Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Red Hair

Our picks for the Top 10 K-Pop stars that look amazing with red hair:

10. Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in

Ga-in looked smokin’ with red hair. It was the perfect color to go along with her unique and slightly threatening personality.

9. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

As we mentioned in our Top Blonde list, G-Dragon is a man who looks amazing in anything. Just as he looked fantastic in blonde hair, he looked great in red hair. While his blonde hair gave him a pale and adorable appearance, his red hair gave him more of a sexy attractive and slightly more feminine look.

8. Wonder Girls’ Yoobin

Yoobin completely works red hair, for the sole reason that her dark red hair matches her tough exterior. It fits and works perfectly with Yoobin’s sexy and confident attitude.

7. Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun

Yenny is the second Wonder Girl on our list, and the first to have managed to look completely natural in red hair. The way she fit her red hair is sublime: it looked completely legitimate and unquestionable.

6. Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon is another who manages to look totally natural in red hair. True, her shade may have not been as bright and colorful as the others, as Taeyeon appears to have opted for a more realistic look. But results are everything, and Taeyeon obviously made the right choice because her red hair is gorgeous.

5. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk has actually worn (and worked) an array of hair colors, but red hair is our personal favorite. He just looked so good. His choice of shade was perfect, and unlike most people on this list, his red hair actually worked to warm up his skintone, rather than accentuate paleness.

4. 4minute’s Hyuna

As we said before in our Top Blonde picks, Hyuna is one who manages to look great in almost any hair color. We’re not sure how she does it; we just know it works. Her red hair gave her a sultry, sexy vibe and was a great choice for 4minute’s comeback.

3. Sistar’s Bora

Though Bora’s shade of red was much more daring and vibrant than any of the other shades previously seen, she no doubt worked it tremendously, most likely due to her lively and bright exterior.

2. Shinee’s Taemin

As some of you may already now from our review of Shinee, we find Taemin to be very adorable. With red hair though, we’re not sure if adorable is the right word anymore. He looked fantastic; his bright choice of hue completely stood out from his pale and youthful skintone, to create something his fans totally melted for.

1. 2ne1’s Bom

Park Bom is the queen of red hair. Bom manages to completely and magnificently pull off her extremely vibrant and bright red hair, so much so that it’s totally her trademark now. She’s blessed though; her light and flawless complexion allow her to work an array of bright colors.


8 responses to “Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Red Hair

  1. I WAS SO SCARED PARK BOM WASNT GONNA BE HERE!!!!!! Then i was Thank god shes no.1! I love her red hair more than any other color on her<3 Makes her look great!
    she also rocks Blue, and orangeish tan…!

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