Review -Music Video- Week 46/47

For the 46th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Rania, A Pink, Baby Soul and New.F.O.

Rania – Pop Pop Pop

November 20, 2011

The Song:

As opposed to most people angry about Rania’s sudden image change, claiming “Pop Pop Pop” too disgustingly cute for them, we don’t find the song so nasty. Rania debuted with an extremely racy image, and while it was really interesting, considering the fact that not many new rookie groups would dare debut with such a risque concept, it also seemed to be an image hard to bear. In quite a conservative country, where people obviously tend to swing more towards cute concepts that groups such as SNSD behold, it would have been really difficult for Rania to acquire a stable fanbase. That being said, their obvious change from “Dr. Feel Good” to “Pop Pop Pop” isn’t that surprising. What is surprising, is the number of hypocrites out there, first claiming Rania to be a bunch of whores in their debut video, and now complaining about the sudden change in concept. People need to take a chill pill or something. In all honesty, both “Dr. Feel Good” and “Pop Pop Pop” are really great songs. “Dr. Feel Good” presented a new image and feel to K-Pop; one much more seductive and mysterious, and definitely a whole lot more “western”. “Pop Pop Pop” on the other hand, is still really different from typical K-Pop. The song is actually really enjoyable, and catchy. The beat was incredibly bouncy and lively. The vocals were great; Rania has proven to be blessed with impressive vocal abilities. The rap, early on in the song, wasn’t displeasing to the ears, and actually more than just mediocre. Overall, the song wasn’t awful, and even we, who absolutely despise cute concepts with females, didn’t find the song so cute as it was bouncy.

The Video:

As good as the song was, the same can unfortunately not be said about the video. With such a catchy and fun song, Rania could’ve done wonders. Like, maybe actually adding some kind of story plotline, or at least film in some kind of real environment, such as a club. The video was stale and typical: Some slightly trashy choreography, light sticks, leather shorts/disgusting plastic pants and messy makeup. Whereas the song was addicting to listen to, the video was something not only easily forgettable, but something that you wanted to forget.

A Pink – My, My

November 22, 2011

The Song:

Christmas is coming you guys!

At least, that’s basically the impression you get from listening to “My, My”. There’s jingles, merriness and joy all around to share. But wait, isn’t it a little too early for Christmas? And alas, by the time you realize that yea, Christmas is awhiles away, the song does a complete 180. The merriness you heard before is replaced with some wannabe dubstep Hip-Hop dance sequence. And then, once the sequence ends, you get some insanely thick Engrish.

 After getting through the horribly confusing first impression, you realize what “‘My, My” actually is: Another hodgepodge of sounds. And not a good one either. The song begins with some jingles, high vocals and cute merry-making. Once you begin getting comfortable and accepting of another sickeningly cute K-Pop song, the sound completely changes. Instead, you get a short and random “Hip-hop” sequence. Right as soon as that’s over, the song goes back to being sweet and airy. What a double take. Out of all the hodgepodges we’ve heard this year, “My, My” seems to win for complete nonsense.

The Video:

Just like the song, the video made absolutely no sense at all. We see A Pink, cute and innocent looking an a white room, wearing frilly cute clothes, dazing away. Whereas that environment gave the video a typical girl-group adorableness, the next environment gives A Pink a more “hot” image.  The girls jam their dubstep sequence in purposely long sports jerseys in what appears to be a ghetto dance studio.

Wtf. No, it is not a good thing to mesh together two totally different concepts, and try to appeal to two totally different audiences at once. Ladies, stick to one: Cute or Sexy. When you try to do both, you end up with “Bubble Pop”. Although compared to Hyuna and the hit that was “Bubble Pop”, A Pink does the sexy-cute concept all wrong. 

Baby Soul – No Better Than Strangers

November 22, 2011

The Song:

We really enjoyed this song. The opening is smooth, and actually really pretty. Baby Soul’s vocals are soft and sweet, almost silky. While her singing is impressive and beautiful in a soft way, we persist they are lacking something special. A sort of power and variety. There was no necessarily “belted out” notes that we are fond of hearing, and she showed little range. Had she added a little bit of variety in her voice, the the song would have been stellar. The addition of a few high and low notes would have made the song amazing.

The only real flaw with the song is the overuse of echo. It almost seems as if the producers were attempting to cover up her voice, which is shame because her voice is actually gorgeous on its own.

The Video:

The video directly correlated to the song, and in fact almost a bit too much. The music video was a bit boring in a way – Where was the juicy action? The plot was simply consisted of just some moody douche-bag and a crying girl. There was no beating, no spicy action, and nothing remotely intriguing. We say this often and we repeat: Plots are great. However, only if they are done right, with just the right amount of action and sadness necessary for a complete movie in minutes.

New.F.O – Bounce

November 23, 2011

The Song:

The instrumentals in the song were great. The beat was pretty original and different, sort of futuristic and club-like. Where the song went wrong though, was definitely with the vocals. These girls aren’t bad singers- in fact, how can we even conclude to such a thing? The singing and “rapping” was nonexistent; we can’t even tell if these girls were actually trying to carry out some sort of rhythm, for the amount of autotuning in this song would not have made it much different had they simply been talking. And that is just sad. The impression we get from such a song is that New.F.O is virtually untalented, and we don’t want this to be true.

The Video:

The video was super cheap looking. The “space concept” was portrayed much too literal. Similar in concept to 2ne1’s “Fire”, New.F.O took the concept way too literal whereas 2ne1 carried it out with a much more modern and colorful vision. The video for “Bounce” showed way too much of the short “outerspace clips”  and too little of the actual members. The overall effect of this was the creation of something dull, and not exciting enough to attract attention. We understand that these girls were going for something different and futuristic, but because the concept was taken so literal, the music video just ended up looking, for lack of a better word, stupid.

♥ P&B


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