOP’s top 10 male singers to “MY” top 10 Kpop male singers….

    Excluding Jaejoong from the list is the biggest flaw and the most outrageous part of this list! A fiasco…
    I mean the man encompasses a huge length of genre compared to every single one of them…
    That voice can turn you up, make you cry, it can inspire you, and make your head bang and your hips sway.

    Your Idols look up to him (with DBSK) , what does that say if I may ask?

    1. Jaejoong
    2. Junsu
    3. Yuchun
    4. Changmin (DBK)
    5. PARAN’s Ace

  10. Okay since this is your opinion, you’re welcome to think whatever you like, your favorite 10 male k-pop vocalists, that’s cool. But here’s a thing, Ryeowook’s range is as low as Yesung’s and Kyuhyun’s and lower than Junsu and Daesung, Daesung’s lowest note B2, Junsu’s is Bb2, Ryeowook’s? G2. His full range is G2 ~ B5, which is not narrow at all. So before you say he ” drop to reach those deep, masculine, gentle notes”, check again cuz really he can, lower than guys with darker voices.

    • Daehyun is my bias in B.A.P, but even I can say that his technique isn’t that good and most of his high notes are screaming. Not saying he can’t sing live, but he isn’t perfect.

  11. I seriously hate reading these comments because I already know what’s going to be there. “Oh my god, I don’t agree with this” or “Why isn’t _____ here?!”
    People need to understand that this is an opinion, and you can have your own, saying that someone needs to be on this list.

  12. What about CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa??

    c’mon ! he’s got a unique and versatile voice with a vast vocal range
    and he does sing with feelings…. his voice has got that thing that can place people’s heart at ease…… Well i know its an opinion….. bt Yonghwa too deserves to be placed on the ranking!…… but for me…he’ll alwys be the best :)
    Because smthing in his voice, makes me feel comfortable, makes me cry…… his voice is addictive…. not a single day(since i started hearing him) has passed without hearing his voice(songs)… He is awsome….
    I fell in love with him….. not just cz he’s got looks bt because he as an amazing, angelic voice, with such great talents…
    Saranghaeyo Yonghwa oppa! You are and alwys will be the best for me…..eagerly waiting for more from you <3

  13. There is so much wrong with this list:

    1. Those “Vocalist” lists sound like jokes, as much as i like Yesung, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the first place when it comes down to vocalists, neither should Changmin nor Onew be near this list. You say that some opinions are just wrong, then, well, yours is among them. Please enlighten me on how can you judge a vocalist based in emotions? Exactly, you can’t. I don’t feel anything when i hear Yesung sing, yet Junsu gave me shivers with his 11 am. Emotions, just as they say about beauty, are in the “eyes” (ears, in this case) of the beholder, there are so many things that come to play when you talk about emotions, it isn’t just up to the singer, it is up to the listener, the lyrics, the how much you connect with the singer, the melody, if you like their voice, what it brings out on you. How can you judge someone’s vocals on something that isn’t up to them? What you can judge is their technique, because that’s what is really up to the one who is singing, everything else, while talking only about singing, is subjective. You claim there is no passion or emotions on Kyuhyun’s voice, yet Sungmin and Prof. Park Junha have both claimed to have cried just because of it and how much emotion and expression it conveys. You say Ryeowook’s voice is better in small portions, i say Yesung’s is this way, because i get easily tired of it. Do you see where i am coming from?

    2. Calling it “Top 10 vocalists” is wrong when you’re basically going to make a list of you favorite vocalists in k-pop with a little bit of people you claim to dislike here and there so it won’t look so absurd. Either you make it as your top ten and put your favorite ones/the ones you like the most or you make it a real ranking, you can’t just stay in between those.

    3. This was made in 2012 and you /honestly/ couldn’t find any other video for Kyuhyun? Even after his appearance in IS2, you still couldn’t find ANYTHING better than Puff The Magic Dragon? A song where he is barely doing any effort to sing? Not Masquerade, not An Etude Of Memory, not The Way To Break Up, neither New Endless Love, nothing other than Puff The Magic Dragon? Honestly, when i saw this all i could think of was ‘Did you even try to make him any justice?’, because this is almost offensive. Kyuhyun is one of the idols in k-pop that was able to grow during his career. He was good before, mostly due to his training before SM, but has gotten so much better and it is so damn clear to anyone who listen to 2jib songs and then 4jib ones how much better he has gotten, while others have just stayed the same or moved up a little bit, or, in Bom’s case, totally went downhill (Not that she was ever good, but God help that woman’s voice, because she is still rolling down), yet he gets little to no recognition for how he has been improving his dancing, singing, acting (musicals) and MCing. Also he has not just started to sing with something that could be identified as emotions, he has always done so, it is you who can’t connect with what he is passing.

    4. Kyuhyun is constantly put as the “””””worst””””” (or third best, you name it) vocalist in K.R.Y, while Yesung is put as the best, and yet you say Yesung is overlooked? “By the industry” “By SJ’s fans” He gets most of the ad libs on SuJu’s songs, he gets opportunities to show his voice out, he gets OSTs, SM put him on IS2 and he is so damn loved on Japan that they made a freaking special stage for Gray Paper due to his absence. He isn’t overlooked, the guy is loved. I’d say Ryewook gets overlooked a lot more than Yesung.

    • why can’t we judge it from emotion? a lot of people have admitted that Yesung deserves his name. because it is clear that he has it all. To be honest i just this is the reason i’m Clouds.

      • Because a vocalist is a different entity than a singer. A vocalist’s job is just that- to vocalize. Emotions, style, timbre, and the like aren’t even considered. Nothing but technique should be taken into account when analyzing a vocalist. It’s essentially everything that is objective about singing. A singer, on the other hand, has the job of connecting with the audience, performing, etc., and as such things like emotion and stage presence are very important. However, all of those measures are quite subjective- one person might love a singer’s tone while another hates it. That’s the purpose of ranking vocalists- it’s supposed to ignore all the subjective, person-to-person things that make rankings for singers confusing and wholly subjective. When you make a list like this, you just flat out shouldn’t call it a vocalist/singer ranking, because those are two separate thins. The problem is that the article tries to present itself as an impartial, objective ranking, but then evaluates the candidates on subjective measures.

  14. I actually agree with you. being a singer is not about putting notes together and sing it or only about control. Music is always attatched to emotions. if you don’t attach emotions it gets boring. And that happens alot with kpop..technically they are good, but emotion-wise it’s not thatgood. That’s why I would have put ryeowook before Kyuhyun. IMo ryeowook has better control than Kyuhyun. Tho he has only high pitch in my opinion he’s still bettter than him And I like that you put Yesung first ^^^(I’m an ELF). Tho most ELFs put him first, actually only some just neglect him. The members say it themselves they wouldn’t know what to do without him. And daesung isn’t Bigbang’s lead vocal?o.O
    Some of the rankings in the comments are ridicolous. I really like you blog…you aren’t biased like most of the others.
    Totally agree with the Yoseob and Onew one. I don’t think Onew is that popular, although my bias in SHINee. And I like his voice more than Jonghyun’s and Taemin’s. Taemin is just Jonghyun II with less skill, tho still good. Jonghyun just gets too ‘much’ sometimes.
    And first though Yesung wouldn’t be in the rankings at all because most people rank Junsu first ^^.

  15. I love yesung with all my heart and you were right to put him at 1st place! I love you’re judgment, kyuhyun sings well but he doesn’t have soul. I’m not too good with wider kpop but i can agree with Onew’s placing and ryeowook’s too~ I’m not being biased towards yesung (I kind of am; can you blame me?) I love his voice and listening to him sing makes my heart all warm and fuzzy <3 It is sad that he is not recognised as a great singer amoungst other fans of kpop, if he was that popular i think he might have left SJ to go solo, so i'm happy that he is a diamon in the ruff! He might not be too popular but he is where he belongs; a part of SUJU and a part of ELF and Clouds hearts! Long live prince cloud of the turtles! (^_^)/

  16. I was looking for anything on Changmin (DBSK) and found his name on your list, pardon the late comment. I totally agree, Changmin’s dancing and acting skills are my favorite about him so was delightfully surprised he was included in your list. I’m just confused about Kyuhyun’s MV. I mean, Puff the Magic Dragon? He has more than 30 in my KPOP file and you posted Puff the Magic Dragon? Although I’m happy with Changmin being here, I think you wrote the article with personal ill feelings towards Kyuhyun . Too bad because he’s one of the KPOP artists whose singing makes me sad or happy everytime I hear them and I don’t even understand Korean. Once again, sorry for the late comment.

  17. Good list. For a personal opinion, I can never force my own thought to you.
    But for my opinion, I would so enlist Jaejoong there. His voice is smooth, moreover with his recent comeback as a rocker.
    I don’t know if this list is for the ballads singer only, but if it’s for general, I vote Jaejoong in there. God, that person is all rounded singer. From Trot (Korean traditional song), to pop, to RnB, to ballads and to rock. He is able to sing those flawlessly.
    And as far as I see the list up there, some of them I believe never touched other music genre other than pop and ballads.

  18. I’m sorry but I can’t take your comments seriously. You are obvisouly biased and probably a little enraged that some of the people you consider best are not getting the recognition you expected. You can see it right in your 10th place with SHINee. I’m assuming “those who are popular” is refering to Taemin because (although that is just plain idiotic because Onew has always been the most popular member in SHINee) Jonghyun could never surpass Onew in popularity. Either way, Taemin has a much better technique than Onew – sorry to burst your bubble. He’s my bias but even I can admit that. Oh and another thing: opinions are NEVER wrong, their diverse. And if you can’t understand that, we’re all just wasting our time reading your thoughts. That’s all.

  19. At least you know it’s your opinion because it is impossible to rank singers based on emotions. Emotions are so ambiguous, and how everyone perceives emotions is different. Being a good vocalist is all about technique and how someone uses their voice, so titling “Best Vocalists” and judging emotions is contradictory. Kyuhyun has the best vocal technique out of all of the male idols, and I know you don’t feel any emotions or think he’s boring, but that isn’t what makes a good vocalist. I don’t know anyone in kpop that can resonate a C#5 or a C5 in general and go down to an A2. Heck even most females have a hard time producing a decent C5. I feel emotion when i listen to him sing because I don’t need to see exaggerated hand motions or faces that look like their going to burst out into tears. It becomes formulated and insincere when someone looks like they’re stabbing you in the back. A voice alone should move you not the theatrics of it and Kyuhyun’s voice does that for me. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it hits really hard. I personally don’t enjoy Yesung’s voice because he goes overboard to the point where it sounds like he is hurting his voice, and I don’t feel emotions when he sings.
    Also, Ryeowook has the exact same range as Kyuhyun (G2-B5). It’s just that his vocal pitch is higher and lighter. They are both Lyric Tenors and have a pretty wide range of 3 octaves and 2 notes.
    1. Kyuhyun
    2. G.O
    3. K.Will
    4. Ryeowook
    5. Changmin (2AM)
    6. Woohyun
    7. Sandeul
    8. Yesung
    9. Junsu
    10. Taemin

    I don’t even personally like a lot of those voices, but they have the best technique which you can measure and evaluate. They’re are probably 50 live performances of Kyuhyun’s that were better than the Puff the Magic Dragon. I’ve had friends that cried from his Immortal Song 2 performances, so it’s not a fact that he is emotionless. I totally respect your list and I myself enjoy a lot of singers on their, but putting Vocalist in the title is misleading.

    • Singing is not all about technique. Yes, technique is important, but if you think about it, music is all about expressing and telling a story, and emotions play a huge part of that. As a singer, you have to be able to express what you’re singing about. To me, the most beautiful thing about music is that it fill you with joy, or bring you to tears. Trust me, I’ve taken vocal lessons an been in a musical. The greatest singers out ther emit only control their voice but also use it to express and deliver.

  20. You’re really not delving into other Korean groups here. You’ve only touched on the Korean groups that have made it into mainstream. Do you not realise that 4men’s Shin Yong Jae is regarded highly by even some of the vocalists that you have posted here? And even Ulala Session, they can sing ballads on the same level as 2am, do live pop performances with no MR, like DBSK. Just saying, you only picked popular groups, which is bias in its’ own right.

  21. My unbiased list goes thus:-
    1. Jonghyun (SHINee)
    2. Hongki (FTIsland)
    3. Ryeowook (Super Junior)
    4. Junsu (JYJ)
    5. Young Saeng (SS501)
    6. Onew (SHINee)
    7. JaeJoong (JYJ)
    8. D.O. (EXO)
    9. Changmin (TVXQ)
    10. Key (SHINee) [in my opinion, Key’s voice is similar to Changmin’s]
    Other notable voices will include; Kyuhyun & Yesung (Super Junior), JungMin, HyungJun & KyuJong (SS501), Baekhyun, Chen, Suho & Chanyeol (EXO), Kim Joon (T-Max), Yoochun (JYJ), Henry (Super Junior-M)…………….and this are the only voices I’ve been impressed with in all of kpop.

  22. How about MBLAQ’s G.O.? Is he good? I know nothing about techniques or whatsoever but I enjoy listening to him sing.

  23. Look, I know he’s been on lots of lists and ranked high etc. etc. and the fact that Jonghyun isn’t on this one is “What even!?!?” but I don’t see the need to constantly hate on him.
    I adore Yesung’s voice and am glad he’s getting the recognition and placement he deserves for the raw talent he has but I also love Jonghyun’s voice and his equally amazing talent.
    Just because he’s ranked high on other lists more so than Yesung isn’t really his fault. People obviously pick him themselves so I think all the “sounds like a dying cat etc” is a little offensive.
    I’m really not trying to offend or start a fight or anything and I’m glad you showed your own opinion with such apt reasoning because the singers you did post about are incredibly talented but I just think that the constant hating is taking away the goodness of the post.
    Honestly though, I don’t mean to offend, I’m just upset as a Yesung and Jonghyun fan.

  24. kyuhyun can definitely move people with the emotions he convey through singing/his songs.. Emotions he have that.. I know because I felt it.

    Just saying..

    ( grammar101 :) )

  25. I love how you use your ears well while listening to Junsu & Yesung’s song. but I thought in whatever way, Junsu and Yesung’s voice is very different. aesthetically different. how about put them in #1 together. their both voice is awesome, amazing. <3

    and how can you forgot, Jaejoong and Jonghyun?

    (sorry bad grammar)

  26. Just a thought… Why do you think Kyuhyun is snobbish and uppity?

    I’m not judging you on your belief at all! i just like knowing other people’s opinions :)

    • I agree that Kyuhyun is often emotionless in the past. The point of this article is he’s getting better. He is not emotionless any longer. Honestly, I used to listen to KRY’s songs…

  27. and i always wonder why kim jaejoong is always OVERLOOKED….
    a decade he present himself along with junsu, yet only junsu (you like changmin, though IMO JJ has better voice) the one called in. this list of yours is just one of those.

    tvxq changmin is improving, yes, though i think SM use his talent too much that recently i just can’t hear his singing without cringing. he become unstable and mostly shrieking (SM really need to pull him down a little, and push yunho out more. stop making song in changmin’s range, it’s not yunho’s area)

    when it come to versatility, i think JJ is not losing to yesung or junsu. he put his emotion on his sleeve, and the technique he has shown all these years are amazing as well.

    i kinda agree with your choices, but feel unfair when you left JJ out of the list~ bias aside though~ (i understand ur resent toward jonghyun LOL, he’s so not my fav either)

  28. To everyone inquiring as to why Taeyang is not on the list,
    He’s ranked where he should be, which is not on the list at all.

  29. I really liked it that you included B1A4’s Sandeul on this list. He really deserves a high rank. I really love his poweful voice. And his attitude when singing, is just so adorable. ^____^

    Also, I think Lee Hongki is one of the best. He sings with emotion that captures the heart of his audience…. :) :) :)

  30. What about PARAN: OMG! Especially Ryan and Ace: their vocal weight, control, technique, and expressivess! Girl some things are better heard than read(*Ailee reference)

    Ace: 0:25, Ryan: 0:38
    YOU GUYS WOULD’VE LOVE THEM, I just hope AJ(U-Kiss) would go back to PARAN after Ace comes back from his military enlistment. *AJ was in this group as maknae/main rapper in his early days.

    This is the only male vocal group that I know could’ve beat DBSK(5) in terms of vocals. PARAN(5) is a moderate bit better than DBSK(5)

  31. As I was reading the list not seeing any signs of Yesung, I started to worry that he wasn’t on the list and was preparing to flip my computer desk. He is definitely THE B.E.S.T vocalists in Kpop. His voice is low and smooth, yet he can still pull off high notes cleanly without sounding sloppy or whiny. Whenever you listen to him sing, you can feel the emotions and passion he displays. I don’t need to understand the lyrics (since I don’t speak Korean) to understand what he’s trying to express. Yesung truly deserves more recognition and of course first place on this list.

  32. You forgot someone who’s voice range is THE BEST and I mean the best. In SHINee, I am an Onew-biased Shawol. I agree. Onew has a really great voice but, JONGHYUN KIM’s voice is better. In anyway we look, Jjong has a higher range than Onew and Jjong’s style is different from our oh-so-sweet-and-handsome Onew. Please do look upon Jonghyun’s voice. :)

    • thank you very much. i don’t hate Onew but I think Jonghyun’s voice is better. People are just jealous because of his awesomeness. The first time I heard SHINee sing especially Onew, i didn’t feel any impact but when i heard Jonghyun sing alone, i ran back to search them out. I am key-biased but I have to say that Jonghyun has one of the best voices of kpop. And pls, why is Heo Young Saeng never on any list??

    • While Jonghyun is a good singer, he does overdo it sometimes and its kind of annoying. Onew on the other hand has better technique and is really good at conveying emotion which is why he’s better than Jongyhun.

  33. yay! Daesung’s on the list. I really hate how everyone only likes Gd, Taeyang andTp the most altho Top is my bias. ;) Still I think Daesung’s voice is great!! SOmetime even better than Taeyang’s ( main singer of Big Bang). In Big Bnag the singing AND dancing spotlight is usually on Taeyang, I like Taeyang and all but seriously……..

  34. wow.. Yesung in number 1 spot? but he’s deserve it. may be, you should his adlib in ‘superman’ song. that’s really strong, i worry can another member can replace him for his part

  35. Er… Hey… I stumbled upon this randomly (after reading the SJ one, which I’m writing a really long response to now)
    I’m really thankful that I found another person who appreciates Yesung’s talent ARGH I LOVE HIS VOICE :)
    As for kyu… er… I will write about that in the SJ response so I’ll skip him here…
    Junsu!! I see my dolphin’s name up there HAHAHA. Although your comment about him was kinda weird for me to read but its okay people have opinions yeah.
    And um I just really want to ask you this question: Have you ever heard DBSK sing together before? I mean, back when they were five? Yeah. Thats all. Thank you.

  36. This is quite a well thought out list and I agree with nearly everything. I was going to be really upset when I didn’t see Yesung on the list so I was pleasantly suprised he was first. I also like how you mentioned Kevin and Chen, as both their voices are amazing. The fact that you didn’t place Ryeowook and Kyuhyun super high is also amazing, for there talents are greatly exaggerated even though they are amazing singers. I’m sorry, I’m not fluent in English so this might not make sense….

    • Thank you for your comment, and your English is great so you have nothing to worry about. :)
      We are very thankful for viewers like you who support and understand us
      With Wamest Regards

  37. I’m absolutely agree with your post and even the ranking.
    Yesung is my bias. And I love him because his voice. SUPER AMAZING, I says.
    I don’t meet other singer that can sing like him. His husky voice, his adlibs, even his feeling when he sing a song. Seriously, everytime I heard his solo stage make me feel more deep to him.
    Aww, thanks for create this post. ^^

  38. no no no no…… These are amateurs, compared to Lee Seung Chul, Kim Bum Soo, Huh Gak, Park Hyo Shin, Shin Yong Jae(4men) Xiah Junsu(DBSK), NAUL(Brown eyed Soul)

  39. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey <3
    What do you think about jaejoong??? He's usually ranked high, and I dont dislike his voice… what do you think??

    • Jaejoong can sing well, but the tonal qualities of his voice is really not my cup of tea. His voice lacks individuality and pizzazz. His voice is nice in some songs, but does not contain that depth and soul that I specifically look for in a singer.

      • Thanks *___*
        I think so….. he wouldn’t be great as a solo, but in DBSK’s songs he does well… are you going to make a DBSK review??

  40. I adore this blog so much~ Your comments are so …TRUE, and I find myself nodding along to whatever it is I’m reading.
    Something that cemented that was you putting Sandeul in at #4. He is basically the only singer who I have listened to who has brought me to the edge of tears (I would have cried if I was alone in the room). The passion he puts into his singing along with his incredible skill and voice is what makes him my ultimate bias in all things K-Pop and I’m really happy to see you acknowledging him like he deserves to be.

    As a P.S. after that lengthy …fangirlism, I’m also really happy you put Yesung as #1. So underrated…

  41. I really agree with this list *____* you have such a good taste and you can analize voices well!!! congratulations!!!!!!! Yesung will always be n. 1
    I have a question: if Hongki was a true idol, in which position wold he be ranked??? (N. 3 to me…….)
    Just curius :)

  42. Really love yesung on the first rank..rare to see yesung in first spot when it comes to best male vocalist in kpop ranking in other blog…yesung is my 2nd bias in suju..love his voice when he sing the more i love you in immortal song..when i hear his part in sorry,sorry song..i just ‘woah,who this guy’..then i know yesung is the one who sing that amazing part in sorry,sorry..thank for posting this,just made my day jjang!!^^

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  44. I see no one is even bothered to comment about Sandeul’s appearance on the list, he’s at 4th for God’s sake give some appreciations pls.
    This guy from B1A4 (whatever if you say nugu) had made the legends danced along, asked to join in the group and even cried. He got his (solo) win on Immortal Song albeit there was an unfortunate second but he still owned the stage.

    Here have some references: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLgrhfwoj_Q (at 00:45)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUgvwvKL1mQ (his solo stage on Immortal Song 2)

    Thanks for making this not (too) biased list :)

  45. in my choice top 10-
    1.Daeseung (Bigbang)
    2.Yang Yosoeb (B2st)
    6.Shim Chang Min(DBSK)
    8.Kim Jae Joong(JYJ)

    • Key ? seriously ? I am a SHAWOL and I love the guy, his voice is good.. BUT to put him in a (Kpop top 10 male vocalists) is wrong and biased, there are much better vocalists.
      funny thing he’s even ranked above YESUNG, JAEJOONG and KYUHYUN !!
      let’s not forget that according to this he’s SHINee’s best vocalist ? what about Onew & Jonghyun ? even Taemin is becoming just as good.
      Conclusion: this whole list is so ridiculous to be taken seriously.

    • What?…Why is Key and Taeyang ranked higher than Yesung and Kyuhyun? Taeyang is a good singer but he’s not as good as Yesung and Key….no just no. More importantly why the hell did you even put Key on this list considering the fact that he’s not even a singer.

  46. I Do really love this list so much. :)
    I agree with you about Yesung’s ability to sing RnB as well as soul genre. His rubato’s style is always make me ‘pee on my pants’. He sing every song with his full heart plus adding great techs. I started to love K-pop because of him. The first time i heard his voice i didn’t recognize him as one of k-pop idol/SJ members. Then my cousin told me that Yesung is a guy from SJ. I also wish that he will have a chance to get more respect especially, from their management.

  47. I Do really love this list so much. :)
    I agree with you about Yesung’s ability to sing RnB as well as soul genre. His rubato voice is always make me ‘pee on my pants’. He sing every song with his full heart plus adding great techs. I started to love K-pop because of him. The first time i heard his voice i didn’t recognize him as one of k-pop idol/SJ members. Then my cousin told me that Yesung is a guy from SJ. I also wish that he will have a chance to get more respect especially, from their management.

  48. I really love yesung’s voice *-*!! the only problem is that every single word that comes out from his mouth sounds sad .___., even in Her over flowers (ost from “I Do, I Do”) seems like he is suffering because of something XD, and is a very happy song :P

  49. I’m happy to see that Yesung is number 1 on this list. I’ve been in love with his voice ever since Immortal Songs.I truly believe that he is one of the most underrated singer in kpop.I’m glad that u mentioned U-kiss Kevin.He never gets included in these type of lists.I think that U-kiss Soohyun is also a great vocalist.He always put all his emotion in every song he sings.

  50. Yesung. In music videos a lot of the times he’s singing and it’s showing a bunch of other members. He really doesn’t get a lot of credit and you just said all of this. :P By the way, your comment about Kyuhyun was hilarious.

  51. Yesung is my bias, and I’m really happy that he’s on here ^^
    It is sad though that he isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. It has gotten better though.
    Also~ Kevin is my bias for U-Kiss! I completely agree with your opinion about his voice.
    I mean…it’s so…sweet! =_=♥
    Thanks for posting this.

  52. I disagree. I love Yesung at the top of the list, but I think my definition of Kpop may vary. I’ve been thinking of Kpop as Korean Pop. So that would include people like Rain, K-Will, Lee Jung, etc, the big established artists. Is this meant to be ‘idol-only’? I hope so.

    • Basically, everything we do is idol only. Because the world of idols is vast enough alone, trying to tackle the entirety of Korean culture and entertainment would not only be overwhelming but would leave us with no free time.

      • It is impossible to find at the minimum who thinks that Yesung is a good singer, let alone is reasonable enough to understand us. And by god is it not impossible to find others who share the overall sentiment that jyj’s junsu and shinee’s jonghyun are not all they are accredited to be?

      • Agreed 100%. JYJ… I actually sort of like. But saying that junsu’s the best? Some people are crazy delusional. I just read your assessment on SHINee. Honestly, I haven’t followed them much. I don’t really like their songs – and it might well be because Jonghyun gets far too much of them. He just overdoes it at all the WRONG parts. Yesung does it just right – just go see the easiest example to find of how Yesung stomps Jonghyun (Immortal Song 2) – err… I mean, how Yesung stomps EVERYONE. Even with his voice breaking. And, off topic, is Jonghyun really that bad (I mean personality wise. I am decided on his voice, no changing that monstrosity)? He just seems like a young, slightly more talented version of Shisus… boring, but not totally offensive.

      • I (P) could not agree more jyj and by good measure tvxq is something that I really wanted to like but something is just a touch weird about their songs. Junsu is quite good, but of the 2 jyj album/singles I bought he never ever just carries out one note for a long distance. And Jonghyun!!! Words can not begin to describe my vast and passionate hatred for his style of singing. Because of him I refuse to listen to shinee. If not for his obnoxious, and in my opinion ugly, belting he would not be horrid. But he sounds like a bird that is being plucked of all its feathers when he shreaks. While his personality is vile. I tired to like shinee for ones, because he seemed like the poor neglected member and I saw so much unnecessary hate for him, but every sing video I saw jonhyun lead the rest of them in the teasing and even violent out breaks against their leader. Because of being a suju fan for the most part, that kind of behavior just seemed too depressing, because Super Junior can teaser and banter but they never are mean or filled with malice when they do/say anything to each other.

        While on immortal song 2 when yesung sang the “the more I love” plus the short talking segment before he sang, was the death of me. With that existing I really do not know how he is consistently ranked so low as an idol singer.
        Sorry for this rant. ~

  53. I actually expected Jonghyun of Shinee to be first. But Yesung? No. What twist! I’m happy to see Yesung on a Best Singer list, let alone number one! I actually find it to be quite shocking, but Yesung definitely deserves it. What a shame it is to never see him on one of these list, and how I read all the time that Yesug never contributes anything to Super Junior.

    • A little piece of my soul dies every time I see Jonghyun with a better score/ranking than Yesung. While Jonghyun is technically good, his voice at many points is that of a dieting cat. Where Yesung is also very technically skilled, his voice is AMAZING. The soul and the heart that he puts into singing is wondrous, and the complete vulnerably of his singing makes listening to him a complete joy. While his amazing talents are squandered in Super Junior, in addition to the fact that he is far too modest to be boastful he probably will never be accepted as neither the best nor one of the best singers in K-Pop. Where most K-Pop singers adhere to a strict and at many times forced sounding kind of singing, Yesung sings with an open resonance. That African-American and jazz influence makes him specifically unique in the world of idols.

      • I think the reason behind him not being acknowledged is because he isn’t great looking or handsome or manly and has a weird personality. If he looked like Nichkhun or TOP or Siwon or someshit, people would be going crazy over him. Though, I find him to be adorable, hilarious and weird(in a good way.

      • In addition to people not finding him attractive, most Super Junior fans like the tackiest and down right dumb songs. For example fans can not stop raving about songs like “opera” and “acha”, because they are somehow mesmerized by the over produced and over complicated nature those kinds of songs.

      • I think everyone would be a lot happier if everyone stopped comparing Jonghyun and Yesung. A little piece of my soul dies when I see people bashing one to the raise the other. It kills me! Jonghyun and Yesung are both amazing at singing. I love both groups; please stop, really.

      • Please do not patronize us, we really cannot stand this kind of comment. Seriously when we said you can and probably are wrong in your opinion in the intro, that was meant for people like you. So please stop, really.

    • Did we say that they were the best in Asia? No if you would please make note of the title then you would see that this article is not even talking about the whole of Korea but just k-pop. Secondly we have functional ears so we can hear there for this makes us able to judge who is good at singing.

  54. I think Yesung is really underrated and seeing him on the top make my smile, but I will just point out one thing coming from one of your reply, in fact it should be E.L.Fs not elves cause elves if the purial of elf ( that right ) but the elf is a little mystical creature. The name of Super Junior fan club is E.L.F which stand for Ever Lasting Friend. It’s the only thing that bugs me, for the rest I’m agree.
    Just to say, I just LOVE Yesung voice, he should go solo, his performance on Immortal Song amaze me each time.

  55. i like everyone in the list though i haven’t really heard junsu sing. i hear him in some songs where SJ is part of but i still prefer Changmin’s voice over him.

    i like sandeul honeslty. i think he deserves the number 4 spot. i don’t really know about Yoseob though. i think Jo Kwon is better there.

    and yesung as number 1! let me hug you! seriously, people should recognize him and his awesome voice. i mean, he moved me to tears the first time i heard him sing and those adlibs! OMG!

    as i said in the previous post i mentioned in Super Junior, this is purely subjective. I’m not sure if you’re experts when it comes to vocal abilities (because i know i’m not). What i stated above is just my opinion but i really love it that you place Yesung as number 1 though he’s very under-exposed.

  56. well to be honest i have a slightly different opinion with yours which is that fans don’t recognize his talent. personally i don’t think ELF neglect his talent. A LOT of ELF i met also agree that he has the best voice, and Yesung is not their bias ^^ i guess maybe a few years back he was neglected but right now, he’s really in the spotlight. the number of his fans has also amazingly increased and he really has a lot of fans in Japan. Yesung’s solo performance in super shows are one of ELF’s favorite performance. listening to him singing live is really something awesome *__* and i’m proud to see him number 1 here. (:

    • We really don’t believe that you can speak for the majority of elves (the proper plural form of the world elf), it is true that he has more means now, but the other members fan bases have also increased. And the saddest reason he is more popular is for that ost from 2010, that really is not even that flattering to his incredible voice. And we constantly see a plethora of comments saying Kyuhyun is a better singer, and then the strait up rediculous comments that siwon or heechul has the best voice, are all too common.

      • fans who say those comments must be beginner ELFs or hard biased. I’m Indonesian Clouds. but really,

      • Girl, please, don’t go around telling people they should be writing elves instead of elfs. Unless the acronym for EverLasting Friends suddenly turned into the creature elf, the proper plural of the word is still ELF since, you know, FRIENDS is already plural and acronyms don’t follow typical grammar rules.

      • You do think your opinion is better than others. Yourecebeu article is so FUCKING biasede and you might not be able to single a single note…

  57. Here is a suggestion, please don’t get offended: it would be better if you made two different list of best Kpop male singers, one list about the male singers with the best technical skills, and another with the best voice that sounds aesthetically pleasing. I mean 2am Changmin has good skill but Kevin does have the voice of an angel so it woul be better on two separate list. A female example would be Park Bom; her voice is so unique and smooth, butter skills suck. Just a suggestion :)

  58. I’m sad Kyu didn’t make the list as his voice is so beautiful but I do agree Kyuhyun needs to get his head out of his butt and stop being arrogant. I praise him since he has a great voice and can easily hit high notes, I wish he would be more emotional. I don’t care what anybody says, to me he is number 1!

    • Your a gamer? Then u should know that Kyu isn’t arrogant. And what this writer wrote about Kyu is only 50% correct. Kyu went through alot really n what may seem like arrogance is part of him showing concern for his hyungs. I don’t really wanna explain considering Kyu is ur number 1. Get to know him more. He is one of the sweetest person ever<3

  59. These singers are great! I forgot who Yesung was for a second there! Kyu does deserve to be on this list! He lacks emotion but his voice is very silky, like melted chocolate. And Soohyun of U-kiss is also one great vocalist. He sounds like a black, r&b singer.

  60. WaE nONE SHIM ChAnGmin OpPAr NOT hEre!!!!!?????¿¿¿1!! BISH, Imma CHRISBROWN yu
    FRr noT put hIM hEre!
    No, just joking. He’s my ultimate Kpop bias
    and people say he sucks at singing, so I don’t
    expect him to be on best singers list. But I like him for other reasons.;)
    I’ve been into Kpop for 5 years and never listened to super junior*SHOCK*except for a couple of songs,(because where Yesung sound strained as if he needed to sing his heart out. But Sorry Sorry Answer? Wooooooaaah! Best singing from Yesung! Thankyou for sharing this and getting me into Super Junior! And I think Yesung will be mah ultamite bias!!! He and Kyuhyun(Ryeowook get lots of lines)needs more lines instead of the popular members who kinda suck so that the music will sound less mediocre. And he needs lines where he sings his heart out!

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  62. Woah, Im surprised seeing that Jonghyun wasn’t here seeing that he’s always on best singers list and such. What a relief since his voice is just not aesthetically pleasing.

    • Well, the reason for that is a little piece of my soul dies every time I see him on a list. His technical skills are okay at best, but the very sound of his voice is grinding and shreaky.

      • I agree with you. Not only is he on the list but he gets ranked pretty high, too. One thing I dislike about Jonghyun’s singing is the random unnecessary adlibs or high pitches, kind of like Junsu. Too many of those high notes is annoying for me, especially with a shreaky voice like Jonghyun’s. I end up turning the volume down when his high or “powerful” notes come up in songs. I like his voice more when he sings softly and with a deeper tone.

      • Jonghyun’s singing just really makes us sad/scared. It just is not aesthetically pleasing in any way. It sounds like a cat getting beat with a stick.
        We really do not know why he is so popular.

    • I hate and absolutely despise Jonghyun singing. He ruined SM the Ballad Hot Times for me! Yes he had somewhat good range though his voice, yes, is not aesthetically pleasing to te ears. Tsk tsk.

  63. As I’m scrolling down your list, I get nervous and nervous as I don’t see Yesung’s name. Then I see Junsu’s name at No. 2! I was like, “What?! This man ALWAYS gets the No. 1 spot!” Although I understand that this is a personal ranking, I was seriously very glad to see that you love Yesung’s voice as much as I do to give him the No. 1 position!

    I really like what you pointed out about Yesung’s vocals because they are some of the many reasons why Yesung is my favorite Kpop vocalist. He’s a very versatile singer and he’s amazing live on stage. I’ve seen him perform twice live, one of them being “Sorry Sorry – Answer,” and I literally got shivers all over my body. I’m glad you pointed about the R&B and soul in Yesung’s voice because a lot of people do not see that. He really needs more songs like “Sorry Sorry – Answer” that will allow him to showcase all his potentials. Yesung sings with raw emotions. He can just stand in the same position for minutes and not bored an audience because his expressions and the emotions and passion coming out from him and his voice are enough to captivate a crowd. His adlibs are absolutely unforgettable. I seriously believe that he has the best adlibs out there, the King of Adlibs as I put it. Haha. His breathing and voice are strong enough to produce such amazing and deep adlibs. There is no doubt that his talent needs more recognition and acknowledgement. He’s a brilliant singer.

    I also have mix feelings about JYJ’s Junsu. His tone is not my cup of tea and one thing I don’t really like IS how he exaggerates most of his notes or parts. Most of the time, he doesn’t need to throw in these high notes. Like you mentioned, it comes out as quite stand-offish. I didn’t buy JYJ’s latest album but I did listen to it a few times. It was quite hard for me to listen to certain songs because of all the unnecessary high notes and adlibs. Junsu is obviously an amazing singer but his singing style and his high-pitched voice makes it harder for me to listen to.

    • Girl I completely agree, and oh how I envy you for getting to experience Yesung’s singing live.

      As for Junsu, I really don’t dig his style much at all, but I have to admit at the minimum he has ability. I really don’t see why people make such a big fuss over his singing, for his voice really is nothing special, it is not unique. But most popularity just comes off of the hype from popular groups.

      • Exactly! Popularity will always get you more attention and more points. Yesung is obviously not as popular as Junsu or Jonghyun and even Kyuhyun. I think people start to see Junsu as the best because they feel like they have too since he always place first in those polls and ranks.

  64. Well done list! My favorites are Daesung, Yesung, JYJ Junsu, Onew, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun since their voices are unique and beautiful and easy to recognize in any song.

    • Thank you
      Those you listed we think have the best sounding voices, but Onew really is lacking in overall skill (most likely from just being young), while Daesung rarely sings enough to really appreciate.

  65. People complain about sj having only 3 people that can sing but the three have enough singing ability and talent for the 13 of them. The fuck, Yesung has enough talent for all of them.

  66. Oh yeah! Yesung!!!! Forever fistpumping111one! Ooooooooh girl you have obviously got good taste! He’s not even my bias, yet he is my favorite singer and his voice is beutiful and raw talent he haz rite there.

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