Review -Music Video- Week 43/44

For the 43rd week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of Tablo, MYNAME, Jay Park, Clinah and Brown Eyed Girls. We also apologize for skipping last week’s review, but there wasn’t anything much to review, so..

Tablo – Bad

October 24, 2011

The Song:

There are almost no words sufficient enough to describe this song; or the video for that matter. Tablo is truly a master at what he does; the song was beautiful beyond words, almost to the point that it became painful. Even without understanding the lyrics, anyone could easily grasp Tablo’s message in his work of art. In a day in K-Pop where almost everything is unoriginal (and whose to blame them, coming up with an original composition in such a day of music is quite difficult), Tablo managed it. His rapping in the song was spectacular as it should be (Thank you Tablo for never failing your fans), and Jinsil’s voice was the perfect touch. The song had a very mysterious allure around it; the singing added the perfect touch of soft stillness to Tablo’s powerful and fast rap. Together, the two did perfect in expressing Tablo’s meaning of “Bad”; love can be both soft and erotic, slow and passionate.

The Video:

This music video did not just serve the typical purpose of highlighting a particular song, but instead “Bad” was a work of art in itself. The main point of the song is that Love, though beautiful, can also be, well, bad. And the music video showcased just that. A couple is seen, hopelessly and passionately in love, enveloping themselves in love. Instead of it being sweet and pure, the couple’s desperation and ambitiousness is portrayed as they desperately cling to each other in love, all the while causing destruction and havoc around them. The love seen is not pure and innocent, but destructive and dangerous. Aside from destroying their surroundings, the man and woman are also hurting themselves in the process, literally. By the end, both are seen with scratches across their faces, and it is in fact they that are causing each other injuries. At one point, the man, drunk, smacks the woman’s head with a glass bottle. The two then collapse into each other’s arms, and the scene is almost too beautiful to bear.

The music video did a fantastic job working with the song to make Tablo’s overall message clear. Love is beautiful, in both its pure and rawest form. It is destructive, and easy to get into, and overall dangerous. Personally, this sort of comeback concept was amazing, and YG should be applauded for highlighting Tablo’s genius skills and giving him art he deserves.

MYNAME- Message

October 27, 2011

The Song:

“Message” is nothing special. Basically, just an average upbeat pop track. It’s pretty catchy, but only upon first listen. We doubt we’re gonna be jamming to this song otherwise. There is nothing that makes this song stand out from any other song by any other mediocre group. The vocals were okay, but just a smidgen whiny and a touch annoying. We would blame this on their ages (Younger vocals tend to sound incredibly whiny), but as far as our research shows, they are not all in their teens; only a few members. As a rookie group, it is understandable for them to want to play it safe and not come out with something over the top, but this was boring. This song didn’t sound the best thing to lead an album; a lead song should show forth the best, and if this is all they got, we’re not sure if the rest will be any better.

The Video:


Let us ignore the video for a bit, and may we just comment…

These boys are not in any way attractive; frankly stating it: bitches be ugly.  Argue all you want, but let us save you some time and admit that the phrase “Bitches be Ugly” is: A) Offensive, B) Insensitive, and C) and most importantly True.

And any bitchy girls can suck it on this subject, cuz we all know your comebacks: “What right do you have to judge someone else?”, “They are better looking than you will ever be!”, etc.  First off, the whole “They are better looking than you” argument is completely stupid. And why? Maybe because, no, you don’t know if they are better looking than us, therefore making your argument invalid and ridiculous. Secondly, We can judge them due to this fantastic invention we are all using at this very moment: the internet. But no, we’re not just some gutless trolls, saying things online we would never say in person; rest assured, we would gladly comment that these bitches be ugly in real life as well. Lets get this straight: we are TROLLS. We are on a computer and we troll; we troll the things that we don’t like, and at this moment in time, what we don’t like is MYNAME.

Back to the video, if we’re talking about the actual setting, it was boring. Standard K-Pop dancing in a room with drab colors; No plot-line, sadly. The outfits were boring and ugly, and way too complicated. Was there a need to pile these guys with excessive quantities of layers? Think simple, K-Pop idols’ stylists. The video lacked visual stimulus, which only added to how boring it was. However, if we were to commemorate something, it would have to be the choreography. No, not of the entire video. We’re talking about the little dance introduction that takes place the first 25 seconds of the video. Y’know, the part before the actual singing starts. We liked that. 

Tablo – Tomorrow

October 31, 2011

The Song:

To be honest, this song was quite depressing. Not because it was sad, bad or anything negative of the sort. Rather, Tablo is just so great, he reminds us what real artistry is, and makes us realize most other stuff in K-Pop is kind of crap.

“Tomorrow”, just as “Bad”, had the same rap and vocals mixture; this time the vocals are none other than Big Bang’s Taeyang. Normally, we aren’t fans of Taeyang’s voice; its kind of whiny and high-pitched. In this song though, and we’re not sure how, his voice actually managed well with the song. Maybe it’s because we had Tablo’s rapping in between, and it served as a buffer between Taeyang’s singing. Whatever the reason is, both Taeyand and Tablo seemed near perfect for this song: Tablo, as always, came out with something great. “Tomorrow” was a lot more light than “Bad”, which felt heavy with emotion. Whereas “Bad” sounded like a song trapped in emotion, “Tomorrow” sounded like a song breaking free, and flying.

The Video:

The music video for “Tomorrow” we’d say largely depends on taste. If you like simplicity, then chances are you’d enjoy this music video. The entire thing is Tablo and Taeyang, simply strolling across a desert, while a pair of lamborghinis draw circles around them, and a helicopter follows them around. If however, you’re more of a visual stimulus kind of person, the video may seem incredibly boring. If that is the way you see it, we’re sorry to say we can’t exactly defend Tablo on this one. Unless there was some meaning we have yet to uncover about the cars, the helicopter, and the desert, we don’t really see a reason for this video having been so simple, other than YG being lazy after creating the glorious thing that is “Bad”, and coming out with something a lot more easy to make. If that was their reason, we don’t blame them; however, it still doesn’t justify the fact that the video could’ve been a lot better.

Simplicity works at its best if it has a deeper meaning.

Clinah – Come on Boy

November 1, 2011

The Song:

So… the shit hit the fan with this one.

Needless to say, this was painful. Every aspect of this debut was just vile.

What in the hell is this even?! The quality is absolutely horrid, and the song is just bad. It literally came out of some shitty low-budget anime. But not only does it sound like it was it from some little girl’s shoju anime, it sounds like a little girl’s shoju anime song after some 3rd rate unknown American singer dubbed it. Everything that K-Pop has worked so hard to become was single-handedly obliterated by this awful song.  There is nothing innovative, different, creative, or even entertaining (unless you happened to have a sadistic kick out of how terrible this is).

The vocals, aside from how disgusting the song is, are sub-par at the maximum.

Aside from that though, this song is so excruciatingly bad that we really don’t even want to talk about it.

The Video:

Our initial reaction:

WTF is this monstrosity. 

Why would any group debut like this?

And if they insisted on the cartoon concept, WHY is it such a shitty video?

Our reaction upon further inspection:

Getting past the horrendous first impression, we can critic seriously: The plot line is infuriatingly unoriginal, and on top of that catastrophe, the actual graphics are hideous.  The entire video is just amateurish.

This is a joke. Especially with all of these amazing girl groups (2ne1, SNSD, BEG, Wonder Girls, Kara, etc.), WHY in God’s name would you do this.


How can any company seriously produce something so horrible. SHAME on you Dino Entertainment. SHAME on you, SHAME on your families, and SHAME on anybody that had any hand in making this colossal pile of garbage!

Jay Park – Girlfriend

November 3, 2011

The Song:

“Girlfriend” was okay, but that was the problem with it: It was just okay. You had singing, some raps thrown here and there, a good melody, but honestly, after listening to the song more than once, it just became really repetitive and boring. It was even worse in the music video; the video interferes with the song so much, and all the breaks in the video created too many awkward pauses in the song. Taking this into account, it isn’t harsh to say the song became really boring and stagnant, and overall  just forgettable. Jay Park is a good singer and rapper, but the boy could do a lot better than what was shown in this pretty average song. It wasn’t really innovative to say the least, the beats are the same as we hear in most other songs, and possessed a really cookie-cutter R&B American style. True the song was slightly sweet, but seemed more of something made just for his fans than for a general audience.

The Video:

What the hell you tryin’ to pull boy?

There is really only one thing that can be safely assumed from the video, and that is that Jay Park is a creeper. Just an FYI Jay, looking like a total stalker is not exactly the best image to send out to potential fans. The video starts out with Jay Park having some kind of obsession with some chick; he be stalking her, taking photos of her at some cafe that we can assume he only went to so he could stalk her for her. The video then proceeds to a club, where, what do you know, the same girl just so happens to be there. After he attempts to rub up on her, only to be denied (Girls don’t like creepy, sorry), Jay Park shows off some of his dancing skills in a git to impress her. And success for Jay Park; she doesn’t find it totally creepy when he asks her to be his girlfriend afterwards, even though he completely invaded her personal space bubble in doing so.

 Anyways, the two start dating, drive off to an abandoned fair (once again, creepy!), before heading back to Jay Park’s place, where they start munching on each other.


The video was just weird and uncomfortable to watch. Aside from feeling awkward, the creepiness of the plot didn’t help.

And GIRL! You best book it out of some guy’s place if you happen to find he has a shrine of pictures of you. You JUST met this fool; there is a spot-light on the pictures on that wall.  If some creeper has that many pictures of you, and you JUST met him, it means only thing: Prepare to be raped and/or killed.  Cuz, bitch be trippin’.

Your reaction to this: 

Should not be this:

But this:

Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream

November 3, 2011

The Song:

To be honest, with a title like “Cleansing Cream”, it wasn’t too hard to imagine disgusting bubblegum pop, however, that just wouldn’t have been Brown Eyed Girls’ style. All one could do was wait for the actual song to be released, and wow, was it so not bubblegum pop.

The song is beautiful. Brown Eyed Girls’ have proven time and time again that they have the voices. None of them are vocally incapable; JeA, Ga-In and Narsha possess amazing singing abilities, and Miryo is one of the best female rappers in the K-Pop Idol Industry. Actually, should Brown Eyed Girls even be classified as Idols? At this point in their careers, these girls have proven their talents as surpassing those of Idol standards (which honestly, are relatively low), and many do not feel Brown Eyed Girls should be categorized with other Idols. Whatever your opinion is, these girls are definitely more talented than a lot of acts we see nowadays, and “Cleansing Cream” did a good job showcasing their skills.

“Cleansing Cream”, as opposed to “Sixth Sense” which was strong, powerful and fierce, was much more soft and calm. Both songs did a good job at showing off  Brown Eyed Girls’ vocals, but “Cleansing Cream” did it more in a “low-key” kind of way. The Ballad was extremely therapeutic, yet the relaxing feeling thankfully, did not mask the emotions and depth evident through the vocals. The song had an almost lullaby, Gummy*-esque feel to it.

The Video:

Just like the song had a Gummy-esque feel, the video had the same. It was splendidly done. The music video was emotional and meaningful, with a slight dark feel to itRather than Brown Eyed Girls actually appearing in their own music video, it was instead filmed using actors (Yay! Professional Acting!), and merely depicted a story.

The video follows a young girl, blind, in a quest to desperately attempt to experience her surroundings. She is shown to live with an older, beautiful more mature woman (whom many have assumed to be her older sister), and the woman’s husband. There are several important events that happen throughout the video that lead one to assume there is tension in the home. For example, at one point, the young girl sneaks into her older sister’s bedroom at night. After laying down next to her older sister, she begins touching her older sister’s husband, all this presumably to understand love. The older sister however, awakes to find what appears to be her younger sister caressing her husband. As the video further progresses, you begin to understand the tension: the older sister is stressed about caring for the young girl, while the young girl only strives to be mature and beautiful like her sister. At the climax of the video, the young girl attempts to put on makeup in her final effort of finally being mature. Blind as she is, she shows up to dinner looking ridiculous, make-up smeared everywhere on her face. At the sight, the older sister breaks: She drags the young girl into the bathroom, and forcefully begins scrubbing the makeup off, eventually shoving her into the bathtub. The girl is horrified; Blind, she obviously has no idea what is going. After realizing she is practically drowning her younger sister, the older woman stops and looks sickeningly at the scene before her, crying.

The story portrayed a really deep and beautiful relationship between the two siblings: The child hopelessly aims to be like the only thing she knows in her world, her sister. She lays next to her at night, smells her clothes, and finally attempts to look mature and beautiful by putting on makeup, so she can be like her sister. The older woman on the other hand, is frustrated with her sister’s innocent, yet seemingly wrong intentions. It almost appears like she wants to hate the young girl, but can never bring herself to because the circumstance creates understanding. The video presents the idea that we may go through great lengths of trying to be beautiful, wanting to experience everything, when in fact, we will only look pitiful to ourselves in the future.

♥ P&B

2 responses to “Review -Music Video- Week 43/44

  1. I actually liked MYNAME, they came off memorable to me compared to the other rookies that have debuted this year. I have to agree that none of the members are worthy of my Ikemen List. They are just okay looking. I also enjoyed Girlfriend but I found it really creepy that he took all those pictures of the girl….and she was not freaked out at all.

    • In terms of all other rookie groups that debuted this year, they could be the best. Honestly though, there have been so many debuts this year, so it’s really hard to find one that substantially stands out from all others. And yeah, the Stalker situation probably wouldn’t fly in reality.

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