Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #2

Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #2

Top 3 Worst Music Videos of 2011

3. The Boys – SNSD

There are actually many great things about this music video. For starters, the girls looked astounding. For once I actually adored their wardrobe choices, and I really like how SM finally gave the girls individual styles rather than having them all in uniform. Their makeup was gorgeous, and instead of trying to make them look like young teenage girls, the focus was more on proving that SNSD are mature, confident women. The quality of the video was phenomenal. Unfortunately, all these great things cannot mask the utter disappointment that many felt from the quality of the comeback. In my opinion, the song wasn’t awful; had it been given better lyrics and had the girls been able to pull off such a concept better, the overall product would have been great. I don’t doubt SNSD’s talent, but in this particular video, I did feel they were trying a bit too hard. I understand that this was supposed to be a music video that would be the gateway to the American market, and from this, it almost seems as if the girls used the video to basically show off everything they’ve got. This, I feel, was a mistake. Instead, SM could have focused more on making sure the song was great and compatible with SNSD so they wouldn’t have to look ridiculous fitting into something that is so obviously not them.

2. Bounce – New.F.O

Being as polite as I can be, I hated everything about this debut. The song was irritating and not at all pleasing. The amount of autotuning was distasteful and unnecessary. Though I wish I could, I can’t critic these girls on their vocal abilities because, well, I haven’t heard them sing at all without the surplus of autotune. I didn’t particularly enjoy their stylists’ choices either. Their clothes and hair were tacky, and looked a bit cheap. The only really good thing I can say about this group is that the choreography did involve a lot of movement, and the opening dance sequence was impressive. Other than the dancing though, I disliked pretty much everything else about the video. The special effects were cheesy, and the set was tacky. What intensely bothered me was the rapping. It is, shall I call it, “Minho-autotune” style. Talking whilst having your voice autotuned is not good rapping, and does not, in any way, mean you can rap.

1. A- Cha – Super Junior

Where do I even begin with this atrocity. I thought “Mr. Simple” was bad, but Super Junior certainly proved me wrong. Everything about A-Cha was horrible. The song, I admit, was slightly catchy, but it was probably the most half-assed thing SM has ever produced. Super Junior is trying way too hard to hold on to their golden days of “Sorry, Sorry” and “Bonomana”. I think SM needs to realize those days are over for Super Junior; these men are slowly nearing their 30s, and it’s time they begin acting like so. I enjoy Super Junior’s music, and I hate seeing them crumble so hard. By the looks of it, as their music quality slowly deteriorates, I’m honestly starting to believe those rumors that next year may be their last. Why else would SM not care about them at all? SM seems to only be releasing horrid quality songs to appease ELFs, and they aren’t really trying to gain new followers at all. It’s almost as if they’re done with Super Junior, and aren’t going to try to produce anything good for them anymore.

Top 5 Best Music Videos of 2011

5. I Remember – Bang Yong Guk 

Normally, I am not one to get emotional from music videos, but I would be lying if I said Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” didn’t touch a soft spot. Rather than talk about how much I adored the music video, how impressed I was with a real kiss coming from usually innocent K-Pop music videos, and how sad the ending was for me, I want to discuss how fabulous the song was. In my opinion, “I Remember” is one of the best songs to have come out of this year. This is a song well done: the rapping came from a real rapper who knows his stuff (and has an amazingly deep voice) and a real impressive vocalist. A good rap and great singing is all a song really needs; if all units came in duets consisting of two really talented people, more outsiders would probably be hooked be K-Pop. This was a video and song that music appreciators could easily come to enjoy, rather than cookie-cutting pop songs and choreographed dancing in a group.

4. Lonely – 2ne1

2011 was 2ne1’s year, no question. These girls released quite the amount of music videos, and all of them lived up to their high quality standards, not one exceeding another. Though it was a tough decision, in the end I decided to go with “Lonely” as my favorite. I loved the single-shot style the video was filmed in, the fogginess of the set, and the beauty of the girls. All these elements helped to intensify 2ne1’s message of feeling alone, cast-off and unimportant. The contrasting signs in the background gave a visual of 2ne1’s message; that one must be “sexy” and “flawless”, or else be a lone “freak”. I loved that, rather than improvising choreography into the video, the girls were instead asked to walk casually and simply. The music video was made so that the focus could be on the song and its message, rather than distracting the watcher with fancy visual effects and intruding choreography.

3. Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls’ was my personal favorite comeback of the entire year. This was one worth the anticipation surrounding it, and the girls did not disappoint whatsoever. For starters, the song was fantastic. I liked the herculean and powerful vibe of the song, and the singing was, of course, jaw-dropping. In my eyes, Brown Eyed Girls has surpassed the status of idols and are worth something more prominent. Then we have the music video; an absolute work of art. Inspiring, artistic and articulate. The girls long for freedom, scream for it, and fight for it. It is a beautiful picture, and the intensity and angst from the girls only makes the overall message clearer, stronger and more inspiring.

2. Love Song – Big Bang

To be honest, this music video is actually my favorite out of the five. Everything in this music video was planned out perfectly, so that in the end, each element would tie into a greater meaning. The black and white colors reflect the literal feeling of being empty, and without color in life, the beauty that is around us is not enhanced. The empty plain background the video is set in reflects a lost feeling of being barren. The clean single shot was perfect, and gave the video a sophisticated, modern and crisp simplicity. What I love most about the video is the fact that it can be interpreted in so many ways, depending on the person. A theory is that the song is in fact about a woman, and after losing her, the members feel lost and empty. Another theory, and one that I personally believe in, is that Big Bang is in fact singing about Mother Earth, and how we must care for her before we lose her. Throughout the video, there are various symbols all pointing towards the disasters she faces: the cracks in the ground hinting towards the natural disasters we have faced this year, the “fuel entrance” sign referring to our depletion of natural resources, etc. Whatever your opinion is, the beauty and simplicity of the video cannot be denied, and it was lovely to witness such a sophisticated piece from K-Pop.

1. Cleansing Cream – Brown Eyed Girls

This was absolutely elegant, beautiful and exquisite. The message, no matter how you depict the story, is beautiful any which way. Whether you see a seemingly mature woman staring pitifully at her true childish self, or a younger sister frantically searching for affection and true love, the message is painfully relatable and just. The video was wonderfully done; everything from the acting, the color scheme and the cinematography couldn’t have been more perfect for this song. The song alone is wonderful to listen to, and is so simple and pure, it is almost heartbreaking. There was probably no better group for such a song than Brown Eyed Girls, being as talented and experienced as they are. The lyrics consist of many metaphors relating to the idea of virtually cleaning oneself of the bad that they need so much in their lives. I believe “Cleansing Cream” was a wonderful choice on behalf of the girls; this is something anyone can relate to, while having no problems being emotionally touched.


2 responses to “Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #2

  1. I think one of the main reason why SM always produces such bad music videos is their idea of putting their artists inside a box with nothing but bright lights and maaaaybe a few good backdrops.

    And then there are the concepts. SM concepts always piss me off for some reason. Unlike BEG who even in racy outfits (come on look at Ga In and Narsha!) convey a message of strong alluring sassy women. Their company has got their concept down pat and has mastered their hair and makeup, their whole look. But whenever SM tries to give SNSD a ‘makeover’, some strong eyeliner here and a bold lip there, most of us go like WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?? There has to be some science behind this.

    The only good transformation in SNSD has got to be Sunny with her almost Victoria Beckham haircut which changed her from almost annoyingly aegyo cute to sassy ‘you’re my bitch now’. But then I Got A Boy came out and they totally ruined Sunny with her rainbow hair and I’m like, “oh god poor Sunny what did they do to you?”

    Even with their darling BoA. They can’t even put her OUTSIDE. Her Only One music video would’ve have EXCELLENT if only they didn’t stick her in a box. It made me feel so confined and ugh. Honestly SM, get your shit together.

    I really like SM because god knows why but sometimes they really piss me off.

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