Album Review: Mr. Simple, B ver., A-CHA (Super Junior)

Mr. Simple (A ver.)/Mr. Simple (B. ver.)/A-CHA

August 3, 2011/August 22,2011/September 19,2011



THIS is officially the best thing ever made.  Nothing else has the entertainment value of this album’s photoshoot.  No one, in the entire future of the world, will ever be able to style a person this badly. We’re sure everyone has seen a few of the teaser pictures.  The only real phrase that can describe the emotions one feels while seeing this photoshoot is “OMFG WTF”.

The packaging receives a perfect score (10/10) because it is something that has never been done before (granted it should never be done again).  It was so unique and absurd that it forced people to talk about it; logically thinking about it, this was a brilliant marketing tactic on behalf of SM. This sort of shock tactic could only be done with a group as immensely attractive as Super Junior; if it was tried out with an average looking group, the results would no doubt have been much different. The album was intense and showed each member in a light no one would ever expect. Something as strange as Mr.Simple will surely be remembered for the many years to come.

(Just for your information, there are indeed 2 copies of A Ver. pictured in the photos)

Because the teasers were released, the 12×12 photo cards were not too shocking. When the teasers were released though: wow.

First off: Leetuek, Why? What did you do to deserve this kind of punishment? There is no way his look was done out of kindness. 2 over-sized coats, fishnet pants, 2 pairs of underwear, chunky necklaces, Spock hair, and of course, the extremely offensive and awful rainbow rope girdle.  To top off the entire disaster, his happy trail is easily visible. RAWR! They took this beautiful man and made him in every way unappetizing.  How is so much going wrong? The outfit’s coordinator is an absolute innovator, because this, THIS is too much for words, and leaves one completely speechless.

Heechul undoubtedly has the winning outfit. He looks like Willy Wonka from Charley and the Chocolate Factory. His aura is that of an extravagant billionaire; just fabulous to the max. His outfit is fun and lively, while still remaining somewhat realistic.  His hair looks amazing, and Heechul manages to look the most outstanding.

Oh Yesung… usually he’s one of the more photogenic members, and we are sad to report his luck apparently ran out for this photoshoot. It is not as much him as it is all the shit he is covered in. Everything from the ugly clothing to the ugly hats. Those hats are horrendous; his head is large and that is no secret, but to emphasize the roundness of his face with not one, but 2 FUGLY hats, is just sad.  His outfit, on top of the disaster invading his head, is just despicable. A pink and black faux-snake skin dress/tunic/shirt thing, with necklaces, a jacket, and a flag of some sort; just STOP. Even for this photoshoot, it’s just way too much.

Shindong, boy you a G.  When did he become such a thug?  He looks like a stylish gang boss.  That “gun” is so fierce; nothing is more threatening than a bedazzled BB gun.  So just keep workin it boy.

Sungmin is average. He isn’t the worst but neither the best. He just looks really pissed.

 Eunhyuk is in a dress. And the worst part is, it’s not a flattering cut. The best part of his outfit is his absolutely magnificent Chanel Tiara. His photos however, are just TOO high definition. Jesus, it is too close when you can, not just see stubble, but hair follicles.

Donghae: There is too much damn pink everywhere. The background, his “shirt”, the rope. And isn’t this the boy who hates pink? It creates an overall warm tone, and only makes his hair and skin look orange; it’s just migraine inducing.

Siwon, this boy just be NEKID. This is a disgusting amount of skin, and only Siwon could make even the sluttiest of girl groups look tame. His helmet looks like a sparkly rock. His teaser photograph is just him NEKID doing the Captain Morgan pose on that sparkly rock. If you do look closely he seems to be wearing blood spattered panties. That is NOT sexy, it is obscene, and all fangirls getting a hard on from him need to keep it in their pants.

Ryeowook looks spectacular. He has one of the best outfits possibly ever made in the world.  He is very reminiscent of a majestic phoenix. Those dazzling boas and the perfect mixture of bold colors and mixed prints make him look 100% fabulous. No other member could really work that outfit like sweet little Ryeowook.  He is perfectly accessorized and looks striking. The only thing that does bring concern to his outfit is the fact that his legs are brown and are covered in a shiny mane of horse hair.

Kyuhyun is just gross. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where his outfit goes wrong, but quite possibly everything is wrong: the multitude of the weird 80’s jacket makes him look fat, those pants are gross on him and make his hips look super wide and his crotch odd, his accessories are cheap looking old lady jewelry, and the rainbow feather boa is the cherry on top of his disaster.  Come on Kyu, princess dress up time is over. He looks like he should be strippin’ on a gay cruise ship.


The photoshoot of this album is just bad.

It is some sort of “don’t ask don’t tell” version of the Vietnam War.

The outfits are absolutely unflattering on every single person, and of course, Leeteuks gay Spock hairstyle makes a reappearance. And Super Junior is yet another victim of the armpit problem.  A hairy armpit is not sexy, not sexy at all.

Donghae looks fine for the most part but his shirt is a sequined camo.  Then wowbig shock, we have nekid Siwon. This forever topless man is also adorned with necklaces and pearls; don’t you just feel the testosterone seeping off that image.  Then we have hobo Kyuhyun and hobo Sungmin.  And Leetuek, poor man. His stylist is just a nasty person; in one month, they have succeeded twice in making him look like a douche-bag.  Yesung is showing a surprising amount of skin, but it’s just not working. Shorts are a forever NO.  And his jacket needs to be completely open or not at all, because that particular amount of unzippedness is making his body look very disproportional.  Eunhyuk’s pictures were almost good, but they just had to squeeze in the awkward armpit picture.  Heechul’s pictures are by far the best; he looks super-duper pretty, though that is not exactly helping the whole vibe of the album.  Shindong looks great; he is the only one that looks masculine and somewhat clean.  Ryeowook looks fine; not great but not offensive.

However, why in the hell is there so much bronzer on only their faces. Super Junior is not on the Jersey Shore, and their stylists could have at least tanned their bodies to match. The bronzer-on-only-their-faces look just makes them appear really dirty. Looking through the pictures, we wanted to take a wet wipe and use it to scrub their faces. Most of them have beautiful porcelain white skin, and it should be a crime to cover it with such ugly makeup.


Eunhyuk’s head band is absolutely fabulous, and P would very much like to know where they got it.


The physical album is just kind of cheap and shoddy.  We know repackaged albums are nothing special, but this was just lazy and ugly. Their outfits were bad, and really wouldn’t look good on anyone.

We don’t really know how such a simple outfit made all 10 of them look dumpy and short.

Yet there is one exonerating factor from this photoshoot: Siwon is, for the first time in this album, all covered up.   Everyone was all hot for his nekidness before. We, on the other hand, were really glad SM finally took the hint, and decided to cover up their prized boy before the world got too used to him.

Ratings: 10/6/4


Mr Simple- A Version

01. Mr. Simple

02. 오페라 (Opera)

03. 라라라라 (Be My Girl)

04. Walkin’

05. 폭풍 (Storm)

06. 어느새 우린 (Good Friends)

07. 결투 (Feels Good)

08. 기억을 따라 (Memories)

09. 해바라기 (Sunflower)

10. 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)

11. Y

12. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

13. <Bonus Track> 태완미 (Perfection) [Super Junior-M]

Mr. Simple- B Version

+ 01. Superman

A-Cha- Repackaged Version

+ 02. A-Cha

+ 04. Oops! (Featuring f(x))

+ 05. 하루에 (A Day)

+ 06. 안단테 (Andante)

For Super Junior this album was sub-par. Nothing in particular struck out as amazing or horrible; it’s the definition of average.  For any other group it would have been at the minimum of good, but especially because this group has produced such quality product in the past, the album did fall a bit short.  The songs are individually mediocre, but all smushed together into this one album makes it too busy. The faster songs are too charged, and the slower songs are death inducingly boring.  Both Bonamana and Sorry, Sorry were amazing and mind blowing. After all the hype and all the waiting, this is what we get? Sorry if we seem too disappointed, but damn right we are.

The songs are not only in an unfortunate arrangement, but they are also so damn loud.  The order of the songs are like a Bi-Polar person on crack.  As soon as you either feel on a high or you feel serenity, BAM, something kills the mood. Because the music is just so incredibly loud, it is really strenuous to hear them singing. The booming base and background music are competing for attention rather than accompanying.  With this intense music, it is near impossible to hear how vocally talented these men are.



As fairly obvious from the selection of songs above, I am a fan of the ballad.  Because to me, the ballad is one of the exhibits of virtually any group’s vocal skill.  But this album had just an overload of auto-tuning, nearly over half of the songs were autotuned in some way. The songs that were not robotic sounding had an irritating echo; it was light but it still in the way.

I adored Sunflower and Walkin’ because they created an amazingly blissful and peaceful aura. They embody the lazy and warm feeling of late summer. My only problem with Walkin’  is Siwon, I am sorry but this boy can not and should not sing at all.  It made me sad, in a way, how awful his voice is.

Y is just a simple relaxing ballad; it is the most natural and probably the most conducive type of song for Super Junior’s vocal talent.

My Love, My Kiss, My Heart on the other hand was super intense. While you listen to this song you can feel your blood pressure rising, not from real excitement but more from a type of  nervous energy.  It is indeed a very different kind of song for this group but it was just too much.

The other slower songs are simply pretty.  The only faster song I enjoyed from any of the three of albums was Feels Good, because it’s just funny. It’s kinda weird and a little dumb, but entirely entertaining.

Superman is a COMPLETE knockout… Like just wow, this song is the ultimate guilty pleasure song. It is so bizarre and strange  that you just want to be alone and blast its magical chanting forever. Ever since Super Junior performed this song for an end of the year award show last year (2010), I’ve loved how ridiculously captivating it is.

And once again Leeteuk and Henry have graced us all with their marvelous composing skills in Andante. The song is just so soft and simple, really what I was expecting more of from this whole album.  Andante is a mature and sophisticated song; there is just enough embellishment for a superb depth, but not so much as to become a distraction. It really seems to be about time for the members to calm down a bit and grow; Super Junior has been around for just over 6 years now and they have gone through about 2 major changes in that time, so it is about time for another. In 05′ they were “bad” and scary poser-ish, then in 09′ they changed the entire concept of K-Pop with Sorry, Sorry. Hopefully they can re-revolutionize the industry and breath a new life into K-Pop’s current dulling image.

Least Favorites:

I really do not even want to talk about these songs. For me, they are in the album because they are weird, annoying, and extremely boring.

Unlike my companion, I absolutely hated, HATED that god-awful song Opera. It was creepy and disgusting, overly auto-tuned and over edited.  It was too loud, too obnoxious, and stupid.  This song does not sound good at all, in every way it is over complicated.  These kinds of songs are just kind of gross, and migraine inducing. This song reminds me of some cheep shiny bracelet: it attracts all the distasteful people.

Ratings: 8/8.5/7


So here’s the thing: I can completely see why so many fans are in love with “Opera”. I, myself, fell in love with the beats and even more with the singing. Generally, I don’t  support autotune, but in this case, SM did more good than bad. “Opera” was extremely reminiscent of “Perfection”, and “Perfection” just so happens to be one of my favorite Super Junior songs.  I thought the particular use of members’ vocals in the song was great; Kyuhyun and Donghae sounded amazingly attractive and Sungmin’s voice also adapts great to smoky songs such as this one.  However, is it as great as people are making it out to be? I beg to differ. If you really pay attention to the structure of the song; there’s  hardly anything great to it. There’s only like what, two verses sung before we get to the first chorus?  Another two verses, chorus #2, and then what sounds like is supposed to be the climax of the song. “Opera” was painfully short, and while it does have a certain addictive seductiveness to it, there’s not much spectacular about it.

What was spectacular on these albums? The epicness known as “Superman”. Where to begin about this amazing song. Everything about “Superman” was fantastic. The lyrics: conceited yes, but strong all the same. The music: powerful, manly and epic. “Superman” is the song you want to hear before you’re about to go out and fight. It’s just so empowering. The chanting is strong and extremely similar to that of a cult’s (frightening reference, but it’s all I could think of), but that similar feeling creates some sort of an “we’re-all-in-this-together” feeling. You don’t need to read the lyrics to get Super Junior’s message: They’re strong, manly, powerful, and one.

My other favorites on the album weren’t as strong felt as “Superman”, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. “Walkin” was adorable. I loved that they allowed some of the other members, who generally aren’t usual vocalists, the chance to sing. It was an enjoyable listen, and I’m looking forward to any performance they have of it (C’mon Super Junior!). Upon first listen, I wasn’t really feeling “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart”. However, after a few more listens, I began to really adore the chorus, and really appreciate Kyuhyun’s sweet and Yesung’s strong vocals. I was slightly upset about “Andante”. Personally, I really dislike slow songs, so I hadn’t been expecting much upon first listen. However, the first few seconds of the song really changed my mind. I loved the simplicity when the song first started, and I’m never not in a mood to hear Donghae. As the song carried on though, the really sultry simplicity graduated to much more complex music. Granted, I still love the song; I’m just being bitter I couldn’t hear more of what was going on in the beginning.

Least Favorites:

“A-Cha” was just terrible. The actual video was good for entertainment purposes (so funny), but when we’re talking about just the song, it’s just a no. Their voices are so warped and this is a classic example of autotune done badly. “Oops” was also bad. Not necessarily because of the autotune; I could deal with it for “Oops”. What was really annoying was the actual song. I do not find joy in having a song made almost entirely of obnoxiously annoying raps, and constant “Oops!” being heard from both females and males.

Ratings: 7/7.5/7

As done with our Group Reviews, we will be averaging all 3 ratings to come up with overall scores:

Overall Ratings: 8.3/7.3/6

♥ P&B


8 responses to “Album Review: Mr. Simple, B ver., A-CHA (Super Junior)

  1. at first time i bought mr. simple.. ohh man, why they choose these concept. but for their song, i like most of them. sunflower, andante, Y, memories, yups their ballad sounds good because they have KRY. but for another type, i like Superman, it has their own charm. Acha and Opera, i thought those two also too much.

  2. Wah, our tastes are quite different ._____.
    A-Cha’s actually my favorite song at the moment, but you evidently… Don’t like it very much… I take it that you’re not a SuJu fan in general? Ah, whatevs.
    I agree that Siwon’s total cover-up in the A-Cha packaging was a complete fail, though. The nothing-but-bod priest really shouldn’t be hiding his (only) selling point.

  3. The album cover does deserve a perfect 10 but I would’ve been even better to see HanGeng, Kangin and Kibum in this. Now THAT would be the best thing ever i would be all like Dafuqrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrtrrrrrvhshjejhwwhokndstjrrwggsrwwefbxfjggsdvdgdawegdgnbvdsdgcswetioitqwerty111111!!!!!!one x13

    And with Henry and Zhou Mi?

    I’d be all
    Fapfapdatassdafuqffghgytrtukjhfjvfddafgfhvhhhjkoiugdeeqwdfgejhgjbvchinesefsgsgsfdsafxfvnrfjffjghghbbfjfhffdwfjjjghhcdggrwqwwwqqqwdzszfujjjpjugxhtuiytihihooghghtfcsdewfjjgghh?????????¿¿¿¿¿!!!!1112689eleven1111!!!!!!! X15

    • We think that the A version, is just the single most amusing compilation of photos ever taken in the world, whomever created this concept is a genius. It will forever remain the most creative photoshoot in K-Pop. Nothing could ever top the disaster that was Mr. Simple.

  4. Honestly I’m not a fan of Super Junior and the only songs I was fond of on the album were Mr. Simple (which had to really grow on me) and Opera (which I liked from the beginning).

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