Debut Music Video: SM (TVXQ, SNSD, Shinee, F(x))

A review of SM’s Debut MVs, including TVXQ’s, SNSD’s, Shinee’s and F(x)’s.


 January 14, 2004

The Song:

This is actually a really lovely song after the creepy heart beat passes. It has a distinctively 90’s boy-band essence that no female can resist, and, at the very least, secretly love.

Just listening to this song, one cannot help but let a small smile creep upon their face. It is adorable, soft and sweet. In comparison to their labelmates, DBSK had the strongest debut in our opinion: Great vocals and decent music. It is not exactly the most powerful or representative song ever but “Hug” is definitely not bad.

Looking at it, especially now, it has a vintage charm: a softness that doesn’t really exist in JYJ or DBSK presently.

The Video:

These super “ancient” videos, for obvious reasons, can’t possibly be rated along the same lines as a video from 08′ or later. This was a different time in Asia, where boys could have big hair and no matter how pretty they were, for some reason, they just had to try to look “bad-ass”. The amount of ugly in this music video is quite minimal, especially in comparison to Super Junior and Shinee’s debuts. The hair is mildly off-putting, but not to the point of being a complete distraction.

This video just oozes innocence and purity, from the white outfits to the schoolboy inspired clothing.


How many baby faced Asians play football?



We’re not huge fans of DBSK, but this was adorable.

Girl’s Generation – Into The New World

August 2, 2007

The Song:

“Into the New World” is actually a great song, in a strange way. It isn’t overloading cuteness, but is actually really refreshingly young and relaxing. What might make many people mistake it with “cute” though, is the undeniable fact that SNSD, as obvious young girls, had extremely high girly voices, thus changing the tone of the song from fresh and light to girly-esque. All in all though, the song is still really great – it isn’t overwhelmingly fragile, and embodies the youthful and glowing girls SNSD were during their debut.

It’s really cute to see how much the girls have grown vocal wise too. Their vocals today are much more mature than the awkward puberty stricken voices we hear during this song.

The Video:

Just as the song is fresh and youthful, the music video does justice at capturing young innocence. This music video is pure love; the girls are all introduced in a particular habitat, and as compared to now, there is actually equal screen time amongst the members. The girls looked adorable in their solo shots, and so young. Not bashing SNSD now or anything, but “Into the New World” showed them as fresh-faced girls, whereas now, all we see are cake-faces as products of tons of make-up and photoshop. The choreography is really young, and the outfits, though a bit more on the casual side, still manage to retain the youth SNSD had to offer to K-Pop.

Shinee – Replay

May 25, 2008

The Song:

This song is one of the most boring debut songs we have ever heard. It was just a safe choice, but we do understand SM’s logic in picking “Replay” as Shinee’s first song.  By having Shinee debut with “Replay”, it cemented an instant fan base of creepy older women. Because DBSK already has a very diverse fan base of both older and younger women and Super Junior owns the teenage girls, Shinee’s only real option, if they wanted to become popular, was to target the cougars and “noonas”.

We just think that “Replay” is not really strong enough to be a lead song, but it is more that random track 5 that you always skip when listening to an album.  The vocals are sub-par at best, but our opinions on Shinee are pretty much clear from our review of them as a group:

This song just wasn’t great.

The Video:

The choreography is great, but as a whole the rest of the video is pretty low budget, and the overall theme of the video is mildly disturbing.  Now, many a group have been suspect as being “noona killers” but this, this is positively just flat out selling out. The members are children and they are hitting on some 27 year old woman. That is sick.  On top of that they all just looked like awkward ugly teenage boys, and it was just kind of creepy.

Why is this woman even paying attention to these little fools anyway. It is pedophilia, and this video promotes pedophilia, which is just sick.

It is pretty much fact that most older groups were not really attractive during their debut times, but Shinee was not just badly styled with bad camera angles (a curse that plagues the majority of MVs before 2008), they were just kind of ugly. Taemin looked like an 8 year old and what in the hell is going on with Key’s eyebrow? Could not one staff member, one make-up artist, just go and fix it?!

F(x) – La Cha Ta

September 01, 2009

The Song:

To be honest, F(x) is a really heartbreaking group. Luna is an amazing vocalist, Krystal also has pretty good vocals, and Victoria’s an amazing dancer (that is, when she’s doing her traditional Chinese dancing). Amber has charisma and Sulli has charm. Had these girls signed with another agency, their talents would have not gone unnoticed and unused. But under the “looks-is-everything” face SM stands by, F(x) is practically wasting away. While the girls are all beautiful in their own way, it’s obvious SM prefers SNSD when milking the public, and this favoritism becomes painful when SNSD is given comeback after show after concert after comeback, and F(x) stands by, with not even a fanclub to call their own. As compared to SNSD’s comeback songs, F(x)’s lack any type of luster or catchiness, and this goes way back to their debut song, “La Cha Ta”.

“La Cha Ta” isn’t an awful song. In fact, it does have some catchy quality to it, but the method of production just fell flat. SM was just trying way too hard to be “different”, and the song is almost strained in an attempt to be rebellious from the normal cutesy girl music, whilst still remaining candy to suckers for cute things. There is also way too much autotune, and to cover up such beautiful voices is really unfortunate.

The Video:

As a way of introducing a new group, the music video wasn’t too shabby. The concept, considering the time period, was different, and SM, rather than try something disgustingly cute, went for something with a little more spice. The music video would’ve been so much better if a few, obvious adjustments were made though: The choreography was a tad stupid for one, and the outfits were the worst part of the entire thing. What were those girls’ stylists thinking? It’s just awful. The clothes were way too casual, and looked as if the stylists simply took some of the members’ actual clothes and decided to strewn them all together into “fabulous pieces”.

One positive light about this video is Amber. This music video just proves the girl is pretty, underneath the gunk SM keeps her hidden under nowadays. She looked so gorgeous during her solo shots, and her hair styled that way was a magnificent choice. Unfortunately, SM is selling her as some kind of trannie now.

♥ P&B


18 responses to “Debut Music Video: SM (TVXQ, SNSD, Shinee, F(x))

  1. Well… I find it funny that you said there was “less ugly” in the DBSK debut than the other groups then continued on to praise SNSD and f(x)’s looks. In general, I have just concluded that you are SHINee antis. Too bad SHINee is the best group remaining in SM.

  2. I dun noe why but i always writing crap abt minho, jonghyun and key,, but i it come to taemin,, u will be a goody-two-shoes… At ur header said tht ‘You just STOP HATIN and step ur game up’… Wht was tht???? Is tht ur motto or sumtin??? If it is,,,,,, ur bitch…. U wrote tht at ur header,, but u wrote abt SHINee like u were their ANTI-FAN!!!!

  3. I may be late at commenting, but Shinee’s debut wasnt that bad, in fact, I think Shinee(choreo), along with SNSD( energetic choreo, fresh faces, a great song to start with) DBSK(impressive vocal for singing above the male range and acapella) and maybe Big Bang(didn’t even showcase all of the members but great song) were the best debuts, even though most of those groups mentioned above suck now, their debuts made them look promising.

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  5. I miss these type of debut music videos! By that, I mean before 2009, when the debuting idols looked all awkward, young, freshfaced and cute, and talented(which would improve later on) Nowadays, you see the idols in the debut music videos all fakey looking, like with tons of makeup, as you mentioned above about SNSD. Which is why I don’t care about the rookie groups, because the music and people look and sound the same, instead of back then the idols had their own thing going on and their music was distinctive.

  6. Everytime I see SNSDs debut video, I cry. I’m not really a fan of them, even though I love a few songs from them, but I cry or feel depressed when I hear ‘Into the New Word’. Maybe it’s as if they were young and vulnerable, and their childhood was ripped away from them. These girls looked so young. Or maybe because this song reminds me of my homeland of China, and I had to be adopted a decade ago when I was 5 since I was orphaned, but it has nothing to do with that.
    I don’t know. Or i can imagine maybe Father Sm saying; “Do all of this right or I will hurt you,” to those girls. Idk.

    • We really feel Father SM gets a pretty bad rep from fans of SM groups and it’s more of a spreading stigma about him. Seems like some crazy girls who don’t know anything about life or the functions of a business are just spewing crap. What SM is, is a business first and foremost, and we personally think he is a brilliant business man and we really do think people should be more appreciative of him for at the very minimum bringing us some spectacular entertainment.

      • Its not that I think those rumors about Lee soo man are real. I don’t know him personally, so of course I don’t know. My friend is a trainee and I get emails saying that she gets beaten if she does something wrong, but of course you have to be trained and prepared and be strong.

      • We’re not saying beating is okay; certainly there are better ways to be disciplined. However it’s as you say; unless we ourselves were presented with hard proof we could see or hear, it’s pretty improbable for us to believe the rumors.

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