Review Music Video- Week 4 (2012)

For the 4th week of 2012 we will be reviewing B.A.P’s “Warrior”, Beast’s “I Knew It”, Brian Joo’s “Taking Leave of You”, Dal Shabet’s “Hit U”, and Six Bomb’s “Chiki Chiki Bomb”.

B.A.P – Warrior

January 25, 2012

The Song:

We were really interested in reviewing B.A.P for the sole reason that many had great expectations of this rookie group. B.A.P was one of the two most looked forward to debuts of 2012 (the other being SM’s Exo), and so we were really excited when their debut music video finally came out. To put our reactions into one simple word: Wow. 

Many are calling B.A.P’s debut the best since early 2011, and some are even going farther and saying that this debut surpasses that of any recent rookie group, and is even comparable to that of the elite 2ne1, and their phenomenal debut, back in 2009. Is B.A.P that great of a rookie group though? Only time will tell, but as of now we can honestly say they’re impressive: “Warrior” is an incredibly catchy, incredibly epic, and incredibly sick track. The raps were no joke, and though we already knew Yong Guk was great, Zelo was really impressive. The vocals were also fantastic, and B.A.P’s lead vocalist, Daehyun, has an astonishingly sweet voice. There was nothing to complain about the song, and the overpowering sensations delivered from the boys seemed to almost scream that B.A.P is here to stay, and stomp out any competition that gets in their way.

The Video:

Just, wow.

It is a sad day when a rookie group’s debut music video is better, miles better, than any crap put forth by more established senior groups. With all the recent plethora of music videos, most of them awful, we were really afraid K-Pop was going to lose its merit.

B.A.P proved us wrong.

This music video, contrary to popular opinion, wasn’t really YG-flare. While many are comparing B.A.P to the next Big Bang, we don’t find the resemblance at all. B.A.P is its own group. The video did have some similarities from familiar idols though: It almost seems that TS Entertainment stole YG’s stylists and SM’s choreographers for TVXQ, and had them put together such a production. Needless to say, the music video was just as epic as the song. It was so much. No words can describe this piece of art that puts older groups to shame; if you haven’t watched the masterpiece yet, please do so. The choreography was amazing, the boys are good-looking (such an understatement), and their charisma was overflowing. 

The “blonde” idea was brilliant by the way, and though there are plenty of fans complaining, there’s lots of merit behind it: Obviously, these boys were looking more towards a talent-focus rather than looks, so by them all having the same hair color (and essentially, be harder to tell apart), fans are forced to look more towards talent than looks when choosing a favorite.

Beast – I Knew It

January 26, 2012

The Song:

“I Knew It” is just a typical song from Beast; nothing really abnormal that varies from what they do all the time. It’s definitely nothing near as memorable as “Shock” or “Fiction” to say the least, and for a comeback, we were slightly disappointed (especially since we both have a slight liking towards Beast’s catchiness). The rap is great as usual (Junhyung never disappoints), but the chorus and bridges left quite a bit to be desired in the form of audible stimulation. The snippet of the song used for the music video preview wasn’t the best choice; something a bit more vibrant would’ve been better.

The Video:

“I Knew It”  is obviously very short as it is just an apparent snippet of what Beast plans to reveal later, however we feel the preview could’ve been made a lot better. For starters, let us just say that we are quite impressed with Dongwoon: we’re not saying this guy is going to win an Academy Award or anything, but just from our first impression of him, we never would’ve guessed that his acting would be so convincing. For a simple music video, he did a surprisingly good job at portraying the angst and emotion a man in a break-up feels.

Just from the climactic build up of a stressed and anxious Dongwoon, driving suavely at night, we predicted something huge to finish off the clip with, and while we almost leaped with joy at a possible suicide-over-a-ramp scene, we were heartbroken to be left with an oh-so-not-convincing-smashing-of-le-phone and an awkward way to finish the video.

Brian Joo – Taking Leave of You

January 25, 2012

The Song:

“Taking Leave of You” is everything that is good about K-Pop. This song is one of the best songs we have heard in a while. It was perfectly embellished, and Brian Joo’s falsetto was used in the most ideal proportion, as to not be too much or too little. The singing is alone outstandingly beautiful and emotionally vexing.

He is singing almost entirely in falsetto BUT, Brian Joo manages to maintain a manly and alluringly sexy sound. This is how a falsetto should be executed: none of that whiny shit from all of those boys. The whole song is amazingly catchy, and this just attests to how magnificent Brian Joo is, because very few people could manage to work a song with such dark and emotionally jarring lyrics.

While the interjection of the rap from Tiger JK is fabulous (He, ladies and gentlemen, is a real rapper), and perfectly matches the song in both mood and pace, the reason why this specific rap is so glorious is the fact that it does not outshine the song and manages to just accentuate it. Even though the song is a pop ballad, Tiger JK’s rap had a hint of a reggae feeling strewn through it. This feeling helped bring out a lighter softer feel to an otherwise morose song.

The Video:

This is just such a tasteful video. And be that a lavender Mohawk upon Brian Joo’s head?

This video is crazy intense and is an explosion of everything that we love in these kinds of drama styled music videos: The only thing that could have made it any more Korean was if somebody got hit by a car. Finally there is a “sexy” kiss, open mouth and full of craziness, with domestic violence and steamy and seemingly unrequited love.  All we’ve ever asked for is a real action drama, without getting kitschy or lame, and Brian Joo delivered this to us. When he is freaking out in his room for example, the scene was just so beautiful and full of passion.

Dal Shabet – Hit U

January 26, 2012

The Song:

After Dal Shabet’s past releases, “Hit U” was extremely surprising. Dal Shabet’s concept isn’t exactly cute, but adorable spunk and funk that reminds us of a slight disco-modern feel. However, “Hit U” didn’t fit into said concept at all. Instead the song was a weird combination of Rania and After School: The song combined sexy pop music with “emotional” lyrics and vocals. In our opinion though, what was probably meant to be taken in emotional seriousness just came off as ridiculous. These girls, while they have lovely vocals and all, don’t have the emotionally touching capacities of After School or the sexy moves of Rania. So instead, the song just sounded awkward and very easily seen through: it was pretty obvious Dal Shabet was trying out such a concept for the first time, and the girls did not sound natural at all. It would’ve probably helped a lot if the song was interesting and catchy too.

The Video:

In one word, this video was: disappointing. Where are the bright colors and obnoxious lights and bling that made Dal Shabet so fun? A huge part of the reason we featured Dal Shabet in our “Most Notable Rookies of 2011” list was their colors and loudness in their videos. “Hit U”‘s music video is bland in comparison; there is no color, no interesting wardrobe, and frankly the girls should stick to acting cute rather than sexy. The plot was pretty ridiculous as well; originally, we were excited to see a violent storyline, but reallyPink blood? Just no.

Six Bomb – Chiki Chiki Bomb

January 26, 2012

This. Was garbage.

Everything about this horrible monstrosity of a pathetic attempt at a music video is one of the foulest things that has ever assaulted our senses.

The song is awful – to the point of making us angry. Men that have parodied girl group videos better execute dancing than these girls. This is one of the most infuriatingly bad videos in existence. Whoever produced this rubbish should be in an eternal state of SHAME from this day on.

The clothing was vulgar and garish.  Trannies look better than these ladies do.

We simply hated this.



4 responses to “Review Music Video- Week 4 (2012)

  1. B.A.P definately was the best debut by far, and yes better than 2NE1 Fire. It’s just that I can not watch Warrior again or I will explode with all the impressive-ness and excitement and high expectations from this talented group. And plus it’s my bedtime. But wth were they wearing at their chins, those little thingys that Zelo also wore in that Never give up video. Tbh, I don’t know what They are and what it’s for.

    • Well their debut was impressive, you really can not compare the debut of a group from now and anything really before 2008. Plus this whole bad ass hip hop take on kpop is not exactly the freshest of ideas. While “Warrior” was impressive, it would gave been exponentially more impressive if they created something completely new.

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