Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #1

Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #1

Top 3 Worst Music Videos of 2011

(We have already reviewed all of these videos so I shall include a link to the previous posts)

3. Come On Boy- Clinah

This was one of the most pathetic things I have seen from K-Pop in these current times.

2. Superboy- N.Sonic

In one word, this whole video is VULGAR.

Especially as a new group, why on Earth are they all shirtless?

1. A- Cha – Super Junior

I shall never again speak of this monstrosity.  It shall, over time, void itself from my conscious memory (and that day cannot come soon enough). Forever will “A-Cha” leave a stain of disgrace in my brain.

Top 5 Best Music Videos of 2011

5. Don’t Go Home- GD&TOP

Even though it was not really officially released with their main promotions, this video is darling.  Getting past the whole theme of getting your girlfriend to come home with you, it is adorable and hilarious.  The sets and the vintage theme are so much fun.  The colorful and flashy clothing with the ridiculous scenes are completely sweet.  The song is just fulled with G-Dragon’s classically silly falsetto and TOP’s powerful rap; it is so much fun.

4. 0330- U-KISS

By far “0330” is U-Kiss’s finest work with the steady but constant beat and soft sweet vocals. The entire song is sorrowful while avoiding wrist cuttingly depression.  The video is collected and mature, a rare thing for a young group.  The only notable problem is that the video is virtually void of Kevin; when he is in view, he is out of focus or a beam of light is covering his dazzling face. Ignoring this and the few confusing english lines and a bit too happy ending, the video is lovely.

3. Ugly- 2ne1

“Ugly” is a meaningful and strong song that every girl can relate to. The video is simple and easy. Neither of them being overbearing, or in your face, because 2ne1 is so talented that they don’t need to hide behind anything. These girls can just be themselves and still be entertaining and enjoyable.

2. Beautiful Target- B1A4

I adore B1A4, and they are definitely my favorite rookie group of 2011.  While their debut song was laughable, “Beautiful Target” was bubbly and energetic and just fun.  Without trying too hard, the boys of this group just were naturally adorable and lovable. Just by acting like goofy teenage boys they were able to create a precious little music video.

(Link of the review of this video)

1. Mr. Simple Teaser #2- Super Junior

Never before has any work of art ever left such an impression on me. This was a cinematographic piece of genius; my mind was completely blown in every way possible.  The mixture of shots of these gorgeous individual’s faces, and the random scenes of seeming artwork worked together perfectly. The members are perfectly accented with the most perfect make-up I have ever seen on any male group all year, giving every member a silky matte complexional with all the right highlighting and low-lighting that makes every singly member of this magnificent group somehow even more alluring and charming. With impeccable styling and hair throughout the entire video, all the members are delectable.

Now I must pull myself away from how ambrosial these fine young men are. The entire concept of this video is spectacular, and if only they decided to use this kind of concept for the actual Mr. Simple video, it would have been the best video ever. The whole concept is so simple and straight forward, yet presented in an abstract and contemporary approach. The person being tied in that bondage and the two people trapped in a casing of clay all emancipate themselves from the confines that are trapping them; this is the physical manifestation of the burdens of life that Mr. Simple references, and in turn by escaping this subjugation these people are freeing themselves from their encumbrances and becoming more simple. With the flashes of cardiac muscle contracting and filling with, what one would assume to be blood, for the first time ever, this scene could have 2 possible meanings: the insinuation of the a new start, or, in conjunction with the firing of a synapse through the nervous system, the mental and emotional attempt to become more simple. Both scenarios are plausible and depend on how you interpret the heart; figuratively, as a device of love and emotion, or a  literal mass of muscle that sends oxygen throughout the body. Truthfully I have no idea what the orange dilution of whatever the liquid was, and the girl with coagulated blood dripping off her lips and droplets dusting her eyelashes (which was a staggeringly beautiful makeup concept) are, but they both add stunning visual effect. The same goes for the feathers and the splashing water; in a stereotypical sense, the white feathers could be an allusion to an angel which is pure and the jumping into the water may also allude to the type of purification that water can provide.

Though I am probably reading into this video far too much:

It is pure LOVE.



2 responses to “Best and Worst Music Videos of 2011 Version #1

  1. Come on boy by Clinah is kind of like G-Dragon’s Butterfly or 2NE1’s Hate you. [But way worse just the cartoon part is similar]

  2. Wow, the first time I’ve actually disagreed with a post of yours… I think it’s just my own 4D-ness, or possibly the fact that I like both lighters and Yesung (result = additional sound effects added by me, and excessive fangirling following suit), but I honestly loved the A-Cha MV.

    I’m fairly sure that’s just me, though… I really don’t blame you for disliking it xD

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