Super Junior

Name: Super Junior

Label: SM Entertainment, Avex Group

Genre: K-Pop, J-Pop, Pop, R&B, Dance, Electropop, Electronica, Dance Pop, Rock, Electro, Hip-Hop, Bubblegum Pop

Year Debuted: 2005- Present

Fanclub: E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends)

Fan Color: Pearl Sapphire Blue


The Members…


Basic Bio:

Name: Park Jungsu

Stage Name: Leeteuk (Special)

Position: Leader, Sub-Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-H, SJ-T

Birth date: July 01, 1983

Blood type: A

Height: 179

Fans: Angels

Our Comments:

Leeteuk is Super Junior’s mommy. Not necessarily in that he cooks, cleans and looks after the other members carefully as if they were children, but rather he is the stressed mother with fourteen toddlers. We must give Leeteuk huge credit for being able to take care of such a large group of obnoxious and immature boys. Looking after them is probably not the easiest job in the world, and it’s so surprising that he has managed to stay so youthful and glowing all these years. Most people, we’d imagine, would probably be full of gray hairs and wrinkles by now.

Though Leeteuk has had his fair share of mistakes in the entertainment world, they have really only been the consequences of speaking before thinking. He has definitely proven himself to be one of the best leaders in K-Pop. Leeteuk has done so much for his group and held it together despite the countless scandals Super Junior has faced over the years. To name a few: Donghae’s father passing away, Heechul’s car accident, the Super Junior car accident, Kibum’s hiatus, Kangin’s scandal, Hangeng’s law suit, as well as his own fair share of criticisms. Somehow, Leeteuk has managed to, not only keep himself together, but keep his group composed as well. How much pain Leeteuk has gone through is immense and unthinkable, yet he is always sure to smile for his beloved ELFs. And sure, he can have his “emo” stages once in awhile, but in all honesty, with so much work, and having gone through so much hell in his years as an idol, is it not understandable? If the man wants to be depressed, let the poor guy have the privacy to do it on his own. Sometimes, “emo” phases aren’t bad, but may serve as good self-reflection for the said person.

As what comes with being Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk is always ready to take responsibility and blame for any troubles the group goes through. He is the natural MC of the group; when it comes to shows and interviews, Leeteuk takes charge for his members’ sakes. Though he is the ignored leader as Super Junior basically never listens to him (causing Leeteuk to pull some drastic measures, such as choking Eunhyuk out), he still does his best for them, just as they do their best for him.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.5

Leeteuk has a near perfect face. Despite his old age, he somehow manages to retain his beauty. Our theory is that Leeteuk probably steals the youth from his fangirls. It’s how Super Junior stays so young looking. His one dimple is the most charming thing ever. His perfect jawline and cheekbones give him a truly beautiful bone structure. Every part of his face is perfectly angled so that it’s not too sharp, but well-defined. In truth, Leeteuk did get a nose job, but it was due to a complete accident, so we won’t deduct points. His facial beauty is by far the most outstanding in Super Junior; especially when taking into account he is the oldest.

His confession of the use of lifts is brave for an idol, but also shows how concerned he is with his exterior. Leeteuk is on the shorter side, but with lifts, he looks to be at least average. Leeteuk has the right to be narcissistic.  He’s a beauty.

Talent: 5.4

His best talent resides in his MC and Leader abilities. His singing is below average, and his dancing is proficient. However, it is his MC-ing that gets him noticed by his peers, and his Leader qualities that are most widely known by netizens. Leeteuk is arguably the best leader in K-Pop. Netizens, idols and  celebrities all agree Leeteuk not only has the hardest job as the leader of one of the largest groups in K-Pop, but also executes his duties with astonishing aptitude.

Personality: 10

Leeteuk is ditsy. When we think about him, we picture a ditsy blonde. Who doesn’t think about what he says before he says it. This is usually the cause of Leeteuk’s scandals (Remember his whole incident after he called Miss A’s Suzy fat?). We don’t exactly think it was Leeteuk being a straight out jerk, but more of him talking before he thought; what sounded appropriate in his head was just bad when spoken out. Leeteuk is kind of an airhead. He falls out of chairs and has the most annoying/best laugh in all history. However, he’s not stupid, as proven by how well he did in school. Just maybe lacks a bit of common sense is all. His really clumsy self is much more preferred than Leeteuk’s other side.

Though we’d love to picture Leeteuk as some happy, carefree blonde, this is in fact not the case. As most of his fans know, Leeteuk has the tendency to go through really emo phases. Like, incredibly emo. Very pessimistic and just not happy at all. Usually these mood swings occur when Super Junior is really busy; when they’re feeling the most heat.

All around though, he remains charming and charismatic. For some reason, Leeteuk just conveys friendliness, which is probably why he is such a great MC.

Total: 8.3


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Heechul

Position: Sub-Leader, Sub-Vocal, Rapper

Sub-Groups: SJ-T

Birth date: July 10, 1983

Blood type: AB

Height: 179

Fans: Petals

Our Comments:

Heechul is insane. He is so bi-polar, and there is no denying this. He blames his personalities personality on his blood type, AB, which is thought to make the beholder strange. He has so infamously created a “Group” (Chocoball) with his closest AB bloodtype friends. Such a clique is only one example of Heechul’s dictatorship in the idol entertainment industry. That, and along with the fact that Heechul is friends with everybody in K-Pop, and has an army of 758,000+ twitter followers, proves that Heechul is just a dictator.

Heechul’s case of serious bi-polarity manifests itself in his many personalities; however, there are three we see most frequently. First, we have quiet Heechul. Nice and introverted, Heechul #1 is just a shy, sweet, demure boy. Who adorably spits when he talks. And doesn’t talk much simply because he’s afraid he’ll come off as too strong. Next is Heechul #2, Milky-White skin Kim Heechul, Big space star Kim Heechul, blessed face of his parents, overflowing with confidence. Or, to put it bluntly, the most narcissistic man in the entire universe. Last but not least, is Heechul #3, and easily the most terrifying of them all. You know who we’re talking about; insane, crazy Heechul who rampaged when Hangeng wasn’t allowed to show his face on TV, when Hangeng left Super Junior, when the TVXQ anti poisoned poor Yunho with super glue – that completely psycho Kim Heechul who is capable of destroying anyone with his army, and doesn’t care about how much trouble he’ll get into so long as he stands up against whatever unfortunate creature infuriated him.  

Heechul is just one of the scariest people in the idol world. Luckily for the world though, Heechul is able to release some of his craziness through his insane antics, such as becoming his extremely well-known alias, Lady HeeHee. Being the diva Heechul is, he knows how to please his fans and keeps his personal life shrouded in mystery. This can have some negative consequences though, as everything about him becomes questionable. For example, sometimes, Heechul can seem so straight and other times not at all.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.5

In all honesty Heechul is not a perfect 10 in looks. But he makes everybody know that he is the world’s most gorgeous and perfect being. His incredible confidence makes him attractive. All he ever talks about is how amazingly good-looking he is; and this is all we basically hear about from other idols as well. It may not have been the truth to start with, but Heechul has forced it so much that it has now become reality: Heechul is a 10.

Although Heechul is usually thought of as the effeminate character of the group, upon further inspection, he actually isn’t. If anything, Heechul has a very childish and sweet face. His big eyes and plump lips give him a very young feeling. He is also unexpectedly tall, but is so completely unconcerned with his height, we often forget this fact. Heechul did receive a nose job, but, like Leetuek, it was completely due to an accident, so we won’t judge.

Talent: 3.9

Heechul really only excels at singing songs such as Don’t Don or Twins (Knock Out). He seems to favor Super Junior’s more rock concepts than pop. Heechul also sounds great singing cabaret style songs with his soft, husky, and sensual voice. We admit his voice is really unique, but we won’t exactly label him as a great vocalist due to his fail of technique and talent.

In addition to his average singing, Heechul, through no fault of his own, doesn’t dance much. This is mainly due to his serious car accident awhile back; as a result of the accident, Heechul injured his leg and had metal rods surgically inserted. His attitude doesn’t help much either.

One of Heechul’s true talents lies in his ability to be a magnificent Lady GaGa impersonator; even she gave him props for his wild performances and accurate costumes. If those performances showed us anything, it’s that Heechul has a slammin’ body.

Personality: 10

Heechul has an extremely strong personality. He is the classic example of a person who is way too difficult to control. SM doesn’t even attempt to control him nowadays. Repeatedly, Heechul has shown himself to be an unstoppable force that can’t be put down easily. When Hangeng was forced to wear masks during performances, forbidden to show his face on air, Heechul, apparently unafraid of Korean law, revealed Hangeng’s face during a live performance. And when TVXQ’s Yunho was poisoned by an anti-fan, Heechul unleashed his fury, publicly, completely forgotten of his idol status (either that, or he didn’t care). Despite being in one of SM‘s most world-renowned groups, he makes it a point to reveal his heart actually lies with JYP Entertainment. Heechul is widely known for being a fearless diva. True, most of his crazy divaness is due to the fact that Heechul is insanely and undeniably bipolar. Despite that fact however, Heechul, taking any of his multiple personalities under analysis, is still very different from the norm. The boy calls himself a cat. And well, he is. And Hangeng is his dragon.

Total: 7.8


Basic Bio:

Name: Han Geng

Stage Names: Han Kyung

Position: Sub-Vocal

Sub-Group: SJ-M

Birth date: February 09, 1984

 Blood type: B

Height: 181

Fans: Gengsters

 Our Comments:

Hangeng is nothing but Heechul’s bitch. It’s a sad thing to say, but it’s true.

Back when Hangeng was in Super Junior, we hardly ever saw him shine. He was Heechul’s shadow: His horrible korean was translated by Heechul, who usually answered for Hangeng anyways. He always seemed to simply be Heechul’s background: looking to Heechul for protection, clarity, and comfort. We’re not saying that such a relationship is bad, but those kinds of actions only showed how much Hangeng needed Heechul, to become a character in Super Junior worth existing.

When Hangeng was sans Heechul, promoting with Super Junior-M in China, his personality seemed more distinct and blossoming. He proved himself to be really funny, in a weird misunderstood kind of way. Up until then, interactions with the other Super Junior members were present, but rare. Without Heechul, Hangeng was forced to become his own man, and his quirky antics with the other M members were a joy to see.

Even whilst being a member of one of Korea’s biggest boybands, it was obvious Hangeng’s love for China never ceased. It was only a matter of time before something would force Hangeng to decide between his home and his newfound life. And sure enough, then came the lawsuit. We don’t think Hangeng is to blame in his decision: though his reasoning was a little irresponsible and childish, from his point of view, the suit is understandable. It was sad to see the situation escalate into a scandal though: Heechul’s best friend, betraying him, after everything they’d shared and done for each other.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.3

Hangeng is indeed attractive, with a symmetrical face and gorgeous definition. He’s really tall and very long, but works his proportions. Hangeng basically has a perfect shape for a man: Tall, with broad shoulders, a broad chest, and luxuriously long legs. He has the perfect amount of muscle tone too: A cut and defined body, but not to the point where it’s vulgar.

His plush pink lips and warm golden skin make him radiant. His perfect mix of masculine and pretty features make Hangeng truly the miracle of 1.3 million.

Talent: (SC) 9.7

Hangeng, unlike many other dancers in K-Pop, is not a “b-boy”, but instead classically trained in all the different Chinese traditional dances. On the rare occasions we are given the privilege to see his traditional dancing, his moves appear fluid and graceful, more like art than convulsions. His dancing conveys  a certain culture and sophistication that hardly any other idol possesses.

Personality: 8.5

Though we rarely got to see Hangeng as himself, rather than just Heechul’s pet, the times we did see his personality, we saw Hangeng for the lovable person he was. Friendly and realistic, the other M members would enjoy teasing him, and Hangeng honestly didn’t seem to mind. He was a modest and homely man, and seemed like a really great choice for being Super Junior M’s leader. Hangeng is almost similar to an adorable but lost puppy. Innocent and cute, the puppy only does what he knows best and what he is capable of.

Total: 9.1


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Jongwoon

Stage Name: Yesung (art-like voice)

Position: Lead Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-H, SJ-K.R.Y

Birth date: August 24, 1984

Blood type: AB

Height: 178

Fans: Clouds

Our Comments:

Yesung is the unappreciated member of Super Junior. For some unknown reason, he is the most unpopular member.  Super Junior fans don’t seem to like him at all, or rather, it seems he is just ignored.

The other members of Super Junior have not really portrayed him in the best light over the years either, so that may have something to do with it.  Yesung is the member with the best temperament and this has caused almost everyone in the group to pick on him in some way. He himself is saddened by how unpopular he is, and from time to time does talk about how sad he gets because people don’t like him. For instance, right after Super Junior’s debut, Yesung cried on a radio show because of his unpopularity. He occasionally has pessimistic moments like that, but they are very sparse. Despite having full knowledge of how unpopular he is because of reasons unknown to him, he is always happy and cheerful. Even though the other members make fun of him, he never gets mad because of a promise he made never to get angry. Super Junior is precious to him and he loves the whole group as his family.

Unlike what most people think, he is not the quiet member. In reality, he is one of the people in the group that talks the most, but in almost every interview, most of what he says is cut out because he talks too much. Yesung is known for his stupefying dance moves.  He has shown the world his dancing prowess, with the oh so popular “heart-dance” and “Octopus-dance”.

Yesung is so happy all the time because he is able to live out his dream of being a singer. He has said before, that once in middle school he decided to stop for food, and inside the restaurant a BoyzIIMen concert was playing. Listening to them sing with such passion “moved him to tears”, and thus he decided he also wanted to move people to tears through his singing.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.8

Yesung has an evident childish and innocent look. Something about him just seems so genuinely sweet. His face is circular and gives him a child-like quality. In Super Junior, Yesung has the smallest eyes, and when he smiles it is absolutely the most adorable thing ever. His already tiny eyes get even smaller, creating one of the most perfect eye smiles. The apples of his cheeks become even more pronounced and his pouty lips curl into his dazzling smile. Yesung’s smiles are undoubtedly some of the most legitimately happy in Super Junior, and this makes them addicting and heartwarming.

He has some of the best pouty lips: bright pink, cupid’s bow shape with just a sexy succulent full bottom lip. His skin is remarkably flawless; his pores are practically  nonexistent and he has a very silky complexion.

Yesung is of average height; his smaller than normal torso creates great contrast to his long and muscular legs.  He does have a large-ish head, but it’s usually not noticeable. His body is nicely toned; not exactly muscly, but very lean with good muscle tone.  Yesung’s arms are fantastically toned, and his smooth looking skin is really pretty. On a more observant note, we must comment that he has a perfectly round and shapely bottom.

Something he is more famous for: Yesung has the cutest baby hands ever. They are so tiny and precious, how could you resist holding such darling hands? All the other members claim his hands are like those of a girl’s: soft and wet. When he does peace signs, his fingers look so small, and with his large head, he only manages to look like a chibi-cartoon character.

Talent: (SP) 10

Yesung undoubtedly has the BEST voice in Super Junior, as well as one of the best voices in all of K-Pop.

He is the sexiest husky baritone. The lower notes in his register are smokey and sensual, and his rare falsettos are sweet and silky. His control is astounding; not only was he blessed with such a unique voice, but with the ability to use it perfectly. Yesung’s voice was made for soul music. He was made to sing smooth, yet powerful, R&B ballads. He gives Super Junior songs their soul and depth.

When he is allowed to sing what pleases him, there is an obvious difference in the type of vocalizing he does. In a typical Super Junior song, Yesung’s voice is awkward and strained, but when given free range, Yesung adds a real R&B feeling. For example, in Super Junior’s “Mirror” you can feel a literal difference in his singing; it was just magnificent and overwhelmingly beautiful. Often Yesung is asked why he is even in Super Junior, because he could/would do much better as a soloist.  He has more than enough talent to be solo, but chooses not to be because of his love for Super Junior.

Even if husky voices are not your cup of tea, everyone MUST respect the fact that his singing is technically perfect. In terms of execution and control, Yesung is extremely impressing. His vocal range is insane and he is capable of delivering emotionally touching performances.

Personality: 10

Because of all the lovely men of Super Junior, most people now think Yesung is a creep. The members find the need to make comments such as “He has an aura like an assassin”. Yesung did not grow up with much money, and had very strict parents, so his early life was not very easy. His ridiculous and jubilant personality comes from the hardships in his life. His emotions can be felt through his singing, and so he does not feel the need to talk much to his audiences.

The most important thing in the entire world to Yesung is unquestionably his family. Time and time again, he has done everything in his power to give his parents an easier life.  After his father got hurt in an accident, Yesung bought his parents a restaurant to help out. Because he thought they lived too far away, he ended up buying them an apartment in Seoul (he couldn’t afford it completely, so Father SM gave him the remainder). Recently, because he thought his parents worked too much owning a restaurant, he bought them a coffee/sandwich shop. During his free time, he will always make sure to help out.

Yesung is just a sweetheart.

Total: 9.9


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Youngwoon

Stage Name: Kangin (Strong Person)

Position: Sub-Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-T, SJ-H

Birth date: January 17, 1985

Blood type: O

Height: 180

Fans: Chamomiles

Our Comments:

Kangin is Super Junior’s daddy. He is the true leader of Super Junior, acting as the other members’ authoritative figure when someone is needed to step into line and show them their place. Kangin is known mostly for his absolute zero tolerance of disrespect, and it’s always amusing to watch such a conservative clash with the rude impudence that is Kyuhyun. Despite their arguments however, we know it’s really because Kangin cares about Kyuhyun, and can’t stand to have such a disrespectful Maknae.

Kangin has shown his compassion for the other members; a rare occurrence, but sweet nonetheless. He cried with Donghae after Donghae’s father passed. He resolved his awkwardness with Sungmin on Intimate Note, and revealed that he (very obviously) is not a touchy, emotional person and not at all one to express his feelings openly. These tiny acts of a shy, caring Kangin are those we see so rarely, but cherish. Normally, Kangin is Super Junior’s trickster; stealing Leeteuk’s credit card on We Got Married is a great example of that. Whether it’s Kangin the trickster or Kangin the daddy, both help to bring a sense of discipline to Super Junior.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9

Kangin is Korea’s #1 most handsome guy. The only masculine looking member of the entire group.  Kangin is really just a cutie pie. His face has soft features and is just a touch chubby.  He has broad shoulders and a thicker build than the other members, and he is known as the strongest member of Super Junior.  He is not delicate and petite like many male idols, but has the build of a true man.

Talent: 5.9

Kangin has a great singing voice. We may be the first to say this, but we both think Kangin would rank #4 based off singing abilities in Super Junior (after K.R.Y of course). Kangin’s control is really great, and his range is not set in stone, but is so wide it allows for flexibility. These are the kind of qualities we like to see in a good singer. Though we wouldn’t go as far as to say Kangin is one of the greatest singers in the idol world, we will say he is most definitely, without a doubt, one of the best in Super Junior. Besides his singing, Kangin’s dancing is also really proficient. He is a choreography follower – a person who, besides successfully learning the dances for performances and music videos, will not go near the dance floor otherwise.

Personality: 8.0

Generally, Kangin is viewed as very manly, with a tinge of sternness, that some argue is sometimes mean. True, Kangin has appeared to many as a very stern and strict character, holding his morals and ethics close to his heart, and easily becoming angry at, say Maknae Kyuhyun or Pest Eunhyuk for annoying him. However, despite having a slight “mean” attitude, it isn’t a cruel kind of mean, but rather the kind of meanness that is actually being presented to overshadow something greater. Kangin may try to hide his true feelings with a certain personality, but we see right through his manly act. We don’t have any doubt that Kangin is in fact a man (and a manly one at that), but we will not hesitate to say that the “uncaring” act Kangin has built for himself is easily destroyed by the fact that his actually caring nature accidently leaks through his exterior. This is well reflected in the friendships he has with the members, and how shy he is with his affection for them. Kangin reminds us of a teddy bear; the tough exterior is there to hide the softy that is inside.

Total: 7.6


Basic Bio:

Name: Shin Donghee

Stage Name: Shindong

Position: Rapper, Dancer

Sub-Groups: SJ-T, SJ-H

Birth date: September 28,1985

Blood type: O

Height: 178

Fans: ShinFriends

Our Comments:

For the most part, Shindong gets a lot of hate from antis. Usually though, for completely invalid and horrible reasons. Constantly would we see comments, calling Shindong “ugly”, always in association with him being “fat”. First off, Shindong wasn’t “fat” to begin with. He definitely was chubby, and had a lot more meat than the other members, but to the point where he should be called fat? We don’t think so.

Recently, Shindong has been going through a makeover. He’s losing weight, confessed to double eyelid surgery, and is working hard towards better looks. And the hate still doesn’t stop. Because now that Shindong has decided to work for better looks, netizens have retorted with comments such as “Shindong is so superficial”. Leave the poor guy alone! We don’t find him superficial; everyone wants to be perfect and pretty, and to call someone superficial for working hard and trying to become the standard of “beautiful” is wrong. He is a grown man, and if he wants to diet, get surgery, etc., he can do so, and this does not in any way, make him a bad person.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9

Most people just can’t immaturely get passed Shindong’s weight. If you do, then you can clearly see that Shindong is in fact, not a bad looking guy at all. To say the least, he is pretty attractive. His jaw structure is great, his skin is okay, and his facial features aren’t horrendous or anything of the sort. He’s not the tallest person in the world, but a lot taller than average. Though his chubbiness does keep us from seeing exactly how great his body proportions are, his recent weight loss is proving that Shindong does indeed have good looks. Even when he was on the chubbier side, we always gave SM props for finding a cute chubby person.

Talent: 6.5

Shindong is an impressive dancer. In Super Junior ranks, he’s up there with Eunhyuk and Donghae, who have been training for years. He’s got moves, but unfortunately, just like Eunhyuk, never dances seriously enough for us to full blown analyze his capabilities. His rapping is also subpar, and in the olden days would share raps with Eunhyuk. Shindong isn’t the greatest singer, but then again, neither is half of Super Junior, so there’s no reason to judge this fact.

Personality: 9.0

Shindong seems to have touched a nerve with some people. We see him as having two sides: On one hand, he has had scandals in which he has made himself be seen as sexist and hypocritical. However, we also hear from fans and strangers alike, that Shindong is actually a really great guy and really friendly. He is Super Junior’s mood maker, and never fails to make us laugh behind the scenes. We won’t say he has a horrible personality, because commonly accounts say otherwise.

Total: 8.1


Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Sungmin

Position: Main Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-M, SJ-H, SJ-T

Birth date:  January 01, 1986

Blood type: A

Height: 175

Fans: Wings

Our Comments:

Sungmin is the Prince of Aegyo. He can seduce any woman with his Casanova-like charms. He is the epitome of a “Noona killer”; his fluffy cheeks and seemingly sweet disposition bring out the inner nurturer in every woman.  To any person with  maternal instincts, Sungmin is irresistible. His desirability is based off the fact that he is absolutely adorable.  He appears to be very helpless, but after much observation, you realize his Prince self is in fact not his true personality at all.  Sungmin may act cute and innocent, but let us be the first to call him out for being a faker.

Sungmin’s true self is that of a MAN. A manly man. He excels in Karate, and in agreement to what every Super Junior member says, he is actually a stoic and macho man.  He may be obsessed with pink, but he can work it because he is a modern man.

Despite his true persona being that of a man, it is noticeable that he subconsciously acts very delicate and careful. This subconscious behavior is in fact what makes him really naturally adorable. For example, when Sungmin was unfortunately forced into being in a car driven by Leeteuk, his horrified expressions and worried comments revealed his real cuteness. As soon as Leeteuk started driving, Sungmin rushed to secure himself with a seat belt. He is so precocious, and this adorable meticulousness gives off an effeminate aura. Even though he naturally isn’t his usual brand of bubbly cute, his actual nature is really lovable.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.8

Sungmin is the owner of one of the cutest and most perfect noses ever.  It’s not the typical Asian nose (flat and slightly wide). Completely contrary, Sungmin’s nose is tiny and well-defined. Perfectly pointed so that it’s not completely angular. He has a round-shaped face that complements his soft features well, and only adds to his overall aura of cuteness. His body looks really squishy and plushy (a hug from him looks like it would be so soft), but it is shockingly not fluffy in the slightest. Sungmin is very buff; he has well defined abdominal and pectoral regions. In reality, he is a beefcake disguised as a beanie-baby. One thing we must mention though, is Sungmin has the most perfect ass. Boy’s got an apple bottom.

Sungmin’s only true flaw appearance-wise (and this has been occurring very often recently (fall of 2011)), are that his eyes are too damn intense. If he keeps up with the creeper rapist eyes, he’s going to develop a severe case of glaucoma.

Talent: 8.5

According to SM, Sungmin is the 4th best singer in the group. We, however, beg to differ. While Sungmin does present sufficient control, there is really nothing special about his voice. It’s not extraordinary, but neither is it terrible. He sings satisfactorily; his voice is great for serving as sub-vocals to the true singers in Super Junior, but alone, it wouldn’t be good. When comparing him with other fellow members, say Donghae, it is true that Sungmin presents himself much more better, and his live capabilities are stronger. However his voice just isn’t as aesthetically appealing to stand on its own. Sungmin is a proficient dancer. He can execute his choreography great, but he is not really a dancer. Sungmin’s main purpose in Super Junior is to be the “Noona Killer”.  He is the Pink Prince. And that’s what he’s best at.

Personality: 5.9

He is a FAKER.

Sungmin does indeed act all cute and bubbly; but that is all that it is: an act. He only has such a cute and innocent exterior for his fans’ enjoyment. Virtually, every woman wants to take care of the helpless baby bird. We do admit that his act is adorable, but nonetheless, it’s still false.

In our opinion, the natural worry-wart Sungmin is much more genuine and just as lovable as his Casanova act. And if you prefer manly men, there is always the fabled manly Sungmin that Super Junior often speaks of (Who we hopelessly wish to see).

Total: 8


Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Hyukjae

Stage Name: Eunhyuk

Position: Rapper, Lead Dancer

Sub-Groups: SJ-T, SJ-M, SJ-H

Birth date: April 4, 1986

Blood type: O

Height: 176

Fans: Jewels

Our Comments:

Eunhyuk is a weenie. 

He can not even be defined as a man: Eunhyuk is more of an awkward 14 year old boy.

He is nothing more than a pervert.  According to many sources, Eunhyuk indulges in the activity of watching pornographic films. According to him, he “stopped” in the fifth grade. There are quite a few things wrong with this statement. One: Why in the hell was a boy younger than 5th grade watching pornos? Two: According to Eunhyuk, this dirty habit has long since broken, however his fellow members continue to say they have found dirty things on his portable video device. Eunhyuk then actively accuses his manager of storing such content. So basically, Eunhyuk is throwing his manger under the bus and blaming him… Classy.

In addition to being a pervert, he is a completely gullible crybaby. Eunhyuk believes anything anyone tells him. He loses all composure over even the littlest of things, and will dissolve into a slobbery, drippy mess. This is best exemplified in a story about his fellow group-mates taking away his sweets and Eunhyuk then melting into a puddle of tears. This made the other members feel bad, and so, Eunhyuk’s candy was returned, and he ate his sweet delights whilst sobbing.

He is noticeably shy and creepy with girls, and can’t seem to tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Not only is Eunhyuk a weenie, he is also a dweeb. His number one biggest accomplishment basically sums this dumbass up perfectly: He is exceedingly proud of the fact that he can poop the fastest in Super Junior. That’s just great.

There are just so many questions when a comment like this arises:

How do you even know how fast the other members poop?

How can any human be so proud of such a statement?

Why do Eunhyuk fans like this person?

Just WHY?

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.3

Eunhyuk falls slightly short of perfection. It’s really saddening and disheartening to think that many rank Eunhyuk as the least best looking in Super Junior. Eunhyuk is in fact not the worst, but one of the best. We are unsure if people are just blind or maybe perhaps they are seeing some other person; either way, it is obvious people have problems.

Starting with his face, Eunhyuk’s eyes are very nicely almond shaped. His irises are extremely huge and make his eyes appear very cartoon-like. Eunhyuk may very well be one of the idols with the cutest monolids. Hopefully, he never gets surgery, because his eyelids are his charm. Most people have critics with his nose because it’s rather large, however it only adds to his unique looks. Eunhyuk’s lips are gorgeousThey’re plump and perfect, and definitely some of the fuller lips in Super Junior. His lips are just beautiful. They aren’t the poutiest set of lips, but rather, the lusciousness is distributed equally among his upper and lower lip, to create an overall voluptuous look. How could you not want to kiss them?

Eunhyuk has a very pronounced jawline. It’s very sharp and well defined. Though his jaw shape is out of the ordinary, and it has taken some time to get used to, it is very well appreciated now. His face is rather busy, but it all functions to work in conjunction with itself.

The absolute BEST part about Eunhyuk however, is his gummy smile. He has one of the most unique and cutest smiles in Super Junior, or much more suiting: In all of K-Pop. No other idol has a smile like his that we’ve seen yet; his smile is extremely gummy. Though Eunhyuk was self-conscious about it for the longest time, he has said that he has apparently learned to accept it. There are times though, that we catch Eunhyuk adorably covering his mouth as he giggles or laughs. This act does add to his adorable shyness, but we can’t help but wish he’d just let his smile shine because it really is beautiful. 

He has the best proportioned body in Super Junior. Despite his height, his individual body parts are in perfect proportion with each other, which is such a rare finding. His waist and hips are sexy; if he wasn’t an idol, Eunhyuk would make a fantastic male stripper. The only flaw is that the boy has a flat ass. Like, the flattest in Super Junior. It is completely non-existent; so much it’s concave.

Talent: (SC) 9.6

Unfortunately, Eunhyuk never dances to his full potential. He only offers tiny tidbits here and there, which is really disappointing. We’d really love seeing some spectacular show of Eunhyuk really dancing. Based on the tidbits however, we will say Eunhyuk is a spectacular dancer. He is a popper, and is damn fantastic at it. Watch any clip of Eunhyuk dancing, and you’ll know what we mean. He knows how to flawlessly execute his dance moves, and always dances with such a high amount of professionalism, you can’t help but be in awe. His fluidity is amazing. He may as well be the best dancer SM has to offer.

Personality: 8.9

Eunhyuk has proven himself in the past to be one of the members that cares about Super Junior the most. This (along with his gullibility) has been proven on Super Junior’s Explorers of the Human Body, when the other members pranked him into believing that Super Junior was going to split up. Eunhyuk’s tears and love for his members shone through as he cried about them being more than just members, but brothers to him. Apart from his crying over completely irrational things, Eunhyuk can’t really express his feelings well (particularly to Donghae, who showers him with love), and so on the rare occasions that he overcomes his shyness, his confessions are absolutely mesmerizing.

Total: 9.5

Zhou Mi

Basic Bio:

Name: Zhou Mi

Position: Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-M (only)

Birth date: April 19, 1986

Blood type: B

Height: 185

Fans: Honeys

Our Comments:

Zhou Mi has the perfect amount of diva blood in him.  Not quite to a Jo Kwon extreme, BUT just enough to make him amazingly fun. He is the perfect amount of fabulous while still remaining a normal human being. Zhou Mi has the soul of an entertainer. His love for the entertainment world is easily expressed in his hard work and perseverance. Much like Henry, he gets a lot of animosity, especially from Bel13vers. However, no matter the amount of hostility directed towards him, he always gives off a cheerful appearance. His performing skills are fabulous; rather than present himself with overflowing charisma and swag,  Gentlemen Mimi entertains his audience with his bubbly and exuberant energy. Zhou Mi is one of the few people that manage to look fantastic whilst singing; he’s nonstop smiling. His marvelous skills have made him a fun-to-watch MC and a real joy to observe.

Zhou Mi proves to have many adorable qualities that make him the object of adoration from Super Junior’s name-saken “evil” members. He is absolutely obsessed with Mario. Out of what his fans have seen, he has a bejeweled 3-Dimensional Mario I-Phone case, a sequined B-APE shirt (seen above), and a very comical picture of him dressed as Mario (mustache and all).


P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.5

Zhou Mi is very reminiscent of a model. He is incredibly tall and thin: He has endlessly long legs, and graceful long arms. Zhou Mi is really elegantly proportioned. His height usually makes him appear as a giant in comparison to his fellow, shorter Super Junior members. Zhou Mi even towers far above Siwon. He sort of gives the impression of being enormous.

Though many people criticize his nose, we find it actually gives him character, and without his prominent nose, his whole head would look unnaturally long. His nose is a necessity dear friends. His large arched eyes and very striking features make his face uncharacteristically Chinese – actually, this chiseled definition makes Zhou Mi unique for not only a Chinese person, but any person.

Talent: 8.9

Zhou Mi is a fabulous performer. His diva attributes are the perfect additive to his exuberant personality. He is the only person we have ever seen smile while singing about any topic, and his singing smiles are so joyous and lovely. Zhou Mi can easily capture a crowd by just exuding charisma and charm to all who are present.

He is also a reprimandable singer, and we would even say one of the best in the group. When he sings he is so dignified, and gives performances with such ease and repose. Like any other diva, Zhou Mi works the sexy girl dances. But, unlike much of the other well known divas in K-Pop, Zhou Mi makes use of his unique frame.

Personality: 10

Zhou Mi has an incredibly colorful personality. He sparkles with just the right amount of glitter without being a blown out fairy. He has such a friendly and optimistic disposition that make him instantly likeable. Adding to his aura, his charming smile and adorkable nature make him all the more better. Zhou Mi seems born to be a performer. He radiates on stage and glitters when he speaks. His personality is truly one of a kind; there shall never be another Zhou Mi on this planet. When he’s on stage, you can feel his delightful identity.

He’s notably hardworking and a fighter. Through the constant hate and threats from antis (and fans), he remains smiling and strong. Zhou Mi does not deserve to be treated so horribly. He is a sweet dear, with lots of flavor to his personality, and to bring such an awesome person misery is unforgivable.

Total: 9.8


Basic Bio:

Name: Lee Donghae

Position: Sub-Rapper, Sub-Vocal, Sub-Dance

Sub-Groups: SJ-M

Birth date: October 15,1986

Blood type: A

Height: 176

Fans: Fishes or ELFish

Our Comments:

Donghae is a 4 year old trapped in a 35 year old man’s body.

He is really immature in a cute way.  Just like a puppy dog, Donghae is really playful and friendly. This cute nature however, is quickly replaced by a serious possessiveness when it comes to his Eunhyuk. Despite having already claimed Eunhyuk’s existence, Donghae finds the need to get his paws on all the other members. He also has a rather peculiar affliction of caressing Siwon’s ample buns and bosom. His touchiness with the other members is a great example of his love for affection. This craving for love however, is probably an effect of a tragic event that happened many years ago.

Despite Donghae’s current carefree and innocent demeanor, his past is quite the opposite. Unfortunately, Donghae’s father passed away from cancer back in 2006. His extremely close relationship with his family, especially with his father, made this loss completely unbearable. Due to his father’s dream of having a son become a singer, Donghae decided to audition. He really hoped of becoming a singer his father could be proud of, however, sadly, Donghae’s dad was never able to see the great success his son has become. His desire to become the best for his father is what drives Donghae to this day.

For his fans, Donghae does everything in his power to please them. He performs to destroy the stage, and his hip-thrusting is no exception. Donghae’s hip-thrusting is quite possibly the most intense thrusting in the world. It is a wonder his “Super Junior” is still attached to his body. The centripetal  force of those movements is enough to dislocate and/or sprain any body part.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 7.8 (with a lot of makeup)

Contrary to popular opinion, Donghae is not as attractive as most make him out to be. His face is too lengthy and wide, making him look like a fish.  A dab, in fact. Donghae the dab.


Back in the day, Donghae’s long hair balanced out his face and made it seem somewhat normal. However, his current short hairstyle only makes his face look really elongated. His mouth is absolutely enormous. Its size is most evident when Donghae is in the middle of singing; it’s horrifying. His monstrously sized mouth is lined by his extremely thin and usually chapped lips. Without the aid of makeup, Donghae is sadly just hideous. His skin is very blotchy and gray; not bright or sexy at all. All these traits only make him look much older than he really is. Rather than look like one of the youngest (which he is), Donghae looks like one of the oldest. Not a good thing.

He is really short, and this is only accentuated by his stumpy legs. His entire body is wide and almost stocky. Something we find incredibly disappointing though, is the fact that Donghae has no ass. There is nothing back there. Sometimes, it looks as if his pants are going to fall off because of the lack of support. If Donghae were a girl, he’d be a very flat one.

Talent: 8.4

We, P&B, officially revoke the title of Almighty from Shinee’s Kim Kibum, and bestow it upon he who has more merit, Lee Donghae. Donghae can basically do everything fantastically. He is a great singer with praise-worthy control, given the circumstance he is sitting and not running up and down stage of course. He makes up for his lack of range with his sweet, beautiful voice. In terms of technique, Donghae isn’t the greatest, but he has one of the most appealing and beautiful voices in Super Junior, which probably explains the popularity of his singing. The easiest way to describe Donghae’s style is R&B. His dancing is really suave and classy, and he completely works with his concept. He may not be the best rapper, but he is definitely able, and has proven this countless times, but our most favorite would have to be in Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry Answer”.

It is that exact music video that proves Donghae has earned the title of  “The Almighty Donghae”.

Granted, he is not the best at any one thing, but is more the type that is great at everything. Good Job Donghae.

Personality: 5.9

Donghae is just naturally a child. This boy has the mindset of a 4-year old, and nothing has proven otherwise. His childish antics that include sleeping with a nightlight (in Eunhyuk’s bed), pantsing Eunhyuk and begging his fellow members (usually Eunhyuk) to play with him make him appear beyond adorable. His immaturity results in some kind of distance from those of the opposite sex, however, he has proven to be quite a romantic. This romantic side of his can usually be seen in his natural charms and obsession with romantic Hollywood movies, such as Titanic and A Walk To Remember. It also proves how much of a sap Donghae is, and just how sensitive a physically grown man can be.

In short, Donghae is just a child. At times we do find him to be quite spacey though. If observed very carefully during talk shows and interviews, you may notice just how distant he seems. There are just certain moments where Donghae seems to be really tuned out, and not on the same channel as most people.

Total: 7.3


Basic Bio:

Name: Choi Siwon

Position: Sub-Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-M

Birth date: February 10, 1987

Blood type: B

Height: 183

Fans: Siwonests

Our Comments:

Siwon is a very hardcore Christian. He is Shisus, Super Junior’s pastor. He tries very hard at converting everybody, in the world. Siwon is the missionary of Twitter. He is extremely devoted to God. However, that is really all he has to give to the table. This makes his character very static and two-dimensional. It is not a bad thing that he is so religious, but in reality, he has nothing but his religion. Granted, he is a gentleman. And the last truly chivalrous man alive. But not much else is special about Siwon. It is known by all that he is without a doubt the most personable and polite person, probably in the whole world. He has manner hands (but then again, so does all of Super Junior). Siwon is the perfect example of a respectful junior, and warm senior.

Siwon’s emotions are expressed through his shibrows, which are also very polite. Siwon has a pairing with everybody in Super Junior, all being legitimate, but never homosexual (because that just wouldn’t be Christian of him). The reason why Siwon is such a gentleman towards everyone else is because he takes out all of his testosterone powered urges on his fellow members.   Everybody in the group has a man crush on him. They all envy his body, and love talking about him on variety shows.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 8.0

Honestly, without his body, Siwon is nothing. He has a really funny face. His eyes are really spaced apart, and round, but not in a cute way. He has an extremely dopey smile. Siwon just looks dopey, as a whole. He also manages to look like the Korean version of Superman, sans butt-chin. If there was an Asian version of Superman, we demand Siwon play the lead role.

Ru Paul from Ru Paul’s Drag Race once advised a contestant, “Girl you can not win on body alone, you can not be just bodybodybody all the time!”.  Siwon, please take a cue from Ru Paul.

Siwon is only body. And this boy needs to stop getting nekid. His body, for starters, is not that attractive, but rather frightening. The Mr.Simple teaser pictures say it all. Not only are his abs, well, shiabs, but every part of his body is all muscle. His calves and thighs are terrifying. A little muscle is okay, but when you begin looking like the male version of After School’s Kahi, then you know there’s a problem.

Side Note: Siwon, you bad person. Breaking Leeteuk’s nose during a dance rehearsal by smashing your elbow into his face. For this sir, you will get a deduction of 1.5 points.

Talent: 2.5

Our Dear Siwon. Dear, dear boy. Where to start with you.

For starters, Siwon is just a sad tone-deaf child. Or actually, we pray he is tone-deaf. That would be a fantastic excuse for his terrible singing. Secondly, the guy can’t dance. Maybe just about as much as Yesung or Ryeowook, and that is saying lots. SM just does a fantastic job at hiding this fact. He can’t rap either, and hasn’t been on much variety for us to discuss his MC skills. Looking into Siwon, it’s really sad to realize he is actually completely useless in Super Junior.

Siwon is the exact reason people hate idols. He is literally just an idol. The only thing he inputs into Super Junior is looks. And that’s it. He puts no physical talent into their group physique. He contributes nothing. Most idols get bashed for not being able to do anything and simply looking pretty; well, that’s Siwon. We’ll give him a 2 however, simply because maintaining such a “nice” body must be difficult on his part.

Personality: 4.9

Siwon just has an incredibly religious personality. He tries so hard at converting Heechul, and enjoys preaching to the rest of the members. Other than his religion though, Siwon is simply an incredibly static character. He has no real depth, and is literally only 2-Dimensional. With so many idols having fantastic, 4-D, totally unique personalities, it’s just boring and painful watching such a vanilla person. True he is a gentleman, and has praiseworthy manners and expressions, but being chivalrous is not enough to make your overall personality one-of-a-kind. We could however, mention the fact that Siwon is also a rapist. We pray for his usual victims (Which are basically all of Super Junior).

Total: 5.1


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Ryeowook

Position: Main-Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-M, SJ-K.R.Y.

Birth date: June 21, 1987

Blood type: O

Height: 183.5

Fans: Ryeosomnias

Our Comments:

Ryeowook is an introvert. He really likes to spend time alone and is quite shy. He is easily Super Junior’s quietest member, but is known to be quite loud when you finally get him talking.  His first given impression of a quiet, petite person gives Ryeowook a mystique aura surrounding him. His shyness makes one curious as to how he really is, and thus you feel compelled to want to learn more about him. When he does talk on variety shows, it’s always something extremely adorable and witty. Ryeowook reminds us of Tabasco sauce: it takes some getting used to, but once you begin getting used to it, you realize just how amazing it is and it works its way into your daily life.

His silly, goofy side is apparently the reason that Super Junior adores him. His dancing is adorably bad, and his smile is contagious. Ryeowook has a lovely, gentle soul.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9

Ryeowook is rather short. He is actually the shortest member in Super Junior; his profile height is so blatantly a lie, we’re not sure who they are trying to kid. Ryeowook is not 173.5 cm. He is literally the definition of petite; not only is he short, but his body frame is naturally very small. While we don’t think Ryeowook is ugly, he does have some kind of complex with his face: He has quite the complicated face; there is no real way to describe how his face looks. His actual head is very small, and his features are what make his face so complicated. They’re slightly sharp and just so doll-like. Overall, Ryeowook reminds us of a little doll.

Talent:(SC) 9.6

He is an amazing singer with great control and a unique voice. Most men at his age cannot reach anything near the notes he can so naturally hit, and this is quite impressive. He has perfected the alto vocal range for a man, and his voice is so naturally high Ryeowook has no need for falsettos. We do feel however, that sometimes Ryeowook’s talent is exaggerated. Yes, he is a great singer, however not as phenomenal as most make him out to be. It’s almost like so many people praise him simply for the fact that his voice is so high, and not for the other characteristics that make a great singer, such as control and range. In addition to his singing, Ryeowook is a very talented song writer and composer, and we must give him credit as composing songs is quite difficult.

Personality: 7.9

Ryeowook is just a sweet little dear but, sadly, he is too shy and introverted.  His introvertedness is something really hard to get over, because we can’t help but feel it creates distance between him and his fans, when usually, fans want to get to know their idols. He is adorable, but in a shy girl kind of way.  Ryeowook has proven himself sweet, and the other members usually comment on how much they want to take care of their eternal maknae, and how he, in turn, also wants to take care of them. He is Super Junior’s chef and usually makes most of their meals. Ryeowook, like Eunhyuk, is also very easily brought to tears. Ryeowook’s tears however, come from his sensitive heart and emotional being, while Eunhyuk is just a wiener.

Total:  8.8


Basic Bio:

Name: Kim Kibum

Position: Rapper

Sub-Groups: None

Birth date: August 21, 1987

Blood type: A

Height: 179

Fans: Snowers

Our Comments:

Dearest ELFs, as members of fandoms ourselves, we know just how much you love your precious Super Junior. However, there is an extremely thin line between hopeful and delusional. It’s okay to be hopeful (actually no, not really) about Kibum’s return. But please, we beg of you, realize the facts. Kibum has been gone since the first super show. He only actually contributed vocally to the first album. And sure, sometimes he made small cameos in videos, but that was all they really were: small cameos to satisfy the ELF population. The last one was what, for “It’s You”? That was over two years ago. Such a hiatus may be excusable if he was actually doing something during that time period. However, was he really? Sure, he left on such an extensive period to focus on his drama career. But it’s not like he was filming dramas every second of his hiatus. If he wanted to, he could have made some attempt to keep active in the group. And guess what? He didn’t. Obviously, this is some kind of indicator about where his priorities lie.

Though we’d hate to point this out, when Kibum was there, he wasn’t really part of Super Junior’s immature  acts. He always seemed to be a bit different than the rest of them. Nicknamed the “normal one”, he never really seemed as attached to the other members. He wasn’t exactly distant; just, normal. Super Junior has well made a reputation for being a group of immature 20-something year olds, and Kibum just never fit that stereotype.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 9.1

Kibum is not unattractive. However, his looks seem more fitting for that of an actor than an idol. His facial structure is quite nice; he has an enviable v-neck, seemingly nice skin, and his features are pretty symmetrical. Unlike with most people, we can’t really point out something wrong with his face; this, however, by no means concludes to the fact he is perfect. His looks, similar to his overall demeanor, are plain. A good plain, but plain nevertheless. There’s not much to point out as special about his physical appearance. There’s nothing wrong with his appearance, but neither is there something extremely right.

Talent: 4.4

Unfortunately, we ourselves know how unfair a talent rating is for Kibum. Unlike most of the other Super Junior members, Kibum did not train for long years. He also wasn’t really in Super Junior much for us to see him grow vocally, dance-wise, or rap-wise. Therefore we have to assess him on his first years as an idol (unfair, we know). From what we can analyze, Kibum wasn’t totally talentless. His singing, true, is/was obviously not the best in Super Junior, but he wasn’t as bad as some of the other members. His raping is not going to win any titles nowadays, but back then, when raping wasn’t really as popular, it was surpassable. His dancing was, well, he was able to keep up. And that’s always a good thing.

Personality: 3.9

Kibum is just normal. If you were to look up that word in the dictionary, you’d probably find Kibum as the definition. He never really seemed as “Super Junior immature” as the other members. Through interviews and behind the scenes, we see Kibum as the quiet, reserved member. He seemed as the member who, not exactly watched over the group, but more of gave the group the slightest feel of normality and sanity. Such a personality however, is not really our taste. In an ice cream shop with Phish Food*, Strawberry Cheesecake*, and Berry Berry Extraordinary*, plain vanilla just isn’t satisfying.

Total: 5.8


Basic Bio:

Name: Cho Kyuhyun

Position: Main Vocal

Sub-Groups: SJ-M, SJ K.R.Y

Birth date: February 03, 1988

Blood type: A

Height: 180

Fans: Gamers

Our Comments:

Kyuhyun is the lovechild of the Pillsbury Dough boy, a Doe (female deer), and Sheriff Woody (from Toy Story).

Cho Kyuhyun is Sheriff DOE-boy.

Kyuhyun is the typical spoiled, genius Asian boy. He is capable of doing “everything” apparently. He’s smart, rich, good-looking, and talented; essentially the whole package.  The worst part is that he himself knows how great he is. So really, there’s no need to complement him; it’s not like he’s going to appreciate it anyway. His life, according to him, has been “incredibly” easy; everything from wealth to fame was presented to him and he only had to give little (or no) effort.

As everyone knows, Kyuhyun is basically addicted to online geek games (Hence his fans’ name). This obsession is due to his long stay in the hospital, recovering from the infamous car accident Super Junior was involved in, back in 2007.  Out of this tragedy, one would think Kyuhyun would come out a nicer and more appreciative person. This, however, was not the case. Instead, the only real thing that changed was that Kyuhyun came out an addict of gaming, and this habit was acquired through a complete waste of time playing those lame games while laying on his hospital bed.

He may be the youngest member in Super Junior, but he is the most disrespectful maknae ever. Super Junior themselves have said you will never find a more disrespectful Maknae than Kyuhyun, and have even taken to titling him their “Evil Maknae”. He has proven to be quite nasty to some of his members, and just essentially loves to piss them off.  He is just way too sassy.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 7.9

Kyuhyun is just long. His arms are long, his legs are long, his body is long; even his neck is long. His body proportions are really similar to that of Sheriff Woody from Toy Story; just like Woody, Kyuhyun is tall and thin. His porcelain and fleshy skin are what make Kyuhyun look like the Pillsbury dough-boy. His seemingly soft, squishy skin make you want to poke his tummy (which we will probably never see). Kyuhyun has quite the amount of meat on him: His cheeks are chubby, his thighs are thick and his stomach looks quite plushy. His round butt is also quite the topic among his fans. However, just how much meat he has on his body we will probably never know.

His huge eyes give the appearance of a doe- not a deer, a doe, because Kyuhyun does not have the masculinity to be a Buck.

Talent: (SC)  8.4

Though Kyuhyun is a fantastic singer, we are sad to report he hardly ever gives any real effort. His singing lacks pathos; it is so painfully flat, and never has there been singing so capable be so boring. When he sings, we feel nothing; there is no emotional pull. We do appreciate his singing ability and skills but we wish that he would put a little effort into his singing, and actually try to pull off some real emotions with his voice. Kyuhyun has an almost Cabaret feel to his singing. His voice is really soft and simple; it serves as a perfect balance to some of the rougher singers of the group, and we understand why he is used as one of Super Junior’s main vocalists. Honestly, Kyuhyun’s voice is great for singing choruses of songs, but it’s actually capable of much greater things. Unfortunately for us though, he just doesn’t have the effort to try harder.

Personality: 3.9

If Kyuhyun was mean to only his groupmates, we may have actually praised Kyuhyun’s guts for being so disrespectful in a country completely about respect. However, Kyuhyun is not only nasty to Super Junior, but to everyone. We can not think of a single incident where Kyuhyun has actually been kind-hearted, or even acknowledged some sort of existence of a heart. He has proven, not once, but several times of being sarcastically snotty towards his fans. For some inexplicable reason though, his fans still adore him despite him being a complete jerk (May we ask why?).

The only redeeming factor we can name in this man’s personality is the undeniable sweet spot for his fellow group mate, Zhou Mi. When Kyuhyun is with Zhou Mi, his whole demeanor changes, and he automatically softens up into a gooey mess.

Total: 6.7


Basic Bio:

Name: Henry Lau

Position: Sub-Vocal, Rapper

Sub-Groups: SJ-M (only)

Birth date: October 11, 1989

Blood type: AB

Height: 176

Fans: Strings

Our Comments:

Henry Lao is one of the rare true talents in the K-Pop scene. Sadly, he is only a member of Super Junior-M, yet even this doesn’t keep him from being a vital asset to the entire group. Not only is he a good singer and a great dancer, he also plays a plethora of instruments; most notably the violin and the piano. Henry is also Super Junior’s current Westerner; being raised in Canada for most of his life, he is the Super Junior’s only fluent English speaker at the moment.

Even though he is the youngest out of all the 15 members, Henry is quite accomplished at his young age. He is literally the whole package for a western girl: Henry has undeniable good looks (which are most useful in making him look adorable), amazing talent, and a completely lovable ghetto white washed personality. There is no reason not to love this darling Chinese boy. This, however, doesn’t stop much of Super Junior’s insane fan-base.

It is no secret that many “fans” of Super Junior have taken to strongly disliking both Henry and Zhou Mi. Neither of them deserve this kind of hatred, especially since Super Junior themselves have brokenheartedly embraced them both. May we remind these fans that Super Junior has not only had a Chinese member, who was always adored, but also a later addition to the group, who was warmed up to in time. Then we have poor Henry, who has received so much animosity. And for what? Trying to live out his dream, like every other Super Junior member? For doing his job? For being foreign?

By the way, to all of you who don’t like him: this isn’t a plea asking you to begin treasuring this beautiful man.

Because nobody needs you haters for fans.

P & B Scale

Appearance: 10

Henry is indubitably one of the best looking Chinese people in K-Pop. His porcelain perfect white skin, according to the other Super Junior members, is incredibly soft and supple. His chubby pinch-able cheeks, flat cute nose, and nonexistent eyes just make Henry one of the cutest human beings on Earth. Every single part of Henry is just adorable, and no woman can resist his puppy like appearance.

Who could possibly resist those fluffy marshmallow cheeks, that are so squishy and lovable. His skin is the envy of every girl: just pore-less and flawless. And his rosy pink lips, in such contrast to his ivory skin, create a strikingly beautiful coloring. His bright smile is so full of genuine happiness and never fails to bring us equal joy.

Henry also has perfect body proportions, creating a long and lean appearance while still maintaining his plushy and huggable exterior.

Talent: 9.9

Henry is the epitome of an entertainer, and, at the very minimum, great at everything an idol could possibly do.

He is a level 10 violinist and pianist. As a child, he was a prodigy at the piano, and has been playing the violin since he was 6. In addition to his instrumental abilities, Henry is also a wonderful singer and a superb dancer. Though his dancing abilities may not be as great as other mentionable people in K-Pop, we don’t deny that Henry can move. 

Henry has also shown to be a composer and songwriter, recently showing off his skills in Super Junior’s 5th album. Almost anything concerning music, Henry has shown to be capable of. He is a prime example of the real talent that exists in Super Junior. We only wish he got more time in the spotlight, and showcased his capabilities more.

Personality: 8.9

Henry has the kind of personality that every Western girl dreams of being in the perfect man (And believe us, we know this for a fact).  He is kind, sincere, and very mellow, all while keeping a fun and playful manner. He has the right amount of manners needed to bring home to your parents, as well as the right amount of fun you know you’d have a great time with. Henry’s personality is that of the guy in school everybody knows and loves. He’s a typical white-washed Asian that thinks he’s black, but this strange combination mixed with his unique adorable outward appearance makes him even more appealing. His easy, happy-going and down-to-earth almost shy demeanor melts hearts.

Total: 9.6

Overall Super Junior: 7.8 (Original 13 Members) and 8.0 (Including Henry and Zhou Mi)

Super Junior IS the most unequaled sublime group in existence. As an overall 15 member group, they have some of the most talented and accomplished experts in their individual fields. The group is utter perfection in the fact that it has managed to bring so many different qualities of idolism into one unit:

Leetuek: One of the best leaders and best MCs.

Heechul: An unforgettable and amusing person.

Hangeng: Beijing Fried Rice.

Yesung: Best Singer ever.

Kangin: The last true man.

Shindong: The mood maker.

Sungmin: The Epitome of a Noona Killer.

Eunhyuk: Anchovy dancing dumb-ass.

Zhou Mi: Tall and skinny Chinese cutie pie.

Donghae: The Fishy Four-year old.

Siwon:  Nekid man.

Ryeowook: The Shy Baby.

Kibum: The Normal One.

Kyuhyun: Excellent Plastic Surgery Result Kyu

Henry: Canadian chubby cheeked foreigner.

No matter what your preference may be, Super Junior can and will fill any of your desires and cravings. They have nearly every type of personality and look to offer.  The ultimate eclectic mix of talents, appearances, and personalities. With any type of propensity towards a specific type, with such a large amount of members, you can have your choice of any type of man.

Super Junior is one of the groups with the most training and one of the oldest in both age and post-debut. They are “old”, but much like that of a fine aged wine, they have enhanced over time. Somehow the entire group continues to get more attractive over time, free of wrinkles and practically ageless.

Though we will say Super Junior is of immense necessity and influence in K-Pop, there is no doubt that their glory will come to an end. When that is though, we doubt any one can say. Super Junior has been through so much pain and a tremendous amount of tumble and fame, that we’re not exactly sure SM is ready to give up their money-makers yet. As we enter the next coming years, it is obvious Super Junior will slowly digress; whether it’s because of the members slowly making their way into their mandatory enlistments, exploring other fields of entertainment, or both, only time will tell. And even after, dare we call it, the end, we’re positive their loyal fans, ELFs, who have demonstrated time and time again to be one of the most diehard fandoms of all, will continue to support and cherish their beloved group.

Super Junior M


Former: Hangeng

New: Eunhyuk, Sungmin

Zhou Mi, Henry, Donghae, Ryeowook, Siwon, Kyuhyun

Out of all the subgroups Super Junior has to offer, we’d say Super Junior M is the best. Out of all the groups, M is the one we see as having the strength to become a real group on its own. Though it may not have the immeasurable talent K.R.Y possesses, K.R.Y would only be able to survive off of vocal talent, whereas M has, by K-Pop standards, everything a good group needs: Good Looks, Vocalists, Dancers, and a Rapper. When some of the older members eventually leave off for the army, M is what will be left. And this group will work out perfectly fine honestly. That is, if SM eventually realizes the necessity of officially adding Zhou Mi and Henry.

Super Junior- Happy


Yesung, Leetuek, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Kangin

SJ-H is indeed, as the name describes, Happy. Super Junior is one of the few groups out that is really transparent. H= Happy, M= Mandarin, and T= Trot. And Happy is essentially just that: the members are cute and cheerful, and they all radiate a sweet and pure image. They are all capable of being adorable and bubbly without essentially being “Noona killers”.

Super Junior Happy proves you don’t have to be young or nauseating to sing candy pop.

Super Junior- Trot


Eunhyuk, Leetuek, Sungmin, Heechul, Shindong, Kangin

This is the most ridiculously proposterous group of dumb-asses in the entire world. They sing trot (very, very, very badly), but in an almost comedic way. These members bring the comic relief to Super Junior. Super Junior Trot’s only purpose is to be stupid and bring a lighter and sillier mood to the entity of Super Junior.

Apart from Kangin and Sungmin, it almost seems as if they took all the vocally impaired members, and decided to put them in a group together for some fun. Based on the members chosen, we doubt there is any sense or rationality between the six of them.

Super Junior- K.R.Y


Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung

There is probably no K-Pop group, male of female, that could match Super Junior K.R.Y.’s vocal excellence. K.R.Y has the excellent trio of a deep smooth base, a high and sweet tenor, and a sexy husky baritone. No other group has this magnificent vocal range, and the three of them have the most brilliant and astounding vocal prowess. They own the ballad. No other group could really even compare with the execution, the emotion, that these three men put into their singing.  With Ryeowook’s high pitched enhancements, Kyuhyun’s steady and calming stability, and Yesung’s unparalleled perfect R&B touch to every note that his voice graces, the group blows minds with their performances.

Though these three men are virtually unrecognized by most of netizens (minus Kyuhyun), they are some of the most talented singers among the new generation of this industry. Even after Super Junior’s future break-up, we definitely see them tackling on new projects, and continuing to make music.

♥ P&B

* Ben&Jerry’s ice cream flavors. References to Yesung, Eunhyuk and Heechul, respectively.

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  1. This was the most unusual and crazy blog that I have every seen on any kpop idol group/artist etc. What were you thinking? Are you even an ELF? Because it really doesn’t seem like it. If you’re a true ELF, you wouldn’t ever post something like that. If SuJu ever read something like this, I’d say that they would be 100% against it. It’s cruel and upsetting. To talk about each of the members in that way and to be absolutely serious about it. The members of SJ might joke about each other’s appearance and etc, but they’ve known each other for years and this entire blog is inappropriate. More than 50% of this page is comments. If you’re going to write something like this, write so that the public will never come across this.

  2. Funny you call Henry perfect and others perverts or even rapists, which really offends me, as a victim of rape….. but Henry is the one searching through women’s clothing and sniffing their underwear! Even amber said he is trash.

  3. The most rediculous article I’ve ever read. My impression is that the writer beholds a lot resentiment towards Kyuhyun and Donghae. Kyuhyun is such an inspirational singer. One of the most popular and sucsessful in this field. Deal with it!

  4. Funny that you say Yesung is the unpopular one when Ryeowook is the most underrated and least popular of KRY. Shindong, Langin, Sungmin, and Ryeowook are amongst the least popular, Yesung is actually in a high tier of popularity. And Yesung being the best, don’t make me laugh. I adore Yesung and his voice, don’t get me wrong. Yesung is my bias wrecker, but Kyuhyun and Ryeowook way out rank Yesung. But that’s because of Yesung’s vocal nodules. Either way, the bias is strong here.

  5. This article and your so-called opinion is just so bad it’s laughable, yet always undeservingly on the top spot when you search for ‘Super Junior’. The writers seems like a bunch of apes with very low standard who knows absolutely no shit when it comes to what k-pop cultures are but desperately want to sound intelligent and knowledgable, even when everyone knows you just fail HARD to do so.

    Siwon a RAPIST for being religious? Even if it’s just a joke, how low can you even stand? Not to mention you called out Siwon for being two-dimensional, while you just hopelessly outright ‘labelling’ the other member like Eunhyuk is “just a pervert”, Kyuhyun “just a jerk”, Ryeowook “just a shy guy”, Sungmin is “definitely a fake because seriously you CAN’T be cute and sweet while being strong and manly at the same times, right???” so yeah, congrats for being a hypocrite.

    Someone with good enough skill please just hack then delete this blog so we won’t ever be seeing this mountain of trash presented in front of our very own eyes anymore.

  6. you know what? u are a bitch who does not know a thing about suju members…you write a bunch of lies and think we will believe them? shame on u really…u are crazy…your brain is filled with dust…really…

  7. The comments related to SIWON’s “talent” are really shocking. Whoever wrote this blog or whatever you wanna call it, is a big time idiot and very biased. And on top of it, calling him a rapist because he is very affectionate and loving towards the members? WOW. Like really, WOW. Bravo to your senseless and idiotic mind.
    Rating your favorites with high rankings even though they do not exactly look handsome or have pretty faces. *rolling eyes literally*
    Please keep your biased remarks off the internet. -.-

    • For victims of rape it’s not a joke at all, also calling an innocent man a rapist is a felony and she//’he/it can be happy if he doesn’t sue her/him/it!!

  8. There are some I really agree with. But this blog is just so biased and overrated.Specially when describing their personality. You don’t even know them personally! How can you say such shitty things? Sungmin’s a faker?? What a hypocrite.

  9. This is just me saying that this blog is definitely biased and overrated. You post things about them here as if you really know them personally. How can you say Sungmin’s fake? Can you even prove that? How can you say most of them are ugly? Do you even have eyes or what? How can you say Siwon’s ugly? Even Kyuhyun? You think he’s really mean? Oh well, now who’s talking? Who are you to judge them like this? You don’t even know a thing about them. If you’re gonna talk about things or facts about them, get them straight. This is completely biased. This whole blog is all your opinion. You even dare title your blog “The truth about kpop”? How ironic. I know a blog is posts about other people’s opinions but I just can’t help but react with this. IT’S JUST SO RIDICULOUS.

      • But I’m quite sure some of your comments are ridiculously sarcastic but a little rude after rereading some of them. Even though, I still love them despite their own flaws. We’re all imperfect.

  10. Thanks for this incredibly hilarious write up on the “boys”. I have loved the antics of all the boys and watch them religiously. Without their interesting and unique characteristics, they would be just another boy group. They are so entertaining….I never laughed so much…now at 63, I feel like they gave me a new lease on laughter. I going to save this material…..great job and thanks for some great humor. Love to Super Junior……always

  11. every member is unique in their own way
    and what??donghae’s face is too wide?? if he is that bad looking then he wouldn’t be casted in any movies or dramas…..the way you are under rating him it seems like you really hate him….but for me he is the best looking person ever
    your comments regarding his apperance is too rude

    • I agree.. It was even mentioned that Donghae’s face without make up is hideous.?? I was like ” seriously.? Do you know what is hideous look like.??” 😳

    • I agree he is handsome…he is not my bias but he is handsome and have a nerve by saying he looks hideous without makeup :( that’s so wrong this whole blog is an extreme exaggeration of this person opinion talk about crazy

  12. Hey,I’m Kangin’s and Siwon’s fans.
    I love what you said about him as he is my bias…everyone have their own bias right and of course you will love it if others have a good thoughts about your bias.I don’t know why but he attract me a lot although he is not really famous and others.It can’t be help tough as I keep falling in love with him…Kangin is my chubby bear ^^
    I’m not gonna use harsh words towards you because it’s useless.You can’t judge others right and of course I can’t judge you too… .It’s your thoughts.Although Siwon is completely useless,unattractive and others in your eyes…he is still a perfect guy in my eyes.

    Everyone is DIFFERENT and they will choose DIFFERENT idol as their bias because of DIFFERENT reasons.Some of them would love Donghae or Eunhyuk or others.So,of course they will shield their bias including me…

    Even if the world is against Kangin and Siwon…I will stay by their side and I rather receive those criticism than let my bias suffer.
    #Forever ♥Kang Won♥

  13. Hey…. just wanna start by saying really good article !! I was really looking for someone to do an analysis on these eye candies who wasn’t under their charm… which is more than I can say for myself… you have a really good sense of humour mahn !! N all of that love you give yesung… can I call you a cloud? He’ll be so proud to have such a fan he’ll start posing with his turtle in his selcas !! Lol !! Im a petal and I love your analysis on that jerk of a bias I have…. ofcoz I don’t expect you to notice how hes all his versions all at once n how interesting that makes him… thats petals job :) !! I love how you called him a dictator… made me swell with pride… god I hate how struck I am… anyways plz keep up the good work. I like your choice !! N pls don’t let the hate get to you….

    • Oh actually I am confused between angel and petal… can u tie two ppl to be your ultimate bias? Is that completely unheard of?! Coz I am relatively new to elf fandom…

  14. Hi! :D
    I like that you made other informations about their profiles instead of some numbers as the normal ones.
    But to be honest i DISAGREE TOTALLY to your markings. I am sorry how could you be so … Intelligent to even make that? But i think you considered that this is the KPOP fandom and that you should be ready for a LOOOOT OF HATE.
    Well thats it for me. Btw i am a gamer and i just love his sarcastic humor.

  15. Even though I don’t really agree with like 75% of this, it’s your opinion so I’m not bothered by it. What I DO take issue with, is some of the terminology you used. Terms like “bipolar”, “rapist”, and others were used as the brunt of jokes, which is just honestly disgusting. I really hope that you take the time to find other words that are better suited to your topic and point, because I was extremely uncomfortable reading this because of the language used to describe members.

  16. Sorry to break it to you but you definitely over rated Yesung, Henry and Sungmin’s looks, they’re to be blatantly honest not that attractive.
    Donghae was so underrated and disrespected, I was literally cringing while reading his bit. I agree with you about Siwon though, but it’s not exactly his fault. He’s always been pushed to the front by the rest of the members. Heechul, I must say is the most interesting character kpop has ever produced 😂 and undoubtedly the prettiest Asian man I’ve seen

  17. I hate to break it to you ELFs but this is an opinion on the members. To be honest I agree with many of PB’s opinions. You guys shouldn’t hate on the writer, in fact the way they judged the members was very analytical and realistic. I hope to see more band reviews~

  18. I wonder how old is the person who’s writing this blog assuming someone who watch porn regularly is considered a pervert. FYI, watching porn is perfectly healthy and normal. You can go and consult with your doctor regarding this, ask them is watching porn considered pervert ?

    Pervert is someone who molest someone else (whichever gender they are interested with) in public space and etc. Pervert is someone who peeks girls / guys in changing room. Pervert is someone who look at girls in beach and jerk off in the middle of day. That is the definition of pervert.

    Watching porn is totally normal. Your parents have their own porn collection hidden in their room. Your classmates watched porn since elementary school (especially the boys who are more curious about sex in their young age).

    People have their own right to spice up their sex life the way they wanted too. Stop judging people as a “pervert” just because you think you’re all pure and saint or you know better. One day when you grow up (I hope you already did since you wrote this 4 years ago) you will watch the porn together with your boyfriend or husband and that’s perfectly normal.

    No one will be around you and judge you are a pervert or hentai because you’re not sitting in a TV Show where your group mates joking around about it.

    If you are really from Korea, go outside the world and see that it is not as backwards as you think it supposed to be. Life is beautiful and all of these guys have their own right to do whatever they want to without your harsh judgment of them being too “naked, fake, pervert, weenie, nice surgery” and etc etc etc.

    If you can only focus on their good looks “oh wow what a nice jaw line” then just focus on that. Stop bashing on people personality (fix your own personality and mind set too) and THINK before you speak (or write in your case).

    • No genius, but how exactly do you justify a 5th grader watching porn, eh? Imagine your sister who’s in 5 grade watches porn. What would you do? Give her a pat on the back? You’re unbelievable

  19. *Kyuhyun was recognized by MNET as one of the best male vocalists tied with co-member Yesung. He even won twice on Immortal Songs. His puppy eyes and smooth skin were envied by other KPop idols.

    *Siwon sings well. . .he sang Adam Levine’s Lost Star perfectly during their SS6. He is SuJu’s frontliner. Voted as one of the top handsome Korean Actors. He is known for his chocolate abs which most of male Kpop Idols are trying to achieve.

    *Donghae might be childish but he is very detailed and speaks English very well. He wont be a lead actor if his appearance is no good.

    • You’re right and Thanks because you support Siwon here.I nearly cry as I’ve hurt very much when I read his.

  20. Even though I don’t agree with EVERYTHING you said, this was absolutely hilarious so thank you for making me laugh!

  21. I like your article because it is objective rather than subjective. Everybody raves about Shiwon as if he is the only member simply because of his looks, background and that he is an actor.
    Some things I agree with you 100% but others not so much probably because certain personalities may be attractive to some people but not others. I like shy members they are adorable and I like Henry too. I also think he is actually the most talented one in the group. Like come on playing those kinds of instruments doesn’t happen over night.

  22. What a disgusting article… U obviously have no idea what the meaning of “truth” is. Shame on u for being so baselessly critical!

  23. I really agree with what you had to say about Siwon. he doesn’t really have much talent. the other members however like Donghae is a very good looking man. yesung is one of my three favorite members so I can’t argue with you but maybe you want to consider that what would SuJu think if they saw and knew who you are. what would you feel if your idol saw this?

  24. I can’t believe what they said about Kyuhyun his voice isn’t even flat and she talk about people criticizing them when that’s what she’s doing anyway Kyuhyun isn’t the only one who is mean that’s just what makes him unique! 😡😤😧

  25. All i can say is.. I love Donghae , Siwon, Heechul and mostly Yesung. The one who posted this is clearly blind and deaf.
    Thumbs down to you.

    • Adding this, Hangeng is the least handsome. For me he is. Idk i just hate how huge his nose is and his eyes is ugh.

    • Adding to ur comment, I love all 13 current member leeteuk, heechul, kangin, shindong, sungmin, hyukjae, donghae, ryeowook, kyuhyun, zhoumi, Henry. And the one who post this may be blind n deaf, but I think it more like jealousy. The writer (she/he) ask why people /fan love eunhyuk, kyu.. Bcoz they are better than YOu is my answer.

  26. I just about lost it at Siwon… He’s the face of the group for a reason… and he has solos in songs… Not attractive…? Tone Deaf? You’re fucking kidding right!

    Some of the members have feminine features… okay so what they are all still extremely adorable… chubby, skinny, lanky, muscular and so on.

    Saying Kyuhyun is mean is far from correct. He literally acts like the youngest sibling. He has a sharp tongue and speaks his mind, he pushes the boundaries of his hyungs because he is the baby and that is what the babies of the family do.

    Lastly I hope you don’t consider yourself a true E.L.F. because to insult some of the members they way you did is absolutely disrespectful of you. I’m new to the whole Kpop scene but if you call yourself a true fan you are insane

  27. lol who are you to rate them?? wow impressive, u r f*cking saying that Donghae face is not attractive?! Seriously u asshole

  28. This should not be entitled as “truth”.. I see that you try to be objective but still you expressed your opinion in each member. There are “some facts” in this blog yet its not 100%.. In every fan, the rate for their idol would be a perfect 10. How did you come up with the rating anyway? No offense meant, just curious. What’s the difference of 9.5 to 9.3? You rated Heechul’s Talent with 3.9 and Shindong’s talent with 6.9… How did you come up with that? Heechul can play the piano and drums very well. He is a successful songwriter. He even composed a song for Orange Caramel. He may not be the main vocals of Super Junior but that does not mean that he cannot sing. During his Super Show 2 solo, he sung “Spirit” accompanied by Jungmo which is was written by him and composed by Jungmo.. He is a very talented presenter and MC which is also acknowledged by his seniors. He is an actor and a comedian. He is a well rounded artist. As for Shindong, he is an epic dancer and choreographer and even Eunhyuk can consider himself as 2nd best dancer to Shindong. His directing (MVs and SS5 and 6) is progressing well. He may be what we call an off cam talent but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not talented. You as an author should not judge them with your limited knowledge. I think this article needs an update and I suggest that you refrain from using a scale for their appearance, talent and personality because you do not know how to judge them objectively. Try to change your title to “my opinion” instead of “truth”. Let’s not be arrogant. You hardly knew each member so it’s better not to use wrong generalization. Please don’t hurt the fans (ELF in general) with your article. I suggest that instead of rating each category, why don’t you do a pros and cons or advantage and disadvantage of each member? You can be informative in doing so. I am not saying that you have no right to post a blog about them. I am merely begging you not be unfair because you can definitely hurt the fans. You may not care about their feelings but please be informed that words (vocal/written) can be hurtful too. Let’s be humane.

  29. Just because you think someone is underrated, doesn’t mean you have to put others down.
    I realize it’s your opinion, but you don’t have to insult the other members to make your biases look good.

    Fun fact: Kyuhyun only had double eyelid surgery. Even a blind person can tell if you put the pics side by side.

    I’m not a hardcore fan or anything, actually barely a fan. But I felt very offended reading this.
    Don’t eversell other members to cheapen the others, that’s all I’m saying. You could say that you think they’re overrated, but at least admit their talents. Otherwise, this won’t hold any ground.

    • What kind of “truth about kpop” is this!? stop badmouthing other members and making their “flaws” prominent. What kind of fan are you? Don’t you think some have received enough hate, yet you bring them more? All of the success they’ve achieved is based on their hard work, while you just sit there and type an article making some sound like trash!

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  31. Hey, yeah he, hi. This is BIASED. For one, you lean towards your bias. You complain about not having enough “personality,” this world needs “normal” or “plain” people to set it straight. Sometimes being out of the ordinary is something almost EVERYONE does, that some people just need a break from. I’ve seen your other posts about Girls Generation and SHINee. Girls Generation… Is definitely one of your favorites, all though they’re known for their bad attitude and lack of natural members, you easily give them a pass and go. I’m not saying it’s not good, you’ve been raised up good, but you mostly lean on their personalities. Being a person with ups and downs and various mood swings, like all human beings, some people be “mean” because it’s their personality… I’m not saying it’s good to be mean, but that’s their personality and I don’t think Kyuhyun is mean at all. He’s got a sharp tongue, that’s all. I’m in no way biased because I’m an EXO-L. For SHINee, WOW, you just blew Minho off because he’s just praised for his looks… The world’s like that. People like good-looking people with “no personality” as you say. You only for their personality and it’s unfair because some are too “normal” for your likings. Just.

  32. it was shitty. simple.
    why the fuck do Sungmin and Henry have more points in appearance than Heechul and Siwon? it’s ridiculous.
    well, Heechul may not be the most masculine man in the world, but fuck, he is so beautiful. Siwon’s face not handsome? what the fuck are you talking about?

  33. All of us have some opinion. Some of the information given in this blog are true and there’s not (according on what I’ve observed about SuJu in their shows, movies, MVs, songs, THEIR FRIENDSHIP and the like). But some of it made me upset. Why don’t we just only support SuJu? Why do we have to say such criticism about them? I’m not their fan at first, but I’ve been their fan because of their talents especially in singing and dancing moreover, I like them more because of their relationship with one another. They really care and treasure one another. They’re also good looking in their own ways. And not that, some of the members are really good in acting especially Siwon. I’ve watched he’s drama series ‘Oh My Lady’ also he’s and Donghae’s Taiwanese movie ‘Skip Beat’. They brought their role very well. Siwon also has a capability to dance and sing based on what I’ve watched like their MTVs and in his drama Oh My Lady. He’s great in acting and he used to be actor before he debuted as one of the member of SJ. All of SJ’s members our good in different fields. We don’t have to judge them if we don’t know them personally and they know themselves more as what we know. I’m sorry for the one who created this blog but I just want to express my feelings about those information I don’t like. I just want you to write positive instead of negative. I just want you to learn how to use internet wisely. Others may think that you’re a hater or a basher. But anyway, it’s done already but whatever good or bad things that have been written in this blog, I still like SuJu. :D I hope the creator understand my feelings. I just don’t like that SJ got insulted. Oh well, it’s just you’re opinion right?

    Anyway, ELFs, I hope you read the story I have written in wattpad. One shot story for Ryeowook and I will write another for Yesung. :D The title is Kim Ryeowook (That Scar). I’m Filipino.

  34. OK, im sorry that I have to say this but there is nothing wrong with good old reliable vanilla f****ng ice cream!!! I love Kibum and if you are telling me that overall he is ranking lower than a self centred arrogant Kyuhyun who only cares for himself then you my friend are CRAYZEEE!!! Admittantly funny (borderline offeneive at times) and I enjoyed reading this :P

    p.s Kibum, if you read this….call me <3

  35. You are only stating your own opinions…. Eunhyuk is very nice and as a male I know his struggles. Also for Kyuhyun, u shuldnt be judging people so bluntly without knowing them first. Not everything you think is what it seems. Dont judge before knowing okay?

  36. How can you call Kyuhyun’s singing flat and not emotional? Is your hearing impaired? And he only got a double eyelid surgery, not some major face reconstruction or anything so your statement “Kyuhyun: Excellent Plastic Surgery Result Kyu” is not valid. But thank you for calling him good looking.

    We still love the boys as they are true to themselves

  37. Seriously Biased!!!! I mean blindly insulting the members and overtly praising the members you like.. How can this be called truth about kpop. The only thing i can say is get your facts right!!!!

  38. Very very biased. I mean the non pleasant facts about some members are completely true and i agree with you, but the way you put it seems like they’re completely worthless. I especially hate how Siwon gets alot of flak for being ranked the handsomest; i mean like you, some ELFs just hate him solely on the basis that he’s ranked the handsomest and then goes on and on about how he isn’t and how their biases are more handsome. It so unfair. Did you really think he asks for it? On variety shows its the members who start all the hype about him being handsome and rich and everything; not him. He even feels awkward about it initially. And he’s a natural beauty; he looks ‘dopey’ to you, but at least i believe he’s never gone under the knife. And he’s nothing without his body? What if i told you he’s already considered the handsomest even way before he built his abs?

    And talent wise. You have to know that SJ was put together as an idol group able to do different sets of skills, so naturally not all will be very talented in singing and dancing. You have Eunhyuk in dance, Yesung in singing etc. Siwon is neither because he fills in the acting, modelling and looks department. I’d be able to accept if you say his talents are nothing bcuz he’s a bad actor, but we all know he’s actually a good idol actor.

    And you have no rights to say he’s a 2D personality. Go rewatch Suju on variety Shows and you’ll find tht he’s actually quite funny and unique and the members love to make fun of him. I think he adds colour to the group too. All members are important. Maybe his talents are not satisfactory for you, but its not the same for us who enjoyed watching him in The King of Dramas and Skip Beat etc which totally helped Suju gain more recognition. I think he’s the Suju member with the most impressive acting portfolio. But maybe you wrote this post before those came out so i forgive you for your ignorance. But in turn can i say that you’re 1D because you are completely biased and one sided?

    And did you call yourself ‘The Truth About Kpop’ because you dare to voice out unpopular and harsh criticisms and gain recognition among haters who agree with you? ‘oh im so cool cuz its so funny to criticise some idols which i dont think are talented nor goodlooking blablabla’. I think you should lengthen your name to ‘This blog is just my opinion i don’t care if i bash your bias its my blog’. You spend so much time writing these unjustified and unconstructive comments, im actually impressed. Continue writing low value immature insults that dont help both Suju of ELFs if you feel happy doing so.

    Stick true to your opinions about Siwon for all i care (and poor Kyuhyun and Donghae got insulted alot) because its not gonna change the fact that w/o them, Suju wont be where they are now.

  39. You should change your website name from “thetruthaboutkpop” to “biasedopinions” or something. I came upon this blog after surfing on the web about anything regarding Suju. At first I was nodding my head and as I read your little blurb about each member because it was entertaining to read. Then after Sungmin, you began stating opinions and stated them as if they’re facts. You shouldn’t state OPINIONS as if they are FACTS because those are two different things. Appearance is obviously subjective and everyone has their own preference, I get that. You’re entitled to have your OPINION on who you think is hot/cute/attractive etc… but the way you portray your opinion seems like it’s a fact, which is not right. Another thing is your “personality” rating. We are only fans and we don’t really know how they are in real life. For example, you called Sungmin a faker and Kyuhyun disrespectful. He has the title “Evil Maknae” but it doesn’t mean that he’s always up to no good. I think it was a variety called Taxi when Kyuhyun said that fans would always ask him to say something mean when fans meet him. It’s like they have an image that fans see them as but that’s not necessarily their real personality and since we’re only fans, we might never know for sure.

    You were totally biased toward certain members.I just hope that new fans to Suju wouldn’t take this seriously because each member is precious to the group and each member brings their talent to the group that makes Suju Suju.

  40. LOL! Though I’m an ELF I have to agree with mostly everything you say. To tell the truth I have never even thought about these before. I always personally thought that Donghae was not as good looking as everyone says. And with Henry… He is like, so talented and I DO envy his skin sooo much (lol that sounds creepy) but then I don’t find his face attractive. I actually find Siwon and Kyuhyun REALLY good looking, esp. in the MAMACITA comeback.
    Anyways, just my opinion. Loved your article though!

  41. i kinda agree with this… KINDA… im a fan of sj.. not a hardcore one… but i love watching them as a group.. they do have different personalities, but i love how their friendship is more than, its brotherhood.. i watched a prank they played on siwon, sungmin, and khunyun.. siwon was the one who tried to stop they fight, sugmin cried at the end and khunyun, with his relieved face he kept saying, thank god its only a prank (its about breaking the band, AGAIN)… and there this picture where heechul hold onto leeteuk who was sleeping, afraid he would fall down. i watched yesung in EHB. he was VERY funny. i leaned a lot abt them in EHB and even Radio star (they acknowedged each other in a way they look at the person who is talking, rather than looking bored (im refering to one idol gp which i just look them not the other idol gps yet). but then again, its just me.. people have different views on things, and that is why we have different opinions.

  42. Let me just start out saying I really loved how someone actually took the time to do this, and most of this actually was pretty accurate.

    Unfortunately, maybe you’re just super biased. SUPER biased. The comments even agree with me on how biased this is over Henry. I agree he’s very adorable and all, but you’re being ultimately biased.

    Kyuhyun, what can I say? He’s my bias. Just you insulting him without reason obviously makes me mad. If you would take the time to research, you’d see there’s actually a VIDEO with Kyu saying this “evil maknae” is just an act on camera. He does have a sweet side, one that is extremely rare. He says how fans want him to say something mean, but he says himself that how is he supposed to think of something mean? So please, for the sake of your life and my sanity, do more research.

    Eunhyuk, well I’m glad you’ve acknowledged his looks. That I’m really appreciative of! And sure he may be weird, but you know what? I’m completely fine with it, and I’m sure ELF’s are too. If he watches porn, fine. If he’s a pervert, fine. Perverts, aren’t rapists. That’s just how his personality is. But do you ever SEE how adorably sweet he is?

    I could go on and on, but I’ll let you read the rest of the comments!

    • You know, actually now that I think about it. You might’ve been sarcastic at some points. And also, even if you weren’t I don’t feel as angry as I did when I wrote that. Just a burst of anger I guess, and rereading this actually amuses me. Sorry for being too rash :D

  43. Okay… so I don’t wanna go on saying this post was worthless. Cause it wasn’t. Up to Kangin… I pretty much agreed with it. And everything
    I’m pretty unbiased? Maybe not… but I think I am… since I pretty much love half of the members equally and then just like the other half. And I’m the type of fan who likes to bash their own biases, or point out their imperfections.

    Just the ratings were really bad but the comments were okay until Shindong.
    I’l start from Sungmin. Firstly, I do not even know how you just gave Sungmin a 5.9 on personality. How would you even know that he’s faking? I mean of course, since were all just fans and not friends, I also wouldn’t know, and that’s the point, if we don’t know him, we can’t just say that he’s fake. I don’t know him as well, but I won’t just straight-out say he’s fake. I completely agree with you in the Talent and Appearnce part though.

    Eunhyuk… I’m pretty much okay with the appearance part, but I just get that your biased on some parts. I mean on some members you only judge their specialties, but then on others you judge them on their overall talents. You just talked about his dancing on his talents and gave him a high score. Like what? If you were only talking about dancing, you might as well gave him 10. I mean he can’t sing, and his voice is a bit weird, but his rapping is good. So I’ll give him 9. Not just talking about his dancing then a 9.6

    Donghae… where do I even start? Hideous? Like what. Firstly, I just became an ELF a year ago, and most other groups. But when I like something, I really research and love it from the bottom of my heart. Donghae wasn’t in my bias list before but I really really recognized him because of his looks. And really, he calls himself a fish and so does his members. He really is handsome. A handsome fish if you want. His talents though.. I wouldn’t say he beats Key. His personality… yes he is a 4 year old.

    Siwon… ah where do I start? Yes. I do not like how he looks like. In fact, he was the reason I didn’t want to be a fan of them. I couldn’t stand how he’s always being claimed to be the Most Handsome in the kpop world… I really didn’t get it. But I realized he was handsome. But if I ranked Super Junior… he would be in the mid ranks. His talent… yes he’s not great at the three basic idol talents, but he can do all three. But talents… it’s not just those three. Acting is a talent, and he is good at that. I would say Kibum is a better actor, but Siwon can still act. I don’t know how you could just say he’s 2D. I admit he’s a hardcore christian. I mean, I’m christian but I don’t go to church, or even pray, I think i’m agnostic, yet I find it amazing and adorable on how he does that. But he is really unique in a way. Siwon… is my least favorite next to Eunhyuk out of Super Junior… but he’s just fine.

    Kibum. His looks really are very common. That’s what a normal handsome face is. And he really is normal. He can sing, dance and rap and is a really good actor. Out of the three rappers, I prefer his rapping. Then his personality is really normal. But then again, out of all the idols in the whole kpop world… he is really unique, cause he’s the only normal one. Even if I became an Elf without him or Hangeng, I would say he’s my bias, though most of the members are as well. I just like him more for an odd reason.

    I don’t understand how you give your judgments. Kyuhyun’s looks really isn’t that great but he’s one of those idols who are there to say that idols are human too and can’t be perfect. Actually every member aside from Kibum represents that. I do not know how you judge their talents. You gave Eunhyuk a high score saying that it would be better if he put in effort in dancing, and you give Kyuhyun an average score saying the same things. Then his personality isn’t mean, he’s straight forward or just speaking his mind. He’s actually a bit kind(just a teensy bit). I don’t know what you saw by saying he acts snotty to the fans. I really don’t understand.

    And your biasness over Henry is too obvious. I really think his nose is unnattractive. But in over looks, he is a cutie. His talents… I would also give him the same score. or maybe a bit lower to a 9.7 since I haven’t heard him rap, and seen him act. His personality is like that. But then again, he is a bit like Eunhyuk, they’re both a ‘dumb-ass’ like you described Eunhyuk.

    And they’re all perverts and watch pornographies if you didn’t know. Eunhyuk’s case is just more famous.

    This is all from my perspective. I’m really the obsessed yet not a sasaeng type of fan which researches way way way deep about groups. And I’m not here to defend my ‘oppas’ because I just wanted to say something. And I don’t call them oppa even if I’m younger. It seems weird. And it really shouldn’t be truth about kpop, but your views on kpop. It really is a bit biased. I clearly have my least favorites and favorites in all groups, but I do the opposite and think of all the good parts of those who I don’t like and the imperfections of my biases. Since clearly no one is perfect, and no one is completely a person who is bad in everything. I really try to see all the sides of all the members of the groups I like… and even those groups I don’t like.

  44. When I began reading this I was enjoying learning about the members until I realized on some of the characters what’s written is just insulting them as if they completely know them and as if they are presenting factual information. One thing I just couldn’t stand( though there were many things I couldn’t stand) was how it called Heechul was bi-polar which I thought was dumb because how would you know he was diagnosed bipolar, I have bipolar family members so I just can’t get how he is if he is upset about something. This blog that thinks its speaking the truth is not good especially for anyone who clams to be a super junior fan. I don’t really care about celebrities appearances first, the first thing to me is their voices(which is what most ppl should care about when listening to singer) and the member of suju has that especially yesung. I just cant believe this blog.

  45. Yes, I think you probably know who I am going to complain about… Kyuhyun. He was an addict to games since he was a kid… He went through hell to be a singer because his parents TOTALLY disagreed with it and wanted him to purse a career as a lawyer… He was pressured to do well in school, just like every Korean and I mean with an average of 16 hours studying, who wouldn’t be that smart? If he was that mean and disrespectful, he won’t have ever made it to the spot he obtained in 2011… Kyuhyun is a hard worker which you can tell by how fast he recovered from his accident and how he fought to achieve success in Super Junior when he joined and the friendship of his hyungs… That’s all, I liked hearing your opinion, but I don’t agree for some of the things you said could be easily proven wrong in Kyuhyun’s favor…

    Thank you and have a good evening!

  46. I really enjoy reading this post! and I agree with nearly everything you said. Although it may seem a bit harsh, a lot of what you said is true, this is a pretty accurate description of how people view the members in general.
    Like how siwon is nothing without his body or how yesung is the most underrated member… hardcore elfs know this is not entirely true, but this is how they are viewed upon by the public, not by their fans.
    Anyways thanks for posting such an analysis! I also agree that Yesung has the best voice ^^

  47. honestly…I thought like that when I first got into Suju, too. And you were nice to some members not so nice to other members, too. And what: Donghae is the Buttmaster in Suju! o.O
    YOu were realy hard to Kyuhyun, tho. First looking at Suju I didn’t like Kyuhyun, too. Too much brattiness. But he actually cares for his members, tho. I can’t really say why I like him so much it’s just small things. You have to read through the lines.
    I somehow agree on the Donghae thing. I don’t want to argue with the look thing because that’s just objective (and he does have a butt..Leeteuk and eunhyuk are those wothout a butt), As a possible boyfriends he isn’t really my cup of cake..too attatched. But I would want him as a friend, because he’s just warm-hearted.
    Can’t agree with the Eunhyuk thing. Him being a pervert? All of the boys are watching porn. It was just blown up by Leeteuk. I also think his personality changed a lot. He took more responsibility since Leeteuk is in the army. Tho he stil doesn’t know how to express himself, although It got better. He’s putting Suju all over himself and the friendship he has with them. And he doesn’t cry that much anymore. He didn’t do it as much before, too. he doesn’t like to share his food because he didn’t grow up under good conditions just like Shindong.
    Also don’t agree with the Siwon thing, although some points are quite right.
    Still was funny to read (although more objective than the SNSD one, that was quite good.)

  48. I get the feeling most of the things are written by the information of the fans point of view. I usually don’t believe lost of things the band do and say on tv shows. They are all made up stories. and Donghae has no ass? are you kidding me?

  49. This article was written 2 years ago and I must say SUJU is still going strong, give that to having more than 10 members. One or two goes to the army and they still have 10 haha.. Which means none of what the blogger said affected SUJU in any way. So relax :-)

    The boys (now men) have since branched into musicals, drama and variety shows but they are still having their Super Show concerts (latest in Mexico, London and Osaka). Kyuhyun’s “evilness” has paid off with Radio Star giving him an MC slot. And Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul, Kangin, each with their own solo project.
    But they still find time to practice and perform together. I wish DBSK was like that.
    Pardon any mistake in my grammar, we don’t really use English where I live.

  50. This is way too fun. I was literally wheezing while reading each and every description. HAHAHAHAHHA. This post is pretty old, which explains why it’s /quite/ outdated, but the essence is still there nonetheless.

    First of all, I would like to start with a very big thank you for amusing me. HAHAH. No really, this is very amusing. Secondly, take a chill people, and read it with a light mind. With that being said, read it as just what it is, and you’ll certainly be in a laughing fit for like 10-15 minutes. Sense the sarcasm, the irony, the satire, and whatnot. Third, of course, as an ELF myself, I agreed to most parts, yet also disagreed in some parts. Taking into account that this was posted quite a time ago, they would’ve changed by now, and by that I mean they’ve improved. :)

    Imma just leave a tip for everyone who’s planning to type a long ass message.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT SPACES IN BETWEEN THE PARAGRAPHS. It kinda hurts reading one full block of sentences, ya know. :)

    BTW, just to reiterate, I’m an ELF, a pretty hardcore one. :)

  51. WOW! amazing! You should write more stuff like these. I don’t agree with some but the rest, totally true.

    Let’s start with kibum, I like him but let’s be honest and accept the truth that he’s not really that interested in being part of sj. Kyu, I’m sure he has good
    qualities but he really is a spoiled brat. Sungmin is a macho man, I really dont buy that cute act. Heechul is crazy even he would admit that. Shindong is only funny in front of the camera, in reality he is mean. Eunhyuk is full of jealousy and is a backstabber( this coming from his fellow members). Donghae, he might be gay. He likes eunhyuk so much that its a little disturbing. I found the other pairings to be cute and fun but with eunhyuk and donghae hmmm.

    They all have flaws and evil characteristics (who doesnt) so chill people and for the record, I’m a bitch :-)

  52. I agree about most things but kibum and siwon are ACTORS like the only reason they joined the group was to get more popular before joining the acting world (their company’s decision of course since idols weren’t huge then and sj has freaking 15 members now it was originally supposed to be a rotating group like after school). I mean did you see Dream High 2? that didn’t come out of nowhere and nowadays you would never see a group break up: when DBSK broke up everyone was like holy crap this is scary b/c JYJ is only successful b/c of how popular they were before (without the music shows). also kpop is getting bigger so to dropout from a fairly popular group is just idiotic:siwon (he’s part of the group but we never see him outside of the bare bare minimum side of idolism). also Eunhyuk isn’t that bad as you say: if you’ve ever seen simon&martina there is this one video that talks about how 1/20 men watch porn 4x a week or something in korea so its really common there (probably since sleeping around is like tabooed for most people and you only do it with someone you really plan on marrying… in the US( and other similar places
    ) people don’t get in a relationship to get married which is kind of the opposite of the entire Asian continent)

  53. I’m and ELF but I agree with almost everything you’ve said here. the only thing I don’t agree with is the Kyuhyun part, although he seems like a bratty and is labelled as the ‘evil maknae’ Kyuhyun is not an evil person nor is he not kind-hearted. Although, his personality has changed ever since he was on Radio Star, as Henry said, and he seems to care a lot more about others around him and i think he is just really good at slicing his hyungs with his sharp tongue, but all in a joking nature. I’m seeing that they spoil him alot and let him do whatever, probably before the accident they weren’t very fond of him and now they treat him very well. Kyuhyun was near death so maybe he became more bratty than he was bc of that. Sorry super long comment, anyway I’d like to say that although some parts were biased, your post is super accurate and truthful. And as for the negative comments, they’re obviously just blind to see that their oppas have flaws and that this is just your analysis. I mean if I can see it then so can they. Great post!

  54. Just as many others I have to partly disagree with you. I know you might have read that about 100 times before, but it is true that being objectiv isn’t one of your strengths.
    Yes, there are indeed parts about members of Super Junior that are true, but moreover it doesn’t seem totally correct at all.
    Being an E.L.F. involves things such as loving ALL Super Junior members, no matter if they left or are still active members, but you don’t really seem to love each and one of them – sorry for saying that, I don’t try to be rude…
    You made me think of several things, where I so agree with you, those things, I didn’t even notice before, but then … there’re quite a few members you let seem way worse than they actually are – Siwon IS NOT “nothing” without his body – every member of Super Junior has his own charms, including Kyuhyun’s sarcasm, you let seem as the worst ever.
    I also disagree with your opinion about Donghae – yes it is only your opinion, NOT any truth about kpopor what so ever~.
    Donghae is a totally sweet person – like any other SJ member as well, they all have their “good” and “bad” parts, there’s no “perfect” person in this world, and nobody wants SJ to be perfect either, even though they are in a unique way.
    Thinking about you said Kyuhyun is a disrespectful “jerk”, how can you even write that bad about them and still say you were an “E.L.F.” ?!
    I’m neither Siwon, Donghae, nor Kyuhyun biased, Eunhyuk instead (who is NOT a weenie, or what ever) – even though I doubt it’s necessary to say it, but looking at your results of each member I think everyone is able to find out, who are your favorites.
    So thanks for sharing your opinion, you made me see some members from another angle, whom I love even more now :3

  55. WTF?? Donghae is hideous and has no ass??? lol please!! Donghae´s face is gorgeous, his features are really delicate and he has an AMAZING ass! babe you need to check your eyes. And what about Kyuhyun?? you say he is disrespectful? Kyu is really sarcastic, he is only joking with his hyungs.
    I think both Kyu and Hae are the best Suju members by far, so obviously I disagree with you

  56. This was very nicely written. But why did u have to be soo mean about Donghae, Siwon and Kyuhyun? I know we have our own opinions and they differ but I think they deserve a little more credit. Personally i think they are one of the most hard working k-pop groups. Love every single one of them. Writer-nim i would love to e-mail you. SuJu fighting!!

  57. I had a great time reading this. It was informative. I’v been a big fan of SuJu ever since they debuted. Sadly in Nagaland nobody appreciates k-pop. I think Im the front runner in terms of being a k-pop fan. :D I respect u as a writer but i think u have been a lil hard on kyuhyun and siwon. Talent wise SuJu is not the best but they work hard and put out their best thats what i love about them. For me each of the members are talented in their own way and have captivated me. In the next million years too I’ll still be rooting for SuperJunior. Fighting. Forgive me for my any mistake. English is Not my first language.

  58. Ridiculously biased, loses its props pro ‘honesty.’
    Rating completely loses its purpose picking favorites.
    Bias with hate hypocrisy.
    Proves why you like henry.
    Thats right. No caps
    And how great it shows on his fans.
    Laughed maybe twice after two hundred scrolls.
    Even I was surprised.
    If arrogance has its charm, then you have none.
    How can you take something so easy and do it all wrong.
    Im glad my comment is clever. your article is not.
    i pray for your witty comeback.
    heechul knows how to do vulgar and arrogance right.
    laughing exhaustedly, he would be disgusted.
    he is great, but lady gagas ‘props’ of heechul were so laughably.
    Have no idea why you guys reserve a lotta hate.

    • What does any of this even mean, it is just a very strangely constructed comment filled with allot of fragmented thoughts. We feel really bad for you, if this was the best thing you could come up with then your school and parents have failed you.

      • Listen to yourself. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that you can insult a person so unjustifiably. Save your sincere sympathy for yourself.

  59. You guys get a lot of hate, but I personally think this article is very true, especially about Yesung.

    also, I laughed at your description of Heechul haha love that guy

    Seems like you have a nice sense of humor~ keep writing!

  60. I have to agree with you about how unknown KRY is in Korea. And that really caught me by surprise, considering how good they are! I recently spent a month studying Korean in Seoul, and when asked, I told my Korean teachers and classmates that my favourite group is Super Junior. They naturally go on to ask which member is my favourite (they all know Super Junior). When I told them I love KRY the most, they ALL gave me blank looks as if it was an acronym I invented. Time and again, I had to explain that KRY is a subgroup comprising 3 of their best singers. So ridiculously underrated…

  61. I can see who your bias is! Why would you rate Donghae so poorly, looks wise and rate Henry a perfect ten? Donghae is beautiful and this is not because he is foreign but I would give Henry a seven. His nose is extremely un attractive. I am yesung biased so I can agree with your judgment. I do however believe that Eunhyuk is more than just a wiener…I do not approve of your opinion. You are totally Henry biased, not all of the world is out to get him don’t make out that he is the most victimized person in Kpop.

  62. Actually i found this very amusing to read. Its very honest:D
    though eunhyuk’s was a tad contradictory, did different people write the different parts about his talent, personality, and his info etc? how can he be a dweeb and get 9.5

    other than that i think the main problem people have with this is that they’re just not comfortable with people expressing their honest views and opinions.
    personally i favorite hyuk and kyuhyun. ;3

  63. i disagree from all. i just agree for yesung results. why you so cruel scoring people w/ little score. you`re not an elf at all. especially siwon. in fact if siwon not sj member , sj willnt success,willnt familiar w/out siwon. i think all sj members has 10 pointz for talent,etc. this not all elf choices in the world. this is just ur choice.

  64. Personally, I think the blogger who wrote this is just plain stupid.

    Looks: unknown
    Talents: 0
    Personality: -100000 for being quite ignorant.

    Total: zerozerozerozerozerozero

  65. As big of an E.L.F I am, I honestly found myself agreeing to parts here and there, and wanting to rush to their defense during others, namely Eunhyuk’s portion. Of course, you and I both know there have been improvements since this was posted, and your overall scoring would probably change for some. Truth be told, Super Junior isn’t perfect, and neither should they be, because they don’t need to be, nor do I want them to be. Thank you for this truly entertaining post, and bringing to my attention things that I hadn’t seen for myself before. I am not entirely certain what your ultimate intentions were writing this, but I feel as if that now that I’ve really acknowledged their flaws, I can accept them and move on. SJ has yet to lose their position as my favorite K-Pop artists, and I thank you for your more positive remarks about them.

  66. I know this article is old. I’m new to kpop though, so please forgive my late observations. I wanted to say that this article is especially true now that Henry’s “Trap” has come out. I really love Henry in the MV.

    And, I know you got a lot of crap from Siwonests, but your section about him is *so true*. He’s relatively boring outside of his religion, but his religion isn’t an excuse because nearly all of the SJ members except for Heechul are Christians. On top of that, he’s said some homophobic statements since this article was written, from stating that he “doesn’t acknowledge homosexuals” to yelling an reactionary “NOOOOO!” at a male fan who said he loved him. The latter is more telling since it’s the closest we get to a gut reaction by him about this issue. I think this points to a relatively sheltered upbringing, and I only hope he can gain dimension as he gets more life experience. It will certainly help his career post-SJ.

    And the comment section is *so funny*: ELFS coming to the defense of their “oppas” (who are not connected to them in any personal way so I have no idea why they call them that).

  67. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is outrageous. truth about kpop my foot. I can’t believe how negative and rude you were about so many things. I couldn’t even finish reading this. it’s a total bunch of bull crap.

    it’s sad that you can be so absolute in yoru biases and opinions. first of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you cant say someone is ugly- because other people will find that same person gorgeous! what I find attractive, you may find ugly and vice versa.

    but I really have a problem in that you’re so prejudiced and partial in your opinions… and then so very rude about them. I think what said about siwon just shows your prejudice and attitude about Christians and religion in general.

    and honestly- to give Yesung a 10 on his personality? you already rated him the absolute best voice (while I actually think Kyuhyun should hold that title- at least in my book) so it’s obvious yesung is just your favorite. I mean we are talking about someone notoriously edited out of programs because of his LACK of personality which appeals to audiences.

    I love all of super junior- yesung to siwon to donghae to eunhyuk. and I find this whole article really distasteful, rude, arrogant, judgemental and highly unprofessional. I also find it to be a load of lies- esp bad since it it supposed to be the “truth” about kpop.

    shame, shame….

    • Yes, because we are obviously the only ones who are biased “Mrs. CHOI”… Get over yourself you hypocritical judgemental self righteous *jerk*.
      *can be replaced with a variety of stronger words

      • I find the fact that you are being so rude hilarious… it says so much more about your character. You were/are obviously biased AGAINST certain people for no valid reason. How is this ‘The Truth About K-Pop’?

  68. To sum this up: it’s okay for Shindong to have plastic surgery but not Kyuhyun. When Shindong has surgery, shower him with praise. When Kyu has surgery, a barrage of insults ensues.

  69. Where is the “about us” page? I want to know who are the people who made and write for this blog and titled it “The Truth About Kpop”? I was all for reading a neutral and objective commentary on SJ considering that’s supposedly the purpose here, correct? But it seems the product is just a compilation of popular opinions of fans/stereotyped images by non-fans then slapped with the writer’s own twist of this-is-an-unpopular-opinion-thus-its-objective write-up. Even if this was written in 2011 and some things have changed, most of the “truths” are laughably false even for that time and obvious bias is obvious.

    I was here to read on SJ since I’m an ELF but also took a look on a few other entries and the drift I get is that there is an extreme bending over backwards to criticize the idols who are praised and downplay their talents/charms and uplift those who are underrated/ignored. The writer’s opinions on her(his) own biases are tempered or couched in milder words. So bottomline, the idol you adore isn’t that great and the idol you ignore is the one who should receive your attention. That’s the truth about kpop…lol yeah.

    Sure, delusional fans are delusional but delusional people who arrogantly name their blog ‘the truth about kpop’ and write just as delusional “truths” are much, much worse. Seriously, change the blog’s name to something else like “Here’s Another Pseudo-Intellectual K-pop Opinions’ Blog” because the only truth here is what you make up in your mind.

    You’re welcome.

  70. Henry being the best looking Chinese member in K-pop? Not since Tao & Luhan from EXO rolled in. ;D Plus Lay has a cute dimple like Leeteuk too. That’s worth some points.

  71. You have no right to write this post, because you don’t know much about Super Junior (based on all those thing you say). All those things you stated are neither bias or things that fans made up or from video clips that had been edited before coming out to public.

  72. I laughed, Your post is really fun.
    But I think you were pretty unfair about Kyuhyun and Siwon.
    Far beyond Siwon is the most kind to fans than any other Super Junior’s members, even that ones not so popular (Ryewook, shindong, Yesung), I mean, Siwon is loved by many fans but his truly acknowledge their love . And also he is very hardworking also, if you see his really improve his dancing and singing skills from debut till now.
    Kyuhyun is one of most hardworking member, also talented as well in music. His voice is amazing, Yesung has a great voice, but his voice is very common, maybe because I don’t enjoy his high notes.
    I think you are kind of mistaken about Heechul he has a great common sense besides his craziness.
    Zhoumi and Henry are really lovely!
    And, of course, I think these aren’t hisl true height, besides Zhoumi, I don’t believe they reach 1,80 cm.
    Anyway, sorry for my english, I have a lot of fun reading your post.

  73. I think you’re laying this a little too bluntly. That’s all.

    I won’t agree or disagree with you, because neither of us knows them well and therefore you can’t judge them so hastily. And neither can I. I just wanted to let you know that I respect your opinions, but please be a little more careful in your choice of words so there would be less unpleasantness.

    I am truly sorry if I showed any disrespect in my comment.

  74. I only followed Super Junior for about a month so I can’t say I know them very well but there are some parts in your post that I disagree with.
    First of all,Heechul is not crazy.Actually,he may be the most sane member in Super Junior.He knows when to stand up for himself and his friends .He’s the only proof for me that this boy group is not just a money-making machine made by SM Entertainment but have their own ideas and feelings.Not only himself,he influences others to do the same.Like Hangeng,at first he was always hiding in the back.But Heechul taught him to speak for himself and not to be scared,so he bravely stood up and filed the lawsuit.I am not saying I don’t miss Hangeng with all the other SuJu members together,but if he really is treated so badly,I think he did the right thing.
    Secondly,I think using faker to discribe Sungmin is a bit too harsh.This word is really hurtful and I think you should avoid these choice of words in the future although I do agree with you that Sungmin probably is not all cute and bubbly in real life(and I hope that is true beacuse it will be really scary for a 20 something guy to be like that).But back to the point,even if this is just fanservice,you should not call him fake.
    Thirdly,about Kyuhyun.Really,where should I start?First of all,his life is never easy. When he was young,maybe,but never since he joined Super Junior.Do you know that at first when he joined,most of the already existed fans don’t like him just like people used to dislike Henry and Zhoumi?Even some of the members have trouble accepting him in the beginning.He didn’t have a bed for about six months and slept in a tent.He worked super hard to get accepted.Then came the car accident in 2007.He was the most injured and had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from broken ribs, and facial scratches and bruises.After the operation,he should stay in the hospitol and rest but instead he went to train after a few months.Second,his voice is heavenly.I admit Yesung has a good voice but Kyuhyun….is just perfect.Sungmin,Ryeowook,and other members has always complimented his voice.(Especially Sungmin,it is funny to see him fanboy at Kyu’s voice^^)Thirdly,he is not rude,he just like making fun of others.He knows the limit of others and he respect that.So what if he don’t use formalities?Some children nowadays call their parents by names.So what if he likes to make fun of his hyungs?That just shows how close he is to them.I wouldn’t tease you if I don’t know you,right?
    Above are just my personal opinion.Don’t like,don’t flame.

  75. I think its good but you only write only what you think of them.. Many bad description of them like Siwon is not talented or Kyuhyun is the perfect result of plastic surgery. You dont know the truth of them so you only write what you know and what you know! Sorry for judging but I dont like this post for all. :/

  76. wow.. actually i can’t comment after read this. and thanks for how you’re describe them. i think that’s nice input for me, to adjust them (even i’m SJ’s fans) more objective. but i think all SJ’s members are grow up much more now. all of them tried to more focus on their own path, not disbanding but for their own specialities/ talent. sorry for my bad english

  77. PS: it took me a good 10 minutes to calm down before I can write politely HAHAHAHA at least, I hope its polite?

    Teuk: I totally agree with you with every single thing.

    Chul: Your comments caused to go LMAO but that must be perfectly normal seeing that just his face alone is enough to make me laugh XD but I just want to add that this guy is a TOTAL CAT HAHAHA. And also this fearless diva literally ignored SM and went against all warnings, keeping in touch with JYJ and even promoting Hankyung’s album at his radio lol have to love him yeah

    Kyung: Okay. Here is where I start to disagree with you. Firstly, “Hangeng is nothing but Heechul’s bitch.” Personally, I found that a bit offensive yeah (sorry I’m a bit particular about use of the term bitch >.//<

    Kyu: (most of the comments I'd read seemed to have revolved around this kid so here goes) To begin, are you anti-kyu or something? .___. Sorry if the question is rude and stuff but yeah I can't help but ask that. I mean, I personally found it a bit unfair since I think kyu deserves a way higher rating for appearance. And about his singing. If yesung's voice is soul-touching, kyu's voice is just warm by nature. BUT! There are songs that kyu sings that is just the tocryandtodiefor type, like literally! I don't really get why you would get the idea that he doesn't try to put in emotions when he sing so yeah… if its because of yesung I just want to say that its sort of unfair to reject another person's talent just because you like the someone else's more right? As of the plastic surgery thing, I don't get the fuse you are making (or at least, giving me the idea that you are). I mean, so what if idols have plastic surgery? If they are brave enough to take the risk why not? Just take a look at SNSD. Compared to them, how bad is kyu? But the main point which I was rather angry (even pissed, I admit) at was about your description of kyu's personality. "We can not think of a single incident where Kyuhyun has actually been kind-hearted, or even acknowledged some sort of existence of a heart." … Do you know kyu in person? If not then how could you make such (unfair) judgments about him? Even if you don't like him I totally find it rude of you to call him heartless. If you can see through kangin's tough cover why not kyu's evilness? This maknae is super rude, but but but! How could you not notice the tiny signs of affection here and there? Yes, he most certainly do not hold back in words when talking to the members. However, one doesn’t chul do that all the time as well? Why was it fine to you then? Just because he's older? Also two, his teasing and rudeness is always well restrained and he never goes overboard, yes? You don't see the members getting really angry at him (I mean, speechlessness and slight annoyance, yes -like duh- but you never see the members being really pissed at that) In fact, this maknae is literally showered in love by his hyungs. SJ loves their maknae, so why are you so… I dunno… rejecting about his presence? And also, kyu is only rude to those people he is close to, like SJ & DBSK. You don't see him talking back to the elders and sunbaes they invited to SJ Foresight and Immortal Song, do you? And as for why we love kyu, its just simply because we are able to see just how sweet this boy is at heart (which he most certainly have one, I thank you).

    Mochi: Same as zhoumi, I can't express just how thankful I am for you showing your support for them as part of SJ :) But this brings me to my point about how obvious your biasness is displayed in this post. To be dead honest, if you ask 3000 people who is more handsome, Siwon or Henry, 2500 will tell you its Siwon. No reason. I mean, it may not be such a major contrast but you get my point? I understand that you have biases and stuff but really, there may be non-ELFs reading this to gain background knowledge and I certainly do not think this is a very good post since it doesn't present an objective view (sorry but its just really how I think) But yes this kid deserves every single bit of the 9.9 points for talents ^^

    SJ KRY: "There is probably no K-Pop group, male of female, that could match Super Junior K.R.Y.’s vocal excellence. " I beg to differ. Have you heard DBSK singing before. DB5K, I mean. I agree that SJ KRY is amazing as a vocal group, but there is no way I'll agree that they are the best. I've heard my fair share of SJ KRY songs but almost none of them really touched me. DBSK was the real gods of kpop, and they definitely have a lot of hardcore reasons why they still have that name. Like, have you heard Love In The Ice (that harmony)? Have you heard Doushite/why did I fall in love with you? Have you heard Tonight and Stand By U and Oh Holy Night and Magic Castle? Have you heard their live versions of Mirotic and Rising Sun (where they danced that kind of choreograph and yet hit literally every single note, including those legendary screams)? Just my opinion though. I think it’s a lost for anyone to like kpop yet not know of DBSK haha. Oops did I just get carried away by my cassiopeia side haha sorry.

    On the general note, first thank you for your effort in doing all the research and stuff yeah. Around 50-60% of your post is rather accurate and the rest would be your biasness in action (or the better way to phrase it will be expressing your opinion excessively LOL) but yeah on the overall I'll say its quite good I guess. People have different opinions and we just need to learn to accept them, or plainly speaking learn to live with them.

    And I apologize for the ELFs that were more blunt in the express of their opinions here haha :) We are a defensive fan club, and I hope you don't really take them too seriously yeah ^^

  78. yak…what do u mean sungmin is a faker???
    he doesn’t act cute..he is cute..!!
    i’m sure that u don’t have half of his cuteness..
    and he’s not a faker..
    don’t write an article like u know them personally..
    u don’t have rights to judge them..and give them point..

    then i give u minus ten for itellegency..
    u’re idiot..b*itch..

  79. there’s a reason why Kyuhyun is highly praised by his senior in musical, recently by Kim Tae Woo, invited to guest in UV concert, Yoo Jong Shin concert, Jungyeop concert, and getting featured in Yoo Jong Shin monthly project, and Yoo Young suk’s project. Those are few examples of his activities throughout the years. You stated that Korean is all about respect, if he is as rude as you make him to be, how can he survive in the industry and able to collaborate with many other senior artist outside of his company. Are you going to claim them as delusional fans ?

    He nowadays is loved by Korean public despite of the poison tongue idol image in Radio Star, certainly Korean public see something in him. I dont give a fuck about your assesment about talent, but you dont know about their personality. What you’ve assessed are their image from your perspective. I can’t say what you have said is totally wrong, because I too havent met him in real life, but there is a reason why Super Junior Kyuhyun is loved by his fans and able to survive in the industry and even able to push to his comfort zone as a singer and into a musical actor and National broadcasted show’s MC. I’m positive that’s not 100% from talent, but also from hardworking and support from people around him, junior and senior who know his real personality beyonde the image.

    I know maybe you’ll hide behind the cliche statement of “freedom of opinion”, but i wrote this as an insight for you, so you can grow up as a person, from someone who see something in a narrow perspective and state an opinion without any objective reason, to a mature person who bear responsibility and state an objective reasoning behind an opinion.

      • To Thepeachesandbagel: Then why don’t you edit it to fit the present situation of Super Junior? You seem to be quite active on here, considering the number of slightly-nasty replies you have given. It’s not so much “The Truth About K-Pop” if it is severely outdated. I know you can’t constantly update every group’s bio, but its been 2 years and you’re still here, finding the need to respond negatively to a reader’s constructive criticism. As a fellow writer myself, I know how hard it is to be criticized, but responding in such a manner as you did is uncalled for. Read the last line of her comment again, dear, and take it with a grain of salt. I don’t think she was intending to sound rude.

        Now, about the actual post- I found it mildly entertaining, with your snarky descriptions and hilarious evidence that support your score. Sure, it was opinionated, but occasionally crossed the line into downright assumptions. How do you know for a fact Sungmin is a “poser”? There is a difference between cheeky guesses and absolute ultimatums, and your tongue-in-cheek conclusion came off a bit too demeaning and authoritative. Sure, I don’t know him either, but to too make such a cruel label about the kid is just harsh. Tone down the offensive language, or change the misleading title to fit the contents (I believe there was a suggestion further up- why don’t you start there?).

        I didn’t create this post to offend you, by any means. There were positive aspects about it that I truly enjoyed, especially the bits about supporting all 15 members and Mimi’s description, in particular. Your passion for writing and supporting Super Junior really shows, and that in itself is an admirable trait. Rather, I intend to provide constructive feedback as an objective reader, not an ELF, that you can use to improve your writing skills. Like I said earlier, take it with a grain of salt.

        And a little tidbit of information and a suggestion for a farewell, Super Junior frequently refer to themselves as “oppas” when interacting with their fans. They’re not the only group; their hoobae groups SHINee and EXO do as well. Now, for the suggestion- I think it would b fantastic if you could include information about their fanclub as well, and a tidbit about their saesangs. It would do so much to deeper the article, to shed light on who the boys interact with with the most. Anyways, that’s it from me! I hope that when I check back here in few months, this article will be updates. :)

      • This is by far the most ridiculous comment ever made on this blog, we took forever to write this post and truly cannot be bothered by it ever again. No one has the time for that, and you as a “writer” should know that.

  80. To add on, after Kyuhyun’s accident in 2007. Kyu was actually only supposed to return onto the stage after a few monthes or so.. But he was so excited to go back up onto the stage that he returned and performed for the ELF before he was even supposed to. And have you(writer) bothered to ever look up and find out about Kyu and what others say of him?
    different life than him, he would show a lot of curiosity towards that person.
    Because he has that talent of making people feel comfortable, he makes a
    person that he sees for the first time disarm their guard. Also, once he
    becomes close to someone, he will take care of that person forever. I think
    it’s an amazing skill that he’s able to meet people despite his busy schedule.” — Seo Kyungjong

    “Kyuhyun plays pranks one me all the time, but when I’m in a bad mood, he
    always stays by my side to comfort me. A few days ago, we stayed up till the
    break of dawn just talking. At that time, it just felt like we were friends [not
    co-workers].” — Yesung “The member that I would want to become the most is Kyuhyun. I really want
    to bear all his pain for him.” — Siwon

    “But… Kyuhyun is really very cute. When I was first chosen by the company,
    I really didn’t understand a single word of Korean. And the company had us
    take a sort of trial photoshoot, and then it was me, and Kyuhyun, and a few of
    the M members. I couldn’t speak Korean and he couldn’t speak Chinese, and
    we all ordered food, right, it was pork chop with rice. He sat down next to me,
    and I was like, hm, because I didn’t recognize him. He’d only just debuted then. Then he cut a piece of pork chop. And after he finished cutting it, the
    first piece, he picked it up with a fork and fed it to me. At the time I thought,
    wow, even though we had a language barrier, but after this incident, I just
    thought, this boy is so cute. He’s a good person.” — Zhou Mi

    “Kyuhyun is someone to whom I would run immediately if ever he needed me.
    We have a lot of similar interests so we get along well. He’s my closest friend
    and has a really good voice.” — Shim Changmin

    “I learn a lot from Kyuhyun. Sometimes he feels like a dongsaeng,
    sometimes like a hyung. But he’s a friend too, and I really like him. I also
    love singing with him because I think he has the best voice out of everyone.
    Ah.. he has a great voice, and he is a friend with lots of dreams. I love
    Kyuhyun and I trust him as much as I trust Teukie hyung.” — Ryeowook

    Also, have you ever met him live before, he’s one of the sweetest person ever! And about the thing you say about Kyu having an easy life and he knowing it… I beg to differ. Try being in his shoes. Try it, he has been through more then you have ever been through. Things you can never imagined. Don’t find the need to tell u anymore, if you even bother to find out more about him. Trust me! You will love him for sure. That is… If you have a heart.

  81. I think that despite these sometimes hilarious observations of the super junior members, they do not appear to be suffering in any way from the more unflattering comments. Their popularity is still huge and Donghae is getting more and more modelling contracts (lots of magazine exposure, despite ugliness), same for Siwon who’s acting career is doing really well at the moment. I also do not think of Donghae as being unattractive, despite large mouth lol, he is clearly a very handsome man. Same for Siwon. Not everybody is beguiled by Eunhyuk’s ‘gummy’ smile or Hangeng’s (not that attractive – to me) face. I dont know them and so cannot comment on their personalities – only from what they say about each other, which could be half truths or complete lies – who knows!! How they appear to me is Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Khyhyun, Shindong, Siwon, Kangin, Heechul and to a lesser extent Henry are larger than life characters and so dominate when they on shows. The Likes of Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Zhoumi, Sungmin are quieter and tend to leave the more confident people to speak and consequently can be rudely commented on in front of cameras (Eunhyuk saying Ryeowook can speak poisonously to members, whatever Donghae does is always made to look annoying by Eunhyuk/Shindong, Yesung ridiculed by Shindong/Siwon for being different ???, Khyhyun commenting on certain members best and worst traits, the list goes on!). Like any group of people, some appear more arrogant whilst others seem to lose confidence.

  82. I’m sorry but i don’t agree with most of this… I mean everyone has their own opinions but I don’t quite see eye-to-eye with yours. I know Super Junior are not perfect, but they are not “tone deaf” or “fake” or any other of the things you may have called them.

  83. I’m sorry for saying this.. I’m agree with you in some way, but are you donghae and siwon”s hater? You tell about them so badly.. Are this is because they are the most handsome member of Super Junior? Sorry to say it again, but you really too much when talking about donghae’s appearance. It seem like he is so ugly.. He is better than others, you know!! Pease, be fair. aND ABOUT YESUNG, HE IS NOT UNPOPULAR MEMBER. He is very popular in Japan and Indonesia.

  84. You do have some good points, but the overall look that you have is very one-sided and biased. You judge the book by its cover, not really looking deep.

    When I’ve read “Though we rarely got to see Hangeng as himself, rather than just Heechul’s pet”, I really LOL-ed. Are you are a HanChul shipper? It seems that only these people cannot see Han Geng as himself… I can only pity them.

    And you obviously really don’t like Kyuhyun, and never bothered yourself to look through the “evil magnae” label (which is complete bullshit).

    About Siwon – I see that you wrote the article in 2011, and Siwon proved himself to be a good actor. So he is not all talentless, as you imagine :) Though, he’s being overrated, that’s true.

    • To be honest, my bias is Kyuhyun. But the rest of the group are very close to my heart. It seems as if the writer of this article is an anti-fan of Kyuhyun. From the article, it seems that the writer have never ever met Kyuhyun in real life before huh? And Hangeng is Heechul’s what!? It really seems this writer is a very bias person, rude and selfish.

  85. Gotta admit, some of them are true. Even though i’m an ELF, i agree that Siwon’s body is scary.
    But i disagree about Yesung’s appearance and popularity. He WAS unpopular, but not anymore now. And his face, he is not that handsome since he got chubby cheeks, but he’s still handsome of course.
    And, Kyuhyun is not that mean! He’s disrespectful but he also has a good side! People know him as a disrespectful maknae and he has to go with it and keep that name. It’s his role.
    Just like Sungmin. People know him as the cute one so he has to keep that name.
    But i agree that he (Kyuhyun) is LONG. I also want to add, he has long FINGERs.

    Btw, what do you think about Super Junior’s talent?
    Some people said they have no talent.
    If they are, do you think they’re the worst or is there any K-pop group that’s worse than them?
    Not that i agree with that. I think they have talents but since i’m just a teen, i don’t know much about talent things. But some people hate them because they are not talented, that’s why i’m getting so curious. Are they that bad?

    Sorry for my bad English! But hope you’ll understand.

    • Because the group is so large their extremely talented members can be overshadowed, but on an individual basis certain members of the group are wildly talented. Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook in their singing Hangeng and Eunhyuk in their dancing and Henry in his allover skill in music. This is not even considering members like Leeteuk in his MC-ing abilities. Though this is not taking into consideration the fact that some members have little to no substantial talent.

      You English is actually quite good, in fact far better than many native speakers we know.

  86. Thank u so much for sparing ur time writing this article about SJ. U do lots of research n put ur mind about them in such interesting way ^^

    This article make us realized that our boys are just human! They have strong and weak points. But those even make me love them more!

    As an ELF, i love them all :)

    Plz for SJ fans, start to see them as a whole n love them all

    They are improving n working harder. Even siwon too, he gets better in drama :)

    In a group, i think it’s common to have own’s charming. They have parts on their own. As singers, as dancers, as spoke person, as mascot, as instrument player, as composer, as lyrics writer, etc. I think that’s ok if each member didn’t have all those talent. N have own’s charms

    Better focus on the strong points that our boys have n support them always! As being a celebrity n being in entertainment industry is so hard

    I love SJ forever ~ thank u SJ for being part of my life ^^ ~~♥

    SJ daebak!

  87. i read only the member i interested in.. and i have NOT your opinion on some member..

    first i take such member i have not much to say about them:
    ia a big F A K E!!
    He smiles in your face and is fake behind… Even other members always laugh at him when he sudenly change his voice when they tell him “This phone call is beiing filmed” So i have nothing to say to him as i think he is a bitch who date secretely everybody!!!

    I NEVER liked him!! He is known as the Prunk king. And everybodyy find its funny.. But what is funny about to hurt people. And a Prunk EVER hurts.
    Next thing is that he have some scandals not beeing good to woman and being a rasist. I think everybody knows his scandals very well!!

    I like him BUT i think he is RUDE!! And dont forget his drunk and run away car accident!!! BUT he is still regreting it, and i like it.

    How cant u like this cute boy..??? ok i aswell dont really like how he looks like BUT i L O V E his heart. And he makes my day awerytime when this sweet kid laugh. I laugh with him and i cry with him!!! I love the way he is!!

    Ok now i come to “difficult” members:
    i hate him not because he is fat, i hate him because of his ugly personality!!
    U seems really have forgoten that he sad to a girl she should lost wight. And its ok for him beeing fat since he is a man but a girl HAVE to be skinny!!! And his appologise WASNT one because he try only rescue his ass!!! He made its even more worse saying he would say to his gf to lose wight and she HAVE to be pretty!!! So plaese what do u like at someone like him??? I am schooked! And he had a rasism scandal aswell with Heechul, Teukie and Yesung (?)

    ach yeeees Yesung..
    i forgot he aswell dont like fat girls!!!! But i like him…

    so finally i came to
    ehmm what can i say??? 1. I love him 2. I hate him!!!
    I love his face (keke). BUT!!!! He is really the one with the most scandals!!! Not that he aswell dislike fat girls.. No it wasnt anough, he call Miss A Suzy fat!!! It wasnt profesional and a mistake it wasnt aswell!!! Its not up his buisness how her wight is!!! An his apologize was like “how can i save my ass since we are on the same show” i mean WTF!!
    And when u think that was the biggest “mistake” of him.. NO one point i still have:
    He called his own SISTER “UGLY” !!!!!! How can someone be like this????
    Even his member laugh and prunk him on a show saying he is thinking he is GOD!!!! And he want hear from the stuff that he is nice!!!! :((((( i hope he will get “normaly” in the army.. back on earth but from what i heard is that he is the leader of his army group aswell!!
    Next point is his RUDE attetude! Still remember like he delivered the closing speech instead of Tiffany at ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’? He and the Director hat no right to do it since Tiffany was the MC for the Event!! Or he could talk to her BEVORE or let her speak out and make then his own speech.. BUT NOT ACTING LIKE THAT!! it was unprofesional aswell!

    At this point i came to the point that he is (sometimes) not a good leader! A leader should can control hisself but Teukie becomes agressive and violence.. And he is kind of proud because of this!!! Right now i thinking at the Enthyun incedent!!!

    His April telephone prunk wasnt funny aswell!! And he didnt even apologize!!!

    And the rasism scandal he have with the other 4 members..

    The last one is my personal thing: I hate the Taeyeon scandal!!! Why????
    Because i still love him!! DAMN how can this be???

    From the post before this seamce to be that u dislike other opinion as yous but i hope u keep it because of “the right of free meaning”

  88. P.S. my previous comment’s probably going to get a gazillion thumb downs. It seems ELFs have hi-jacked this page and are thumbing down every comment which says they liked your post.

    …that was unrelated to anything, sorry, I just felt like adding that in.

  89. This. Oh my gosh, I can’t even describe how awesome that was. Priding myself on being one of those (RARE) ELFs who don’t get butthurt over objective comments, I admit I was a teeny bit shocked about some of your comments. Then I admitted that you have a very valid point and started laughing over some of the awesome things you said. Eunhyuk’s concave bottom, Siwon’s expressive eyebrows etc., and – this was the best bit – the Animal Crossing insert, with Donghae the Dab. You got me, right there.

    Pure brilliance. As a non-hardcore ELF (maybe that’s why I’m more chill that most?), I completely agree with your analysis and dub thee amazing.

    Now I’m off to go check out some of your other group analyses. =)

  90. When I first read the beginning, I thought that this was a well-written article. But once I got to Kyuhyun’s part, I honestly beg to differ about, literally, every aspect of it.

    First off, in your summarization of everything. You described Kyuhyun as “Excellent Plastic Surgery Result Kyu”. Are you serious? “Excellent Plastic Surgery”? Okay, yes, the only place he got plastic surgery was on his eyes, where he got double-eyelid surgery, but so many people get double-eyelid plastic surgery that it barely matters. Don’t you know when he first debuted, many people actually hated him, one of the reasons was regarding the fact that they thought that he had plastic surgery on his nose. He actually ran out to everyone, screaming that his nose was “100% natural”. Now please don’t tell me that you think THAT is plastic surgery. Please don’t accuse someone of having plastic surgery, especially of having an “excellent plastic surgery result” when you have no proof of it.
    And really? “Kyuhyun does not have the masculinity to be a Buck”? Watch any live performance of Hot Times, any live performance of Bonamana, and please tell me if you still think that he’s still a “doe” – and a weak one at that, according to your connotation of “doe”.

    I can see where you got the idea that Kyuhyun’s singing “lacks pathos”. It is unfortunate to see that when Kyuhyun is singing ballads in music videos, such as for “Miss You” by SM The Ballad, Kyuhyun truthfully does not have much facial expression. But, his singing is “so painfully flat” and he has “no emotional pull”? I disagree, strongly in fact, with you. Go to Youtube and find any live performance of his solo song, “7 Years of Love”. He sings that song with so much emotion, especially at the end, that he is capable of making anybody cry. Also, listen to “Let’s Not”, which is a ballad in their Sorry Sorry album. Kyuhyun sings with so much emotion in that song. Are you still going to say that he puts so “little effort” into his singing?
    In addition to that, you wrote this article in November of 2011. Kyuhyun was already on Immortal Song 2. Did you not see him performing Etude of Memories? He put on such a beautiful stage, and he put so much emotion into that song.

    “He just doesn’t have the effort to try harder”? Really? When he first debuted, Kyuhyun’s stage presence was not that great, I can admit that. However, through Immortal Song 2, you can see how much he as improved, how much EFFORT, you can see, has been put in to carry out his performances which impress so many people. For example, look at his performance of “Pretend Party”. He is a ballad singer, and yet, he is singing rock. He doesn’t even use falsetto to reach that last note, which is extremely impressive already. I’ll repeat this again: he is a ballad singer, and he transformed that song by Kim Wan Sun into a rock song. What place did he get? First. He IS capable of greater things, as you said. But unfortunately for you, he DOES have the effort to try hard, to reach places where it may seem impossible to reach. Also, look at his performance of “Too Much”. That poor boy couldn’t even rehearse because Super Junior was making a comeback with Mr. Simple. But he tried. You could see his hand shaking, you could see how hard it was for him to perform. But still, he executed that last note like there was no tomorrow. Even at the end of that performance, you could see how exhausted he was. He put all his effort into that performance. Are you still going to say that “he just doesn’t have the effort to try harder”? If you are, I’m afraid you’re going to have to check your definition of “trying harder”.

    He is NOT disrespectful to everybody in Korea, the country that is all about respect. He only treats his bandmates “evilly” because he does love them dearly, deep down. You can’t think of a “SINGLE incident” where Kyuhyun has “acknowledged some sort of existence of a heart”? Well, I’ll give you PLENTY of examples. Look at him on Immortal Song. He respects ALL of the elder singers, the “sunbae-nims”, if you will. Look at Super Junior’s own show, “Super Junior Foresight”, where they invited elders only. Kyuhyun treats them ALL with respect. Never has he treated them with disrespect. Beg to differ? Find an example of him being disrespectful to his elders. I’ll change my mind if you can find one. Also, look at Heechul’s last performance of Mr. Simple with Super Junior. Kyuhyun was CRYING, during the performance, and AFTER the performance. You can’t think of a “single incident where Kyuhyun has acknowledged some sort of existence of a heart”? Think again.

    You asked why “his fans still adore him despite him being a complete jerk”? Of course you may ask. I, as a fan of Super Junior, will give you that answer you’ve been, seemingly, EXTREMELY desiring to know. Reason: he’s NOT a complete jerk. He is NOT sarcastically snotty towards his fans. You make him sound shitty. Is he? Have you ever been to a live performance of his? Have you ever been to a fan meeting of Super Junior? Have you ever even PERSONALLY met him? We love him because he is a GREAT singer, and his personality is great. Have you ever seen his innocent and cute side? Obviously no. Inexplicable reason? I think not.

    Although this is already 2013, I honestly hope you will see this comment. Basically, rethink your opinion on Kyuhyun. I would be happy to respond to any retaliations you have.

    • Oh, just a clarification: As Super Junior was making their comeback with Mr. Simple, they had so many rehearsals to attend and so many preparations to make. He was so tired that he couldn’t even sing in the Immortal Song 2 rehearsal. Which emphasizes the fact that Kyuhyun put A LOT of effort into his “Too Much” performance stage.

    • Thank you! Truly thank you, finally someone who helped to speak up for Kyu. Relax, this writer is just plain bias and selfish. <3

    • Kyuhyun is known as the second most hardworking person in the whole of Super Junior! ;0 How can anyone not love him? He is such s beautiful person <3

  91. Poor Siwon, I’ll have to defend him a little, at least the physical part.

    After only 2 weeks listening to them (I know, I don’t know enough), I realize that he isn’t the most skilled member, but you’ll have to agree that he’s the best dressed. Let’s just say that his body is well build, not strange, he’s pretty normal, not exaggerated, he works out more than the others, obviously…

    And I think that he has a different voice, maybe he just need to work on that, if that don’t work out let’s hope that he’s a good actor !!!
    Sorry for not agreeing with most of the article, like I said, I don’t know enough about the members.
    Just felt sad that most of the fan girls apparently doesn’t like Siwon, again, poor guy!

    • “To each his own.” This seems to be the statement the bloggers want each of us to understand, that everyone has their own opinion but sadly their acts are ironic. They reply rudely to those who think their statements are foul and thank those who think their review was great. Where’s the freedom of the people of USA there? Hahaha Really, immature fools like you are so amusing. Grow up and get a life.

  92. This article was really entertaining to read and I was honestly highly amused by it, not in a bad way though. I thoroughly enjoyed this review and I completely agree with what you guys said about Henry. He is unfortunately extremely unapprreciated. Well honestly, some parts of this blog entry seemed a little mean, but it’s actually not to the extend where its downright rude. It may be because I’m overly sensitive, but ‘faker’ is actually a really hurtful word, and I hope you guys’ll try not to use it. I loved this review and I appreciate the effort you guys put in! Thank you guys for being simply lovely <3


  93. omg i totally agree with you on the article, especially on kyuhyun’s rudeness. i was nodding my head along while reading this article. one thing i disagree on is donghae’s looks! he’s one of the most good looking member of suju! that’s only my opinion tho :)

  94. I can’t tell if I like this or not, I have a feeling your bias is Henry? but you seem to hate on everyone else apart from him?
    Don’t get me wrong you have good points for them all but if you look at it the way you have you have made it out to be be Super junior is awful and the only person who should be in it is Henry? I agree Henry is fabulous and some of the others aren’t amazing at singing and dancing but they clearly wouldn’t be in the group if they didn’t input something quite important. SM wouldn’t waste money on them if they didn’t.
    Some of your opinions I agree with but some I can’t make my mind up for. But other than that I actually think this is really good I actually enjoyed reading it apart from certain parts.

    • We are not henry biased but he is one of the few people that is just unbelievably talented. So much so that our priase could be seen as favortisim. So few people appreciate him and zhou mi, we felt the necessity to explain how fabulous they are.

  95. I’ll be honest, the first time I read this, I was mad. But now that I’ve read it again, I’ve come to realize that you guys are right, about a lot of things (esspecially how scary Siwon’s body is!). The things you said about Henry and Zhou Mi made me very happy. You’ve done much justice for these two, who absolutely deserve more love than they receive. As a Honey, I’d like to thank you for that.
    I’d like to ask you something (this is just out of curiosity). In regards to Heechul’s danceing, or lack there of, if the car crash that injured his legs didn’t happen or at least didn’t ruin his legs, do you think his dancing would have improved from the time of their debut to today? Or do you think his dancing would not have gotten any better? This is just for my curiosity.
    Please keep up the good work! ^^ You’ve done a fine job.

    • Oh we wish all of our readers would be as rational as you.
      We think that as ryeowook and yesung have improved heechul would have as well. Obviously not to the level of eunhyuk or to tue level of being called good but he would just logically have a larger range of motion that would improve his form.

  96. Hi! I will start saying that I’m not a native english speaker, I live in Italy and I discovered this blog a month ago. I absolutely loved it, it’s my favourite blog ever, your reviews are by far the best and I really want to comunicate with you because I think you’re such an intelligent and nice person!! Please get over my horrible english, I study hard to improve but I’m still not good at it. sorry -.-
    I love super junior with all my heart and I absolutely adored this post, maybe because you recognised Yesung’s amazing talent. I’ve NEVER heard a voice like the one he has and to me he’s the best singer in kpop. I just can’t get why people don’t recognise his talent, how can’t they see that?? Are they deaf? They don’t know what they are missing. He’s my bias along with Donghae :) I know that you don’t think he’s really handsome but I find him very good looking, but it’s just my opinion and I have to respect yours. I find him really adorable, but again, it’s just my opinion. finally I think heechul and leeteuk should really have a 10 in looks, because they’re really handsome. Heechul maybe deserve an 11 just because he makes you think he’s at 11 level xD
    Bye!! Much love from Italy <3 <3

    • Your English is great, we would not even know that it is not your first language.
      But we seriously cannot say how happy your comment makes us, it is so refreshing for someone to say anything nice to us.
      Thank you so much for your comment! :)

  97. This was one of the rudest articles that I’ve read of Super Junior. I understand almost all of the opinions that you have, but I feel in my right to demand more respect when you write your articles and opinions. Shame on this.

  98. About Yesung……you realize he’s like one of the top 4 most popular internationally right? He used to be unpopular but at this point, he’s def one of the most popular members. He’s the most popular in Japan where his Opera cover sold out the fastest and at a higher price than all other members and his individual Mr. Simple cover was tied with Kyu for the 3rd best selling out of all the members. He also gets the most recognition for his vocals over any other member since he’s included in like almost every best idol singer list whereas Kyu and Ryeo aren’t always. Alot has changed for him since debut, he has ALOT of fans now.

  99. I was okay reading Leeteuk’s ,Heechul’s ,yesung’s etc comments .but i was so shocked when you said Donghae is not handsome ! are you serious ?! omg ! “Without the aid of makeup, Donghae is sadly just hideous. His skin is very blotchy and gray; not bright or sexy at all.” ergh !! sorry to ask but are you blind or something?? ><

  100. you people are the ones that are disrespectful! How dare you call sungmin a faker. And you people also made jonghyun and minho (from shinee) look like complete losers! BIAS is the right word. And by the way, siwon’s face plays a part too! Not just his body silly people!

  101. Okay. I don’t want any hate but props for talking about how Donghae isn’t really that handsome! But how dare you take away Key’s title of Almighty Key when it wasn’t even you who gave him that title! And if you are going to give the name Almighty to anyone it can’t be Donghae! I appreciated the honesty about Ryeowook’s <3 singing. Kyuhyun isn't that bad okay! I have a big problem I must address. EUNHYUK IS AMAZING. He is extremely hot, talented with a great voice and amazing dancing skills. He can't go to his full potential or else he would blast out Heechul and Yesung. Wookie is a good dancer. Not the best but he is good. He tries. Sungmin is not FAKE! Eunhyuk might be a cry baby but he is not a dumbass okay? This isn't the truth about Kpop! This is simply you bias opinion about this.

  102. *telling me to go away from english article. yeah, its all my bad for not commenting the full comment. And I’ll stop here, as I see you’ll never accept anything that I say and continue to say my english is bad and I dont understand the most of the words here, maybe you’ll call me pathetic again? whatever, just continue what you’re doing since I dont care anymore. at first I’m doing this not because I’m SJ’s fans, but because I’m a blogger too. But you said that you dont care, fine then, continue to think what you want.

  103. Hey, the reply button doesnt come out so I’ll reply you here, my reply before didnt come out so this is my fault, I’m sorry.
    But then, I’ll tell you something, I was just being humble. I said my english is bad? I was just being humble. I CANT ACCEPT YOU TELLING ME MY ENGLISH IS THAT DAMN BAD WHEN ENGLISH IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE FOR YEARS. I was being saying my english is bad even I said sorry, but there you are insulting me and even telling md to

  104. Oh yeah, one more thing, I read comment below me. If you think research only to make people thing that you are wrong, I dont see any reason to say that you’re correct either, moreover because for me you only wrote what you know and what you think. There’s no other opinion except your own opinion. I will never make this as a reference. And I suggest you to never show your biasm in writing a post.

  105. I’m sorry, but from what I read here, you only write what you want here. Kibum participated in dont don and marry u, as far as I know, thats SJ’s 2nd album, even if he only done less participate, the thing is he was participating.
    Then, dont you think you write about this from your point of view ONLY? Here I’m telling you, dont ever judge things from your point of view only, now you see people disagree so much abt this. And somehow your biasm is too much shown here. Siwon broke leeteuk nose so you decrease his points? Do you think he purposedly do that to leeteuk? I dont think so
    People will judge that you’re being biasm
    Here you’are also saying that kyuhyun is the perfect result o plastic surgery but you didnt write that he only did his eyes and no more. What if other people who’s not SJ fans see this? They will think that kyuhyun did 100% plastic surgery and else. You’re also judging kyuhyun’s voice, you never watch him on IS or what? Do anything without effort? I bet you dont know that he’s crying when he said that he’s not well known and only spent his day in the dorm. You’re saying Kyuhyun became a game freak ever since he was hospitalized? No, he’s already a gamer ever since he’s at the elementary school.

    • Okay as we have said in our last reply a couple seconds out of 50 minutes of music is not participation its obligation. While seriously learn how to spell, and correctly use the English language. Because there are quite a few sentences that make zero sense in your comment. While you better get your shit together before freaking out on a stranger. You as a Super Junior fan should know that “#1 result of plastic surgery Kyu” is one of his hundreds of nicknames GIVEN to him by his group members and we remember correctly specifically Kangin. You should also know that kyuhyun’s addiction to games such as star craft was fueled by Kibum who introduced it to him when he was bored in the hospital. So really maybe you and other “elf’s” should do some research and stop attacking us. By the way biasm really really really is not a word. At all in any way. Bias is like present tense and biased is the past tense so… why? The only thing worse than you really demolishing this word is the fact that you continuously use it.

      • I already thought that you’d reply something like this. Well, I admit my english is not good. And what you mentioned in your reply? I know all abt it, its okay though, I already get used to this kind of reply since this kind of reply is just a typical reply from people who make this kind of post, I’m not saying what you wrote there are all incorect, but your review from me is just a nonsense review (except abt the group review, I’m talking abt the member’s review). And for your information, biasm is already a well known word, so you’d better learn what kind of words that exist in this world right now. Thanks to replying btw, and you’d better stop that sh-word too, if you said my english is bad, then for you, I’ll say that your choice of word is bad. Sorry for grammar mistakes

      • Biasm is not a word at all, if people use it then they are fools. If our information is correct then you and no other person has the right to be upset because it is therefore the truth. It is really not our problem if a stupid little prick cannot handle words that are not even curse words but simply just words. We cannot even fathom what your problem is other than being an annoying little turd.

      • Well you can see, you would see we have done nothing of the sort. We really don’t understand why fan girls insist on being the most insufferable group of people on the planet. Maybe it is because you are so submersed in being infatuated with complete strangers but serious you and others like you need to take a long look at you pathetic and misguided efforts at preaching to people who seriously don’t care. If you are not very good at English than don’t read a blog in English and then harass the owners because you can’t understand the satire, or actual connotations of our word choice.
        And seriously go make a friend or something that will actually benefit you in the real world, instead of bothering people who don’t like you.

      • You do know that’s a lie, right? Kyuhyun was an addict since he was a kid basically… He has admitted saying he couldn’t play with friends so he could play games instead

  106. even my bias is yesung..but i dont think that yesung is “that” good looking…..yeah he is handsome and cute at same time

    and honestly i dont agree with your faked sungmin….4 year old donghae..etc…
    i love suju as a group and i think its good that each member have a different personality

    and about talent….dont just look at singing talent..they have their own talent….

    but yeah people have their own opinion

  107. I’d like to know where you got your information from since Kibum had a rap in Don’t Don (and therefore contributed vocally to the second album) and since when is the violation of human rights a childish reason for a lawsuit?

    • So let us see if we can understand your logic… You are saying since kibum had a lets estimate 4 second rap out of a 4 minute song, and that one song out of well over one hundred songs, therefore means that he has value as a music artist.
      And it is called life, shot happened and nothing can be done about that so instead of wasting everyone’s time just live with it.

      • Actually, no that wasn’t what I meant at all. I was just pointing out that your comment about Kibum only being on the first album was wrong… Also, you didn’t answer my question about Hangeng..

      • That is what you meant since that is indeed what you wrote, and how can you justify he has had actual input into the group after the first album. He is practically 2 songs and has less than a line between those two songs. While we did reply to your comment about Hangeng, we are sick of the bullshit from every party. What does SM do??? They make people famous, if people want to be famous fast and they join SM or YG or JYP they surely know what they are getting into. Everything has a price, to them the Marginal cost of in short their freedom, is worth the marginal benefit of fame and recognition. So yes it is childish to start bitching about something half way through, over something as frivolous as doing a drama. We are not saying we hate Hangeng or anything but we find this drama these “artists” create with their agencies to be utterly insufferable and in plain terms bull shit. So please do not try to pull any of that ultra-liberal human rights shit with us, because this is by far not the worst atrocity that has ever occurred in human history. And even classifying it as a human rights violation is asinine, because human rights violations are for example the segregation that existed in America, slavery, the Holocaust, the Rape of Nanking, etc. So we say grow up and deal, because yes life does sometimes serve you a raw deal but as the phrase goes “SHIT HAPPENS”.

  108. Heechul’s talent 3.9??? are you just trolling or real completely retard?? he’s the only suju member who does all the entertainments! song collaboration, movies, dramas, radio DJ, MV, gag show, not to mention all the variety shows where he became MC and made some members came out as guests! oh, and don’t forget he also KING of imitations as well! sure he maybe lack with the dancing skill, but that’s ok since u already knew the reason..BUT giving score 3.9 to kim heechul’s talent is just…sooOooooOoo…completely blind & retard!

  109. Man, you’re funny.
    You have your own opinion on Super Junior and I have to agree with you on some things but do some research will you?
    You write these things like you would know it all. Some things are terribly wrong and you’re too biased.
    I cannot take this article serious nor can I take you, the author, serious. Don’t you have better things to do then write a stupid article about Super Junior? And the fact that you can’t take any criticism makes it even funnier.

    Can you just stop writing these stupid articles? Or just stop BASHING people. What do you want to accomplish with this?

    • We really don’t understand why people say do your research, but give no examples of what is incorrect. It is a completely empty statement that only attempts to try and make others think we are wrong.
      While as we have told others we don’t fare what they think, this statement includes you. And BASHING is when we would be taking out our anger on another person’s site.
      What we do with our time is none of our concern, while don’t you have anything better to do than read ” a stupid article about Super Junior” and the comments attached.
      Really who are you to tell us what to do it is actually the single most annoying thin your asinine part of your comment this condescending command is just rude. What nerve you have ordering others around? Really tell us what in your mind makes you so superior.

  110. really than you for your hard work I think super junior is the best group I really love all of them and my nu.1 is ye sung he is the best ever and I think he is popular now and he is not the lest popular now he is famous Ireally felt very sad when he was unpopular but now he is famous and all of super junior are famous and really thank you

    • What did you say? I couldn’t quite understand.
      Like, I know you said “It’s funny how everybody is agreeing with this article,…” but after that I couldn’t understand. What do you mean “the BigBang”? Are you talking about the theory or the actual kpop group? I’m guessing you were talking about the kpop group, so what did you mean after that? Did you mean that it’s funny how everybody is agreeing with this article about Super Junior and not about the article on Big Bang? Or WHAT?

  111. There was some things in here that made me laugh and some that made me want to cry a bit… After reading up about Yesung and the comments for it, I’ve now confirmed my crush for him. But along with that– I think it’s a bit harsh to label Minnie as a faker. He knows he has to uphold an image and use his aegyo like he does but even though that’s not his real personality, when his real one does shine through it’s really fun to watch! Regardless of what personality he has, he should get credit for having such a fun and cute one either way. And another thing is I don’t really see how Eunhyuk is a cry baby. Granted, he is gullible but that’s what makes him him. He’s just sensitive in a bit of a naive and innocent way. But I really disagree with Donghae’s review. I think he looks adorable! I never liked him with long hair because, much like Minnie, he has soft and cute features so it only made him look more like a girl. I think his smile, given that it is huge, is something that shows his uniqueness. He has an adorable and precious smile and it melts my heart every time he does. It’s innocent and really genuine. But I have to agree on Sungminnie’s ass comment…. Eunhyuk does have no ass and so does Donghae so I’m not disagreeing there. ^^ Just irritated that it’s true >,<

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  113. Hello~
    I just want to say I CRIED while reading Yesung’s profile. Finding out that Yesung is basically ignored breaks my heart. He deserves much more.
    Like the K-Pop’s Top 5 Male Vocalists Singers page you posted, I agree 100% with your opinions good and bad.
    Now if you excuse me, I must go get a tissue♥
    P.S. This is now a website I visit frequently, thank you so much for posting….everything.

  114. Wow. I randomly came here and read this whole article. It was a pretty interesting read. I laughed at parts and some parts made me sad. It just punched a hole in my heart when you said Minnie was FAKE. Well I think he was trying too hard in the past to be SUPER DUPER Aegyo to keep up that image. But nowadays he’s showing his more manlier side. But you can tell that he is also just naturally cute. And thats what i love about him the most. His sexy manliness and cuteness equals prefect in my heart. The part about his Butt just made me laugh. HAHA.

    Props on writing this, its super LOOOONG!!, I always enjoy reading others opinions even though it might not match with mines.

    THANKS! =)

  115. I agree with the majority of what you said here but I’m not going to comment on what I disagree with since I am well aware of the fact that I view most of the members with rose-tinted glasses (Eunhyuk especially).

    You mentioned that you hadn’t really seen enough of Shindong’s and Eunhuk’s dancing skills to make a full assessment and I was wondering if you had seen the Star Dance Battles that SJ participated in. I’m pretty sure Shingdong and Eunhyuk were in all of them and the serious performances were amazing, also there is a dance that Shindong and Eunhyuk performed on Stark King together that was great too. I’m just mentioning this because they could help with your assessment of their skills.

    Also, I personally think that Siwon shows more personality when doing SJM promotions in Taiwan/China than in Korea…. which is weird.

  116. I actually laughed like crazy as I was reading this, but when I scrolled down to comment, I read a few (comments) and was a little disappointed. I do agree that it is your blog and it’s easy to not read if you don’t like (why bother commenting to flame?) but I think that sometimes people were just sharing opinions. My opinion is: why enable comments if you don’t want to acknowledge them?
    But I’m not looking for a fight.
    I LOVED seeing that someone else liked Yesung so much. He really is one of the best (if not, just the best) looking member/s in super junior, and I do agree that his voice is by far the best. Truthfully, I was drawn to the group from the song ‘Why I Like You’, and that was only because of Kyuhyun’s vocals. I really love his voice, but I also agree that he is lazy with it. There is ZERO emotion in his performances. It really shows when Yesung sings before/after him – it’s really cringe-worthy.
    After Yesung, Zhou-Mi is my favourite personality-wise. I think Henry would take first if I saw more of him; he seems really funny and a bit more down-to-earth, but I don’t have enough to back up these assumptions. Clearly Henry is the most talented: that’s not up for debate. Also, totally agree with your assessment of Siwon. Shisus, he’s so incredibly useless as an ‘idol’. Maybe give him some acting classes or leave him as a male-model – I think his image would sell stuff in Korea, right? (though I shouldn’t judge, seeing as I haven’t seen him act).
    Donghae and Eunhyuk I just don’t like. I’m not particularly fond of children, no matter how naive and well-meaning they might be. I actually think both of them are quite ok looking, but in comparison to Yesung, I don’t understand why they get so much screen time. I’d much rather see Yesung just sitting, waiting for a dance break to be over, than look at these two (even though I don’t consider them ugly, like I said).
    Kyuhyun is actually the reason I got into any of Kpop. I really thought he was the best looking guy I’d ever seen – personal tastes only, my brain KNOWS he isn’t – and when I found out he is insanely rude and sarcastic, I only liked him more – I might be slightly guilty of the same crimes. But I totally see your point. He is a bratty guy, or, at the very least, strives to create that image. I’m not sure whether he’s lazy or not – he seems like he worked on his dancing, which is a lot more than a lot of idols do… – but he seems to be far too proud of his singing skills as are. I think this might have something to do with half the members in his group adding to make about 20% of his vocal ability (yes, *this* is probably laziness).
    Anyway. I laughed the hardest at the summaries of the members. Most at;
    Hangeng: Beijing Fried Rice.
    Kangin: The last true man.
    Eunhyuk: Anchovy dancing dumb-ass.
    *Siwon: Nekid man.*<——–THIS
    Kibum: The Normal One. <———THIS (again)
    Kyuhyun: Excellent Plastic Surgery Result Kyu <—–LMAO (cos it's true)

    • We simply enable comments, for people who can appreciate the satire and wonder of our posts to share their respect. But we refuse to accept any form of insolence, for this is our domain and the main reason that we created this blog was to simply let these insane and completely blind fan girls see a view point that while masked by humor is just thoughtful observations. As for our commenting back to flammers, they are rude, insufferable, and somebody must put them in their place. They blindly take out their rage on this blog and we shall stand for nothing of the sort!

      While many many thanks for your support. For we know the rarity of a level headed person who likes k-pop. And we do sincerely find it monstrously refreshing for someone to say that they laughed when they read this post it was our whole point in working on this post for such an extensively long period of time.
      Once again many thanks.
      <3 P&B

  117. I agree with practically everything you said here! A lot of people in the Kpop fandom seem to hate on SuJu because of a few members-more like 2-and their crappy title releases(their other songs on the albums are good!) but contradicting popular belief, I actually think they are talented, and just because most of their members can’t sing doesn’t mean they are completely untalented in another field. And if you don’t mind my asking, when is the next group review coming out? And are you going to do one on Shinee, TVXQ, SNSD?

    • We already have don’t shinee, snsd is being worked on right now, and at this point we really are not even looking forward to the process of even thinking about dbsk but probably will be done by the end of summer.

  118. I’m a Cloud, Angle, Jelew, Fish and String! How can anyone not like Yesung!?!?! He is my FAVE! He’s SO gorgie!! :D And his dance is AMAZING omg! And I love his voice! It’s brill! And Lee’s dance is fabbo to! He is gorgie too! And Eunhyuk is amazing! They are SO harsh on him!! EVERY BOY LOOKS AT PORN! It’s a fact! Doesn’t effect HIM in ANY way!! And him being a weenie is CUTE! After hearing that makes me wanna hug him SO bad! They are SO harsh on him! :L And with the Sungmin thing, any proof? Wasn’t enough for me to believe. Add the fact that Donghae looks like a fish is CUTE!! :D And Henry is just… Amazing… BUT! The people who gave him hate I HATE! I think they were messed up :) This was all very intresting, and helpful, but VERY harsh! :L Overall Usefully but need more proof(: I LOVE YESUNG! ELF <3<3<3

  119. Thanks for sharing this. I share many of the same thoughts on some of the members. It’s clear you have your biases, as do all of us. It was fun reading your witty comments. BTW, couldn’t agree with you more on Yesung. He’s perfect in every way. He’s gaining more popularity now, especially in Japan where he’s #1. Yeah!

  120. While I agree with some of your comments I do feel that I should point out that I disagree with certain things. I accept your opinion but that does not make it the one and only truth.
    For example you said Shindong never really shows his dancing skills, are you aware that he choreographed SJ’s U? Or with Eunhyuk that he choreographes not just for SJ but also other groups?
    As for calling Eunhyuk a dweeb… It comes across to me as very immature. To be honest I feel that half this article could be written by my 12 year old students. Also the way you react to people who call you out on certain things or that dare criticise you is behaviour fit for a hormonal 13 year old teenage girl. (your behaviour is worse than my students)

    You also mentioned that SJ has something for every girl, I personally find this very wrong. None of the SJ members are my ideal type, I like guys who are tall (near 2 meters since I am the same height as Siwon) with a cute and fun personality but also a dark side that will fight for me, and protect me from myself. I like aspects of each member and if you could mix them you’d get my perfect guy.

    I started out as an Kpop-anti in general but now I love it and I hold several groups very close to my heart, one of which is SJ. I do realise they have their faults and flaws, just like any other person and or group, but the way you present them in this piece of writing is unfair and to be honest quite biased. It’s like you have selective reading skills, you only read certain things about SJ that you like/dislike and things that don’t fit in your picture of them are disregarded.

    This is my opinion which I have a right to express just as much as you have in writing this blog. If you want to attack me like you attacked those other girls/boys who criticised , please do because I really don’t care. You need to learn to respect others opinions. I worry for your future

    • Since you obviously saw this coming here is your very own “immature” reply:
      I really pity your class if you are a teacher as you say, because it must be absolutely god-awful to be stuck in a class room with a condescending bitch for 180 days a year. Then we arrive at the point, nobody cares what you do for a living. Even if you are a teacher, you have not even a stitch of authority here on our blog. Nor do we frankly give a shit that you are some judgmental condescending bitch. Trying to assert your pathetically weak authority granted to you from being a government employee that for a few hours a day can control other people, in a blog that not only do you not have a stake in but where your opinions don’t even matter and are not welcome is shameful.
      Arguing with teenagers is also just pathetic, for you are an adult and at the minimum of your mid-twenties. Trying to shame us is futile, for we are completely secure in both our writing and debating abilities. Since you obviously read our previous comments, you have made note that we have never lost an argument, and do not plan to. It is not childish to defend our opinions and of all the people that have commented on our blog negatively, as you have, we refuse to endure any insolence on our turf. This is our blog, for us to write in how we please. So as we know you have read before in our past responses if you don’t like it then leave. We hold no gun to your head forcing you to read this post or anything that you do not like. Furthermore, if you or anybody wants to express your opinions than we suggest you or those other people to make their own blog they are free here on wordpress.~ This blog telling only of the truth, is no place for an insignificant feeble-minded fangirl’s delusions to be displayed.
      Do you really believe that an irrational, what we are assuming public school educated, 12 year old could write with such finesse or grandiose? No we sadly have to call you like many others, some-what illiterate, can you not see the obvious and intentional satire present in this article? If you read the whole thing instead of oh reading what you want, then you would also see that basically the whole post is a joke. But as we have learned to our disdain only a select few have the ability to comprehend the humor that is oh so drizzled through our blog.
      Whilst the 1st Amendment requires freedom of speech for all Americans, that is a double sided sword. If somebody would like to come into our blog, which was only created to be an oasis of the stupidity and overall vileness of the current majority of English speaking K-Pop fan-base, and for example call us names or be a condescending bitch then we reserve the right to respond how we see fit. Much like the, what I consider to be fantastic, Stand Your Ground law; we fully reserve the right to as we feel necessary protect what is our joy and property. If an opinion is wrong than it is our duty to alert its holder of its inadequacy, our dream is to reform the fan-base of K-Pop so it is something we would be proud to be part of.
      Lastly you should not worry for our future, because we are independent and strong individuals who do not concede or compromise. If more people in this glorious country cut the crap, and showed a bit of realness then I am sure The United States of America could easily return to its former majesty and prove to live up to its title as greatest country on the planet Earth. Because we are citizens of such a magnificent country we can say whatever we want and you need to respect that. You will never find us going to others blogs and start trashing and attacking them, so please return this sentiment and do the same. I am actually upset that a person that believes that one should not protect themselves when under siege is teaching children. If you want to be an arrogant condescending bitch and bestow onto us your contemptuous advise to “respect others opinions”. We have only the advice: Thou shall not throw stones from glass houses! By insulting us on our blog, are you not breaking your own creed of respect? Just food for thought.
      ♥ P&B

      • 1. I used to teach as a student teacher, I no longer teach for I have chosen a different career path but I do stilll tutor.
        2. I am only 22 years of age. As for the great USA, for your information I live in the glorious place known as Europe. To be specific The Netherlands.
        3. Your writings of “finese and grandiose” as you call them are fairly amusing and in no were near Pulitzer prize worthy.

        But on another note,”We are The Peach and Bagel. P is The Peach B is Bagel P&B’s job is to inform the masses about the truth. With unbiased commentary. Fair and Balanced. We report and You decide.” is what you write at the very top of your blog. Therefor you give an open invitation to critise and/or share our opinions with you. If you don’t like this you really need to consider changing that bit.

        You say you wrote this as an ironic piece but where is the irony cause I only read sarcasme in this piece. As for insulting you, that was not my intention. I mearly felt that I should express my concerns and opinion in a clear way, your reaction on the other hand shows me how easily you are peeved and handle criticise and this is also why I said I fear for your future. You need to resort to calling people “some judgmental condescending bitch” and “an insignificant feeble-minded fangirl” while I never in anyway called you names. This is why I called you immature, you react by assuming things and calling names and basicly making things up. Sweetheart, you really need to lighten up. This is the internet.

        As for “the creed of respect”, I respected your opinion and never disregared it in anyway, you are the one disrespecting others by calling them names and reacting in the way you do. I simply pointed some things out, whether you do something with it is your own choice.

      • Thank god you don’t live here, because this country has enough of its own leftist self righteous condescending bitches.
        Furthermore, you can not compare people from different countries let alone different continents. An American and a dutch person will be raised and act differently.
        While I personally have always wondered why exactly people feel the need to comment negatively about anything, and there seems to be 2 types of negative nelly’s, one being to stupid to know they are a nuisance and people like you. Because we know you don’t care about us, we know this blog really doesn’t bother you that much, the reason why you do this is for attention. You like any other bully, just wants attention from others, and going on a blog where you see that had behavior is responded to signals to you that you will get attention from its hosts. You are pathetic and acting out, so someone will show you attention.
        But once again we don’t care… About you or your insecurities. So please leave.

      • ♥ P&B?! is this a joke! after what you have said? dream on! You still expect people to like you? No way! You people are damn CRAZY! And stop trying to deny you being biased against another group. Writers like you deserve NO respect from anybody.

      • It is actually pathetic you read through what, 30 comments just to pick a fight. Just go away! We don’t need the attention let alone respect from a worthless person such as yourself. So do not order us around like you have any authority. We really suggest that you quit the unhealthy behavior of searching for unprovoked fights. It is childish and just plain annoying.

  121. First of all bare with me for my English, it’s not my main language, so if you read funny thing and if the sentence structure look weird, it’s cause of that, but I always try my best…
    Second just to let you know I save that picture of Siwon and Toys R Us mascot ( Geoffrey) I’m working for Toys R Us so it make me smile to see that ^_^
    Last point, I’m not totally agree with you about Donghae appearance and about the fact the fan doesn’t seem to love yesung, the fan love him but he his underrated by his own company ( that’s what I think) for the rest I’m more than agree with you and I really like the fact you include ZhouMi and Henry in the line-up instead of putting them after ( like I did ^^’)
    ohhh real last thing : Are you planning to do all the k-pop group or only the popular one ?

    • Firstly we think you mean *he is* a sweetypie. For a sweetypie would be what you are compairing him to, while his is not the contraction you are looking for. He is = he’s, the apostrophe takes the place of the I in is and combines the words.
      While the fact his is a pervert does not negate the fact that he is a sweetpie. And being a pervert is not really an insult; we are both perverts, we are sure you are a pervert, all of Super Junior are perverts, all the people in k-pop are perverts, it is a part of life to have sexual thoughts for we are all human beings. And the sole purpose of living is to reproduce and continue this race, hence perverted and sexual thoughts are quite necessary. Thought the point can be brought forward, that according to every member of Super Junior Eunhyun is an exceptional pervert. We are sure they all enjoy the consumption of pornographic material, being men with needs, but the meer fact that his consumption is notable, is a disturbing fact. Upon this subject he even admits to watching it as a child. But you do not own him, nor do you even know him; so we really find it quite pathetic you take offense to a simple comment that is not even an insult, but a fact. So really all we have to say to you is: lighten up. It is really none of your concern.

  122. I hate Eeteuk because he rude and unfunny. I hate Heechul because he is a faggot.
    I hate Hankyung because he Chinese.
    I hate Yesung because he is a sodomy.
    I hate Kangin for been rude.
    I hate Shindong for being a hypocritical and fatty.
    I hate Sungmin for being fake aegyo.
    I hate Eunhyuk for being ugly.
    I hate Zhoumi for being Chinese.
    I hate Donghae for being a gay.
    I hate Siwon for being a homosexual.
    I hate Ryeowook for being a tranny.
    I hate Kibum for being rude and impolite.
    I hate Kyuhyun for his face and fat lazy ass.

    • We really do not know what your problem is, but people like you are disgusting and fowl. You are repugnant and just plain offensive, the simple fact is if you don’t like Super Junior then don’t read an article that is clearly titled as a dedicated Super Junior post. We don’t understand the reason for commenting on something you don’t like, it is a waste of everyone’s time. But we can not even give you the advise to read something about what you like, because the very fact you are able to speak like this is vile and repulsive. You are a pig and should be ashamed of your words and actions, because this comment makes you look like an absolute ass. You disgust us and do need counseling for your anger issues. How can you even function in today’s society as such a disgusting bigot.
      This comment is repulsive and this world be a much better place without a pig like you inhabiting it.
      We commend your parents for raising such an outstanding individual. And we surely are glad that the amazing United States of America permits foul human beings like you to act in such a manner.
      Good day. And we ask you to refrain from ever commenting on our blog again.

      • This person who posted this must be from Korea as you can tell from the username and illiterate English, and not from the states. I’m not going to bash this person for their poor grammar since learning another language is hard being that I’m a Chinese native who moved to Canada.
        This comment is just racist and rude and homophobic. Comments like this are what make people believe that all Koreans are racist homophobic-which I don’t think is true.
        I really hope that this comment was from a troll hoping to get attention, and not a Korean Shawol.
        I guess Shawols are the most delusional and not elfs or sones.
        I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

      • Even if they are a non English speaker, it does not excuse them from an attack on their grammar and spelling. If anybody is going to come up in here and start talking shit, then all courtesy is off the table. Because people. Ike that don’t deserve kindness in any sense.

  123. i’m like 50 50 over dis article. There are somethings that i agree with and smthings which are excessively wrong. The fact that u r not willing to accept criticism is a major buzzkill. Evrybody has different tastes dats y evrybody has biases. I mean not evry1 falls in love with the same person so therefore u should respect others words. Ur way of writing certain things is a little too disrespectful .. examples “Not only is Eunhyuk a weenie, he is also a dweeb” den about him being a dumbass, hae being “hideous” , kyu being “Excellent Plastic Surgery Result Kyu” sungmin being fake, siwon being “tone-deaf” , ryeowook being distant with his fans, members not potraying yesung in the good way and soo many mre.. criously u need to check up on a lot of facts. i think cuz dis post is kinda outdated (and i found it just now) there mayb changes dat need to be put. When ur putting up a review it should be totally totally unbiased and i kind of get the vibe dat u dot a lot on zhoumi and henry and kinda hav a grudge about their talent just being showcassed during sj-m and at other times being discarded. Also all ur appearance ratings are kinda odd. I criously am not a fan of siwon but i agree with the fact dat he is the most handsome out of all of sj members, and i love love zhoumi but his nose criously creeps me out smtyms and henry is soo cute but in no way would i rate him 10 and say he is da most handsome. Donghae has da face of an anime character (asians love dose kind of structures) and he looks really good when he doesnt even try much. and tho yesungs voice is pure eargasm his cheekbones are too high.. there is a reason y he has stuck to pretty much da same hairstyle over all dese years. mind u all his hairstyle literally carve da face dat we see, otherwise his face structure is very different, and da members do not put him in a bad light , ts all friendly banter. The magic about suju is dat dey r da nly group where members instead of helping and backing each other actually end up putting their own members into the most embarassing situations by revealing the most embarrasing things, dey r da people (who in order to make their fans happy) dress up as vegetables and other outragious characters . Then about kyu being a plastic surgery result , mind u he’s nly gotten double eyelids done dats it ( tho i’m not a kyubiased but i want to say dat when he smile he literally radiates), heechul and teuk hav also gotten nose jobs tho. and da most rudest thing u could ever tell fans was not to be “delusional” about kibum’s return .u said dat it never felt like he was a part of suju, but i think u gt da wrong concept i feel kibum never was cut out fr being an idol but da reason y he stuck around till even the 3rd album was cuz of the members. he will always be a part of sj . Its not like i disrespect ur opinion but i do not like da fact that u did it in the first place, i mean how can u even “review” “people” whom u’ve never met. U should not make presumptions about their personalities based on just shows and on little things dat others mention. i agree every1 has da freedom to express what dey feel so dat is y i thot i should write what i feel about this entire post. Somehow dis post in a want to be “different” frm others ended up dissing da most popular members, it feel like a protective post towards yesung,shindong, zhoumi, and henry.

    • Simply because of the sheer lack of logic and senseless in this comment we are going to break down into easy to follow bullet points.
      -What the hell is wrong with you, why did you replace 90% of the TH’s in your words (for example: dat and dis).
      There is no reason why you should be speaking like this, it is disgraceful. Grow up and become literate, because this is pathetic and frankly disgusting.
      -On top of that blatant disregard for the spelling of the simplest of words. Your overall ignorance in both grammar and comprehension of the English language is shameful!
      -Now that we have briefly vented about our furry about your caustic misuse of English. And the fact that this is the internet does not give ANY person the right to overlook the rules of the English Language. So grow up and speak normally, otherwise it makes you look even more increasingly like a fool.
      -We do not have to take criticism, because we are right. This post is genius, and all who have refuted this simple and clear fact is just blind to brilliance and obviously has no taste.
      -And above that it really is not our problem who people like and dislike. If you can’t handle the truth then don’t read it. Because it is called life: shit happens that you don’t like.
      -While the statement “I mean not evry1 falls in love with the same person so therefore u should respect others words”. We can’t respect others words on our blog, for we are the ones who are speaking. And if you want to use this logic, then respect our words.
      -Do you even know how to read? Because the way that you interpret our words shows that you obviously can not mentally link words together to create a complete thought is disgraceful. People like you make us furious because you don’t read. Because if you read the whole article and understood it you would see that we actually like Super Junior. If you looked at this piece as a whole, and not just excerpts of what you wanted to see, then you would know (like our literate readers) that this whole article is basically a huge joke. So for God’s sake lighten up, because what is the real buzz-kill is getting comments from people whose head is so far up their own ass they can no longer properly read their computer screen.
      -From this comment it is obvious you didn’t even properly read the post so we won’t even waist our time trying to set you strait.
      -There is a vast gap in your logic and a plethora of incongruities in your comment, for once again you did not read ! But then again it is impossible to argue with delusional people.
      -Is there a problem with being kind to those who deserve it? It is not biased to be nice to those who are nice.
      -Lastly, how will you even function in the real world? If this post hurts your feelings so much, then let us look at the facts that the world is critical. Grow up it is just asinine to have this idea that they are perfect beings. What you need is a reality check, because you venting all this anger about our post is not you actually being angry about this post itself, your own problems and issues that manifest themselves in the form of an obsession with these men. Now we will not delve into the problems that you so clearly have, we shall bid you farewell with the advice to just not get your panties in a bunch. Your opinion really does not matter to us, and how could it you talk like a 7 year old with a lisp. No one will ever be able to take you serious if you continue to carry on in this manner. While we do feel quite bad for you, because you wasted probably an immense amount of time telling us how you feel. We don’t really know if you didn’t catch this underlying drift that simply: we don’t care. We do not care about the completely over-board reactions of some pathetic weeaboo, who is so diluted that they think we actually give two-shits about their poorly stated opinion.
      ♥ P&B

      • genius. just genius.

        i apologize to the girl because i didn’t read her post. instead, i read the reply. it was much easier to read. :3

        still, the reply was a genius. i bow down to your vast amount of vocabulary. nice way of handling things.


      • Why thank you good sir or madame!
        It is so reassuring to know people understand and appreciate our efforts to create a better fandom.
        While we do consider you lucky and smart for not reading that hot mess. It was so badly written, it was almost at the point of being vulgar.
        Once again many thanks~

      • First, there is nothing wrong with using words like dis and dat it does not make you stupid. It’s slang and where I people use those words all the time. And let me assure you that they are successful in life and very smart.

        Secondly, we all can read and it’s not that we hate your opinion(at least I don’t) but it came off as rude.And it don’t come off as a joke like you said it does. We all have a different sense of humor and most of us didn’t see that as funny. If you would have said that it was a joke in the article then I think you wouldn’t have got so much hate.

        Lastly, I like that you don’t care what people say about your opinion but you wrote an article made for people to see why would you not care about the viewers opinion. That would make this blog only for your opinions and/or for people who agree with you.

        I’m not trying to attack you. I like the idea and the fact that you made this article and the work you put in. It just didn’t come off as you were trying to portray.

      • The French take their language seriously and expect only perfection in concerns to people speaking and writing, we take this sentiment and apply it to English. Their is no reason to replace a th with a d it does not make sense, and really does make people look stupid and ignorant. In addition we have a fairly substantial foreign following and we really really do not appreciate these comments that would be detrimental to their knowledge of the English language.

  124. although this article sounds rather biased, but I kinda agree with most of your opinion.

    as much as I love yesung’s voice.. I feel that he’s sometimes very messy with his pitches. his range is fantastic and so is his falsetto.but only when he gets the right pitches. when he’s careful, he’s very good. while kyuhyun, he has a beautiful timbre that easily liked by general audiences. he diplayed natural talent with pitches and knew how to use his voice. however, he’s improved since debut in several aspects of performing, but not with his singing technique. I think he is just too lazy ;P. still… with only trained for 3 months I think kyuhyun was blessed with a lot of talent.

    lastly, I totally agree with your opinion about KRY. I think every member has different characteristics/ color of voice. that’s why I would not say which one is better singer, bcs it depends one someones’ taste.

  125. I completely agree with this, it was cool :)
    I’m a GamerCloudSiwonest but I have to agree with your views on everything, I didn’t actually notice the whole Donghae thing till you pointed it out, completely agree♥ I’ve seen so many of these but the others are EXTREMELY biased. Loved it, thanks for posting♥

  126. Well I still think this is partly subjective and most are opinions. but that’s okay because we’re all human who has their own thought and opinion. And you’ve shared your own thought, and I’m not going to change anything because it’s your own thought. And it is hard to give an objective review to a person especially an idol we do not know at all behind the scenes because we’re not there with them 24/7.

    But I’d like to say thank you for praising Yesung here. well, he’s my bias and what makes him attractive to me is his personality and voice. I didn’t even know his face when I fell in love with his voice, just listening to his voice I already see him attractive whatever his appearance turns out to be (that was my thinking when I first heard his voice in ‘It’s you’)
    And the fact that he’s so filial, humble,sensitive, and friendly + really caring to his member makes me adore him even more.. ^_^

    I enjoyed reading the Yesung one :)

  127. err… what does SP means? i saw it in Yesung’s talent part.
    anyways, though i’m not saying everything is how i see things (everything is subjective), i must say i agree to most thing here, if not all.

    and i really, really want to hug you for taking yesung’s visual into consideration! i mean, he’s very handsome! i don’t know why people can’t see that. /sobs

    oh, and i’m a Yesung bias and you made me happy with this review!

  128. When I entered the site, I thought it was something that really fair, first read about Big Bang and soon came to see this on Super Junior. Only then I realized that here has NOTHING impartiality. You really are a kpopper?! I thought even then that the kpop was united, where fans not to speak ill of the bias of other fans, but that’s not what I found on your site.
    I am Jewels, Petal and Gamer, I was not even a little comfortable with your comments about Kyuhyun. He is just a boy of 24 years, he is different from all k-idols, this is his way. He is not someone with no heart as you say about your personality, you really know something about Kyuhyun?! You know how much he spent to get where he is today?! Well, to give you an idea, he dreamed of becoming a singer, her father was totally against, so he made ​​a deal with his father that if he could pass in 1st place in the music college he could pursue a career. He did. The Kyuhyun can not please everyone in his way, he really acted in an arrogant way at times, he is sarcastic, he is well. But he’s a great kid, he is someone who deserved respect. Why is it really good.
    About his talent … The Kyuhyun has one of the most beautiful voices of Super Junior, and her thick, yet smooth, causes a good feeling when he sings thrilling even older. I know from my own parents were excited to see Kyuhyun singing, while not liking kpop.
    Appearance … How can you find Kyuhyun just loud?! Have watched the smile that boy?! In the eyes?! Whether or not we see his body, his smile is worth more than anything. That’s how much it differs from some k-idols that most fans only like because of a cute little body.

    • Well as we tell all other delusional fangirls if you have a problem with our blog then you are in fact the biased one, the fact that you think Kyuhyun is perfect means that obvious you have severe mental problems and we suggest you seek immediate help from professionals. And there is the simple fact we do not want to be “Kpopper’s” it just sounds stupid. And we assure we that we are far above tacky and meaningless guises for being a weeaboo. We already knew that fact about Kyuhyun so you are not schooling anybody here, in addition we don’t hate him but more see his true colors. He is a typical spoiled Asian boy, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact we find most of his, though mean, witty comments quite amusing.

      • Sorry, but you’re quite mistaken. I did not say that at no time Kyuhyun was perfect, because in my view, no human can be perfect. I am also to inform that I have no mental retardation or psychological problems, and this has been proven. ^ ^ ‘
        I said he deserves respect, you did not take into account his talent, perhaps because it has a certain dislike for the boy. Kyuhyun’s voice is really perfect, I’m not talking about why I am Gamer or anything like that before I even knew who was Kyuhyun has enchanted me by his marvelous voice. Yes, I thought wrong way you evaluate things and it does not make me have mental problems, just makes me a person with opinion.
        I do not think Kyuhyun is a “typical boy Assiatic” he is more than that. He is not “just above”, he has a nice smile, nice eyes, nice legs, he’s beautiful. Show me a boy Assiatic like him and believe what he says, talk to as many Koreans and Japanese and they always say they think the beauty of Kyuhyun adimiravel different, because it really is beautiful.

      • You completely contradict yourself when you say that you did not call him perfect and then literally 1 sentence later you indeed call him perfect. Then just analyzing the fact you think his voice is “perfect” makes you delusional. Because his voice while good is a far cry from being perfect. If you can not accept the reality that he is not perfect which is fact not opinion then that is insane. Because if we may quote you “Nobody can be perfect”.
        While on the subject, have you been previously suspect of being mentally ill…? Even if it was proven wrong, you have then been thought to be insane by others as well. Meaning there probably is a problem with your mental health status.
        “I do not think Kyuhyun is a “typical boy Assiatic” he is more than that. He is not “just above”, he has a nice smile, nice eyes, nice legs, he’s beautiful. Show me a boy Assiatic like him and believe what he says, talk to as many Koreans and Japanese and they always say they think the beauty of Kyuhyun adimiravel different, because it really is beautiful.”
        As for this whole portion we don’t understand at all…
        what is the word “Assiatic”????? and what does this even mean “typical boy Assiatic” that, is this even a word?
        Then bringing us to the conclusion that you have no idea what the concept of what quoting is, because you throw those quotes around and they are filled with things we have never said. While we never said he is not attractive, all we really said was he is rather squishy. If you read that portion of this article and thought we were calling Kyuhyun ugly you are not crazy, but rather illiterate.

  129. haha I really enjoyed reading this.. I absolutely agree with most of your assessments. Especially about Donghae.. like you, I never understood why people thought he was super good looking.. lol he’s normal.

    And Sungmin (I LOVE HIM) but I wish he didn’t pretend to do those aegyo, cuteness thing… I like his natural personality

  130. I disagree with you mentioning most idols having fun dazzling personalities. Most idols are boring(79%), some have great stage presence but have boring personalities(CL tsk tsk) and only a few have truly star quality, diva, hardworking charismatic personalities(Gyuri, Jo Kwon, Key) so why would Siwon get 4.9 and Leeteuk get a 10 when he is so dull?

    • May we ask where did you get the figure 79%. And it is an illogical fallacy to bring up Siwon while discussing Leetuek, for the two score have no correlation. If you want to see how we score personality we direct you to our, for it rather simply explains our grading process.

  131. Haha, this is all very true. Even though I think Donghae is really cute, the description above is true. Everyone has different opinions ^^.

  132. Woo! Super Junior! Well I can’t tell if your elf or not, but Kangin has come back! Aren’t joo glad? *hugs over Internet* and thanks for taking the time to write this loooong article. ^^

    • Now that Kangin has come back, maybe they will finally change Super Juniors concept, which they have had since Sorry Sorry, for a more mature one. Srsly, Kangin in a Mr. Simple 2.0? No thanks!

  133. I think super junior would make a better group without some of their members. Not that I’m an anti-I adore them-and I’m definitely not an elf. In terms of the better talent, not personality or looks, the members I would cut out or keep:
    Leeteuk-cut him out
    Heechul- cut him out
    Hankyung-he left so…
    Yesung-keep him
    Kangin-cut out
    Shindong-cut out
    Sungmin-he’s good at dancing and singing, but not as good as his other members, so I would cut him out
    Zhou Mi-keep him since he has KRY type of vocals
    Donghae-cut out
    Siwon-cut out

    • No! But Super Junior wouldn’t be Super Junior with them leaving one by one. And it feels empty with even one of the members gone. They each just add something… Unfortunately, they have to go live their own lives and have family, something they should be doing. It would be a dream come true if they made a second generation Super Junior, called Super Junior!! Like it was going to be. NEways, living in the US, I’ve heard Super Junior isn’t popular? Is this true?

  134. I like how you guys focus on their beauty if they have it, rather than thinking that beauty only means white skin, big creeper eyes, tall, high nose bridge, ect, aka Korean beauty. Yes those features are gorgeous, but not the only good features an idol should have. For example you put that henry and Yesung almost got a 10(which they deserve!) yet they don’t have some of those features mentioned above. Seeing that you aren’t stuck on the ideals of Korean beauty is great. Because you see beauty when it’s there.

  135. Donghae’s mouth is too wide? It’s the only way I could recognize him from afar. He has such an innocent face sometimes, and to me his smile is the cutest thing ever! It looks like :B or :8 like a dinosaur.

  136. Donghae’s mouth is too wide? It’s the only way I could recognize him from afar. He has such an innocent face sometimes, and to me his smile is the cutest thing ever! It looks like :B or :8

  137. Scuse me miss, but Ryeowook deserves a 9.5 on personality. He is the most kindhearted member and taking care and cooking. I don’t know him personally, but that’s the way he seems.

    • True, he is sweet. But especially as entertainers, we want them to entertain us with glitter and sparkle. He does seem sweet but he doesn’t have the undeniable in-your-face star power that we really look for when giving high ratings.

  138. I don’t agree about half of this blog.
    Siwon? Donghae? Hell they’re handsome!
    Sheesh.well, I think some part of this blog is hate. I guess people have different opinions.
    But this ruined my day.

  139. I feel like showering you with praise after reading this article. Simple, straightforward, and – like it or not – the total complete truth.

    *glares at last two commenters*

    … And it also helps that Yesung got a 9.8. I am seriously tempted to glomp you via blog comment.

      • unless you dont know then personaly you dont have the right to judge them. just like Randy Veitenheimer said:
        When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

      • And you do not know them personally either so why do you care in the slightest? Just for your information, if you are going to use a pretentious quote to try and shame us, why don’t you actually read it because if you really believe that judging others is just a reflection of yourself, then you guys are hypocrites because just now, you 3 are judging us. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read this blog, so thank you for apparently reading our other posts. And just as a preface, we did mention that we would be reviewing all K-Pop; be it groups we like, dislike, don’t care for, etc.

    • 1: from this article it is clear which members of super junior you prefer and which you dont like, and thus you sound really unfair sometimes.
      2: siwon has a good voice. you probably never heard him singing live but his way of singing who am i makes me flutter. and he is the most talented actor. but you probably dont see his acting skills since you r to focused on not liking him
      3: why do we love eunhyuk? becouse he id down to earth! fans can conncect to him in a really cute way :D
      4: i dont really need to comment that donghae is really handsome. and there are tons of people who can comfrim that. and he doesnt look old at all :O if someone does it is kang in (i like him anyway hahah)
      5. the only good thing abaut the article was the yesung part sice he is my bias for the past 3.5 years and he aint ingnored by ELF lol i know plenty of ELF from all over the world -> they all LOVE him
      6: sungmin is not a faker! he has the most charming personalyity ever. try to google some of his videos from vaerity shows ;) even my mum who doesnt really like kpop loved sungmins attitude.
      7: siwon is not handsome? lol. if he aint i dont know why he was chosen as the 5th best looking guy in 2011 and best looking guy in korean in 2008. well there r plenty of stars with better bodies (2pm for example). they didnt make it so far XD
      8: we love kyuhyun becouse of who he is. and he is great. maybe becouse fans can connect to him and belive me his life wasnt easy at all. (not gonna explain now). and yup i have met kyu in real life, even holding his hand and he was like the nicest person ever. and he uses sarcasm if you ever heard abaut that?
      ok so thats not even all i wanted to tell abaut why i hate this article but im gonna stop here.
      ELF know suju r not perfect but thats the reason why we love them. cheers from 3 Slovenian ELFs.

      • 1: As just a question, who exactly do you think we prefer and don’t prefer? Because judging from the rest of your comment, it doesn’t really seem like you do have a good idea.
        2: For this post, we’re solely judging their “talent” as talent as an idol. And as an idol, Siwon doesn’t really have any talent.
        4: We thought that too. For a long time. But after studying his facial features, we saw the truth.
        5. For the majority, from what we’ve seen, not many do. Yesung is always chosen as the least popular member, and being his fan, you must know how sad he is about this.
        7: By Korean standards of beauty, he’s “handsome”. But we find his features so plain! There’s nothing handsome we see in him at all, and would much rather prefer someone with a more unique face.
        8: Kyuhyun’s personality is somewhat a matter of opinion. Call it “sarcasm” or whatever you like, but sometimes he’s downright rude. We don’t like how sassy he is sometimes (he should be more respectful), but if you find it more “real” or whatever, then that’s you. We for one believe he can be “great” without being such a jerk.

      • Your first point is sort of moot since it’s incredibly apparent who you prefer as well – I think it’s sort of obvious that most blogs are highly subjective. If you want an objective response, it’s probably not a good idea to ask a self-professed fan of kpop anyway.
        2: Uh… refer to your first point. Also… Korean ‘acting’ is just generally bad. Sorry, but it’s the truth. All those complaints about forced ‘kissing’ scenes are just the tip of the iceberg. Mostly, because Korean actors/actresses are most often very good-looking and/or well styled, people seem to forgive them. Apply the same standards to western actors or Hollywood and all the movies written off as flops suddenly seem genius.
        3: ditto.
        4: Donghae usually has FANTASTIC hair. That does a lot in the way of making his face look more in proportion. I haven’t searched around for pictures of make-up, but I imagine that would make a similar HUGE difference. And again, personal taste. It’s also just a fact that the most you see of someone the more their looks grow on you. Those that like Donghae to begin with are going to think he’s gorgeous after becoming fans who internet stalk him. It’s not as if he receives a super low score anyway. Super Junior are known for being good looking. Their ugly is probably still a lot higher than most averages.
        5: They may like him. I have yet to meet an ELF (internet or “real-world”) who says they dislike a member of SJ. However, who gets the most forgotten or is picked the least when directly compared? It’s pretty indisputable that for a very long time Ryeowook and Yesung were the lowest in popularity polls.
        6: Being a fan of Yesung, have you not seen the clip of him imitating Sungmin? Also, there have been a lot of appearances where the members have said things along the lines of ‘Sungmin is the most different when girls are around’. If that doesn’t include tv audiences I don’t know what does. The author does not say that Sungmin isn’t cute, but that his ‘brand’ isn’t authentic. He knows how and when to turn on the charm (this is also a main reason ‘ajummas’ (?) like him – it’s the attitude most middle aged women in Korea LOVE. It makes sense that it would appeal to your – presumably – similar aged mother).
        7: Siwon really isn’t as handsome as he’s made out to be. If Donghae’s features are a little disproportionate, Siwon’s are flat out alien. (Yes, ok, exaggeration). Really, when his hair is out of the picture, he’s very different looking. Strange how hair has such a big impact. He is, however, probably one of the better dressed/groomed members on shows or in performances. This is obviously going to make him appear more handsome. How he measures up to others – I’m going to use the ‘Koreans find him handsome’ argument. Again, personal taste.
        8: 1st point. And that’s really not an argument. (Not going to explain now). I actually really like Kyuhyun, but it’s hard to get around that he is really bratty, especially by South Korean standards. In Australia or, I imagine, North America, his attitude would go down as typical sarcasm, nothing too radical. Korea, however = different ballgame. Now I just wish he’d use his powers for good instead of evil – make fun of a person who actually deserves it… while pranking people… uh… I think I need to refer to your first point…

  140. I am sorry, but without his nosejob and confidence, Heechul would not be a 10. Ever since he got that nosejob, he looks bleh. Before nose job, he did deserve a 10 I saw his audition and he was absolutely beautiful not to be mean since I love super junior but Heechul looked better without any plastic surgery.

    • We are not saying that Heechul is by any means “perfect” looking, as we stated: it is his superstar attitude and confidence, that make him a ten. For he is “Big Space Star Kim Heechul” ignoring his appearance completely we granted him a 10 for his ultra narcissism. But this was all explained in the very first paragraph of Appearance.

  141. I use to dislike Yesung’s voice. It sounded so awkward and strained and constipated. That what when I first got into Super Junior about 6 years ago when he got little singing parts. Now I am in love with his voice. He needs to get better parts that show more off his talent because to me, I think he is the best singer in Kpop. And by the way, was I the only one especially impressed with his voice in Sorry Sorry Answer? I always knew he was talented but I didn’t know it was him belting out those notes!(I could tell when Ryeowook and Kyuhyun was singing) It was him, right?

    • I really dislike early Super Junior songs. Out of the whole album Super Junior 05 there are about 4 decent songs, but the only sole redeeming factor is Yesung’s voice. It is so husky and manly and sexy, just to die for, but other than him the rest are not very vocally talented and out of the whole group in that album, I would say that his voice is the least strained.
      While in Sorry Sorry- Answer his voice is in every way perfection. In that particular song we are shown what can only be thought of as “Black Yesung”. It’s just the most soul filled singing; it is in every essence American R&B/Soul. And it is just the most amazing thing that that kind of voice can come out of an adorable little Asian boy.

  142. I am pretty sure Siwon’s 2-D, pastor Christianity is all an act. He probably has a different girl/boy everynight. I used to think Siwon was good-looking, but nowadays, his derp derp faces are just too much and he makes the best expressions.

    • Well if his hard-core Christianity was a lie, he would not be 2-D at all, in fact that would make him 3-D, for if as you proposed it was an act, then he would be a very complicated character. We really do believe that he is just as Christian as he says and acts, that really doesn’t seem like anything to be pretending.

    • I think that the fact that you think that Siwon’s Christianity is fake, means that you do not know of the glory of Jesus, the reason to spread the word of God. Make note that I am not condemning you, as I have no reason to, but merely making observation as to why you may think that certain way. In conclusion, I strongly believe that Siwon’s claim to Christianity is true and a great thing, especially since he is someone of higher status in this world and can therefore inform large amounts of people on who Jesus is and his glory. :)

  143. I dun see why people think Donghae is soo handsome. There is something so off about his face. Maybe it’s his nose? Im not saying he’s ugly but…

    • We considered him a “Special Consideration” (Hence, the “SC” label next to his talent rating), and as per it, we only rated his dancing as his talent. We do this for people that particularly excel in one skill, but may lack in others.

      • Well his singing is good, but with his lack of Korean, he rarely sang while in the main group. In Chinese his singing is good, but his range leaves some to be desired (not bad, as he is a dancer after all).

  144. The other members of Super Junior made that up as a joke, alluding to the fact that Hangeng is extremely attractive for a Chinese person. Since we are assuming that he came from a city of 1.3 million, he is a miracle from said city.

  145. O_____O

    I don’t know if I should laugh or be mad/sad…. xD

    – First: Donghae is SO HANDSOME! He isn’t my favorite (not at all) but I think he is one, no actually the most handsome in SuJu. xD
    – Kyuhyun has shown is ability to sing in Immortal Song. I’ve seen some really good performances there! :) I didn’t know he was so evil.. wauw, I’ve noticed, but really? So much? wauw… o__o
    – Sungmin was actually described as a very feminine person in Intimate Note (thing thing). All the members described him and Kangin to be the opposite?

    – And a lot of them is actually very handsome in their own ways…

    I will say that you did a VERY good job. This helped a lot too, I think we all have a different look at the boys. But I must say that this is one of the best descriptions.! :D
    THANKS! Really really really really good job! :D

    • I personally think Donghae was good looking, back in 2009-early 2010, when his hair was longer… but not as much now. We all have our own opinions though, as you say :]
      We don’t doubt Kyuhyun’s ability to sing; in fact, we find him really talented, it’s just we wish he’d sing with more emotion. And, thank you!

    • Thank you!
      And right?!? The main problem I have with k-pop is how ignored he is but you seriously made my day :)
      Oh and we will make one for them and everyother importants group but we have to Finnish a few others first :D

      • This comment was far too vile and disgusting to have on our blog. We are appalled that a person would say this to anyone. We have obviously had our fair share of nasty and foolish comments but do not be disgusting. Because we will change your comment as we have changed this one.

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