Album Review: Neverland (U-Kiss)


Release Date: September 01, 2011


The album cover is pretty standard; just some graphic design on rainbow paper, as shown above.

When opened, it does step up a bit. Where is a little removable perforated card for each member.  The card has its positives and negatives. From an optimistic approach, having cards of every member ensures you will get your bias, however the surprise of getting someone else (that usually comes with other albums), is destroyed. The cards are really just pieces of flimsy paper; not legit like plastic cards.

The disk is cool, but looks like a dirty old sewer cap manhole.

The photoshoot was good, but the problems with the Neverland MV remain. There is still too much armpit, the silver poncho female swimsuit cover-ups are really ugly, and they are still in a freezer.  And wow, there’s a lot of eye makeup. All the members are either sportin’ a smokey eye, or a cat eye. But, why? They are all, at the minimum, fairly attractive and most girls don’t even wear makeup that heavy.

As a last note, thank you to the photographers of this shoot! Technology has come so far, and now, album pictures are so high definition that you can see every single thing on a person’s face. In some photobooks, you can even see as much as the hair follicles and pores on their faces. We, however, feel no one needs to see that far up into another person’s business.   Thankfully, U-Kiss is a reasonable distance from the camera, and the good lighting made them look virtually flawless.

Rating: 6.6


The make-up was done impeccably. Bravo! U-Kiss make-up artist!








07. 친구의 사랑 (Love of a Friend)

08. 4월 이야기 (April Story)




12. 다시 만나요 (Let’s Meet Again)

13. SOMEBODY Inst.

Overall, Neverland is a decent album. It has some really great songs, and also has some not as lovely pieces.  The flow of the first 5 songs (including the intro) is gorgeous, but when “On the Floor”  hits right after “Take Me Away”, the beautiful sweet atmosphere “Take Me Away” lays down is totally obliterated by this mediocre, techno, overly auto-tuned song. There should have been a different song to buffer between the slow and louder songs. It doesn’t really make sense why “On The Floor” is in that place because right after it, “Love of a Friend” and “April Story” return to the slow paced melodies of  “Someday” and “Take Me Away”.  The song is almost unnecessary, as it adds nothing to Neverland.



I am absolutely smitten with the song “Take Me Away”; Kevin sounds divine in this piece. The song is just so simple, and that showcases both singers’ talents. But Kevin sounds angelic, his peaceful and soothing voice just melts so perfectly with the English lines, which of course he says perfectly.  “Take Me Away” is a fabulous example of an impeccably made vocal ballad.  I truly love these kinds of songs because it shows the real talent of  these singers; there is minimal computer editing and no hiding behind auto-tuning. With this kind of song you can feel the passion, the emotion, and the effort that they put into their work.

“Someday” is a catchy song. I like it for the basic same reasons most others do.

“Neverland” is funny: the stuttering is hilarious, and it is also extremely catchy.

Least Favorites:

I find “On The Floor” to be completely unneeded. This album would flow infinitely better if this song did not exist.

Rating: 7.3

To me Neverland had some really exceptionable songs, but there were  just some songs that were way too forced. I wished that they tried to continue with a more mature theme and not succumb to the average ugly electronica song.



Without a doubt, “Someday” was definitely my favorite song from the album. I found the song very pretty and sparkly, even without being Bubbly Pop. Personally, the most trouble I usually find with songs are that, these days, there aren’t that many innovators, and there are so few songs out there that actually keep my interest, beginning to end.  This song, on the other hand, actually managed to keep me listening to it (and I didn’t yawn once). On my standards, this means the song is rather impressive. I also really enjoyed listening to the vocals in this song; U-Kiss proved to me that they’re great singers (not that I thought otherwise beforehand). The instrumental version, if I may add, was extremely soothing and nice to listen to, as well.

As for “Take Me Away”, may I just spazz and comment how gorgeous this song is. Let me say one thing first: I am not a ballad person. In the slightest. It’s not that I despise ballads, but I have very difficult trouble paying attention, and if a song is too slow (and otherwise boring), it’s almost impossible for me to get through it without getting distracted. Having said this, I usually tend to stay away from ballads, because there’s not that many (or at least, that I have heard yet), that I actually fall in love with. Now, with this information in mind, you can see how shocking it was for myself to actually really, really love this song. The melody is pretty, the vocals are so beautiful and soothing. Rather than making me fall asleep due to boredom, “Take Me Away” instead soothes me to sleep, and I find this incredibly successful on U-Kiss’ behalf.

Least Favorites:

For this album, I actually really didn’t have least favorites. This doesn’t mean I like every song, it’s more that I strongly prefer some songs over others. Several of the songs on the album just aren’t my style; I didn’t dislike them, but I won’t ever be listening to them voluntarily again. “Top That”, “Tell me Y”, and “Obsession” are some examples. I found these songs really boring and generic, and just couldn’t bring myself to listen to them more than once. It’s not that I hated them; they just really don’t interest me as far as music taste goes.

Rating: 7.2

When compared to most albums, Neverland is actually really impressive. Normally, artists will just give their all (or, it seems that way) for the album’s title tracks, and basically just BS the rest of the songs. Hardly is there an album where the other songs are up to par, or even remotely close to the standards of the title tracks. In Neverland however, it really didn’t seem that way. All songs, in terms of effort, really seemed close to the title track, “Neverland”. This was quite a feat in itself. The only negative on this though, is that “Neverland” itself wasn’t that fantastic, and was actually pretty generic and nothing special.

Overall Rating: 7

♥ P&B


3 responses to “Album Review: Neverland (U-Kiss)

  1. Someday and Take Me Away just totally blew me away~
    I’ve noticed that you’re quite harsh with your reviews – which is a good thing, by the way; there’s nothing that pisses me off more than bloggers sugar coating bad vocals – but I think your review on Neverland was quite fair.
    I’m very ballad-biased as well ^^

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