The Truth About Your Favorite Pairing: KyuMin (Super Junior)

Pairing Name: KyuMin

Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun & Lee Sungmin

Friendship Meter:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The sole fact it was extremely difficult to find a picture of these 2 that was not candid, as the above photo is, or Photoshopped, obviously alludes to the fact that this pairing can not be all that legitimate.

From what we’ve observed, fans seem to get off on the slight sentimentalities these two share for each other (on rare occasions, if we may add), and the obvious fact that, generally, the Super Junior members don’t really show much love to their evil maknae, excluding Sungmin, who is known to be a very heartwarming person all around. In addition to the fact that “KyuMin” may very well be simple acts of kindness on behalf of Sungmin, Sungmin isn’t really Kyuhyun’s type. From observation, we note that Kyuhyun seems to have a soft spot for tall, skinny,  sophisticated men (i.e.: Zhou Mi and TVXQ’s Changmin)- not the cute fluffy type. Where the sparkle in Kyuhyun’s eyes is most obvious is when he is around one of the aforementioned two, and he seems to treat Sungmin as he would treat any of his other group mates. The only reason Kyuhyun does seem to show a bit of favoritism towards Sungmin is due to Sungmin’s accepting and platonic invitation that he so extends towards Kyuhyun; after all, why wouldn’t you prefer someone who doesn’t mind you?

The sole reason we decided to give KyuMin a “6” is because Super Junior an incredibly close group, and, for the most part, any pairing born from the members will most likely start off at a “5” or “6” in terms of closeness.

KyuMin seems more to us as just a purely fan-made pairing. Sure, these two must be close; they come from the same group and relatively seem to favor each other (although that really is more of a one-sided thing with Kyuhyun going at it). However, with the monstrous load of creepy Photoshoped pictures and smutty fanfics, fans seem to have taken this mere friendship way too far.  There also isn’t much evidence for any real support either- other than Super Junior’s bizarre mini-drama series in which Super Junior tackled the task of delivering a “dangerous friendship” mini-drama, where SerialKiller!Kyuhyun pretended to be gay in order to get close to Sungmin, we have no idea on what basis KyuMin arose.



43 responses to “The Truth About Your Favorite Pairing: KyuMin (Super Junior)

  1. I love them together, period. Be it the i-love-you-but-not-in-a-homo-kind-of-way. I just love them together, so so much. #KyuMin


  3. this pairing originated from the mini drama they were in, didn’t it? I think any sort of romantic relationship was acting, and other than that they’re just good friends. Everyone check out the drama if you haven’t seen it btw

  4. One thing, Sungmin and Kyuhyun are really close buddies, that’s why I’m so startled when I find few people think they’re not even close. But from my eyes, KyuMin affection toward each other is different from how I see Sungmin-Eunhyuk/Sungmin-Shindong friendships, or like Kyuhyun-Ryeowook’s one, or Kyuhyun-anyone else within the team. Trust me, I always try to believe they are merely close friends, I didn’t even give a damn about these shipping things, I just focus more on HyukMin because of their beautiful friendship (and since they’re my favs). You know what intrigued me, is the way Kyuhyun behaves toward Sungmin. We know Sungmin has always been a caring member in SJ, he’s showing affections and more open toward members he’s closest to, so I’m not questioning him so caring toward Kyu (I tell you, Sungmin is just as, if not more caring toward Hyukjae). While Kyu, he’s childlike among his hyungs. On screen or on stage, he’s playful around any member, except Sungmin. Kyu surely acts calmly around his Sungmin hyung, I used to think: oh maybe because of Sungmin’s sensitive and determined character. Then Okay, leave it that way. Then slowly the more I watch these two, the more I see and feel something different. Subtle moves, stealing glances, surreptitious gestures, involuntary reactions are just giving shivers down my spine. Most of them are coming from Kyu. Don’t ask how many times Kyu intention/unintentionally reacts to Sungmin’s whatever acts/words, that him later being caught showing his shyness/curiousity/jealousy. Their way on looking each other is different. The fact that these two are close yet almost never show any move on cam/stage is somewhat astonishing too. More like Kyu is trying hard not to bother, but it’s totally the other way around. He is always watching. That’s why most KyuMin shippers address Kyu being a little brat, for being pretentious but then caught in action again. I don’t know whether they’re really real or not. It’s just I don’t get the hate this pairing gets (esp on Min’s side, ck). If it’s because of their so-called delusional shippers, then I tell you I find more delusional ones with crack-pairing/obviously fanservice ones. At the end, leave it to KyuMin and let shippers shipping on their own. Best of KyuMin best of SJ! :)

    • I couldn’t agree more. I will never get why Kyumin always gets all the negative comments. (As if EunHae shippers weren’t delusional and don’t photoshop thousands of photos either…) As a shipper myself I do get the fact that it could look like a fully fan created pairing -at first-; because I sincerely couldn’t see the big deal about these two at the beginning. But yeah, like said above, it’s all about the little acts, moments, the actual chemistry/friendship that you see only when digging quite deep into the topic.
      And there was a comment regarding the fact they’re complete opposites which could only result in them not being friends… This seriously made me laugh, because, as a simple example, my best friend and I are actual opposites; calm and hyper / wise and hot-blooded / introvert and expansive…and we’ve been like sisters for more than 15 years now; currently in our mid twenties.
      Our friendship is actually very similar to Kyumin; which startled me the more I was realizing it.

      so, yeah; I ship KyuMin but never pictured them as an actual couple though; which I never did in Kpop by the way. Pairings are made for us fans to joy over and stuff, but I can honestly not imagine any SuJu pairing being “real” in that sense for example.

  5. Their eyes full of adoration and love while looking to each other, can’t be a simple acting, and i’m not talking here about lust, that is a love feeling, i never saw them looking like that to other persons, but to each other, i am 30 old and i can say i have some life experience, and i’m not a crazy teenager anymore, but i really believe that it’s a love connection between them, all those off cam moments are proving something more than fanservice.

  6. Kyumin are REAL couple not only fanservice and kyumin shipper are not delusional with PROOF

    “Sungmin butt is the best” – kyuhyun


    “They like drink wine in rainy day together in room while LOCK the door” – ryeowook


    “Sungmin is perfect boyfriend” – kyuhyun


    #dont mess with kyumin shipper *smirk*

  7. wew. kyumin fans have a lot of secrets… trust me. i’m not a kyumin fan but i’m super sure that they’re together, they broke up once but recently they got back together.

  8. i have many evidence that they are couple! they rarely do fans service their moment based on off cam / backstage . both of them like drink wine together in their sharing room and once kyuhyun burst in public “when i back to the dorm i seen sungmin get drunk with wine bottle i hand” *smirk*

  9. Have you read an interview with Siwon in SkipBeat or something? He says that Kyumin’s friendship is the one that touches hearts of the members the most. Sungmin always gets Kyu’s back from the very beginning and he thinks that Kyumin can be friends for a lifetime :)

    And not to forget some excerpts from Sukira that show their closeness.

    I doubt that Kyumin are boyfriends or something, heck I even doubt that any of SJ members are gay, but I am pretty sure that they are very very close. That if I were you I woukd have thought so many times before giving 5 out of 10 to their friendship.

    I guess one of the comments was right that you haven’t researched enough about them. I hope you take my comment in a positive way.

    Kyumin shippers are delusional but who are not delusional enough about pairings here in KPop lol. We’re having fun, some of us are serious, but we truly cherish their friendship as how it is :)

  10. KyuMin is really cute, i shall say. but those pairing are perhaps caused by their extreme closeness. even that hanchul and yewook. this male to male pairings, i think, won’t really show negativity, but instead, it reveals how close they are to each other and how they treat each as brothers, not just as fellow performers of a certain group.

  11. I think KyuMin is the sweetest couple ..they both always take care each other ..
    I can see how diferrent kyu when him closer with sungmin..really different when kyu with each member..ure guys can see rite?
    And u say kyumin is pairing guys ..
    I thinks is wrong. U know when fansign 2011!
    In china or …idk im forget..they both write WINE COUPLE under them sign..^^
    And u can see a lot sweet moments they made so naturaly in thingking again dear ^^

  12. I think KyuMin are good friends with each other :)
    I don’t know if they are that close at all, but at times we could see how close they are.. Like when Min said that Kyu is one of the members that encouraged him the most to do musical~
    But, I really don’t think they are a couple..
    Many other members are closer to Sungmin than Kyu, and the same applies to Kyu.
    They might not be closest friend, but I like to believe that they are close :)

  13. Aha this is so laaaate. But whatevs. (Btw, you should update soon! We’re all dying to see which music video you’re going to review next!!!) I’m not trying to decide for all of us or something but most of us are Eunhae shippers. I’m preee sure that is our favourite paring. :/ Soooooooo… ya my review is kinda pointless…

    Totally agree with this though.

  14. Hahaha, I quite like KyuMin but it’s very true that some fans blow it up more than they should xD
    Good to see someone who isn’t either flat-out bashing on them or entirely crazy about them ^^

  15. It’s like this pairing is one sided love pure fan-service; Sungmin tries to be affectionate with Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun gets stiff and awkward trying to back off, Kyuhyun get affectionate with Sungmin, it’s as if he is the happiest guy on earth.

    • thx for saying that and we fangirls arent that obssessed XD we know there just close but we just wanna have fun i hope you dont mind and i like that some people arent bashing but stating there opinion in a positive way

  16. If there’s any pairing that bothers me, it would definitely be Kyumin. If any pairing was real, it would be Yunjae.
    Ok probably not, but let me dream. As KPOP fans, we shouldn’t expect any idol to come out or any pairing to even be real. And even if they were, I doubt any would come out.

  17. They are room mates for more than 5 years. If they aren’t close enough I’m sure Kyuhyun will ask for another room mate -___________-

      • Exactly!
        Hold hands=fucking
        Kiss=fucking, and having children even though it’s biologically impossible.
        Like whaddafck dude, I’m affectionate with my friends but I seriously don’t have feelings for girls.

      • “They like drink wine together in rainy day and locked the door. ” – ryeowook.

        Search the video in youtube. It sukira interview.

  18. actually i kinda agree.. took me a long time to become a kyumin shipper but i kinda ship kyu and min with others too.. unlike with eunhae (my otp) i just can’t picture dem wid nebody else excepting each other.. i like shipping kyumin cuz dey look soo adorable together and da fact dat deyre characters are soo oppsite 2 each other makes da thrill of imagining an impossible romance mre fun.. :D..

  19. OMG *imstalkingyouandyourpostsomgimsuchacreeper* KyuMin shippers are really delusional sometimes (most of the times actually) *omgkyuminshipperswillburnmyhousedown*, like, it’s really annoying most of the times as well, like when they’re standing together, everybody’s like “OMG THEY’RE STANDING TOGETHER OMG THEY ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED, I KNOW IT. KYUMIN IS REAL OMGGGG HOLD ME.” And I completely agree with your post. :D

  20. Well, I understand your point but I think U haven’t research enough.. I admit that I am a hardcore of kyumin shipper but this is because I can find the sparks between them. I hope one fine day, u will discover that too.. ^.^

    • That’s true Jamie. There’s definitely something going on between Kyuhyun and Sungmin. Their chemistry is so natural, like that of a man and a woman. There is something between them. They are more than friends, and I have proven that through evidences. Not fan services, but behind the scenes.

  21. It shouldn’t be Kyuhyun and Sungmin, it should be Kangin and Sungmin! You should’ve seen the way he was looking at Sungmin when he was dressed like a girl and dancing. They’re awkward my butt. Unfortunately, Kangin Leeteuk’s hubby…I can’t wait till Kangins return 43 more days!!!!!

    -Delusional fangirl

  22. I doubt Kyumin is real. They seem to be like the most farthest away from being friends since they’re opposite. During fanservice on stage, I can almost imagine Kyuhyun thinking, *Ihatethisstupidfanserviceitsgaywhycantpeopleunderstandimaesexualandwhyisthissungminpersonstillholdingmyhandwhyamiholdinghishandidontevenknowsungminsbirthdayorhaircolorwhenisthisconcertoverijustwanttoplaystarcraft*

    And Sungmin thinking,*OMG Kyuhyun seems to hate me like the rest of the members except for Wookie, Kangin,shindong TT.TT*

    I doubt that’s what they’re thinking, but somethin similar to that. I have nothing against gays.

    • We don’t think they’re real either, but not exactly because they’re opposites. Opposites can sometimes attract, but for Sungmin and kyuhyun, there just seems to be nothing there. Most of the “fanservice” moments they have usually stem from other members of Super Junior having their own popular pairings, and Kyumin resorting to each other because they are all that’s not taken. This may just be a pattern we’ve observed, and we may stand corrected, but we’ve seen nothing to correct us yet, so…

  23. I am sorry but I think you don’t know much about KyuMin. You better know them ( and their relationship in real life, not in ‘stage/TV life’) first and gather much information or facts about them. Know other members’ statement about KyuMin too and KyuMin’s own statements about each other. Then, you interconnect those facts and information, even from the videos and pictures. In the end, I and Kyumin shippers would assure you, you will definitely conclude to a ‘special’ conclusion.

    • Well sweetheart, you best not get your panties in a bunch. It is true, we do not know them personally BUT we are positive most, if not all, Kyumin shippers do not either, and we are also positive that no one in k-pop including Kyuhyun and Sungmin, has ever admitted, seriously, to being in a homosexual relationship with a fellow group member. Therefore, that part of your argument is invalid. Secondly, as you say, we should gather up about as much facts and public statements from them as possible- do you not think we did that already? Our opinion (because this post is solely our opinion) is that all those statements that come from Kyumin and Super Junior are pure fan service. If you have strong enough evidence to convince yourself they are real, then so be it, but as for ourselves, we have yet to see any real connection as we do with other pairings.
      Thank you and good day!

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