Big Bang

Name: Big Bang

Label: YG Entertainment

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance

Year Debuted: 2006

Fanclub: V.I.P.

Fan Color: Yellow


The Members…


Name: Choi Seunghyun

Position: Rapper, Beatboxer

Birthdate: November 4, 1987

Bloodtype: B

Height: 181 cm.

Our Comments:

T.O.P is probably one of our favorite people in all of K-Pop. When we lose faith in humanity, we think of his sheer manly perfection. T.O.P, put simply, is a pimp. He owns a 2 million dollar villa where he stashes his extensive collection of toys. He always dresses classy (even to dance practices; yes we’ve seen this ourselves), and we’re not talking anything remotely cheap either. He has proven himself to be Korea’s sexiest man without ever having to wear anything more than a t-shirt. T.O.P can impregnate females with just a glance. His voice alone can make thousands of ovaries explode with enthusiasm. T.O.P is the real life example of the man that every other man wants to be and every other woman wants. The epitome of class and money.

No mere human could ever possibly be this amazing, and so, we, along with others, have concluded that T.O.P is no mere earthling. We have formally decided that he very well may be from the same distant alien planet that Park Bom is from. His voice is nothing like that of any other human, as it sounds naturally autotuned. The very audible vibrations whenever he talks or raps is enough to put any human in a state of awe.

As magnificent of a person he is now, T.O.P had a pretty sad childhood. He was once a lonely, overweight child, and due to this is very self-conscious about his body (not that any of us should ever see him shirtless as we’re sure it would cause wide-spread pandemonium). It is our belief that his lonely childhood is the reason he seeks so much affection from the members, and the friendship from his toys.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 10

T.O.P is essentially the perfect man. With no exceptions, he has every characteristic that a man needs to be a god. T.O.P is tall, while maintaing the perfect proportions of an elegant and perfectly classy man. With broad shoulders and perfect posture he carries himself with a suave sophistication. T.O.P has a man’s face, with a perfectly chiseled sharp jaw-line, strong cheekbones, a perfect nose, shapely lips, and intensely sensual almond shaped eyes topped by immaculately groomed eyebrows.  T.O.P is the full package of what everyone wants a man to look like.

Talent: 10 SC

As we all know, T.O.P does not dance or sing; he is a rapper, and has been for years. Though T.O.P’s skill is praise-able, we’d much rather go on and on about his amazing voice (and can you blame us?). His voice is stunning; when he speaks there is a natural vibration that gives an auto-tuned effect to every word that comes out of his mouth. His voice is truly so spectacular that T.O.P need do nothing more than utter mere words to have the attention of any female (and male).

Most groups that have multiple main rappers usually turn out frenzied- the rap will just be a flurry of bad English and crazy attempts to outdo each other. However, in Big Bang, T.O.P and G-Dragon have such different styles and voices that they actually complement each other and enhance the overall experience of a Big Bang song.

Personality: 9.5

Upon first glance, T.O.P presents himself with upturning charisma and a cool, unapproachable aura. That may be the case when we’re talking about normal civilians being around him. When T.O.P is with his close friends however, it turns out that he is not entirely scary and intimidating, but in fact misunderstood. As we mentioned earlier, T.O.P was a victim to isolation, and was quite a social outcast when growing up. The fact that he received little love and friendship during his necessary years has only transformed him into a unique person. Though he seems like an extremely manly male, T.O.P is actually genuinely soft and sensitive on the inside. He adores affection from the other members, and is unbelievably cute and childish at times when expressing his sentiments. His social ineptitude does make him slightly awkward and shy, however once a friend of T.O.P’s, he is sure to be loyal and open-eared.

Overall: 9.8


Name: Dong Youngbae

Position: Vocalist

Birthdate: May 18, 1988

Bloodtype: AB

Height: 174 cm.

Our Comments:

In our opinion Taeyang is just a slightly larger, and very much less ghetto version of Jay Park.
They look alike, they dress alike, they give off the same general aura.  If Taeyang married a Korean woman and had a child with her, by the time it was about 11 it would probably look just like current Jay Park.

Other than his Jay Park-status however, there is not much else going on with this boy. Taeyang holds his family, friends (especially G-Dragon) and most importantly, God, dear to his heart. His commitments should reveal much about him.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 7.0

Somehow Taeyang barely looks Korean at all. We, P&B, have officially decided he is a Cuban, Vietnamese, Jamaican, and French mix. With his dark skin and facial features, Taeyang looks more like a very light black guy. Personally, unlike the majority of American girls, we don’t find him attractive at all.

Besides his face, Taeyang is flat out short. He is miniature sized, in a stereotypical Asian way. It’s not really the fact that he is so tiny in stature that bothers us, but his body is completely out of proportion. His torso/abdomen is abnormally long; in some pictures, his trunk seems to be longer than his legs. On top of having an irregularly long torso, he is way too muscular for his size. Proportionally, he would be much more attractive if he had a less cut body and had more of a thin frame. But all that bulk on top only results in giving his legs a stubby appearance.

Talent: 8.0

Taeyang’s singing is completely overrated. We don’t see the basis for all of his praise, because his control leaves much to be desired and his range is limited.  He is average at best; his voice is nothing unique, because it’s not like we haven’t heard a boy from K-Pop with a moderately high voice that sings using falsettos.

His voice isn’t horrible, it’s just not unique. At times, Taeyang’s voice is quite nice, but his overuse of falsettos should be illegal. For instance, his song “You’re My” from his solo album Solar starts very nicely BUT the falsetto that is predominant throughout the latter half of the song is god-awful. Whoever approved of that should be burnt.  Not only is it annoying after about half a second, the longer it lingers, the more whiny and aggravating it becomes. About halfway through that horrid little section, his voice somehow morphed into the sound of a bird getting beat to death.

We don’t care much for his singing (and it’s a good thing too, otherwise his talent score would be much lower if we graded him on a special consideration), his dancing is commendable. He has a very Hip-Hop vibe and energy to his dancing; it may not be the best in the industry but it is good for him. At times though, we wish he’d tone it down a bit. The raunchiness is so unbearable sometimes we literally want to vomit.

Personality: 4.6

Taeyang’s low rating for his personality is mainly due to his lack of one. Comparable to Super Junior’s Siwon or any other super religious person, their religion almost consumes them. If you’re a hard-core Christian you probably love these kinds of people, but if you have a different religion, or are not fanatical, or not religious at all, there is nothing to compare to.

Out of Big Bang, Taeyang is definitely the most boring. The others have their ridiculous personalities that make them so entertaining, whereas Taeyang is very quiet and demure, while being totally socially awkward. Unlike others, we do believe he has never had a girlfriend, just as he claims, because he really does not know how to treat a lady or even act around girls. For example, he really was kind of an unintentional douche to Dara when they were filming “I Need A Girl”. For those of you that don’t know, he told her that she was everything the song described (which is quite sweet), but then added she isn’t as voluptuous as the song says. This pretty much caused Dara to momentarily become self-conscious of her slender figure. The statement was obviously rude, but Taeyang just didn’t seem to grasp this. He was trying to be nice and compliment her, but his social awkwardness and non-experience about girls didn’t let him know when to stop.

Taeyang would be a much more interesting person if he just fell in love and got a girl; it might make him a bit more lively.

Overall: 6.5


Name: Kwon Jiyong

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Birthdate: August 18, 1988

Bloodtype: A

Height: 177 cm.

Our Comments:

G-Dragon just may be one of the most controversial people out there. Many V.I.Ps out there are willing to defend their precious leader from the blasphemies of his actions and criticisms. In our opinion, G-Dragon doesn’t deserve half the hate he gets.

For starters, we’re all aware of his marijuana scandal (yes, we’re of tired it too, but what kind of post would this be without addressing it?). While we don’t believe a word that comes out of G-Dragon’s mouth regarding this issue (other than the fact he was drunk), we can’t say we’re displeased with his responses. Some people are just so ludicrous- do you really think he can just comfortably come out and say that yeah, he did smoke a joint? Of course he can’t. And if he could, we have no doubt G-Dragon would come out and be honest with his fans, but let’s get real here: the entertainment industry does not work that way. G-Dragon may seem as if he’s treating his fans like ignorant idiots, but what else can the guy do?

Secondly, there are plenty of issues out there regarding G-Dragon’s “un-idol” attitude and “ungratefulness” towards fans. And all we have to say is puh-lease. G-Dragon as a person is very against idol-ideals, but that’s what makes him so different. It’s his charm, and if you don’t like the way he runs Big Bang, as artists rather than idols, you best leave him alone. Secondly, the reports of G-Dragon being ungrateful for his fans are absolutely stupid. So the guy tells his fans not to buy birthday presents for him, and immediately that makes him rude? How about it’s just that G-Dragon felt displeased with the idea of his fans spending needless money on him? And, bless this boy, when his fans decide to instead donate money to charity, he puts some money from his own pocket in as well. G-Dragon is not ungrateful, he’s not narcissistic about Big Bang and neither is he vain: He’s Kwon Jiyong, a young Korean boy who fell in love with hip-hop and rap, who’s decided to revolutionize music, which he so unbelievably loves, with his talent, one awesome composition at a time.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 10

When people look at Big Bang, most don’t see “idol looks”. About the only member that usually receives recognition for astounding good looks is T.O.P, for his undeniable manliness, sexiness and charisma. However, in our opinion, G-Dragon definitely has the capability of not just being pretty damn good-looking, but being one of the most attractive K-Pop idols (yes, we said it). G-Dragon’s facial features are certainly pretty, and if we dare say, slightly feminine. His jaw bone is incredibly smooth and round. His soft eyes and pouty lips give off a lovely feel, and when his eyes are played up with eyeliner, this boy just looks so gorgeous. His skin is one to admire, and definitely helps him maintain a youthful appeal. What we love most about G-Dragon is that he is so far from actually trying to be “idol-ish” and “pretty”, yet he cannot help his beauty. Even when he appears rugged or masculine, his baby-face pales in masculinity as compared to the other Big Bang members. And when G-Dragon actually does play himself up with make-up, and a pretty smile rather than a stoic gaze, the results are breathtaking.

Talent: 10

We’re not going to exaggerate G-Dragon’s musical genius. We’re not going to praise him for being “the most extraordinaire musician ever” in this, apparently talentless world. Because he’s not. And neither is this world talentless.

It’s no secret that G-Dragon’s music potential has been extremely exaggerated. Whether it’s from the Korean media, V.I.Ps, or just K-Pop fans alike, they all seem to regard him as a sort of God, whom should not be looked down on. And frankly, it is those exact elitist thoughts that turn so many people off. And that’s heartbreaking, to be honest. G-Dragon himself has remarked he is no genius, so why do his fans continue to regard him as such? Our point is this: G-Dragon is not some once-in-a-million prodigy come to save the music industry from trash.

However, is he talented? Extremely so. G-Dragon is an amazing song-writer, composer and rapper. Granted he’s not perfect (we can honestly say we’ve enjoyed some works more than others), but just how many K-Pop idols do you see, composing nearly all of their group’s songs, writing their lyrics and hands-on working with their comebacks, albums and yes, even concerts. Yeah, not many. G-Dragon is an experimenter. Without him, we doubt Big Bang could’ve led the revolution of the Korean Pop industry with “Lies” and “Haru Haru” that they are so famous for.

Let us also not forget his status as one of the strongest idols out there. His rapping is well praised by many, and this is no secret. However, there seems to be a slight misconception, or so we’ve noticed. G-Dragon’s rapping is not phenomenal; it’s his charisma and attitude that are so readily apparent that make his rapping so good. GD may not be the fastest rapper, and neither is he the best at skill or technique (though we’d argue with anyone who’d claim him not to be one of the best), but you have to admit he has undeniable and amazing stage presence. When G-Dragon went solo with Heartbreaker, we were astounded at how he did not need choreography, back-up dancers, special effects, etc., in order to get the audience’s attention. All G-Dragon has to do is go up on stage and perform his heart out. When he’s on stage, he makes sure the audience knows, loud and clear, who he is.

Oftentimes, G-Dragon is definitely exaggerated, but our hope is that potential fans and onlookers will actually see into this boy’s talent before making a judgment call, and realize that, yes, while G-Dragon is not the world’s best musician, he very well may be the best K-Pop has to offer. His innovation, passion and presence have all changed the K-Pop sound (Do you all really think “Sorry, Sorry” could’ve been made without “Lies” first introducing electronica?), and we sincerely wish for G-Dragon to keep his crazy antics coming and continue to revolutionize music around him.

Personality: 9.8

Kwon Jiyong is a sweetheart. He is one of the most kindred and sweetest people in Korean idolism; most stars these days are getting way too big headed and addicted to fame. While it does sound crazy to call someone who is arguably the most “famous” person the most down to earth, in this case, it’s true. G-Dragon is an incredibly down to earth individual, and unfortunately most people are blind to his gentle and kind-hearted character, and perceive him as his on stage persona: the charismatic, confident and slightly cocky leader of Big Bang. However, people need to realize this is just one part of the whole Kwon Jiyong. It is the mask he wears on stage, or rather, not a mask, as a mask is fake and plastic, but just another part of his whole. G-Dragon really is all of the aforementioned things above, but it is his stage self that is those things, and not his off stage self.

Off stage, G-Dragon is a sweet and precious human being. Take into consideration he’s human, and as human he makes mistakes like the rest of us. His heart is pure and filled with immense love and gratitude towards his family, his friends, and of course, his YG Family.

It is so frustrating to see so many people have a huge misconception about him; that he’s “rude”, “conceited”, and “ungrateful”. G-Dragon is humble and grateful for what he has. Contrary to popular opinion, he does not have a “full of it” idol personality, and he does a good job at making sure the other members of Big Bang don’t either (Seungri was born that way).

While G-Dragon is not the type to praise easily, one must understand he gives constructive criticism. Many ignorantly take that as “mean” and “harsh”, however his comments mean much more. By criticizing Big Bang when building an album, he assists them to grow as artists and keeps them grounded. As many know, he is a perfectionist; G-Dragon is known to keep Big Bang in the studio for hours, but this is all to produce the finest quality of music, and his members know and love him for it.

G-Dragon may seem cold and unrelenting if you catch him on the streets, but this is due to two things: firstly, the boy has built up a reputation of being shy. Secondly, are most idols not like this? They are all hounded by so many fans, and are constantly being bombarded, that it is only a matter of time before they begin to get annoyed.

Overall: 9.9


Name: Kang Daesung

Position: Vocalist

Birthdate: April 26, 1989

Bloodtype: O

Height: 178 cm.

Our Comments:

As cheesy as it sounds, Daesung is Big Bang’s ray of sunshine. One could argue the other member have an aura of slight unapproachability, timidness and superiority. Daesung, on the other hand, looks friendly, bright and genuinely happy. Unfortunately, after his accident, we’ve noticed his sunshine aura to have dissipated a bit. Not enough so that he looks as distant as the other members, but enough that we’d think twice before talking to him. And this, to say the least, is really saddening.

Daesung is Big Bang’s youth. He is their smile and laughter. Beloved by all generations of Korean citizens, he’s one of the Variety kings out there that know how to get a good laugh out of people. After Big Bang’s most recent comeback, we were ecstatic to see him again, and then sad at how broken he looks as compared to before. Hopefully, time will heal, and we will be able to see Smiling Daesung dominating Big Bang again.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.1

Daesung is a weird mix of ugly-cute. The individual parts of his face are not bad, but together they look slightly odd. Not saying that he is completely ugly, but definitely not the most attractive member of Big Bang.

Daesung has very typical Asian features; a flat wide nose, little eyes, and full lips. His features are very reminiscent of what a typical Chinese boy would look like, while his bone structure and facial shape is distinctively Korean. With a strong jaw line and prevalent cheek bones, his overall look is still very Korean.

He is of decent height but a bit on the short side, however Daesung has a very well toned body. This, ladies and gentlemen, are what muscles should look like; not excessive but just enough to give nice definition.

Talent: 9

Daesung definitely has the best singing voice in the group. He has control, and is able to vocalize better than any of his group mates. Other than T.O.P, he is the only one with a somewhat manly singing voice and is not in the slightest bit whiny or annoying. We really wish that he sang more in the groups’ songs because he is truly an unappreciated singer.

Personality: 8.9

This young man has an adorable personality. He is full of laughter and kindness, and is first and foremost a funny character. There is not a stain on Daesung’s personality; he is not rude, mean or insensitive, neither is he lazy or arrogant. However, his personality does remain distinct and his own. His great sense of humor, cheesy romanticism and totally selfless persona make Daesung a beautiful person. His warmth generates outwards, and we can’t help but smile when we see his own smile. All we hope is that his accident did not leave a permanent crack in Daesung’s fragile and totally undeserving heart, and that, with the help of his family and friends, he is able to grow healthy and stronger.

Overall: 9.0


Name: Lee Seunghyun

Position: Maknae, Vocalist

Birthdate: December 12, 1990

Bloodtype: A

Height: 176 cm.

Our Comments:

Seungri is the most interesting member Big Bang has to offer. Hate him or love him, we’d like to think of him as someone similar to Super Junior’s Heechul – a crazy personality, totally unique and someone to stick around for. However, Seungri and Heechul are completely different in terms of just why they’re so interesting. Whereas Heechul is known for his bold and daring antics and (seemingly) lazy personality, Seungri is famous for his running mouth, hilarious arrogance and variety success.

Seungri has made a reputation for himself for being one of the “greatest” (get our sarcasm here) maknaes ever. Big Bang practically has heart attacks any time Seungri does variety solo, and, with good reason, expect the worst. His arrogant attitude is well found in his beliefs of being one of the “best-looking” in Big Bang and being a “play-boy”. Big Bang has raised this boy well.

Underneath all the cocky confidence Seungri immediately displays on first glance is actually a very obedient and spoiled maknae. The other members soil Seungri with love, and though Big Bang isn’t the biggest group on open fan-service, they shower their affection onto Seungri backstage, happily receiving love in return. Essentially, Seungri’s just another hyung-whore. He uses his age to his advantage like a manipulative person, but has in fact been revealed more than once to be a total softie. Surprising or not, he cherishes Big Bang deeply. On Big Bang’s “Healing Camp”, it was revealed that Seungri cried the most after G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal- just a small example of his actual vulnerable and caring heart.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 8

We’re sorry, but Seungri just isn’t that cute. He is definitely the most typically normal looking in K-Pop, and in no sense of the term is he a “Flower Boy”. Seungri is only a step above some of the ugliest people in K-Pop – he actually looks average.

He definitely doesn’t have the face of an idol- it is missing the prettiness that all boys/men have in this industry. There is nothing sweet and delicate about his face, but at the same time it lacks a strong manly presence. He kind of looks like a normal Asian farmer. Not even specifically Korean, but just a farmer that anyone in America could see getting off a big tour bus with their farmer comrades in any outlet mall. His face is missing a special factor, something that just makes him look like he should be famous.

Seungri’s traditional looks contrast so sharply with those of G-Dragon and T.O.P, who arguably are two of the best looking men in all of Asia, making him look almost ugly.

Talent: 6.5

When we were first introduced to Big Bang, we didn’t even know Seungri was in the group at all, let alone what his role was. We are still quite puzzled as to what his role even is- GD&TOP are obviously the rappers, Taeyang is the main singer and dancer, and Daesung is the vocalist. Let’s step aside from talent for a moment, and ask just what exactly is Seungri’s actual purpose in the group?  He is a good dancer and a decent singer but we rarely see either of each within the group’s activities.

The problem we see is that Seungri’s star does not shine as bright as those of his group mates. It must suck to be in a group with the other Big Bang members; G-Dragon or T.O.P. alone could probably eclipse any person in the world with their undeniable star power and imposing aura.

Personality: 10

Seungri is the most obnoxious and extroverted person alive. He reigns over the title of “evil” maknae without being actually evil but more irritating. Sharing private details about his group-mates’ personal lives, making unnecessary comments, and just pretty much being a huge pest is what gives Seungri such a title. In essence, Seungri is the guy that is in everybody’s class and never shuts up; even when nobody is talking, this person just has to be a distraction by, at the bare minimum, making unnecessary noise.

A primary example of his exasperating behavior is how he even got into Big Bang in the first place. He was originally sent home with Beast’s Hyunseung, however Seungri did not accept this (much like the people on American Idol who refuse to leave after they are told they failed), so he bothered YG, consistently showing up with persistence, until YG deemed Seungri’s pestering nature as passion, and passed him.

For being so unique and insane we decided Seungri should receive a high score.

Overall: 8.1

Overall Big Bang: 8.66

Lots of people can argue just who exactly is the “best” boy group. Is it Super Junior, the leading contributors of the Hallyu Wave? Is it TVXQ, who no doubt caused the surge in popularity for Korean boy groups in Asia (we know they were present before, but it was really TVXQ that began huge amounts of international popularity)? Or is it Big Bang, that, while obvious leaders of the Hallyu Wave and rising popularity internationally, have yet to call those achievements their own? Our opinion is our opinion, just as your opinion is your own, but let us share a little something before we carry on.

Let us go back in time, to a time before Big Bang and the Hallyu Wave, to even before TVXQ debuted. Way back, to a scene of a young boy. A young boy who just loved music; just wanted to be a part of it in his own way. This little boy would be given the opportunity of a lifetime, and granted, at the time, no one probably saw him and thought “That boy is going to be one of the greatest musicians the world has to offer, destined to revolutionize a music style”, there were some who saw something, something different in this young boy. He was not like others his age, and though popular in school and beloved by his peers, prefer to remain off the mainstream then, and live his life his own way.

Fast forward a few years and we find this young boy with a group to call his own. He isn’t the oldest, and in that aspect is certainly not qualified to be the leader, but that something that was witnessed a few years back is still present, getting stronger, more visible. And out debuts Big Bang. Are they popular at first? Maybe, but not in a way one would hope. Almost immediately, the five young boys are attacked, and exclaims of “Ugly!” and “Die!” are constantly thrown at them.

Do they give up? No. And just as other sob-stories idol groups have to offer, they overcame the antis and haters and whatever it is you want to call them, and went on to become one of the biggest acts to date. Although there is a difference, and a significant one at that, that makes Big Bang’s sob story different from others. Big Bang did not just persevere. They didn’t just conquer. They didn’t just rise from nobodies to somebodies. They changed music along the way. They lent significant contributions. They aren’t just here, having done nothing at all, but stand in 2012 as successful artists, and this is something Big Bang and V.I.Ps should be immensely proud of. They deserve their spotlight and fame, for without them, K-Pop as we know it would be nothing near the same it is now. Without them, we would not see the plethora of “Hip-hop” and “Badass” concepts attempted by many groups today. Big Bang brought rap into K-Pop, made it popular, and made it almost necessary for groups. They made it okay to be “ugly”, un-idol-like and just plain different. There may be many “differently”  styled K-Pop groups out there today, but remember this: Big Bang is the original. And they are the best at what they’ve introduced. 


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  1. WTF IS THIS SHIT I came on this article to hear how amazing these guys are but instead I get an incompetent fuck talking like they know SHIT when all their doing is insulting them don’t get me wrong I agree with TOP and GD (at some level I mean GD is even more amazing than you let on) but I mean WTF with bashing Taeyang like that he is just as amazing as TOP and GD. Seungri is awesome and gorgeous too how dare you talk like that about him. And do you have any idea how disrespectful it is to say someone is ugly-cute your just throwing the word around like its some slang or shut. But like I said from the beginning THIS ARTICLE IS SHIT. I RESPECT YOUR OPINION AND ALL BUT IT IS STILL SHIT. The title NEEDS to change so people know it only your opinion….asshole

  2. I’m here to say.. Taeyang is the first one to get married and that proves everything you said is a bullshit. Take that haters. Shame on you commenting such thing to a person that doesn’t even know your existence

  3. Honestly, this isn’t even the TRUTH about BIGBANG. This is just a biased blog about the members. You are biased, racist, rude and judgemental. How could you put down Seungri and Taeyang like that? BIGBANG are all one and they are like brothers to each other. How could you be a fan of some members of them when you hate other members? They may not be very attractive, (In my opinioin, they are.) but looks have NOTHING to do with talent. They are all talented, and don’t you dare call Seungri a pest. In my opinion, he is not average looking, and neither are the other BIGBANG members. I think they are all attractive and are loaded with talent. Seungri may not be getting many lines in songs but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a purpose in the group. Taeyang has an amazing, soul-piercing and raw voice when he sings and does not deserve these rude, judging comments from you. If I thought like this, I would keep these thoughts to myself, not post it on a whole website where the whole world can see it.

    • Nothing new to us Seungri fans as he is always called TALENTLESS but it’s new to see Taeyang oppa. You are clearly biased. Sweetheart don’t judge only based on looks. Taeyang has the most amazing personality. He is like every girls dream boy. And regarding Seungri I have heard so many negative comments that I am not even surprised anymore. Just because Seungri wasn’t born with talent doesn’t mean he has to give up his dreams. It’s like asking a terminal illness patient to give up just because he is not healthy. Everyone works hard to live the life they desire. Why are you looking down on them. Don’t dare and call yourself a VIP.

  4. I am actually really disappointed in this article. This is my first time coming to your blog and it will definitely be the last because this is absolutely not ‘the truth about kpop’, this is just a bunch of painfully biased opinions.

    “Somehow Taeyang barely looks Korean at all. We, P&B, have officially decided he is a Cuban, Vietnamese, Jamaican, and French mix.” No offence, but this is just complete and utter bullshit used to try and sway your reader’s perception of him to fit more closely to your own. You can’t just “officially decide” someone’s heritage and that’s the truth.

    A synopsis of your OPINION on his body (ie. not the truth about his body):
    “…Taeyang is flat out short…miniature sized, in a stereotypical Asian way…his body is completely out of proportion… His torso/abdomen is abnormally long… Proportionally, he would be much more attractive if he had a less cut body and had more of a thin frame…all that bulk on top only results in giving his legs a stubby appearance.” This is actually disgusting. Do you think female objectification and sexualization is ok? Because based on how opinionated you are, I’ll assume you’d be the first ones to bitch about someone commenting on your body or your friend’s in this manner. Taeyang’s body is Taeyang’s. He hasn’t taken care of it for you or anyone else, it’s not your to comment on and “decide” whether it’s good or not. He doesn’t need your approval just as you don’t need the approval of some stranger on the internet to feel like your body is good.

    I could go on and comment on what you said about his personality, specific things you said about Daesung, Seungri, GD and T.O.P too, but I won’t. I’ve wasted enough time here trying to shine a light on your pharisaical ways for you. If you can’t see the error in what you’ve written in relation to how you’ve advertised it than I really think you should just give up this blog altogether, but that’s just my opinion. The truth is that you’re just ignorant. When you use the term ‘truth’ to describe what you’re writing, you have a responsibility to deliver words that are as close to the truth as you possibly can (for without knowing a person/place or thing personally, you can never truly write the truth about them/it). Otherwise you just come off as spinning your opinions as facts (with or without the use of the phrase “in my opinion”).

    TL;DR: To write something described as truth one must write in a neutral tone and present facts and sources for each statement.
    What you have written is NOT “the turth about kpop”, it is your opinion about kpop.

    • You aren’t saying the truth, it’s all YOUR opinion. And you only put down Taeyang, wth, not everyone thinks the same as you, hater!

  5. Without taeyang Big Bang wouldn’t be thesame,that guy is an amazing singer he can dance and he is definitely not ugly to might not like him but writing such nonsense about him is definitely low each member is unique in their own way just like daesung said but when they come together they make great music.

  6. I honestly don’t know whether to hate or like you. I dislike how you talk about some of Big Bang because I adore them and each one is wonderful in my eyes. However, I admire your straightforwardness in talking about each member even when your words are negative and you know you’ll get a lot of hate for that. I enjoy your honest opinion towards everything, but I dislike the way you put down some of the members traits (ex. Taeyang’s looks).

    Well, regardless of my feelings, keep up the good work. It’s hard to find someone giving a negative opinion on Big Bang or any well liked Kpop group in general.

  7. You are so so rude to Teayang, I’m a hundred percent sure you are not as fine has half of his good looking structure! You absolutely have no right to judge him that way. He has one of the voices I’ve ever heard although not the best. Even if you hate him at least be fair! I would have loved this but some of your opinions are wrong. Sorry, if you were a celebrity you’ll probably be described the way you just described Taeyang.

  8. you are so fucking rude to judge Taeyang that way. who are you to judge for someone’s looks? just cuz he believes in God that doesn’t make him boring or demure. maybe he’s a really interesting person but hides it. it just depends how hardcore of a believer he is. i’m a believer too yet i still tend to be super weird and goofy. so don’t judge. (i’m not even into BIGBANG i thought this was BTS so i clicked and read it anyways)

  9. The article was very well written. I can understand where you are coming from and although I dont agree with some of your opinions, I understand that they are opinions. Don’t let all the haters get at you, they are acting like children. You wrote well, got your point across, and I had fun reading it. *Insert a thumbsup here*

  10. you have NO right to JUDGE a person you barely know or even don’t know at all.. JUST SHUT DOWN YOUR’RE BLOG SITE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND PEACE OF MIND.. Don’t Judge Asian people base on what you SEE or HEAR about them ‘coz you might regret it later..

    • and out of all things Overall Big Bang: 8.66 are you smoking drugs.. might wanna google Big Bang on top of being awesome actors they are fashion designers composers each one individually awesome together they are AMAZING



    • Wow… there really are stupid people like you in the world…. Seriously…..WAKE THE HELL UP! ARE YOU BLIND? CHINA IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MARKETS IN THE WORLD. AND AGAIN ARE YOU BLIND. THIS IS A KPOP WEBSITE(despite the fact that the person who wrote this article doesn’t seem to be a kpopper at all…more like a biased idiot, though TOP is awesome.) IF YOU WANT TO POST THIS KIND OF COMMENT, GO TO A HATE ASIAN WEBSITE INSTEAD!)

  12. Unbelievable!! I am so mad, seriously! My bias is Daesung but still… What you guys said about Taeyang and Seungri… Jesus!!

    Every person has its unique side – so does Taeyang! And what, being quiet makes a person boring?? WTF??? And how is his voice just normal?? He can hit high notes and has a very calm voice, that I can’t compare to any other persons voice!!
    And about Seungri.. Oh. my. Goddess.
    You are talking like you were living with him! What do you even know, huh!? You musn’t judge a person like that, who do guys even think you are?????
    And how is he not good looking? How can you even dare to state it as a freaking fact? This is a subjective matter! I personally think he looks very handsome and he has a unique style as well! Even if his character is a bit cold or arrogant, what’s so bad about that? Its not like he spits on fans or something. Its like you’re judging him for being himself. Many idols are like this, they just wear fake masks to hide their shitty personality under it so they can recieve the love of fans. I admire him for being honest and showing people how he just is. You do not know how he or any other member acts when there are no cameras.

    Seriously!! Who the hell are you!????

  13. Damn. Tell us how much you really hate the other every member of BIGBANG, except for TOP. Cause we totally didn’t get it the first time.


  14. Wow so rude!! I respect your opinion but why so RUDE!!?
    Taeyang is my bias and I found him extremely good looking. In bigbang he was the first that I found atractive and cool. His personality is 10/10 did you see how good he is with his fans? He always say hi at the airport and smile at them even when he’s tired. Did you see the video when he feed his fans? Did you see when all the member were passing by the fans but Taeyang was the only one to stop and saying hi to the fan and he also sign for one of them And also did you see how sweet he his on the social media? Sometime ( mabe he’s bored) he take time and replie to fans on social media. YOUNGBAE care about his fans and always show the best of himself. You don’t know him personaly, you can judge someone like that. GD and Youngbae are bestfriend and this two are my bias. . How can you be so rude? . I get it you hate YB and Seungri but it’s not a reason to drag them down!

    Idols also have internet they read things about them in the internet too. It’s not only fans who read this stuffs. Saying those things about them can hurt. Imagine if they read this? They are human too.

    ALWAYS V.I.P !! Love GDYB

    • It’s not a big comfort but I think that Taeyang is handsome and very funny, He has a bit of a problem with hitting high notes but his singing is full of emotion and he is a great dancer. I love him very much, along with Daesung and T.O.P.

  15. If Taeyang is boring even though he is known as a troll and king of petty shade and on top of that being fucking extra, then you must have different definition of boring.

    Appearance-wise, it’s very subjective. He did rank as 24th in the world most handsome men of last year… so poor him.

  16. hi again my name is angelina jadelyn katherine bordelon my favorite songs from yall is bae bae, bang bang bang ,still alive, loser,eyes nose lips,

  17. hi my name is angelina and i am a huge fan believe me to me out of those parodies why did top kiss the band memebers why not get a real girl


  19. I agree with some of your points, perhaps even most of them. I guess my biggest issue in this post is your nonchalant way of using the word “ugly”. While I’m assuming it is the general consensus (to clarify: doesn’t mean I agree with it), calling someone “ugly” doesn’t really describe a person because it’s purely subjective; it’s more of judgement on your part. You have to admit–you were terribly biased in your comments. It was obvious who you favored and who you disliked. You were sympathetic to the ones you favored but dismissive to those you didn’t.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was terribly disappointed by this post. I suppose I expected too much; the name of your blog is incredibly misleading. I came here to see accurate descriptions of Big Bang but what I got were thinly-veiled insults in the guise of blunt opinions. So… yeah. 8/10 would not recommend.

  20. I agree with the OP. Tae Yang is the least attractive one of the group. It’s pretty clear that the comments defending Tae Yang are from Americans. Everyone has different taste in guys, and Americans love the Tae Yang clean cut NIGGER ABC type of look.

    • Tae Yang’s face looks like a lemon. Lol. Too bad he can’t pull off the GD look. He’s trying hard lately though.

      • His head looks more like an ERASER more so than a lemon. But I can see the similarities. But nonetheless, he is the least attractive one of the group. I’d give home maybe a 4.5/10 on his looks. A 2/10 on style. And 7/10 on his music.

  21. I believe that this article is really biased. The writer clearly favors TOP and GD. In my opinion, Seungri looks pretty decent and he doesn’t look like a farmer. Daesung is also very cute, appearance-wise and personality-wise
    How the heck are you able to evaluate their personalities? Are you even close friends with Bigbang? Do you even see them offstage??

  22. Who ever wrote this seems to know them , but do they really??
    To me Taeyang is super talented and just because he is Christian, it doesn’t mean his boring , that was out of context

  23. i shed tears while reading your opinion for Taeyang and Daesung. Bigbang isn’t Bigbang without them! They’re all talented and that’s why I love them. Taeyang’s physical appearance is fine, height is not a big deal tho -___- This article is a waste!!!

  24. I mostly don’t say this phrase, or take it lightly as I mostly find it very harsh.
    But fucking die. Seriously. How DARE you.

  25. You know what i think is that you tried to act like a nice ,cool person who doesn’t judge people by looks but with Taeyang you went full on judging every single thing about his face, his body and everything about the way he looks .It’s quite clear that you hate him however i don’t agree with your comments but i am still going to respect your opinions and thoughts.Something else is that you should be less harsh with your comments because it can hurt a lot of people because there are many people that care about Taeyang a lot one of them being me.

    • i feel the same way. i’m over here yelling at my computer, ranting really. i’ve never heard such hurtful, disrespectful, and inaccurate things said about an idol ever, especially as far as looks and talent go. to give jiyong such a high rating while also being so cruel to youngbae is just rude, especially since they are best friends. i’m sure if they saw this, they would be greatly disappointed and hurt.

      and most of the things that were said about all of them that were the “bad” aspects of their personalities are things they can’t help because of their astrological signs. so really, they’re only pointing out “flaws” that would be ingrained in them anyway.

      and another thing, daesung is the best-looking one in the band. he is not “ugly-cute”. what a *terrible* thing for them to say :/

  26. I just wondered about that the members was Christian or not, because sometimes it looks like. (And I love it if they are, but only TaeYang is, I still love it ♥)
    BUT I just have to say, this is my list of the 3 first members I love: 1) GD. 2) TaeYang. 3) I don’t know if I should put Seungri or Daesung in there.
    Yes, I love all the members and I am so proud of how far they’ve came.
    For me, it felt like you was full of hate, and most of it on TaeYang.And I think that you should be carefull about what you’re saying. Of course, “Haters gonna hate” just like they say, BUT you don’t have to be so rude.
    All of them are so good to sing and their solos are perfect for them.
    Actually, I couldn’t read all of it because I got so angry about how much hate you putted in. I only read 20 +/- words about Seungri and then it just said: “Stop. Don’t read more. It’s nothing for you to read” or something. So, heres something about TaeYang I want to share, because it’s important. And btw, do you want BB to read this or…?
    Anyway, TaeYang.
    TaeYang look so kind and he show much feelings in the songs and interwues. Or, for me it feels like. His smile is touching ♥ and when he laugh, it’s very cute.
    He look as normal as everyone else. And it looks like he have fun when he do all this. Again, for me it feels like.
    I mean, if you want to type something about someone, you should stay cool and make sure that it’s not too much or something. For example: TOP: TOP is very kind and his hair looks great. TaeYang: TaeYang is very kind too and his hair looks great too.
    This was just an example. But I mean you should be carefull about what you’re saying on the internet. You can see all those comments here. It’s not good for you, me, anybody here and of course BB. Remember, everyone can see this.
    -Love: A girl who tried to stay cool and tried to talk to you on an ok way. :)
    VIP forever ♥

  27. I admit that im a fan of TOP the most but I still fan of every other member of big bang. I love all the members. when I say I love them doesnt mean I judge through only their appearance and talent but from their confident and commitment to share what they’ve gifted wisely. Dont you think its a waste when someone have their great talent and singularly unique be not shown to the world. Im quite a dreamy type but not a confident and committed type but after I learned about this band, I really motivated and learn to use what ive gifted wisely in the future too. This band is very unique because every of the member have their own unique way to live up this band. If one of them quitting ill feel very disappointed for this band is the best for me. Only five members but each of them have unique personality which completing the existence of big bang. The members treat each other like a family. Their opinions always be the honest one. I love them for that. Love them for zero hypocrisy in making music band. Their weakness their strength is what makes them complete as a person. SARANGHAE BIG BANG!

    • I am so agree with you. And for me, it’s GD. Not because he’s the leader, but he is handsome. Just like everyone else in that group. I don’t know why he is nr. 1 for me, but BB deserve to get the same message or something. I hope you understand :P But they need this. They need support from other people.

  28. All i am gone say is WHO do you think you are?Are you that perfect that you think you have the right to judge other people by their looks or talents (taeyang).We get it you aren’t a big fan of him but that doesn’t mean you have to say all those mean stuff about Taeyang or anyone else.The way you described Taeyang just showed that you are very racist.So please next time think twice before you express your thoughts because it might hurt other people ,sometimes is better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Btw Taeyang is very good looking ,sexy and he is extremely talented.

  29. Okay I clearly understand that your trying to let us know about each and one of them but you are just making it why to harsh a little by saying that some of the bigbang members are ugly non-attractive and there just not the best looking by saying there the most non-attractive k-pop singers well I say that you shouldn’t do that cause its very rude other people might think that the person is there idol or bais so your making them not happy and you clearly not making it fair to each member first you start saying that T.O.P is the best and it is true but you rated him 10 almost one everything and the other members you treated them like there nothing and just said that there ugly and gone with it so I really don’t agree with this even tho some facts are true and I learned a lot about this but still I don’t think its fair to some of the members thankyou. and btw I don’t think taeyang should get a low rating cause he clearly look good looking.

  30. you say taeyang appearing like he’s “light Black male” and being “Cuban, Jamaican, Vietnamese and French mix that only Americans can find attractive?” is what makes him unattractive. kinda racist don’t you think?

    and you say seungri is average. well, i’d love to go to a place where he is considered the average male ! that would be great place to be where most males looked ‘average’ like him

    personally, i think taeyang has the cutest face. he has an appearance that is universally accepted as attractive everywhere except in this blog post.

    all of them are really good looking people, but you are too biased against taeyang and seungri, it’s like you hate them.
    why don’t you discuss the shortcomings of t.o.p. and gd too? t.o.p. is hot but he appears kind of lanky, gangly and weird, and he looks aloof, distant many times. but he’s hot in his own way – the distant seductiveness is his unique point imho

  31. I am really frustated about this article and its author/s… I know that those things that you’ve mentioned were your opinions or observations about BigBang but you’re so annoying! You have mentioned too many negative characteristics of them particularly Taeyang, my bias! I just think that you are a bitter person dissing a very famous KPop band… BTW Thanks for their good qualities included in your blog…My only advice for you is just think about the things that you really feel and deliver it in a nice way… If you have some bad comments, better not include it because it makes your blog extremely unpleasant…

    ~ I just saw this while searching about BigBang. I know that this blog was from 3 years ago but it really ruined my day! Ugggghh

  32. The problema isn’t when you make your opinions public.. the problem is how you word them, and unfortunately this was done in a really bad and obviously biased way. I’m not gonna bash on the author because I don’t think it’s worth it. There were pretty horrid stuff there that could be avoided, especially on TaeYang’s and Seungri’s part. I can understand why some people won’t find TaeYang attractive (to me, he’s the most beautiful member, plus one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen), but there’s a way to say that without seeming like a complete douchebag. I know this post is old and my comment will probably never be seen, but be careful with your words. You might end up hurting someone really bad even if you don’t mean to.

  33. in addition to the other reviews, I feel the need to express my own opinion. You calling Seungri “almost ugly looking” compared to T.O.P and G-Dragon, is pretty biased, don’t you think? As well as you calling Daesung “Ugly-Cute” and ridiculing Taeyang for his height, a factor he can’t really change? Seriously? Saying Taeyang has no personality and that getting a girl would make him more “lively”? Come on. G-Dragon and Taeyang are both kind of quiet and shy. Why are you hating on Taeyang, and completely worshipping G-Dragon (no offense intended here for G-Dragon just pointing it out). You gave G-Dragon and T.O.P nearly perfect scores. Honestly, if you’re going to express your opinion, why don’t you present it in a less rude manner? Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri don’t deserve such low reviews.

  34. I agree with what most people said about this being T.O.P and GD bias because it is. And it’s just as discriminatory towards Taeyang. And why? Because he isn’t tall enough or is it because he looks like he has a Cuban, Jamaican, Vietnamese and French mix that only Americans can find attractive? That he looks like a light Black male as if that is a bad thing.I find these comments/opinions beyond offensive,unnecessary and borderline racist. I love Korean culture but the more I learn about it the more put-off by it I am. How can you judge someone on personality when you yourself lack one. Furthermore, since you like to voice your opinion about other people’s looks how about you post a picture of yourself and let us be the judge.

  35. I’ve only seen bits of performances from ’em, but I think they deserve better than dis. Theyr all different and unique and there is no problem with dat. But every group normally has dat one person who brings back ta classic part of singing and dat just happenz ta be Taeyang. Dis gives ya’ll NO RIGHT to be hatin on him. And ta be honest. I think you wern’t thinkin when you name dis thing, and I quote, “The Truth About K-Pop” There is no truth other dan K-Pop is life. Most of us should know dis since deres so many comments on dis thing.

  36. Obviously, this bitch is a taeyang hater. Lol, her comments stay irrelevant, he will forever be my Ultimite Bias. I’m a proud VIP💓. Big Bang, fighting. ✊

    • Yes, I will have to agree with you on the hater thing. I only just recently got into BigBang, however, I feel that there is just some hate going on here. I like all of them currently. No one is better than the other.

  37. Wow, the hate and the juvenile angst from these comments. The ratings and observations are the writer’s opinions, sheesh. Some of you are just cementing what others say that VIPs can’t take ANY form of criticism towards their oppars and all. And I’m saying this as a HUGE fan of bigbang (they’re actually the only kpop group I love). I may not agree with some of the points in the post but I actually thought that this is one of the most unbiased review of Bigbang I’ve encountered and I say kudos to the writer for taking the effort to explain why he/she gave such ratings. And for those saying that the post was made by a hater of one or two of the members, notice how the writer gives both sides of the coin — the pros and cons of the members. Even while criticizing a member for a specific aspect, a compliment will follow in a later sentence. A semblance of respect is actually retained throughout. As a fellow VIP, I hope you’re as open minded as the Bigbang we all support.

  38. Eat my shit haters, fuck you ok??? (sorry but i’m so angry,I want to hit the haters) You are only jeaoulose because they are the best band ever, they are special, they are fantastic, i love them so much because they make their passion and love for the music and for singing for their fans, you are only ugly that’s why you talk in this way, they are 100000000000000….. beautiful than you and perfect,(sorry for my english but i’m try) i’m so angry with haters they think they are perfect but it’s not, you don’t now the band, you’re not with they for talk in this way ,that’s it’s the part i hate more,they think they now each member of the Big Bang perfect but it’s not true, so don’t prove to offende G-Dragon,Taeyang,Top,Seungry and Daesung or I’ll make you to forget the reason of why you are in the world. And I LOVE YOU BIG BANG so proud of all of you ❤❤❤❤

  39. All the members of BIG BANG are special, all of them are perfect you’re so mean i hate everything you wrote, how could you say terribile things for Teayang, Daesung, and Seungri , do you know what makes BIG BANG the best? All of them , their passion and love for singing for their fans. That’s why i love all of them bicause they have strong personalities and love each other, and when they sing ALL, they heal my heart
    T.O.P. have a special voce strong and unique
    Teayang have a beautiful and very sweet voice
    G-Dragon have a voice that nobody else have and it’s very beautiful
    Daesung have a strong voice that in the same time it looks sweet
    Seungri have a beautiful voice, very limpid and perfect .
    All of them have a different voice but when this vocals meet each other form a harmony that makes our heart feel in paradise.

  40. The only reason why Seungri isn’t well recognized in the talent department is because YG doesn’t really give big parts like the rest of the Big Bang members. Fans of Big Bang are only now beginning to realize what a good voice he has.

    • Who the fuck wrote this?! Seriously. Even though I’m not a big fan of Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri as much as I like GD and TOP, this person doesn’t even know them and rates them, WTH! This blog is incredibly bias.

  41. Music is made for ears, not eyes. People shouldn’t be judging by their looks and talent when they don’t even know what they have been going through. Their hard work should be appreciated, it is unfair to them when they have worked so hard and people just going around judging and criticizing them. These articles are all bias according to the writer’s personal reference, it only enrages other fans, this whole blog thing is just stupid.

    • I KNOW! I’m not even a Taeyang bias, but this offended me strongly. Taeyang’s personality is a 4.6? This is just rude! Saying he lacks a personality is too much. This person said he doesn’t know when to stop. She doesn’t know when to stop! Judging someone when you don’t know them is pretty low too. The comment at the end, that states him getting a gf would make him interesting, annoys me also. A girlfriend doesn’t make you interesting. Saying that you need another person next to you to make you better is absurd! I JUST CAN’T! I CANNOT!

  42. I only agree with your opinion of Big Bang as a group. Because I love them all, and accept them with their flaws. To me they’re all beautiful.That is the way a real fan should feel.

  43. All the hate you found for this post is earned. You’re really infatuated with Top and Gd. Well written article, well almost, but that’s about it. Wrong choice of title, poor grammar shown in some parts this opinion of yours. Really, I’m not American and even I know how to write in English. Really mature, your way of criticism of people you don’t even know. I hope you know what it feels like to work your way up to your dreams, and then be criticized by some fan who maybe doesn’t even know the basics about music and dancing. You could have expressed your opinion in another way, but I guess your personality isn’t that good. It shows in the way you express your thoughts. May this experience be a way for your self growing, and personality changes. You desperately need it. Good day.

  44. U r so wrong about. Taeyang. He is beautiful. Hes voice amzoning. I love him. We american woman think he sexy and for the rest of the guys r all specialize. Talented. They compelamentt. Each other i love bigbang.💝💝💝💝💝☀.

  45. Are you trying to start a fandom war? Taeyang is my favourite but I am not that biased towards him because I also do like and appreciate the other members of BB.

  46. This was fun to read, and your insight is appreciated.

    From a North American perspective, in terms of your “appearance” ratings, it’s hilarious to see the differences in cultural ideals of attractiveness. Personally, in terms of pure looks, physically, style not included, Taeyang wins hands down for being hot-looking. Seungri in second for being a good looking kid. I can’t believe you gave Taryang the lowest score, based only on not looking Korean enough – racist :P? Then you say that Daesung is “ugly cute” but still give him a higher score!! Lol!! Not to mention the huge bias in describing T.O.P. as God-like perfection. Also, I find GD super attractive, good looking, but more cuz of his persona, and adorable smile. However from a NA perspective, when he looks boyish at times, that will take away from his attractiveness for a lot of people. Just interesting.

    In the end I get that a lot of this is personal opinion, all fun and games. :)

    Peace out

  47. English is not my first language but please bear with it. And this is only my opinion. No offense.

    the title is a bit misleading. Its the truth about kpop. But after i read this it gives me a feelling that this is just your opinion and you are a little bit biased towards GD and TOP( and that makes them a bit overrated ), and you hated Taeyang ( which makes vips angry,furious,mad,blablabla, and those comments make you super fed up and thinks they r unmature )

    Taeyang is not my favorite members in BB but i think he doesnt deserve what you write about him ( like he is boring and looks like Jay Park, that makes me a little bit angry tho ).I did googled Taeyang’s proportion and i agree with your opinion that his leg are a bit short. But i dont think Taeyang looks bad and boring as you mention because i watched many variety shows that BB shows up and basicly(in my opinion) GD is not very, i mean has more good personality than Taeyang. They are both shy so he didn’t talk very much. And, do Taeyang looks like Jay Park? i dont think so.

    And for vips that is angry for what he/she says abt Taeyang, calm down first, please, before you diss TOP and GD and says they smokes and eat drugs ( TOP didnt eat drug, dont misunderstand) and blablabla, READ PROPERLY. it is very, very clear that this is just his/her opinion and he/she is just sharing his/her opinion. IM NOT DEFENDING HER THO. And the title IS TRULY MISLEADING, and this was her/his fault. Your comments that refers he/she as a bitch or anything else will just only make people angry bcause he/she will probably reply something that you doesnt like and it makes everyone angry. Whats the point of that? Imagine how sad BB members will be if they read this?

    Again. this was just my opinion. Please dont say refer me as a bitch( that you probably will ) or im unmature because im truly unmature, im 13 only.

    • Hi, I’m 17 and I totally agree with everything you just said. I too feel that the writer of this article isn’t very open minded. This blog should be titled something like “My Perspective on K-pop”, not the truth. Everything here is based on her opinion and highly biased.

    • Wow iam 51 i also agree with very good english mature. For 13yr i just became a kpop fan last. Year. I love these. Guys each. One of them is special. Like D lite said. On happytogether they r a puzzle pice that fit perfect. Together .Tae yang is my fav he so sexy. To me .they went through a lot to get where the at now. GD is. A genus Top very smart putting. His act ing out there senger very good at speaking Dlite is very funny.

      • They are like a puzzle of a magnificent potrait, but if one piece is missing ,the beauty of the picture is no longer complete . And if they have bicome famous is because they have tried so hard, they have struggled with their strength and their love, with their voice they are very talented , they don’t any defect because they are perfect in their way 😍

    • I like you. You said something that’s very important. English is not my first language either, but I don’t care. I understood everything you said and I started to smile when I read this. It felt like… You didn’t try to be rude or angry. Right? just acting cool, right? That’s how it should be :)

  48. I hate what u said about Taeyang and Seungri.Maybe,Taeyang is not the one that I like the most in BigBang but the fact that u said..he is not attractive at all is obviously wrong.How could Taeyang and Seungri(that u said not a good-looking guy) have a lot of fans???Vips love them because they are,Vips found their charms and obviously that means they found they attractiveness.Humans are all different and we could find their attractiveness in different way.Vips love them because they are(as a group)so,pliz don’t judge them.

  49. It’s funny how you acknowledge how idols like GD have an onstage persona that is different from their everyday life, but you don’t apply this assumption to other idols that you don’t particularly like?

    Like how you say Taeyang is boring, or the comments you made about Super Junior (Kyuhyun…?) and Shinee (Jonghyun…?).

  50. To the writer of this post:

    Seriously, you’re not doing yourself any justice by being a nitpick, scrutinizing every single comment so closely for grammatical errors.
    By the way, just because their opinions differ from yours doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to reply them and then pick out their errors which only garners more hate. It’s like you have nothing to pick on so you’re trying to troll them.
    Oh and one more thing, I hope you know that ‘a lot’ is a 2 word phrase and it isn’t spelt as ‘allot’ or ‘alot’ because that’s just bad english.

    I don’t exactly care about how biased your ‘review’ was because I believe that the comments have spoken for themselves already and I do not need to add any more comments to that. But what I do care is the fact that you’re technically bullying Big Bang’s fans and I hate to see anyone sowing discord amongst the fandom, annoying the hell out of us.

  51. ahhhh you know what with out any of tham they wouldn’t make big bang all of them are best yb and vi got alot of hate the are not bad i love them any way but don’t make them seem useless i love taeyang’s songs and he is not my fav top is all of them are loved by vips and we love them

  52. You obviously like top among the rest. I reapect yourr opinion about yb, but you cant say that his voice isnt unique at all nor how he looks unattractive. If you’re a true VIP, you should accept their talents and flaws at the same time.

  53. Seriously u said that…..taeyang isn’t good…he dont have talent…he cant sing?? Really…if uh were infront of me i would kill uh…nd yeah what u said..seungri dont look good?? nd he looks like a farmer…dude/girl uh need to get a life before writting it..we understand ur love for top nd gd but plz dont say bad about others…they r all just awesome i guess..

  54. i hate it when u actually just told taeyang was not good looking…..excuse me…everyone has their own beauty …and taeyangs beauty is this….if u have some partial side about our taeyang ….sorry…we are not in the way. if u like top more doesnt mean all vip fans are tops fans ..there are diehearted fans for taeyang also. you are just reducing their hope and love to taeyang..please change your title asap..

  55. Dont judge Taeyang just because you dont like him . But before you even judge , can you sing , dance or even have a fashion better than him ?!

  56. I want to slap your face so hard right now, but then that’ll just be animal abuse. Your so fucking biased that YOUR making me want to puke all over you maybe then you’ll be a little more prettier ☺️.
    First of all get all your fucking facts straight before you go off and start feeding people shit. Your a disappointment to any fans…..I can’t believe I’m even waiting my time on you. Hope you rot in hell 😄

  57. What truth about KPOP get your facts straight, The article is just straight up bias and is just talking trash about Taeyang. How dare you even call it ‘the truth about KPOP’? You hater.

  58. After I read taeyang’s part, I stopped and lost interest. I was like, “wow, this is not right”, you are a complete bias and its such a pain for true VIPs to read this. Showering praises on some and completely hating on others?
    Do us a favor and and change your username. Surely, it’s not “thetruthaboutkpop” because what you have shown us was a straight forward opinion of a fan.
    I just feel really bad after reading Taeyang’s column. Man! so disappointing. He slayed charts and won multitude of awards, and this is all he gets :(


    • Honestly I completely disagree about what you said about Taeyang then again everybody Is entitled to their own opinions however I don’t understand how you can call him boring and what not just because he’s shy! He probably acts totally different around the guys family & close friends when cameras & media isn’t around. I’m the same exact way. He’s my baby <3

  59. I know this article is old but I am appalled by how biased you people are. It is also repulsive how hypocritical the authors are. You comment in a vulgar manner to people who do not share your biased opinions, yet you pretend to be insulted by “vulgar language” from the other users. Also, nit picking other people’s grammar is just a pathetic attempt to troll and childishly insult other people. Bravo to you for being so immature. Are you all 5-year-olds? I actually apologize for offending 5-year-old children. I have read your other reviews of other bands and you really show how rude, pathetic, and hypocritical you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if you answer to my comment in an uncivilized manner even after so long. May I also add that your information and even photos were outdated for the time you published this article? They grew into fine looking men after so many years.

  60. I’m sorry to say this but I don’t understand why your website is called “The truth about kpop” when it really is just your own biased opinion.

    As everyone here has noted, it seems that your biases are GD and TOP. You really just hate the rest of Big Bang. I scrolled through some of the comments, and it seems that you really just chose to reply to the ones you knew you could reply to- The ones that chose to stand up for their bias, or even the three members you picked on: Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, but- just in a slightly rude manner. In which return you replied in an equally rude reply.

    Just because your biases are TOP and GD, doesn’t give you the excuse to look down on the rest of the members. Sure, you didn’t exactly give a bad “review” on Daesung, but it is indeed rude to just “slap him right in the face” and call him ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    As for Taeyang and Seungri, you simply were being the biased person you are and just didn’t give them a chance. Even if you did, apparently you weren’t paying much attention to their charms. You just shot them down before you took a look at them. A close look.

    I’m just trying to speak in a civil manner, if I wanted to, I could have used all the vulgarities I know.

  61. Excuse me, with out Taeyang Bigbang would be nothing, the review on him was very harsh, even though i know its your own opinion then please change the title to OPINIONS about Bigbang, that would be helpful

  62. Srsly WTF u suck u dont know anything about big bang firstly tae yang isnt boring n why the fuck is taeyang appearance is 7.0 n seungri is 8.0 they actually deserve better than good looking n u must be fucking blind to not see that if u consider taeyang n seungri as talentless but look at u just writing a stupid blog n if they r so talentless YG president wont debut they Change ur blog name the truth of kpop to an idiotic person who dont know anything about kpop cuz u dont know enough to write a blog about big bang n u know what just close down this website u r making non kpoper like kpop but u making them hate kpop dont judge big bang like u know them u may know their name or even height or blood type but u dont know their story u dont know how hard they work to become an artist SO DONT FUCKING JUGDE THEM

  63. I dont know why you call this “thetruthaboutkpop” because its more your opnions on kpop. The way you talked about teayang is very rude and that boy can sing.!! I guess your very GD&TOP biased because you praised them alot. You also bashed Seungri and he does have a role like every other member .. No he didnt pester YG .. If you watch BigBang’s documentary, you would know that Seungri was given another chance to prove himself to be a singer (which he did). I like all 5 members and they all have their own charms to offer to the group. Without all 5 of them, BigBang wouldnt be the same..

  64. i know this is your opinion but your being baised, your idolizing TOP and G-dragon too much that your being unfair with the other memers. and the way you describe daesung is a bit insulting, how can you say that he has an “ugly-cute” face (😈 he is cute but not ugly and there’s no problem with his asian looks as you describe it) and as for his talent you should try listening to some songs where he deliver falsetto perfectly. *I’m a daesung baised btw that’s why I’m defending him* for me big bang will not be big bang if we don’t have these 5 talented boys, each of them have their own charisma, talent and personality so we don’t have the right to just rate them.

  65. First of all, you basically worshiped TOP and called him the ‘perfect man.’ I mean, he IS my bias, ultimate kpop bias in general, but I think you emphasized his ‘perfection’ too much. He’s a human too…

    Taeyang..I just want to kimchi slap you for disregarding him. Like, no. Just, no. Stahp. You should be thankful that Taeyang is reaching out to the internationals. You’ll know he has a great voice when you listen to Wedding Dress. On top of that, he even performs/dances. Talent? Hell yes. “Personally, unlike the majority of American girls, we don’t find him attractive at all.” Who is we? Anti-hater of Taeyang? I apologize but that’s what you sound like to every member except TOP, GD, and Daesung. We don’t need looks to know he has talent(but he DOES have the looks). Taeyang is the guy who breaks the ice with his goofy smiles and jokes. He doesn’t like to be the “perfect idol”, and instead he prefers to be himself.

    Seungri..Now this guy got most hates from you. “Heart attacks anytime Seungri does variety solos.Big Bang raised this boy well.( It’s obvious sarcasm right there) Spoiled Maknae. Hyung-whore. Only a step above some of the ugliest people in K-Pop. Making him look almost ugly. Didn’t even know Seungri was in the group at all. What exactly is Seungri’s actual purpose in the group.” And basically the whole Personality part. Need I say more?

    You do realize that everyone has different thoughts, and it’s expected that there will be people who disagree with you. BTW, I just LOVE how you comment back at people who disagree with the blog..Freedom of Speech you know? Maybe you should learn more about BIGBANG..

    I force my smile and bid a good day to you.

    • Top does have a very low sexy voice and is every women’s dream guy . Even though he doesn’t show his body off just seeing a glimpse of his chest make women freak out at first sight. Second why we dissing on Taeyang he has a very great voice.maybe not to you but I think that lots of American girls like and love him and if you don’t then keep your mouth shut don’t comment or nothing.. Second thing he is a great preformer and also I enjoy seeing him with his shirt off!!! This is not a truth about BIGBANG this is your Opinion on some of this stuff. And I’m not liking it . 😒 and have a blessed day who ever made this article.

  66. Look, I understand that this is a blog, and you are entitled to your own opinions, but there are several things that seems out of place. First and foremost, the blog should not be called “The Truth About Kpop” because, in fact, it is not the truth. To figure that out, we just examine the meaning of “truth” but that is getting too much into the theory of knowledge.

    Secondly, I’ve read a few of your other kpop reviews and saw how biased and hateful many of them were. This just seems very immature. Almost childish. True, I don’t know the age of the people who run this page, but in my opinion, they are very judgmental, and ignorant. The kind of people who push their opinions on others. The closed-minded who refuses to hear others out.

    There are other things that I could go on about, but I will just end it here and say this. Blogs like this, are not worth the time to argue and rebuttal against. It is just a waste of your time and efforts as the bloggers don’t really seem to care about what other people think. I wouldn’t have really commented here at all if not for the overwhelming sense of ignorance in the original post. The conclusion? A biased, racist, and unfair blog like this is not worth our time.

    By the way, making obvious racist comments like your wild guesses on Taeyang’s nationality will only make you look even more ignorant. I suggest you don’t quit your day jobs… if you manage to keep it.

  67. All the butthurt Taeyang fans chill the fuck out. Your precious Taeyang is not that hot. He is so fucking overrated. He looks like a wannabe black guy. And also, he can’t sing for shit, either. He sounds like a dying cat on crack. His solo songs are the most boring fucking shit ever. I thing most VIPs know this, too. The only reason why he’s so popular is because of his abs. He takes his shirt off to distract people from how much his music sucks because sex sells with teenage girls, who is his target demographic. It’s the truth, and the truth hurts. Go on, reply to me with butthurt all you want. I don’t care. I’m just telling it how it is.

    • 뭐 잘못먹었니? 니가 뭐라던 잘 나가가는덴 다 이유가 있는거다 못잡아먹어서 안달이야 싫으면 혼자 시러해 알았니? 설마..초딩? 헉스 …

    • splahrt shut up u r just a hater of big bang so if u hate big bang dont even come to this blog n tell us not to love big bang bcuz u dont know big bang more than us(VIP) u r probably just jealous than big bang have more fan than ur favorite band

    • you’re actually a fucking dumbass I’m not even Taeyang biased but you literally cannot sit there and call someone talentless when they won 3 awards at mama. all these haters seriously need to shut the fuck up because who are you (someone without a single drop of talent) to judge world famous performers lol bye bitch

      • lol are you serious right now? capitalizing and using “one” like a pretentious little prick doesn’t make you sound any smart or you point any more valid. and btw this is a comment on a blog post not a paragraph in a formal essay pls go study up on informal usage of the English language and slang

      • There is no such thing as a strictly mandated informal usage of the English language, so where shouldwe go “study up”? You also did not really use slang but mearly profanities, this is completely irrelevant because we never mentioned it. Sorry for just pointing out your shit grammar, which a number of differnt devices and programs are smart enough to know is wrong and change.

  68. How does Taeyang he have dark skin? His skin color is the same as every member in BIGBANG. And you’re very biased in this article, I know you have your own opinion but what you said about Taeyang is plan RUDE. And fyi, he’s not dull, he has a great personality. You just can’t see it because you’re too blinded by G-Dragon and T.O.P. Your opinion is yours and mine is different but you don’t have to be disrespectful to Taeyang. And for your little Christian comment, Christians love whoever the hell they want. WE are not boring and WE don’t necessarily like “BORING” people. Maybe you should get a more diverse group of friends to actually understand things from a different point of view and how people perceive things. Please don’t try to mix Christians together with Taeyang’s “apparently poor personality.”

    • Totally true, the hell i was reading and saying what the hell is with her/him, well she/he needs to chill he is kind sweet amazing + correct Vocalist to MAIN vocalist..

  69. Bravo (claps slowly). I’m a Jamaican and I can’t help but be pissed the hell off at your post. You give gd a 9.9 despite his ignorance and his overbearing fake personality. STOP -_- I don’t like neither of them but you saying Taeyang looks like a light skinned black guy Makes me think his low rating has to do with you being a racist.

  70. Btw .. did you know.. TAEYANG breaks the record in Billboard and slaying the charts more than your *oh so perfect* biases??:)

    Poor your soul.
    The More you hate ..the more Higher the person you hates.
    God not sleeps.

    You’re welcome, hater :p

  71. To be honest this artical was very biased, Im guessing GD and TOP are your favorites. Witch is fine but when writing a review don’t focus in on favorites. And in my opinion you very harsh on Taeyang and were disrespectful to dark-skinned people. In sum please, try not to be so biased and be a tad more careful on how you compare races and looks.

  72. Alright, I wanna say that first, everyone has covered the taeyang bashing part, idk if anything was said about SuengRi’s talent. I honestly believed SuengRi to be better than Daesung was defiantly the worst singer, but as I listened I found I was wrong, there is no worst. Every member is great in their own ways. I love Daesung in a more party style song and I can’t wait for a real solo album from him. T.o.p is very unique in his vocals and I love that even though hasn’t done next to no solo songs, he does what he love and remains by his fellow members. SuengRi is goofy and out there, I love almost all his solo stuff and I belive him to be very talented and charming. His personality makes me giggle and he’s just having fun with whatever he does. I will say GD is my bais. I love everything her has produced, it’s unique and has his own style. But what I belive I pride in him for is how hard he works for what he loves. He stresses about wether his music will be continued to be excepted, he is my bais n I love him and I’ll just leave it at that. Taeyang is extremely talented to me, he is heartthrob in my eyes. Sexy and talented. I don’t like balled type songs, and there is one song of his that I feel he just takes the notes too high. But when I listen to him my heart just melts, the boy can dance like no other. So I don’t think one member is more important than the other, they all bring their part to the group and hold each other together. They are best friend and it makes me smile when I watch them interact off stage. They are the most unique kpop group in my opinion, their music makes me smile and dance wether it’s a solo song or as a full group I will follow each of them and support their music and acting and what ever else they have to show us in the future. So I will not score them on who they are based on bais opinions. They are human and they are imperfect but those imperfections are what makes them them. VIP for life💕

  73. This is your opinion and I get that but I am positive, and I’m sure most people will agree with me, that Taeyang deserves more credit than what you gave him. The first time I heard Big Bang I fell head over heels for Taeyang’s voice , my heart literally skipped a beat. I feel he’s one of the better dancers in this group, you can just see how much he feels the music through his effortless moves. You say his personality is boring just because he’s a strong believer and is timid and quiet, well I know this as a fact that the quiet ones could be the most interesting and amazing people. I felt you were a bit to quick to judge and really over looked his talents and characteristics because your eyes were clouded with GD and T.O.P ..but hey that’s just my thoughts, I think they are all talented , hot and amazing! I love Big Bang! And so does South Africa! ^-^

  74. Well damn ok, ummm sheesh. Ok You took us through your biased TOP/GD wonderland which was cool,But I didn’t know that meant you had to bash TAEYANG along the way. Now let me just state this: I’m NOT A VIP or ANYTHING for that matter but TAEYANG’S dancing gives me that Michael Jackson tease that totally keeps my attention. He’s so smooth and fluent with his dancing that he outshines the others. All I’m saying is that man is really talented and whatever u say can’t knock his talent.

    • I respect your opinion on Big Bang’s looks and personalities but what I couldn’t stand was your blatant racism towards the members – that part about Taeyang being a light-skinned black guy, the Asian farmer and the typical Asian guy? Really?! Are you kidding me?! Asia isn’t just made up of China, Korea and Japan. India, Indonesia, as well as many other countries are in Asia too. Having to use such a terms to generalise people just shows how ignorant and rude you are. I am really offended. Could you please for once discuss KPOP without being racist for once?

      • Wth are you talking about?!?! I seriously hope you replyed to the wrong person bc your comment doesn’t apply to me at all .

  75. Honestly what you said about Taeyang was quite mean. So what if he’s short it’s not his fault and also your saying Taeyang looks like a black guy (which is ok it’s your opinion) but you don’t have to be so badly describing it plus Taeyang is the edgy vibe in Big Bang without Taeyang Big Bang would be so boring Taeyang is very different compared to the other members which makes Big Bang uniquw

  76. Even though I don’t agree with everything you wrote about Taeyang, I love how brutally honest this was xD

  77. I think I was okay for only for T.O.P. I feel really bad that you’re getting all this hate, so I’m not going to do that. But you’re super biased, even though if it’s opinion, it’s very insulting to people that like Taeyang and Seungri- Especially since half of your info isn’t true. Taeyang is could practically be the most outgoing and friendly member of the group. So the 4.6 personality rating kinda ticked me off (Ahem VIPS- go watch running man featuring Big Bang 84 and 85) I personally think he is the second best looking member in the group after T.O.P. I see you were super biased in giving ratings with Top and G Dragon- giving them 10’s in almost everything. But it wasn’t fair that you gave Seungri such a low rating for talent. Let’s be real, he doesn’t get as much lines as let say, G Dragon. But it’s about quality not quantity. Personally, the lowest I would give for each of their appearances is a 9. And for talent and personality, I would give a 20 even though 10 is the highest. Well, this is me being the most unbiased as possible. LOL It’s practically impossible to give them less than a 9 for each category.

  78. Seungri helps with the group choreo, so what if taeyang is short, he is the vibe master in the group and also the “mom” in the group, gd is the dad. Daesung is growing up, so its not all because of the accident. Ppl tend to take BB for granted, but in the eyes of the artists after them( just like they see jinusean etc) they are kpop.

  79. Well written but extremely biased and in a way that’s alright but there was no need to be cruel and hateful towards members who weren’t your favorite. taeyang and TOP are my favorites as far as facial features go despite the fact that they are very different.

  80. Haha have you followed taeyang on instagram and twitter? Me as a VIP feel so damn enough with taeyang’s trolls!!! He keeps uploading a “loading” pic on ig and i clearly remember taeyang said that he has a girlfriend but actually it was a girl pic that minakwon made for him! For me he’s so damn funny and king of troll!!! I know your so biased toward GTOP but please before you write something harsh about someone (especially taeyang in this case) make sure you know that person ^^ your opinion sounds ew

  81. Seriously. People need to shut the F**K up.. and stop with the hating!
    I am sure this is their personal reviews and how they see it. Of course I am mad what they wrote about TaeYang, and didnt agree on may other things. But please people, grow up!! ” if you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. That really depends, now this is a review!! Of course you all is true fans and support BB all the way. And you guys get all mad, because you feel it is kinda a attack, but people, their own review on what they see. Own personal opinions!

    • Agreed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so when I see a bunch of vips coming in here all butt-hurt and lashing out immaturely over it I get embarrassed. Like it is just embarrassing to think that um yeah I’m part of this fandom full of 5 year olds who get all defensive over petty shit. Can everyone just grow up already? If you don’t like something that someone says then just ignore it and move on. It’s that simple. Don’t need to be a scientist to do it.

  82. what the heck are you just stupid??? what the hell did u write on taeyangs appearance and talent??? listen more! look more!! then youll know. i dont want to say bad stuff but just your blind!!

  83. Oh wow. You are really biased. I really dont think that I should bash u like all the other comments because you’ve gotten enough of that. I was really upset with ur opinion of Taeyang. That is really really harsh and i cant help but feel that you have something against him? Then again I could be wrong. But honestly overall your opinion and rating of ALL the members are very inaccurate. A lot of ur rating are biased so I dont believe that these are the rating that Big Bang deserve. Please reconsider

  84. If you like a certain group and you find time to write about them then that’s great. May fans from around the world would appreciated reading such articles. But the way this article is written is just nasty. If you have biases then good! Say all the nicest things you can say about your biases. However, for the rest of the group’s members, if you’ve got nothing good to say then write nothing. That would be better than getting to read all these crappy words about the rest of the group members that you obviously dislike. I mean I don’t think you’ve got that personal experience with them to have the credibility to write all these. This is your blog, of course you can write whatever you want. But then again, it’s open to the public thus the words you put in DOES matter. Thank you!

  85. Bitch it’s sooo obvious that you hate taeyang!!! That guy is one of a kind!!! Boring?? seriously??! Have you seen him jumping and playing around? i saw him a lot of times! And who the heck are you to juge anyway –‘ He has his own kind of humor and i think it’s really sexy! I seriously think he’s more gorgeous than GD or Top! Unless you sing better, dance better, look better and have a better personality than him shut the heck up cuz nobody cares about your opinion.

    • Really? Really? Just because you don’t like their opinion on a member you start with the name calling? smh Please go home and grow up before you hurt yourself.

  86. I am really shocked with this post, I mean some parts were really true like T.O.P, but comments on G-Dragon and Seungri were just irritating. To start I am surprised there was no mention of G-Dragons fashion style and his dog, Gaho. GD’s fashion has been very unique and trendsetting. Also your entire post seems bias towards T.O.P. Sure he’s attractive, inspirational and cool, but the other members are just as attractive, inspirational and cool. Also, why give GD a 10 in talent and just talk about his stage presence. He is an amazing singer and songwriter and you should’ve focused on that instead of his stage presence. On to Seungri just because he isn’t as successful as GD or T.O.P doesn’t mean he isn’t good. They are two years older than him and have more experience, also you failed to mention Senngri’s album, which was finished in under a year. I understand these are your opinions and you are entitled to them, but try to be unbiased when writing, its clear that T.O.P and GD are your biases “G-Dragon and T.O.P, who arguably are two of the best looking men in all of Asia, making him look almost ugly”

  87. seungri looks is not that bad ,,, i think that if he could stick with his childish look , hair he might look btter than top&gd

  88. Omg never thought of Taeyang’s appearance that way before until I came here. And how could you say he doesn’t look Korean? How could you even judge how koreans are suppose to look like? Is there only one standard to look korean? ….I’m just so speechless about your judgement on his skin colour too. And saying Seungri looks like a farmer in america…. What? How judgmental is that?
    Bigbang was the first K-Pop group I followed back since 2007… And even though I wouldn’t consider myself exactly a ‘V.I.P’ because I don’t follow every single updates about them, but I can still see the different great potentials in each of the members that shines brightly out of them.. which these different goods indeed forms BIGBANG. Bigbang together seems like siblings. I believe that true V.I.Ps all love every one of them and could see the goods in them all. Even I, who is not exactly a V.I.P, can still feel how awesome every member is in their own ways. I get goosebumps and feel very warm inside every time Bigbang is together as a 5. Bigbang is a very unique K-pop group out of the K-POP industry. I totally admire every one of the members because without one of them, it wouldn’t be BIGBANG. It’s been 7 years now since their debut… Love BIGBANG forever! Thanks for being one of my best childhood memories since 2007. x

  89. I dun think u have the rights to judge them or gif them ratings at all… Please be perfect before u judge someone else^^ RMB, U HAVE NO RIGHTS

  90. 1st majority of what you are saying is all an opinion, 2nd a TRUE v.i.p will love all the members equally and won’t have favoritism to that extent that they cruelly bash another member.

    • Omfg just shut up and go crawl back into your narrow minded hole. You do NOT need to like all members equally to be a true fan. That is utter bullshit and anyone who believes that is an uneducated idiot. You really have no clue how many fans actually detest ppl like you…so let me give you a hint… A LOT. It’s fan like you that ruin shit for everyone.

  91. srsly gosh taeyang even though his looks is lower than TOP i agree. but wtf man . didnt u see running man big bang episode? taeyang was so energetic so enthusiastic. he isnt quiet. gosh pls. his personality should be at least a 8 or 7. his appearance. srsly u gave me only an 8? wow havent u see his eye smile and his body. dude pls if u hadnt understand pls do not write such a useless article on big band cus u dont even understand them each and eveyrone. his apperance should be like a 9-9.5 .

  92. I think you were too tough on Taeyang. Do you look somewhat like him? I’m just wondering. His eye smile is so much cuter than Daesung. His dance moves much more fluid than TOP’s. His singing a lot better than Seungri. If you could give high marks to Seungri and extremely high marks for Daesung, I don’t understand the bias against one of the ‘face” of Big Bang. Because when it comes to swag Taeyang and GD has it just as much as TOP. Daesung has an “interesting” face? Seriously? INcongrous is the word. His personality shines through though, but not against Taeyang’s.

  93. This is a well written piece but you
    have shown EXTREME favouritism. I understand your points and some of them I agree with but you have been way, way too harsh on Taeyang – well that’s how I see it anyway. In my opinion you have given Taeyang very low ratings. For example his appearance, many VIPs find Taeyang very attractive especially for his built body and jawline, eyes etc. As for his personality, yes he is shy and what you call “boring” but many people say GD is also like that off camera. Honestly, Taeyang is known as the “shy, silent type” but that, in my opinion, is why many VIPs like him.And for TOP, he is attractive yes and talented but I don’t think he is a perfect ten. Very close to a ten but I don’t think he is there yet. GD for talent a ten I understand but in looks? I think ten is a bit too high.

    You seem to love TOP but totally hate Taeyang and that really reflects in your blog.

  94. i’m little bit surprised about Korean understanding about beauty or i can say ugliness… because those all young K-pop stars/idols all looks so perfect so beautiful… but they all look the same, they have the same nose, lips, eyes, hairs… like plastic doll and no PERSONALITY. And that we call a beauty!!!! They all are creepy empty shells, ones i saw TV show with them i never look it second time or searching info about them…
    But Big bang’s guys are real personalities, talented, handsome guys. I’m not pop music fan, but they have my respect.
    I never be a fan of band, singer, actor if he/she is just looks good, plastic doll

  95. Nice’s beautiful.i love what u wrote.all of their weaknesses and strengths but above all they all gave their best and deserve al good things.

  96. 1: you showed extreme favoritism 2: these where not facts they where your goddamn opinions and 3:taeyang and seungri are more goodlooking than you will ever be =_= and 4: true VIP’s dont insult the members, so wether or not you are one we hate you :I

  97. boy,girl,gay who ever post this I think you should fucking delete this bull shit. okay there are the reason you should delete this shit.
    1. there are V.I.P s around.
    2. what you said about taeyang was really fucked up were you drunk boy,girl,gay.
    3. they are your fucking opinions not the truth.
    4. everyone there hates it.
    so go fuck yourself .
    okay I’m done here. bye have a great day .

  98. Lol at the VIPs in the comments, this is the author’s personal blog and nothing is stopping you from clicking the “back” button if you don’t like what’s written here. He/she titled it “the truth about kpop” but were you really expecting some holy testament of truth here? Come on. There is so much shit on the Internet and billions of people who have different opinions from you, if you take everything so seriously you might as well take a gun to your head right now.

    My opinion:
    1. TOP is very, very good-looking. His features are just incredibly well formed and he can honestly pull off any hair color (though golden brown Oh Yeah days will forever be my favorite). He’s also very talented. Is he the most well-rounded kpop idol out there? No. But his talent in rapping is highly distinctive and his gift for acting is undeniable. His bingu-ness is endearing from the perspective of an outsider but still, the man is in his mid-20s so sometimes I wonder how the people who know him in real life handle that social ineptness. Nonetheless he seems to be highly popular with his peers in the industry (judging from his close friendships with Park Jisung, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Byunghun and a slew of other famous people) so I’m sure there is nothing to worry about personality-wise.

    2. Taeyang is hot, his side profile is the best look on him (and he knows it, that’s why he usually poses like that), and when those eyes are played up they are smoldering pits of sex. I don’t have a problem with his body at all. The man does take his shirt off a lot but can you blame him? He worked hard for that physique and if you don’t like it then don’t look. Yes he is very religious (just watch Daesung and Seungri’s “Like Big Bang” where Seungri parodies him) but it’s not always in your face like Siwon’s (I am primarily an ELF but I admit that does turn me off). From various accounts he honestly does not seem to be very adept at picking up women but I doubt that he is as shy as many VIPs believe since he seems to talk a lot in interviews and has many connections outside of Kpop. His talent is in RnB, his music and his dance moves are infused with that soul. In this sense I think he is unique in Kpop.

    3. G-Dragon is the center of the group. Everything he does, no matter what it is, is scrutinized by the media. Korea loves him, hates him, adores him, lambasts him. Sometimes I think he just wants the media to not make such a huge deal out of everything he does but they can’t help it because he is G-Dragon and no matter how much people try to convince themselves otherwise they want to know what he’s up to. On stage his persona is strong, charismatic, cool and untouchable but off stage every one who has worked with him says he is humble, hard-working, a disciplined perfectionist who keeps pushing himself to do better. His status is legendary yet he has never stopped bowing 90 degrees to fellow idols, to fans, to staff, even to rookies. His talent is undeniable. Singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, model, fashion icon. Is he the best in each of those fields? No. But no one does all of them simultaneously as well as he does.

    4. Daesung is a highly interesting person. When I first saw him I didn’t think he was good-looking at all. My opinion of his looks improved somewhat with Tonight but when I saw him with blond hair for their Alive comeback it was back to no again. Daesung’s looks are not for me but I can say that his voice and personality are his saving grace. Out of all the Big Bang member he is the variety ace. He always knows what to say to lighten the atmosphere or entertain the viewers, but I don’t think that he is that happy/giddy off camera (most comedians aren’t). The other members have often said that Daesung is a man of many secrets, and I feel that he is the kind of guy that you want to talk to when you have problems and who will give you sound advice and lend a caring hand, but about whom you don’t necessarily know a lot in return. Although he assumes a funny or ‘dumb’ character on TV, he, along with TOP, seem to be very private persons.

    5. Seungri is the glue of the group. It is very difficult to stand out in Big Bang with the other four members and you can tell that Seungri really has struggled and continues to struggle with that problem, even as a soloist. His role was originally the dancer, but few fans would cast him as the main dancer. He has a clear, pleasant voice, but lacks the soulfulness of Taeyang or the emotiveness of Daesung. His stage presence could be more powerful. But Seungri seems to be Big Bang’s biggest fan. He often talks about how he wants Big Bang to stay together forever and he seems genuinely attached to his fellow members (especially G-Dragon who he looks up to and loves). And he is the member who is willing to get closest to the fans and seems to really care about Big Bang’s popularity and status (like asking fans not to leave them for other groups and revealing tidbits of what fans want to hear). No, he isn’t the most distinctive member of Big Bang musically, but he stands out as the most realistic one. He clearly understands the industry and is willing to do what is needed to maintain their status so the group can continue to make the music that they want.

    So yeah, I don’t agree with 80% of what the author writes but I’m not going to attack him/her because that would be hypocritical and only reflects on me. It’s not that difficult to state an opinion in civil language. Peace.

    • I agree with you.
      Even Daesung don’t look very beautiful, but something shines from inside and makes him beautiful… he has inner light.
      Every time people writing comments about them or others, they forget that famous people are humans too and they feeling hurt about those stupid insulting comments.

  99. Firstly, isn’t it pretty harsh on taeyang? It’s like pretty obvious u guys LOVE TOP but there’s no reason for u to downgrade taeyang till that extent aren’t you? U say u guya had to diets comments? Ok fine maybe it’s cause vulgarity were way too much. But doesn’t it hit you that u insulted taeyang too much. Seriously. If u can dance better than him sure I’ll apologize, but if u can’t, stop saying it as though you have his amazing eye smile and all. I admit top And gd are amazing singers and they look awesome but I hope you’d take back what u said about taeyang and maybe apologise to the taeyang fans out there reading this post .

  100. it was very well written. i agree completely with some of your descriptions. however, many things were exaggerated. personally I think taeyang deserves a much higher rating for pretty much everything, and seungri does too. top is definitely talented and attractive, but i wouldn’t say he deserves a perfect ten, especially not for talent. GD definitely deserves the ten for talent, but idk about looks. other than that, it was well done.

  101. Pretty good article you got there, I’m new to kpop so this and similar band member articles help me get the members more =)
    Could you please write one about BEAST? Pretty please? <3

  102. Hey VIP’s can we just let you know that we just had to delete 7 comments that were full of vulgar and utterly repulsive language. We would not be bothered if that was only directed at us as the writers but these people were also attacking the other commenters. We are disgusted by this behavior and just want every other reader to give some thought about what you choose to comment.

    • And we all want you to give some thought about what you choose to write in your blogs. Have a wonderful day!

  103. Okay let me tell you something! Whoever typed this shit up you need your ass kicked. All that bull you said about Taeyang is your damn opinion. Just because he is not light and bright does not mean he is unattractive! A lot of people dont feel this way. I wonder who wrote this bull anyway. Is it because he doesnt represent illuminati like you see T.O.P! When it comes down to it these are real people not idols! I repeat they are like you and me and everybody else that shit. So you can stick this blog up your ass and clean your shit!

  104. This is just biased, no need to emphasize. You should take down this blog or change the title. thetruthaboutkpop, what the fuck. Something isn’t truth unless it is considered truth by the whole world (cr. Physics teacher). Obviously you’re just stating your opinions. bullshit.

  105. LMAO, while I was reading this especially the t.o.p. section I had to chuckle to myself bc there were some serious fangirly comments in there. While I would definitely say that I too am a t.o.p. bias, I would like to agree with some of the previous comments and say that yes, while talented t.o.p. is not the best rapper that ever graced the korean scene, although he is INCREDIBLY talented. Sure, he’s not as strong a dancer as his band mates, choreo is clearly just not his thing, but the man is exceptional. I would would also like to add that TOP CAN ACTUALLY SING and WELL. If you look at some of their OLD ( I mean training days old) Big Bang’s on youtube, he’s got this very naturally sultry R&B/soul voice. Between his beatboxing and his voice he could have been a Korean version of a Musiq Soulchild. However, on his single they eclipsed his voice with autotune. I figure YG just pushed him into acting bc of his looks, and like any other talent, you have to develop it, and YG just hasn’t. This is a shame. A Ten overall? Maybe not. I just wish the author would’ve applied the same objectivity they did when they wrote about GD.

    The reason why I even bothered to comment was in response to what was written about Taeyang. I can excuse thinking he’s Jamaican (assuming you’re saying Jamaican Chinese), but Cuban? A really light Black guy? Really?? I literally guffawed when I read that. Let’s not be dumb. Clearly just looking at Big Bang as a small sample, Korean ppl have such a diverse range of looks. So to say Taeyang doesn’t look Korean is extremely narrow minded. Also, to reference a darker complexion as a negative is not only INSULTING, but also plays into some of the negative stereotypes about Asian perceptions of beauty. Methinks the author needs a little bit more exposure/education. To say that Taeyang’s personality sucks is also VERY unfair. Still water runs deep, and I think that’s just the way he is. It’s not a bad thing, especially when you consider the other four members he’s rolling with. And let’s be real for two seconds, if Dara is seriously going to be self-conscious because Taeyang said she isn’t voluptuous, then the problem stems with her not him. I’m sorry have you seen the girl? She is thin (not gross at all but just skinny) and that’s just the facts. To say he’s an “unintentional douche” is a bit much. A bit of a foot in mouth moment there, but by no means a lack of character.
    Lastly, I didn’t like how the author treated his faith as a negative. I don’t think Taeyang is too much at all. While he is open about his faith, he’s not talking about it at every given moment in any waking interview and variety show. And even if he was, Who cares?? It’s a part of who he is. Daesung is quite open about is faith as well, and I didn’t see that highlighted as a negative. So I think while the author is bias for t.o.p. they are clearly bias against Taeyang. Otherwise (sans Taeyang’s part), I enjoyed the article.

  106. Okay, guys guys guys. Calm down a little. Some of us so called ‘VIPs’ are bashing TOP and GD just because the author of this blog post seemed to be biased about them. Come on, why would you insult TOP and say he has an ugly body? He was insulted and bullied for his body as a child, so trust me, you guys are making yourself look like a major dick right now. Also, it’s pretty obvious that TOP is the most attractive in BB, and GD leading a very close second! Yeah… I’m a TOP bias, sorry not sorry.

    I agree with what the author said about TOP’s looks and personality, but I must say that his talent doesn’t deserve a 10. Although it pains me to say this, I believe his talent deserves a 8 or 8.5. Why? Yes, he is a good rapper but not exactly the best dancer and singer. Actually, his rapping skills aren’t really that great to deserve a 10, especially when you also tie in his singing/dancing skills. I love TOP, and I always will, (I mean, who wouldn’t?) but you were being a bit too biased about him in my POV.

    TOP’s personality is just so charismatic and lovely. He can be so classy and elegant, but can still speak the truth. That is what I look for in a man. :) So yes, your personality score for TOP is right, in my eyes.

    GD, well… I agree with you spot on! His talent, looks, and personality are so great that he is an all rounder. Not much to say, since I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a great person and leader he is. I’m not going to dwell on the whole ‘marijuana’ issue right now. That’s a different story for a different day.

    Taeyang. Ah, I honestly don’t know what to say. I felt offended about the dark skin comment. Dark skinned people can be some of the most beautiful and handsome people in the world, so I don’t think it was fair for you to judge him for that. He isn’t exactly handsome like GD and TOP, but he’s a little cute in his own mysterious way. His personality, man I don’t know. I can’t really judge him because I hardly know anything about him. All I know is that he’s a bit shy and has trouble expressing himself, which kind of reminds me of TOP. So you’re gonna detract points just because this kid has a hard time communicating? Wow, go figure.

    Daesung. Haha, yes. He is ugly/cute. In my eyes, a little more ugly than cute… sorry for all the Daesung lovers out there! He just seems so average and not so… er, K-POP idol worthy. His voice makes up for his looks though. Wow, his voice is basically like angels singing from the heavens – beautiful! Daesung’s personality is flawless as well, so nice and happy! He would be what I would look for in a best friend, if we ever got to meet that is. But maybe I’m only saying that is because I would be so flustered around TOP and GD that I wouldn’t even be able to make eye contact, much less strike a conversation and become instant buddies lmao.

    Suengri. x.x Although I feel bad for saying this, I agree with you 100%. I don’t see what’s so handsome about Suengri. I don’t see what’s so special about his voice either. I definitely don’t like his personality. Oh well, sorry if I offended anyone, but then again, this is only my opinion.

    You can probably see my bias coming out a little, but I don’t think all of you guys should be so hard on TOP and GD, much less the author of this blog post. It’s not like they went on national television and preached about how ugly and inferior Suengri, Daesung, and Taeyang are to TOP and GD. Well… I guess they did, considering this is the world wide web. But then again, who I am to judge another for their opinion? Then again, this is a review. Reviews will always have personal opinions and bias in them, so why did you even come here if you knew you were going to have to read a post with that content in it. -.-

  107. I actually read all what you said bout each person in this group and i tink you shuld not be like this…tho am from the AFRICA part of the world and i only know of TOP in the film I AM SAM…the rest shold be talked to with respect…waz xo special bout TOP?i tink who ever wrote dis report is being unfair and shuld tink stragiht…dey are all the best…..up BIG BANG….

  108. I like Taeyang alot. I think he is the most attractive member and booo to you for bashing him! His solo music is wonderfully and he is a fantastic dancer second only to G-Dragon. I understand this expresses your personal opinion but can’t you just say I don’t like the way he looks not just bash him for his proportions that he can do nothing about! (I am bias to people with long torsos because I have quite a long torso for my height, but I don’t think that has very much weight in attractiveness.)

  109. What is this noise we hear, it is the sound of bitchy VIP’s. You are the one fandom we try to trust about not being annoying, you all are sounding like a whole bunch of Shinee fans. IT IS RIDICULOUS. Shut up and stop being so ridiculously aggressive and accusatory.

    • lol every fandom has their annoying bitches.
      tell me one fandom that doesn’t have their irritating shits.
      tell me
      …tell me…
      *rolls away*

  110. You were way too hard on Tae. Boring, shy? Yes in a way. But off stage GD seems that way sometimes too. And in a lot of interviews it’s Tae carrying the interview. He loves to talk and socialize. While even talkative Top doesn’t say anything. Top talks more with just the group. And of course when he’s asked by an interviewer to do an impression of a member lol. I would just class Tae as the earnest, nice guy of the group. Dae is also the nice guy, but he’s really a ball of sunshine and has more personality, a comedic personality. So Tae gets nice guy label. U insulted his body way too much. He’s short but his body doesn’t look bad. I love watching him dance. It’s like watching an Usher or Chris Brown. He is truly on their level of dancing. I give him a 10 in dancing.
    I get what you’re saying about GD. But I think you went overboard. Too much gushing and defending. I love him, but you can’t deny there’s a prickliness to his personality. Sometimes he is a sweet, nice person but sometimes he is rude/aggressive; picks on Seng. Seng even said GD bullies him. I remember him calling Gae stupid when they lost a table tennis match, but it was how he said it. It was very rough as if he was disgusted with him. I think GD is a diva, loves fabolous things and luxury (i do too lol), wants to stand out, be the best, looks (he cant help if he looks like a girl though) and acts feminine, sometimes too feminine for me sometimes, but it translates into a highly interesting and creative person that is fascinating to watch. yes GD is the one im looking in the vid for for what is he wearing, how is hair fixed, what style is he this time. I absolutely love his style and how he creates the image of almost everything BB does. Videos, promotional photos etc. you just know he thought of a lot of those things. He is good looking but no way a 10 like Top. I would give him an 8. I do like his “in” nose. And his face from the side. He has a unique shaped face.
    Agree with you on everything about Dae, except his body. No way is it better than Tae. With his squatted face, his body also looks squatted. He has short arms, a short torso, and looks bow legged. No way is he a 9. more like a 6, and Tae’s face to me is a 5. Still, Dae is a beautiful soul.
    I didn’t know much about Seng but what you say confirm what I’ve thought of him. He’s my least favorite. Too loud without the vulnerable charm of Top. And I agree, he almost doesn’t need to be there. Looks wise you were too harsh. I think his face is cute. His looks doesn’t stand out but he’s certainly not ugly.
    My baby Top. I love him. He’s definitely 10 in looks. But you can’t give him and GD same score in talent. Top has that beautiful God given voice, but it’s not really a talent. He sure can beat box. But GD is producing and writing. Top’s talent is an 8, while GD is a 10. Personality I give Top an 11! He’s so playful, witty, and funny. I love watching his silly shenanigans. And it’s even better becuz he’s this beautiful man who is not stuck up but in fact loves making a fool of himself. But its not like frat boy stupid which i wouldnt be able to stand. its like harmless, playful, child like stupid. And that voice that voice that voice. Yes sexy auto tune sums it up.

  111. I think you overrated T.O.P like way too much, especially considering how critical you were for some of the other members. You gave both GD and T.O.P the same score for talent while GD does everything T.O.P does and so much more. I don’t think he’s deserving of a 10, when you gave Daesung a 9 while complimenting both of them for the same talent – their voice. And GD is like my ultimate bias but Daesung’s personality is 375426 times better than his. I also don’t think Taeyang is that great of a singer either but giving him an 8 while giving T.O.P a 10 just shows your bias again. And no offense but Daesung’s appearance ranking compared to the others is also just wrong (sorry Dae) and I personally don’t think GD’s deserving of a perfect 10. As for Seungri, it’s true that he’s the least useful member of the group and that usually causes many to believe he’s sort of talentless but he is for sure talented and is deserving of a lot more than 6.5.

  112. No bodies perfect in this world, right? Top – he handsom guy, with pure talent of rapping, he have his charisma that different from the other members with the dark eye that can fall you into heaven (?) hoho, and his talent to composing is very good but he isnt talented in dance – taeyang -he is cute, he like the naugthy boy with that body, i like his RnB voice and the way he dance (he sexy when he dance) but he is shy boy and always have a same hair until now (mohawk)- GD – HE DAMN TALENTED, (right?) because of that he is look so amazing guy, his love of music make him shining, he isnt pretty boy, he is boy(?) word pretty just to girl – daesung – if bigbang is color, daesung is bright yellow, he is so shining with his character and have an angel voice deep and soft, about the scandal i hope daesung don’t blame his self – seungri – maknae evil maknae, wuhuu he is a unique one, he have a standart voice, he good but not that good. He have a unique charisma that make him so special-
    i love them just the way they are, specially their spirit to make different music and the way they love music is beautiful
    ( my english is bad sorry)

  113. Wow… Now we know where ignorant/biased/narrow-minded people have gone… What ever you call this thing I guess..

  114. NO. Seungri and taeyang just no to both of those descriptions… I honestly believe that you left out some GREAT things about both of them and GDs’ scandal SO WHAT HE TRIED WEED GET OVER IT HONESTLY IM A FIRM BELIEVER THAT SOMETIMES HITTING THE JOINT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!! ITS OHKAY IT WEED WONT TURN YOU INTO A MONSTER… (Reference unintentional) And in I’m sorry but your opinions are just too biased to be exceptional. .. Sorry for nagging but yeah.

  115. Yet again another biased article. Who even writes these anyways? Saying Daesung looks better than Taeyang ans Seungri is a bit ectreme isn’t it? I’m not saying that daesung is the ugliest guy in the world, some girls may find him attractive, but if you were to set up a poll daesubg would be last. I’m just stating the TRUE FACTS. Also Taeyang being the least talented member? Hah! He can sing, rap, and dance. He’s multi talented and everyone knows it. You guys are lacking your knowledge in music because do you know what type of voice he has? It’s an r&b style voice similar to ne-yo and Chris brown. Are you saying their voices sound plain and squeaky?

    • I agree with you on this. I LOVE all the members of BB, and when I read this at first, I felt that it was biased. It’s good that the article pointed out both the good and the bad of each member but in Seungri and especially Taeyang’s case, I feel that the ratings were too harsh. I mean that comment about Taeyang not even looking Korean? Am I the only one who finds that a little racist? And for the record, Taeyang IS good looking. He definitely isn’t the best looking idol but he should’ve gotten at least an 8.5 or a 9 (cue in eye smile) And despite what the article says, I honestly don’t really have a problem with his body. I find that it suits him perfectly. And the article definitely didn’t do Taeyang or Riri justice when it came to the talent section. Taeyang is one of the best dancers in BB and even in YG Entertainment. His body moves to the music (literally) and the way he executes the movements is very pleasing to the eye. And while I find his voice okay for the most part, the article forgot to mention that he entered YG Entertainment as a RAPPER not a singer. And to Taeyang’s credit, I feel that he’s improved in the singing department. Oh, and the article didn’t even bother saying that he’s a very talented piano player not to mention that he can also play the guitar! So in my opinion, the same 8.5 or a 9 for the talent. And as for his personality, they need to give the guy some slack! He’s the Daddy of BB so of course he’s got to be on the serious side. Not to mention that he’s had it pretty hard growing up as well. He also suffered from depression back in 09 and was doubting his career, but now is showing a more fun and silly side of him. So “no personality” yeah right. Daesung actually said that he can go to Taeyang for anything and not feel burdened by him. And while I agree that his teasing of Dara was crossing the line, he’s never been in a relationship and he’s really shy around girls. So his personality rating should be a 9.5 or a 9 with the whole Dara thing pushing him back but his nurturing and newfound silly and happy personality pushing him up.

      Now onto Riri. He’s not the best looking in BB either (I mean he’s not T.O.P), but he does have appeal and his rating in my opinion was just a little too low. Couldn’t they have given him an 8.5 or something? I personally find him hot and his 09 hairstyle just proves my point. I can’t find anything in particular wrong with his body so I just feel that the rating should’ve been just a little higher. And a 6 in talent? Really? Now granted I actually did agree with the article when I first discovered BB. Besides his looks, he never really stood out to me so I thought “What is his role in here?”. But I actually dug deeper about him and I realized something. The kid can dance. He’s not BB’s choreographer for nothing. And his dancing is what got him into YG and BB in the first place. While his voice isn’t Daesung’s, he can sing decently. Not good but enough for him not to look silly and embarrass the group. So in talent, I’d give him an 8 since the singing pushes him back from a 9. Now for the personality, the 10 I do have to agree with the article on. He’s the crazy maknae who worries the members when he opens his mouth! He’s lovable, cocky, and silly and that’s what we all love about him, though it can get annoying at times. But I can’t help but feel sorry for him too. Some of the comments or jabs that are thrown at him make me wish that I could give him a big hug. And I’m not just talking about the fans doubting his talent and place in BB. I mean yes the role of maknae does come with teasing but there’s such a thing as funny and crossing the line. I mean Taeyang saying that Seungri would be the neighbor of BB? How do you think that made Riri feel?. So in a way, I feel that his loud teasing and messing with the other members is his own way of getting back at them since the boy also hides his problems from everyone and he can’t outright get upset at his older band mates. So there’s the end to my rant and own analysis of BB. In short, I feel that T.O.P and G-Dragon were over rated (even though I love them) and I feel that Seungri and Taeyang were criticized too much.

  116. I agree with about 62.5% of the article. I can agree with some of the reviews but Taeyang and Seungri’s are not accurate in the talent department. Seungri is a very talented popper and locker. That’s one of the reasons why he was allowed in the group. His voice has gotten better over time. Also i think Seungri looks the most american in the group. Seungri has nice abs, face and proportion. If Daesung gets a 9 then there is no reason for Seungri to get a 7. He should’ve got a 9.2. My main problem is Taeyang’s 8 in talent. Taeyang is no doubt, the best male dancer in kpop. His expertise in connection of dance steps gives his dancing a feel of everlasting flow while still being able to be hard-hitting any time he wants. His expertise of timing, accuracy, and speed allows for very impressive dance lives. I don’t think,”commendable,” dancing would allow him to get Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Benigna, two of the most highly respected dancers in the hip hop community, to choreograph his music videos Where U At, I Need A Girl, and Wedding Dress. Also I don’t think,”commendable,” dancing would allow his two choreographers to be in his own music video. Where U At. Taeyang is a master of dance. JYP and his choreographers express enthusiasm at the chance to produce and choreograph for Taeyang. Even Jay Park called Taeyang the best dancer and they are ALL RIGHT! Also it’s kind of easy to know why Taeyang is the main singer of Big Bang. High vocal range with brilliant dancing abilities, where have i seen that before? **cough**Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher, Jay Park** Taeyang’s talent should fall under 10(SC). I like your blog, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t process how you can give him an 8 for his talent.

    • Hey there, I agree and thumbed up what you just said but don’t say things like “Taeyang is the best dancer in kpop” … sounds a little bit biased in my opinion. I’m a dancer and i know pretty much all the good dancers in kpop (not the last rookies group) by watching their live/dance practice and more to learn their choreo with my friends (we do showcase and stuff like that, we were on the scene of the music bank at Paris with 2PM and other group for example). Taeyang is really really good in my opinion because he is versatile, i mean he can dance a lot of different styles with no difficulties (clean: Wedding dress / a little more street: Where U At / Doogie: Bad Boy etc… which is really exceptionnel when you see that he has also a vocal/song writting talent.

      But in my opinion there is that other dude less popular than Taeyang. That’s Jay Park. No Joke that dude is LITTERALLY a dance killer. I’m a fan of both but i can assure you with no doubt than JayPark is a better dancer (No offence please don’t hate) Cause that dude can pop, lock, doogie, also bboying, accrobatics etc.. All my other dancers friends also think than Jay is better than YoungBae in dancing even tho some are big fan of Taeyang.

      Just one more thing: Taeyang actually is really lucky cause he had the chance to work with Movement Lifestyle, more specifically with Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga who are the guys whore created those “epic” choreography of Wedding Dress and Where U At (but also 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands or Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down and Lucky Guy, or also EXO – MAMA …and a few more)
      So thanks to those epic choreographers he was able to learn some crazy stuff i bet and was able to show that he’s a good dancer. I wish Jay Park could one day have the same chance, would be really interesting.

      By the way sorry if sometimes i’m not really clear i’m french and i’m still learning english. yop!

  117. Taeyang is sweetheart actually… just he didn’t know how to show it…. he only said what he want say and be honest… i love his voice, especially during Stay live performance… he is good in japanese too… and when I heard his song, he just like he singing from his heart… among the BigBang members, CL and Boom of 2NE1 choose him… and his dance style also great… and when he smiles, its like he smiles together with his eyes :)

    Previously, at the first time I know about BigBang, I like GD…. but now after listening to Stay song and Taeyang Solar album, I like both of them…. of they are not perfect…

  118. Awwwwww Wowwwww!! I LOVE this post! I’m a V.I.P and i’m so proud and enchanted to read this freacking & awesome post! Thank u so much for give this precious moment like a fan.

    • you are not Vip if u’re agree with this shit. The shit about Taeyang and SR.
      You are not VIP coz seems like you know nothing.

  119. ughh .i cant accept ur comment about taeyang ,he’s also pretty good .not that worse like what you say .sorry i think taeyang is better than what you think .please dont jugde him like that .i like him and he is good okay .

  120. Honesty I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t agree with several of your statements,but I also strongly disagree with some of the stuff you guys posted here. I think ure basing your comments more in what ur own personal tastes are rather than the unbiased truth. Personally I think they’re all talented in their own way. You said u don’t know what seungri’s role is? And you also dared to say he’s not very talented. If maybe you took the time to look up his solo album you’ll realize he’s not just a pretty face because yes seungri is also good looking. . I really find your description of taeyang rather rude and insulting and borderline racist if u ask me.. I just think it makes guys look like immature kids.. jamaican u said? A light skin black dude? And so that makes him unattractive? I think daesung is darker than him but thats irrelevant anyways because skin color shouldn’t determine how good looking a person is… u said you’re not racist yet ur petty comments biased childish and vain description says otherwise. . There’s nothing wrong with you liking one member over the other one.. but if you’re going to publish your opinion like this u guys should make sure to do it in a less insulting manner. ..

    • I agree with you 100% tea is not my favorite member but certainly i do not regard him in any dis-respective way.. the blogger to me was totally racist in my opinion it disgusted me to my core. completely outright hated on tea saying his personality is dull cause he is religious?? how does that make him dull in personality ? it makes it sound him believing in religion makes him an awful person. this blog isn’t the truth about big bang but your personal opinion in a very dis-respectful way

  121. Hey ur so rude u have no right to talk like that about the members ur so baised for ur rating over the members it doesn’t matter what u think of them u wanna be biased write about who you love and leave VIP’S and BigBang ALONE~! don’t say stupid things Taeyang is even more beautiful than you ok and if u r gonna be mad for this comment you made this to your self no one from the start told you to be a dump !!

  122. “When we lose faith in humanity, we think of his sheer manly perfection. T.O.P, put simply, is a pimp.” This statement is pure truth. Although your article was well written, I really don’t agree with many of your judgments. Especially about Taeyang not having a good voice- I think that his voice is really beautiful (and his body is pure art). Personally, as an American, I don’t find GD attractive at all and his voice is a bit too high for my liking, but I think that he is a musical genius when it comes to vision and songwriting. I do give you props for recognizing Daesung’s voice and personality as special- many people just bash him and don’t give him credit. And I must agree with you about Seungri.

  123. Everyone has their opinions… but too harsh on taeyang, daesung n seungri tho….
    My opinion
    Appearance : 9.9
    Talent :9.5
    Personality : 10
    Overall: 9.8
    Appearance : 9.5
    Talent : 9.7
    Personality : 8.5
    Overall: 9.23
    Appearance : 9.8
    Talent: 10
    Personality : 9.5
    Overall : 9.76
    Appearance : 8.6
    Talent : 10
    Personality : 9.5
    Overall : 9.36
    Appearance : 9.7
    Talent : 8.5
    Personality: 9.5
    Overall : 9.23

    It’s my opinion BTW

      • Everyone has different perspectives, you simply cannot write off your ratings as being the “mathematically” accurate one. It only shows your narrow mindedness and inability to accept other’s views for what they are. So much for self praise and “foolproof”. Please stop deluding yourself and adding to your shame. Self praise, international disgrace.

      • That.Comment.Was extremely…. dumb. mathematical foolproof scales?!? To judge people? Where does one get these personality/beauty/talent-weighing scales? I want one!! smh

      • We created them, we even have a post explaining them… It’s not rocket science, we just took the basic idea of the kinfs of rubrics we saw in high school English classes and made categories and made some calculations.

      • your mathematically stupid to believe the non-sense coming out your head. some thing is seriously wrong with you u should get it checked out .. this entire blog is your opinion, its not fact nor the truth .. your completely delusional

      • how do you mathematically calculate someones attractiveness I would love to see this “scale” you created

  124. . He’s the lyric writer, rapper, beat boxer, record producer, model composer… He’s the actor who won seven awards, and puts his heart into every role. He’s the man who loves Bearbricks, ice cream and the colour pink. The man that can pull off any hair colour, white, blonde, blue…
    He’s the man that isn’t perfect, but he’s my bias and I will always love him just the way he is.

  125. This is funny…you are saying how ugly or unattractive these members are, well, at least they never gotten plastic surgery like some of your guys, I mean, besides Daesung but you won’t be talking when you actually know WHY he got it. I love TOP and Gdragon but how is Taeyang unattractive??? Or Daesung or Seungri for that matter, why are you posting about your bias anyways?

      • You Guy(s)* are so biased

        *hey just wanted to help this commenter out and added that s so they could have a grammaticaly proper insult <3 The Peach

      • Um… are you on drugs or were you just born this way? Do you not hear yourself? All these guys are smexy. They each have their own hotness!! I see not a single ugly band member. And… that’s my opinion. Everyone has one. you obvi take yours too far, stating them as fact and “foolproof mathematics”. You should have named your blog “My Personal Opinion on Each Big Bang Member”, cuz that’s all this is. No facts. No statistics.

  126. I truly enjoyed this blog.I absolutely love your humor and sarcasm.I new to kpop.I actualy discovered big bang about a month ago whilst looking for parodies on my kdramas,but I goota say Ive been hooked like a drug ever since_to TOP and GD,occasionaly Daeung.Top has become my weed and GD JUST CRACK COCAINE.



  127. i know T.O.P is perfect but come on, why being so rude to tae yang.he is cute and he has great talent. one of my friend likes him a lot.

  128. From the looks of it, you’re biased. Way too biased. Don’t be too obvious, dear. :)
    And btw, I read your review on shinee. It’s plain bullshit especially the way you rated Jonghyun. It seemed like you know a lot on your favorable group, bigbang, more than shinee.

    • Girlfriend please stop wadting your breath, time, etc. getting all worked up over this blog.
      Your bullshit and bitching is really insignificant and frankly just pathetic so sincerely just screw off.

      • Wasting*

        Why so serious? Everyone’s just expressing their views here.
        Looks like someone else here is getting agitated instead HAHA.

      • Honestly, this could have ended ages ago if you could have just apologised or gotten rid of this particular blog instead of getting worked up over “bullshit and bitching”. If a lot of people found that your “opinion piece” on the members were offensive, then there definitely may be a reason WHY and I’m surprised you still have not noticed.

  129. Hahaha this post is so funny! Especially about how Senguri got into the group. I never knew that. Also, I seen a small clip of TOP’s abs in their La-la-la MV. I know it’s old, but hey it’s something! TOP just has a small pouch, I think it’s cute.

  130. This article should be called “Extremely Biased Opinions of BB”.

    Beyond pathetic and most of your “reasoning” makes no sense at all.

  131. Some part are very sad … So subjective, not objective at all.

    Mostly Taeyang’s part, but there are others. For example, come on, i’m a big fan of Daesung but even BigBang members like GD or Taeyang admited that he wasn’t really good-looking. Let’s tell the truth ok? But he’s very talented, his voice is just wow !

    T.O.P talent : 10 ?! LMAO please stop making me laugh. Same here, i like this guy but come on ! How can you give a 10 to a guy who is just rapping what GD writes to him, whereas Taeyang can Sing and control his voice better and better (just compare the last songs to the olders) , he dances well , he has the ability to compose his own songs wich is the most important talent in the music industry, and yeah he shows his body because he can be proud of it. When you don’t i’ts most of the time because you want to hide something or maybe a lack of muscles. (ref to TOP)
    Taeyang is a hard worker and perfectionist, as Jay Park, i’m folowing those guys since their debut so yeah i can assure that.

    And the part about the skin … lol for example Daesung is waaaay more darker than Taeyang you know ? but who cares if the skin is slighly darker ?? maybe people superficial i guess.

    So after reading this article it’s obvious that you don’t like Taeyang and choose to be subjective, you’re certainly, yeah no doubt, one of those “kikou-fan” (that’s how we say with my other asians friends when we want to describe those girls who are fangirling like that) so boring.

    The part on SeungRi is quite right.
    I agree with GD’s talent.

    So yay GD and TOP (but mostly TOP) were with no doubt over rated.

    NB: hahaha “Taeyang doesn’t look like a korean at all” but more French, Jamaican, Cuban? That was hilarious !!! keep up the good jokes :) (irony) .

  132. I have read several of your group descriptions, and I have to say that they were incredibly written, very detailed, and well-researched. The pictures you chose and the basic bios are amazing. I can’t help noticing however that you tend to come across as very biased, especially when describing the character and the looks.

    Well, it’s your blog and your opinion. Again, the descriptions were fantastic, but what prevents me from thinking of this as one of the best K-pop reviews I have read so far, was the fact that it was overly subjective.

    However, thank you (both I am assuming?) so much for taking the time to write this. This is obviously no half-done job and it must have taken you a lot of time and effort, and I can say you made their characters very attractive and vivid. I mean I knew T.O.P. was pretty darn attractive before, but now, damn…

  133. In all honesty, this probably one of the most poorly made blog someone has ever made. The amount of biased statement are incosiderably large. I would not recommend this for anyone to read. Completely absurd filled with non-sense blabbering.

    • I totally agree with you. All the boys are amazing and have their own kind of charm but you’re just being so biased.

      • This blog is kind of harsh in describing the members. You can see its favoritism and the way they describe the other members were just unappropriate. I’m just saying that.. The way you said that they were rated based on the mathematical proof just don’t made sense. It only made your blog worse because from what I thought at first, I thought that your rate was based on a ‘opinion’. Frankly, you rate them as if you are somehow profesional. Evryone is not perfect y’know? They’re talent and abilities are just equally distributed. What the other have does not mean that the other one has it also.

  134. The writer dislikes Korean faces, short Asian stature, and anything too “black” (read poor, urban, ghetto). Daesung, Taeyung, and Seungri were all dissed for looking either Korean or “low rent” in her mind (Vietnamese,Cuban, Jamaican…poverty-stricken countries). All the while, she posts a picture of T.O.P., evoking the Caucasian James Bond and praising G-Dragon’s baby-face, feminine, manliness (attributes attributed to Caucasians). Furthermore, why does she insist on calling them ‘boys’ when all are of age and should now be referred to as men? This article is just plain juvenile! The article just informs the reader, I want to screw this guy and not that guy. How dumb! I know less about their music and more about what SHE is attracted to.

    • How dare you say that we are racist, the way this comment is written it is you who is the racist. You assume that we dislike Asians and people who are as you literally put it “low rent”. We really don’t care about people’s race, but it seems you do. You have some vendetta against as you said Caucasians, and only want to say something negative. People like you are the reason that racism still continues in the world. Because you view the whole world as a attack on one race or the other you can’t even be accepting towards all of them or even properly read. Your focus on wanting to call some one else a racist is god damn pathetic and infuriating.

      • no one is calling you a racist but using stereotypical things to rate people isn’t right and this is just your opinion and i respect that just be careful when you mention skin and start calling people half jamaican and half vietnamese. Big Bang is a kpop idol group they’re just people, they control 10 percent of they’re life the rest is taken by the record label.
        And unless you are an expert at music and acapellas you shouldn’t judge other singers.
        You probably don’t know how to use a blog either.
        Netizens criticize and your supposed to listen and take it in to improve but i see you’d rather go on calling people you don’t know mean and stupid.
        Big Bang is an idol group because they idolise music not who they were chosen to be.

      • They way you wrote your posts came off as very offensive and racist and coming from a mixed girl (black and white) I find it offensive how you used words like “ghetto” and “light-skinned black” it’s rude and you have no right to be throwing around those terms. The term ghetto was used for minority groups to live in and was originally used for Jewish people to be segregated. Using the wording of “Taeyang looks more like a very light black guy” that’s just rude and you don’t say stuff like that, use a light caramel color or a light brown color, and that’s still offensive. To conclude true V.I.P’s wouldn’t rip apart members like that, they would say they have bias’ but they wouldn’t go as far as to trash each members appearance and skill.

      • Because you are a racist bitch!! WTF – Ghetto = Black!!, Taeyung is ugly, because he looks black!! I dare you tell me I don’t know what a fucking raciest is!!! I live in America, I am a African American, I peep whoever wrote this shit article is a fucking racist and looks like the bottom of my shoe. Probably has an axe to grind. I got a news flash for you Black men are at the top of the dating list. (We all know why!!!) NO other man can touch a black man’s body and their swag. Not all black men are Ghetto, as your racist ass stated. Bottom line, if Taeyung looks like a black guy, he’s getting more women then all of them.

  135. i think taeyang’s voice is even sweeter than ne-yo’s. won’t that give him a higher score? and please take note of your name. The TRUTH About KPOP wrote his blog about his OPINION towards Big Bang. isn’t it contradicting?

    • I agree. You said so many sad things about Taeyang but I was hoping that at least you would write something nice about his attitude but I was wrong. I’ve known BigBang since 2006 and he is honestly the sweetest man I know. He is always looking out for people and trying to help in any way but what you wrote shouldn’t even be allowed to be posted.. I am korean myself and I can tell he has really good manners and the way he talks to his sunbaes is so polite. So what if he’s darker than the other members. He’s still got his own charm. This is honestly the most biased blog i’ve ever seen.

    • This blogger is just too Biased !! If you love big bang why judge them all of them have their own charm and talent . Stop being to biased (i’m not talking about you i am talking about the one that made this website :D)

  136. I can see the work you’ve put in writing these articles, and I’d like to commend you for the time and effort… and the brilliant read. Although some may frown upon these sentiments, I really enjoy reading your blog. True, I don’t agree with everything you say (Taeyang-bias and Shawol here), and your own biases shine through, but hey, to each his own. After all, this is YOUR blog.

    As for the statements that come across as downright “mean and boorish”, I think the others missed the whole point. Because it’s oozing with exaggeration and just plain nasty, it should be obvious that it’s meant as a joke. It’s actually pretty damn funny if it won’t be taken so seriously. But I guess it’s sort of a knee-jerk reaction for fans (especially the hardcore ones) to defend their biases. I just hope there will be less hate on both sides (pacifist much? :D). In any case, I look forward to your next entries!

    Also, would it be too much to ask for an in-depth review of B.A.P? You mentioned them in that Kpop 2012 Review, and the tidbit about them is pretty spot-on (for me, anyway). They’re a group with lotsa potential. I really do hope that their February comeback will be at par with Warrior…

    …Okay, I’m rambling now.

    Again, thank you for the article. Good luck and God bless on your endeavors! :)

    • With that queue we would like to announce our extremely intrusive campaign, much in the likeness of SM Entertainments forever adds in their music videos, we would like to ask our readers to please follow us on Twitter. For we have decided to follow in the footsteps of Exo themselves with our review.
      More information soon so stay tuned~

  137. i do agree with most of it but some parts were a little biased; you saying taeyang doesnt have that much talent etc etc as compared to TOP is just ridiculous lol
    and YG actually offered to take either seungri or JS and put a little competition seungri didnt annoy him but all in all i agree with 80% of this

  138. Well, it’s such a brief long facts about what we can say here–
    they’re all just human.
    But unfortunately, why it seems unfairly judgement over bigbang members .
    They work hard for what they get :popularity–etc .
    We must agree that TOP has everything as a man, GD is the genius one, Taeyang is a good singer wit his whinning style, Daesung has the best vocal in group,and Seungri complete them .
    They are a group, they complete each other, well, they don’t have a good-looking idol type, but we only hear their music, not judging them by their appearance or attitude cz they’re all just human indeed~
    music comes from ur ears not ur eyes ..


  139. for me, it looks real and seungri looked embarassed but it’s like he couldn’t do anything to defend himself. i do not dislike taeyang but i feel that he has received too much coverage than what he really deserves. as for seungri, he is in fact a very good dancer. it’s just that his dancing style is different from taeyang and less forceful thus people usually don’t see him when he and taeyang is on stage at the same time. as for taeyang’s singing prowess, i feel that daesung can sing better than him. whenever daesung sings, i can ‘feel’ it but when taeyang sings, i sometimes just feel like he’s plain shrieking.
    i must also mention this, i used to like taeyang a lot but after observing bigbang vids i just feel like he’s overrated and has an extremely dislikeable personality. he’s stubborn and does not take well t o other’s comments. so now i like them all equally. this is just my opinion and there are sure to be taeyang’s fans who disagree with my comment. but i would like to say this, I’m sure that papayg has a reason for choosing taeyang as the main vocal and dancer. maybe taeyang appeals to a wider range of fans compared to seungri and daesung but for me, i feel like in a group, you should complement one another, not cover up your teammates’ ability.

  140. once again your article made me nod my head along while reading. i just couldn’t stop agreeing with what was said here, esp your take on taeyang. i love bigbang very much and i was introduced to kpop thru bigbang but somehow i feel like taeyang is way overrated. his singing is as you said, ‘whiny’ sometimes. he is also obnoxious on some interviews and variety shows he goes on to, especially to seungri. he bullies and hits seungri on shows yet there are fans that defends him saying that they’re just fooling around.

  141. I remember when I saw DBSK, Super Junior, and Shinee for the first time…I was totally in awe. I couldn’t believe they had such a great voice (DBSK) or had sachronized dancing army, or that they looked pretty (shinee) it was just so great. I thought I would become a dedicated Shinee fan mostly cus of Onew. I admit it took me MONTHS before I could tell them apart.

    But then I clicked on Big Bang………I felt like someone blew me out of the water.
    The electrifying presence, their upfront charisma, I sensed no fear, no inferiority, they performed with such a sincerity I couldn’t even explain. Lies introduced me to Big Bang and I’ve not regretted a thing since. I love them! I have no limits to shower them with my own praises, but I’m not delusional either.
    I agree with your post. Especially Daesung’s his is spot on. GD still has to grow up but his sincerity his love for the ones who surround him is admirable. TOP does have flaws! He can’t express himself clearly….that’s about it….no wait he messes with my panda a bit too much. But Seungri loves him so I can let that go. Taeyang, to me has a very distinct voice, especially in Korea and in BB. Without him there can’t be the soul vibe, but he does use tooooo many adlibs and is an attention whore. Still his charisma is undeniable his hardworking ethic is too great to even come close.

    NOW Seungri,
    This one kid improved tenfold what he used to be. Seungri is what u said, annoying and arrogant everything in between. I don’t deny it. And neither would he, not even joking. His singing was terrible his dances were a bit off, his ayego was too much for me. But now he has grown, he’s still annoying and a threat of overspilling secrets that BB is afraid of.
    But Seungri is as REAL as they come. He is hardworking and preserves even if everyone throws rocks and insults. He doesn’t break. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t blame himself. He continues toward his goal and he continues even when they tell him he isn’t skilled enough, smart enough ect. “Doing something wrong once it’s a mistake, twice is a failure” -} Seungri is the epitome of “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”
    BB has a CEO in the works, he can get BB promotions, his singing is great now, he is fluent in Japanese beating out Taeyang who had Years of learning. He tried his best in Spanish speaking an ENTIRE frase instead of two words or the basic. He is committed to learning English.
    He is that persistent little weed than can overtake gardens if u don’t pay attention to it. Through it all he will come back, with stronger roots and a better idea of himself. He’s actually my favorite member now.

    Not because he was naturally gifted like the other members but because he worked to his limits and continues to work through each time with a happy heart and strong will. Along with Daesung these two can fight or the number one spot in my bias list TOP had 4 years of it.

  142. Ok, this is weird. I thought after reading this post that you’d be praised for speaking the truth, but when I scanned through the comments, I saw all this butthurt “how-could-you” and what not comments. I really don’t understand where that came from, and as it seems I’m in the minority, I conclude that there’s very little I understand about this world. Anyway, I don’t care. haha

    What I REALLY wanted to say after reading this post is this: Dang, I was so set on hating this site because I heard you badmouth kpop idols in general, but how could I, when I agree with everything you said, and am thankful that someone was finally able to be honest about this whole kpop phenomenon (don’t know if I used the right term).

    I’m glad you talked about BIGBANG from a non-rose-colored-glasses perspective, and I hope you don’t generalize about VIPs way too much. A good number of VIPs aren’t the blind-insane-fanatic types. We see it like it is, too. The BIGBANG boys aren’t the best-looking, nor are they the most talented, and I’d even go so far to say that although they’re hardworking, there are a lot of people who are AS hardworking, so I think their effort is equivalent to the praise they receive. But I’m a fan because they have such a dogged attitude towards their work and their passion, and together, as a group, they have a chemistry that almost always works, and it translates to their music.

    So, thanks for the post. Glad there are clearheaded kpop fans out there; I thought for a minute there that I had become a part of a subculture filled with crazed fangirls and a sprinkling of fanboys.

  143. Taeyang is AWESOME!!!!! U BITCH!! HE’S Perfect they way he is I think all the are awesome because its there own style and personality that make them a BIG BANG!
    How would u like it if someone judge u on some stupid silly standards u a dirty * and should get shot and DIE u BITCH. I bet u cant even sing and dance that well and even if you can he get’s paid for it. He’s a SUPERSTAR! * what do u have ? NOTHING!!! So shut your stupid disrespectful dog * * mouth up!! GO do something with your life I hope YOU DIE BITCH!!!!! I wish I knew were u lived I would kill you myself!!!!!
    (This comment was edited based on inappropriate language.)

    • So You are a vulgar beast, and serious get a life. It is not the end of the world that people don’t agree with you about the level of attractiveness or un-attractiveness of some guy. Do you not think their are bigger problems in the world than this. Racism ,famine, rape, mass murder… etc. Only a child would get this homicidally enraged over a few words on the internet.
      Just as a thought, for you and all others making threats like “I wish I knew w(h)ere U lived I would kill you myself” this is illegal. Under California Penal Code 422 PC a criminal threat can be a felony offense. Please be thoughtful of your words because threatening people is illegal whether you actually follow through or not, and it is a very serious crime.

      • Taeyang is a terrible person and fans like that reflect that.In 2009 bigbang had interviews on many japanese shows mezamashi tv,space shower,ameba studio and more and on those shows hes sexually assaulting top

      • lmao you tell other people to get a life as if your words on the internet matter more than anyone else’s. Yeah, why don’t YOU “get a life” by WRITING/BLOGGING about “Racism, famine, rape, mass murder… etc” for the greater good instead of arguing with grammatically incorrect comments and getting all paranoid about it? I’ll get MY life till this page disappears lmaooo

  144. If i have to rate the Bigbang members, it would go like this:
    TOP: – appearance: 9.7, first impression: wow. he should be a prince! <3 (my prince!)
    – talents: 9.0, he is good at rapping. i think he does help GD composing as well. well, he can dance and sing too, but he might be too lazy to work on those fields. Youtubed his video of singing, it was pretty damn good. His dance was ok if he actually tries. But i find it silly cute when he dances. T.O.P actually depends on other members the most. when hes with the group, hes like the first two best people in the world. But when hes alone, hes losing to others. But who cares, I'm a T.O.P bias. Love him anyways.
    – personality: 9.7, acts cool in the outside, but inside hes so childish though hes the oldest hyung. <3 thats what makes him so lovable. Hes shy too, which adds him even more points.

    G-Dragon: – appearance: 9.5, cute with baby-like face skin. always changing his looks makes him stand out. smile like a baby
    – talents: 10, not bother to discuss here
    – personality: 9.7, always laugh (cute) when other people make mistakes on stage (+). funny when playing but strict while working. too many faces of this guy that I deep down admire.
    Though I love T.O.P (and only T.O.P) more than G-Dragon, hes undeniable the best K-pop artist I've known. creative. super talented. (T.O.P shines brighter when hes with GD too so one more thing i like about GD, hes helping my T.O.P <3 )

    Taeyang: – appearance: 9.0, cute, beautiful body but i would appreciate that body more if he stops showing off his body whenever going on stage. puh-lease. cute smile.
    – talents: 8.2. okay voice. im a dancer so I'd say his dance isnt too god-like, not the best out there. and his talent is best-known for dancing! in bigbang, okay, hes the best dancer but not enough to say thats talent. his voice is kinda weak i think. thats why i give him low point.
    – personality: 7.8 not stand out comparing to other bigbang member. but hes kinda shy, a plus.

    Daesung-Seungri- Idk, im not a VIP and im not really into these two. so i just kinda agree with the article. Daesung is ugly-cute and warming. Seungri is the king of imitating other bigbang members. I find Seungri more attractive than the article says though. He should rank third, after T.O.P and G-Dragon.

    I love T.O.P, i know i keep repeating this but.. though I bias T.O.P alot, I rate other members equally. GTOP is enough to make a good performance, but other members add more broad and depth into it. <3

  145. Why is everyone bashing TOP? What did he ever do to anyone? He just raps and enjoys life and enjoys being him and doing what he wants. Same with G-dragon. And why does everyone find the need to call him “G-druggin” and Daesung a murderer? REALLY? DID WE HAVE TO GO THERE? Can’t we be just a little more calmer with our accusations when we probably don’t know the whole truth? And why are haters coming on here and bashing anyway? It’s like they have so much free time that they scout out for bigbang posts and then hate on it like it was their job. Just pathetic. And so what if they don’t think Taeyang is hot? It’s their type and taste, let them express what they feel. I prefer T.O.P. over them all but Taeyang is not unattractive to me, but hey that’s MY PREFERENCE–no one else’s. My best friend thinks the world of Taeyang–so as you can see it is more of an opinion. So everyone just calm down and read the article like it is supposed to be read–as pure informative entertainment and an expression of free speech.

    In more ways than one–chill out. It’s really becoming embarrassing.

  146. Thanks a lot for this review!! Its like you were in my head (expect for taeyang. I find his smile and his shy personnality very endearing and cute. )
    Overall, very good written review with a lot of humor and fangirling.
    And the last words were very touching and true!!
    Loved it :)
    Hope to see more boys band reviews.

  147. My thoughts exactly. It is perfectly all right to have a bias, but some things that was written in this post was rude and flat out mean. There are other ways to express your opinion of others. Taeyang may not be the most exciting member, but he has such a kind, sweet, shy vibe. And one of the cutest eye smiles ever. And this coming from a Daesung bias fan. If you don’t care too much for him, understood. But I just felt that many of the things was mean and a bit of untrue about him.

  148. This whole post is bullshit and bias. Bigbang worked hard and came a long way. they are so sincere in making their musics. this post is really insulting. look like some casuals tabi fans blasting it, who might even understand tabi’s famous lies guesture cos u’re a fucking casual. well real VIPS go thru with them all the way since 2006. even we had a bloody bias we dont judge other memebers.

  149. I’m here to bash, sorry. I have to do something while I wait for midnight so I can watch Dazzling Girl. Okay, first off. I am not a V.I.P in any way. I admire GD, love Taeyang’s voice, and think Seungri is cute. My sister is a V.I.P, Bestfriend, SHAWOL, ELF, Baby, and others. I like SHINee and Super Junior, but B.A.P is kind of annoying me now. Youngjae is cute but there are other kpop idols. I will never leave Ryeowook or all of SHINee though. And I still love Jeongmin and Youngmin, just not that much. I’m an EXOtic, ELF, SHAWOL, (Baby), INSPIRIT, and a new Beauty, I guess. I watched Beautiful Night. OMG. Yoseob is cute.

    Okay back to the point. This website has two sides to it. I like how someone is finally talking freely about the negative things in each band, because as perfect as you think they are, there are “in the eye of the beholder” idols, “only for broken ears” idols and “wiener” idols. I’m talking about Hyunseung, Jonghyun, and Eunhyuk along with others here. Someone has to bash. Sorry sorry. I love Eunhyuk though even as a crybaby. :).

    I’m bored now so I’m going to keep going. I respect GD because I find his voice unique and him more or less smexy. He is like Key. One of those guys you don’t care if they’re gay or not, you still love them romantically more or less. I actually prefer G-Dragon’s solo work to BIG BANG. I tried Seungri and I don’t mind What Can I Do? but other than that, I don’t care. T.O.P has like…two solo songs. So um…it’s hard to like his solo work. Taeyang…um…his solo stuff is not my style…nuff said. Daesung…I don’t like his voice. Kk?

    I love Heartbreaker right down to the mv. I like Breathe as well. I really liked Baby Good Night and Turn It Up. Okay, back to GD. I was not impressed with his latest work. I tried One of a Kind, but I got scared after the baby doll came up, and I’m upset with his hair.

    Crayon: The video was cool…I guess…the song went funky at the end and the format was unusual. I didn’t buy it but it was okay.

    I loved that XX though. Sometimes you just have to swear. <3

  150. I am not a fan of Taeyang but I find his voice amazing and very unique. No other kpop idol I know of has a voice like that! Just like G-Dragon and T.O.P, extremely unique and non replicable voices. I admit Sungmin and Wookie sound similar, and Henry and Kris. And Luna and Krystal. And then there are people like Daehyun, and Eunhyuk, and Xiumin, and Lay and Zelo and Minho and Key!!!!

  151. taeyang 4,6? Haha.. I know he is boring..but that score seem like he has bad-bad-bad personality. Just because he’s not have a girlfriend yet. Very sily. But its your article somehow. So my comment is i dissagree. I give him 7. Btw i big fans g-dragon not taeyang. But thats score of taeyang annoying me.

  152. Ran into this randomly, but a quick comment. Big Bang did not bring rap into idol groups and made it essential in a performance, this started long before them. It could probably date as far back as the HOT days, I assume. BB may have changed the rapping into a more western style, but they are definitely not the ones who started it. Other than that, interesting post!

  153. XDXDXD… I believe I’ve to respect your opinion about them (although It seems more like ‘insults’, ‘bias’ + plain weird fans who love only half of all members), but to call this site “the truth about kpop” is so wrong in every possible way.

  154. I admire Bigbang because they are not usual pretty boy with awesome voices, awesome appearance, and a lot of TV appearance. They always stand out, and just go by their own. Damn come from ‘ugly idol’ to national idol, they deserve all of what they have now.

  155. Disclaimer: I’m not a huge K-Pop fangirl. I just like a few groups here and there, with Big Bang being my favorite. I came across this post during a random Google search.

    (On a side note– TOP is like a perfectly flavored fine French wine– all the men around me are starting to look like Natty Lights…)

    I enjoyed the writing regardless of whether I agree or disagree with what was written. It was obviously biased, but not fangirly. I’m older than most VIPs, which gets awkward sometimes as I feel that I’m drowning in a sea of teenage-level articulation and drama. So, good job, is what I’m saying.

    You’re right, too– GD isn’t a god amongst rappers, but he is definitely one of the best. All the commenters saying that GD & TOP aren’t good rappers, I think, aren’t coming from the perspective of someone who normally listens to rap/Hip-Hop.

    Style, execution, flow, lyrics– these are all part of being rappers, and no one can objectively say that GD & TOP aren’t good. Out of all strictly “K-Pop” rappers, I think GD & TOP actually have the essence of real hip-hop. (Jay Park, does too, which I think also has roots in his B-Boy life).

    I’m not saying they’re the best– but what I’m saying is they’re bringing real hip-hop flavor to the table. Which I personally enjoy. GD & TOP can switch up their flow like crazy. Some of their raps are meh, but I they’ve been improving a lot. I’d like to see them in a serious rap battle. If only… sigh.

  156. Hhaha!! i love this post! it ringsso true!, however i think TOP is being praised a but too much. i find him a bit dopey…..but hes very good looking and i like his unique voice.
    G-Dragon is spot on. SO VERY TALENTED! and no matter how much i tell myself his fashion and style is unattractive at times, and yes he looks a bit femanine……..i cant help but to think hes daiyumm good looking!! maybe its the combination of his voice/rapping/appearance….
    Everything said about Taeyang IS EXACTLY my thoughts on him. I do think he has a astounding voice but its not better than Daesungs….Daesung should be lead vocalist…not Taeyang.
    as you can tell……DAESUNG IS MY FAVOURITE! its not about looks to me…its about talent and persona..i cant help but to smile when i see or hear daesung…and i smiled to myself when you guys mentioned hes “ugly-cute” because that is very true also haha! despite that 1 flaw, he is perfect! if only he had more of a role to sing )= i literally wait for his part in every song! ^^
    I also think Seungri is awkward…but the kid does have a smooth soft & likeable voice aswell as looks. i have to disagree with you on that, as find Seungri very good looking. i think hes just as handsome as TOP and GD…but thats just me. ^^

    • I’m GD biased…and…I love what you said about GD.
      I’m probably the weird one here, but I really don’t get what’s so bad about Taeyang. Sure, he takes off his clothes too much and he’s a little short but have you seen his eye smile?
      I agree that TOP is being praised a bit too much. I mean, have you seen him without all that beautiful hair? I cringe.
      I agree with what you said about Daesung. So funny and ALHFKJHGKJDF
      I don’t think Seungri is awkward. He’s cute, and I love his honey dripping voice. AND I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHY I’M POSTING SPAM ON YOUR POST. IM SORRY.

    • I agree with most of what you said, except about Taeyang and Daesung. I love Dae’s voice and can listen to him all day (even Look at me Gwisoon), but with in the group Tae adds a certain flair that I just don’t think Dae can deliver. That being said, they compliment each other really well just like GD and Top does. Add a little Ri, and you get massive orgasms. But, that’s just my opinion.

  157. i agree with most of this post unlike many of you. if you are ranting about how the post is biased or ur pissed cuz they don’t like taeyang as much, well go troll somewhere else. this is their site. they can do whatever they want. h8trz lay off.
    anywho, overall i love big bang and their charisma! >w<

  158. “K-Pop as we know it would be nothing near the same it is now.”

    You mean crappy and generic? Thnx BB your the best!!
    Big Bang is probably the only group I respect the most, but they are very untalented and also have the ugliest faces in the world.

    • Top is untalented, G-Dragon’s compositions are a joke, Taeyang is meh, Daesung is the ugliest guy in Kpop and his voice good but for trot, and Seungri is just some untalented, insecure kid with a big nose trying to fit into this world.
      /late at commenting for this post

      • LOL bij, please. Big Bang boys are NOT ugly. Just coz other KPOP guys have cute and pretty faces, doesn’t mean BB is ugly. They are good looking Asian standards, mind you -_-

      • I’m sorry, I’m a V.I.P. so of course I have to bash your comment.
        TOP is untalented? Get a check up, please.
        GD’s compositions are a joke. Say that again AFTER you become better than GD. [I hate when people say what I just said, but SERIOUSLY]
        Taeyang is meh? Is that even a word?
        Daesung’s voice is the sweetest, fluffiest cotton candy ever. /Don’t touch this/.
        Seungri is not some untalented insecure kid with a big nose reting to fit into this world. I actually appreciate his voice [his honey dripping sweet voice] and find him quite handsome. He’s funny, even though he acts arrogant for his image. /Don’t touch this./
        Actually, I’m not that sorry for bashing your comment.

      • Untalented who T.O.P?ur kidding ryt?y he won an award?…haissst
        He has d unique voice and a totally awesome model…
        Well if u think their juzt bunch of losers well what kind r u?do u have a business of ur own?well they just only on their 20’s but they can fill the concert venue,,,rich,succesful and famous…

  159. As I read the comments, I am somewhat appalled. I do agree that you seem biased towards certain members, but it did not (to me anyway) interfere with your evaluations of the members. And I personally think that it is impossible to write a completely unbiased review about anything. Here’s how I see it when it comes to voices:
    T.O.P: Deep and smooth that can become cracked and vicious and scary in an instant.
    GD: It just sounds weird, but an attractive weird. You can’t really imitate it and it always stands out.
    Taeyang: R&B. Simple as that.
    Daesung: Soft yet strong.
    Seungri: Nasally, but not annoyingly so, but comforting and light as well.

    I understand your view point about Taeyang. I don’t understand why the comments are hating TOP and GD to defend Taeyang, I don’t really think that they are REAL fans. To tell you the truth, I thought that Taeyang looked black/Mexican when I first saw him. But he grew on me. I love all the members, but I don’t find Taeyang boring, if anything, he just has his funny moments. I think that everything is a matter of perspective, and I respect yours because I know that everyone has a different taste. Oh, and I think that GD said in an interview that Seungri’s voice is the weakest, but he is the one that is used to hold everything together and bridge the voices into one. Seungri is hilarious, but his attractiveness comes out at different times. Like, I loved him when he had the blonde streak. And I do agree with Daesung being ugly cute, because when I first saw him, I thought he was ugly. As I got into BIGBANG even more, I now see him as a very adorable and hilarious person that I just want to gobble up.

    Oh, and I also consider some of the comments very disrespectful when they were addressing the drug incident and the car accident. Overall, I liked your review on them, because it just entertained me and I was able to see where you are coming from. I may not agree at some points, but I understand and I don’t hate you for it. I am just disappointing with how some of the commenters reacted. They’re worse than the “Kids react to Kpop” video.

    • I really liked your response. I too wanted to double check Taeyang’s nationality. But I got over it cause to me he’s just sexy whatever his race. And although Ri didn’t start out with a strong voice, I think he’s really grown as an artist. The truth is (if you watch early BB videos) Dae was ugly. His face was just all out of proportion. Now, he’s almost beautiful – in a manly way. And his body is to die for. Thats just before he opens his mouth and melts your bones with his voice. I love Top and GD, Top was actually my bias for a long time, but rap really isn’t my thing, so I just like watching them. Anyways, great response.

    • wtf is this? I’m a korean vip.
      I feel shame on ure article as a VIP.
      Plz don’t judge my boyz especially about
      U don’t know anything about him
      his personalty is 10 of 10 .
      korean VIP knows it so well even their bias is not taeyang .
      I like taeyang&gd the most of in BB. and Daesung > TOP>SeungRi
      and I thik top is handsome but to me.? not
      attractive that much. also his raping . But I never told anyone negative thing about TOP&SeungRi. because I love Bigbang!!!
      sorry for my poor english…

      and one more thing. taeyang has white skin tone actually. he got tanned .

  160. O.M.G! I felt so ashamed of my fellow VIPs who commented on this article. I really don’t understand why would they react like a bunch of immature kids! When I first read this article, I was moved because the way it was written especially the last three paragraph. It literally brought tears in my eyes. But, that’s seems not the case with the rest of people that were bashing you for stating your opinions. Yeah, I do disagree with you at some point but I don’t act like 5 year old throwing tantrums because my favorite ‘oppas’ being criticized on. I love BIGBANG! They’re the reason why I’m into Kpop in the first place. I am a devoted VIP but that doesn’t mean I treat them like Gods! They’re the only Kpop artist that have my respect. They’re different, they’re not idols but rather musicians and they seems to be genuine people.

    I really don’t give much thoughts about their appearances because I only see them as artists. I don’t care if they’re not as good-looking like your typical idols because they’re not idols, they’re musicians! Why can’t people see that?? I do respect your opinions regarding their appearances although it does seems biased but this is YOUR site, you can write whatever you wants and I have no problem with that. Some people are just OVERREACTING as usual. People are accusing you for being biased but aren’t they too??? HYPOCRITE much!

    I am not some crazy fangirls that would feigns ignorance and defends their Oppas blindly. They’re humans. They made mistakes just like everyone else. But they’re talented. Let them make amazing musics and chase their dreams. Why don’t we just support them?? That’s what fans are for! They’re by far one of the best group Kpop has to offer and they deserved all the spotlight and recognition.

    Ok, just to be clear, I don’t agree with you 100% but I DO respect your opinion and I wanted to thank yous for taking your time to write this article. I’m a very mature VIP so I don’t take offense for whatever ‘shit’ you’re writing about them. I love BIGBANG and they’ll always be the ‘Backstreet Boys’ in my heart.

    • You have no reason to be sorry. They are no representation of you or other VIP’S. We know that any VIP that sees them as musicians would not throw a hissy fit when they see something they don’t like. But thank you for this comment.

    • You seem to be a very passive person. I understand totally why VIPs would react in the manner in which they did. Additionally, this person I is clearly expressing their own opinion trying to past the material as factional. As an African American I found this article to be very racist, towards Americans and Black Americans. The term Ghetto and Teayang looks like a Black Guy, so he is Ugly is very offensive. The fact that you praised this person for their thoughtless racist comments is embarrassing, and helps to continue racism. You further go on to insult VIP’s, with your careless remakes call them 5 year olds, when it clear that the person who wrote this is way more offensive.

      • @ Shelley I am not Black and I am in complete agreement with you. I never knew being American or Black can be viewed as such a negative thing. I think people either forget or just plain don’t know but Hip-Hop was founded by Black American males from the Bronx. The same hip-hop genre that Big Bang is so good at. Furthermore, some of the comments on here wold never be acceptable anywhere else. Some of these people are giving Koreans a really bad name.

  161. This is totally biased, Top would be a 8 or 9 at looks.
    And I meant it, he is actually cute, but as you can see his face is to too long, and he was fat, witch actually says than there is flat.
    About Taeyang I can see you didn’t notice the beautiful smile he have, eye smile, but I have to agree his body is weird.
    About Daesung you are totally right.
    And Seungri too.
    You guys are being totally biased about G Dragón (Who isn’t that perfect And cute) And TOP. Get over your biases.

  162. taeyang is short, but his body is proportional. he isn’t even THAT muscular, have you ever been to a gym?

    there’s a reason why TOP doesn’t show off his body. it’s skinny and flat and worst off than gdragon’s.

    wtf is that? and what’s up with the gay pride wristband?

    not hating on top, just hating on the ridiculously biased article.

    • No as we stated taeyang’s legs are much too short for how long his torso is, making him look even shorter than he is. Also we are not talking about the entire human population when we say he is muscular, but just in comparison to other idols. Secondly don’t take your frustration out on TOP who has nothing to do with the score that Taeyang received, and is that picture not quite old?
      Also gay people do not own the sole rights to refracted light, so TOP or anyone else can wear a rainbow if they please, and have no connection to gay pride.
      You are using illogical fallacies to prove your arguments, therefore your arguments have no proof nor standing. Because you are commenting like an angry irrational fan girl and not a level headed adult.

      • Wow, you must be Angelina Jolie or something to have the audacity to negatively remark on an individual’s looks. Keep it going lmao!

  163. So I see you’re a Big Bang fan…Interesting. I really disagree with how you say Big Bang changed KPOP for the better. Big Bang would be better as for or even as a trio, and drop deadweights known as t.o.p and G-Dragon, but atleast G-Dragon actually has charisma(he fails at rapping) and t.o.p.
    Taeyang is a better dancer than TOP.
    G-Dragon is better-looking and a better rapper than T.O.P.
    Daesung is a better singer than T.O.P
    Seungri has a better personality than T.O.P
    My opinions really differ from other people.
    But then again, if I were writing a group rev iew about, TVXQ(as 5) my most favorite group ever, I would say Yunho is the most charismatic dancer in KPOP, Jaejoong is the most beautiful person in KPOP(before he started doing drugs and when he was androgynous) Yoochun is a great rapper, Junsu has one of the best voices in Kpop, and Changmin is the most attractive person in KPOP(I think he’s better than T.O.P). I actually am a hypocritical person since I see Big Bang is probably your bias group.
    I used to admire Big Bang, back in their ghetto wannabe days, and what you’re trying to say is that because of them, we hear shitty unecessary raps in KPOP.
    And no, I don’t have anything against BigBang or T.O.P but people like you make me dislike them. And I agree, BigBang does not deserve half the hate they get, but with an alledged murderer and and druggy, what are you gonna do? And no other KPOP groups-like Super Junior, especially them because of a few members like Leeteuk, Shindong, batshit Elfs, Siwon and crappy producers are the main reason people hate on them-deserve any death threats when they are following their dream, though half of them are in it for the fame and attention.
    And yes, I contradicted myself a few times but I am willing to acknowledge my mistakes.
    And Super Junior are just leaders in the Hallyu wave, but the kings are TVXQ while BigBang are the successor of their throne. I hate to admit that Big Band are Korea’s National Boy Band.
    And by the way, the last three paragraphs were beautifully written. I was on the verge of tears.

    • Are you serious right now? Really did you not read the reports? It’s somewhat pathetic that you have to bash an article of someone’s choosing but I do agree on one thing. The last paragraphs did bring me to tears.

    • you must be crazy the only reason BIG BANG even exists right now is because of GD he was the one who wrote their hit songs like “lies” and “haru haru” AND he writes most of their songs. if he wasnt there i’m sure the rest of the band wouldnt even be famous

  164. are you guys are huge big bang fans? The reason i am asking this is not becuase i am hating on you. Im serious im not. I ask questions like this because i am really just curious. But are you? Becuase you seem to know alot about big bang. I saw you review shinee as well and it seems you know much more about big bang and only a huge fan of big ban would know as much as you O.O (im only guessing becuase i dont know very much about big bangs personal lives.) but i think you guys should include a separate rating for the looks section. One being their body and two their face. Becuase i wondered how you thought daesung was better looking then shinee and i saw how you rated on body as well. Just an idea (or do you think Daesungs face is also better then shinee jonghyuns?) just a thought. Im just asking out of curiostiy please dont think im trying to offend you or anything TT-TT people always misunderstand me becuaee im so honest and blunt.

    • Well, one of us is a Big Bang fan, but we like people more than entire groups mostly. While our method of rating was created painstakingly, we have factored in body and face into appearance. Please visit our rubric for clarification: .
      While we do believe that Daesung is a far superior being to Shinee’s Jonghyun. Daesung is what we think of as ugly-cute. Where his face is adorable but not exactly attractive, like a pug. Whereas Jonghyun’s nose is awful! Daesung really has few features that are unattractive, just the proportions and look of his face are complicated.

      • interesting ^_^ btw i was wondering if you could rate snsd? i dont not agree with some (or a alot) of what you say. but i still find it interesting about the ideas you have towards idols or kpop as a whole. dont worry i respect you opinion. :D

      • No offense but this made me stop and think. Like WOW! Do you just hate on some and then make it seem like it was ok? Holy crap that was like a stop moment, lol.

  165. I’m just going to point this out since it’s bothering me-Big Bang did not lead a revolution in Kpop. Their music was good 2009 and back but not a revolution. VIPs exaggerate.
    TOP is a not a praisable rapper and is sucky. If you were to convert thE sound of a barking dog into talking it would sound like TOP. Yep, and he sounds like he has food stuck down his throat. His rap sounds basically the same in all the songs. And Boomshakalaka? Remember the Yoochun, “I really want to touch myself?” Let’s not even go there. Or the texting during an interview. His face is either a hit or miss. Sometimes he looks bloaty in his face and a bit boxy and square. His mouth is too thin. Deserves an 8. At least he has charisma(sometimes).
    Taeyang is ok; kind of cute but nothing special. His voice is good and so is his dancing. Typical Jack of all trades, master of none member of Kpop groups.
    G-Druggin is a nasal voiced attention-whore, but better looking(solid 9 in my opinion) and more charismatic than TOP.
    Daesung is ugly cute, and his voice is beautiful. But I think he was drunk. YG must’ve bribed police department to not mention it. I would know since this happens all the time in Busan where my dad works.
    Seungri has a pleasant voice. But like Minzy of 2ne1, his dancing has gotten no better after debuting. His face is in fact quite average yet derp due to his eyes.
    My objection is that if you’re going to point out the positives and no negatives(which G and TOP have)in G-Druggin and TOP, do the same with the rest of the members.

  166. I’m just going to point this out since it’s bothering me-Big Bang did not lead a revolution in Kpop. Their music was good 2009 and back but not a revolution. VIPs exaggerate.
    TOP is a not a praisable rapper and is sucky. If you were to convert thE sound of a barking dog into talking it would sound like TOP. Yep, and he sounds like he has food stuck down his throat. His rap sounds basically the same in all the songs. And Boomshakalaka? Remember the Yoochun, “I really want to touch myself?” Let’s not even go there. Or the texting during an interview. His face is either a hit or miss. Sometimes he looks bloaty in his face and a bit boxy and square. His mouth is too thin. Deserves an 8. At least he has charisma(sometimes).
    Taeyang is ok; kind of cute but nothing special. His voice is good and so is his dancing. Typical Jack of all trades, master of none member of Kpop groups.
    G-Druggin is a nasal voiced attention-whore, but better looking(solid 9 in my opinion) and more charismatic than TOP.
    Daesung is ugly cute, and his voice is beautiful. But I think he was drunk. YG


    • You are a fool, literally who talks like this. True sarcasm does not need to be pointed out, for it should not need any kind of indicator for the person intended to become insulted.
      The sheer lack of intelligence in this comment is disgusting.
      For this is not an insult, but a compliment nay a true ode to how amazing our blog is, and the power it has over the deluded and asinine.

    • its true that this is a complete biased piece of crap. everyone gets praise and taeyang gets negative comments. did you see how successful his solo album was? haters gonna hate!

  168. My favourite Big Bang members are G-Dragon and T.O.P., because they’re both extremely talented, charismatic and so charming!!! XD G-Dragon’s song-writing skills are just perfection, while T.O.P.’s voice suits his rapping – sexy!

  169. G-dragon does deserve a 10 in the talent derpartment when it comes to the world of Kpop, but if I weren’t a Kpop fan, I would’ve thought that his composing and top’s rapping was complete shit. Haru Haru and a few more song were great, but other than that shitshitshitshit. BB’s solo efforts are better.

  170. Um, you guys are so TOP biased. Had he been an ugly fatty, you guys would’ve have given him a low score on talent and personality. Or, if he had Taeyang’s voice, instead of putting “average” you would say he has a fantastic and ethereal voice.

    • Appearance has nothing to do with talent, in the slightest. And not only is TOP an amazing rapper, he is handsome and a genuinely sweet person. While it is you who seems to be the biased one, what even bothers you about TOP? Or us praising him for being good at what he does, and his dashing appearance.
      If anyone had Taeyang’s voice it would still be not the best, and we would say to them, like we did to Taeyang, that his voice is nice but he has control issues, and his falsetto is atrocious. TOP’s ratings have absolutely nothing to do with Taeyang. So please don’t bring up unrelated subjects when you are trying to prove a point, for it is an illogical fallacy.

  171. Wow. This is a pretty biased post.
    Well, to even out the biasedness and prevent future bigbang fans from hating taeyang and seungri on the basis of this post, lets take away some of the sting from the insults above. The inflated praise for GD, TOP and Dae are fine. The more fans the better!!

    Starting with taeyang..
    Yep, he’s short as short can be. And.. thats why they forced him to get such a MANN body. I mean, short + flab = EW GOD NO. Sides, poor thing cant help his height can he?

    And note that Taeyang came before Jay Park. and if you listen and watch both closely. You’ll see that in terms of dancing, Jay Park has that b-boy technique down pat, but he just performs the moves like a practiced robot. Taeyang lacks the fancy breakdancing moves, but in terms of ‘Live’ performance, this guy rivets the audience. He has charisma and emotion while dancing, and heck a lotta flexibility/popping skills.

    Voice wise, he has the typical RnB smooth voice. I agree he should be shot over the falsetto abuse. His deeper parts in I Need A Girl are tons better. Go have a listen.

    And now to his personality. To cut it short, Taeyang is the hardworking pillar of support for BigBang. He’s the anchor that holds them down in bad times. The other members are goofy and playful, so he’s the balance. BigBang themselves said that Taeyang is the 2nd leader when GD is tired/not around. And they rely a LOT on him for advice when things go wrong. Idol-worshippers wont find anything great in Taeyang’s personality, his is more of an artist personality. Friggin hardworking, resilient, and modest. Out of all members, YG said that Taeyang would have the longest lasting career and fame due to his strong (but quiet) personality.

    As for seungri, His role in the group is the advertisor. The one they send out to get fan’s love and attention, to variety programs, etc. Also he’s the maknae. Everyone loves the maknae. Plus he’s the ONLY extroverted person in the group. And therefore, the most idol-like. Which explains why he almost got kicked out. The other members veer towards artist-type.

    Thats me job done. I think you should review members and groups a bit more objectively. Flaws and strengths of each person should be evenly portrayed. Personal bias shouldn’t be incorporated into what is supposed to be a fair review of the members. I myself could write a shit-ass long article about how GD and TOP are into vice, smoking, drinking, and hard partying, with inflated egos and gheyness to boot.

    This might as well be a GD and TOP pimp-out post. and judging people based on surface looks and personality is just shallow. For example, do you know GD is even more anti-social and introverted than Taeyang when it comes to meeting real people? Taeyang is the same on stage and off. Although boring, it can be said he is more Real than others. He fakes nothing and hides nothing.

    • If your opinions are so strong then please by all means write your own post about the wonders of Taeyang and Seungri. We just call it as we see it. Neither of us know any of the members of Big Bang, and we can only judge based on what we see. Maybe you see Taeyang and Seungri in a different light than we do. And just an FYI, we did mention G-Dragon’s shyness and we did comment, and praise Seungri for his strong and outgoing personality.

      • I agree with boombubble for the most part. But I respect that this article is your own personal opinion, which is, I think slightly marred by lack of interest of specific things such as some of the members, due to personal taste, etc.
        I suppose we just feel a bit taken back since although you guys mentioned those specific things, it still seemed like an attack, if you get my flow. Which in all honesty is fine considering that this is, as I have stated earlier, is a matter of personal opinion. :)

  172. So you give Taeyang a low rating just because he doesn’t look ideal korean/Korean? Fuck you, none of big bang looks Korean. And TOP’s voice is just deep nothing really special.

    • Taeyangs low rating is not due to his not looking Korean, but the simple fact he is unattractive. He has unattractive body proportions and rather plain facial features. As for T.O.P’s voice, our opinions seem to differ, as we for one find his voice more than just deep.

      • No all of BigBang members are very Attractive . In BigBang acording to the Fans Top has most Fans G dragon has most Fans Taeyanghas most fans also Seungri and Daesung also the same so don’t judge them atleast they did’n do any plastic surgery they are hot originally

  173. IMO think that if Taeyang was taller, I would find him attractive. It sounds a bit shallow, I know. But that’s the problem with short male idols: they gain too much muscle and it just doesn’t look good at all. They should stay lean and toned and work their proportions. For ex. Donghae, Jonghyun ect. They should be like…Ryeowooks body! And T.O.P makes me feel bad:( Since he seems so classy.

    • GD is only 3 centimeters taller than Taeyang, but he doesn’t have a LOT of muscle so he’s very handsome.
      But there has to be at least ONE muscular guy in Big Bang.
      TOP is the tall one but he won’t expose.

      • You are just worshippers of two members and haters of remaining three members. Get a life! I hope your website be closed down soon :) have spread the word to others to boycott your disgusting damn blog! And no use replying, bitches, can’t be bothered to read your bitchy comments :) peace yo! :)

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