Review -Music Video- Week 41/42

For the 42nd week of 2011 we will be discussing the music videos of SNSD and Secret.

SNSD – The Boys

October 18, 2011

The Song:

In no way exaggerating (or being too harsh), “The Boys” was very disappointing, to say the least. No matter where your stand on SNSD is, anyone should be able to admit that SNSD’s songs are usually the definition of catchy and addicting – since 2009, they have released ground-breaking after ground-breaking song. And most importantly, all of those songs have been impressive: “Gee”, “Genie”, “Hoot”, “Run Devil Run”, “Oh”; they have all been fantastic releases that have stormed up SNSD’s already large popularity, both nation and worldwide. No doubt, “The Boys” is most likely going to follow this same pattern, however we beg the question: Unlike the other previously mentioned songs, does this song deserve the popularity? All of SNSD’s past releases have honestly been good, and not much can beg to differ. Sure, most people aren’t fond of SNSD’s girly concept, but one has to admit that over the years, SNSD have made their girly concept their own. They define it, and have made girly almost classy for themselves. “The Boys” continues their girly style, but with a more “mature” and “sexy” touch.

As for the concept of the song, it’s pretty obvious what they were going for. Obviously, SM is trying to prove to us that the members of SNSD are more than just “cute” and “pretty” 2o-something year olds dancing around in cheerleading outfits. Through “The Boys”, they were obviously hoping to send out an underlying “SNSD are more than just girls – they’re women” kind of message, but how well did they really get it across?

The song itself was bad. The chorus was barely passable, and the autotune and identity crisis of the song made “The Boys” sound like the female version of “Mr. Simple”. The rap was terrible. Across SNSD’s years, most people have given them (or particularly SM) credit for not forcing a rapper into SNSD, because it’s pretty obvious none of them are capable of rapping. SNSD does (or shall we say did) deserve some respect for not falling into that “There Must be a rapper!” trend that most K-Pop groups have forced themselves into, only to lead to complete failure (Shinee, anyone?). It seems however, that this little respect anyone may have had for SNSD can now be obliterated; “The Boys” brings the time that various SNSD members will now show off some “Rapping skills”. There is nothing worse in this world than bad rappers. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggerating, but it sure is annoying and accountable for a huge part in making the song terrible.

Is the song that bad? No, not that bad. But it was bad. SNSD is worth so much more than this garbage Teddy Riley has composed. The concept was great. The teasers (both pictures and videos) showed off a more sultry and mature side of SNSD, and it really could’ve worked had they been given a much better song. But it seems SNSD planned on change, seeing as SM hired an American composer. Judging by their plans on releasing the album in the U.S, it probably did seem like a good idea to SM, but honestly, if they’re not targeting potential new fans with this U.S release (as they have said so themselves), why didn’t they just keep SNSD’s music style the same? It’s already what Sones love, so there was really no reason for the drastic change.

The Video:

Just like the song, the video was disappointing. Maybe a little less though. What was probably the most disappointing aspect was the dance. Normally, SNSD always comes out with really memorable dance moves from their videos; in “The Boys” though, there was no real memorable dance sequence. Sure, the dance was nicely done and looked pretty complicated, but it was too complicated for fans to follow.

Something really surprising about the video was the variety of outfits. Normally (and with good reason – how expensive would it be to dress 9 girls, each in different, quality outfits?), SNSD is usually in uniform – all the members wear the exact same thing, and usually the only big distinguishing difference is say, small differences in cut of clothes here and there. In previous videos, there was probably at most one outfit that each member wore individually. In “The Boys” however, every single outfit was different. And there were several outfit changes throughout the video. Is it possible SM has finally decided not be cheap and actually spend money on its idols?

Another thing that was pretty impressive about the video was the change in appearances. Other members stood out more than others, but none more so than Sunny. Sunny’s hair in the video was amazing. It was first noticeable in the video teasers, and actually seeing it in the music video was a dream come true.

One thing that was really confusing was the bird, present at both the beginning and end of the video. Was there some need for this bird, or was it just something to make the video appear “fancy”. It seemed completely unnecessary.

Secret – Love is Move

October 17, 2011


“Love is Move” obviously has a retro theme. It is definitely not horrible; it’s actually pretty decent. At the same time though, it does seem to be missing something: a kind of intensity that forces and demands the listener’s attention. In a way, the song kind of feels incomplete. It has a great start and the base is really good, but it lacks the dazzle required for songs to be great nowadays. The problem with groups that do retro, and Secret is no exception, is that it has been heard before.  Everyone has heard the classics, so when using old school style like this song does, it’s best to reinvent rather than repeat.

The “rap”, whatever the hell it is, is the DEVIL.  There are very few other “raps” that are that god awful. It was purely talking in a completely obnoxiously annoying voice.


Especially these days, when there are so many spectacular female rappers (some even better than male rappers). And yet, Secret still tries to pull that SHIT!

The saddest thing about that “rap” is that it isn’t even a rap. It was not rapping in any way; it was talking, with music behind her. That kind of thing is just unacceptable. In any case, we may be as kind as to label an idol’s rap “poetry”, but this annoying thing cannot even be labeled as much, seeing as it also lacked poetic elegance.


The sets are frankly boring.  And DAYUM, throughout the entire video, there is a pair of ill-fitting pants. It is just too much; on top of that, those pants didn’t really look that sexy because somehow it made their legs appear stalk and very, very short. Generally, high waited pants/skirts on anyone make the wearer’s butt look extremely long and flat, and that is in no way sexy.

The dancing was way too raunchy.  They are doing a body wave every couple of seconds, and are constantly shaking their ass (which again is lookin’ flat and long).  Not appropriate, or sexy.  Dancing that provocatively in those outfits is just too much.

The choreography just wasn’t smooth at all; part of the chorus dance looks like a person just got tazed and had a seizure.

♥ P&B


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