Review Music Video – Week 7 (2012)

For the 7th week of 2012 we will be reviewing EXID’s “Whoz That Girl”.

EXID- Whoz That Girl

February 14, 2012

The Song:

Coming from rookies, this song was actually not half bad. The vocals definitely stood well, and while they weren’t mind-blowing impressive, they were a lot better than some of the crap coming from rookies nowadays. While we can say their rapper is capable and has skill, the rap was slightly cheesy, and could’ve been a lot fiercer. The song was great, up until that weird dance break and bridge afterwards that did not flow with the song at all. The song was typical pop, but it was done classically at least, and didn’t fall into the disgraceful nothings of bubble gum.

 The Video:

Though the song was enjoyable, the video was a tad ridiculous. Who seriously crashes a Bentley? And we don’t really understand what the car crash had to do with the rest of the video even.

Ignoring that, the sets were pretty boring and even ugly. The clothes and styling were trying just a bit too hard to look cool and trendy, and came off as kind of poser-ish. What these girls need is money – If you plan on wearing something ridiculous, at least buy expensive.

Just a BTW, where the hell are this girls pants?

EXID came off as trying to be something contemporary, rebellious, and bad-ass, but all we see is a lame and failed attempt.



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