Review Music Video- Week 8 (2012)

For the 8th week of 2012 we will be reviewing Miss A’s “Touch”, WE’s “Party”, Brave Girls’ “Nowadays You”, Big Bang’s “Blue”, and John Park’s “Falling”.


Miss A- Touch

February 19, 2012

The Song:

There’s been a lot of mixed reviews about this song. Some are praising Miss A’s experimentation and attempt at trying something new. Others, however, are expressing their disappointment about “Touch”; it isn’t as catchy, sassy or hyper as some of their past works. Instead, “Touch” has an almost gothic feel with a much darker, almost sinister beat. The girls’ vocals are gorgeous and delicate, and almost sound haunting. While we did enjoy seeing something different from Miss A, maybe it was just a tad wrong for them. Miss A didn’t “hit the bull’s eye” on this one, and the Tim Burton-esque concept fell kind of flat. We weren’t feeling the song at all, despite our love for darker concepts and mysterious melodies. And we blame Miss A for not being able to pull it off.

The Video:

Just as the song, the video was interesting and eye-catching, but not at all in the right ways. It seemed awkward, and while the video was beautiful aesthetically-wise, it didn’t do the girls justice. We despised the bandage dresses; seriously you guys, those just looked tacky and cheap. The choreography, though we completely see what they were aiming for in terms of making something look beautiful and interpretive, Miss A, though amazing dancers, weren’t able to pull it off flawlessly enough for it to really be astounding.

WE- Party 

February 20, 2012

The Song:

We cannot describe this song much better than this comment did:

The song was fun, but we’re not sure if it was good or entertaining. Continuing with the trend of Indian influenced dance music, “Party” almost felt like a joke. 

It brought a smile to our faces, just from its sheer ridiculousness. The song by no definition is good, but it is horribly catchy, and too much fun to actually dislike. The rap was  good, but more than the song itself the energy is amazing. The female vocals however, kind of cheapen the song and ruin the vibe, with a supposed faux-sexiness. “Party” would have been perfect for a house party music video, if not for the female vocals. 

The Video:

While not presenting the opulent clubbing style of GD&TOP’s “High High”, the music video for “Party” is still exciting.  The members of WE seem to be having fun, and not in a fake-acting kind of way. We are completely enamored with this dance and it has become one of our favorites in K-Pop so far. Airplane wings, bird flapping, and then double handed cleaning of a table, it is a memorable sequence that anyone can do while grocery shopping. 

We like the boys’ clothes; they are a bit tacky but appropriate for the silly concept of the song. The girls’ clothing on the other hand, are a mixture of trashy and cheap looking. One thing that did bother us was the mismatched vibes- the guys all have this ghetto-chic aura while the girls are trying to stay pretty while being “badass”.

Throwin’ them gang signs.

Brave Girls- Nowadays You

February 21, 2012

The Song:

“Nowadays You”, to put it simply, is not something we’d like to remember. Though we could actually stand it, we’d be lying if we said we had to play it several times before finally making it through the whole thing, start to finish. It was just so boring. Apart from not being able to keep our attention, the song was okay, but really, aren’t songs supposed to be addicting? Isn’t that what differentiates good from bad songs? Our most favorite part of the song was probably the rap, but we even felt the need to skip over that. The beats sounded very 90s pop, and truth is, we’re over that era. Time for something else please.

The Video:

Though we’re probably going to get hate for this, unlike most people, we didn’t particularly like the menswear concept in this video. We do appreciate that there is finally a girl group out there who’s coverin’ up instead of “showing off”, but Brave Girls’ look is pretty gimmicky, especially with the synchronized dancing. Their whole concept is about power and extreme fierceness, but we weren’t feeling those things. In addition, those suits had absolutely no sex appeal. Full suits can have sex appeal to ladies.

Big Bang- Blue 

February 21,2012

The Song:

Prepare yourselves for a long one guys, cuz we’re about to get real deep.

Here’s what we recommend best for “Blue”: listen to it once. Listen to it again. Then once more. Trust us, the song gets better with each replay.

That being said, you could probably imagine our reactions to this song. At first, we weren’t hooked. Like, at all. While we definitely thought the song was beautiful, we had no idea why some people were calling “Blue” the next “Haru, Haru” and “Lies”. We didn’t see it, and in our opinion, the song was a bit weird, coming from Big Bang. We’re so used to their obnoxiously in-your-face concepts, that we were blind from the sheer depth and meaning of this song. The only things that we immediately fell in love with were G-Dragon and T.O.P’s raps (which are amazing), but other than that, we weren’t impressed. Where was the climax of the song? The moment you hold your breath? The part were you sing along shamelessly? We found it all missing, and were heartbroken.

However, then we gave “Blue” time. Replay after replay, we actually started to feel kind of hooked. And we had no idea why. The song is much more on the slower side, and is a lot more melancholy than a lot of Big Bang’s music, so we had no idea what made it so addicting. Then we nailed it: Truth is, this song isn’t as catchy and upbeat as other Big Bang songs. It isn’t obnoxious, loud or plain ghetto. It’s sweet. Bittersweet to be exact. This song contains Big Bang’s pain, hope and tears that they all went through last year. And here they are, sharing with us their hardships in a beautifully simple song. To Big Bang, this was just the song to present to the public after their scandals: They’re addressing their pain, and such have taken their steps towards moving on with life.

The Video:

The music video for “Blue” pretty much had the same impact on us as the song. It’s simple, and mainly consists of panels of the members and shots of New York City. In our opinion, it looks like the final project of a photography student’s editing class. That being said, you can probably already expect what to see: Brilliant scenery, plenty of film editing, a variety of angles, and wonderful shots of the members. Something to note is that while many are arguing the video is boring by Big Bang’s standards, it’s more of a fan-service ploy. The video seems to be more of a reassurance for V.I.Ps, almost as if Big Bang decided to make a quick music video just to let their fans see them come back. Big Bang could have made something more exciting if they wanted to, and would have had no problem doing so, but they didn’t, and just maybe there’s a reason for that. In any case, we trust YG’s judgement, and realistically speaking, with a song like “Blue”, they really couldn’t have done anything more.

John Park- Falling

February 21, 2012

The Song:

“Falling” does a great job of showcasing John Park’s vast range: from the cray high falsetto of the chorus, to the manly sexy bridges. 

As you all know we think that the over-use of falsettos is a touch grinding on the ears, and is in no way appropriate for a man to be singing, and John Park is no exception. We do appreciate the delicate nature of the song, and it is quite pretty, but there are certain points where his higher notes sound forced and unnatural. If the chorus was sung normally, or even with only a few high notes, this song would have been magnificent. But the overuse of falsettos caused “Falling” to become less delicate and soft, and as an effect, every time the chorus was repeated, it seemed to make the song sharper.

For about the first minute the song is gorgeous, like melted chocolate for the ears. We love everything (minus the chorus) about this song, and without the chorus it would have been perfect. 

The Video:

 This music video retains a completely relaxed and almost lazy pace. Although it clocks in at four minutes long, it all goes by pretty fast ironically because of the slowness of it. Even with relatively nothing happening, the video is interesting. The camera angles are gorgeous and perfectly convey the weightlessness of the song.  

We adored the shots of the clouds and the sky before and during the boxes decent. 

The music video, in our opinion, was actually great. It was meaningful without becoming cliche or cheesy, and didn’t really push anything too strongly. “Falling” remained classy and professional.

♥ P&B


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