Album Review: it B1A4 (B1A4)

it B1A4

(Mini Album)

September 16, 2011


Really normal album packaging. The little reflective dots on the cover give it some dimension and texture, but otherwise it’s just plain.

The photobook completely makes up for the packaging though. It is extensive and each member has a plethora of pages. The photographs are quite cute, and very simple. There was no mysterious concept; it was simply these young men acting their age, and being youthful. B1A4 is extremely fortunate that they are all so photogenic, and it definitely helped that the concept was very low key and relaxed. It seems that many male rookie groups want to be seen as mature and manly, and will commonly be serious and “sexy” with their concepts. Well, here’s news: biologically, boys don’t become real men until sometime in their mid-twenties. So all these boys trying to act like men: you children should just savor your youth, because that serious facial expression is just giving you wrinkles.

We commend you B1A4, for acting age appropriate.

A small card-stock photo-card is also included in the album.

Rating: 6.9


01. Beautiful Target

02. My Love

03. 쮸쮸쮸 (Chu, Chu, Chu)

04. Wonderful Tonight

05. Fooool

06. Beautiful Target (Inst.)

The quality of the songs is quite surprising for a rookie group from a little known agency.  The mini album flows incredibly well, and by far, “Beautiful Target” is better than other title songs from B1A4.



Truthfully, I adore this mini-album. Recently K-Pop has gone a bit strange-ish and this was just refreshingly happy. These songs are just what I imagine when I think of K-Pop, because it’s pop and has a distinctly Korean flavor.  This is what I imagine a boy band singing.  The fact that they are a decent amount of FOB just makes it authentically Asian; nowadays, K-Pop groups have Western raised members and the English snippets are not bad anymore. This actually makes me really sad, because I truly enjoy how bad typical FOB English is. It’s a form of entertainment in itself.

“Beautiful Target” is exactly what I have been missing from K-Pop. Everything for over a year has been so serious and boring, but this was just a sweet goofy song. The  bad English and little robot voice are adorable.

In short, I just love all the songs on this album for the same reasons as “Beautiful Target”.  Though I am not extreemly fond of “쮸쮸쮸”, it fills the need for a slow-ish song and was probably necessary.

Rating: 8.6



I am not one to indulge in the “cutesy” image young groups have to offer. There’s something about B1A4 though, that just makes them really work being so cute. My favorite song from the album is definitely “Beautiful Target”. This song is adorable and absolutely fresh. It’s really fun and playful, and contrary to many rookie groups that are trying just way too hard, “Beautiful Target” is more natural. The fact that it’s so fresh and easygoing makes the song extremely catchy and original. What I am a sucker for is rap. Which probably explains why I love both “Wonderful Tonight” and “Fooool”. Truthfully, Baro isn’t going to become one of my all time favorite idol rappers anytime soon, but for the time being, I really enjoy his skills. He isn’t the best, but definitely tolerable and even slightly likable. I prefer fast, more upbeat songs than slower ballads, and so it’s no surprise my favorites on this album stood out to me.

Rating: 8.5

Overall Rating: 8

♥ P&B

2 responses to “Album Review: it B1A4 (B1A4)

  1. i love them~ you’re right, there’s just something about them that works with the cute image. maybe it’s because they’re all country boys so they’re more innocent or something…? lol

    i’m so jealous of that card… Baro is my bias >3<

    • I really have this new fondness for b1a4, to me they are the most promising groups that have come out in the last little while, they really give off that idol feeling and don’t seem ashamed of being idols like many other groups, because my fav. Group is Super Junior and with them starting to peace for the army and everything b1a4 can definitely give me something to appreciate while SuJu is gone,
      And I agree with you the country boys seem to give off more of a sweet and real feeling~

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