Review -Music Video- Week 45/46

For the 45th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Son Ho Young, TRAX, and 2AM’s Jinwoon.

Son Ho Young – Pretty but Hateful

November 9, 2011

The Song:

The song was average. Maybe a tad less than average. Just like most songs these days, there was nothing original or special about it. It was just another typical Korean Pop ballad song, seemingly fit for a typical Korean drama. It was intentionally composed to suggest drama; sad drama. Son Ho Young’s singing is good. This song however, it just didn’t do him justice. “Pretty but Hateful” was just plain weird. It sounded exactly like old funk. And we don’t mean the good kind of funk (you know, the one that makes you want to get your groove on), but the weird kind. It just wasn’t good.

The Video:

Shit don’t make sense.

Normally, we’d try and offer some, any, explanation as to what is going on. But this; this did it.


The dancing was completely irrelevant and unnecessary.

TRAX- Blind

November 09, 2011

The Song:

Typical TRAX. They’re practically a K-Rock band, and this sort of song is typical of them. We doubt anything can ever touch the gloriousness that was “Oh My Goddess” (That was amazingly done). “Blind” was pretty okay, and we do admit that expanding your horizons whilst being trapped in one genre is pretty difficult, but that still shouldn’t stop you from making something mindblowing again.

We feel sorry for TRAX, we really do. And their fans. They’re too underrated, and SM doesn’t do too much to change that.

The Video:

Sometimes, simplicity is not the best way to go. Usually, if not done correctly, it only leads to confusion, and then assumptions. In times like these, we offer our obviously correct humble opinions.

Kyuhyun killed his girlfriend (a.k.a Victoria), and now he regrets this decision. Victoria is obviously a ghost, in purgatory, who is understandably sad that her boyfriend killed her. She can’t bring herself to hate him, and still loves him, as he still loves her (even though he killed her). The reason he killed her? She opened the fancy box. And in the fancy box, was a picture of Kyuhyun before plastic surgery. So he had to choke her out.

That of course, is just theory #1. Our second theory is that Victoria never existed, and Kyuhyun is  just crazy.

Because we know the majority of you will unlikely believe our obviously correct humble opinions, we offer a third theory: They probably just broke up, and are being whiney babies.


Jungmo’s hair is magnificent. 

Jinwoon – If It’s Not Now

November 16, 2011


♥ P&B


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