Debut Music Videos: Starship Entertainment

A review of Starship Entertainments debut MVs, including Sistar and Boyfriend.

Sistar- Push Push

June 3, 2010

The Song:

While “Push, Push” is definitely not anything near as catchy as their more current songs, it’s an okay piece. Not exactly one we’d replay over and over, but definitely something we wouldn’t mind hearing…once. After the third or fourth time of hearing this, the singing and rapping started to get a tad annoying. But maybe we’re just too biased against females. Who knows.

The beats are alright; nothing too original unfortunately, but nothing too overdone. The feeling we get from the song is that Sistar and Starship were trying for too much pizazz all at once, and the result was just an extremely busy and not busy enough song. It’s hard to explain. The song is different, but is trying so hard to be so that it’s sparkle falls dim.

The Video:

To be honest, the music video is pretty disappointing. Was this not made a mere two years ago? If we look at videos from 2010, we come across things like “Bonomana”, “Oh!” and “Can’t Nobody”. Y’know, videos that look a million times more exhilarating than this one. Where is all the color, high quality and addicting choreography? We’d cut it some slack if this was from years previous when it was made, but heck, even “Sorry, Sorry” is so much more better than this, and it was made in 2009.

Boyfriend- Boyfriend

May 27, 2011

The Song:

This is just one of those songs that are the definition of “God-damned” annoying; songs that give people a reason to dislike the commerciality of music; songs like Justin Beiber’s “Baby” (yes, we did make the comparison) and Rebecca Black’s “Friday”- they’re catchy, but in all the wrong ways. “Boyfriend” is overly repetitive and its irritating chorus just makes the ears bleed. The song feigns exuberance and gaiety that does not feel authentic. “Boyfriend” is the most offensive form of candy-pop; it is so happy that it just makes any normal sane intelligent person angry.

It is obvious that this groups function is not to make beautiful music or be innovators, and that the only reason they exist are to be “noona-killers” and pedo-attracters. Groups like this are what makes K-Pop rub off the wrong way on people.

The Video:

This video was one of the greatest assaults on the senses we have ever seen. We get the whole concept of a pure and sweet boy but, JESUS, what is this monstrosity? The members of Boyfriend are not even attractive, thus rendering the cute young boy concept to be completely ludicrous. The video is so bright- so obnoxiously happy that it is putrid, and we have to either wear sunglasses or turn down our screen’s brightness to even have this playing.

The “noona-killer” act is just kind of gross; to even target older women, especially with young teenage boys, is disturbing and somewhat morally corrupt. They are very young, and we don’t see the appeal in any of the members (especially the ugly twins). We understand the concept of the video, and how it attempts to almost reenact the simple sweetness of Super Junior’s “No Other”, but Boyfriend was not sweet or manly in their video. Super Junior was able to pull off this concept because they are naturally adorable, and while their sweet actions seemed legitimate and at least plausible, the members of Boyfriend seemed forced into their mannerisms, and way too awkward.

The video might have been better had they more experience with toying actions, but, considering their experience and the obvious fact they’re rookies, the video was extremely improbable and unbelievable. Perhaps this is the real reason we disliked it so much – it’s obviously fake.

♥ P&B


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