Review -Music Video- Week 44/45

For the 44th week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Wonder Girls, Woman Power, T-ara and AA.

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

November 6, 2011

The Song:

There appears to be a trend in K-Pop becoming more frequent lately: That is, making the mv teasers sound so much better than the actual song. We’re not calling out “Be My Baby” as a terrible song; actually, it was quite enjoyable. The light-hearted, bubbly yet still classy tune strung with Wonder Girls’ fresh vocals created an overall great feel. However, where are the amazing beats that were featured in each of the two teasers. I mean the first teaser was just jaw-dropping: it was fierce, sexy and powerful. Then we get the second teaser; much softer, but magical and mystical. What happened to either of those beats? Honestly, those melodies sounded fantastic, and to be given “Be My Baby” instead was just, pardon our frankness, disappointing. Now, had those teasers not been presented to the public, maybe our feelings would be different. But being given such high expectations, and instead getting classic Wonder Girls (aka: still retro), with no change, no sexy,and no fierceness, we were a bit bummed out.

Getting past the disappointment though, the song was great. It maintained the catchiness Wonder Girls is known for, while still showing a more mature side to the girls, and their style. One thing we must mention, that we are sure had bothered many, is the rap. Now, just a short disclaimer: It’s not that Yubin is a terrible rapper. Compared to all the female rappers in K-Pop, she is arguably one of the best (Right up there with CL, and Miryo) and more capable. The actual rap however, was just a crime. It’s not that it was disgusting, but let’s just say this song was not the time or place for it. Here we have a light-hearted, retro, you-make-me-wanna-jump tune, and insert some old-school Hip-Hop rap. It was just wrong. 

The Video:

We know many have pointed this out, but let us just poke at it one more time: Wonder Girls has a really good excuse of having hired Beyonce’s old choreographer for this comeback, otherwise the similarities would be inexcusable. The entire video, choreography, outfits, and even hair has us reminded of “Single Ladies”. The black and white scheme, simple room, tight and short black outfits, mullet hair- you name it. The choreography is extremely similar, and something that can only be defended by the fact that Beyonce’s choreographer did choreograph “Be My Baby” as well. Apart from the jokes though, the video was okay. Personally, not a favorite of Wonder Girls. The black and white scheme gets bland and tasteless real fast if there’s not enough stimulus to keep us awake. And frankly, Wonder Girls did not produce enough. The best part of the entire video was probably the dance; it was really cute and “lady-like”. The perfect example of a dance that looks effortless but in reality, a dance that you only end up looking like a fool trying to imitate.

Woman Power – Hate You, Hate You

November 8, 2011

The Song:

In terms of talent, “Hate you, Hate you” showed that Woman Power is far above other average idol girl-groups. The vocals were splendid, and though we doubt the girls showcased all their abilities in this 3 minute long song, it was definitely a good glimpse into what they’re capable of. For the most part, there wasn’t a whole lot of range explored; the girls appeared to only sing within their natural and comfortable range, which is completely okay. Truthfully, if singing within your natural range is when your vocals sound best, then there is no problem in doing so. Of course, had these girls explored farther ranges successfully, the song would have been much more impressive, but if the variety had not been done successfully, the song would have just come out awful and strained. There were more than a sufficient amount of times where a member could have belted out some notes, but if it wasn’t going to sound great, then Woman Power did the right thing: no strain, no pain.

The rap, on the other hand, was a bit sad. It is completely unnerving when an entertainment company finds the unnecessary need to add a rap into an already great song, and just catapult the song downwards. Not every song needs a rap to be great. And if a rap is absolutely necessary, use an actual rapper, please. More often than not, entertainment companies will also feel the need to take one of their vocalists, give them a rap, and call it a day. Hardly, does it ever go well, and this song is just another example of the dangers of making a rapper out of a vocalist. The rapper lacked swag, and edginess that every rapper must have.  As a result, the rap fell short.

Just a small side note, we’re not the only ones that heard “meatball” being sung over and over again right? The music also sounded like Italian techno (oh the irony) mixed with J-Pop to create some strange and over-embellished melody that made it hard to appreciate the girls’ voices.

The Video:


The video seemed slightly pointless and stupid. We can see the intended purpose of having them simply record the song in a studio (some sort of materialistic focus on the groups talents), but forgive us for saying it was just damn boring.

Even the members seem somewhat restless and bored in that room. And. for the love of God, put your fingers and hands down.  Stop wagging your finger, stop putting your hand to your ear like you have headphones on, just stop. That was flat out annoying and stupid looking.

Their makeup was awful; their faces appeared extremely shiny and dewy, not cute at all.  The girl in the middle had a ridiculous amount of lip gloss on.

The girls weren’t coordinated either. They didn’t appear to complement each other, and the “group dynamic” that should exist in a group was virtually invisible. There was no love in the air, and only made them look like random strangers to eachother who were placed in a room together to sing a song.

T-ara – Cry, Cry

November 9. 2o11

The Song:

Dear T-ara: Thank you. Thank you for coming out with this amazing song, that, true, is reminiscent of Britney Spears’ early years, but completely original and fresh in the world of K-Pop otherwise.

The song is great. The vocals are smooth and sensual, and the song has a pop-spanish feel that slowed down/sped up at appropriate times. “Cry, Cry” is the perfect blend of sexy, eccentric and rich. The song is an overall hodgepodge of sounds (like we see so often now: “Mr. Simple” and “The Boys” anyone?), but here’s the amazing thing about it: The hodgepodge actually sounds stupendous. It may seem impossible to have sexy tango music,  rich old school pop and a suave ballad all combined into one song and have it work but T-ara somehow did it. When you take just how many different sounds are present in the song, “Cry, Cry” begins to feel similar to a movie soundtrack all meshed into 5 minutes. Ironically, that’s  exactly what the song is.

The Video:

Normally, sitting through a 15-minute long video is not exactly something to look forward to. Forgive us for saying this, but generally anything over 5-minutes becomes boring and unimpressive. It’s usually quite the task to be able to captivate audiences for a period of time over 5 minutes simply for a music video. However, T-ara once again surpassed that of normal expectations. We’re not sure what it was: Was it the acting? The plot? The action mixed with bittersweet revenge? Something made this video impressive, or rather, extremely stimulating and suspenseful. In the entire 15-minutes there was not one minute “filling” up the story, but instead each minute actually contributed to the overall plot. And bless this video, finally a plot that is complex enough to attract attention but not so confusing that nobody understands what is going on. All other idol groups that wish to add plots to their music videos: For future reference, please learn from T-ara and Brown Eyed Girls, and don’t waste time creating something so overly complex hardly anyone understands.

One thing we will complain about however (hey, complaining is what we do best in case you haven’t figured that out) is the lack of T-ara members in the video. Total, there was like what, two? Where are all the other members? It would have been nice if they could’ve been included in the video, in some way. 

AA- Because I’m Crazy

November 09, 2011

The Song:

“Because I’m Crazy” starts out as a pretty strong song, but then, at the end of the first little rap during the introduction, it begins to sound weird.  The vocals are okay; nothing to complain about, or praise. No particular amazing singing talents were shown.

The song is actually catchy enough. In a way, the tune was somewhat fresh (The chorus was probably the best part; very original), but still remained generic in the fact that we still sense the love for electronica. The song has an MBLAQ feel to it – that kind of song that can double as a ballad, and a dance mix. However, just like Woman Power, AA seems to be missing a little something extra.

The rap here is just damn disappointing: with a better rapper, the song would actually have been exponentially better.  The rap is definitely missing a smoothness and easiness that should be present always. The rapper appeared to be struggling for a bit.  The difference between him and G-Dragon, TOP, and [insert name of any other great rapper in K-Pop here], is that their rapping is both fluid and professional. Even from debut, though they definitely have improved, they did possess that sort of easiness when rapping.

The Video:


Why won’t any of these groups make a freaking plot line. Seriously, just get anything; at this point, we won’t judge if  it doesn’t make sense, just something.

This stage was not even too impressive. Oh my, some neon lights in cut out walls; how exciting. The “Let’s sing and dance in a room” routine is getting so repetitive, because at least twice a month some group has to go and try to pull off some stupid shit like this. Just STOP using a damn room. It’s so painfully monotonous now. The room concept only works for groups so big there is really no way of including all the members into a narrative story line, or for a group of excellent dance-skills and choreography.  The room concept also only works for groups with really attractive people, because then the audience has something to entertain them.  All AA had was some pretty lady-ish dancing, with ugly and cheap-looking clothes.

Yeah, it’s a cheap shot to pick at dancing, but this choreography had a touch of fairy in it.

The raunchy pelvic rolls were just so womanly.  Very reminiscent of a female stripper/”exotic” dancer.

On a final note, the member who is, according to a random person on Youtube, named Aoora looks like Shinee’s Jonghyun… A lot. This is, quite unfortunate, as this means there is another person on this Earth with a face like a dinosaur.

♥ P&B

2 responses to “Review -Music Video- Week 44/45

  1. I liked Hate You Hate You but I preferred if they didn’t release at all. The music video did not do any justice to the song. And the rap….useless in my opinion. It felt so out of place. LOL nice reference to the dinosaur at the end ^.^

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