Review Music Video – Week 6 (2012)

For the 6th week of 2012 we will be reviewing LedApple’s “Time’s Up”, Jay Park’s “Know Your Name”, SPICA’s “Russian Roulette”, Ailee’s ” Heaven”, Chocolat’s “One More Day” and Stellar’s “UFO”.

LedApple – Time’s Up 

February 05, 2012

The Song:

This song was fairly interesting. In concept, it was somewhat original, but to be honest, “Time’s Up” sounded like a song that came straight from some action-packed anime. The chorus was catchy, but the song was not breathtaking or astonishing at any point. It just seemed like an average song, with an averagely catchy chorus. Other than the chorus, we can’t say we were as equally hooked during the verses. From what we heard here, there isn’t any extraordinary vocal talent, and that alone was enough to bore us. The music was strange; it wasn’t original, but certainly not generic. It was just weird.

The Video:

These guys are so lucky they’re cute, otherwise the video would not be worth finishing. The outfits were plain, the choreography was boring, and the backgrounds were nothing special. The only real “props” used in the video were all the instruments that were being “played”. The special effects were cheesy, and sadly, the only things that added dimension to this otherwise plain video. Truthfully, the entire music video can be summed up with our first sentence: The guys (or rather, a few in particular) are really cute, and if you want to be like us, who just wasted four minutes of our lives looking at pretty boys doing absolutely nothing at all , then feel free to watch the video.

Jay Park – Know Your Name 

February 06, 2012

The Song:

This song is rather boring, in terms of Jay Park. Normally, Jay Park comes out with pretty catchy songs, and he excels at presenting something different from the norm. However, that style is now typical of Jay Park, and “Know Your Name” had no variation from that particular niche. There was no variation of lines or music, and though it wasn’t an awful song, it was tiring to listen to. There was no climax and no power; the song basically continued on the same pace the entire way out.

The Video:

We can not watch this video and take it seriously because Jay Park looks like he’s 12. Everybody, including the random black girl, looks like a legitimate adult except Jay Park. In his little suit and fedora he looks like the ring bearer for his older cousin’s wedding.  The attempt at elongating him with the upward facing camera angles is really not fooling anybody; he still looks minature.

Spica- Russian Roulette 

February 07, 2012

The Song:

This song was kind of awful, and it was so uneventful. Nothing really spiked our interest or caught our attention.  The vocals are good, but the song was so plain and just bleh.

The Video:

The concept of them playing a game of Russian Roulette is interesting, but we are almost positive that nobody has ever played that game sober, unless they were forced to. The overall execution of this video is poor, as it should have been super playful and sexy instead of morbid and bland. This concept could have been super mature and sophisticated, but the performance was boring. In a game like this, they should be fairly tipsy or inebriated in some way, and the members of Spica should have a mischievous but nonchalant attitude toward the name. However, they just seemed too uninterested.

The make-up and hair was clean, but not elegant. In our opinion, the members should have sported disheveled, sultry hair and super smudged makeup. The type of look that look that says “I don’t give a shit”, while maintaining a feminine vehemence. The only person who acted and looked right was the girl with red hair.

Why is this video so outdated?  The special effects are gross, like some horrible second rate music video from the 90’s. On top of that, the dancing and individual scenes were offensively bad.

The worst part of this video were the red and black outfits. They were neither classy nor cool, and really? Studs and leather? They aren’t groupies for some 80’s punk rock band, so don’t dress them that way.

Ailee- Heaven By Bagel

February 08, 2012

The Song:

This song is beautiful. Truth be told, I didn’t expect to fall in complete love with this song. I’m not much of a fan of ballads, and rather than being attracted to fantastic vocals, I’m more of a person who enjoys the aesthetic attractiveness and appeal of songs. However, “Heaven”, and more specifically, Ailee, totally blew me away.

Just a minute into the video, I was already astonished by the quality in her singing and the sheer beauty of the song. “Heaven” is literally what one would think the song to sound like; it’s angelic, pure and actually pretty original. Normally, I’m bored to death by ballads and anything that isn’t too stimulating, but if it says anything, I have not been able to stop listening to this song since the first time I heard it. Ailee’s voice is not just gorgeous, it’s perfect. Her voice retains a very light and angelic feeling, whilst still retaining a loud and powerful quality. I fell in love with her softer notes just as much as I did her booming vocals. What I loved even more was the actual sound of her voice; I tend to stray from obnoxiously high voices, and I fell in love with Ailee’s more deeper tone.

The Video:

Just as the song is angelic, the video definitely did well in characterizing this particular trait. The misty haziness of the video, Ailee’s simple beauty, the pure scenes between her and, whom many are calling the “Korean Jesus”, as he spends time with her, are simply beautiful. The video is rich in spirituality, and the realization the conclusion of the video dawns is just breath taking. The only real thing we would’ve changed would’ve been the cheesy special effects that were used occasionally throughout the video, but honestly, the quality, and most importantly the meaning, make this video far too spectacular to be unnecessarily turned off by the effects.

Chocolat- One More Day 

February 08, 2012

The Song:

This song is just as awful as the video: out-dated, boring, stupid and a waste of time.

The Video:

This trash is goddamn awful and vulgar. This kind of shit should be illegal, being only a few steps away from a teenage strip show. Frankly, we are tired of watching the demeaning nature of young girls in K-Pop. This isn’t sexy, it’s straight up trashy.

A note to rookie groups:


As per our status, we have to look at sluts all day long in southern California, where their are no real standards of appropriateness. If we want to see a white girl acting like a hoe, we can just go to school.  We like K-Pop  because it is morally less corrupt than most American music, but with this new generation of groups, class is out the window, and they are just trying to sell sex.

Stellar- UFO

February 11,2012

The Song:

This song is just trying too hard to be original. We get the “disco retro” concept they’re trying for, and it was obviously an attempt to be different, but the sound was just awful. There was little effort put into the song, and this was well reflected in how cheap and Disney-ish the song sounded. We can find cheap, low-quality music like this anytime we wish, but we’d really like to see high-quality, inventive songs instead.

The Video:

Is this not just a rip-off of Absolute Boyfriend? That is, other than the dance sequences, which are, just like Chocolat, offensive.

The outfits are distasteful, and we’re just flat-ass tired of reviewing the same god-damn girl group trash videos. As straight women, we don’t really get any pleasure out of watching these girls shake the goods that they don’t even have.  If you really want to do a dance that involves butt wiggling, grow a tushy or get some padding, cuz these flat ass girls are just unappealing.

STOP assaulting our minds with garbage!

The thing that makes us so angry is that there is really no point in groups like this- they bring nothing but old tired concepts and unoriginal music. They contribute nothing to music or anything whatsoever; it’s just the exploitation of young girls (and occasionally boys) to feed the disgusting morally corrupt fetishes of today’s society.  We’re not trying to single out Stellar or Chocolat, but these groups really have nothing to offer creativity or talent-wise, so why do they even exist?  All they do is clutter the scene, take away attention from those who have real talent, promote pedophilia, and give a bad name to K-Pop. It really is no wonder people like G-Dragon and almost every male group don’t want to be classified under the same genre, or even job title, as these worthless enigmas of groups.



7 responses to “Review Music Video – Week 6 (2012)

  1. It’s just that I’m black and I live in southern California and Its nice to know I’m not the only Kpop fan around here.

  2. I pretty much agree with this. I’ve heard SO MUCH about Ailee but I haven’t watched the video or anything. But, I just now did.


    Her voice is amazing. I don’t ever say that about female signers because they all sound high pitch and whiny to me but she just blew me away.

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