Review Music Video – Week 3 (2012)

For the 3rd week of 2012 we will be reviewing Baby Soul and Yoo Jia’s “She’s a Flirt”.

Baby Soul + Yoo Jia – She’s A Flirt

January 17, 2012

The Song:

“She’s a Flirt” was a really strange case. On one hand, the vocals were great from both girls, and it was really nice to hear some great aesthetically pleasing voices with such commendable vocal skills. However, on the other hand, the song was a bit bland. We understand it was intended to be more on the softer side, as it was some weird pop ballad, but a little more enthusiasm would have been nice. Maybe if the girls were more emotional on their part, we wouldn’t have gotten so bored with the arrangement and melody. The most stimulating part of the song was the rap near the end, and by then, all hope of regaining our interest was gone.

The Video:

We understand that this video has been receiving quite the amount of controversy. We can’t help but feel though, that people are way over exaggerating a simple plot line. What was obvious was that the video simply showed two best friends, one comforting the other after a bad break up. However, it’s the suggestiveness going on during the comforting and caring that has been making so many wonder. Here’s what we think though: Did the video directors intend there to be the suggestive connotation in the girls’ actions? Duh. They were doing what all good marketers do: Add some spice to attract attention. However, as per the plot of the story, did the writers actually spell out that the girls were to be lesbian? We’re not really sure. It could be that these girls were strictly best friends, which would better make sense with the lyrics of the song. It could also be that they had feelings for each other, only realizing it after the bad break up. It’s pretty open to interpretation though.



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