Review -Music Video- Week 49/50

For week 49 of 2011 we will be discussing SM Town’s holiday music video, “Santa U Are the One”

SM Town – Santa U Are the One

December 13, 2011

The Song:

This song is adorable, even if it is basically about 10 men singing about how hot they are for Santa. The english is not terrible, but it definitely isn’t fabulous either. Some members were really surprising with their english-speaking abilities, and really impressed us in terms of pronunciation. But the little FOB accents nearly all the members have gave the song a bit of realness. With the exception of Henry, none of them can speak fluent english (well), so it would’ve been incredibly unnatural to see Super Junior bust out some fluent and perfect english. They managed to deliver this cheery holiday song as well as they do their sweet candy pop songs. It was a very merry and classically spirited carol.

The Video:

The video is fairly standard for an SM Town music video. It consisted of studio clips as well as clip previews of SM Town’s winter photoshoot. Super Junior was adorable in the studio; all the members were animated and airy, and really helped bring even more liveliness to the song. Though the photoshoot clips were, for the most part, cute, it would’ve been nice to see more “groupxgroup” combinations. Especially when you have other agencies, like YG or JYP, practically advertising how close their groups are to each other, you’d think SM might try and ride on the same boat, but it appears that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

What we really looked forward to seeing, as has been present in past SM Town family music videos, were some horrendous computer graphics and really cheesy green screens.

Doesn’t everyone miss these days?

♥ P&B


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