Debut Music Video: YG (Big Bang and 2ne1)

YG Debut MVs Review: Big Bang and 2ne1

Big Bang – We Belong Together

August 28, 2006

The Song:

Given the time period that Big Bang debuted, “We Belong Together” is actually a really fresh and original song. The song has an incredibly sweet melody, with its smooth vocals (courtesy of Bom), and R&B like feel. The song isn’t necessarily catchy in an addictive pop kind of way, but it is extremely pleasing to the ears, and in a way, it is a legitimate song meant for all audiences rather than for just K-Pop fans. The only thing that we have to complain about is the fact that Bom makes up a majority of the song. We’re not complaining about the obvious lack of Big Bang members, but we must point out that using an amazing vocalist that is not even part of the debuting unit is sort of like cheating. The entire song itself sounds more like a single by Bom, featuring G-Dragon and TOP as rappers.

The Video:

Just as with the song, the entire video consists only of Bom, G-Dragon and TOP, with the other members serving as extras in the background. Upon first glance, one would not suspect that the background extras are even part of the group. Throughout the video, you catch only slight glimpses of their faces, and that’s if you look extremely hard. Basically: the other members are completely insignificant in this video. This debut was in all honesty really great; it was the first introduction of Big Bang’s new style into the entertainment world and a short preview of what was to come later. The debut would’ve been perfect, if it weren’t for the fact that, in no way, did it do a good job of introducing the other members. That is, unless you count the last frightful 30 seconds at the end an introduction. But really, all we have is pity for the other members. It’s a pity that they did not get to take part in their debut music video and song at all.

2ne1 – Fire

May 06, 2009

The Song:

“Fire” is probably one of the best and most accurate introductions to a group as can exist. Most groups change their style, or experience some type of growth and development in their years as idols, resulting in a few tweaks here and there. The only real thing that has changed from 2ne1 back in 2009 and now in 2011 is the lack of tanner and the exponential growth in the cost of their sets, toys, and clothes. Other than that though, 2ne1’s style has not experienced any significant changes, as proven by their debut. “Fire” is what first introduced the style of electronica; it’s the style 2ne1 was born with, and it’s the style they have kept and still endear today. Rather than to show 2ne1’s vocal abilities, “Fire” was more of to show how individual and different 2ne1 is compared to other, “girly” K-Pop groups. When most female groups debut, they debut with a delicate, flowery image, in the hopes of being looked upon as pretty and cute. 2ne1 on the other hand, in no way tried to make their debut “cute”. They debuted strong, unique and fierce. “Fire” was used as an opening to 2ne1’s era.

The Video:

The music video for “Fire” was basically the gateway to 2ne1’s future crazy antics. The video carries a “space” theme, and gives 2ne1 the futuristic feel necessary for their song. Most of the time we complain about how K-Pop groups hardly incorporate plots into their music videos, but the way YG makes their videos allows us to ignore our complaints entirely. YG does music videos right: Never have we seen a YG music video by 2ne1 that was not visually stimulating, whether it was due to the crazy outfit choices, or bizarre special effects. “Fire” has everything 2ne1 is made of today, and possesses the strong charisma the girls own that make them so addicting and fun to watch.

♥ P&B

One response to “Debut Music Video: YG (Big Bang and 2ne1)

  1. Have you even seen 2NE1’s new Japan promotions?(given most of their Japan promotions are not the same as their Korea promotions) They are totally more mature, sexy, elegant, colorful, But still Fierce and BADASS.

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