Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Blonde Hair

Our picks for the top 10 K-Pop Stars that look better Blonde:

10. F(x)’s Luna

Luna is huge proof that hair color alone can make a person go from pretty girl-next-door to idol glamour. With her brown hair, Luna looked young and fresh. With her blonde hair though, she looks much more mature, experienced and radiant.

9. Wonder Girls’ Yeeun

Though Yeeun is known for looking surreally natural as a redhead, we find that blonde hair suits her much better. Her pale ash blonde hair complements and livens up her skin tone, as opposed to her red hair that slightly paled her complexion.

8. 4minute’s Hyuna

Honestly, Hyuna is one of the few people in the world that manage to look great in almost any hair color. It’s a well known fact that her red hair gained her lots of attention, but Hyuna also deserves huge credit for her blonde hair: She managed to work having a slightly tacky orange-yellow hue.

7. Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon has a situation pretty similar to Luna’s: With brown hair, sure, she looked alright, but it somehow made her appearance much more aged and harsher. Not only does Hyoyeon look amazingly gorgeous with her current blonde hair, it also does wonders to her aura: she instantly looks softer and sweeter.

6. B2st’s Yoseob

Though most of Yoseob’s features are enough for him to stand out on his own, his blonde hair is so much more stark and creates so much better visual contrast than his plain black hair.

5. Afterschool’s Nana

Without a shadow of a doubt, Nana is gorgeous. However, we can say that, while black hair made Nana appear pale and transparent, her pale blonde hair adds more color to her skin and makes her appear fiercer on camera.

4. Kara’s Gyuri

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. With black hair, Gyuri’s complexion was unnecessarily washed out. Her golden blonde hair lightens her up, and she practically glows and radiates luminosity.

3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon is another one from the same species as Hyuna’s, although he even exceeds her, and manages to look good in, not only every hair color, but any hairstyle as well. His best? The adorably young, yellow blonde hairstyle he had early 2011, during Big Bang’s promo period and his Bean Pole and G-Market advertisements.

2. 2ne1’s CL

CL looks so much better blonde. Though she’s perfectly cute and innocent as a brunette, her vibrant blonde hair adds to her fearless attitude and seemingly makes her appear more charismatic and strong.

1. Girl’s Generation’s Jessica

When we’re talking about blondes, Jessica should be the first person that comes to mind. She was just born to be blonde; no questions need be asked. She looks perfectly natural with her light locks, and they suit her perfectly.


19 responses to “Top 10 K-Pop Stars: That Look Good with Blonde Hair

    • We really don’t care for that platinum hair in the winter for it makes especially these Korean idols look particularly grey…
      This notion also applies to him.
      Where in context this blond is inexplicably superior to his short lived pink hair.

      • To me, the black-red colour he had in SFS was great, but he looks good in most of the hairstyles he has ;)
        anyway, I think their skin colour in winter is quite particular, because they wear a lot of make up and if they wanted they could change their skin tone (as they cover Khyuhyun’s acne…) I don’t know what to think :/

  1. If you made a list for every hair color I bet G-Dragon would be on every one of them. [Probably I’m just saying this because I’m GD and big Bang biased]

  2. Yea, when CL dyed her hair, she instantly was like…idk how to even explain! Just really beautiful.


  3. Dongwoon looks good as blonde, maybe because it suits him and it looks natural as he has southern European features.

    • We do agree with you he did look really amazing in Mr. Simple but in November and December his skin started to look really washed out and dull because that fresh summer glow faded away and THAT was not cute

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