Debut Music Video: Cube (Beast, 4minute, G.Na)

Cube Debut MVs: Beast, 4minute and G.Na.

Beast – Bad Girl

October 16, 2009

The Song:

“Bad Girl” is very young and fresh. The melody is catchy and its originality was memorable. We appreciate that Beast didn’t play it safe with a boring and mediocre song that most groups choose to debut with. Instead they used a really fun and lively song to introduce themselves to audiences, and such a tactic really helps build anticipation for the group. Throughout the song each member has equal exposure and no one person really overshadows the others. This is great, considering most groups have painfully unequal distributions of parts. There is a tasteful amount of autotune; only so much so that it is able to maintain an energetic and fun vibe without becoming too electronic candy pop.

“Bad Girl” has a sustained strong cohesion and never lags in keeping up a positive flow. Many songs have a least point where the listener’s attention will stray due to a boring part in the melody or lack of simulating lyrics. “Bad Girl” notably stayed strong through its entirety.

The Video:

Though we were quite impressed with the song, the music video was average at best, and could have probably been made better. The sets were not extravagant and it was a rather average video set up; not nearly as memorable as the song. This was not Beast’s best look either; the hair and makeup were atrocious. These were definitely not Beast’s best hairstyles, and their makeup was too much. On a boy, a nude lip is not sexy and gold heavy cream eyeshadow is not appropriate or masculine.

4minute – Hot Issue

June 18, 2009

The Song:

The one positive thing we can muster about the song is that we value 4minute’s attempt at deviating from the norm, and attempting something not repulsively cute but instead with a bit of flare. 4minute’s attempts can barely be heard though; the music was so unbearably loud that it is virtually impossible to hear the girls’ voices and the effect we get is that Cube is purposely trying to mask their voices. The only really audible words are “hot issue”, and the repetition is almost nauseating and not at all enjoyable. “Hot Issue” was a safe choice as a debut song, and while there was some experimentation evident, not enough was made to grab our attention.

The song was also very flat and one dimensional. With an overuse of repetition and an overbearing average beat, the construction of the song wasn’t that great. There wasn’t a rap present to break the song up, and especially considering the style, that was a major problem. There was no edge that would’ve been created from a well-written rap, and so there was no dimension. The song falls very flat by the second half. With little to no variation, the chorus was a bore to listen to.

The Video:

The music video is similar to Beast’s in that it wasn’t extravagant. A good set can help a song, and the average gimmicky set in this video only worsened our taste for 4minute. There was nothing interesting about it and no pizazz to spice things up. This would normally not be a problem for us when considering the time period, but this is 2009 we’re talking about. The same year that some of the greatest K-Pop music videos were made during. Cube could have done a little better. The clothes and makeup were slightly distasteful, and almost made the girls look trashy. Wearing so much color must be done carefully so as to not make the wearer appear cheap, and 4minute’s stylists were not too careful.

G.Na – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better

July 13, 2010

The Song:

This song is beautiful. We applaud Cube, and their wise decisions this time. It was well executed and as catchy as it had to be. The song has a sound very reminiscent of 90’s pop; the chorus especially, as it sounds like something straight from the Backstreet Boys. The song was very mature for her age, and we love the fact that Cube made G.Na’s image classy and sophisticated, rather than one of an overtly sexual hoe or a childish immature girl, which could have so easily been done. G.Na’s debut was perfectly age appropriate, and the song choice especially showcased her vocal abilities and amazing voice.

This song was a very strong way to debut, and was great to prove that G.Na is a woman that can sing and does not have to hide behind any cheap tricks to be interesting or popular. She has obvious talent, and it was fantastic of Cube to sell that instead of her looks, by giving her a well-prepared song.

The Video:

Unlike both Beast and 4minute, G.Na actually received a quality set for her debut. The set was really cute and the use of warm colors and warm lighting set a mature feeling and classy vibe, whilst still being sweet and feminine. The choreography fit right with the 90’s feel of the song, and the entire thing would’ve been perfect had it not been for her stylists. Sadly, G.Na’s clothes were ill fitting and a great distraction and hindrance to this video. Her makeup was of no help either, and practically made her age about 10 years. It bears a striking resemblance to Beast’s “Bad Girl” makeup as well, what with the pale lip and light eyeliner. In either case, such a look is not flattering.

♥ P&B


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