Review Music Video – Week 1 (2012)

For the 1st week of 2012 we will be reviewing Teen Top’s “Going Crazy”, NS Yoon Ji’s “The Reason I Became a Witch”, Fat Cat’s “Is Being Pretty Everything” and Chaos’ “She is Coming”.

Teen Top – Going Crazy

January 5, 2012

The Song:

“Going Crazy” is a huge first for Teen Top. This is probably the first time that the lines of a song are actually equally distributed among the members. As many know, Teen Top songs are almost always 95% Neil, and 5% The Others. This is the first time that each member got semi-equivalent singing/rapping parts, and that is a huge feat for them. The song itself is really enjoyable; Teen Top’s style of typical teen pop is easily recognizable, and although the concept has been done before, Teen Top really seems to work it. The song is the perfect amount of young bubbliness and a slight mature attractiveness. The beat of the song is what makes the song so great, and while we could think of a few ways to have made the chorus lyrics a bit catchier, they were satisfactory nonetheless.

The Video:

Out of all of the music videos Teen Top has released since their debut, “Going Crazy” is probably the most well done, for a number of reasons. For starters, there’s actually equal screen time! Finally, there is a music video of all of Teen Top, rather than just Niel & Company. In fact, Niel isn’t even the center of this video, which is incredibly surprising. Another really amazing thing is the unbelievably cute plot of the video. Neither “Supa Luv” nor “No More Perfume on You” had the most easy-to-follow plots, and their messages weren’t exactly the best; “Supa Luv” practically promoted spying on people, and “No More Perfume on You” had one of the possibly worst messages ever pronounced in a K-Pop music video. Despite these past two faults, Teen Top came out with a much more suitable plot for their age, for this video: an adorable telling of L.Joe being rejected, and then chasing after her. Though the story had some really awkward scenes (such as when he finally catches up to the girl, who happens to be 4minute’s Sohyun, and the long awkward pause that follows their hug), it was nonetheless cuter and much better than any of their previous plot attempts.

Another really notable thing to enjoy from this video is the choreography, which, was a tad too raunchy, but really lovable. The crotch grab was a bit too much for our taste, and could’ve been done without. And though it may seem seemingly unimportant, wardrobe choices make a huge impact to the overall quality of the video, and Teen Top’s stylists did good in dressing the members in actual normal, attractive clothing. Our guess is that their past stylists were fired, because these cute outfits are amazing compared to the a.w.f.u.l. ones in “Supa Luv”.

NS Yoon Ji – The Reason I Became a Witch

January 4, 2012

The Song:

This song seems to suffer a horrible identity crisis. This was a painful mix of wannabe Hip-Hop, Britney Spears bubble pop, and a Kelly Clarkson “ballad”.  Had each of these parts been separated into their own songs, they might have actually been good, but together they just didn’t work whatsoever. The intro was rap, the verses were bubblegum pop, and then the chorus was some weird attempt at being emotional. We get that she was trying to make some sort of huge impact with this song, but it just didn’t work and sort of fell flat. It was too many things going on at once, for the amount of time given. Her voice however, was great, and it’s a shame that her talents couldn’t be put into a much better constructed comeback.

The Video:

What is with the special effects. All the effects going on in K-Pop music videos are really starting to get old and headache-inducing. Without the special effects, there was still way too much going on in the video. Before you could begin to focus on one scene, it would switch to something completely different. There also seemed to be a concept crisis evident. Yoon Ji sometimes appeared as if she was to reflect someone young and vulnerable, and then she appeared “fierce” and “sexy”. The “strong” act was also pretty unconvincing. It might have been better, had the cameraman not focused on her body half the time, because all we saw was more looks than attitude, and this is clearly not what her aim was (at least, according to her fans).

Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything

January 5, 2012

The Song:

“Is Being Pretty Everything” is a very easy kind of pop; it’s soft and sweet, but doesn’t lose the distinctive K-Pop beat and catchiness.  Dispite the seemingly bleek lyrics, the song maintains a faster beat, as to not bore the audience.

The overall message is along the same lines as 2ne1’s “Ugly”, but instead of having the more introverted pain that “Ugly” portrays, “Is Being Pretty Everything” throws men under the bus for being essential shallow douches.  Although the thought of both songs is similar, Fat Cat’s approach is much smoother and more upbeat.

This song is beautifully sung and is executed exceptionally well for such a new group.  There are no pitchy girl shrieks, as the norm for most girl groups, as these ladies sang in a mature manner instead of trying to attain an old perverted man fan base. They really made quite a lovely song.  Surprisingly the rap was not half bad; it was smooth and had just enough attitude to really add that extra dimension to songs that we always look for.

The Video:

What a refreshing sight this video is!  There is a more than reasonable amount of clothing on her and all of the backup dancers. This video had no flaunting of any “goods” and was more to accent the song than to try and sell sex.  The clothing was very conservative without becoming cutesy and childish.

While the stages and all of the rooms were quite nice, they didn’t quite give a story, but a mood to the song.  What we mean is they did not distract from the song, but enhanced the listening experience by adding a visual aspect.

The makeup is very pretty and really adds to the theme of the song. The abnormal clothing and styling is not conventionally “pretty”, but is that not the whole point of the song? We think that she made a very tasteful and visually enticing video.  The music was the center of this Music Video, which is now (sadly) a rare sight in K-Pop.

Chaos – She is Coming

January 5, 2012

The Song:

We don’t really know what is going on with this song; it has a retro twist, but nothing really makes sense.  Because the video was so plain, it didn’t really match the song’s feel (In contrast, Kim Hyun Joong’s song “Lucky Guy” was retro, and the video very successfully captured the time period the song was trying to portray).  “She is Coming” lacked a certain overall quality that makes a song truly memorable. It really wasn’t anything fresh or representative of what this new group is capable of, and certainly didn’t give any predictions as to their future image or style.

The vocals, just judging from this song, are not particularly impressive and what in the world was that “husky” singing?  That kind of forced husky-ness is not attractive; it made them sound like heavy smokers, or as if they had some sort of throat cancer. It wasn’t cute, and didn’t quite fit the image of a new young group.  A man singing in a husky and sensual voice is sexy, but when it’s just a boy, it isn’t pleasing.  Moreover it just does not correlate.

The Video:

This video was a horrible way to start the barrage of new boy groups debuting this year. In all honesty, these boys are not really attractive enough to have such a plain set with nothing going on.  There was no real choreography, and it wasn’t just them screwing around- so what was the reason for the boring-ass white stage? After that stage, we get a literal black piece of fabric as their background. Sadly the most interesting set was them standing in front of wood.

Their outfits weren’t the worst we’ve seen, but neither were they the best. Their matching outfits were a mistake.

And WTF were those Mickey Mouse pants?

Why is there a Mickey Mouse on a boy’s crotch? Seriously that’s gross.

From just looking at this video, Chaos doesn’t seem like anything to look forward to.

♥ P&B


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